(2018-05-13) Mother's Day
Mother's Day
Summary: What's a girl to do when observing the occasion, when she has been disowned by a hateful matriarch?
Date: 2018-05-13
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Main Street, Shady Cove
Sun May 13, 2018

Main Street is built with sidewalks lining each side and a residential area at each end. In the center is the heartbeat of town, with a courthouse square and the road going around each side of it with old fashioned lamp posts lining the sidewalks in front of the businesses and a sporadic stone bench placed for shoppers. Several side roads lead off to other businesses and more residential areas.

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Funny thing, holidays. For the longest time, save for maybe Halloween (even that was given but a half effort), Callisto hadn't observed any one holiday in particular. She sure as hell didn't have much cause to pay them much mind while cloistered away in the North, and her mind was too distracted upon her 'escape' to focus on much of anything.

But now, oh, in 2018….

It seems wherever Callisto goes today, on this rather beautiful Sunday, stores are filled with people. Restaurants — those that are open at this hour of ten o'clock in the morning — and cafes, coffeeshops… people having brunches, coffee, organizing lunch dates and setting aside reservations for supper later in the day. All for the cause of treating their mothers. So, too, are gift shops and stores in the mall hopping with this sort of activity. People of all walks of life, all ages, celebrating either the women that gave them birth.. or those, even if they originally hadn't, who stepped in. Mother figures. Single dads.

Callisto has never lent much thought to Mother's Day before; the day that is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, each year.

The sun is brilliant, promising a day of warmth and light, serving to only further the festivities which are held in variable degrees of flamboyance. Callisto is a fair girl and though she is durable and impervious to human illnesses and certain afflictions, she is not beyond sunburn. Even dark faeries need sunscreen and her skin glistens with an expensive brand, providing a favorable backdrop to the royal blue sheath dress that she has chosen. Perhaps it is a bit too fancy for a simple walk about town, but Callisto simply wishes to dress nicely for the day. Tea-length, with a V-shaped neckline, it lays bare her lithe neck and the sterling amulet that she is never seen without, as of late. Legs move swiftly in her gait, hardly hindered by the tighter fit of the skirt or the conservative (by Callisto's standards) inch-high heels. For all the world, she could be heading off to a job interview or wedding reception, the girl looks that well put together.

But no, Callisto is just out on her own, no set direction.. contemplating what it means to celebrate a mother.

For it is a sure fact that Malachite is not deserving of celebration.

So what better way to get to know the holiday than to observe others. A trip to the Mug Shot for a cup of tea reveals to Callisto a middle-aged woman with her elderly mother, sharing a croissant with her. The elder of the two hasn't the appetite to finish her portion and Callisto, ever-watchful, observes the daughter's gregarious expression as it masks a hint of sorrow. Callisto knows well the pain of aging, even if she herself shall never do so. Despite, the two appear to be having a good time.

It is a bit of a long trek, but the blossoming of this spring day demands a walk to the docks. Long walks do not scare Callisto, and before long she is approaching the length of walkway that, once upon a time, serviced the ferry that took students to and from the old school. There, she sees a twenty-something pushing a stroller, containing a youngling—-no, a baby. Human terms, Callisto. The young mother, curious and friendly, notices the tall girl with the pale hair and makes small talk. Along the lines of 'where she gets her hair done', 'was that dress bought in Thunder Bay' … and the like. All the while, Callisto observes as she tries to keep up, the mother is always touching that baby; surely not even a year old yet. Caressing, reassuring. Callisto, whose outlook on babies and children is still murky due to just never considering it… finds herself feeling oddly melancholic. Eventually they all must move on, and the mentalist backtracks into town.

Callisto knows precisely what is left to her, out of what was once inexhaustible funding. With the ties to her family severed, the girl no longer has access to this payload of money. She may be a technophobe but she is aware of banking, and glimpses at her online accounts have revealed to her — since the end of April — the slow descent into normalcy. While she knows how to budget, it seems as if Callisto cannot part herself from this money quickly enough. It represents to her, now, a level of greed and cruelty… she wants nothing to do with it. From now on she will earn her own funds. What is left now of the 'bad money' is enough for one more good splurge and to ease her heart — which is suddenly melancholic — she will do just that.

