(2018-05-29) The Mummy
The Mummy
Summary: Besa wakes up in explody fashion
Date: 2018-05-29
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NPCs: Sabinson & Amisi
Scene Runner: Besa

It's pajama party day at school. While not everyone is interested in Spirit Week, most students are interested in not wearing the student uniforms. Even some of the teachers participated, The Swarm had on sleepy pants with beetles and bugs (Some claim some of them moved and were real) on it. After supper though, a concerned message was sent to the school stating that the facility that was holding the body of Besa had requested a few students come to 'help'. No other information was given to the school. A text was send to the Master twins from Amisi stating that the wrapped boy was moving, but not unwrapping. The school has a mini van that The Swarm has offered to drive some kids over in. He's still in his PJs, and on the way over to the rented house that the Promethean is being held at the teacher plays Hamilton loudly.

The van pulls up and standing outside the house is a 16 year old Egyptian girl dressed in Jeans and a pink tank top looking worried.

Darcy was happy to help as she's been since she arrived a few weeks ago. And she was more than happy to join in on Spirit Week. So today, sporting a set of black and gray Sailor Moon pajamas, a short black silk robe and black fuzzy slippers with giant googly eyes on the front, she shows up at the van looking a little nervous but generally cheerful and ready to go!

Of course Fionnuala was going to come along, once she heard tale of what was afoot. She moved so quickly, so intently, that she hadn't even bothered to get changed into something a little more presentable. So off she went in a Storm Trooper fleece onesie with her wings not manifested so as to not crowd the van. She's coming along to help and Fee doesn't give one whit as to how she looks. She, too is in the van and she gives the new student, Darcy, a kind look. "How's this for hitting the ground running? It'll all be ok." She offers in her earnest way, even if she doesn't know for sure. But shhhhh!

Bryce didn't really have pajamas. In fact, he doesn't have much of anything except for his school uniform and books. Lots of books. He has taken off his tie and pullued out his shirt to try and make the school uniform look more pj like. He has never been seen without the school uniform since coming to the school. As he approaches the van, he pauses to think back to the call to help Besa. He had tried to help Besa before. He went with Rain, Sky and others to try and retrieve something for him, but Bryce didn't actually offer any real help. Hoping that maybe he can help some, he takes a breath and heads up to the van. He notices Fionnuala standing next to a new girl. He has to blink a bit at what they are both wearing. He tries to clear his throat and says, "Hi, Fionnuala and, um," He stammers as he doesn't know what to call the new girl. "Hi," he repeats. "I'm, I'm Bryce." Speaking to no one in particular he asks, "Is this where we, uh, go to help Besa?"

Loukanos isn't big on pajamas, and the cotton shorts and t-shirt he wears also handily serves as a casual summer outfit. He slid into a pair of espadrilles and joined the 'few' students in the van that we were on their way to help out Besa. He has been quiet on the ride here, thoughtfully so. His own music blares in his ears through the white buds in them, and he leans his head against the van's window, melancholy eyes looking out. Upon stopping, he tugs his earbuds out and shoves them in his pocket.

It shouldn't be any surprise that Rain is in the group, having parked herself beside Fiona. Though she isn't wearing PJs, though she might of been earlier, she certainly isn't going to leave the school wearing them. No, she is wearing something a bit more appropriate for what is going on. She is trying to be her stoic and detached self, but having heard what is up there is no hiding the worry and concern that she has for her brother in all the ways that matter, except that blood one, but that last bit hardly matters to her.

As soon as th van stops Amisi is moving to open the door. Stnglung, while she looks Egyptian, she has a slight French accent, "Rain, thank God you're here. Where's Sky?" Usually the not Coral Springer looks fairly calm, but not currently, she actually rings her hands as she looks between the students that came with, "I don't…" No, she clearly changes what she's about to say, "Has everyone been filled in on why Besa is here?" She steps backwards , motioning with her hand for everyone to get out of the van and follow her into the house.

Darcy cheerfully introduced herself during the ride, and made a definite point of complimenting the Storm Trooper jammies. "Um.." She climbs out with the group, "Well, I'll be completely honest I've only heard bits and snippets of who this Besa person even actually *is* but like you just tell me where to stand and what to do and I'm in!"

