(2018-05-18) New In Town
New In Town
Summary: The Mug Shot is hopping on a Friday evening, and some conversation is had… with no shortage of overthinking.
Date: 2018-05-18
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NPCs: Boomie, Jaws
Scene Runner: NA

Mug Shot Coffee Shop, Shady Cove
Fri May 18, 2018

The barista is generally busy with orders, but most times still manages a wave of welcome. A large sign serves as the menu and orders are taken just beneath it. It's as lovely inside as it is on the outside. Rounded, wooden beams support the upper floor. The walls are packed with all sorts of travel memorabilia, most likely all collected by the owner. Tourists seem to be some of the more catered to clientele here, the drinks and atmosphere with the added food as a bonus.. Several small tables dot the area with a few larger ones thrown in for bigger groups.


Friday night, It's colder than it has been so the coffee shop is packed, mostly with dates and groups of teenagers. But there's one booth in the corner that has only one girl sitting in it . She's young, maybe just in high school. She's dressed in jeans and a few layers of clothing. The brunette has been seen around by some of the Coral Strings students before, but the cute teen isn't doing anything to draw attention to herself currently. The coffee in front of her is about half gone as she counts a pile of coins. It's all silver, no pennies. She has a note pad out where she's making some kind of note as she goes.

A successful Callisto is a lovely creature to be around. Her efforts made a couple of days prior to kickstart a certain 'cause' ended up bearing fruit, however 'small' the portion. Nonetheless, a drop in the bucket during a time of drought is nothing to sniff at. Thursday afternoon was spend exploring the town, looking for probable locations for more work. Oh, and studying… there's that too.

It's Friday night and Callisto, radiant in her accomplishments, strides into the hectic coffee shop with intent to refuel with some manner of hot drink. Clad in the same black and violet maxi dress that looks so fetching upon her — that she wore in that abandoned hospital of all places — she pushes open the door and shows herself into the packed establishment. Pale eyes scan the crowd, and the dismay at seeing no free seats is subtle but there. Hn.

The graceful girl carries a leather messenger bag over one shoulder, a long moonpale braid swaying between her shoulders as she weaves her way through the teenagers. This takes Callisto past the booth in which the brunette sits, counting coins.. she cuts her gaze, fringed by silvery lashes, in the direction of the young girl…. she may have gazed for a second 'too long'. Maybe the silver coins caught her eye as something shiny is wont to do, when noticed in the peripherals.

Boomie is pretty observant. Her fingers slow as she counts before her gaze comes up to look around the room. Quickly Callisto is spied and there's a long moment where the girl looks unsure, but then she smiles warmly at the pretty teenage and starts to swipe all the coins towards herself and down into her lap (Where she has an open purse, apparently). "Hello! Did you need help with something?" The coffee shop is filled with dates and teens just 'hanging out' tonight. The weather is a bit colder than it as been, most folks have on jackets of some sort.

Blink. Callisto stands in the space between the corner booth in which Boomie is seated, and the walkway leading to the counter where orders can be placed. The fae girl does not yet wend herself away from the girl, but startles just briefly as she is spoken to. Did Callisto just zone out? Most likely… she may be feeling good, but she's a bit tired. "Oh," The mentalist exhales gently, shaking her hear. "No, pardon, I do not. I was off with the faeries, lost in thought." Hah. Callisto herself looks the part because with her hair the way it is, her tapered elf-like ears are visible. Any questions or stares, she usually feeds such inquisitive sorts the 'theatre makeup' excuse. Yeah, that's it. Stir in a little mental 'push' and people generally leave her be.

Callisto gives the room a slow onceover, suddenly not much liking the crush of bodies and hormones.. and the noise. She looks back to the friendly girl, head tilting.

"I have not been here in awhile. What is good?" She asks nonchalantly, perhaps lying a bit. Any way to cover of her flub of staring a bit at the other girl.

Yay for Friday nights! Having spent most weekends and 'date nights' pretty much hiding on the Estate for the past several months, Kaylee has finally taken it upon herself to Go Out. Not on a date, though! Just … get herself out of the estate and out amongst other people where she can socialize and maybe make some new friends and maybe start getting her groove back like Stella. … well, not entirely like Stella, but still! And so she steps in to the coffee shop, reaching into her pocket to pull her glasses out so she can look around the room and see if there are any familiar faces, or at least faces that might be in her age group that she could maybe introduce herself to!

