(2018-05-22) Coffee and Catchup
Coffee and Catchup
Summary: Not real coffee with catsup, that's gross.
Date: 2018-05-22
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Mug Shot Coffee Shop, Shady Cove
Tue May 22, 2018

The barista is generally busy with orders, but most times still manages a wave of welcome. A large sign serves as the menu and orders are taken just beneath it. It's as lovely inside as it is on the outside. Rounded, wooden beams support the upper floor. The walls are packed with all sorts of travel memorabilia, most likely all collected by the owner. Tourists seem to be some of the more catered to clientele here, the drinks and atmosphere with the added food as a bonus.. Several small tables dot the area with a few larger ones thrown in for bigger groups.


<FS3> Grace rolls Barista: Failure.

This can either be called a character flaw or admirable. Because if she doesn't have to work after classes, Grace is in Shady Cove wandering in search for clues as to what happened to Ashton. Not only is the boy a fellow student, but he was kind to her, and Grace just didn't like what happened. It bothered her more than seeing two dead bodies! So since that awful afternoon at the carnival, Grace had taken at least an hour out of each day (before or after work) to just…. sniff around.

No luck today, of course. Presently, Grace is installed in at the Mug Shot coffeehouse. Remember: she's only just two weeks in from knowing little to nothing about coffee-slinging, prior. So as she's trying to concoct a hipster's order which consists of eight ingredients (with three substitutions), she and the espresso machine have a fight. There's steam, there's hissing, there's ground coffee everywhere and there's a yelping Grace.

Needless to say the girl is being sent out on a much-needed break, and trying her best to ignore the looks of people who spied her debacle, the werewolf slumps her slight body into an empty seat (closer to the entrance), her blouse covered in coffee stains, fingernails gritty with coffee grounds.

Well Madison doesn't know Ashton or that he is missing, so her life is going along as usual. Her own school is done for the day and she has the day off from her own job at a local restaurant, so she is just wandering around while she waits for her brother to get out of football practice and for their ride home. The coffee shop is a good place as any to wait, she can get a coffee and do some homework or websurf, whichever. She heads into the shop, glancing around to quick to notice or recognize anyone at first. Double take and she recognizes Grace and she gives an awkward, metal filled smile (braces) and a wave. She seems undecided for a moment, go over to Grace or to the counter to order.

The girl continues to mope, feeling distracted and foolish. No mercy had been shown to her regardless of her meshing into Coral Springs back in February: finals are on the horizon for her, too. That's another stressful thing. No wonder she flubbed the machine and caused a ruckus… focus, Grace, focus. "There's nothing I can do," IS whispered to herself like a mantra. That is when a new arrival comes through the door and instinct causes the girl to look up, her eyes rounding. Grace catches Maddie's glance and she sits up a little straighter, waving back—noticing her cruddy hand. Ugh, why is she so beastly?! Grace smiles sheepishly as she wipes that hand on her apron.

"Hi Madison," Grace offers, finding the name both foreign and familiar. "I'm here for a half hour, if you want to join me." The offer is made as she looks down at her bookbag, slid beneath the chair that she occupies.

"Okay. Let me order first." Well the decision is easier when the invite is offered. Madison comes to the table long enough to drop her own backpack in a chair then heads to the counter to order a tall coffee, black. There is a brief glance at the pastry case and she orders a vegan oatberry bar as well. Paying for her order she grabs a couple of packs of raw sugar and then heads back to the table to join Grace. "Hi." She greets "You work here?" She asks gesturing to the logoed apron Grace wears.

The brunette patiently awaits, perhaps even ferreting through her own bag to take inventory of her books. She intended to break much later than this; then she will have tucked herself away for the half hour to cram some notes. Now she has some company; not just any company but a glimpse into the past! Grace smiles at the other girl as she sets her things down and goes to place an order. At least this order won't be sent in a scattershot of ground coffee and/or beans. Poor Grace… it's not her day. She sets to washing her hands proper as she waits, and once Madison eventually returns the girl notes her choices. "Those oatberry bars are so good. Good call." Said in earnest as she balls up her napkin and sets it aside, her fingertips no longer looking quite so grisly.

"I do! Just really part time though…" They're not about to heap 40hr/wk onto a freshman kid. "What about you? How are you doing?" Grace asks, a connotation to her tone just then. Since everything, last week.

It's a nondescript, nice Tuesday.. late afternoon; roundabout 4pm, post-classes. Grace is on break from her job at the Mug Shot and Madison joins her at a table. It's not overly busy in the coffeehouse at the moment.

"They look good." Madison says though she is looking at the pastry a bit dubiously "I have an epipen in my backpack just in case." She tells Grace, hoping that it won't be needed. It says vegan but cross contamination happens. "I'm alright." She really doesn't want to think about what happened and is trying to forget it ever did, denial is a girl's best friend. "You go to Coral Springs?" Is asked as the packets of sugar are emptied into the coffee.

And into this happens to walk Koga. The teen's definitely looking a bit worse for wear. That, and he's got a messenger bag across his shoulders as he enters the shop and looks around. Dressed more in lazier clothes today, even foregoing the usual leather coat he has when going out of the estate is a bit unordinary for him, but well… he was more here to get a drink than worry about troubles.

He doesn't spot the ladies as he heads for the counter to get a few pastries and a large cup of coffee from the looks. A nice, tall cup of coffee.

