(2018-05-23) Such a Monster
Such a Monster
Summary: The aftermath to the school's three troubled new arrivals.
Date: 2018-05-23
Related: The day after this log.
Scene Runner: NA

Entry Way, Winbarry Estate
Wed May 23, 2018

Clean and spacious, the entrance foyer has a large staircase (Leading up) and many doors that lead off to all different directions of the house. The corner behind the door as a large cabinet with hooks for hats and jackets. Most of the jackets hanging are camo with Unit 23 patches on them. There's an oil painting on the wall, Bob Ross style, the frame slightly dinged up. The floors have been cleaned, but the repeated steps from speedsters in the house have spiderwebs cracks all over.


<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.

Hello Wednesday! Hump day! Middle-of-the-week-it's-almost-the-weekend! But who really cares about the weekend because even those two days of bliss and free time serve as no oasis to people studying for finals! The day of classes seems to have sprinted past in a speedster-like blur, leaving students to their own devices after to either use their time wisely to prepare, or catch a nap before supper. Classes have, therefore, ended for the day.. just under an hour ago as four o'clock approaches and people are either getting into casual clothes, or settling into nooks and crannies to crack open the books and bash the keys of calculator; chew off the tops of pens and crumple sheet after sheet of cram!notes!

… but there is one student, seated upon one of the various fixtures in the entry foyer, who isn't driving herself mental with studies. It's Fionnuala Reid, all pretty and well-put-together in her uniform, wings out and hair braided…. but there's something off about her. She has a scribbler lying facedown in her lap with her fingers drumming upon it's cover, but she's chewing on her bottom lip with a degree of savage intensity that isn't typical of her. To see her there is to see the shifter looking straight-up put off. Even the sunshine, lancing it's way cheerfully through windows, doesn't catch her attention as it often does.

Schuyler has changed out of his uniform and seems to be on his way out front with his cigarette case in hand. While at school, he makes no secret of when he goes outside to smoke…at least he doesn't do so inside! -How- he gets the cigarettes is another question that he won't answer. There's a pause as he catches sight of Fee just sitting there with her sketchbook and seemingly staring out into space. He looks at her before giving a little wave as if to break her reverie, «Are you ok?»

<FS3> RJ rolls Parkour: Great Success.

Why bother with taking the stairs, when you don't have to. From the second floor, RJ vaults over the banister, dropping to the edge, then drops down to the first floor. He lands on the railing, before flipping to the side, landing soundly on his feet. The ashen-haired teen has changed from his uniform if only to escape that strangling device that people keep telling him that he will get use to it. They lie. He offers the students that are about a bit of a wide, goofy grin, dimples framing it. He chuckles as he thinks of something. Whatever that might be, it seems to be a personal joke or something.

Another sign that she's a bit off: she does not notice Sky immediately, and his waving at her again goes unnoticed for all of three seconds before the girl snaps to it and blinks blearily. Fee has taken on sun; her eyes glow softly with it. She turns to squint at Schuyler and finally… recognition! There is a genuine half-smile there but the winged one's gaze is troubled. "Hi, Sky," She says, taking care to really enunciate her words to make the lip reading easier, though the telepath is adept at it enough as it is. "I'm… feeling a little bit cruddy today. I'm not liking some of my behaviors as of late, but it's hard because it feels justified too…" Aw, so Fee is having a little conundrum!

She is about to go on when—-hey, wut! It's raining RJs again! The teenager's arrival and grinning visage take Fee off-guard for a moment and she supplies her own little chuckle. "You're a brave one. Don't let Creepmaster see you, he doesn't appreciate that kinda talent." Said good-naturedly to RJ, though without much of the girl's typical spark.

While Sky isn't best friends with Fee like his twin is, he certainly doesn't dislike the girl. In fact, he's rather pleased that she puts up with his sister's foibles and will do what he can to help maintain their friendship. So, in response, he tilts his head at her and asks, mentally, «What's happened? I can't imagine you'd behave anything but correctly in whatever situation there is.» He seems to know that much about her. There's a turn and a glance as another student's mental presence enters his immediate awareness and he blandly watches the acrobatics. There's another blink before he looks back to Fee, «Anything I can do to help?»

