(2018-05-28) Prom Dodging
Prom Dodging
Summary: Callisto needn't mope for long, for there's pizza to be had thanks to a perpetually hungry speedster.
Date: 2018-05-28
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Shady Cove Beach, Shady Cove
Mon May 28, 2018

The beach forms a semi-circle around the outer edge of the mainland edged with sand that turns lighter as it reaches the water. A swimming area is cordoned off with buoys and orange rope, clearly designating it for visiting tourists and the sea craft further out. Off down near the rocky area further along the beach is a lighthouse that remains lit up despite it serving as a restaurant.


The entirety — or most of — Winbarry seems to be maddenly excited about this prospect of 'Spirit Week'… leading up to what some call 'prom'. Callisto isn't so clueless as to not know what those things are.. at least 'prom'… but that doesn't mean she has to be enthused. Cripes, one student even asked her to get involved. How about no? That and Callisto had to volunteer at the pool this evening, which provided a perfect 'out' to being lassoed into the billiard room and assigned duties. Because regardless of how uninterested the fae girl is in these matters, and despite her being disowned and no longer 'rich'… she still looks the part one who could do to spend a day perusing dresses, creating decorations, planning and… well, yeah. She had to get away, but duty only reaches so far.

Because the pool hours ended and at roundabouts 7 o'clock PM, Callisto was once again unleased upon an unsuspecting world. Something, however, was wrong.

Encroaching now upon 7:30pm, Callisto has made her way to Shady Cove beach, not too far off from the busy eateries overlooking the sandy stretch. She has not dined; she went straight to the water's edge. She has seated herself upon a fallen chunk of driftwood, and she looks… a bit anxious. It's still fairly warm out, even at this later hour; she leans forth, hugging her knees, tension to be found in her very posture. She does not look like a girl who has enjoyed a leisurely few hours at a pool. 'Protecting' lives. c.c

The old Prom prince isn't happy about all the glitter, so he happily took the extra shifts. But that only went on fo so long before his boss looked at his time sheet and sent him packing. The speedy teen has a jug of sweet tea and a large pizza in hand as he casually walks from the pizzeria down to the beach. Sometimes he doesn't speed everywhere. sometimes. There's a tilt of his head when he sees Callisto and he shifts to head towards her, "Hey Strawberry…you hungry?"

Prom Prince? Don't let Callisto hear about that, there may be laughter. Or maybe not. She knows that there was once a girl who likely drug Daxton cavewoman-style to such things, so surely the fae girl wouldn't razz him too much. That and just look at her: she doesn't look the sort to poke fun this evening. She's wearing some sort of sarong-style champagne-colored skirts and a flowing black camisole, her hair damp and swept up into a haphazard bun. Callisto looks well-put-together, even reeking of chlorine.. but something is 'off'.

Lost in her reverie, thinking of the events of the evening, the typically-composed Callisto actually startles at a voice directed at her. Her chin lifts and her gaze is overbright; swift and intense in her focus. She easily discerns Daxton as he approaches with food and drink and she almost.. okay she kinda exhales in relief. Callisto does not know if she can weather other people this evening, but Daxton.. she can handle.

"A little." She calls to him, one side of her mouth crooking upwards beneath anxious eyes. "Were you working?"

Daxton's dressed in typical work clothes, blue leather jacket and blue Ares shoes. He hefts the box and jug, indicating what he was implying. "I was….until I was told I had too many hours logged n already." He moves over to see if there's to sit next to her. "Well….I've got half veggie half meat, all extra cheese." The tub is set at his feet, "I'll go get cups if you want."

The pale-haired girl observes Daxton's spoils, and she needn't even wonder to herself if he intended to eat the whole thing by his lonesome. The fact that he offers some of it is touching… the sweet tea is give a longer glance than the pizza. Callisto shuffles aside a tiny bit to make more room on the log; there is indeed space to sit together. "It smells good," She admits easily, giving the air a delicate sniff. Callisto looks up from the food and drink to the speedster's face, studying him. "Whyfor do you work so much, lately? Have you something to save up for? Or is it because the estate seems to be one vast flyer for this… spirit week?" She asks, not so mopey and anxious as to not offer her take on a 'snarky' smile. Callisto's snark is still rather elegant.

"Cups are not necessary. I shall try a sip.. what is that?" She indicates the tea with a nod of her head.

Callisto reaches for the jug, lifting it carefully.

