(2018-05-16) Always Hungry!
Always Hungry!
Summary: After a recent Unit mission, Daxton and Callisto discuss things. And there's food… always food.
Date: 2018-05-16
Related: Happening while this scene is occurring, heavy reference to this cutscene.
Scene Runner: NA

Back Lawn, Winbarry Estates
Wed May 16, 2018

A large swatch of green that goes in all directions. To the east and northeast, the lawn goes from the green of grass to the yellowish-brown of sea grass and then sandy beach, the blue-green of the ocean spreading out as far as the eye can see. In the center is a tall overgrown hedgemaze, with dormant flowering bushes at the corners.


In the past week, Callisto has gone 'underground'. Not literally, but there has been more meditation involved. What this entails is a superficial 'walk' onto the dreamplain. Not enough to permeate the dreams of others, but it places Callisto into a space from which she can 'call out' to others of her kind, but only if they are in a similar state. Think of it as a dark faerie walkie talkie! Why would she be trying to contact siblings? It's like a needle-in-a-haystack, especially when she must 'weed out' the ones whom she KNOWS to be right up their mother's ass.

Good thing is she can be mostly aware of what's around her. At first, she tried to pair the mental search with yoga poses, but lying there a little too long on a somewhat obscure portion of the back lawn in 'happy baby pose' caused a bit of fluster. So, lotus position it is, long legs pretzeled inwards, arms extended, fingers in a sort of relaxed 'a-OK!' curve. The flustered boys return, trying to get another peek, and are disappointed to see her just sitting there stationary. They amble away from this patch of land, just beside the hedge maze. It is a rather lovely sunny afternoon, petering toward dinner time… Callisto is grateful for the notion of many students being gone to the carnival, in town.

Daxton got back late last night with Plulse. Both were exhausted. Exhausted enough hat they didn't even eat when they came I, but went to their respective rooms and crashed. He woke up, body sore not only from the mission, but the awkward position he slept in. After a hot shower and debriefing , the speedster went running on the beach. A few drills, lawn, sand, water, and then back again. And by water, he's running on it. Turning is more difficult, which might be why his jogging pants are soaked. Any bruises or injuries from where he did in Chicago aren't visible with his tee shirt on. He's done with running and has started the trek back to the house, his stomach demanding payment for the engird he used up. Seeing Callisto sitting there has him pause, and then he glances at the boys retreating. Weird. He'll try to not disturb her, maybe she's talking to her mother (He doesn't know how this works!) or something. As he walks, he rotates his shoulder. It cracks loudly.

The boys see fit to leave the girl alone, seeing as how there is yet a decorum of respect to be held between students. It won't stop them from having a look, though! For a time, while Daxton concludes his exercises and sees fit to fill the tank with grub, Callisto is at peace. She looks too peaceful to be communicating with Mommy Dearest. Cool thing, too: Loukanos' amulet protects her from violent intrusion not only from said mother, but those who carry a similar violent 'energy'… ie. those brown-nosing siblings.

It appears that speedster and mentalist are fated to be two ships passing, but then Daxton goes and cracks his shoulder! Callisto is so attuned, so intent and out of her body that senses are strong. She hears that sound and it.. doesn't startle her, but it wakes her up.

Her chin cants, eyes momentarily unfocused… she turns to look briefly upon Daxton, unseeing. Pauses. Doubletakes.

She is seated there in tight black yoga pants and a matching crop top. No signs of bruising whatsoever on her chest. "You have returned—" Said quickly, blearily. She's coming back now. "Did everything go well?" Callisto asks, not exactly masking her happiness at seeing the boy.

Damn it, he's falling apart. A wince as he rubs his shoulder, "Hey. Yeah." So verbose! "We got in last night." He stops walking towards the kitchen for now, it would be rude to just walk away! "Everything quiet here while we were gone?" He's got sand stuck to the bottom of his wet jogging pants.

