(2018-05-11) Spaghetti Tutorial
Spaghetti Tutorial
Summary: Quinn is introduced to a couple more inhabitants of the house…. and spaghetti. Free spaghetti is the best spaghetti.
Date: 2018-05-11
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Kitchen, Winbarry Estate
Fri May 11, 2018

The kitchen has gone through quite an update. The walls have been repainted and thewood floor restored. It is now firmly imbedded in the 21st century with a six burner duel fuel stove/oven combo and a separate dual oven on top of that. A large, double wide frenchdoor fridge sits near the stove with a marble top cabinet between them. More marble topped cabinets and matching island with a few stools,give plenty of storage and counter space. More cabinets above are full of various canned goods and other foods, for the preparation of meals for the students. The pantry is equally full, one area of it set aside for between meal snacks of hungry teenagers.


It's late. Not so late that it's weird for someone to be in the kitchen, but late enough that supper is definitely over and most students are out doing something. Or inside doing something. The blur in the kitchen though seems to be making food. A pot of water is boiling, and there's a sauce pan heating up. Currently Daxton is standing there frowning at the collection of ingredients he's got laid out. Seems someone wanted to doctor a jar of spaghetti, but he's maybe bitten off more than he can chew…. Which is a lot, he's a speedster, they eat a lot. An onion and a few cloves of garlic are on a chopping board, along with various spices. He's clearly debating something as his foot taps super speed.

IT's been a busy, busy day for Callisto. It went late seeing how her community service hours were spend at the public pool, making sure nobody is dying and/or struggling. Longer than usual, too; there happened to be a class being taught that she was roped into assisting with. So a certain speedster won't be alone in his kitchen foray because in strides the willowy fae girl, her hair still slick and damp, swaying at the small of her back as her long-legged stride carries her into the kitchen. She's going right for the fridge, pulling it open and… geez, she's ravenous. Out she come with not one but two apples. She's going to cram these down her gullet and NOBODY is here to judge because Callisto bites one of these hapless red treefruits with great relish. She is a pair of tight navy-blue Lulus and a matching fitted camisole, she reeks of chlorine, she's hungry

She's so relieved, she exhales softly, leaning back at the counter as she devours the thing. Not daintily either. She's starting on the second apple now and that's when she realizes that… Daxton is…. there.

Callisto tunes in and blinks once, twice. Well then.

In yet another outfit borrowed from Ashton, Quinn is still getting himself used to the modern world. The smell of food got him to come out of his hiding spot. He hand his hands in the pocket of his blood red fleece. His arms were bare to the elements oddly. His blue eyes were looking nervously around as he sort of slinked into the kitchen trying to seem as small as possible. His foot steps are deliberate though. There is a soft sound to him that he finds soothing as he steps in.

Daxton turns slowly to watch the fey girl eat like a teenage boy. Although, who enjoys apples that much? Weirdo. "If you get out the hamburger and help fry it up, you can have some spaghetti." He's not mad at her anymore, just tired and wary of the situation. He's not in the right headspace for drama. So when Quinn steps in he nods, stepping over to the onion, "Hey new kid. You want spaghetti?" Whoever said Dax's wasn't friendly (everyone)?

IT's clear that Callisto's foremost tribulation at this moment.. is hunger! What WAS she doing? She does enjoy apples, thank you very much. She intended to just come in here, eat 2-3 of them, then retire. She tilts her head some, seeing fit to keep her own thoughts and concerns to herself, and before she can answer.. Quinn arrives! She is still chewing slowly; her head turns to look upon the boy as he very nervously makes his arrival. Silvery lashes flutter once as she considers a few responses at once. "I am alright, though if you need h—-" Yup, this younger boy she has not seen before.

Callisto waits to hear Quinn's response as to whether or not he would like to partake. Perhaps to just help out, maybe help the newer student feel comfortable, the girl is returning to the fridge to seek out the ground beef.