And Fee, being Fee, responded merrily to the praise of the attire that she hadn't time to change out of. Or maybe just, in her way, she couldn't be bothered. Once the vehicle reaches the destination, she spills out with the rest of her peers and straightens her attire as if she is wearing anything other than something so… so, yeah. Her eyes, rounded with intrigue as Amisi greets the lot, lift to case out the house and the grounds. This is where her pal rests? Throughout the ride the shifter had been gregarious; not entirely cheerful but welcoming and jovial, trying to ease the minds of those known to her and get to know those who are new. And Fionnuala, as usual, tried to mesh the two.. making introductions and encouraging them.

But now she is quiet, and anxious.. moving to follow the Egyptian girl into the house. Her silence is answer enough, she knows a fair deal but is open to knowing more.

Bryce follows near the back of the group partially due to his diminitive size and partially due to his hesitation. As he follows the Egyptian girl into the home, he shifts his eyes around to try and see what can be learned as he passes through the rooms. When she asked if everyone had been filled in, he raises his hand like he is back in the classroom. After waiting a few awkward seconds, he says, "Um, no. I don't think so." His voice trails off near the end.

There is a slight shake of Louk's head. "For his resurrection, yeah. Why are we here, though? What has happened?" His words are brief but soft. Fingers flinch, and his head turns at Darcy's question. "He is a student at this school. A ritual ended his life, and another is meant to restore it. His body is wrapped at the moment." He glances at Rain, knowing that the other girl knows more about the situation and can fill in the blanks.

While Rain is pleased to see Amisi it really doesn't show, though a grim smile is given to the Egyptian looking girl "He is trying to get a hold of mom or dad." she answers succintly as she falls in to walk beside the teen. "I doubt this is anything that we couldn't handle." and by we she means her and Amisi and maybe Fiona and Sky, but she doesn't come out an say it. Clearly she would of rather not had so many people come, but she had little say in the matter. Perhaps that is why she didn't give explanations to everyone either. But Louk provides and she gives him some sort of nod in acknowledgement "What do you mean he is moving around but not, unwrapping," she doesn't like that term, he isn't a present, but it is the best one she has been given "You don't mean moving like a real mummy do you?"

Amisi looks over her shoulder at Bryce before sighing. Rain gets a nod about Sky, a flicker of disapointmement crosses her face but she has bigger things to worry about currently. She stops when they all get inside what appears to be a very bare minimal living room. There's a couch and chair and coffee table with a few magazines on them, but that's about it. "Okay. I'm just…" A quick glance to Rain before she sighs again, "This is hard, and complicated, so I'm just going to not sugar coat this at all, alright?" She shifts her weight, glancing down the hallway to the kitchen. "Besa was born like, thousands of years ago. None of us know exactly when. He was cursed, and now he's a mummy. Like, when he dies, he wraps up like a mummy and then eventually comes back. I…" She nods, to everyhting that Louk and Rain say, "That's just it….he is moving…like….we've found him standing this morning, facing the window." She reaches a hand out to Rain's arm, but talks loud enough for everyone to still hear, "Theres'….noises. It's not…not normal." Even with everyone just getting into the house, there's a very strong scene of dirt and earth that's permeating the whole house.

Darcy grins at Bryce, glad not to be the only one, and the grin grows a little as Loukanos explains. She gives him a quick nod, and gives Rain a sideways glance as she turns her attention back toward Amisi. She listens carefully, the attentive student, nodding and looking around only a little once they're inside. Her eyes do widen a bit at the story, but the only thing one might hear from her is a quiet "Dude, this school is amazing… "

The dark-haired shifter is trying not to picture a mummy Besa.. as in: shambling, arms out, maw gaping open with a dusty groaning on 'Braaaaiiins'—wait no. Nope. That's zombie. Wrong horror, Fionnuala.