Quite obviously, Callisto is checking Daxton out. Okay, not necessarily in that way.. not entirely *COUGH*…. mostly to make sure he's not dying. Dying people don't run like that, do they? The sore shoulder earns a prolonged gaze, however. She stands and stretches, slowly and languidly like a tired cat in the sun, and props her hands upon her hips. She brought nothing outdoors with her, so therefore needn't pack anything up. Her gaze pauses as she notes the sandy arse, and one side of her lips crook up. What is this? Why does Callisto chuckle softly like that?

"Ah.. hn," She collects herself. "T'was okay.. someone handed out passes to that park in town, with all of those bleating, maddening rides…. a… carnival, is it not? So t'is quiet this afternoon. Less to stand between you and the fridge." She teases good-naturedly, then considers. "You've not missed much. Now can you tell me what happened? I have been curious as to why you all had to go…" Callisto pauses, eyes glinting. "Unless it is… classified?"

Nope, Dax does not appear to be dying. He's still breath hard from the run, but manages a eyebrow quirk at her giggle. "Fel used to work there. There have good carnie food." Of course he's know about the food. "I used to trade them pizzas for corn dogs." He thinks he could take down a few freshman to get to the fridge. His hadn't raises to rub his neck, "That's for Inferno to decide, sorry." Non Unit 23ers don't need to be knowing their business. Especially the ones they get paid for! "You all healed up?" Just because the bruise isn't showing doesn't mean it doesn't hurt her still.

The crop top reveals little to nothing of the actual portion of Callisto's chest that took the brunt, that ill-fated night. Bruises can be far-reaching and there is not a smidge of yellowed skin to signify anything remaining. Callisto does not press the matter of the 'mission' but clearly she was concerned, masking it with idle curiousity. She's just pondering 'carnie' food when Daxton asks his question, and she's padding toward him and perhaps to make her way toward the back patio as well. "T'is fine, all healed. It had only taken a few days since that night." She offers, trying to reassure more than anything. The day after, that bruise hurt like a mofo. It's faded but there's the barest hint of tenderness, but she really has no cause to go around pressing on it. c.c

"I hunger," Because bendy stuff is so exhausting. "Shall you join me, then?" Asked casually. Then a pause.

"What is a corn dog?" Oh Callisto.

Daxton frowns, but nods. He really did feel bad about that. All of it, really. His frown transforms into a smirk. He talking cracks him up. "Yeah, I need to eat." When he gets to the back door, he pauses, and then vibrates hard to get the sand and some of the water off his pants. "A corn dog? How have you been around for a billion years and not had a corn dog?" He shakes his head in mock disappointment, "It's a hot dog on a. Stick, then they dip it in a corn batter and fry it." And then just to clarify because he realizes his explanation is lacking, "They're delicious."

His laughter, always welcomed, causes her lips to twitch again. Callisto doesn't grin easily and often makes it to the earnest smile stage before really overdoing it. But Daxton laughing gets her close. Somehow she suspects that he's laughing at her, and Callisto is just about to rib him about having sand on his ass… likely in some old-English way that will prolly only get him laughing harder. But then he goes and speedsters it away, shaking it off… now that's handy.

After he gets all aghast at her never having had such fare, Callisto looks stern. "I have never had a corn dog, I shall have you know. It sounds disgusting, just hearing the name." She silences to allow Dax to actually describe it… her critical look softens. Maybe she can go charm some corn dogs out of the carnies for him, but that would involve going to that noisey pit. And—-wait, why is she considering it?!

"Now how was it for your friend Felicia to work at a place such as that? I don't think I could. Though I.. need to find another job, and quickly." Good God, is she considering it? Imagine this one as a carnie.

Daxton's kinda like a dog, in that way. He chuckles, "More for me then." Maybe he'll run over and get some later, they sound good. A shrug, "I don't know, she mostly took tickets for the rides and stuff. You should ask her." He'll open the door for her, there's still remnants of the good manners his mother taught him! "The bookstore not cutting it? Why do you need anything job?"