There's a moment as Quinn stares at Daxton like a dear in the headlights. Then there's a moment as he tries to match up the word spaghetti in his head. He takes a shallow deep breath before he says, "Yes please." He says in a soft little voice. He shifts his weight a little bit from foot to foot. He wasn't sure about all of these things. "I've never had spaghetti before." He says weakly. His accent is quite strange as he speaks. It's not like anything modern at all. The words feel strange in his mouth.

Of course he's never had spaghetti. None of the students here have had normal things, it feels like. Dax nods, telling Quinn and pointing to a cabinet, "Get a frying pan out for Strawberry." And then he starts chopping the onion, super fast in a blur.

Closing the fridge, Callisto watches Quinn. She's been around a couple of centuries; a drop in the bucket compared to others here, including this 'youngling' … but she does recognize a fish out of water re: culture-shock. Pale cerulean eyes glint once, catching the light, as she brings the meat to the counter. "T'is good," She offers in her own smooth, pleasant timbre. She, too, has an accent… Northern. Danish. Hanging from her neck, just at her breast-bone, is a sort of silver pendant. It is set over a top that covers most of her chest.

Callisto has become kinder in past months, she watches Quinn levelly for a few seconds and manages a half smile. "I recommend trying some." And with that, she's pulling a spatula from a drawer and just when she's about to go for the frying pan, Dax tells Quinn to do so. Callisto waits expectantly. "What is your name?" She asks of the timid one.

"What is a frying pan?" Quinn asks blinking slowly as he considers Daxton. "Wir… Quinn. We decided on Quinn." He says in that strange accept as he closes his eyes to try and figure out what the word means before he does actually manage to get a frying pan from the cabinet,"This is a frying pan, no?" He asks softly.

Daxton peels the garlic cloves (some would say the most important part!) glancing over at Quinn, "Yeah. That's a frying pan, Quinn. My name is Daxton." Blue eyes flicker to Calli, but she seems to be alright maybe getting Quinn to help her.

The girl listens, watches… oh. They 'decided' on… his present name?

Callisto is perceptive. The boy started with but a syllable but provided another name altogether. He has been renamed, then. The girl pushes back a hank of moonpale hair and nods as Quinn vacillates and ultimately finds the pan. "Perfect." She confirms what Daxton says, extending one lithe hand toward Quinn, seeking the pan. "Quinn, I am known as Callisto." Not Strawberry. Even in trying to act and sound casual, there is a degree of deeply ingrained formality in the graceful girl. "A pleasure to meet you." And she means it!

Provided the pan was passed to her, Callisto brings it to the oven range. "When did you arrive?" Clearly he's new; so much so that Callisto, at least, doesn't recall seeing him in classes. Then again, she hasn't been focusing much. She pauses, sniffs the air close to Daxton… that garlic is strong! To her anyway.

"A couple days ago… Ashton has helped me out." Quinn says sighing deeply as he did the right thing. He says in protoceltic,"I am new, and thank you." There wasn't a lot to his speech. He was watching the pair of them intently,"I believe I am supposed to say It is nice to meet you both." He says before he runs his hand across the back of his head, feeling the strange sensation of how short his hair was. The scent of the garlic was strong to him as well. "You have a very fast tempo to you." He says looking at Daxton, while listening to Callisto's melody,"Your sound is pretty."

Oh Strawberry, you haven't smelled anything yet. He scoops up the chopped onions and garlic and dumps them into the pan as soon as it's not he stove, "Cook these and the meat up." She gets another look before he's next to the fridge pulling out a bottle of hot sauce and a soda. He shrugs, "You don't have to say anything if you don't want to." He laughs at something Quinn says, "Well…that is my code name." But then he's…flirting with Calli? An amused look is given to the girl.

Her 'sound'..? Despite everything, the smile comes easily to her face. Callisto, when she sees fit, has a lovely smile.. there's something about this boy… he was helped by Ashton? She is aware, then, of the weight of her amulet. Callisto peels back the cellophane from the tray of beef and observes the heat of the frying pan. Quinn compliments her 'melody' and she turns her head upon a lithe length of neck, watches Quinn again. "I thank you." There's… something about him, yes. The way he speaks; a connotation to his voice. "Have you met a one Loukanos?" Asked smoothly, and suddenly she's looking down at a pan full of garlic and onions. Oh… oh Gods.. so strong!