She listens quietly for she, too, is attentive.. and far more worried than she's letting on. Her shoulders twitch once, but there are no wings to unfurl or move to better ease her anxiety. Her brows quirk at this talk of 'noises', but it's Darcy's softly spoken praise of the school that catches her attention briefly. "It's a long.. long story. The guy we're here to help, he's pretty fantastic." Whispered back, there's a lot of heart behind Fee's words, but nervousness too. Her nostrils flare once as she takes note of the room's overall scent.


Bryce listens as both Amisi and Loukanous explain what is going on with Besa and the mummy condition. Upon hearing the word mummy, Bryce shuts his eyes and starts to talk though he sounds like he is reading: "The first mummies were most likely produced by accident as the dry desert … " He shakes his head and opens his eyes to stop himself. "Shut up, Bryce," he says to himself. Speaking up to the Amisi, he asks, "Is there something, um, we can do? And by we, I mean them." He gestures to Loukanous, Rain and Fionnuala.

Golden brows draw together as Loukanos listens intently and licks his lips. At the bomb, the first note of emotion since he entered the van can be seen on his face. Surprise. Sapphire eyes widen but quickly narrow in thought. "Well, where is he?" He frowns pensively, bringing a hand beneath his chin in a thinking pose. "Mayhaps he is ready to be unwrapped. Is he speaking at all or is it just indiscernible noises?

To the teen girl, it just smells like a stronger Besa so the scene doesn't bother her. Rain of course knows Besa's backstory and she stifles her impatience as it is explained to those that don't know it. At least it was the really short version and didn't have all the messy bits in it. "There is nothing about this /that/ is normal Amisi. Though you suggest it is abnormal…is there records of all his unwrappings? Maybe the unwrappings we have witnessed are the abnormal ones?" trust the Masters girl to drop some logic all in this. Thouugh if there are records of his unwrappings than her logic is flawed "Take us to him."

Ami isn't one to coddle folks, her nose wrinkles as she frowns at Bryce, "Why are you here if you aren't going to help?" She doesn't bother to wait for a response, turning to answer Louk, "No. Unwrapping him manually….that's…bad. Like, he just rewraps and it'll take twice as long for him to come back. Sometimes he'll stay injured." Rain is given a look, seeing if she remembers the injury Besa had on his arm that one time that remained. "It's not….human noises….More like…wind and this low groaning I haven't read a lot of the other records, but-"

Ami is interrupted by a man's voice, Sambison for those that have met him calling out from below, "AMI! Something is happening!"

Ami takes off into the kitchen and then down the basement stairs.

Darcy grins at Fionnuala, trying her best to express gratitude and helpfulness without being disruptful. Otherwise she just remains quiet, waiting, and the moment action seems required follows Ami down the stairs.

The shifter girl is present to ease the gravity of the whole situation for new arrivals to the circumstance, such as Darcy and Bryce. It is naturally to them that she remains closer, though her eyes do not leave Rain and Loukanos as they ask further of the siuation. "It's a strange situation… I know it's hard to grasp. I'm glad you're here, though," She offers to both, looking between the taller red-headed girl and the quiet boy with the circlet. "We don't know w—-"

Well there we have it. A man is heard calling for aide down below and despite her ridiculous outfit, Fee's expression is sober and capable as she moves with the group to see exactly what is 'happening'.

Oooh snap~

"Well, I, I want to help, of course, but this is magic and - " Bryce is shocked when the voice from downstairs calls out. "Oh, uh, boy." That is as close as he gets to cursing. He doesn't run towards the stairs as the others might but instead walks. He seems to be trying to move swiftly but unable to go much faster than a struggling walk at the moment.

"Noted," Loukanos nods slowly. "Perhaps there is a way to commune with him and ask the matter. Even the dead can be contacted, especially if their spirit still…lingers." He prepares to go into more details, tilting his head, but the shout from the man downstairs interrupts his train of thought, and he glances at the others before heading off to the basement with Ami.