Boomie's eyes widen at the expression (At least she believes it's an expression), "Oh…yeah. okay." But then she smiles warmly, picking up her notebook and sliding it into the purse as well. It doesn't seem to match her outfit at all, but then again, she's teen-age, who knows what matches and doesn't. But the she notices Calli's ears. "Oh My God!" She doesn't quite raise her voice, but she straightens up excitedly, "Are you an elf?" A real elf? Why would she jump to that conclusion right away? "You're so pretty, I bet you are!" What's good here? "Oh! I always get the hot chocolate, you can ask for extra marshmallow. I bet you'd get a ton!" Boomie and Callisto or in the far corner, but visible. Calli's hard to miss!

Blush. Callisto is friendly enough, but in a reserved way. Kinda like that cat that some people bring into their businesses to darken the doors of storefronts. She isn't quite sure on how to field compliments, and just as her cerulean eyes are lifting back to the top of Boomie's head, wondering why a teenaged girl such as this — a chipper, kind person apparently — is layered up in this attire. Isn't it warm? Who is Callisto to judge, anyway? It seems to be the thing for teenagers, to express themselves through clothes. Aware of the door opening to admit another patron, Callisto is yet observing Boomie, her cheeks flushing slightly. "Ah," She looks over a shoulder at the busy counter, back to Boomie. "I partake in an amateur theatre group. We have finished up for the evening." Said with a slow, languid smile. Hopefully that will do it. She looks back to the incongruent purse, "I do so like your purse." Isn't it commonplace to feed a compliment back? Even if the purse doesn't match Boomie's attire?

Finally Callisto glances over a shoulder to observe the arrival of Kaylee. Ah, another student… someone familiar-ish! The tall blonde may feel Callisto's watchful gaze upon her, forging recognition.. at least from classes.

Oh look! A girl from school! Yay! After looking around for a few more seconds, Kaylee grimaces and then heads over towards Callisto, not recognizing anyone else in the immediate vicinity. She pushes her glasses up on her nose as she arrives, smiling as brightly and as friendly as she can without glowing and offers Callisto a muted (for her, which is still way more animated than most people) wave. "Hey hey! You're from Coral Springs, right? I've seen you around?" she asks Callisto. For her part, she's wearing a Prometheus hoodie and jeans, no purse evident! Her hair is also pulled back in a ponytail, which is fed through the back of a trucker's cap.

Boomie smirks, it's a playful look, "Well….those are some damn fine prosthetics then!" Does she believe Calli? Hard to tell. "What are you guys doing? Midsummer's night? Are you Titania?" The younger teen blinks, looking down at the purse and then laughs, "This? Thanks. I just got it." When Kaylee approaches Boomie yes quiet, watching and listening. Coral Springs, huh?

Between Boomie's compliment and Kaylee's effervescent way, Callisto is — not unpleasantly — bowled over. Even Kaylee trying to keep the wattage down is considerably friendly greeting. The dark faerie's cheeks are still dusted lightly with a bit of a shy —- shy! of all things — blush, but it mustn't be mistaken for lack of confidence. Now that Kaylee has come closer and Callisto has a better look at her face and feel for her voice, the mentalist's lips curl up just slightly at the corners. "Indeed," Offered smoothly; she's nothing the Promethean colors. Callisto wears not a stitch to disclose her own team, however, but instead.. a fitted black maxi dress with dark purple orchid print and flowy skirts.

"I regret that your name eludes me. Finals have me feeling a tad drawn out." Said next to the blonde, before her eyes cut back to Boomie.

"Ah, I am but Titania's servant, Cobweb." Callisto fibs smoothly, pushing a hank of hair back. "Even fae servants need hot chocolate with… extra marshmallows."

"I'm Kaylee!" she offers happily. "I'm also a junior, so we've bumped into each other," she adds. She extends her hand towards Boomie, though, in greeting. "I hope I wasn't interrupting! I just saw her and know her from school and was just gonna come say hi and stuff. … I wasn't interrupting, was I?" she asks, looking between the two girls. They were talking about a play or something, she's fairly sure, but not positive!