Callisto furrows her brow as she dumps the beef into the pan, starts to break it up. Pauses at the mention of 'tempo'. Daxton's amused look is met with a knowing smile in his direction, before the fae girl looks back down at the pan full of ingredients. Her look was both amused and conspiratorial. Cripes, so many stinky things in this pan!

"I am trying to adjust to the current manners." Quinn says looking at Daxton, "Tempo? I can hear it in you." He says with a small smile on his face. He glances over to Callisto,"I have met him… He was the first to help me when I arrived." Since he was the only first one that he could speak with him. His blue eyes looking at Callisto quietly,"You are welcome. I hear sounds from all people." He says in a casual manner. He really did enjoy the sound of people.

Today has been a trying and emotional day. But when Ashton went to check on Quinn and discovered him gone, he started searching for him. He sticks his head into the kitchen. When he sees the druid boy in there, he closes his eyes and lets out a breath that he wasn't even aware that he was holding. He walks on into the kitchen. "Quinn, are you okay?" The worry and concern in the dark-haired sorcerer's eyes. The boy is dressed in a white tee shirt, tucked into a pair of light blue jeans. An unbuttoned dark blue shirt is worn over the tee shirt. He gives a nod to Pizza Boy and sees a face that he doesn't recognize, whom he offers a polite smile to Callisto. "Hello."

The hot sauce bottle is thankfully set down, not added to the sauce. Daxton's not that mean. "Thanks?" He sounds like a Tempo? Weird. Dax seems to be in a good mood, doctoring spaghetti sauce. Ashton gets an upend, but he doesn't say anything else. Instead he drains he said he got.

Hm… a marked sensitivity toward sound? Callisto's blue-green gaze meets Quinn's blue ones, "T'is a big, big world… a great many sounds. People and things. I pray that it does not get too overwhelming." She turns back to the stovetop but is obviously listening as she breaks up the chunks of beef, "Ah, then you are most fortunate. Welcome to the school." My, she's being social! Callisto wouldn't have been so welcoming months ago; it appears, in the acquisition of her talisman, she is opening up more. Not having your mind accosted nightly does that.

She's just adjusting the heat, but not without giving Daxton a brief, pointed look. See, it says; she can cook ground beef! In glancing toward the speedster, her peripherals reveal to her another arrival. It is to the sorcerer Ashton that the fae girl's glacial gaze roves next, and she bows her head in greeting. "Good evening to you." Callisto has seen the boy before, but… better safe than sorry. "Forgive me, your name eludes me. I am Callisto." She introduces herself a second time, then holds the greasy spatula like a royal scepter. "Might you partake in some… spaghetti?" ~_~

Walking over to Ashton,"I am ok. I smelled things in here and was curious." Quinn says matter of factly, before he whispers to the dark haired youth,"What is spaghetti? I know it is a food…" He turns a little pink about that. The hot sauce would have definitely been an experience for Quinn as he'd never had the spicy liquid before. He probably wouldn't have said anything,"There are so many more sounds and variations than… where I am from." More precisely when but that's beside the point.

Ashton is visibly relieved as Quinn seems to be fine. "You are free to walk around as much as you like. I was just worried that you would have become overwhelmed by everything so unfamiliar to you." He smiles to Quinn, before he ponders. "I don't think it was around before.. it's normally good… I think you might like it." He smiles, "There is nothing to forgive. I don't believe that we have met before. I'm Ashton Talbot." He glances back to Quinn, then looks back at the duo cooking, "If you are sure that it would not be an imposition." Now, that he is certain that his ward is alright, Daxton is actually spoken to. "Hey, dude, how's it goin'?"

Daxton raises his hands, in mock going up. Calli can cook ground beef, he's impressed. But then she's giving away his spaghetti! He zips over and pulls out another pound of noodles to boil. Originally he was going to eat it all himself, but he can fill up on bread or something he guesses. "Anyone know how to make garlic bread?" Supper was already served, but Dax isn't part of the school, so maybe he missed it? His head comes around and he frowns, it's normally good? "My spaghetti is fucking awesome." He doesn't actually know that, he usually just watches Afterthought make it. "I'm alright. Got a mission tomorrow so I'll be gone for a few days."

