(2018-05-16) Terror in the House of Horrors
Terror in the House of Horror
Summary: A group of students investigates something off at the haunted house attraction at Astro Park.
Date: IC Date (2018-05-16)
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Scene Runner: ashton

Astro Park - Shady Cove

Alive with the sound of voices and laughter, the cacophony of the park is mixed with sounds of rides and laughter or screams at appropriate parts of the rides. As one walks the midway, sounds join in from the carnival games one finds there and the barkers reeling in spenders. Likewise, in the middle of the midway, the open space arcade, like an old palisades dance hall that has been converted, calls out with quarter dropping and flashing lights. Off to the north, the Ferris Wheel looms over the other thrill rides, the loved attraction by all locals who grew up riding it, it lights the night sky for miles around. Opposite that end, the sound of go-karts whizzing around a large track can be heard, one can ride bumper cars, bumper boats or play miniature golf all inside the go-kart track as it is that large


Astro Park must have been doing some kind of either outreach to the schools or publicity to drum up business, but free passes for Wednesday afternoon only were scattered about. Some were found slipped under dorm room doors, or sticking out of books, in lockers (for the normal local high school). But the afternoon finds the park full of energy and low roar of teenagers. The air is literally dripping with youth, reeking of hormones and humanity.

The time is ideal for many of the students who are desperate for a break from studying for finals and end of the term projects. Many are just at that breaking points, so an afternoon at the park seems like the perfect distraction. This is true for the majority of those here, some are just hear because 'hey! free ticket'. Ashton Talbot had been at a breaking point for several reasons, so when those that he normally relaxes with were too busy, he decided to come to the park. This being only his second time here, there is much that he didn't catch before. He looks for any familiar faces in the crowd. On the topic of familiar faces, any who have been to the park regularly enough to notice the normal employees might notice that there are a number of new employees working today, which in itself is not completely uncommon, except for the number of new faces is a little.

Now this is straight-up masochistic of Grace, to have picked up that pass and considered it. She should have waited for Constantine to see if he would go with her, being the 'calm oasis' that he so often is for her moods.. but there will be days where she cannot always rely on that safety. She is here to learn how to control that other side of her; that heightened sensitivity to her world. So.. why not push the comfort zone and step out for awhile…? It does sound fun.
Anything to break up the mental mayhem of preparing for finals. Grace is smart enough, but she gets severe test anxiety.
Like Ashton, Grace is amidst the crunch and looking for anyone familiar. She is already realizing that this is a Bad Idea; the sounds of rides and machines working and teenagers guffawing and hollering and their smells.. oh God their smells. Grace looks rather well-put-together in a flowery sundress and bandana but one look at her eyes and she seems terrified. She needs to find another Coral Springs student or two, and quickly.. just to have that touchstone. She recognizes Ashton and immediately makes her way over to intercept him. "Ashton!" She calls out, trying to get his attention in the din, remembering him from a few run-ins at the school.

Bryce has been working hard for his upcoming exams. He really isn't worried about the academic subjects due to the way his mind works; however, he has been working really hard on his Intro to Powers exam. He has also been concerned about some recent developments of his powers. He decides that it is time to take a break and head to the park to see what is going on. He is wearing his uniform which probably isn't too surprising as that is all he ever wears both on and off campus though the uniform is fitting a bit tighter than it usually would. His eyes open wide when he approaches the park. Why are there this many people? Where did they all come from? This might have been a mistake.

Koga had managed to get a free ticket. Okay, that was a bit awkward. But still… free ticket! So, he had opted to go to the park just to well… be there more or less. He was getting a bit cooped up inside the Estate lately. So, some fresh air even if it was in one big crowd of fellow teenagers was a good thing for him. The rather casual outfit he had on was just his walking around.

As it stood, he had the look of someone who wasn't accustom to the fairs of America and tended to at least go away from the barkers despite looking curiously at the carnival games among other things. The look he was giving some of the throwing games was definitely one of curiosity, even if it it looked like all they did was stuffed animals among other things.

That, and Koga seems to be pretty much running around solo. If it wasn't for his being a Coral Springs student, he might as well be another face in the crowd. Eating popcorn at that.

Madison was one of the ones that found tickets in her locker. So here she is, younger brother in tow. "Keep your phone on." She yells after her brother has he cases off to go meet his own friends. "And stay out of trouble!" There is no response from him as he disappears into the crowd. "That's a lost cause." She mutters to herself as she glances around, taking in all the things. This is her time at the park so it is a bit overwhelming for the girl. Maybe check out some games first somshe begins to head that direction, her small size making so She can squeeze through the crowd.

Ashton turns as he does in fact manage to hear his name being called out. Fortunately, he happened to be heading into one of the slightly less noisy spots. A wide grin eases across his lips. "Hey, Grace." He looks around at the throng of teenagers. "This is kind of wild… almost reminds me of the first weekend of summer back home. It's kind of cool, huh?" Obviously he has a completely different sense of cool. The dark haired boy takes a sip of the monstrously large vat of strawberry lemon that he got from one of the vendors.

