(2018-05-22) Fresh Meat
Fresh Meat
Summary: Coral Springs gets some new transfers, and a few students are voluntold to show them around.
Date: 2018-05-22
Related: Heavy reference to this log.
NPCs: Headmaster, Mrs. Sands
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Entry Way, Winbarry Estate
Tue May 22, 2018

Clean and spacious, the entrance foyer has a large staircase (Leading up) and many doors that lead off to all different directions of the house. The corner behind the door as a large cabinet with hooks for hats and jackets. Most of the jackets hanging are camo with Unit 23 patches on them. There's an oil painting on the wall, Bob Ross style, the frame slightly dinged up. The floors have been cleaned, but the repeated steps from speedsters in the house have spiderwebs cracks all over.


It isn't often that the school gets a transfer of a student from the state, let alone three of them, but that is exactly what has happened today. The Headmaster, suited up like a creepy undertaker, though a well dressed one, stands in the entry way speaking to a harried looking woman in a pant suit with a CPS badge around her neck. Three teens are with them, two boys and a girl, though one of the boys seems to be hiding his appearance under a hoodie drawn up over his head. None of them seem all that excited to be here. "Thank you for bringing them today, Ms. Sands." the HM tells the woman looking from her to the teens for a moment and then back "We can have a look around the building a grounds for a bit. It's going on lunch soon, so once the tour is over we can go over the paperwork in my office while James, Rill and Rita have lunch in the dining hall."

The teens are all carrying what few belongings they have in garage bags. For some, it may be a familiar sight. The Smaller of the boys, a darker haired thin boy with a strong jaw line is scowling as he scans the visible area. He's moved closer to the younger girl, almost protectively. She is less grumbly and more frustrated looking. Her bag is shifted from one shoulder to the other.

Bryce comes walking down the stairs with a book in his hands. He is only looking up as frequently as needed in order to keep from tripping on the stairs. Though he is clearly a freshman, he is reading one of the sophomore literature books which he borrowed from the library. He seems to be reading it in quite a hurry. As he approaches the bottom of the stairs, he looks up and sees the unusual group. He tenses a little when he sees the Headmaster and isn't sure if he should approach or stay back so as not to interfer. His eyes flick to the three teens standing there and offers a polite nod if any look in his direction.

Koga was walking, reading a book that had some odd symbols here and there on it from the looks at the cover. Glancing up, he raises an eyebrow as he spots the Headmaster, three new teen, and a woman with an odd badge (for him) near the entrance way. Closing the book, Koga makes his way over. "Konbanwa, Headmaster-san. Are these new students?"

Koga is in the more traditional school uniform at the moment, with the blazer tucked under one arm and a messenger bag besides the mentioned book he has in hand. His tone is kept civil and pleasant, but it is obvious that he is trying to be helpful.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Failure.

A certain shifter has decided to take her lunch out onto the front grounds today, as she is cross-eyed and half mad — moreso than usual — with the studying for finals and the work required of students leading up to the end of the year. Ugh.

Bryce is soon followed by a winged, harried-looking Fionnuala… she's carrying something wrapped in wax paper in one hand, and about two fat textbooks are held beneath the elbow of her opposite arm. Look closer: no speckles of sunlight. Baby blue eyes as opposed to glowing. Cripes, there's even a touch of dark circles beneath the girl's typically-expressive eyes!

But then she freezes there, midway down the stairwell leading toward the entry foyer… of all people and things, she's seeing the three new arrivals… and one of them is in a hoodie. Something strums awareness in Fee's mind; bells sound, her brow furrows. She pauses there, wings furrowed, staring down at the assembly as Koga moves to greet the lot. For once, Fee is at a loss for words… her lips are pressed into a tense, nervous line.

Ms. Sands gives the Headmaster a tried smile, "Of course Mr…" the woman is fishing of course. She wants to know what everyone else wants to know, the HM's real name.

The Headmaster smiles right back, but anyone can tell it isn't a real smile and more a moment, just a flash it seems almost predatory. Well he isn't nicknamed the Creepmaster for nothing. "Headmaster will do." he tells her. As the students are released from classes to go to lunch the man sees first Koga, since the Athenian came right up to him and then the other two "Oh allow me to introduce Koga, Bryce and Fionnuala." normally he addresses students by their last name, but this time he uses first names to introduce them "Perhaps they can show our three new soon to be students around while we go deal with the paperwork Ms. Sands." while it may sound like a suggestion, it is definitely not.

The girl, Rita, sighs softly and moves to stand between the two boys. She glances to both the boys uncomfortably before shifting her bag to her other shoulder again.

James doesn't say anything, but his gaze does turn towards the introduced students. Does he recognize someone? Maybe. He also sighs and tells his companions, "Stay close."

