(2018-05-15) Singin' Sad Songs
Singin' Sad Songs
Summary: Fionnuala, keeping her mind off of Tough Stuff, tries to escape into music. She meets Quinn, and culture shock just ain't the word.
Date: 2018-05-15
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Back Patio, Winbarry Esates
Tue May 15, 2018

The large back patio has recently been rebricked, the earthy red showing little wear. There are a few chairs and benches here and there to sit and relax while watching the view across the large greensward of grass to the ocean. To the left of the patio is a large swimming pool that is empty of water and a large canvas tarp covering it.


<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.

Warm, sunny days are becoming plentiful, and today has been no exception. Classes are over for the day and as usual, students meander off to get cleaned up, get homework started or head into town for after-class jobs or the like. Fionnuala has decided to stay on the grounds; truth be told she has been a little down in the dumps lately. The reason is obvious: a close friend is dying or has likely done so by now. Fee is trying not to focus on what is happening to Besa and instead she changes into a pretty sundress, grabs her ukulele in it's pretty navy blue case with daisy print, and makes her way out onto the back patio, into the sunshine.

In the span of about fifteen minutes, the mystic has set up her lemonade and a bowl of strawberries and blueberries onto a table alongside her lounge chair. True to Fionnuala fashion, she has picked the sunniest portion of the deck and with that, settles onto her seat facing the lawn and beach beyond, her wings spread slightly to absorb the light. Holding a ukulele, the entire front of which is plastered with a rainbow decal, the girl begins to strum it idly.

What better way to counter sadness than with music.

The sound of the ukulele got Quinn's attention. It was a new instrument that he hadn't heard and it called him out from the scary land of electronic devices. The sandy haired protoceltic teen was still getting used to the whole modern world. He was dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt. A fairly simple outfit that didn't fit him quite right since it was all borrowed from someone that was just a bit taller and thicker than him. His blue eyes watch her without interrupting.

It's the sort of instrument that speaks of faraway tropical places. Fionnuala is no professional, nor is she wearing a coconut bra and swaying in a grass skirt (don't put it past her though) … but she simply plays the little string instrument for the enjoyment of it all. There is promise of musical aptitude in her deft fingers as they experiment with chords, though; she's not playing any melody persay but simply testing what she knows, listening to it and how it sounds against the backdrop of whooshing waves off in the distance.

The girl looks focused, her black-haired head bowed slightly as she plucks along. As always Fee's hair has been wrestled and coerced into a messy bun that is fated to fail, hanks of long tresses springing out every which way. It suits her… and she's also aware of being observed. Her eyes, a bright lemon yellow thanks to the sunshine, lift to observe Quinn as he in-turn watches her. "Hello," She calls out with a smile. "You're welcome to come sit, if you'd like?" She has a trilling, friendly voice.

"What is that?" Quinn asks pointing at the ukulele. He had never heard of tropical places such as where the instrument is from. His people didn't get that far. He doesn't seem to be too surprised by the lemon yellow eyes. He settles into a chair near her. "I have never heard of that sort thing before." His accent is quite strange as it is still one that has only really recently managed to get into the speaking of English. He pauses for a long moment, "I'm new…" To the century, millennia, post BC time frame?

There is a chair close to Fionnuala's nest, chosen by Quinn, and the winged girl turns slightly in her own chair to face the boy proper. The warm breeze catches her loose hanks of hair and it flutters around like streamers. She really doesn't seem bothered by it. She doesn't judge Quinn on not knowing what this mainstream instrument is, especially when she gives a listen to his manner of speech. She's no history buff, but she's accustomed to accents (especially her familial one) and this one is a bit beyond her. She seems to be listening carefully, her fingers stopping upon the strings.

'New'. Fee has a hunch: really new.

Her lips curl into a merry little smile as she leans back into the lounger-style seat, flutters her wings a bit (it's involuntary) and resumes the senseless albeit lovely strumming of the uke. "No? It's called a ukulele." Fee says kindly, watching Quinn. "New to the school?" She suspects a greater scope, but she will start simple in asking. "The town?" A bit broader. "My name's Fionnuala.. what's yours?"

"New to country and time." Quinn responds honestly, looking at Fionnuala,"You can call me Quinn." He says with a shy little smile on his lips. "They did not have such things where I am from." He says in a very casual manner. He was very very new to things. "I am not a default English speaker." He says in a casual manner.