There is a couple of scents that Grace catches despite of all of the carvinal foods that cross into this nauseating miasma of smells. The first of the scents is a slight hint of something that claws at the edge of Grace's senses - the bitter sweet scent of aconite, also known as wolf's bane. It is masked by something else, but just the slightest of hints of it can be caught over everything else. The other scent is much easier to recognize. There is a scent of decay. It does not creep in from the garbage bins but from the House of Horrors. From that same building, a prickling of demonic energy can be picked up by those aware of such.

Maybe that's what she needs, something to fidget with… or a drink… something. Grace can be just seen sighing in relief as Ashton hears her call and meets her, though bright scarlet eyes rove this way and that to take in not only the sights of others unknown to her… but a few things pique her interest. She watches a young boy departing the company of a girl, perhaps an older sister? Grace observes this with marked attention as the girl gives the place a onceover, looking a bit overwhelmed at it all. Grace then turns back to Ashton's question, her lips pulling back into a nervous little smile. "It is… but I'm not really used to it.." She admits, and her expression totally speaks of being a bit 'put off' by the miasma of smells.

Hormones and sweat and hot dogs and cotton candy…. cripes, she may even catch hints of puke from people who can't handle momentum! But there's… that bitter smell. She knows it and yet she doesn't.. cannot place it that easily. Red eyes gaze past some bodies, spying Maddie weaving easily throughout; Koga munching popcorn and.. Bryce, he looks pretty anxious too! She will life a hand to wave in the direction of any who see her there, chatting with Ashton, if they need company. The more the merrier. She may very well be one of those people in Maddie's way, as the girl meanders about.

Grace caught the smell of rot, and she actually winces. "S—something smells bad.. off…" She says softly, without thinking.

A small 'ping' goes off for Koga. He really needed to get a better control of his mystic senses one of these days. Stopping where he is at the carnival games, he munches on the popcorn before turning slowly. The prickling has him on edge as only one thing that he is aware of happens to have that sort of taint to it. And then there's two… so the teen looks considerate.

Weighing on things, he frowns before moving off to the side of the walking path. Closing his eyes briefly to focus his mind he frowns before turning to look around. Then he spots someone a bit short and blinks a few times. "Madison?"

Well, that makes things a biiit more complicated for him. He looks towards the House of Horrors, then to Madison and starts heading towards the House of Horrors. Sighing, he chunks his popcorn in the trash nearby as he makes his way towards the demonic prickling bit as he makes his way that way.

Bryce happens to notice the wave of Grace and then recognizes Ashton standing next to her. He returns the wave and decides to head over in their direction. He has to almost immediately stop as Madison's brother goes running by him. "Oh, um…" is all he gets out. The next attempt would have been more successful except for the laughing and oblivious couple who pass him while being unable to keep their attention on anything but each other. "Ah, you … " It takes a few more attempts before he makes his way to Grace and Ashton. "They …" he points back behind him but decides to let it go. "Uh, hi," he says to the two of them. "This is, well, a lot."

There is a lot going on and Madison has always been the distractible type. It doesn't take much to pull her attention, and with all the people, games and rides focusing is hard for the girl. Other things distract her too, but those are things that most people don't experience, and only distract her. Her name being called pulls her attention away from a water gun game, and she spots Koga in the crowd. The girl is about to respond when Koga just turns a walks away, curious she begins to follow, but her small size works against her and she quickly looses him and heads in a slightly different direction that of Grace and Ashton, she is looking around for the Japanese teen so she pays little attention to Ash and Grace.

One of the unfortunate things about places like this is that the wasted food often attracts stray animals. This place is no exception. Madison notices a small mewling kitten, crying desperately for its mother, both out of hunger and fear. It runs a few feet one way just to be startled by the careless steps of a teen, to shoot off in another direction frightened. The sad thing is that only Madison seems to notice this terrified, as it scrambles into the House of Horrors.

Ashton offers the same wide, friendly smile that Grace had gotten just moments before. "Hey, Bryce. How fantastic to see you out and about." He looks over at Grace, putting his hand on her shoulder, as he looks at her with a bit of concern. "What do you mean something smells off? Bad I can get… Ooh, I bet things smell bad for you.."

As Koga nears the building, the energy is definitely coming from here, though it is subtle. About that time, three teens stumble out of the side entrance. Two of them are laughing at the third boy, ragging on him, the way only friends can get away with, about getting spooked in the "haunted house" that wasn't even that scary.

A great many things are happening here… for a few seconds Grace observes Koga's approach to the House of Horrors, though why would that be an issue. He's here to see the sights, isn't he? But that smell

Grace's nostrils flare delicately, twitch… she's sifting through scents even as her eyes take note of who is coming and going. She is not so distracted so as to not smile kindly at Bryce, recognizing in him another nervous soul who is wondering why they are here. "Hello Bryce," Says Grace, though in a mildly distracted fashion. She keeps getting pulled by two distinct smells: the wolfs bane, the rot. Suddenly she is aware of a body moving close by and her scarlet gaze observes Madison trying to pass through.