"Now, I shall try one." Callisto says frankly regarding these empyreal corn dogs. "For you hold them in such high regard." Though it may yet remain: more for Daxton. Callisto isn't big on hot dogs, and she may not bode well with the hot dog's evolved form either. c.c

The girl pauses as Dax opens the door, and lightly smiles her gratitude. Callisto does so enjoy chivalry, even if it's borne of manners enforced by mothers. She could tell some stories about what it was like in decades past.

The smile falls a bit, though.. but she's not exactly sad. "I am no longer a… a rich girl, as I was once called. I have been disowned and thoroughly cut off from the family barrow of funds." Callisto watches him for a moment, shrugs lithe shoulders. "I actually do not mind. It.. feels right, if you know what I mean?" She looks down at her feet almost shyly. "It alienated me, in the past, I fear.. to never want for anything. Now I am to learn to get by." Said gently as she fidgets.

Daxton snorts, amused, but just nods, "You won't be disappointed." She hinted that that could happen though, right? "Do you have a lot you have to have money for though, more than what you're making at the books store?" Get by? Another smirk and he heads to the fridge, "You'll be fine. No one here is going to let you starve or not have a roof over your head."

She follows, liking him to be back at the estate. "I am safe for now, if that's what you mean. Students are certainly taken care of here." Callisto agrees, reaching for a paper towel with which to dab at her temples and forehead to remove the thin scrim of sweat. "T'is the formulation of good habits. I am embarrassed to admit to a great many things that I felt were my right, when underneath mother's thumb. I am not that person anymore." She balls up the tissue and tosses it, does not go for the fridge but instead looks in cupboards for her old standby: the blender.

"I graduate next year. I shall have to know what to do after, when I can no longer call this school home… be it here, or whereever it shall end up eventually." She looks over her shoulder at him.

"How did it feel for you, when you entered your graduation year?"

The makings for a mega sandwich are pulled out. All the lunchmeats, all the toppings, all the condiments. "I don't know. I was in a. Different boat. I knew where I was ending up." Unit 23! "I just wanted it to be done and over." No further schooling for him! He stops and then turns back to the fridge to grab a soda.

She will never cease to be amazed by the prep that goes into feeding a speedster. So while the sandwich is being built to monstrous capacities, Callisto is plugging in old faithful and gathering the ingredients for one of her smoothies. Does she live off of those things?! Producing a paring knife, she's peeling a few kiwis as she talks, "I understand." And she knows not to ask further, "I find it oddly unsettling to think about. What to make of this lifetime." Assuming her mother doesn't really snap and off her in a snuff of rage. "I do not scare easily but in becoming more human, these things unnerve me more. I know it is silly."

A shrug as she tosses the green fruit into the blender, grabs some bananas, "You are where you must be. You are most fortunate to have an array of teammates who care so deeply." She looks up.. stares at the sandwich. Does she look slightly terrified?

"Shouldn't it be exciting? You can do whatever you want now." Bread is pulled out, seems he's going to make two sandwiches. His amused smile fades just a. Touch, becoming more human. That sounds…weird. "If it unnerve you, it's not silly." As for him, "Well, t was here or dead in a lab. I prefer here." He starts to say something else, but then his phone vibrates.

"To a degree." Callisto remarks to the whole 'do what she wants' bit. Two bananas are dropped into the jar, and she's going to the fridge for yogurt. She brushes past the speedster to get to the place where he previously grabbed the deli meats. "I intend to deal with this whole mess with my parent, in the next year. When she is dead and gone, then I shall do what I desire. Whatever that ends up being." Callisto says over her shoulder, "I cannot risk her interference in that which I choose, nor do I wish to see the constant threat to those I care for hanging over my head like a storm cloud."