"T'is nice to meet you beyond classes." Callisto offers as she glances over a shoulder at Ashton. She is willowy girl, long-legged and greyhound lean, outfitted in some manner of yoga attire and smelling of chlorine. Damp hair, too, speaks of her having been to a pool recently. This hair sluices past tapered, elf-like ears. She looks watchful and pleasant, perhaps a bit tired…. though hanging at her breastbone is an amulet of sorts: a sterling silver Gorgon head that Ashton may or may not recognize as the work of his beau. Nonetheless, she returns Ashton's smile and keeps vigilant watch over the frying pan as Ashton and Quinn continue to catch up.

Daxton's hand gestures are not overlooked, "Are you alright?" She asks him gently, one brow quirking. A little smirk as she flips and turns a bulk of the meat to make sure it's evenly cooked. She does not volunteer to attempt garlic bread, but something the speedster says catches her attention… she looks back to him.

"Shall you travel far?" She asks, trying not to sound too concerned. But she is. c_c .. she won't even try not to be.

"I was… but I am trying." Quinn says nodding his head intently. "It is difficult but the smell…" He didn't eat supper because he was scared of all the people. Large groups are very overwhelming to him. When you're used to very small groups, the entire school is overwhelming. "His sound is very quick tempo. A bit staccato too." He'd been studying the musical lingo to try and explain things to people. His blue eyes focus intently for a moment," What is garlic bread?" He asks sounding dumbfounded.

"Um, either you buy it at the store in the bag pre-fixed or ask Martha, my grandparents' cook, to make it…." Ashton responds about the garlic bread. He does indeed recognize the amulet. As his azure-green eyes focus on the amulet, a pleasant smile eases across his lips. "Oh, you're the girl that Loukanos was helping… Nice to meet you." While she may trying to reign in her concern, Ashton doesn't. He's not really that good about holding in his emotions, even if of late they have not been quite so vivid. He knows the type of things that Unit 23 deals with. "Nothing too serious, huh?"

Daxton shrugs, "Chicago to start with." After that, depends on what the mission needs. "I know Pulse is going, not sure if Fel and Moritz are." Maybe it's just a Speedster mission? He turns to just give Ashton an 'Are you serious' look? Ugh, rich people. "Hopefully. Serious enough to pay us." He'll not mention the equipment Inferno told them to ready. Firepower doesn't seem like it would calm people down.

Now she's is draining the beef, taking care not to lose the garlic and onions. Callisto sets the pan down and turns to Ashton, seconds after he notices Louk's handiwork, to meet his gaze with her own. Bluish-green, watchful.. broken by a blinking of long lashes. Something there in his tone and words.. Callisto's slow smile returns. She's not one to grin, but her smiles are earnest. "Ah, yes.. the very same. I shall be eternally grateful. Any friend of Loukanos' I shall receive favorably. I am most glad to meet you too." The very inflection in Callisto's voice speaks of.. gratitude. To have bore witness to her before receiving the amulet… she looked haunted. But now…

To Daxton, with no lack of concern.. "Do be careful." She means it. "For a rematch is in order, Dastardly Daxton. I shall win next time, for you know what I mean." Callisto masks this concern with humor. Leaving the remainder of the fare to be brought together, she clears her throat gently and moves to collect some dishes and cutlery. Yes, cutlery. "I am going to set a few spots in the nook." She says quickly, going to do just that in the breakfast nook. No use messing up the main dining area for the sake of a few of them eating pasta.

"I am sorry I am of no aid to you." Quinn says looking at Daxton. If you want to know about magic, he can help. Modern food items, not so much. Of course his concept of modern is quite skewed. The listing of the equipment would probably be met with a blank stare as he has 0 knowledge of weaponry. "If you do work for someone, do they not pay or give you something in return always?" He seems a bit baffled by this. "Even the Romans were not without honor to pay for a job done in some fashion."

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