… hey wait. That hair, that lovely complexion… the mannerism, too. Sixth grade, a coast away, really wasn't too long ago. Grace recognizes this girl. "… Maddie?" She calls out, even the smell of rot forgotten… until it's back. Grace looks to Ashton next, while hoping she hadn't just barked the wrong name at the wrong person.

"Bad… not garbage bad, or even pukey bad…. i-it's like rot." She says softly to Ashton, then gestures with a nod toward the House of Horrors. "It's coming from over there… m-maybe some good props..? But it's rank."

Frowning a bit, Koga moves over to the three teens, raising an eyebrow at the ragging. He uses his mystic senses to scan the three teens that came out just in case. Demonic… could spell bad news. Especially if there is a possession case that came out. The scared teen is definitely observed first.

Sighing, Koga runs a hand through his hair a bit. Then he moves over towards the three teens hopefully before they can get away or disappear. "Hey! Did you three enjoy in there?" He thumbs at the haunted house. "I was thinking of bringing my girlfriend to there."

A smell? Seeing Grace's nostril flare, Bryce looks down at himself and attempts to subtly sniff himself. Unfortunately, he isn't exactly skilled at subtle. Thankfully, he isn't the source of the smell either. Phew. Although, he does wonder what the smell is. "Rot? Um, that doesn't exactly seem to fit the health inspection code. According to code … " He is distracted a well by seeing Koga over by the House of Horror. "Oh, there is Koga. Is, is he going in there?"

Another voice calling her name, well close enough, and Madison is once more distracted from her search as she looks in the direction the new voice comes from. There is so many people around that she has a hard time figuring out who said it. There has been so many new faces between 6th grade and now that she doesn't immediately recognize Grace, so her eyes pass her a few times before it clicks.

At best Madison is the epitome of social awkwardness, nothing new there so she takes a few steps toward her lifting a hand to wave when she is hit by the terrified feelings of the nearby kitten. She stumbles coward, eyes going vacant as she her mind is forced out and into the body of the kitten. Such fear on top of the smells and the noise is a new level of overwhelming.

There seems to have been some type of special for the local high schoolers, as free passes were given out at both Shady Cove and Coral Spring High. The park is filled with teenagers. Grace, Bryce, and Ashton are gathered in a small group nearish the House of Horrors. Grace looks like something has her agitated.

Koga is talking with three teenagers who had just come out of the side exit of said, House of Horrors. Two of the teens laugh, "Yeah, we went in there…. It was pretty lame… Except this wimp just about pissed his pants." The third boy has a faint, but fleeting presence of demonic energy, like something was done to him, not that it is come from him. "I told you.. that body was real… " The two other boys just laugh again, "Dude it was a haunted house… it's suppose to look like that." One of the boys laughs, "Yeah, take you're girl.. I'm sure she'll be clinging to you like an octopus."

Ashton looks over and notices Koga. At first it looked like he might go in, but then turns down the side of the building to the exit. "Nah, I don't think so.. looks like we must have been waiting for those guys to come out." He then frowns, "Um… maybe we should check it out… I'd hate for him to decide that something is up with them and go all gensu on some of the locals."

Madison is immediately thrust back into her own body and mind. There is only a fleeting image of blood and lots of it and bloody kitten prints going further into the haunted house.

The kernel of psychic ability that Grace possesses is reserved for one emotion, and one alone: fear. The boys emerging from the House of Horrors — with one being especially troubled — thrums softly in the back of the girl's mind. Though it is watching Madison as she enters the body of the kitten through her warg abilities. Is there indirect fear to be sensed, there, too.. as she picks up on and experiences the kitten's terror? Grace's nostrils flare and it's not just to test scents.. it's to breathe deeply. Deep deep breaths. She does not like what fear does to her. Her scarlet eyes are riveted upon the slight girl as she stands alongside her fellow students. "I-is she.." She starts.. it looks like Grace is trying hard to keep herself composed.

The moment Madison is thrust back into her own mind, the wolf girl will step tentatively toward her. "A-are you okay?" She asks huskily, eyes a bit brighter.

Constantine heard that there was a bit of a special for local high schoolers as a free pass managed to land in his grasp. Eh, he had already finished homework and he literally had nothing to do, so why not? Dressed in a leather jacket with a grey shirt, blue jeans, standard shoes, beanie on his head, he comes down to the area. Eventually, he comes across the House of Horrors and he sees more than a few people he recognizes.

Namely Grace and Bryce. Only that he shows up right as Bryce seems to run off for some manner of thing. Maybe he needed to take a phone call. But there's the resident metal-bender. "Hey everyone." he sees some of the scared faces and Grace looking…a mix between agitated and troubled. "…everything alright?" He began to wonder if there was tension or if someone was literally scared to death on the premises.

One breath, two breaths, three breaths, and then Madison is jolting like she just got a shock as her mind is thrust suddenly back into her own body and not gently either. She gasps a moment, as if she had been holding her breath, maybe she had. There is a moment of confusion as she blinks at Grace "Y..ye…yes." she stammers, but her eyes aren't on Grace but on the House of Horrors. "So much blood."