Boomie laughs, "Cobweb? That's great!" The non matching purse is set to her side and she reaches for her own hot chocolate in the to-go cup. But as she's being offered a hand she instead takes Kaylee's, "Hi! I'm Rita! No interrupting. I think I ma have pushed myself into conversation with her."

The Metis girl perhaps has the poise to pull of Titania, but alas… Cobweb was the immediate choice. Cobweb of the literally four lines in the whole script. Callisto is just relieved that she needn't press further into her fib, and she really doesn't want to resort of 'bending'. That is such a dark faerie move. She observes Boomie from beneath her lashes for a few seconds, considering… there's just something about this purse and the younger girl's layered attire. The purse looks as if it should be nestled into the crook of a middle-aged woman's arm like a fat lapdog, not in a girl's lap in the Mug Shot.

… damnit, Callisto, you're reading too far into things. Maybe her mother gifted her with something sophisticated to mark a birthday or something. c.c

Callisto observes the introductions between Kaylee and 'Rita' and interjects where appropriate, "No interruptions at all. I was about to get into line… would either of you like anything?" She looks to Boomie who already has a drink and back to Kaylee, "A… tea or a coffee to ease a brain that has surely been pulverized by deep studying, no?" She offers next to the Promethean girl.

"It's so nice to meet you, Rita," Kaylee offers, shaking the girls hand but then letting her go. "Oh, you don't have to get anything for me! Since I just go here, I'll buy! My treat! What do you want?" she offers, pulling her phone out of her pocket and opening the memo in case Callisto wants something complicated.

Rita looks between the two girls, both offering to pay for each other. How sweet! She has something to drink, so doesn't ask for anything. "You can both sit here, if you want. My brother should be here soon to pick me up."

Sure, Callisto made the offer to buy as 'her treat' to be kind.. but there was an ulterior motive. She looks moneyed; to further paint the picture of herself being 'loaded' could pique the interest of this youngling with her expensive-looking purse. Then maybe—-

.. damnit, she IS reading too far into it, she is. Why can't she just leave this gut feeling be?

A bubbly personality like this warrants something like a bloody Hello Kitty wallet or the pink-sequined-rhinestone Claire's special.. not this purse. Callisto is about to move to take her place in line, when Kaylee offers next. She looks from the blonde girl, back to 'Rita', then to the booth. "A green tea would be nice, Kaylee, please." Of course it's green tea. Look at her. A slight smile to the blonde, then Callisto eases herself into the booth on the side opposite Boomie.

"Have you a large family? Is your brother younger, older?" Asked softly, but her eyes are riveted to the brunette's face. Watching.

"Green tea, coming right up!" Kaylee chirps and then bounces over to the line, happy to make new friends. And she'll be in line and thus not privy to whatever happens until she gets back from the line in the next round!

Rita smiles warmly, "It's just James and I for our immediate family, but we have a huge chosen family." The teen doesn't seem to be trying to not talk about it. She's just not giving a lot of details. "He's older. He thinks he knows everything." She even eye rolls. Kaylee gets a small hand wave as she leaves and then Rita turns back to look at the thespian, "What's your name?"

The mentalist leans back against the back of the booth, pushing her braid over a shoulder. She looks briefly discomforted, reaches into the neckline of her bodice, pulls out a sterling silver pendant of sorts, about the diameter of an American half dollar, or a smidge bigger. The Gorgon head facade stares at Boomie much as Callisto had done briefly, as the fae girl makes to untangle a small 'knot' in the chain. That and it feels better to not have this chafing against her skin beneath the snug fit of the dress.

When the fae girl looks up, her expression is slightly warmer.. though it falters briefly. "Chosen family. Are you…" Runaways? No, too personal. Better not go there. ".. ah, I see. Sometimes we are better off choosing our own families when given the opportunity." Truth.

She tilts her head some, "You may call me Callisto, miss." Offered in her accented, fluting way. "Is your elder brother working?"