Well the groaning bit seems a bit cliche as far as mummies go, but the wind noise, that's just odd. There is a glance around at those in the group. She has no idea what Darcy can do, and Bryce's powers seems more physical in nature from what she has seen, which leaves Louk and Fiona, who she at least knows more about "Magic is your thing not mine." despite knowing more about it than a non-magical person should, she tells Louk mostly "Is communicating with the dead…" the rest of her words are drowned out by the shout from below and she is moving, only a step or two behind Amisi

The basement is strangely empty, no boxes, no old furniture piled in a corner. Small window , one of those tiny one that are only a half a foot tall line a wall. There are 4 support posts evenly dispersed. A middle aged man, also Egyptian is standing with his hands out, like he's trying to calm someone. And there, standing bound, is a small Mummy, barely 5 foot if that. Legs bound together, arms bound to it's chest, Mummy. There is no way that it should be able to upright, not without support, but it is. The scent of dirt is much stronger now, clearly coming from this room.

Ami stops when she gets to the bottom of the stairs, upset and unsure what to do. "Have the noises star-" She should really stop asking questions. The sound echos off the concrete walls, it's not coming directly from the body, but seems to be surrounding it. Rain has heard something similar, Louknaous too. While there are no words to pick out, the tone is clear. Rain heard it in Hell, Louk from Ashton's brother.

The mummy twitches, a jerky motion.

After her first surge forward Darcy immediately makes room for the others, making sure Rain goes ahead of her and allowing anyone else to if they wish as well. "I'm not sure how helpful it would be if this is purely a spirit kind of thing, it's the least of what I can do by a mile, but I do have some empathic abilities?" She shrugs, "And well I have healing but like this really seems more like a magic healing sitch." This is said in the most tense tone anyone's yet heard from her since she showed up at Coral Springs, though there's still an ovbious attempt to keep it as light as possible. This is definitely more than she anticipated.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.

Entering the basement, Fionnuala is momentarily bowled over. As she enters a place that is perhaps dimmer than the main foyer and/or body of the homestead, one can perhaps see the residual sunlight — absorbed through the day — dancing along her fingertips and alighting in her hair a bit. Anything else is hidden by her god-awful onesie. Reaching the landing, her eyes squint and work to adjust to what is before her… and suddenly the sight of that five-foot-zippo mummy standing there… well, it breaks the girl's heart some. Last time she saw Besa was at a bonfire by the water.

This, the sight and smell and sounds… it disturbs Fee on a few levels. Her typically smiley mouth presses into a tense moue of worry and sadness. THe sound — that odd, unearthly noise — causes her to look around nervously. Fee looks next to the middle-aged man who is making warding-off gestures. But that sound..

Fee looks stricken. She knows that sound. "It.. it's that… oh no.." She whispers, fingers twitching, sparkling with solar energy. Fee is very much on edge now, and it shows.

Bryce carefully makes it down the stairs and is unprepared for what he sees. "Is that, is that - ?" He cannot even bring himself to finish the question. When he hears the creepy noises, the circlet on his head flashes a cyan color for a moment and his clothes seem to fit a bit tighter than they did a moment before. He looks over at Darcy with a bit of concern on his face but the issue with Besa is more of an issue. "I've not read anything about this." Seeing how stressed Fionnuala is about all of this, he takes a few steps closer to her. He isn't sure what he is going to do, but he feels like he should do or say something.

Loukanos' lips spread into a thin, careful line as he takes in what he is seeing and hearing. He stands back for now, recognizing the form as Besa. "He sounds like Ashton. Do we think it could be some sort of interference by one of Alraxmargoth'ha's children?" Not Ashton obviously. "Perhaps even possession…" He almost whispers that last part.

<FS3> Rain rolls Multiplicity: Failure.

Rain has seen Besa wrapped before and been there once when he came out of it, that isn't the cause of her disturbance. The familiar noise brings back memories she has done pretty good at shoving in a box and forgetting where she put it in her mental file cabinet. "How does he sound like Ashton?" she asks immediately, eyes darting to Louk. His mention of the demon's children and possession has her gritting her teeth "Not now Legion." she growls to herself, closing her eyes and balling her fists in worthless concentration. At the best of times she has no control over her personalities, with the state of mind she is going into she has even less "What's this about demons?" a voice much like Rain's asks, but the cadence is different as Legion, Rain's alter ego and duplicate steps away from the original.