With a couple of portions of vanilla yogurt, she moves back to the blender. This dead in a lab talk affects her, though; she pauses, about to peel the lid off of one of the yogurts, and gives the speedster an affected expression. She is about to respond when his phone vibrates, and she silences to let him see to it. Her brow is furrowed.

Daxton's radiating heat, he was just speed running for who knows how long. His eyes are on his phone, frowning, but he nods to her. "If you need help with that, let us know." His fingers move fast typing do reply. Whatever it was, he doesn't seem happy about it.

She had to get away from that heat, let she be distracted. Damnit he distracts her too much. Maybe it was easier to be a rich, aloof, mind-siphoning creature of the Dark! But 'lo.. Callisto just had to go renegade and go about fancying mortals. c.c

"I.." She's about to resume her tangent of thought again, but she's worried now. Generally Daxton's phone announcing itself is a Bad Thing, in dreams and in waking. Especially as he looks upon it like that. "Is something the matter?" Asked in her eloquent way, so calm despite the worry she begins to feel simmering in her guts. "Is there something that needs seeing to?"

"No." He shoves the phone back into his pocket. "It's just my sister." He doesn't sound happy about that. The sandwich making continues, but not its a little more annoyed. The cheese is crooked. It buzzes again in his pocket, but he ignores it. Instead, Dax cracks open the soda.

"Daxton." Callisto says firmly, gazing at him. His sister? The little one from the dream who held his hand and called him 'Gero'..? She does not push the button on the blender. "You mustn't… what if she needs you? Is it because I am here? Do you need privacy?" She asks again, not liking that he is ignoring the call. "I can step out.."

He is still ignoring the call.. her pale blue-green eyes round themselves in urgency. "What if it is an emergency?" She asks, despite him not being happy about the call. She will ask, damnit!

Daxton rolls his eyes, "It's not an emergency. She wants to yell at me." Yell? What? He drains the soda and picks up the first comical leg sandwich. "I missed Mothers Day , and she wants to all at me about it."

Suddenly the faerie girl looks really affected. Straight-up bothered. "T-then… you are close to your mother, are you not? Do you get along? Do you love her?" Three rapid-fire questions, all in succession. She tries to dump the yogurt into the blender, misses, doesn't even look as it lands on the counter in a blob. "Will you not call her, your mother then, if you can answer those questions with a yes, even two?" Why is she looking so passionate? Callisto clears her throat, blushes. Something about Mother's Day seems to have struck her… the reaction is very sudden but earnest.

"T'is important, is it not?" Asked gentler as she looks down at the fail!yogurt. Her face is red.

Daxton stops chewing, mouth full of perfect sandwich to just stare at Calli. Damn it. Suddenly there's no more food in his mouth and he's got a wet washrag to clean up the yogurt mess. "It' not that. I…I do love her, she knows it. It's just hard to be around them and celebrate." Great, guilt from tow directions now. All he needs is Fel to come in and say something "I'll give her a call later, okay?"

It's her mess.. she cleans it! If Daxton goes to wipe up the yogurt, Callisto will try to take the rag gently from his hand. "Forgive my being brash." She says quickly, reddening on account of her strong response and if it made Daxton uncomfortable. "Mother's Day is a new thing, to me. I spent the day on my own, out on the town… I failed to mention. You were away on your mission." She explains, and if she managed to get the rag she will clean her foible. "I was observing mothers, for I know naught what a kind mother is. Or a mother in any traditional sense." Her cheeks grow redder… what could have happened to warrant this response?

"I learned some things." Said simply, before she looks at the boy.. suspecting him to be guilty.

"You do as you wish, Daxton… a call would be nice, no? Why do you grow discomforted at being around them? Is it due to everything?" She uses a vague term deliberately, not wanting to chase him away. It seems she is taking more care with that lately.