Returning with two drinks in hand, Kaylee sets Callisto's down in front of her and then inclines her head a little. "Mind if I sit next to you, Callisto?" she asks, smiling. "Do you two already know each other? Are you from around here, Rita? I'm pretty sure we haven't met."

Rita's eyes widen, "Wow, that's some heavy bling for Cobweb!" She sips her hot chocolate, nodding, "Yeah, totally better off, right? Chosen families are the best!" Rita lets the name roll off her tongue, "Callisto. That sure is a pretty name." But then she laughs at Calli called James 'elder'. It makes him sound Amish, and that's funny. "Yeah, he's picking me up on the way home." When Kaylee returns she also gets a smile, "We're here for the summer, I think."

"Cobweb leads a secret life. Servants needn't be destitute." Callisto offers simply, one corner of her mouth turning up in that slight half-smile. Kaylee returns bearing drinks and that smile widens a touch, "Thank you," Said to the taller girl, "I shall owe you one. And oh, indeed," She pats the seat beside her, surprised at herself. A few months ago this would not be the case. Now there's two older girls watching Rita! Callisto is quiet and watchful as her classmate speaks, asking a question, "I've only just met Rita a mere moment or two before you arrived," Said to Kaylee before the looks back to the younger girl. Kaylee asks the question that Callisto considered next, and she listens closely.

"For the summer? I see," Callisto tilts her head in a gesture that is almost endearing, "Whereever did you come from? Forgive us our questions, we are folk in a smaller town. We are merely curious."

Kaylee slides in next to Callisto easily, reaching up to adjust her glasses again as she does so. Stupid hat makes it hard for her to keep them up all the way, but letting them slide down makes seeing more difficult! 1st world struggles. She sips from her own drink, which is most assuredly some outrageously complex latte order, and smiles to Rita. "Oh! … for the summer? … you came to Shady Cove for a summer? … that's …," she trails off, looking slightly confused. Obviously, Kaylee finds THAT idea a little strange.
Callisto's response gets a nose-crinkling smirk as Kaylee shakes her head at the girl. "Oh, hush. You don't owe me anything. It's my treat! Call it a reward for all the hard studying you've been doing." Then she chuckles a little as Callisto basically calls them bumpkins. She turns back to Rita and smiles. "The only reason it's so curious is because there's really not a whole lot to DO here in Shady Cove, and not a lot happens, so getting visitors- especially someone who wants to VACATION here! Is like, super interesting news for us." Yup. Bumpkins.

Rita laughs, but lets the Cobweb topic go. "New York. Where are you guys from?" No one is //actually from here, right? Everyone is a transplant! The teen takes another sip, smiling at the two, "It seems nice enough. There's a lot to do, to see…" She shrugs, "I'm sure you guys are way more interesting than me, going to Coral Springs."

People like Kaylee, so outwardly and no-strings-attached friendly, don't necessarily alarm Callisto but rather… fascinate her. So it is possible for people to be kind and not be cruel underneath it all? She watches the other Junior for a moment and looks back to Rita. Pale eyes rove over the brunette's face, swiftly but surely… committing her features to memory.

Oooh.. Callisto both loves and loathes this question: where is she from? Better make it believable, because she does have that Northern accent. "Greenland." Said simply, not really going too far into matters. "T'is complicated, and mundane… I am curious to see what a summer in Shady Cove is like. It shall be my first one." A pause, as Rita's latter statement catches her off guard.

"I would not say that, for you are rather interesting, yourself." Said as she rests her chin upon a lithe palm, coils of tea steam rising in front of her face. "Have you any questions about the town? We can try to help you." Says the good Samaritan. c_c

"Oh gosh, no. Lots to see and do?" Kaylee balks, and then laughs, her hand moving up to shield her mouth. "Holy heck, girl! The most exciting things we've got are a skating rink and a movie theater! And I guess there's like, a club that does teen night and stuff. But, compared to New York? We're like, the boonies!" She smiles and shakes her head. "I've BEEN to New York, and this place has nothing on it. You'll see everything there is to see in like, a month, tops," she says, crinkling her nose at Rita.
At the question about where she's from, Kaylee grimaces a little. She's got NOTHING on New York or Greenland! "Um … I'm from a little town in Delaware. It's … like, pretty much similar to Shady Cove, except further north and with less to do. But, we're right across the bridge from Seaport, which is where all the stuff is." Kaylee makes a face then, shaking her head again. "But I promise, I'm not like, a hick or anything. Blades isn't like, backwards or anything. And I play on a basketball team out of Thunder Bay, so I've been like, all over and stuff. So I swear I'm not a hick!" Which is apparently a mortifying idea to her.