Bryce is glad that Koga moves ahead of him and address the Headmaster. That means he is off the hook, right? Apparently, not. When the Headmaster mentions him by name, Bryce's normal nervousness level shoots up quite a bit. "Um, yes, Mr. Headmaster, sir." He is thankfully distracted by the symbols on Koga's books which cause him to tilt his head to look at those symbols with a curious expression on his face. The foot steps behind him give him reason to look back even as he steps to the side to make room. "Fionnuala, are you, um, well, okay?" He doesn't like to pry but something seems wrong.

Yeeeah… Headmaster being creepy. One of these days Koga will figure that one out. In any case, Koga's attention goes to the three students before he looks at the other two mentioned… and happens to notice Fee's not glowing eyes. Narrowing his own for a moment, Koga looks back to the three newish students. His eyes look to each before he gives a small hum and nods to the Headmaster. "Of course, sir."

"Greetings. The Headmaster already introduced us, but my name is Koga Yamamoto." The Asian teen gives a small bow, hands at his side. "I am from Japan, so perhaps I may be of some help even if I am fairly new as well." He motions at Bryce. "Although I have not met him, this is Bryce… and the lovely young lady with wings is Fionnuala."

Turning to the trio of teens, Koga tilts his head to one side, then the other. "I take it perhaps you are here for the same reason as most of us are as well?"

What did she do to deserve this? Is it because she forgot to change a toilet paper roll? Stepped on a spider? Opened up an umbrella indoors? Counted crows—-wait. Fionnuala is superstitious and she's rifling through her mind trying to think of what she did to have her be voluntold to show these kids around. The kids whom she recognizes as the ones who caused trouble in the parking lot of that mall. The only thing stopping Fee from hollering murder is the sight of that headmaster, who gives even her bleeding heart, open-minded self the creeps. All Fionnuala can do, for now, is force a smile to her face.

Bryce asks of her if she's alright and the force smile softens into something earnest. "Oh, a-ah.. yeah. I'll be fine. I'm just really worn out." Said to the boy with hopes that it passes. She looks tense; maybe she's having trouble in a class. Anyone who knows her well shall see that this is not her typical open-armed yammering greeting of newbies.

Koga is gracious enough to further the introductions and Fee makes her way downstairs, "Nice to meet you all." She offers, looking at each one of them in-turn.

Under the grin Ms. Sands gives a half-step back as she nods "Of course." she says to the headmaster. She isn't about to debate names with him. She turns to the three CS students and gives them each a warm smile. At least hers are genuine. "It's nice to meet you." she gestures to the three with her "This is James, his sister Rita and Rill." she indicates who is who, with the boys at least.

The Headmaster gives a pleased smile to Koga, Bryce and Fi when the seem to be cooperative. "Show them where they can put there stuff for the moment." like the closet under the stairs "And after a quick tour, show them to the dining hall where they can join the rest of the students for lunch." he instructs the three.

Rill has stood there passively so far. Very little of his face can be seen under the hood, but there is an occasional glint of red, possibly from an eye? "Haven't I seen you before?" he questions Fi. His voice is quite strange, not natural at all, synthesized kind of robotic.

The siblings don't look happy with the HeadMaster, but don't say anything. In fact beyond the instruction to stay close, they've been quiet. That is until Rill speaks, James then answers, "She was with the group in the parking lot, Rill." He doesn't seem to be hiding that fact. He'll finally reach over and takes the bag from his sister, but then he offers both bags to Rill to carry. "I guess we can eat." There's a notable shift in Rita, her eyes roll and suddenly she goes from annoyed at the situation to annoyed at her brother, "How can you be thinking about food?"

Each student is looked at when they're reintroduced by Koga, but not much is acknowledged beyond that.

Bryce looks a bit concerned at Fionnuala and says, "If, if I can help, I mean, I know I'm not good at a lot of stuff yet, but, well, I'm good and some stuff. Let me help." She is so nice and kind that it is hard to see her like this.

Hearing himself introduced, he shifts his head back to the trio. "Oh, yes, um, I'm Bryce. Well, he said that. I'm a Freshman here at the, um, school, but I memorized the school map and handbook if you have any, um, questions." When the girl asks how her brother could be thinking about food, Bryce closes his eyes and sounds like he is reading. "The Dietary Guidelines for Americans estimates that while teen girls ages 14 to 18 require 1,800 to 2,400 calories daily, teen boys in the same age range need 2,000 to 3,200 calories a day." He then blinks his eyes open and asks Rill, "Is, um, is your throat sore? I could, well, get a candy or lozenge."

<FS3> Koga rolls Sense Mystic: Success.

Koga looks between the two boys, then the sister. Koga's eyes seem to unfocus briefly, then he looks to Fi. Prior acquaintances? Koga hums a bit, then looks to Bryce before he looks again towards the trio. He heads over towards the closet, opening it for the trio and moving aside so they can put their things there. "Right over here, please. Once we have you a dorm room, we can come back for them."