Ami freezes only for the moment and then starts moving towards Sambison, "Robert, are you alright?" She glares over at Louk, but doesn't deny the possibility. Maybe the priests have already discussed it? "We….we think maybe he's being attacked…." But they have no way of knowing, not really. She blinks, not actually having seen Rain duplicate. She doesn't answer though, letting perhaps Louk or Fee do that.

The man, Robert, nods, but his gaze is on the wrapped figure in front of him, "I think maybe we should get him laying down again…"

As they move close, the sounds start up again, swirling around Besa in an almost whirlwind of noise. It starts to crescendo, the teens body jerking underneath the wrapping as if in pain.

And then it stops and is silent for a long moment before the teen seems to explode. Well, the wrappings explode off of him. This is not like in the movies. Ancient cloth crumbles as it flies off of the dark haired teen, and dust fills the room. It's dry, almost choking as it fills the air. Besa, and in fact, everyone is obscured for the moment.

Darcy's not really sure what to do with so many of the things happening in this place! Between Rain's changes and whatevers happening in this situation that is not *nearly* enough like the 5th Element to suit her expectations, plus the cool lights happening with the others, she's mostly just trying to figure out who to stare at the most. And then things explode. "Wha-" She tries to speak, BAD IDEA, and instead ends up coughing as she tries to figure out how the heck to help.

<FS3> Darcy rolls Empathy: Good Success.

"The noises he's making. It's similar to the demonic tongue…no words that I can make out but still," Ami's glare is met with a curious look from Loukanos, like he's trying to place something. "I recall hearing sounds like that from Ashton's kin and well, I think we-" Then there's dust. Everywhere. Luckily, Louk doesn't need air…he still gives a cough or two initially before he remembers that, bthough.

So much sighing from Rain and she shakes her head at her duplicate, there is a frustrated look from Rain and an amused one exchanged between the look alikes, unspoken communication there no doubt.

Demonic is one of those languages that Rain isn't privy too. And her mother would be pretty livid if she suspected that she was being taught it. "You don't think…" she turns to look at Louk making gesture with her hands one to mummy Besa and then another vague one that could indicate Ashton "the two…" but then the explosion of wraps and dust happens and for a moment all thought is on him "Be…" she starts to yell in unison with Legion before the dust gets the choked up and the pair start coughing

After the poof, there's no noise from the area that Besa was. Well, there's a soft shuffle of feet as he plasters himself against a wall. The dust still fills the air, it's hard to see anything, but the ancient teen is shaking with fear, his hand already gripping his thigh tracing something.

Ami and Robert both turn away , trying to shield their faces. "Bes-" And then the adult starts coughing.

As soon as things start to settle, Besa's form is findable, covered in the death dust. His clothes underneath the dust look like a tunic of some kind, and he's barefoot. No noise is coming from him, but his eyes are very dark, shining against the white dusted fearful face.

"Ok, so this is probably kinda obvious but your friend is pretty dang terrified of whatever it is he's fighting! Anyone have a way to fight off some kind of invisible potential spirit demon whatever this thing is?" Darcy's hands are up to cover her face now, her voice a little hoarse from the coughing. She's peeking from between her arms, though, which gives her a decent enough view when Besa himself becomes visible. Whoa, talk about an entrance.

"I'm sure there's a spell for it," Loukanos says, covering his mouth as he speaks. He glances to the stairs again. "Once he's calmed down, he will be able to tell us more about what happened." He watches Besa for a moment. "I'll go get him a glass of water and maybe something to clean up all the dust." And then he's heading back to the kitchen.

Fionnuala wipes at her eyes the dust causing them to tear up as she tries to get a handle on her coughing. Black wings unfurl though she doesn't beat them. No knocking her friends over with though more dust is stired up. The dust and dirt, she can do something about that. She focuses pulling a tendril of magic, not to much, she doesn't want to blow the house away like on the Wizard of Oz. No. No. No. A small breeze picks up from the center out, sending the dirt and dust into the corners where it belongs!