Is it the pizza, or Daxton that smells so good? Ode de pizza. The speedster smirks as he sits down, "Me? No. I just…it's better than not working, right?" He'd rather not point out he's scared of Kaylee and her Prom stuff. He plops down, foot nudging the jug, "That? It's sweet tea. It's like…iced tea? But a little sweeter." The box is laid in his lap and he opens in up, steam rising form the pie itself. "Take whatever you want, I ate earlier." Of course he did. And yes, most likely he did originally plan to eat all of this as well.

The dark faerie sniffs the rim of the drink carefully, though she isn't quite so rude as to touch it with her nostrils. This smells good; so, too, does the pizza and the boy associated with it. Pizza smell is a good smell, even if Callisto doesn't sample pizza pie often. What a drastic… drastic contrast to what she is used to. Glacial blue-green eyes peer at Daxton over the edge of the jug and slowly, she lowers it into her lap. "Hah," A little sound in her throat, amusement interjecting itself into her sad gaze. "T'is not the entirety of it. I have bore witness to who is spearheading the cause of this 'prom'; she marches like a General of Cheer into a battle versus gloom. You wish not to be given decorations to hang; for would a speedster with a knack for parkour be the very best to put to the task?"

Callisto figured you out Dax, plain as day. Her smile is earnest and amused, though it flickers some.

Instead of reaching for the pizza, she carefully lifts the jug to sip carefully from one side of the rim. "I could stay here. For months, if I could." said cryptically.

Daxton Snorts, amused, "Kaylee and I don't really get along." Imagine that! "Things have been said, it's best I just work." He chooses a slice and lifts it up, admiring it a moment, "So….that's why I out here. What's up with you?" A rather large bite is taken, but he tilts his head slightly so he can look at her as he chews.

The mentalist considers, head tilting as she licks her lips briefly.. actually liking the sweet drink. She looks down at the jug, but sets it back down upon it's original spot at Daxton's feet. "She seems a kind girl but perhaps a tad… exuberant. I met her proper about a week ago." Callisto reflects, clearing her throat softly. "I fear I may have been a bit deadpan, but her energy made up for it." Added as an afterthought. Dare she ask onwards? Is it really her business?

"She seems a girl who is eager to please, perhaps to a minor fault. Was there a falling out between the two of you?" Callisto asks regardless, glancing toward the water.. though one hand snakes over to carefully pick up one of the veggie slices. One lithe hand curves beneath the piece of pizza while the other very carefully delivers it to her mouth. She's chewing ponderously as Daxton asks of her his own query.

"I am scared, is all." Said simply, as if it's the most typical thing in the world. There is the barest tic in her jaw, and not from chewing. "Tonight was strange. And difficult. I fled here."

Daxton's nose wrinkles, instead of saying what he thinks of Kaylee, he shoves move pizza into his mouth. But then he's outright asked, "She…didn't think I was good enough for Becca…" He shrugs lookin away. Is that the name if the broken neck girl? But then she's scared, his attention is drawn back to her, his brow furrowing, "Of what? Is something wrong? Did your mother send someone?" And then he's quickly scanning the area, looking for danger.

She isn't so caught up in whatever happened to not hear Daxton's answer to her question. She asked first, so nyah. Callisto turns to look at him with a peculiar expression.. peculiar for her, anyway. As in: affected. "So she was close to this Becca, no? Is it not commonplace for close friends to want the best for one another?" She asks gently, trying to understand. She lowers the slice into her lap, taking care not to dribble anything onto the gossamer smoothness of the skirt. Callisto takes a deep breath, shakes her head slowly. "I shall have to say my piece and disagree with her, then. I know naught of whom this 'Becca' was and what could be called 'best' for her, but I assure you that you were more than good enough. I can say this with certainty." Aw, she's trying to be helpful! Callisto sure sounds earnest.

She watches him for a beat longer, clears her throat, looks down at her knees. "No, no.. nothing to do with that harpy. I would call it a relief, except it's not. I saw something that troubled me, at the pool." She would rub her upper arms if she could, but she's holding foot. "Somebody nearly passed. A patron fell into cardiac arrest, but was saved. However.. t'was close." Her lips press together tightly.

Daxton nods, although clearly he'd rather not talk about this. A shift in his seat, :It's…just best to not mention me at all…" He looks back at her, concern still on his face but then he slowly nods again. "Yeah…that's hard to see…" He feels like he's seen. Lot of death, although he can't recall any of it currently. Blue eyes blink and he sighs, looking down at the pizza box in his lap, "I'm sorry." His tongue darts out to wet his lips, "You shouldn't be scared though."