Koga hums a bit, then looks to the House of Horrors again. He gives a small smile at the three teens. "Thank you." He turns to move back to the entrance. Looking it over, he looks at the size, apparent placement. Everything. Then he sighs. Koga shakes his head.

Closing his eyes, Koga looks around the edges of the building he can see. A bit more public than he likes, but… well… Koga shakes his head again before heading for the main entrance to the House of Horrors.

Well, there is something to be said for Koga being an Athenian at least. His walking into the literal hornet's nest without transforming is probably the absolute best quality of him. Doing it without anyone else around to possibly back him up in there? Yeah, not that smart.

Ashton sees Grace suddenly rush towards some girl's side. When he turns back to Bryce to say something, the other boy is gone. So he joins Grace, just to hear something about blood. "Blood? What blood? Where?"

As Koga enters the House of Horrors, the scent of decay gets momentarily stronger. Inside the building is just what one would expect from such a carnival sideshow. The walls are poorly painted black, with fake spider webs stapled to the walls and ceilings, with the cliché canned horror movie soundtrack playing too loudly.

Glory sweet hallelujah Grace perks upon seeing that blonde beanie-covered head coming through the crowds. Her mind could just sigh it's relief for it is Constantine who helps keep the monster in check. Stress, scents, sounds… it's all enough to stir the inner wolf's interest. The promise made awhile back to stop her if she ever blacked out — ie. rampaged — was not taken lightly. "Con-" She starts, the syllable a relieved sigh, but then Madison is 'back' and speaking about blood. No time for reunions here, Grace feels her guts go icy. She follows Maddie's gaze to the House of Horrors, and talk of blood decides her.

"K-Koga just went in there by himself." Grace says hastily, she can hear her heartbeat in her ears. Thump-thump-thump. Calm now; calm, Grace. Ashton joins the two of them and Grace looks at him, reaches for Constantine's hand if he comes closer. "We can't let him go alone. The rot is coming from there." She indicates the haunted house again. Despite her agitation she looks ready go right in after the Mystic. Athenian FTW!

Constantine smiles when he sees Grace, moving to her side to put a hand on her shoulder. "Hey, you alright?" he could practically see the silent terror on her face along with trying to keep the monster in check. He gives her an affectionate hug before he looks to the situation at hand. He was able to catch Madison's words and he looks at her. "What blood? where?" He looks up to where Koga seems content to go.

"Why is he going alone?" he looks around before he takes that deep breath, before he looks to everyone. "How long has this been going on?" he asks as he looks back to Koga, then to Madison "Stay put alright? Everything will be alright." A look to Ashton "Do me a solid and be in charge over here? Because I'm probably going to do something really stupid." and lastly, he leans over to kiss Grace's cheek. "I'll be right back."

and off he goes to help Koga! Putting a hand on the guy's shoulder, he nods to him. "Figured you could use a helping hand…what are we dealing with here? Murderer in the attraction?" He doesn't even want to -think- about there being demons or what have you in there.

At the questions about the blood and where Madison lifts and arm and points to the House of Horrors "There." she finally finds Koga to bad its when he is going into the bad place. Looking at Grace her brow furrows "You know Koga?" then another teen approaches, she doesn't know any of these people, except perhaps Grace, and definitely Koga. She points again to the Horror House "Stay here?" she is confused "You mean you are going in there?" she isn't a student at CS yet, so she has no team honor to uphold

Koga didn't waste time going in, really. He just glanced around, then started forward. Chief objective? Find the taint and/or a place he can begin to setup a field advantage for himself. At least that was the plan. Then he gets patted on the shoulder.

Koga, who was probably already on edge, suddenly twists away from the hand, spinning and sliding a foot into a martial arts stance. At the same time, his hands move and trace a series of symbols in the air with their movement that trails a eerie blue light in the darkness of the haunted house before both hands come up. Those symbols almost literally trace around his open palms as one faces towards Constantine and the other is held back near his face. Both hands have a ball of what looks like lightning in front of the palms.

Then comes the look on Koga's face. That look should probably not been on a teenager. One of someone who is deadly serious and ready to shoot off whatever those mystic lightning balls are. At least until he sees that apparently it is not someone who means him harm at the moment.

Twisting his hands to get rid of the magic in them, Koga relaxes his stance and stands up. "Not quite. A possible demon. A victim as well, either way." He turns to begin moving further into the haunted house. "I take it you are from Coral Springs as well?" Koga, while talking, searches out with his extra senses again. Now that he is in the building, perhaps he can better trace the source of the demonic energy?

As Koga and Constantine turn the corner of the winding hallway of the haunted house they come into view of a large wall-sized mirror. Instead of Koga's own reflection he sees a six and half foot tall, morbidly obese clown. It's mouth wide with fanglike teeth. The clown white fading and running slightly. Its mouth is stained red with blood as it is chewing on the flesh of a severed arm. An arm that Koga recognizes as his won. Constantine on the other hand sees himself in a straight-jacket, sitting on the floor of a padded cell. There padded walls is lightly splattered with blood and the occasional bloody handprint.