RJ chuckles and takes a few leisurely steps towards the pair of students. "I am not sure that brave is a word that I would necessarily use to aptly describe myself. Fool-hardy or brash, perhaps." He cocks his head slightly, as he scrunches his eyebrows together. "Creepmaster? I do not believe that I have met anyone by this name. Is he a student or one of the administrators?"

It's not a common thing, to see Fee approaching anything akin to morose. She's not a bubbly over-the-top sort; just, more often than not, she's purely happy. So when her zest is lacking, no matter how subtle, sometimes it's noticeable. She looks down at her fingertips resting on the cover of her book, brow furrowed slightly and lashes batting as she blinks herself back into the present tangent of thought. Firstly to Sky, as RJ rights himself: "I think I was a bit presumptuous," She looks at the Masters boy, "Some new students started here, were introduced yesterday afternoon, and I wasn't too happy about it. They seem a like a troubled lot, maybe not from the best families.. and I let that paint my opinion of them. I just don't like this gut feeling that I'm having though. I've seen them before in town, doing bad things."

She clears her throat and looks down again, "Don't troubled people need more kindness? I wasn't very kind."

RJ's question has her looking up again, "Administration." A tepid little smile, "Sometimes he can be a bit intense, and carries himself in a foreboding way. IT's kind of a thing we students keep to ourselves seeing how he runs the place."

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Lip Reading: Good Success.

«If you don't like them, then they must be real bastards,» Sky offers. Because Fee is friendly to -everyone-…even him! «Tell me who they are and I'll take care of them.» It might have been phrased a little ominously and he doesn't really seem to be apologetic. «Sometimes people are just dicks.» He then turns to look at RJ, glancing at him up and down for a moment, «Or you can keep doing what you're doing and get detentions. Your choice, really.»

It takes RJ a moment to realize that Fee is talking about The Headmaster. Once he does, it is easy to see the lightbulb firing off, as he oh's. "Yes, The Headmaster can be quite tyrannical, but I could be biased seeing that he all but stated that I was a prisoner of the school until deemed otherwise." He frowns slightly, "As Schuyler said, it is an unfortunate but there are some people who are just by their own nature detrimental to the greater good of mankind. If you normally have trustworthy intuition, then perhaps you should not ignore it. But if you think that you might have falsely judged them, then offer them kindness the next time you encounter them." He looks to the other boy, with a bit of a grin. "Detention? You mean the enforced work service? I volunteer such often enough. It seems little punishment for being true to oneself."

"It's.. not that I don't like them. I'm just wary." Fee offers, saddened to even think of not liking people whom she has deemed as 'troubled'. "There's three of them.. a brother and a sister, and this…" Fee flinches a bit, clearly the third one she is about to out was the one who really disturbed her. "This one who is some sort of… cyborg, I think. His voice." That's all she has to go by, save for the flash of red light in the hoodie. She wasn't around when Rill pulled down that hood. "I think they're runaways… or part of the foster system… I-I really don't know. They had their things in garbage bags." Fionnuala watches Sky for a moment, brow knit in concern. "Please be careful, really. Maybe after a week here they'll get the hang of things, warm to the support that the school will show them. B-but the fact remains, when I first saw them, they were breaking into a car."

Dundundunn. Fee pauses, feeling badly all-the-same, before turning next to RJ. "A prisoner of the school?!" Her troubles surrounding the bullies briefly bowled over, "How? Why?" She looks around herself quickly.. no adults? Good. "What a dreadful man he can be. I miss Honey Badger." Fee whispers, looking down pitifully into her lap. She is not having a good day!

«Until you get expelled,» Sky points out. He was close to being suspended, so he knows. «But I agree…it's stupid to punish people for trying to be themselves. Although bouncing off the walls is also potentially dangerous to others. What if you landed on one of us and broke something of your's…or our's?» So he's not entirely agreeing.

There's a look back to Fee and she explains, «Oh. Yeah, they might be. Maybe they aren't used to people showing them kindness so they hit back to protect themselves.» It might be a little familiar, although not quite in the same way. A smirk is then given to RJ, «Sounds like you're being taught a 'lesson'. You need to figure out what rules to at least nominally obey so that they give you a longer leash.»

