(2018-05-29) First Contact
First Contact
Summary: Syd comes to Coral Springs for the first time. Wears the new uniform, when it turns out she doesn’t need to, and makes first contact with students. She finds a friend. And maybe finds a date for her friend, too.
Date: IC Date (2018.05.29)
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Darcy is a tall teenage girl with short, coppery red hair and quite a few freckles. She stands at about 5'9, and possesses a slightly larger build than the average girl. Her hair is usually styled in loose curls that hang just past her jawline, and unadorned. Her makeup consists of winged eyeliner and wine red lipstick only, which allows her freckles to be fully visible.
Today Darcy is wearing a simple dress, tights, and boots. All in black. The dress is black velvet, wide necked and long sleeved, with a wide skirt that hits just below mid thigh, with black lace trim at the hem. The stockings are solid black, as are the shoes, which are mid calf boots covered in black lace with small silver moons stitched into the sides. Around her neck are three layered necklaces, each with black cord. The longest holds a clear crystal pendant, the middle a small black chink of stone, and the shortest has no pendant. Her nails are painted their usual matte black.


Preferences for style begin to emerge in childhood, but as one enters the teen years, there is often rebellion from previous preferences or expectations. Maybe this teens style is the former, or maybe its the latter — there is a comfort and ease to how he wears his particular style that really could be either. Naturally blonde hair has been grown out so that it falls a little past his shoulders now. Should one look closeley, they may notice a silver streak or two…natural or highlighted? Hard to say. Grey eyes are constantly looking around and observing. He still looks young but sharper, less-round features are beginning to peek through that boyish look. That face is expressive, yet he never speaks. Instead, agile hands and a mental voice do his speaking for him.

Black does seem to be the theme for him when he's not forced to wear the school uniform. Almost all of his clothes are black, some with silver studs, grommets, or buckles, and some with linings of purple or red. 'Goth' is a good word to describe it. He also tends to have some sort of ink doodle on one or both of his arms as if they were tattooed. But as they change almost daily, it is obviously drawn on (rather skillfully) rather than inked under the skin.


Her name is Sydney Turner. That's about the only normal thing about her. She is short (about 158cm - 5 foot 2). Apparently, her flesh is made of steel. She's polished to a bright gleam and reflects everything around her. Her hair is the color of blued steel, nearly black, but not quite. Her eyes reflect bright green in the light. If she were made of meat, from the shape of her face and body she'd be Caucasian, perhaps in her mid-teens. She has the poor posture of someone whose bust has grown and is attracting way more attention than she wants.

Syd is in uniform, wearing the official blouse, the official skirt, a plain black leather belt, and a pair of sensible patent black flats. Her one consession to fashion is retro - bobby socks, 80s style. Her hair is neatly pinned out of the way, baring her ears, and one might notice the earrings - very small diamonds, and the smartwatch. Ha ha. No. It's a bright pink knockoff of the classic 80s calculator watch, by a company called Lookatool. It was cheap, and it does the job. A battered canvas messenger bag serves as purse and book pack. Her makeup is neat and restrained, eyeliner and a copper metallic eye shadow (what else?) to compliment her eyes. If it's at all cool (IE everyone else isn't sweating), she's wearing the official sweater, too.


Sydney arrives at the school, and is promptly issued a uniform, which apparently her foster parents paid for. Uniform? Seriously? Syd siiighs and heads to the ladies room to change into it, and stuffs her street clothes into her messenger bag. When she's done, and has read the pamphlet, she decides to have a look around, and eventually finds the library. That gets a smile. Syd has done a lot of reading. Sometimes in her life it was the only good thing. She wanders in, noting the other students there, but doesn't interrupt them.

It's so close to the end of school and students are really feeling it. The warm weather isn't really helping as so many students are taking their studies or distractions outside. One, however, has opted to remain inside with the assigned reading that he plans on finishing before the assignment for it is due. It's how he operates, really; Sky just always seems to be just a little ahead in his classes. Homework is almost always completed before dinner and today, aside from the reading, is no different. He's changed, at least, out of his school uniform into his black, punk/goth style. Even his nails seem to be freshly painted black. Long, pale blonde hair has been pulled back from his face in a tight braid today. Grey eyes lift as the new mind of the new student enters and he watches her not too subtly.

The moment school was out Darcy headed off to her newest project, the library, where she has by now created a corner of complete chaos. There are multiple piles of books on the floor surrounding her, and she's pulling yet more off the shelf as her head moves a little in time to whatever her headphones are playing. She turns to reach for a pile behind her, noting the new student as she does. "Whoa, cool look." She offers with a grin, sliding the headphones off her head (The big clunky kind, black like the rest of her clothes).