Once the dust clears enough to see Besa's form the duo rush forward, still trying to clear the dust from thier throat, their own eyes tearing up at the find particulates that have gotten into them. The pair stop in front of the Egyptian boy easily within arms reach Are you with us Besa? is asked in Coptic from one and in English from the other. "Are you with us Besa?" both faces have an identical worried expression, no easily telling them apart at the moment, only have the words to go by.

Robert looks to Rain, hoping that she'll be able to calm Besa. Ami gives a soft cry, her hand going up to her mouth.

Best though, is silent. Eyes still as eh tries to figure out what cave he's in, and why his priests aren't speaking to him. But then there a voice, one with an odd accent , but the words are familiar. His voice is shaky, but he finally respond, "I am Besa Ini-Herit…" He doesn't reach out though to the twins, in fact he leans away.

"Oh, is it, is it *us* he's scared of?" Darcy looks around, hoping to catch Fionnuala's eye and maybe an idea of what she can do. "I swear I'm like, super not scary, despite my usual fashion choices." Of course, Sailor Moon pjs might not be considered scary even by most people's standards, but this is a mummy and all bets are off.

The two girls look at each other, one nods and steps away and over to Darcy "You said you were some sort of empath? Right?" Rain/Legion asks of her "Well can you do it? Like now? Calm him and stuff?" thankfully her brother has a similiar ability to she isn't unfamiliar with how it generally works, though it might work differently for Darcy, it doesn't hurt to ask.

Besa, it's Rain. she searches his face for any sort of recognition. She knew it was possible that he would lose memories again, so she had prepared herself, but it still is sad. Her two years of learning Coptic here and there hasn't fully prepared her for this situation /You're…/ there is a pause as she doesn't know the word she wants so she turns to Sabinson "What's the word for safe?" once she is provided that she will say it over /You're safe./

The air finally settles with most of the dust (A rather large pile, more than would ahem covered the boy when he was a mummy) in the corner. Besa's still got some on his, but now the black kohl around his eyes an the gold on his lips and eyelids is visible. It looks like his skin may have been dusted with gold before. Even though it was applied before the ritual, it's still on enough to make him look like a pharaoh and slightly ethereal. Not that Besa would be happy with that comparison. The bracer from Ashton, gold and thick is on his left forearm, and a familiar necklace twinkling with an aquastone is around his neck. He looks like a frightened rabbit, hand still gripping his thigh like it wants to be holding something as he looks from one person talking to the other. There is no recognition , but at the word safe his nose wrinkles slightly in confusion, "Where are my priests?" Surely these people are not it?

"I mean, I can try but I really just pick up on other people's emotions?" She turns her attention to the boy (Man? God?) and attempts as best she can to emit a calming feeling, though she's not much expecting it to work. About all she's certain she can do is offer a wave and a hopefully supportive (But really just kinda bewildered) smile when his attention turns her way.

<FS3> Darcy rolls Empathy: Success.

Much of Fionnuala's efforts had been spent clearing the dust and debris, pushing it outwards and into the corners of the room and out of peoples' faces and lungs. This leaves her to see, finally, what is going on. Who is here. She hastens to return to Rain's side, her eyes — glowing now after weaving magic — flitting from the Masters girl, over to Darcy, and finally upon Besa and how he had been made up and prepared for the ritual.

"Besa!" The girl cries out, having promised herself to be calm and careful for when she saw him 'next' but it's hard to think place such expectations upon oneself when faced with something like this.

Her wings arch, glittering with sunlight, her hands moving as if to reach out but instead they clasp together at her chest against the foolish design of the onesie. One nervous hand moves to rest reassuringly upon Rain's shoulder, as she knows this must be hard on her.

"It's me, Fionnuala!" She exclaims, even just to give her name to him again. She silences now, turning to watch Darcy as she works her empath mojo!

Rain is far from fluent so it takes her a moment or two for her brain to put English words to the Coptic ones. Cold detachment from Besa…is this how other people feel when she does that to them? Her hands open and close, fighting the urge to either grab him and shake his memories loose, which she knows won't work and/or hug him, which will frighten him more. A hand does start to reach out for him but pauses then moves to point "Mr. Sabinson and Amisi are…" she has to look for the words again but what she wants to say is to complicated for what Coptic she knows "They are your priests." they worry in her tone mingles with sadness as she realizes she is going to have to start all over again…and have to deal with Sky being…well Sky. Having pointed out the supposed priests her hands moves to cover Fiona's

Always the more positive one Legion pats Darcy on the shoulder "I suggest you try not to pick up to much from us then." solid advice there "that's a rabbit hole you /don't/ want to be falling in to." question is who is us "Do what you can otherwise in tying to sooth Besa."