Daxton doesn't fight her for the rag, his fingers let go. Guilty of what? "Yeah. Due to everything." Even though he's forgiven her, it's hard to be around her. She married a monster. He'll take a step backwards, towards where he left his sandwiches.

The faerie girl tries to understand, "T'is because you had no choice but to handle 'everything' due to her decisions, correct?" She presses on carefully but knows when to relent. She had better do so before she goes 'too far'.

"A phone call, then, t'is good enough. Surely she knows her hand it in all and feels terribly. A call shall please her and keep everyone off of your back." Callisto offers, trying to be reassuring but there is still something there.

"I had an experience in town, on Sunday… being a mother is not easy. I am still thinking about it." She admits, finally scooping at least one portion of yogurt into her forgotten smoothie. She pries open the fridge one more time to get some strawberries, a replacement yogurt… and finally, some ice from the freezer. She's making a lot of smoothie.

Daxton's nose wrinkles, not liking this topic at all. "It's…not her fault. It's just hard to spend a lot of time with them." Them now. "I'll call her later." Hopefully that'll be the end of that. "That's a lot of smoothie, yoga make you that hungry?" He doesn't think he could sit still that long.

Mercifully, Callisto moves on from the fringes of the no fly zone. This seems to be her dance now: a few questions, back away; wait a few days, ask again. Though the mention of 'them' perks the girl's sleek platinum-haired head again before she turns on the blender. It whirrrrrrs noisily, filling the kitchen with it's noise, dashing the previous thoughts though Callisto still looks pensive. "I had a nest egg," She starts after turning the machine off.. she's a pro at this now, "T'was for a rainy day, just enough to put down in case anything happened. The last of what I had to my name, of my family's money. Bad money." She looks up from beneath her lashes. "I bore witness to a woman in a clothing store, looking terribly sad. She had a youngling. Clerks were being condescending to her." Callisto pours two big glasses of smoothie.

She then hands one to Daxton, but gazes at the glass as she admits, "I grew angry and bought that woman eight blouses, two pairs of jeans and a pair of shoes. Without her knowing. For she is a mother. I used that money for good and now I've nothing. Was that silly of me to take such liberty?"

Daxton listens as he finishes the first sandwich and then reaches for the second. He's finally cooling down from the run. Had, huh? "Well….now you start over, is all." He's not going to answer abut the silliness of such actions, it's done. "You know you have food and shelter here. So for now you don't have to worry about that. Talk to th head master about you staying on during the summer. Maybe you can see about picking up some hours doing stuff around the new school." Surely it'll need to get cleaned, right? "Ask for more hours at the bookstore. Juggling two jobs is hard."

'For a rainy day'… surely, then, the girl thought she will have had to make her own way or pay some sort of.. room and board.. over the summer. She tilts her head inquisitively, "They would allow this? I thought that students who.. hadn't families closeby… will have had to make their own way." Sad, really, how she assumes this. Callisto's upbringing was not a kind one and she is clearly used to making her own way. She sips from her glass lightly, savoring the taste of the hodgepodge fruit drink. "Two jobs cannot hurt over the summer, surely?"

Or she can just talk to the headmaster. Callisto is just formulating her response when suddenly.. she flinches. Does something taste bad?

Nope. The smoothie is delicious… the smoothie is to Callisto as the corn dogs are to Daxton. That's not it. There.. again, the girl's brow knits as if she has been pained briefly. Callisto pulls up a stool and eases herself onto it, to sit. "I suspect students shall not be here next year, then." The girl says, ignoring the brief pain in her head… but there is a look of surprise fleeting across her face too.

Daxton shrugs, "I've heard a few different students say things. If the school doesn't give you a place, you can ask Inferno if you could board here. He'll charge…something." Who knows what. Another shrug, "If you can juggle it, sure." He frowns, watching her, "No…if the school building gets finished, you'll all move back. What's wrong? IS the amulet not working?" Does he need to go find this Louk student?