New to country, okay, Fee can deal—-time. Time? The girl's eyes round significantly in the black fringe of her lashes. "Time. So, ah… were your folks kinda behind on the times, then? That's okay!" Oh gosh, she doesn't quite get it. Fionnuala just goes on smiling and strumming good-naturedly, though she stops again when something clicks in her head. "Wait, uh… so, Quinn," She uses his name quickly and easily, looking at him again. "Time as in…" Well, his speaking is different.. it's as if English is a new and peculiar monster to him. "Where are you from, then? If it's not too forthright for me to ask?"

May as well be out with it, so she doesn't go on making a fool of herself in assuming that 'time' means parents who are using 8-track machines, still. c.c

"It is now known as Province in France." Quinn says seriously. She's only off by a couple thousand years. "I don't know my parents. I was raised by the Druids." He says in such a serious tone that it doesn't seem like he's particularly lying about it either. "Ashton set me free and helped me learn to speak your language." He says in a grave tone. "I am still adjusting to those things inside." And they haven't even brought him near things like cars or that such. TVs already make him jump when someone turns one on near him.

Way way way off. Fionnuala's strumming stops abruptly, her head tilting this way and that. "Oh… oh." She sits up straight, the ukulele lengthwise across her bare knees. "I'm really sorry if I was ignorant. That is a pretty big deal!" The girl exclaims, so earnest in her behavior and tone that it's painful. "That sounds pretty intense, with how things are now. Wow." She eases back, wings unfurling again. Clearly she believes the boy; how could she not given his way, what this school is known for and the immortals she has come across to date? Is this boy immortal? So many questions!

"Wait.. you were set free…." A pause, "You look younger than me. Were you in some kind of a… stasis? Sleep? Because that's quite a jump between then and now." Says Captain Obvious; she's just so intrigued though. "I can't even imagine what it's like to be coming to know everything.. this world is so wild." There, the gradual plucking of strings again… though Fee continues watching the boy. Sympathy is writ across her features. "Do you like it here?"

"I was conscious of time at various points. It was a kind of stasis. I sang the song of stillness and it didn't work for the intended purpose. It was black and there was no sound." Quinn says shuddering a bit, "I find it quite different. I am not sure that it is wild exactly. The melodies of this time are more structured and ordered. Some people have a rushed tempo like they're trying to rush about without taking time for life." He says thinking about it, "The clothing is comfortable. It feels very soft on my skin even if it is odd to wear it so often and religion is strange to me now."

The girl, so used to living in the moment, cannot easily comprehend such passage of years. "So you've seen a lot, when you surfaced here and there." Understatement, much? Fee cannot hope to dredge up what could have happened at 'points' because it's just such an immense breadth of time.. in her eyes anyway. She rubs the back of her bare neck, hand resting upon the warm skin for a moment before she drops her palm back into her lap.. continuing with her off-and-on music. The shudder hadn't been missed. "So you speak of singing… and I can tell that the lack of sound bothered you more than anything, I bet. Are you a musician, then, Quinn? She asks before the boy goes on to describe peoples'… 'tempo'.

Fee reads between the lines, "I think my tempo would be variable. Fast in some spots, slow in others.. this here is a slow time. Because isn't it just the prettiest day? It's the prettiest day ever. Until tomorrow." Said with a wink.

"Do you need anything? I work at a thrift shop and there's some good stuff there for good prices… I can help you out if you're lacking anything else."

"I saw nothing… Picture a black so dark that one cannot see your hand if you held it in front of your face." Quinn says trying to explain. "I can be. The world has a sound to it. If I don't tune it out, every single thing in the world has a sound to it." He says before considering Fee for a moment, "It isn't as variable as you'd think. There's an underlying melody. It isn't a rushing sound, and even if you're in an uptime, that wouldn't change." He says trying to explain how that works.

"I think Ashton enjoys selecting outfits for me to wear. He chose many of his clothes for the time being. Eventually I will be finding things to fit me better. He also cut my hair." He says nervously not sure if this was normal or not.

Hmn… well, whatever the boy's powers happen to be — for most definitely he has an intriguing angle on things — Fee finds herself not at all envious. It sounds so…. overwhelming! It's her turn to shudder lightly, "I can't imagine what that was like… darkness like that scares me." She admits, though not with any trouble to her voice. Just observation. The girl reaches for her glass of lemonade but pauses, considers it. "I only brought enough of this out for me.. would you like a glass? Have you ever tried lemonade?" Now she doesn't feel awkward asking because a great many things aren't known to Quinn. She indicates the bowl of berries, too, "You can have some of this too if you'd like." She says, holding it out between the chairs for Quinn to sample if he chooses.

