(2018-05-12) An Unexpected Date
An Unexpected Date
Summary: Sierra fulfills her obligation to go on a date. With a boy!?
Date: 2018-05-12
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It was a day or two (give or take) after Sierra and Alistair's rather…interesting meeting. Though eventually, Alistair did call Sierra up and invite her out to dinner with him. What? She -did- agree to go out with him after all. With that in mind, Alistair has chosen the Wok This Way restaurant, where the pair could enjoy some good food and hopefully even better conversation.

Alistair will enter with Sierra by his side. Dressed in a black longsleeve shirt with a bead necklace around his neck and little bead bracelets around his wrists. He wears blue jeans and finally, some simple shoes. Not too fancy and not too expensive. His long hair which now comes down to his shoulders are simply allowed to be loose and free.
"You have my gratitude for coming with me to this restaurant, Sierra. I will attempt to be good date." he smiles softly, speaking in his strong African accent.

What on Earth was she doing? Sierra is a lesbian! Still, here she is, dressed up in jeans and blouse - he didn't think she would wear a dress, did he? But she has done her make-up. "Never been here" she admits before offering a weak smile to Alistair. "I'll try to be a good date too."

Her Mexican accent still lingers sometimes but nowhere near as strong as when she first arrived.
When they are shown to a table, Sierra immediately goes to pull out the chair herself. Even though she has had girlfriends in the past, this is pretty close to her first date ever.

While Alistair always thought she was joking that she was a lesbian, especially since she's on a kinda-romantic date with Alistair. With that in mind, when she claims that she's never been there, he nods. "Neither have I. New experiences, yes?" he chuckles, though his hand as on the chair when Sierra pulled it out, turning out to be a team effort. Though once she's seated, he does be a gentleman and help push her chair in.

Then he takes his own seat. Though truth be told, this is his first -real- date too. "So then, Tell me about yourself, Sierra." a kind smile.

Sierra is rather confused when they both go for the chair at once. And even more so when he pushes her chair in for her. "Thanks?" She tries one of those smiles again before picking up the menu to look over it. And then she's asked a rather large question.

"Umm…not much to tell" Sierra shrugs. "I come from Mexico City and ignored the signs at a ruin. Next thing I know, I have a God inside me…actually inside me. Not /inside me/ like boys think. I am at the school on a scholarship…sort of. I am not paying for it, but it means I work for the government."

Alistair nods. "You are welcome." he says with a happy tone of voice as he sits down. "ah, I see. Though you have told me this, and while I am quite happy to hear it, I mean…tell me more of -you-. What do you like to do for fun? What movies do you like? favorite class, if any? Do you like your powers, and so forth. I apologize if I was being unclear."

His smile is warm even as he leans forward a moment, resting his hands on the table as he waits with bated breath for what Sierra may say.

"Oh…okay. It's a D and M" Sierra smirks before thinking on how to respond. "Okay…umm…I'm a bit of a geek. I spend a lot of time on computers which means, yes, I am a hacker. The computers my family could afford were usually loaded with viruses and things like that. They fell off the back of a truck. I have a big family back in Mexico. Favorite class? The last one of the day?" A little laugh at that. "Movies. Hmm…'Dirty Hookers Volume 5'? I am kidding!! I do not even know if there is such a movie."

"My powers…" Sierra shrugs at that. "They will not be going away so I have to get used to them. They change. They grow. The more my god remembers, the more power I get…or different powers. You know a little about being a god" she smiles warmly.

Alistair smiles and listens to her as she talks about being a geek and being good with computers. "Oh? maybe you can show me how to use them. I've always been awful." he has a bit of a sad face on him, but hey, it was good natured and meant to be playful. With that in mind, he smiles when she claims that she has a large family. "Oh? do tell! I have small family, for I am only son…but the whole tribe was my family." he smiles. "I am from the Zulu tribelands in South Africa. I miss home a great deal, at times."

Then talks of gods and hookers volume 5 come up. "I know not this movie, though I am happy that you were only joking." a wink. "I do know a little about being a god…or at the very least, being perceived as such. Having a power that is so vital to life is a good way to get attention." he shrugs lightly.