The girl looks startled by this 'answering' pain in her head. That's what it is: an answer. To her earlier canvassing of the dream plain. Someone HEARD her! She cannot address this response until she is properly asleep, but that little twinge is a sign of a sibling heeding her call. Suddenly she is watching Daxton a little bit too intently. Abruptly she flushes and draws back, rubs a temple, gets a hold of herself. In this motion the pains ease off and this odd spell, the sudden intensity in her eyes… fades away. She is Callisto again. "I-I will find a way. T'will be alright," Damnit why is she so red?!

There's a damned good reason and she presses the side of her cool glass to her cheek. She is going to give this sibling hell when she sees him in her dreams tonight.

"I'm fine," Oh yeah, sure. "It has to do with the meditation I was undertaking earlier. It's been answered. I shall speak with him tonight. The amulet is doing what it m-must," Callisto says in a fluster. For a brief time, this 'sibling' had been able to read the girl's thoughts… the connection yet dwindled when she spied Daxton's arrival from his run. She sure as hell isn't about to tell the speedster that this random dark faerie brother finds him hot too. c.c

Daxton's head tilts, concerned as he just watches her. He can't tell if she's really ok or not, and isn't sure how to dress it, so…he just nods. But then she gives details, "Him who?" Fey stuff is so weird. A head shake and he moves to the sink to get water.

Weird is an understatement. Callisto, now, looks fine. Daxton moves to get water and the girl rubs her forehead with one hand, pulls the palm down into perhaps what is one of the most elegant facepalms to come to pass, and moves to prop her chin into that palm as she leans forward over the counter, cracks a couple of knots in her lower back. "A brother." … a brother? "Remember when you told me to amass an army? It shall take awhile.. a long while… but it's underway." Said simply, and she feels well enough to stand again. Gracefully Callisto pads over to the sink and once Daxton is done getting the water, she goes about washing her dishes. "… how is that shoulder doing?" Now that's random! Maybe she's being merciful and is trying to shift talk away from her oddness.

.. still kinda blushy though. c.c

Daxton's blue eyes dart over at news of a brother but he nods, "Good." She does need to amass an army! He steps away, giving her space to do the cleaning, 'it's alright. Sore. I slid into a wall on Sunday, so it's bruised." He does not have super healing abilities, unfortunately.

Hey, she's diligent about being tidy. No more smoothie sprinklers in the kitchen! Callisto doesn't see fit to describe much more of her plot because it's still so early, so so early… and it COULD fail miserably. Talk of bruising warrants a wince, and Callisto looks at him. She hasn't speedy healing abilities herself; a touch faster than the norm but she can take a hit better than most. She rests a hand to her collarbone for a moment, she's obviously trying to envision what could have happened but she won't ask again. "I…" Was about to offer tips on easing bruises because she has experience, yo. Was going to see if he wanted ice cream because it's there and ice cream helps one recover from what ails them. But instead..

"I am glad you have returned." Said in a completely earnest way. "I worried." The weird one clears her throat, picks up the blender jar, sets to drying it.

Daxton sneaks, "Worried? Shiiiit…You don't ever have to worry about me on a mission. I always come back." Till the one time he won't, but until then, he's got a 100% return record! "Besides, I need to fo missions to keep me rolling in the corn dogs, right?"

The girl gives him an odd look, which looks kinda funny on her patrician features. Oh, to have such confidence. Callisto has confidence, but it's a different brand. This is refreshing though… it reassures a little part of her that she is trying desperately to stomp flat, roll in duct tape, heave off a cliff. But it's resilient and it won't let her be. The corn dog remark earns some laughter though, and Callisto remembers something. She pads over to the fridge, wrenches open the freezer part of it. She's pulling out a.. box of sorts. Oh snap… Drumsticks ice cream cones! Those individually-wrapped calorie bombs with the caramel centers! She makes her way back to the speedster and rests the cold box of ice cream against the afflicted shoulder. "Medicine." Said frankly.