Koga looks a bit curious before he looks to the trio. Then he looks to the Headmaster. "Sir, are we clear to ah… 'show off' a bit?"

"You're right." Fee smiles outright to James, turning her gaze next to Rita, and then finally upon Rill. He straight-up creeps her out… but then she just has to dig deeper into her kind heart and see the trio as misguided youth. That has to be it, right? She's grasping desperately at straws to make the act of settling the three easier… but her guts are still troubled. She glances back to the hooded boy and the occasional wink of red from beneath the flap of the hood. "We met in the parking lot at the mall." The shifter goes on to say, wings quivering once. "Welcome to Coral Springs." Added finally.

She smiles between Bryce and Koga, actually very grateful for their presence here. Though Bryce's recital of calorie details has her startling once. She can't help it, she actually grins a bit at this, finding it rather endearing. She didn't miss Koga's glance though, and she watches him for a few seconds.. almost wishing she could tell him what she does know. Not now though. They need to keep up appearances. "There will be lots leftover from lunch, they'll have set aside some plates. Word travels fast." The winged one offers tiredly.

"Come along Ms. Sands." the Headmaster tells the woman as he begins to lead her off only to pause when Koga asks him that specific question "Please Mr. Yamamoto, don't try and scare our new students before they even have their first day here." he tells him "There will be plenty of time for that later." that sounds like a no, but one supposes it could be up for interpretation. There is a final nod to them all as he leads Ms. Sands off in the direction of where is office is.

As for the three students, there is nothing mystical about them, and Rill even less so if that is even possible. There is a grunt as the bags are thrust at him by James. "Oh yeah, the group of do gooders." this is said after the adults are out of earshot.

The HeadMaster is glared at as he and the social worker leave. James shakes his head gently, maybe trying to keep them calm.

He finally smirks, trying to shake off the creeper vibe of the HeadMaster, "Yeah, see? 3,200 calories." Koga gets a head shake, "No thanks, we're not gonna be Harry Pottered. We'll hang onto our stuff."

Rita seems relieved their stuff isn't going to be tossed into a closet. "Fine. Show us around, and then we'll eat." Her arms fold, eyes finally landing on the two boys. Her demeanor softens, "Hey…sorry. We're all…stressed out." Fee gets a head nod, if she doesn't push more about the parking lot, neither will they, "Thanks."

Glancing to Fi, Koga notes how well…. unfriendly she is. Then he looks to the trio once the adults are out of ear shot. Koga tries to keep a pleasant demeanor at least, but now that it's just the six kids instead? Well, he doesn't have to be so quite as pleasant. "Finally."

Looking to the trio, Koga raises an eyebrow at the trio. And a mischievous grin comes on his face. "If I wanted to 'Harry Potter' you, I would not need to use a closet under the stairs nor a wand." He pauses to tilt his head to the side, glancing to Fi. "I do use a brush." He pulls a simple looking brush out of his bag. One that looks like it would be for some fine art painting.

Twirling it between a pair of fingers, he shrugs, "I can understand it after meeting the Headmaster. The being stressed out. I was the same when I first arrived. I still aim, and it has been a few months. So… what can you three do that had you end up here?"

Bryce watches as the two adults go heading off to do paperwork from the sounds of it. He follows them down the hallway with his before looking back to the trio. "I, I don't think there is a student here named Harry Potter," he says sounded quite sincere. In equally sincere tones, he continues, "Do you prefer the, uh, do badders? I'm not sure if we have those." He glances to Fionnuala and asks, "Do we have some of those here?"

Do gooders?

Fionnuala, watching Creepmaster and the friendly social worker moving off, turns away from their departing backs and looks at the three new arrivals. Really, seriously.. she feels for them, she does. There's a story behind everyone and why they do what they do. The obvious closeness between brother and sister hasn't been put past her either and she gives Rita and James a bit of a longer look. Much as Koga drops much of the pleasantries, so too does Fionnuala allow her tepid smile to trickle away into not a mean look… no, no.. just firm.

Meeting Koga's look but stepping closer to Bryce —- his innocence calls to that part of her that wants to protect him, in case his helpful 'advice' warrants laughter — the shifter girl's wings twitch. "No, Bryce, not really. People are pretty good here."

Her eyes flit back to the three, "It's scary starting here, but for quite a few it's a place for new beginnings, and to learn how best to do good." Fee smiles.. "Everyone is given a chance. Provided we respect those who give us those chances." She glances toward where the adults stood.