Besa's eyes widen, there's a winged person with glowing eyes. He flattens himself against the wall, away from this embodiment of Isis? Quietly he whispers a protection prayer, perhaps it's even to ward off the evil eye!

Finally, Robert steps forward when Rain prompts him, hands open and he says a traditional greeting to Besa in Coptic, something along the lines of , "Welcome, undying one. We are here to serve and care for you." (The player of Besa can not remember the exact words I used before) The teen responds back nervously, "I am Besa Ini-Herit. I am here to serve."

Louk returns, bringing a glass of water and wet clothes. He hands them to Ami who cautiously approaches Besa. He takes the rag to wipe his face. While he's younger than before, he appears only about 14 now, he also seems much healthier. He definitely weighs more than he did (Not that he weighs all that much). There's been no signs of his heart bothering him. The Ancient Guardian is keeping an eye on the other teens, not understanding their rolls and why they are here.

Darcy chuckles at Legion, "Gotcha, thanks. "She shrugs, "But I don't think I'm getting anywhere. Not powers-wise, anyway." And indeed, while her attempt at least didn't backfire it didn't do much good, either. Another chuckle as she glances around the room, then down at her clothes, before muttering, "Okay, note to self, next time you offer to go help some pretty guy you don't know, maybe bring better clothes. And wet wipes."

The winged girl knows nothing of the priests, so she allows Rain's words to hopefully find purchase instead. Fionnuala watches Besa's face for a moment as Rain goes through emotions that hurt Fee's heart, in turn. She won't move her hand from that spot on Rain's shoulder, especially as the blonde's hands cover her own. Instead, Fee's wings become emotive in their own right, casting warmth and sunlight into the room and in the Egyptian boy's direction. Proof that Besa has well and truly been reset: once he would snuggle close to those warm feathers; now he responds with unease!

Fee is no slouch.. she quickly wills the appendages away with magic, much as she called them forth in preparations to cast the spell to clear the dust. Now wingless, she remains quiet as Besa and Robert speak and the former has his face washed. The ancient boy needs to get his bearings and Fee feels that she must continue to offer reassurance to Rain. "We'll start over, but there's enough of us who care so much, who can help him remember. It's all going to be okay, though it's tough right now." Said gently, Fee's own eyes glittering with bits of moisture but not given over to actually being weepy.

As Sabinson steps forward to do the whole ritual phrase exchange with Besa, Rain takes a step back and up against Fiona and the comfort being offered there. For the moment there is little she can do. She will have to wait until Sabinson explains and shows him the letter and other stuff Besa brought with him as memory joggers. Sabinson may find himself with a few uninvinted house guests until he ready to go back to school…or until she is dragged back by her parents or faculty…whichever comes first.

"Farther than I would get." Legion says to Darcy. There is a shake of her head "Pretty sure, sure, but I wouldn't be getting any ideas, so much baggage." centuries of it really.

Some of Besa's tension eases away as Fee's wings disappear. Perhaps he's finally going mad? He takes a sip of water but then spits it out almost immediately, "The water is bad!" Ami will quietly try to reassure him it is not, the water just tastes different now. Neither she nor Robert seem surprised by his reaction, perhaps he's gone though this water issue before.

Robert steps over to the rest of the students, "Thank you for being here, I know this is not easy." He has no accent, seems to be from the general area. "But it will help him remember faster. It will give him something to connect to, to feel safe when he returns to the school." The man smiles tiredly, "You are welcome to stay longer, but your teacher may need to get you back. We will bring him tomorrow to the school to see you, if he's feeling up to it." And if they can convince him that he supposed to go to a school! Indeed, they're going to have a long night ahead of them, looking and explaining things to a very very old 14 year old.

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