Ashton stays with Grace and Madison, as he was asked. "Okay, what's going on?" He looks to Grace, "You know here?"

Madison hears a soft scream coming from the haunted house. A voice that she recognizes as none other than her little brother's, crying and begging for his big sister to help.

The wolf girl likes Koga well enough, and Constantine.. well, he's her boyfriend. Who is being all chivalrous and walking off into rotten bloody DOOM for a good cause to back Koga up. But still! It seems Grace's team placement has found it's home in her heart because despite her nervous beginnings at the school, her Athenian way is coming through. She stares outright after Constantine as he runs off to join Koga. Oh bloody hell!

Madison asked her a question though and Grace is at-heart not a rude girl, "Yeah, from school.. here in town." She offers, though she is intrigued that the other girl could… wait. Mind you now isn't the time to be all 'hey we went to school together when we were like, 12! do you remember…' etc etc. But you can bet that something along those lines are rushing through Grace's heated brain!

Ashton is regarded next, "We went to school together for a time, back West." She answers, "S-sixth grade…" She says, though her eyes do not leave that house of horrors. One can just see her hackles raising. "I-I have to go in.. I can't just wait.." Said in a hasty, husky whisper. She's already beginning to take those steps.
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Constantine was not expecting Koga to go super-magic-ninja on his poor soul and he lifts his hands defensively. "Woah woah! friendly!" He says outright to Koga as he seems to be quite -deadly- serious. Not a demon! not a demon! Though speaking of demons, when Koga mentions that they are likely dealing with one, Constantine sighs… "Of course we are…this week sucks." Well, least he has a sense of humor, and he doesn't appear to be scared.

"Yeah. Coral Springs…first year there. You?" he asks Koga curiously since he was almost Magic Wok-Foo'ed into the next dimension. Either way, he tilts his head. "Well….shit." he sees himself in a straight jacket and moves his arms as if to check himself. Though this is classic Stephen Ling level of horror.

"Okay…you're the magic guy…any ideas?" he asks as he lifts his hands up, getting ready to summon magnetic forces to prepare to wreck shit.

The House of Horrors and fun houses in general, aren't really Madison's things. Her mouth forms an 'O' at the answer from Grace "Than that means…" it all clicks into place for her, why the others are seemingly noticing things everyone else in the park doesn't, and why they are ready to go in there. She is once more staring at the House, unable to get the images out of her mind. "Huh? On yeah, 6th grade." she concurs nodding absently. She has been told to stay here, and stay here she will, until "Jeff?" Grace may remember it as the name of her younger brother, but might not "No. No. No." she shakes her head, screw staying here. She rushes past Grace and Ashton toward the Horror House

Koga backs away from the mirror, looking frightened as he brings up his hand. "Keep that thing away!" What, he's scared of a mirror? Koga definitely isn't moving, though, as his fingers fumble in making their writing. Sparks of the blue light come off as he seems to be trying to do something to the mirror. And failing miserably at it. Whatever Koga is seeing in that mirror? It's frightening the hell out of him. "You will not eat me, monster!"

Yeah, a lot of help that is. Koga is definitely having some serious trauma there. And that mirror? It's the main cause right now. His eyes can't go off it as he continues to try to make some sort of gesture, magic, or something to take that thing down.

Ashton watches Grace and then the girl that she knows going running off into the House of Horrors. "Well, shit." He takes off after the two girls as they follow the boys into the building.

Koga watches as the clown steps out of the confines of the mirror's frame. He laughs as takes a few thudding steps on its fat, meaty legs.

The asylum scene stays in the mirror for Constantine, but he starts hearing dozens of whispering voices in his ears. Some of the voices whispers of every painful moment in his life. Others whisper how easy it would be to just end it all and end the pain. Others whisper how the blame lays on others and that they should be made to pay.

Grace and Madison enter a stereo-typical haunted house. They can hear the boys' remarks from down one of the halls, but where? Their voices seem to bounce off the concrete walls.

Jeff… Grace remembers! Back in those early days she tried to help the strange girl come out of her shell. Believe it or not, before she happened upon her life-changing curse, Grace had been an outgoing girl. In her attempts to forge some friendship, surely she encountered her brother. So indeed she remembers that name, wrestled forth from layers of memory dust… and the girl pauses briefly at Madison's holler.

Aha, the boy. She saw the boy run in! Grace's nostrils flare; something else takes over and she's running into that House of Horrors!