The girl is getting accustomed to the boy's body language and when she is treading into dangerous territory. Callisto isn't stupid; this 'Becca' is the one that Daxton mentioned being unable to get over, and she's not about to scour open the wounds and bring out the rock salt. "I shall not. I wish not to see anyone discomforted. Pray, for what they are worth, take my words to heart. You are not awful, Daxton." Callisto says simply. She knows awful and in her opinion, he is not it. Damaged? Yes. There's a difference.

She chances a look to meet his concerned look with her own sheepish one. There is a tension in her jaw as if she is biting back on her unease, trying to squash it down. Whatever she saw, it has affected her. "No, I am sorry for mentioning it. Forgive me. I was the first responder but I… I had to give over for someone else to take over. But that which I did see it.." She shakes her head slowly, holds the pizza in one hand and unfurls her palm in her lap, looking at it. "T'was like a little bird, that which I felt of his heart, as I worked. I know naught what I would have done had he not lived.. and it scares me to really feel it all, now. A year ago I would have been oblivious." Callisto looks embarrassed, takes too large of a bite of her pizza.

There's a long beat where Daxton just looks at her, a hint of vulnerability there. And then he's suddenly shoving pizza into his mouth at super speed. "CPR is hard, Callisto…you did what you could, then you had someone else take over. That's the right call." He's quite, letting the sound of the waves hopefully calm the situation more. And the magic of pizza. He leans forward, a little towards her, to pick up the job of tea.

"I shall hurt tomorrow." Callisto says quietly, trying to find purchase on a lighter side to the topic that served to shake her so. "T'was hard work to move like that, to compress and.." Well, she needn't describe the tactics involved. Daxton shall know of them, surely. She goes on to nibble the one slice — one, still — that she selected. The speedster is cramming it in hand-over-fist before he pauses to reassure her again of having done the right thing. The corners of the girl's lips curve up into the barest hint of a sad smile, the heel of her free hand lifting to rub at one eye, then the other. She will be alright, this can be assured; Callisto is not a weepy sort. She does not let it happen.

"Thank you." She offers, seems to consider, is about to speak of something when Daxton leans over to grab the jug of tea. It takes everything in the fae girl to keep a poker face, though her eyes follow the line of his back. Bloody hell.

"I've an idea." Said suddenly, her voice a bit stronger… though perhaps a touch anxious still. THIS could flop, if the speedster hears her out.

Daxton just grunts in agreement, she probably will be sore. "Take some aspirin before you head to sleep tonight." The jug is lifted and he takes a very long drink. After seeing it back down he uses the back of his hand to wipe his mouth, "Yeah? What's that?"

"You seem as interested in being around the estate as I am with this prom business." Callisto decides to take THIS tact when asking a question that COULD be taken the wrong way. She watches the speedster outright, her gaze intense in a way that is both pleasant and perhaps unsettling. "You said yourself that there is only so much work to be had before your employer is barring the door to keep you out." A little smirk, some of her spirit is returning now. The silver of the gorgon head pendant winks in the dwindling sunlight. "So what say you to this: accompany me to Thunder Bay, be it on the day leading up to prom or the day itself. Join me as a friend. Go with me to protect me, then, if that works better to justify it. For I want nothing to do with the event, and could do to get away for a few hours and let them have it."

Well, it's at least an 'out'! Hey, she remembered what he said about doing anything with students! Kinda! It's not a date! Truly! She watches him, brow furrowed.

Daxton listening, but seems wary, this feels like a set up. He starts in on another slice though, half the pizza is already gone. His jaw works the food, that furrowed brow stays, but then he glances out to the water for a long moment after she finishes preceding the offer. It's a long moment, who knows what's going through that thick skull of his till he finally just says, "Sure. We can go hang out in Thunder Bay, if you want."

… huh!

No rebuttal or fierce denial, not even the 'don't go there' bit. Callisto blinks, watching him seek out more food.. she only just got to the outer crust of the one slice she nibbled at. Then he goes to moodily watch the water and not answer for a bit and then, the Metis girl frets inwardly… wait, frets? When and why and HOW THE HELL did Callisto — Callisto — come to fret? But she is nervous; she worries that she may have been uncouth, or too forward, or implied…

Then he says yes. Agrees to escape the prom monster for a short while. It's not like she suggested they leave for the whole night. Then he's be speedboating his way across the water, surely.

Callisto can't help it, her lips twitch, smile briefly. She catches herself, tries to nod with approval and not look too keen—-blast it all, to hell with it. She grins, and hastily turns back to the water.

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