"I guess controlling the weather means you end up controlling the food supply" Sierra muses. "I can understand how important you are to them now. I bet they didn't take you leaving very well. Me…they couldn't wait to get rid of such a Satanic creature." Another shrug before a little laugh. "I am glad you do not know that movie. It is bad. What movies do you like?"

"And I will help you with computers" Sierra happily adds. "Usually people come to me to have their grades changed and things like that. Bad things. But that does not happen often because everyone is so goody two shoes." A pause. "Mostly. Why did you come here instead of staying at home?"

Alistair nods a moment at that. "Yes…it was very stressful. As for why I left? The tribe relied too much on me and believed me to be something I'm not. My departure was delivered to the village by a trusted attendant…who was my dearest friend." a small sigh. But when she claims that her home thought she was a satanic creature, he looks sympathetic, reaching across the table as if to hold her hand.

"I am sorry that you went through such a thing." he'll leave his hand there if she wants. "Oh? I see you are a great master of computers then, if you are able to do that. Unfortunately, I am among the 'goody two shoes'. Apologies."
A critical question is asked.

"I came here because in South Africa, cape town, specifically, I came across a rich white woman who, I suppose, liked me so much as to adopt me. I was soon taken to New York where I lived for two years. Then when my powers were revealed, I was sent here." he shrugs.

"You hid your powers for two years?" Sierra asks. "I have only had my powers a couple of years. I cannot imagine what it would be like since childhood." She frowns a little. "Did your attendant die? That was nice of the woman to adopt you like that." Though the Latina is suspicious. "Did…umm…did she want something from you to do that?" A wave of her hand. "It does not matter. It was rude of me to ask."

Sierra doesn't mind his hand to squeeze. "It is nothing. They are better now. Should we order?"

Alistair smiles softly to her. "I don't know. I like to think that they thought I returned to the land of the gods." he shrugs then lightly. "and yes, I hid it painedly for two years. It was very difficult. But alas, I was found out all the same." when she asks him what she wanted from him to adopt, and he shakes his head. "I don't know. from my knowledge, she wanted a son and couldn't have any children naturally." a sad thing, but it's his story.

"If you say so. and yes, I'd love to order." He orders some Crab Rangoon and Lo Mein noodles with a sprite to drink.
Sierra is happy for Alistair to order for her…though she will have a Coke Zero rather than a Sprite. "Having children has never been my mother's problem" she smirks. "Good Catholic family" she adds with a little giggle. "Not sure I will be a good Catholic like that. Not with a pagan god in me."

"I have not had a lot of seafood. Mexico City is far from the coast…and my house far from able to afford it" SIerra notes, though she is not bitter in any way. "So you will become a superhero? What happens when your people see you again on the television?"

Alistair orders Sierra Some Sushi and some Tsao's chicken. Spicy and delicious! With steamed rice and Kikkoman sauce. Of course, with the Coke Zero. "I see. Well, who knows? It all depends on who stands for what." he smiles to her a bit. Though when asked if he will become a superhero? He shrugs.

"I do not know. I was sent here to learn to control my powers, but…I am uncertain if that is what is in my future. Maybe, but maybe not. What about you? do you want to be a superhero?" he squeezes her hand.

"I do not really have a choice" Sierra replies, toying with a napkin with one hand while still holding Alistair's with the other. "This is all being paid for by the government. It is like a loan. In return, I work for them. I do not know if it will be public, it has not been so far." She thinks on this for a moment. "Hmm…it makes me sound more like a secret agent than a superhero. Maybe I am not a superhero. Do you want to be? Are you uncertain because you are uncertain or is it because of what others think?"

With a small hum, Alistair seems to at least try to understand. "I see…a government sanctioned super." he smiles softly to her. "Strange. Well, either way, you seem to be good at what you do. You have good heart. You hide it well, but I see." he smiles, but then she asks him if he wants to be a hero. "Maybe….I enjoy helping people. I hate to watch suffering of any sort. I am uncertain because I do not think I will be good at it." he chuckles softly. "But the road of life is long. We will see what happens, yes?"