A soft giggle, "You go to a high school for super hero and you think it's mundane?!?" She shakes her head, straight hair swaying slightly. "I'm not interesting. Not like the, anyway." She'll try to explain, "It's just…different. It's nice here." She lifts a hand, waving it in as she laughs, "I didn't think you were a hick! Every town has good and bad. You just gotta find it!"

Oddly enough, what Callisto considers as being 'fun' in Shady Cove is… maybe it's best she not mention the urban exploration soirees into the dilapidated burgs of Maple Drive. How she nearly broke her neck wearing this exact dress in an abandoned hospital. Or what about the meditation in the woods.. or muggings…

Callisto sees fit not to mention that part. She turns to watch Kaylee as the girl speaks up; it seems to be Callisto's way to watch others when they talk. It can be both provocative or unsettling, depending upon how others take it. She knows little of the actual location of Delaware, so her expression is an interested one. She is just taking a slow sip of her tea when Rita delivers quite a sweet serve.

So… she knows of the basis of Coral Springs. Her gaze is hooded briefly, and when she looks up her eyes are back on Rita. "It can be mundane." Callisto says gently, "No matter what one might be capable of, we all balk at the prospect of final exams and bad grades." She chooses her words carefully, but means them. "You needn't abilities beyond the norm to be a hero." Said as she watches Rita carefully.

<FS3> Kaylee rolls Reaction: Failure.

Kaylee's eyes go wide and she grimaces again, a sudden pulse of pink lighting emanating from her body. She audibly meeps and then immediately starts looking around to see if anybody else is taking notice. Then, she shrugs her shoulders up high. "The SCHOOL is interesting. But, Shady Cove sure isn't. And … um … the school … kinda … ISN'T, at the moment," she says, eyes shifting around again. "But, really, we prolly shouldn't get into it, cuz … like … stuffs … and things … you know?" And it takes all Kaylee has to keep her shining down as her cheeks flush a bright red. Oops!

A soft furrow of her brow, clearly Rita isn't sure why Callisto is being so strange about this. "I just-"There's a pink glow that interrupts her. Here head swivels to look at the meeting Kaylee. "….Okay?" Maybe their school is more a secret government program or something. Whatevs. She shifts, a little uncomfortable now.

The dark faerie's eyes peer up over the rim of her glass at Kaylee as she pulses with that pinkish light. Oh… oh dear. Isn't that quite the startle response! Callisto is feeling a bit discombobulated by the whole thing as well. She doesn't even try to hide it, cannot. Because even Callisto gets discombobulated. Maybe her player just likes the word discombobulated too much and wants to type it again and again—-

.. yeah, Rita's outright mention of Coral Springs catering to 'heroes' (ie. supers) caught even Callisto off-guard. Sure, there's some common knowledge out there that the 'kids' in that school are often mixed up into some heavy, dangerous things. Callisto didn't expect to hear that from this girl in her layers with the adult purse, however. Luckily for Callisto, she isn't fighting off a spat of glowing. Before the blonde gets too discombobulated (heehee), Callisto sets one hand gently upon Kaylee's shoulder. "It's okay. Have some of your drink."

A clearing of her throat, and she turns to Rita again, "I do hope you enjoy your summer here. T'is a beautiful town.. there are some fun places. There is an old lighthouse with a lovely beach closeby that I bet would be enjoyable when the weather turns."