Today is a good day for shopping.

Shady Cove hasn't a huge variety of stores, not like the shopping mecca of Thunder Bay, but what is around boasts quality goods nonetheless. Callisto makes her way to one such clothing boutique just off of the main street.. maybe a new cardigan or a pair of shoes.

So into this tried-and-true store she wanders, giving the racks and shelves the onceover with a lack of enthusiasm that she hadn't truly expected. To spend the remainder of this 'bad' money is to distance herself even moreso from her lineage and Callisto finds herself almost desperate to get it over with. She touches the gauzy sleeve of a cardigan that she doesn't find herself being all that jazzed about… and then she sees her.

This woman is older than the girl she encountered on the docks… thirty-something. There is a sadness to her, Callisto can see it as easily as she would the script in a book. The woman mills about the racks of trendy clothes like a person who is lost in an inhospitable crowd, wondering why she is there. There is clothing here that she loves but cannot afford; it is either splurge on what she wants to treat herself to, or take a blow to her budget that exists to make ends meet to make a life for herself and her baby. It was by a sheer miracle that the young woman could get the time to herself; to find a sitter for a child who is now two years old and ever-so-demanding of her time. But it is worthwhile and this child is loved.. she hasn't bought something nice for herself in over a year due to going it alone.

There is no way that Callisto can surmise the whole story; all she can do is fill in the blanks as she looks at the woman's wistful expression, her tired eyes, the little ponch to her stomach in an otherwise rangy frame which signifies what was once pregnancy. Callisto has seen it enough in her own mother, who has always bounced back to perfection. Here, however, it is so very tenderly, beautifully… mortal.

Callisto knows now what she must do. To the counter she glides, her musk of night-blooming flowers left in her wake, glacial blue eyes flitting down upon a clerk whom she stands head-and-shoulders over. The girl in-turn looks up at the faerie girl, startled. "Can I help you?" Asked enthusiastically; this tall girl with the white hair looks moneyed.

"That woman, over there," Said smoothly with a craning of her neck, a curt nod. "Anything she wishes. I am paying for it." Said firmly, as if this is normal. Callisto watches the clerk expectantly.

"P-pardon? Are you related…" The clerk starts to ask, cannot equate this willowy, quicksilver woman to the tired-looking, defeated counterpart who keeps touching certain blouses only to turn away with little sighs.

"Speak to her of having won a draw, a sweepstake. I care naught how you tailor the fib; speak to her of having been the hundredth customer or whatever it is that you must do to coax her." Callisto says imperiously, not liking the judgey look that the clerk gives the unaware single mother. "Tell her, right now, of this privilege. That she may pick out a few articles of whatever. she. wants. She shan't pay a cent. If she does pay but one red cent for her purchase…. I shall know, and I shall be displeased."

The clerk finds herself feeling simultaneously awed, and put off, by this girl with the intense stare.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Hypnotic Voice: Good Success.

"I shall know. Tell her, now, to select her hearts' desire. I will pay for it."

Suddenly the clerk cannot help but obey. This girl's voice… fluting, intoxicating, demanding and ancient… bids her to do so. She is around the counter like a shot, and is off to declare this reality, this 'winning of a draw' to a pleasantly flabbergasted single mother who thought nothing good could ever happen to her.

So the young woman got that which she wanted and needed. The 'thanks' that she desired so fiercely but could never find the gumption to ask for. Being a humble person, she shopped her fill but didn't get greedy with it, and left the store beaming ear-to-ear with her purchases. Brought that much closer to who she had 'been', and the amazing woman she truly is.

Callisto kept apart, said nothing, her deed undeclared. She finally found the cause into which to sink the remainder of her cache of Malachite's money, changing it's awful tarnish into goodness.

Happy Mother's Day.

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