"As it was put to me, I could either stay by choice or stay by force. In terms of my Earth's language, I would deem this as a prisoner. Perhaps this Earth defines the world otherwise. If so, then I apologize for misspeaking." He looks to Sky and nods. "I concede that you are correct, had a landed on someone that I could have injured them. I will make sure from this point, that the risk of injury will fall entirely onto myself. That being said, I had looked down before each jump to ensure that no one was below me, but I cannot predict the actions of others."

Coming down the stairs is Rain phone to her ear as she seems to be scheduling something "I can be there in less than an hour." she tells whoever is on the other end. She has changed out of her uniform and into her usual tennis dress with a sweater over it. Seeing the small group in the entry way she pauses to finish her call "Yes. I'll see you then. Thank you." she pockets the phone "Hello." she greets, moving over to where they have congregated.

"I really.. don't know. It feels that way. All we can do is try.." Fee shrugs lightly, wings rustling with the slight motion. Despite her doldrum she still smells night, like sunlight and some sort of fresh floral body spray. "I guess my rub is having a bad feeling despite everything, and not liking that I'm having this bad feeling because it does seem like they really need help. I'll be okay.. but thank you for letting me vent." There's more of that typical Fee smile, directed openly at Sky. "You'll know them when you see them, trust me. It just… when we saw them that one time, they were openly disparaging to us. I don't know if they knew we were students here, but they didn't seem happy to be here yesterday. Do you think they were forced…?" Fionnuala asks nobody in particular as RJ and Sky 'speak' onwards.

To RJ, the girl turns her black-haired head, mustering a smile. "What you do is really cool. Maybe just keep it outside and you can move to your hearts' content.. less chance of clobbering anyone." Fee offers in suggestion, hating to see RJ be stifled in his parkour skill… but dreading the repercussions if caught in here. "I—"

Then.. there's a Rain! Seeing her bestie descend in her outfit widens Fee's tired smile some. She doesn't look quite so crestfallen, "Aren't you looking dishy. Where are you off to?" Asked with pure curiosity, and grateful for the topic change.

«Because you're also a minor. If you don't have parents to make the decision for you, the school will,» Sky points out with something of a grimace. «Under the age of 18, we're not supposed to be on our own or making certain choices for ourselves. The school was probably just covering themselves by giving that rule, but weird that they'd force you to stay.» But he shrugs. Grey eyes flick to Rain as she comes down the steps like a normal person, «Who's bringing you in for an interview?» Maybe he surmised as much, maybe he 'listened in' on the phone call.

Back to Fee, «When people are unhappy, they want to see everyone unhappy around them. Maybe they didn't like seeing happy kids around their own age?»

Rain has been privy to this whole conversation via her connection to Sky…at least parts of it…enough to know that Fiona isn't her usually sunshine and rainbows self. "They just need time to get to know you Fee." she goes to hook her arm around the other girl's "Just be yourself with them. They will either grow to love you like the rest of us, or grow tired of you and ignore you." she can be reassuring when she wants to be!

"Cocoa Loco." Rain answers Sky "The chocolate place. I have a job interview." wait, she was job hunting? "Unless you go to court and get yourself emancipated…not sure how that would work under your circumstances though RJ."

The other girl's responses seem to be just right, for getting Fee to get out of her cloudy spell and bring to bear that sunshine of hers. Her lips curl a bit at their corners, twitch, and she's grinning again. Arms hooked, Fee gives Rain's arm a sorta side-hug-squeeze, which seems to be just the right level of affection for the Masters girl. "Thanks for that… I'll try. I really was a bit beastly.." Yeah, seriously. Her lockjaw and stares were what Fee considers to be beastly… oh, what she could learn. "I really don't mind if they ignore me, I just don't want them possibly causing trouble for anyone else. But I guess we just have to try to be optimistic.." She's sounding more and more like herself.

Then another tidbit that blows her bad mood out of the water for good: "Cocoa Loco?!" Fee perks; ie. her wings lift some and crack open a bit, sunlight trickling down. "How EXCITING! Oh, I can just see you there… best of luck, though you won't need it." She yammers happily, not once questioning Rain about work. She knows that the other girl wishes to make her own way, and well.. regardless of community service hours being mandatory next year, working somewhere certainly helps.

Schuyler nods to Rain's response, «Good luck. Be charming but sincere.» That's his advice. It may also be why -he- isn't bothering looking for any sort of job. He notes Fee's response to having her friend near and there's a little smile then, for Rain, of course. «If they cause you any problem, Fiona, you let me know, ok? I'll talk to them.» 'Talk' is a catch-all term, of course.