The wolf girl catches the wary look upon the pastry. "It's ok, I promise." A smile, "You wouldn't believe the Foodsafe courses these days. I-it's so intensive that if you even eat an allergen and go to breathe on another bit of food, you'll hear about it." Exaggeration much? Sure, but Grace is trying to be reassuring. Maybe, too, she remembers Maddie's circumstance from elementary school. "So—" Hey, in walks Koga! Grace looks up, blinks her scarlet gaze, but won't gesture or call out to catch the Mystic's eye and/or ear until he places and receives his order. She turns back to Madison for a moment while Koga is at the counter. "I do," Said easily. "S-since… February. I had to be sent there. I went on to Meridian Middle School until some things happened. So here I am."

Grace tilts her head in a rather endearing, canine way. "What about you? How long have you been in town? I didn't think we'd ever cross paths again."

By now Koga receives his drink, and if he turns to case out a place to sit, he may see Grace trying to wave him over.

"I'd rather not be another statistic." Madison tells Grace in response before taking a tentative bite of the pastry. "I've been here a few months. My dad transferred to recruitment and is now in Thunder Bay, hopefully permanently." there is a nod of agreement "I know. It's weird. You are the second person I have run into that I used to go to school with." when Grace begins to wave at Koga she glances in his direction "Oh, it's Koga. I went to school with him too."

Looking around once he gets his coffee at least, Koga smiles a bit and waves back at Grace and Madison before heading over to the two. "Konbanwa. Do you mind if I join you two?" He apparently didn't notice his slip to Japanese briefly, but well… at least Madison might know it! He still has a pleasant smile on his face, though.

"You look great," Grace offers in a way that is so guileless and open that it has to be truth. DID Madison have her hair braided like this back in the day? Hard to recall; those years — that life — feel like a galaxy away. "All that hair, braided like that. It's really pretty." Grace-of-the-boring-utilitarian-ponytail comments, meaning it. Maddie goes on to explain her circumstances and Grace smiles kindly, "Sometimes things match up because they're either meant to, or as a fluke. So—" Koga DOES join them! This also segues well into Grace's next thought.

".. that's right, I remember last week, you guys recognizing one another." Said as she smiles up at Koga, "Hi, Koga," A pause.. she knows not a lick of Japanese language. She adds in a sheepish little whisper, "What did that word mean?"

Madison didn't know much of the language then and knows even less now, but assumes that it is a greeting because of context. "Sure." She answers moving her backpack to free up the chair so he can sit. A hand goes to her hair. It is longer than it was when she was in school with either of them. "Thanks." The compliment seems to make her blush and avert her gaze. "I really don't believe in fate or destiny, but I might start if I meet another person I used to go to school with."

Koga looks a bit embarrassed before saying, "My apologies. I still seem to slip to Japanese at times. It means 'good evening' or 'good afternoon' in most in cases. The last time I spoke a lot of it was with Madison back in school and before she had to move." He says towards Grace. "Before I came to Coral Springs, in any case." Seating himself in the chair, along with pastries… which looks to be mostly vegetarian or close enough that it's obvious and his cup of coffee down, he looks to Grace, then to Madison, then back to Grace. "You went to school with her, too?"

The blush in-turn makes Grace wonder if she said anything uncouth.. but then it appears the compliment was taken as such. Maddie's words cause the girl to tilt her head again, only to then giggle softly. "Y-you found me out. There's another lined up to get here in about five minutes' time…" A conspiratorial whisper, but Grace isn't good at joking. Her look softens with a slight blush of her own, "But really, that's a huge coincidence. Not a bad one, I hope… in some cases it's good to get to a place and already know of some good people." Is offered hopefully before she turns to watch Koga and learn her first bit of Japanese! Grace's brows quirk, "IT's a very pretty word. I-I don't know any other languages… I was enjoying Spanish, the brief time I spend in the classes before… coming here."

Ahem. Moving on. Koga's question has her smiling again, "Yeah.. grade six, back in Bellingham. And what about you? What year did you guys meet?" Grace is still wrapping her mind around the coincidence of it all.

The quick exchange between Koga and Grace is listened to as Madison sips her coffee. For a moment she isn't sure if Grace is joking or not and when it is obvious that is the case there is a bit of relief "It's not a bad coincidence at all." she admits readily "Especially since I will be going to Coral Springs next school year." there is a nod than when Koga says they went to third grade together "That's when I lived in Japan."

Koga hms, "Third grade?" Comes the reply to Grace's question. "She is actually the reason I learned English." He smiles at Madison. "It is hard to converse with different languages, but well…" He shrugs, "I do what I can to help out. When I can, in any case."

A great many amazing facts hit Grace between the eyes, at once. Okay, just two, but it's Important! THe girl's eyes widen, "You're going to be joining us?" Wider still, and also a happy inflection to her voice. "How.. how fantastic!" This is exclaimed; Grace wants to continue on with the questions but two things prevent this: she wishes not to overwhelm Maddie, and her break is—-oh blast it, her break is almost over. She looks past Koga to see her shift supervisor giving her the eye; not a mean look, just a 'you've got one minute left, missie' expression. Grace lifts her hand in a thumbs up.

"I'm glad you two know one another… see, you already have some friends waiting. That's p-part of the battle done." Grace says to Maddie, looking next to Koga. "I gotta get back behind the counter. Breaks always seem to go by in the blink of an eye. See you back at school," She says to Koga, then back to the other girl. "Come visit sometime! The school, m-maybe… we could give you a tour." Said as she pushes her chair back in, collects her garbage and is off with a wave.

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