If one could see Rill's face there would be little expression on it when Koga asks about what they can do "How is that any of your business?" the teen asks tilting his head slightly to look down at him. Of the three he is the tallest. There is a look to James and Rita at Bryce not being familiar with Harry Potter "Is he for real?" as for the offer of a lozenge, a whirring noise seems to come from him, and if a whirring noise could sound displeased, it would sound like that

Both siblings go quiet, not following Koga's question. Why did they end up here? But then Bryce asks and that breaks the tension. James smirks again, his chin lifting to show off his strong jaw line. "Not everyone is as worldly as you RILL."

But it's Rita who laughs, "Oh, Do Badders sounds just awful! No, please!" She seems to be relaxing more than the otters two, stepping closer to Koga. "You going to show us the classrooms and our beds and stuff?" Nd then she stops and blinks, "Will we get beds?"

The jab from Fee is noted, James crosses his own arms, "I think we'll do fine. We don't need to change much, just be more aware." He smiles, it's actually quite becoming.

Bryce seems relieved at Fionnuala's words. "Oh, I, I guess that is good. The do badders probably wouldn't want to, well, help being bad an all." Bryce lowers his book down to the side and says, "The, the sound your throat making is, well, um, nevermind. I - oh, beds?" He could talk about that. "Yes, there are beds where the guys sleep and, well, other ones where the girls sleep which is in a different part of the building." He pauses for a moment and says, "Well, to be honest, I am having to surmise that there are beds on the girls side because, well, I've never been there seeing it is, well, you know." He looks back at Koga and then the trio. "I'll go make sure that there are two, um, beds ready on the guy's side." He gives a little wave and starts to head back up the stairs.

Koga looks at James. "I only know the reference because it is popular enough to translate to Japan as well, to be honest."

Koga looks to Rita, then at the other two, then back to Rita. "Yes, I will show you three around. And yes, you get beds."

Turning to look up at Rill, Koga's smile turns towards a bit of a frown. "It is not my business. You are the older brother, I take it? Relax. You can ask Fi. If something meant you harm here? You are the least of their worries." Koga's eyebrow raises a bit. "Now, what would you three like to see first? Or would you care for lunch first, then I can show you around?"

Again, of the three, Rill is the one who gives Fee the real heebie-jeebies. His response to Bryce as the winged girl bristling a bit. "He's trying to be kind." Fionnuala offers succinctly. She does not say much more beyond that, instead setting a hand upon Bryce's shoulder briefly only to pull it away. Rita's laugh catches the girl's attention next and she watches the younger girl for a few seconds, one hand lifting to scratch—-wait, she's still holding her wrapped sandwich. She lowers that hand back to her side, the waxed paper square resting against a skirt-clad thigh. She watches Bryce go, her expression softening once again. She is a bit thankful, too; Fee doesn't want to imagine exactly how she will bristle if the boy was to be ridiculed.

To Rita, "You will get a bed." There is the hint of a smile again, a genuine one. "They're no Four Seasons, but they're comfortable enough. Once we're done with the tour, I'm actually going to go on ahead to make sure your spot is ready." Said to the girl, before she turns to watch and listen to Koga. His words to the three new students earn a heartened glance from the shifter, and she adds her own bit shortly thereafter. "Eating is probably best, before things get too cold. I'm gonna go on into the dining hall to make sure stuff is ready for them. Then we can have a look around. I'll be back with you very soon." And with that, the winged girl goes off to see to it that the lunches are ready.

Fionnuala hates frowning.

A bemused synthesized chuckle comes from Rill at James' words "Well if you would crack a book once in awhile…" he says to his friend in a way that suggests this is an old teasing thing between them. His hands come from the pockets of his hoodie, several of his fingers on each hand are metallic, and the skin dark. He pushes the hood back to expose his face which is a mix of flesh and silver/gold metal robotic which seems to continue down is neck and disappears into his hoodie. He isn't their brother, not even the same race, though his eyes switch from black to red, "Not blood related."

Rita's smile fades and she glances back to her brother and Rill. She'll not be in the same part of the building as them? "Oh…okay. Yeah. Beds are…good." She actually moves to take Rill's arm. "James reads…sometimes. And you're totally my brother."

James just rolls his eyes at the two other new 'students'. "Okay you two. Let's…get food first." He nods to the remaining person, Koga, "Yeah…show us where the food is."

That does cause Koga to blink. "Huh." More specifically at Rill. He looks at the cybernetics briefly, then shakes his head. "Piece of advice for you? Do not hide those. They look incredibly cool. A bit like Kikaider. Besides, if they did not run from my other self, you have nothing at all to worry about."

Koga smiles at the three, "I would show you my own cool trick, but I tend to save it for when I need to beat down zombies, demons, or well… you get the idea." He moves the brush he has in hand, making a few glowing bits of obscure writing in the air that dissipate as he puts the brush back into his bag.

"In any case, we should get going before we have to fight too much for seats. This way." Koga turns to head for the lunch room, then smiles a bit over his shoulder. "Oh, and welcome to Coral Springs."

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