The fear, in here… it's powerful. Grace slows, once again has to breathe deep. Fear is utterly intoxicating to the wolf and she has to lean forward a bit… huff, puff, huff again. No houses to blow down but if/when she finds the boys, hopefully there will be some mirrors to pulverize! Of course she has no way of knowing what awaits.. all she can do for a few moments is breathe. She lifts her head, squinting past the red haze in her mind to listen. She tries to hone in on the sounds of speech, maybe get an idea of which way to turn. She's still breathing quickly, her gaze almost manic… a deep inhalation through the nose: past the rot and scent of humans-at-large, she is trying to attune to Con's very familiar scent.
Grace pages: The smells and sounds of the place could still throw her off. n.n
You paged Grace with 'I wasn't really going to send you the wrong way… only one fear demon and it's luring in powered kids. That's why the two boys were fine, but one was affected…'

Constantine looks to Koga and he grips his shoulder. "Calm down. It probably really wants to get into your head. Calm. Down." he keeps his eyes on that clown, lifting a hand at it as if a subtle warning that he's about to bring the building down -specifically- on the clown. Or at least the mirrors. Of course, he hears sounds from the ladies as apparently Grace and Madison decide they want to run in.

"Wait…hear that?" He looks around. "It ain't just us and the clown anymore. Hey-hey, Koga.. still with me buddy?" he looks at him with his eyes on the clown.

"What do you want, clown? Get the hell out!"

Madison has put together that if these teens are school mates with Koga and go to Coral Springs they must have powers too. Being a future student, enrolled for next year, she knows that it isn't a normal school like the one she currently goes too. Knowing this she sticks close to Grace since her former schoolmate came in with her, and she hopefully has better and more useful abilities that Madison does. "Which way?" she looks around trying to determine that as she calls out "Jeff?!" for her brother.

Koga is still paralyzed with fright, even as he resorts to raising one of his hands and trying to make some gesture. But he's shaking so much, the gesture or whatever it is isn't working. "I… I…" Oh yeah, Koga's flat out paralyzed with fear alright. All from a clown. Well, flesh eating clown.

Backing away all the way up to a wall, Koga continues trying to find something. He's shaking too much for his magic to work, obviously. So he looks for the nearest thing he can use against the clown itself. Namely anything he can throw at the clown, he's going to grab it and start chunking at it if it's around. "GET AWAY YOU STUPID CLOWN! YOU'RE NOT GOING TO EAT ME!" Koga's voice is loud, and it's obvious that clowns are not going to be invited to any parties he is at. Ever.

The clown moves to the paralyzed Koga. It grabs his right and hand and bits off his fingers at the first joint after the knuckle. Blood gushing everywhere, spurting on the clown's white face. Constantine does not see this. He just sees Koga holding his right hand and acting like he is serious pain. The voices continue to whisper in Constantine's ear, though there are fewer of them now.

Koga's voice and the scent of fear is more than enough for Grace and Madison follow down the right corridor. As they move down the hall the hair on Grace's neck rises. Turning the corner, they see Koga completely wigged out. In the room Madison sees Jeff in the mirror, holding onto a knife that is imbedded in his stomach. There is blood everywhere. "Maddie?" He calls out to her before he collapses to the ground.

Grace does not see Constantine standing in the room, but him on the floor in a pool of blood. His body has been ravaged my some beast, claw-marks having ripped into his body. She can feel the thick wetness of his blood on her clawed fingers.

Koga screams in pain, looking at his hand before trying to punch the freaking clown. Seriously, it's trying to eat him! Forget martial arts training, he's going to try to fight for his life now. Uncaring if the clown is real or not, Koga is going to kick, punch, and try to kill that clown now. It just bit off his fingers for all he cares, and that's not going to have him staying there now!

The others definitely see Koga in one hell of a panic, and even see mystic symbols dancing all over as he tries to form things in mid punch, strike, or even kick at something one handed. And those symbols are just flaring out before they even do more than briefly appear.

It seems now as if Grace is being goaded along by something outside of herself. It's actually Koga's screaming voice, trying to ward off a clown (!?) that hastens the girl and has her zero in on the horrible sight. She stumbles on occasion as if tripping, as if her legs too are fighting an urge. Thin cords of tendons strain in the length of her neck, especially with how she's clenching her teeth. And then: she sees it.

Poor Koga, poor poor Koga. He's fighting something and it's horrifying him.. Grace almost seems to gag as she arrives but it's really her last pitiful attempt to bite back a snarl. Scarlet eyes rove around the room and she sees—

oh no no no noooooo noooo!

It's too much. The vision of what was assumedly her and what it did to Constantine pushes the girl into a shriek, and there that desperately restrained roar is given purchase as it resounds throughout the room. Grace, not yet transformed but close as energy licks along her limbs and raises the hair in hanks around her head, heaves herself in a random direction, snapping and charging at shadows. She throws herself at the large mirror in a fury, her upraised fist raised and backed by the momentum of her enraged body.

Constantine sees Koga as he just tries to rush forward and swing at something…while also apparently writhe in pain. "Woah woah, hey!" He rushes over to Koga, looking at him as if trying to see specifically what was wrong…but this is -way- out of Constantine's wheelhouse.

"I'm not afraid of you." Though it's Grace's shriek that gets his attention. "Grace? Grace!" he tries to call out to her as she starts throwing herself into things and he rushes over to her, grabbing her by the shoulders. "Grace!" then he knows for certain that it's the clown getting in everyone's heads.