Sydney is slowly calming down after the trip over water. When you are 600 pounds of negatively buoyant metal, swimming isn't an option. Drowning is. She's also been practically a shut-in the last two (subjective) years of her life, so all these people are a little overwhelming. Still. The library has a small population in it, only two people. That's a number she's used to. When she's addressed, she's startled, as though not expecting to be noticed, but she smiles after a moment. Hey. Compliments beat a slap in the belly with a dead fish any day. "Thanks." She waves at Darcy and Schuyler. After another pause she adds, "I'm Sydney. I'm new here."

«My eyes do work,» is offered a little snarkily in a mental sort of projection from the blonde boy. He glances from one girl in her book-fort back to the other and offers, «You sure picked a sucky time to switch to a new school. Just in time for the end of the year tests.» He never claimed to be particularly friendly. «I'm Schuyler.» And she gets a little wave from where he hasn't bothered moving from his cushy chair.

Darcy starts attempting to extricate herself from her mountains of insanity. She glances up at the weird mind talk, looking around until she sees Shuyler. Her eyes light up for a bit, but as he continues her expression changes into a sort of amused grin. "Yeah, I guess we did. But there's prom, I hear, which sounds pretty cool. I'm Darcy, by the way. I'm kinda new too, I've only been here a few weeks myself." Once free of the books, she offers a hand to Sydney.

Sydney looks around, as though not entirely clear how thoughts just came into her head, finally fixating on Schueler. "Wow… cool. You're a telepath." Then Darcy speaks up and offers a hand. Syd has been expecting that, practicing with her psychologist (court ordered - bleah) even. She shakes Darcy's hand with careful gentleness. The metal of her skin is warm and surprisingly flexible.

«Among other things,» Sky shrugs, a wry little smile flickering across his lips. At the mention of prom he rolls his eyes and gives a look of disdain. «I'm sure prom is a blast when you're brand new and don't know anyone,» is offered with a good deal of sarcasm. «Although you won't catch me within a mile of that.»

"Whoa, cool." Darcy keeps Sydney's hand for as long as allowed, totally faschinated. "You must be hellastrong. Do you have to stay out of the rain? Will you rust?" She glances over at Schuyler, but turns quickly back to Sydney as she offers, "That's too bad, I was kinda hoping to see how you'd rock your look glamour-style. ANd it would be great not to be the only batchild there."

Sydney smiles a little. "Yeah, I rust. I just dry off and use some steel wool on it. Kind of like exfoliating. Strong? Well. Yeah. That's pretty much what I do." She chuckles softly at the "batchild" comment. "I hadn't even gotten that far… I've never been to a prom before. Are they that bad?"

«'Batchild'» Sky arches an eyebrow at that term. «I'm not a vampire, nor do I pretend to be one.» He blinks a moment before shaking his head, «I have no desire to be around a bunch of other teenagers awkwardly dancing or even more awkwardly making out, thank you very much.» But to Sydney he offers a shrug, «If you like dressing up and dancing with other teenagers, it's probably fine.» He's not a fan of crowds. It's bad enough being in their small classes sometimes.

Finally letting go of Sydney's hand, Darcy laughs. She turns and heads to Schuyler's table, plopping down on top of the corner opposite where he sits. "Didn't say you were a vampire. I've never been to a prom either. But I'm pretty much down for any excuse to get super duper goth-glammed up and hang out with cool people. And so far the people I’ve met here have been pretty cool." She smiles at the pair
Sydney nods. She draws her hand back, feeling where it was touched as though it's changed somehow. "I like dressing up. I like dancing. I've been a shutin pretty much the last couple years, so I don't know about crowds, but… maybe if someone asks me…" She looks from Darcy to Schuyler and back, and the tiniest of small grins curls her lip. "You guys could go together. I mean… think about it. You'd look fantastic together."

Schuyler's eyes narrow some as Darcy plops down near him but he merely offers, «I'm not that kind of goth.» He seems much less about the glam, Victorian part of it and more on the basic, old-school goth-punk side. If some ask the right people, there's a story about him and trying to get help with eyeliner. Sydney's suggestion gets his glare turned to her, «I don't even know her!» is his mentally-sputtered protest.

Darcy laughs, though, "I'll admit it was kinda my hope, the first time I saw you I thought it'd be pretty cool to have someone more likely to 'get' me to go with. Plus I think I don't tower over you. Which would be epis. But I getcha." She shrugs, dissapointed but understanding, "I'll look epic anyway. And I bet you will, too!" Her attention returns to Sydney, "There's so many cool looks you could pull off!"

Sydney blushes. You can actually see the metal of her face go a little bit straw-colored. "Thanks. I wear black pretty well, but finding shoes that can handle my weight and strength is a pain. I mean, I can do cybermen from Dr. Who… Cylons, the tin woodsman… all those are great for Halloween." She relaxes a little. Just how normal all this is makes her more comfortable. To Sky, she says "that's the point, isn't it? I mean I'm not an expert on dating. I've never even done it, but isn't the whole point to get to know someone? It's not like asking them to marry you.