A bright smile, then, "That's very kind of Ash. You're lucky to have been found by somebody who treats you so kindly. You're in the right place, too.. learn at your own pace." Fee offers, not seeming bothered in the least by the cutting of the hair bit. "Now that's a bonus! Haircuts can be expensive."

"Expensive?" Quinn says thinking hard on it for a moment before he says," Oh. That's right yes. I guess… We figured I might not be ready to ride in a … car." The word sounds strange to him. "I do not know what this is and I have a feeling he was right. I wish to fit in better so that was why we selected a name that would be pronounceable." He says with a weak smile, "What is lemonade?" He asks curiously as he reaches slender fingers to pluck a berry out and sample it. "He is kind. I think he also feels responsible for me… He broke my spell."

The shifter girl won't be quite as cruel as to call Quinn's experience as infantile, but that's… it's… close. No no, not likening to a baby… but just a baby's literal experience of a modern world. He's innocent, then. That's better, that works. Fionnuala rubs at her chin thoughtfully, her look of worry melting away into a pensive expression. "Expensive.. costly." She offers, then looks flabbergasted AGAIN at this talk of cars. This time she pulls in the reaction very hastily. "Cars are.. they're neat. You'll see plenty of 'em before long once you stake out from the school a little more." A soft smile, "You're smart to not be apart from your friend for too long, or at least when it's time to see so many new things. You're off to a good start though… 'Quinn' is a nice name. It suits you." Fee offers, thinking it to be a bit too rude of her to ask of what his 'true' name is. Sometimes that's a touchy subject for people.

"It's water, with a bit of sweetness, and it tastes like lemons. Tart. Here," She holds out her glass. "I've been using the straw.. you can have a sip of this from the glass, if you'd like to try it?"

"I have heard things that roar as loud as any lion if not louder." Quinn says shuddering a bit, "It's similar in meaning to the name I was given by the druids. Wirognawos." That alone should explain why he's using the name Quinn now instead of that. "There are many things that make me wary in this time." Such as being in a small confined space for any length of time. He does take a sip of the Lemonade even though he'd never heard of lemons before and he was still trying to correlate the things he knew with the things as they were called now. "Sweet and sour…"

And Fionnuala though her name was peculiar! But in a good way! She is trying to understand, "Wirognawos… so your real name means something along the line of sounds? Loud noises? Or something big and brave, like a lion?" Fee then considers, "No offense, I think I prefer the name Quinn. Less of a chance of me messing up the pronunciation, if I hadn't already." A soft giggle, almost in apology. Once he accepts a sip of the drink and doesn't seem to be wanting more, Fee takes the glass back and draws deep from the straw.

"It's interesting, huh? Would you like a glass of your own? I can get some from the kitchen.. it's really nice of days like this. Warm days." The girl admits, wings quivering once, a waft of heat being moved by the feathers.

"None taken. It is strange to speak a language so different from my own. It is strange that they do not have a grasp of my language any more. It means Man of Knowledge." Quinn says smiling weakly at Fionnuala,"And the name Quinn means Wisdom, intelligence." He says in a tiny voice, blushing slightly. "I am not brave. I am absolutely terrified of this world. There's so little that remains the same from when I was born. They don't even have a basic understanding of my people."

"Okay, that makes sense. I don't even know you very well outside of the twenty minutes that have passed but I can say again that both names suit you. Your current one will bode easier in these times." Fionnuala admits, but her smile is gentle. "I'm really, really sorry that everything is so strange right now. I can't even hope to imagine, myself… if you ever wanna talk to me in your proper language sometime, even if I don't understand one whit of it, I'd like that. Then I can say that I've heard one of the first languages." She hazards the guess… any language from those formulate years of the world's making, surely, can fall under that umbrella.

"I love how names can have meanings. Mine is an old name, but not that old. It means 'white shoulders' in Irish Gaelic." Said with a little smile.. nevermind that she's Scottish. "If there's anything I can do to help, even to explain the littlest thing, just ask ok? Take the tiniest steps meanwhile," She considers. "I was just out here practicing. Would you like to hear a song?" Maybe that will help the boy feel a bit more at ease.