Pulling out that silver ball he always has on him. "Let. Them. Go."

The chaos in the room has Madison stopping short. The horror being experienced by everyone causes her to pale as Grace rushes passed her to attack a mirror? "Grace!" and then her own horror is noticed. Tears start streaming as she sees her baby brother with a knife in his stomach and bleeding all over the place. "No. No. No!" she rushes toward the mirror as she pulls out her own cell phone to call 911 "I'm getting help Jeff." She tells what she thinks is actually him. As she gets close enough she reaches out for him, phone going to her ear.

As the mirror buckles then shatters under the near blind rage of Grace, the clown disappears, as does Constantine's padded cell, Grace's butchered Constantine, and Madison's little brother. What is on the other side of the mirror is even more terrifying. In a summoning circle is a creature that can only be called a demon by most, a god to others. It is roughly the size of a small car and looks like a six-legged bull alligator with a human-ish face, standing on its hind legs, balanced on its tail. It's face is about two and a half feet wide. Right now, the circle is intact, yet its influence is felt well beyond the circle, which it should not be able to do. On the floor are a couple of bodies. Two of them are wearing Park employee uniform, one is the body of a teenage boy that looks a little like Ashton. Which might get the attention that the young sorcerer is nowhere to be seen.

Koga calms down a bit quickly once his vision of killer clown is gone. He is still breathing heavily, and moving his hand as if trying to figure out why he can't feel his fingers on that hand. Looking at it, then he looks up at the demon. His first instinct is to attack, but then he pauses as he notes the others around now that he's not in a very large panic.

"The circle… is not done right… or it is just that powerful." Koga looks carefully, then sighs. He look at Madison, then to Grace and Constantine. "Can you get them out? I will see about containing it."

Moving into the area behind the mirror, Koga moves his hand up into the air. Notably the one that he was swinging at air with before he makes a gesture looking almost like he was rocking out to swing it around overhead as he continues walking forward. A glowing blue circle is left behind in the hand's wake that lowers over him even as he walks, changing him. By the time he is close enough to the circle, Koga has changed into a vastly taller, armored figure that gives a growl towards the demon/god thing.

His hands begin to move as soon as he transforms, weaving intricate symbols with his fingers, even whole hands as he seeks to his task of containing the thing's influence as best as he can.

A good thing Constantine is here. Grace wasn't about to stop at the mirror; even as her fist came back she was about to haul back and thrust herself into the tattered, jagged opening that her intrusion helped to create. Of course she isn't going to get out of this one unharmed. The force of the punch and her knuckles slamming into glass will cause some damage and as the girl stumbles back, rivulets of blood course from her trembling fingers and dapple themselves all over the floor. The pain which is biting into her afflicted hand isn't even registering. This is when Constantine grabs her shoulders and tries to get her under control. He caught her just in time.

With the mirror shattered, people start coming back into themselves… but the danger isn't over yet. Grace's eyes widen at the sight of the mismatched thing in the space behind what was once the mirror, and her eyes drop to the bodies on the ground. She looks blearily from Constantine, to Madison and quickly.. to the macabre scene just in front of them as Koga transforms and makes his way forth in a much more formidable form. She is not about to engage the demon, not yet; Grace will make for the bodies. She feels briefly drained from her efforts, her wounded hand quivers and bleeds. Yet, she will prepare to approach and if she can will it, try to drag at least one of the bodies out of the circle.

Constantine will look at Grace's hands. He'll bandage her up and perform basic first aid on her later. As for right now? He's going to help those two individuals get out of even the vicinity of that hell spawn. Using his magnetokinesis and with an extension of his hand, he carries one of them easily on his own, using the metal on their clothing to whisk them out, before he sees Grace perhaps struggling with hers, and so he tries to take that one off her hands too.

"Come on, let's hurry back." he tells Grace though his eyes remain on that fear demon, waiting just a moment in hesitation to see if Koga can truly handle this on his own. Well, this was certainly an interesting trip to the house of horrors….it earned it's name.

Before she can reach her brother the mirror shatters in front of her. The girl ducks and covers as glass flies around, tinkling as it falls to the floor around her. Hearing the commotion she sees that the image of her brother has disappeared to be replaced by a different kind of nightmare. She is very familiar with animals and well she knows that this isn't one, though it being a demon doesn't cross her mind either.

Koga had told Madison that he could do that, but to see it is different. What is she getting herself into going to CS is things like this happen. At the suggestion to deal with the people she finally notices them, a sharp intake of breath at the state of them, followed by relief to see neither is Jeff. She moves to go help Grace with the one she is trying to drag away, but it seems Constantine beat her to it.

The two employees are dead and seem to have been so for a few days. The bodies are the source of the smell of decay that Grace was picking up. Both of the bodies have demonic glyphs carved on their forearms. The boy on the other hand is still breathing, if barely. He is unresponsive.