Daxton blinks, "Ice packs work better." He'll reach up to take the box though, leaving it there for a moment. And the he's opening it up to have a drumstick. One is offered over to Calli. "What's your plans for the rest of th day, Strawberry? Gonna meditate more till your bro shows up again?"

"This ice pack, you can eat." Callisto smirks.. she just wanted to feed him more. That was a poorly veiled excuse, or a bad attempt at a joke. Expecting the boy to cram them all down the hatch (it is possible) … she blinks as one is held out to her. She accepts it, unwrapping it carefully.. why not chase down that healthy smoothie with this. Of course it tastes frickin' awesome. Callisto gazes at it raptly for a second or two, then looks up at Dax thoughtfully. "I was going to go into town. Take a walk. See what is out there, for work. I shall not make contact with him again until I sleep, and this shall keep me safe from intrusion." A touch to the amulet.

"I simply wish to get out of here for a time. The mood here is maddening with finals approaching."

Daxton's not use if that was really the case, but he'll accept it. If it means he gets more food, heck yes. "Cool. Maybe you can see if there's some kind of life guard thing that's needed." She helps with that at the Y, right? He laughs around the ice cream, not sounding any older than most of the students, "God. I hated finals."

How the hell does this work? How can someone who laughs like that be a part of… of this? Callisto's gaze softens some as she takes delicate bites of the ice cream. By the time she finishes this, the speedster could have finished the whole package of 4. "I considered that. I have volunteered there for about…" She quirks a brow, "Four months. I have been trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation." Cripes she said the whole word. Her accent makes it sound funny. ".. I should like to think they could take me on full time for the summer, with CPR and experience… and I am a fantastic swimmer." She says with an imperious toss of her hair, "I should like to be paid for keeping people alive."

A smirk behind the cone, only to soften again. "I am not a fan of them… I have faced a significant amount of frightful things in my years, but finals in a high school are… t'is intense. Even I am getting unnerved." Callisto squints at him. "You made it through though, obviously."

"You should ask. Life guards get paid. If not there, then maybe ask some of the beaches." He polishes off two, leaving the last one in the box before stepping over to put it back in the freezer, "I barely made it. It didn't hurt that I really didn't care about my grades…"

She will ask. Then she can Baywatch run her way up and down poolsides and beaches! … yeah no, not really. Callisto rubs her chin with a soft humm, watching the speedster replace the last surviving drumstick into the freezer. "I shall do just that. I do not believe it would be wise for me to work at a food establishment." Said with a snicker.. just imagine that, now. Callisto the burger flipper, almost as epic as a carnie. Callisto, who is poised on graduating a high school for the first time, just because she wanted to see what it felt like…. now finds herself giving a shit.

Funny how things have changed.

She moves away from the sink and/or fridge, leans on a counter, looks briefly toward a sunny window to gauge the time of day and if it's worth leaving for town. Odd how she doesn't rely on clocks.

"School grades are not the be all end all. They do not define you. You needn't the mark on a final exam to dictate how you can, instead, save a life." She says to him meaningfully, watching him.

Daxton smirks again, "No, they certainly don't dictate that." He wipes his hands on his jogging pants, he needs another shower. "Well, good luck. If you don't find something today, don't stress out. Sometimes it take a week o two."

She didn't miss that gesture of adjusting clothes. It seems Callisto is getting comfortable in interacting with others.. especially in this case. There is a soft look to her expression then, and she steps closer. Oh crap.. things happen when Callisto moves closer with that look in her eyes… run, Dax, run! She leans in, though not quite so close as to be indecent….. and sniffs.

"Ugh." She winces theatrically; she doesn't want all of her talks with the boy to be those of heavy things. For some reason this is important to her. But she crinkles her nose and snorts. Snorts.

"Gods above, go shower." She's clearly trying to be funny, but in this action she is setting him free. "Thank you for everything."

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