Kaylee meeps again when Callisto touches her shoulder, but she does as she's told and takes a drink, holding the cup with both hands as her head shrink down between her shoulders. Once the drink is accomplished, she sets the cup back on the table and offers Rita a bemused smile. "Sorry! I just … like, we don't usually have people who aren't FROM here who already know about the school and stuff. And we kinda got attacked last year and so I didn't know if like, I'm not supposed to tell people what's going on, or if it's top secret, or public knowledge, or what. So it's my fault, not yours, Rita. I'm sorry!" And the smile she offers now is much more sincere and brighter.
"There are things to do here, sure, but … you run out of 'new' things to do pretty quick. But you ARE totally right about this place being nice, Rita. It's super nice. And a lot of the kids from the school are pretty cool, too. There's also schools for people like you, too, so we're not the only kids around. So I guess it might kinda be a good vacation away from someplace like New York, if you were trying to get AWAY from that kinda thing."

Boomie just watches the two girls, heavily aware of their discomfort, but she'll nod to Kaylee, "It's ok." Thankfully (Maybe for everyone!) in comes her handsome older brother. He's in a wind breaker and jeans, looking pleased with himself over something. He scans the shop, looking for someone. Rita is facing the door and her hands fly up waving energetically to him, "James! Over here!"

Worry not, Callisto isn't the touchy-feely sort. The brief touch to the shoulder was hopefully enough to steer Kaylee out of her head, some.. even if not entirely. The mentalist wraps both palms around her still-warm take-out cup of tea, lashes fluttering closed for a moment as she considers the situation. Maybe she is reading too far into things, pegging this unsuspecting, kind girl as one to make off with someone's purse. Isn't it a teenage thing afterall to create juxtapositions with clothing?! Who is Callisto to judge?!

Ugh, ugh. Maybe she's just stir crazy with school, family, personal craziness. Or maybe…

In comes James and Callisto looks from the girl's waving hands, over a shoulder to the brother in question. She watches him in her distinct manner for a few seconds, before nodding her head once. "Your sister has been good company." Said in earnest, "Though I shall have to take my leave soon."

Instead of turning around or anything, when Rita waves and Callisto look, Kaylee just lets her eyes unfocus for a second. She takes in her surrounding area, and while it takes her a couple of seconds to pick James out of the crowd, the recognition that strikes his face, coupled with the fact that he turns towards Rita's exclamation lets her single him out. Her eyes focus back on what's in front of her, and she turns to offer Callisto a smile. "You've been good company, too. But, it IS getting kinda late. Did you wanna maybe catch an Uber back together? Or just walk?" she asks.

James walks up, amused at Callisto's comment, "Well, that's good. Guess I won't have to trade her in then." Rita gets up and gives him a playful shrug, "Shut up! Have you heard from Thomas yet?" He steps back, not quite avoiding the shove, but enough that she's not actually pushing him over. He does glance to the two cute coral springs students, "Sorry if she was a bother." Rita just rolls her eyes and grabs her purse.

Still having half of a drink left, Callisto shall take it to-go as originally intended. She waits until Kaylee gets up first before she, too, can do so. Upon getting to her feet Callisto smoothes her skirts, coming in at just close to six feet (an inch or so below) thanks to a modest heel on her shoes, and a willowy frame. She watches the rapport between siblings, working mentally to quell her earlier suspicions. She looks to her classmate as brother and sister speak to one another, "… Uber? What could that be? T'is a taxi?" She asks in her old-natured way.. obviously she prefers walking but the estate could be a bit out of the way. "It would be best, I think… I hope to have the time to get showered up."

She originally intended to go alone, but now it's nice to have some company. Callisto gives Kaylee her modest but sincere smile, and turns back to James and Rita. "She was not a bother." Said simply as the latter picks up the purse. "Do have a good night. I hope you've a comfortable place to stay. Welcome to Shady Cove."

Kaylee absolutely gets out of the way, standing up and waiting for Callisto. She gives James a frenetic wave and then smiles and wrinkles her nose at Rita. "I'm sure we'll see you around! Shady Cove isn't big enough for us not to! It was wonderful to meet you and I hope you have a good night, Rita!" Then, she turns her attention back to Callisto and smirks at her, offering an elbow so they could link arms if she wanted. "Yeah, it's basically just like a taxi, except anybody can drive and I just pay through my phone and stuff. C'mon, I'll get one hailed for us and we can get home in like, a fourth of the time!" she says as she turns to head for the exit, reaching for her phone with her free hand, her drink held in the hand of the arm-link arm.

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