RJ nods in agreement to Rain. "I do not think that would be possible, as technically, I have no legal rights in your world, regardless of which government is in question. I believe I am what your president refers to as an illegal alien, just not the way that term was originally intended." He shakes his head, "I think it has more to do with the fact that I am still considered to be a potential threat to your people that I was given no option but to remain here than it has to do with your society's artificial idea of maturation."

"Since when is a kitten a beast?" she asks of Fiona. The mental picture, a kitten hissing and clawing in cute, kitty fashion. ""Did you want to come into town with me? We can grab something to eat after my interview." she asks of her bestie.

There is a lip curl at Sky "I can do sincere…I'm not capable of charming. I plan letting Legion out and let her handle it." Legion can do charming a lot better than Rain can.

"Didn't the Headmaster take care of all your citizenship paperwork. Gave you an identity and all that?" she does nod at the last bit "I can that being the case when you first got here…but still?"

"Thanks, Sky. Hopefully I don't have to sic you on them." Fee smiles at the boy. Oh, she knows what talk means here… and honestly she would hate to see things come to that. "The girl seemed to be the friendliest out of the three… maybe if she's well looked after, it'll help the two boys warm up.." See, she's already plotting. Saint Crow.

Then.. she can't help it, Fionnuala laughs. "Oh, kittens can be beasts. At least in their own heads when they're attacking toes." She tries to argue the kittens' point, but fails. She recognizes the direct metaphor to her own apparent 'meanness' — or lack thereof, Fee was more awkward than anything — and the rest of her bad feelings just fizzle away. She understands that she just can't do mean and—-her features fall again briefly, very briefly. Such behaviors remind her of Besa and the shifter feels a brief, whistling sadness in missing the boy. It passes suddenly at Rain's offer,

"Oh, I would love to. I'll be your cheering squad and then we can go for Chinese food!" Well, it's a suggestion. Better watch out there, Rain.. if you agree to the cheering squad she may be pressed against the windows of the chocolate shop like the titular character from 'What About Bob', who drove his psychiatrist mad. Something occurs to her, and Fee turns to RJ. "Do you like chocolate, RJ?"

RJ nods to Sky. "I was given a fake name and history, but I do not know how legitimate of an identification it actually is. I am trying to understand the intricacies of the way your government works. It is, pardon a lack of better words, but entirely alien to my world. Rules are not flexible where I am from." He turns his attention to Fionnuala and a much more pleasant topic. "Chocolate. Oh yes. Of the many marvels I have experienced in this world. chocolate is one of the most miraculous."

Schuyler lets Rain ask the questions of RJ since she seems to know more about him than Sky does. He's fiddling with his cigarette case and considering what she's saying about letting Legion handle the interview. «I guess you know best when it comes that sort of thing.» He's about to offer to come along as well, but maybe the girls need some time without him. He then glances to RJ, «The government doesn't work. That's the problem. There's no use trying to understand it because it's currently broken.»

Rain's success rate at cheering people up is very low. Probably because of her own Eyore like tendencies. Though when she seems to succeed with Fiona there is a feeling of satisfaction that doesn't reach happiness, never that. "Chinese is good." She does not agree to the cheering squad though. "I would ask what is the worst that could happen but this is Legion." Anything could happen

"Most of us don't understand the current government. You could break your brain trying." She tells RJ

The girl is still excited at the prospect of just getting out to go enjoy herself with Rain. Firstly, to RJ: "Miraculous… the best descriptor. I'll pick some up from the shop once Rain here is finished rocking her interview." Yup, she's totally back to herself! As for inviting others, she does not do so.. not out of not wishing to do so, but this is Rain's bag and it'll be entirely up to her! Of course Fee won't mind either way.. though she'll dig for clues on what chocolates to bring back, specifically to appeal to Sky's palate. He was helpful to her, afterall.

When talk turns to government, it's beyond Fee's scope. She looks down at herself and looks briefly aghast.. "I need to get changed! Give me like five minutes!" She asks of Rain, and with a kind look and wave to all assembled the girl moves with surprising swiftness, wings and all, up the main flight of stairs. IT will not do to go on a chick-date wearing this uniform! :x

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