"Sanctioned? More like owned" Sierra replies with a frown. Though his comments do make her laugh. "I am good at what I do? I once went to California to help a friend and I ended up shot and useless. No bulletproof for me. It hurt. They don't really ask me to come along on the school missions." She sighs softly. "So I do not think I am that good at it. You would be because you are goody-two-shoes. I am not."

Alistair looks a little sad when Sierra clearly doesn't like being bossed by the Government. He does inch closer to her as he looks her in those eyes of hers. "Now, just because of beliefs and morality do not make a good hero. A good hero is someone who helps for the sake of helping. One needs not to be perfect." and then the food arrives! But he takes this chance to lean over and give Sierra a kiss on her cheek.

Sierra blushes at the kiss on her cheek before finding some hair to tuck behind her ear. Thankfully, there is food to hide her blush behind. "Well I like to help people" she mumbles before sampling her food. To no surprise, she likes it spicy. "Mmmm…that's nice" she smiles over to Alistair, happy to talk with her mouth open. "Are you enjoying school so far?"

Alistair smiles softly to Sierra, able to tell she's blushing even when she puts a strand of hair behind her ear. Nevertheless, he starts to eat his food, though unlike her, he doesn't exactly speak with his mouth open. Rather, he waits until after he swallows to speak. "I'm glad you like it. Yes, yes I am. Very friendly people there. Many smiles, few scowls. It's a very pleasant place to be."

"Yeah, I bet they're friendly" Sierra snorts…and there may be a dropping of rice back onto the plate from her mouth. "Oops…sorry about that." She picks up the rice with her fingers and pops it back into her mouth; all class this girl. "I'm glad you like it though. Us Ares…even the teachers don't really like us. I guess we're necessary but certainly not popular. Mmm…this food is good."

Alistair doesn't seem to mind Sierra's more free way of eating. With that in mind, he simply chuckles, nodding to her softly. "I understand. Well, not as much as Ares student ever will, but I understand as best can." he smiles warmly to her as his food is already nearly all eaten.

Sierra is quite the vacuum cleaner too when she eats. Where does she put it all? Soon it is all gone and she is sipping on her drink. "Found any girls you like?" she teases. "Or boys?" A wink after that question. "Maybe even the teachers? I dunno much about them. I barely see them. Because I work for the government, I miss a lot of classes."

Alistair looks at Sierra and he tilts his head softly. "hm…in a romantic sense? hmm…no comment." a chuckle then. "Though I apologize when I say I'm straight, as they say." an apologetic look as she asks him about people he has a crush on. "What about you?"

"No comment? Ooh…I guess you've been Mister Smooth between classes" Sierra smirks. "Just remember to use a condom, okay? And you shouldn't have to apologize for being straight. No idea why there are so many gay guys in the school." A laugh. "Not that I can talk…being a lesbian and all."

Alistair can't help but laugh then. "I do not know what this means, but I assure you that I am not that." he winks softly, though what he does do is lean over to Sierra and give her a gentle kiss on the cheek. "For a lesbian, you blush a great deal when I am around." he chuckles lightly as he finishes his meal and calls for the check.

And that brings on another blush from the kiss. Sierra goes her bravest smirk at Alistair's comment. "I guess you're just a phase" she deadpans in reply. "But, gracias for tonight. It has been nice. The food and the company. You have survived the date. Your obligation is fulfilled" she smiles.

Alistair looks at Sierra and he just chuckles after paying for the food. "Maybe." and before they go anywhere, he leans in close. "One last thing." and he'll try to kiss her lips! slowly, if she lets him…but it will deepen with time.
The kiss is allowed…and even allowed to deepen. Though not for too long since they are in such a public place. And she's a lesbian, dammit! When it breaks she shuffles in place. "We…we should get back to school."

Alistair kisses Sierra! One of many that the two have shared together. But when they pull away? He nods and stands up. "Yes, yes we should. I'd hate to miss dance class." he winks and starts to walk Sierra back, offering her his arm.

"It's nine o'clock at night. What dance class is on now?" Sierra asks as she hooks her arm in his. "Besides, you don't need a class to dance." And off they go back to school.

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