«You don't tend to go to prom with near-perfect strangers!» Sky protests, beginning to look a little like a deer in the headlights. He doesn't often get cornered by girls other than his sisters…and that's completely different! «Why are you all so obsessed with height?» Yes, change the subject! «I wasn't planning on going…» but it's a little emphatic than it was before. Why isn't Rain here to help him out?? Change the subject again! «Just because you look a certain way doesn't mean you can only dress a certain way. Everyone here is different from the normal and isn't going to judge you for it.»

Darcy grins a bit at Sydney's shoe suggestions, and even chuckles at Sky's protests. The only time her cheer falters is when height obsessions are mentioned, at which point she glances down briefly and reaches up to rub the back of her neck. But she's grinning again before Schuyler finishes speaking. "I really hope that's true. And listen, if you change your mind, I'm pretty easy to find. Or if you want help finding prom dresses," back to Sydney. "I mean, obviously I prefer a specific color palette myself, but I've given my fair share of non-goth fashion advice."

Sydney shrugs. "Well, if I want to go, I'm going to have to ignore that advice too or go solo, right? I mean, the only single guys I've known longer than right now are cops from the city, and I'm told the jailbait laws are a lot different than they used to be. I dunno. If it was me I'd say…take the chance. Sometimes you fall in love with the person you least expect. But like I said. I'm no expert. She's beautiful, and she seems nice. You're good looking and seem nice too, if a little cranky. And hey. You both know me. You have something in common." Again, that fragile smile.

Schuyler seems about to say something but Sydney's matchmaking has him just staring. «I have to…» something. But he's getting up from his seat and grabbing the book he was reading, his cheeks probably flushing quite red. His hands quickly offer something in ASL but he doesn't actually translate it mentally for the others…but he shakes his head and goes back towards the hallway.

Good work, girls! Sky's never been put in that position before!

Sydney watches Schuyler run off, and looks genuinely puzzled. "I…don't understand men."

Darcy watches Schuyler go, still blushing herself from Sydney's compliment. Once's he's gone she waits maybe three seconds before a snorting laugh escapes her. "He's adorable, ohmygosh." Sparklingly happy eyes look up to Sydney, "And you're super fun, and also like 'beautiful'? Me? Thanks, but like you're way prettier!"

Sydney gets a little deer in headlights expression, then shakes her head. "Nooo… I'm just ordinary. Or I was when I was meat, anyway. Unusual sure. But guys don't usually look at me for my face." She smiles again, a little uncertainly. "I like super-fun. That, I'll try to be more."

"Meat?" Another chuckle from Darcy, followed by a wry grin. She takes a deep breath to compose herself, sitting up a little straighter and tucking one foot under herself. "You *are* fun. I haven't really made any solid friends yet here, but I'd love to hang out with you more. I'm here a lot lately, this kid with wings and I decided to try to organize the books better." She gestures to her chaos corner.

Sydney nods. "I wasn't born like this. First thirteen years of my life I was just normal. Except, yanno." She gestures toward her chest, with precious little fondness. "Wings? Wow. That's awesome." She looks toward the window pensively. "I lost my temper with my foster parents. Didn't break anything, just a lot of yelling, but when you can throw a full sized car all the way across the street…when you've actually done it, in times past…you realize this road's going to be harder than you thought, and maybe you should be around people who don't need to be so afraid of you. So I got here by bad behavior, basically.

Darcy listens quietly, nodding a bit. She turns herself a little to see out the window as well, and after a small moment's silence says, "Ok, so you have a promising future as a transporter of heavy machinery ahead of you, assuming the model thing doesn't pan out." Yeah, she's definitely not great at the serious stuff.

Sydney snorts and giggles. She smiles at Darcy. "This is why I need to be here. I need people like you to be my friends."
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"Well, I can't speak for the rest of the school, but you definitely got me." Darcy hops off the table and approaches Sydney. Once close enough, she reaches out and (Assuming she's allowed) places her hands on the other girl's shoulders, "Now, I have a very important question for you."

Sydney flinches very subtly, but doesn't try to back away. She looks up at the taller woman (nearly everyone is taller than she is). "Hmm?"

"How are you at organizing?" Darcy's face takes on an almost pained expression, "Because I seriously think I bit off more than I could chew with this library, and I think we're going to need waaaay more than 2 people to get it done."

Sydney scratches her head a moment. "Nothing special. I take direction pretty well though. If you can tell me what goes where, the heavy lifting… well I'm your girl for that.

Dropping her hands, Darcy nods. Her grin is back. "Cool! I'm here most days after school, oh and also you don't have to keep the uniform on after hours. Or on Fridays! Which is nice, even though the uniforms aren't the worst thing I've had to wear by far. I should get some of this mess back to a semblance of not craziness, but if you want I can give you what I can of a tour after? I'm not as good as that Kaylee girl seems to be, but I'll do my best.

Sydney nods. "Yeah, I read that in the pamphlet, but I don't have many regular clothes, and I'm really super hard on them, so I figured wear the uniform for now. And a tour would be great! Thank you."


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