The fear demon gives a wet, viscous-sounding laugh at Koga. As it puts its reptilian like hands against his barrier. "I am trapped… what ever will I do.." It cocks its head, and if Koga is paying attention, it smiles and seems pleased by something. "You little exorcist, I will indeed remember you…" He puts his hands on the barrier than laughs, "How cute?" His power may not extend beyond the border, but he does not seem to be trying to. Instead it's six arms claw demon glyphs scene into the air, before flames erupt around it and sends it back to hell.

As the teens make their strategic retreat from the demon they come across a large strawberry lemonade spilled on the floor, as well as an I-Phone X, opened to a contact of Loukanos - with Louk's picture on the contact.

Koga… pauses for a moment as if trying to figure out what the hell he just saw. Once he is sure, and his barrier isn't needed… he lowers it. Stepping forward cautiously, he looks over the circle itself. Frowning a bit, he changes back as he takes a picture from different angles of the circle used with his cellphone. Then moves back to the others to make sure everyone is healthy. Or at least alive.

Glancing to Madison again, he sighs, "We can talk later if you want." He mentions to her, then looks between the three. "Will you three be fine?"

Between the efforts of Constantine, Madison and Grace, bodies have been removed.. at least from the insult of being close to that foul thing. Too bad two of bodies themselves are dead.. Grace looks down into the rather… unpleasant face of one of them, the scent of rot, the glyphs in their forearms that cannot quite be understood. She kneels to examine the one body who is yet alive, seeing similarities in… hey, wait.

Grace looks up as the demon takes it's leave in a burst of flames. Her lips move in a question that cannot be heard over the din. Why is Grace kneeling over what appears to be a spilled drink? One small hand picks up a phone that lies close to the drink but luckily hadn't been lying in the liquid. She looks at the screen, dimmed as it prepares to turn off, and sees the pictures. Grace blinks hard, her sizzling anger still there but… she is calmer now, can think. And realize. As Koga rejoins them, Grace holds up the phone with an affected look, looking around at all who are present.

"This is Ashton's," She states huskily, in alarm, "Where is Ashton!?" Nope, she's definitely not fine.

Constantine gives an apologetic look to Madison regarding Jeff, though his eyes shifted back to the demon who…apparently literally goes out in flames. "Did it just…?" but never mind that, only to turn and apparently find that Grace is in a puddle of spilled drink. Or at least she's kneeling over it. With apparently Ashton's cell phone in hand.

"Then where's…?" he looks around then. "Ashton?!" he calls out to see if the boy was merely hiding around here somewhere…or if he was perhaps just unresponsive. Nonetheless, Constantine calls out to him multiple times, before he looks to Grace. "Do you know his scent, Grace?"

From the looks of it Madison is definitely not okay. Between the dead, bodies, the weird demon, and seeing an image of her brother stabbed and dying, well she is looking a bit.. okay a lot sick. "Oh my god…" she manages to get out before her eyes widen and she covers her mouth. She really is going to be sick…and she doesn't want to here so she runs back the way they came to do so outside, hopefully she can make it to the bathroom.

There is no immediate signs of Ashton. His scent is there. It is also joined by the scent of three people that don't smell like teenagers. Two of them smell of cologne, the other smells of expensive perfume. There is also a faint scent of chemicals, the quickly fading sweet scent of chloroform.

Moving closer, Koga blinks a few times. "Ashton?" Frowning, Koga looks around, then closes his eyes as he tries to sense if Ashton is around now that the demon is gone. "I'll see if I can sense him… nothing demonic… whoever this is happens to know… there. Parking lot." Koga takes off at a run, heading for the parking lot quickly as he shoves through the crowd if he has to.

The girl startles, looking ready to follow Madison to make sure she is okay… but she looks next to Constantine with that wide, haunted expression. "N-not very well…" She starts, but instead lifts the phone in her hand, turns it around to sniff the back of the case. If there is sweat, bonus. But a base body scent is hard to pinpoint in here, especially if she doesn't know it as well. But there's… something else. Grace freezes. She catches the cologne, the perfume.. and something sweet…. fading quick, just the tail end of it. She has had no experience, personally, with chloroform but Grace knows of a chemical when she smells it. "There were others… it.." She sniffs deeply… "Smells expensive." Whispered.

She presses a hasty, shaky kiss to Con's cheek, grateful that he's okay. "I'm going to see if Madison is OK, t-then get this phone to the school to alert someone… if we do not find Ashton here. I do not have a good feeling." The girl says nervously, and shows herself out of the House of Horrors.

Constantine nods lightly to Grace then. "Well….maybe we can find a trail to follow, okay? But for now, let's get outta here." He looks then to Koga as the apparent mystic speaks. With that in mind, He smiles as Grace kisses his cheek and he watches her leave. Then his eyes fall upon Koga. "Stay safe alright? I'm gonna look around the area just to be sure that Ashton isn't just chilling around here alright? Stay safe." and he moves around to leave the area, checking around the place.

By the time that Koga gets to the parking lot, there is just no way to tell if he is in one of the cars or not. Too many vehicles on the street coming and going. Too many people moving around. None of the park goers have any recollection of seeing him alone or with anyone after he walked into the House of Horrors.

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