"There are older languages. It is strange that too. I have found that there's always a lot of strange things in this world no matter the time." Quinn says smiling at her,"Yes. We thought a name from something that is not forgotten might be easier for people." He says before he relaxes in the seat,"Yes. I would like to hear a song." He says casually as pulls his knees to his chest and rest his chin upon his knees, blue eyes focused on the shifter.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Ukulele: Success.

"The strange things in this world are a lot… flashier." Fionnuala admits, a touch cryptically. "Magic and superpowers aside, people have many more ways to do weird things. Don't go anywhere without your pal Ashton for a long while, okay?" She asks, and there is a note of protection to her voice there. He does not know her well enough to feel comfortable with her guiding him anywhere, and that is fine too. It's just a blessing that he found someone to be close to. The heavy thought is broken once more by her ebullient smile. His relaxation in preparation to hear her sing a tune is touching, and her heart flares a tiny bit with affection. So innocent.

"Okay.. let's see, I have something in mind, I think… I gotta see if I can figure out a chord or two to accompany it. I'm still new to this," She indicates the ukulele. Fionnuala's expression becomes a thoughtful one, and she tests the waters with her ukulele to see if it's worth strumming it alongside the song she has chosen. Eureka! She strums then, a few notes… all in repetition but she knows now what she will sing. "H'okay, here goes.." And she begins humming. What has she dredged up from her memory this time?!

There's really no point in him speaking, so Quinn just remains still watching her and beginning to hum along to the song as it plays out. It's a very soft sound. Something he's not particularly comfortable with the song so there's no way for him to know how it's going.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Singing: Good Success.

And then, the girl eases into her chosen tune. The small hint of a Scots accent to her voice paired with this voice, lifted in song, being rather lovely…. it's a suitable song. "I remember a meadow one morning in May; with a sky full of dreams that sailed in that day~" Along Fionnuala trills, her voice pretty and fluttering. "I was dancing through green waves of grass like the sea; for a moment in time I could feel I was free~" It's pace is not swift at all, being an introspective song overall. She covers the lyrics of 'Greenwaves' by Secret Garden almost masterfully, which speaks of her having been exposed to music for most if not all of her short life to date.

Through the song Fee traipses, not missing a beat or a lyric. In a couple minutes' time she concludes it gracefully, and lays the little ukulele down reverently across her knees.

Somehow Quinn manages to put a pair of notes into harmony with Fee's. He's cheating of course and there's a soft hum of magic that answers his humming and touches Fee, but there's not really a spell being woven into it. Instead it simply is there like a current over the skin as it goes.

The girl hadn't been so transported by the singing that she couldn't pay attention to what was happening around her. The humming was not overlooked and Fee just finds herself feeling curious. She plucks up a couple of blueberries and tosses them down the hatch, chews in consideration. "Were you working some sort of magic?" She asks openly, not-at-all bothered by it. "I thought I could feel… sense something. I'm just really curious, I guess, about what you can do. If you're comfortable talking about it!"

"Well the best term for it would be Bardic Magic. I work magic through song and sound. I hear it everywhere but I wasn't actually DOING anything this time. Just letting the magic flow freely and around. It feels good after being unable to feel it." Meaning that Quinn was partly doing it because he was scared of losing it again. "I can also make my voice split into three parts." And it does as he's speaking, each one a fixed third below the other right now. "It is a fun thing to do." He says before he reverts back to normal, "When I want to really use magic I have to fix the thought of what I want to do and structure it. That's how I learned English." Since even the mother languages didn't exist when he was born.

The subject seems to be one that is known to Quinn (obviously) and something that makes him feel… moreso 'at home', perhaps? Fionnuala can get behind this and she listens with astonishment. "Bardic Magic. Well, that is pretty c—-" Then he's speaking in a sort of… of triple voice! Fionnuala's smile breaks out into a big grin. "Well, you're the first user of bardic magic mojo that I've ever come across. I bet that's really useful.." And rare, she suspects, as she hadn't ever really come cross this manner of power before. She wasn't lying!

The girl leans sideward to slide her instrument back into it's case, zipping it up carefully. By now the strawberries and blueberries are mostly gone and she holds the bowl out to Quinn one more time to see if he wishes to finish off the fruit. "I really hope you find a good home in this place… we're a really good lot."

Fionnuala makes sure her dishes are ready to go, "I have to get back in soon to finish up an essay. English Lit is really bearing down hard before summer holidays, just to make us sweat." A pause.. Quinn may not follow. "I can't wait til' summer break." That'll suffice.

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