(2018-05-27) Bookends
Summary: The bookish sorts want their books properly sorted!
Date: 2018-05-27
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Sunday evenings in the library would, one would think, typically be very peaceful. In fact, so far it probably has been peaceful, especially with the soft hush of snow falling outside that always tends to make things feel just a little more quiet. But Darcy's not quiet tonight. She enters the library with a stack of very mismatched books (a wide range from some kind of paperback in what one might recognize as Korean to The Art of Baking), muttering in an increasingly loud voice. A notebook rests on top of the stack, open, her eyes so fully on it she doesn't much pay attention to the tables she's passing, or really actually bumping into, on her way to whatever her goal is.

She's not the only one not really paying attention; she may not notice a small winged humanoid perusing some of the shelving. Taká's wings are spread wide, almost all the way, and twitching.
When it comes, it's not library-quiet and it's not English: "Kya! Chon'h khe! c'Rhys'yw!"
He turns around, limned in a faint blue glow and… stops. And stares. And stammers out, "Nnh. Sorry. I seem to have lost my temper. Not at you. Sorry," he repeats, folding his wings up behind himself again.

"Oh, what if—" Darcy cuts short from whatever she was going to say when she hears the strange words. And just in time to keep her from running into Taká, too. She takes a hurried step back from wings and sudden unexpected volume coming from someone not her, nearly losing her stack in the process. "Whoa, uh, wings. Uh, I mean! It's cool! I don't speak whateverthatis anyway, so." Once she recovers her stack well enough to set it on the closest table, she grins. "Trying to decipher the indecipherable too? I'm thinking one of these days I'm going to have to just skip class and reorganize all of these. But then again, kind of a dumb reason to skip class, amirite?"

Taká glances back towards the science section, or what's supposed to be the science section. "I can think of few better reasons to skip class. It would be a great help to our classmates, and that would be a great help to our teachers. I'd like to think they'd thank us for it… ai, c'Rhys'yw!" He finally notices he's glowing, and damps it. "Uh. My name's Taká." He bows, spreading his wings slightly. It's evidently his way of greeting.

Darcy's gaze follows Taká's, then continues to roam around the room as he speaks. She's nodding slowly in agreement when he starts talking in the other language again, and turns back just in time to grin bemusedly. She starts to offer a hand, but notices his wings and kind of drops it instead. "Yeah, I've seen you a bit. I'm Darcy. You're kinda glowy, did you know that?"

Taká's wings sag slightly, ever the faithful mirror of his moods. "Yeah, that happens when I get over-excited or angry or something…" he says, with a trace of embarrassment, the glow flicking out entirely. "It's harmless. Side-effect of my rhy'thar… sorry, my meta-power."

Darcy grins, and shakes her head a little. "Don't worry about it, man, glowing is totally cool. I'd love to glow." She turns a little to better reach her stack, pulling a couple of books from it and only just managing not to topple it. "So whatcha looking for? And what language is that? I only know the one semi-cool language, but I'd love to learn another if I ever had a chance."

"I'm looking for the stellar atlases," Taká says, with a sigh. "It's part of… an extended personal challenge I'm involved in. I was speaking my native language. I'm not from this planet." He glances at the not-yet-organized shelves of books. "I'm trying to find some stellar signposts I recognize so I might be able to find my home planet from here."

Darcy's face falls into a joking pout as she hears that Taká's language isn't from here even a little bit. As he continues she nods again. "Yeah, okay. That makes sense." She glances back toward the door for a short moment, and when she looks back she's grinning conspiratorily. "Hey, so, you wanna maybe reorganize the library with me? I bet we'd find your charts while we worked, if they're here. I heard not everything made it from the old school."

"Yes, I think that'd be a great idea—they all just line up by the numbers on the spines, I think," Taká says, picking up a book off the table, looking at it curiously, and putting it back down. "Uh, do we even know which shelves are meant for which books?"

"Nope!" Darcy shrugs, not daunted at all. But we could maybe start by kinda… uh. Asking?" She screws up her mouth, not liking the idea of making this a legit operation. "Hm. I mean we could just pick places? First book on the shelf decides what else goes there? Or we could put everything in a big pile in the middle or—" She takes a few steps away, scanning the shelves and sliding a hand over the spines. "Man I wish this were a magic school. Then we'd have those floaty books that just, you know, know where to go."

"That would be helpful. Most of my library at home was electronic, of course, and the automated systems kept it organized for me." Taká shrugs back, with a gentle rustling of feathers. "There has to be some sort of organization principle… but I don't know it. I only followed the instructions on the library terminals to find things."

Darcy pauses to pull a book from a shelf. She eyes it with interest, nods to herself and tucks it under her arm. "Well, sure. There's the classsic Dewey Decimal, which is what the numbers are. Or there's color, size, the whole bookshelf styling thing that's all the rage on the internet these days…." She shrugs. "We could just stick with the numbers. I don't remember if the genres were arranged by number too, to be honest. I always just knew where to find what I wanted in each library." Another shrug. "We could also try to recruit some more booky types. I bet there's at least a couple in my house."

"I know there are in mine," Taká replies, pulling the end of a Metis tie out of a belt pouch, and tucking it back in again. "I think the numbers are the best bet. That was how I could always find them before… let's see."
He wanders deeper into the library, studying the ends of the rows of bookshelves. "Yes, they have the subjects and number ranges, right up here!" Well, 'up' for him. Probably closer to eye level for Darcy, or at least not as much 'up'.

Darcy, after placing her newfound book on her only slightly diminished stack, follows. "Okay, yeah, cool!" Hey, who knew? Libraries, not as mysterious as she formerly imagined. "So this'll be easy! You take the bottom shelves, I'll take the top ones, and I bet we could finish in no time. Assuming no one figures out where we are or that the school doesn't open back up first. But still! This'll be fun!" She glances outside at the snow, then pulls out and checks the clock on her phone. "I don't have a lot of time tonight, I promised my mom I'd send her this new recipe before midnight. But we can make a plan probably, figure out how we want to attack these wordtastic beasts. Or maybe sheep. Or would this be more like herding cats? Paper cuts are kinda like cat scratches, I think." She's grinning again as she shoves the phone back into her pocket. So much grinning from this one.

Taká grins. "Word bird. At least me. Although I'm a much better mathematician than writer."
He picks up a couple books at random and starts putting them on their correct bookshelves. They look terribly lonely, one or two books at a time occupying a couple meters of shelving. "This might take a while."

Darcy nods. She starts in on a shelf facing Taká's to try and give him space. "Probably," she agrees, "I think I should definitely spread the word that we could use help. As long as we stick to good secret-keepers, we should still be able to get by unnoticed. More or less." She pauses a beat, but not long before continuing, "If we could get at least one person to come every day for one class period I bet it would take no time at all…."

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