(2018-05-08) Patio Chatter
Patio Chatter
Summary: Throughout the day, the back patio is a small hub for various students' conversations. (NOTE: I combined two scenes that happened in the same day, one seguing into the other.. easier than posting two small logs. Thanks!)
Date: 2018-05-08
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Back Patio, Winbarry Esates
Tue May 08, 2018

The large back patio has recently been rebricked, the earthy red showing little wear. There are a few chairs and benches here and there to sit and relax while watching the view across the large greensward of grass to the ocean. To the left of the patio is a large swimming pool that is empty of water and a large canvas tarp covering it.


<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.

It's a beauty of a day. Surely most students, spying the sunlight beyond the windows, shuffled restlessly all throughout the day's classes.. just wanting to get out there! So there we have it: it's Tuesday afternoon, classes have finished up… students have hastened to get outside whether onto the grounds to horse around, sit on the premises to do homework.. it's the very best kind of day. It's warm and sunny.

As soon as she was able to, Fee was out of her uniform and into a pair of shorts and a tanktop (there's a design on it… is that a chibified Jonathan Byers?) … she's laid claim to a lounge chair and planted her ass right onto it, in a sunny portion of the patio. Of course she will have grabbed a few of them, if any friends wished to join her for lemonade and peoplewatching… and a feast of vitamin D!

Fionnuala, heart-shaped shades (they're so ugly they're cute) propped on her nose, peers over the railing of the patio at some students on the lawn, having themselves a makeshift game of bocce ball. She spouts out cheers for nobody in particular.. maybe toward whomever throws the ball whose color she likes most. Fee doesn't discriminate.

Sun worshipping is not Rain's normal, but who said you couldn't study and soak up some rays. No one, that's who. She has changed into a sleeveless tennis dress, in a green paisley design, probably by Gucci, and is barefoot. Lounging on a chair as well she has her health text book open and is reading a few chapters ahead. Her phone sits nearby providing some mood music. Looking over her own sunglasses at Fiona "You don't sunburn, do you?" Her tone has some concern in it.

Besa has not changed// out of his uniform, too much effort to go up and down the stairs, especially now that he's having to lug around this stupid tank. Oxygen! Who needs it (Besa does)? He has lost his tie and the sleeves are rolled up, showing off a few scars on his left forearm. He's had more, especially since no one ever let him heal this life. Cocoa has been his constant companion this past week, not wanting to leave his side at all. There's no explaining to her what's going on, she just knows he doesn't feel right. As he pulls the tank, tubes rubbing from it to the small nose clip they have him wearing, his ores hand is unbuttoning the top of his shirt. Sun and warm is nice, he approves. Being his friends he slowly starts his way over, "Hello. May I join you?"

Schuyler made sure to change out of his uniform before he went outside for a cigarette break and a little walk. Keeping a wide berth between him and the bocce players, he strolls along the yard until he sees the others at the patio. With the clove cigarette still in hand, he makes his way over to them, frowning briefly at seeing Besa with the oxygen tank and tubes but he then tries to mask his concern and ask a simple, «How are you feeling today, Besa?» All of this is said while sitting next to his sister and casually blowing smoke in her direction. He offers Fee a friendly smile and wave. Well, friendly for him.

While Rain is barefoot, Fionnuala chances tanlines and keeps her tootsies in a pair of neon pink flip-flops. Ever since her accident in the attic, Fee is rarely barefoot. Her toes are each painted a different color with tiny daisy decals pressed onto each one. If anyone ever needs a visual on how the two girls differ in style, here's a solid one right here. Fee twitches her wings which have been splayed carefully for maximum solar absorption! +_+

"The sun loves me, it'll never burn me." Fee grins over at Rain, sipping her lemonade. "Don't you worry none—"

Besa's arrival is noted next and though the sight of the oxygen tank wrenches Fee's heart painfully, she sits up to wave him over. "Of course/ you don't even have to ask. How are you feeling today, Besa?" She has to ask.. the tank says one thing, but what of his mood? Her spoken question mirror's Sky's, sent via telepathy. She turns to smile at the male Masters twin; perhaps they asked in tandem! Poor Besa! She pushes up from her seat to ready a chair for the Egyptian boy.

Rain doesn't burn either, to much Italian blood for that. She is still protected with sunscreen though, so she smells faintly of coconuts. No risking skin cancer for her. She nods to Besa, looking up from her textbook, as Fiona answers out loud. "Do you want some lemonade?" A large pitcher sits nearby as well as a few glasses. At the arrival of Sky she narrows her eyes at him. "Put that out!" She demands in both modes "Can't you read?" She points to the flammable warning on the oxygen tank. When he blows smoke at her she reaches over to smack him in the head. "Are you /trying/ to blow us up?"

Besa smiles warmly, despite the impending doom, he seems in good spirits, "I am well, thank you. I am glad the sun is out today." He glances skywards, to the big ball of warmth. "Spring seems to have finally arrived." He starts to move over to the chair offered by Fee, but then pauses while the twins do whatever it is they are doing, "I can…sit further away…" There is a nod to the drink though, "I do not have to start fasting till Friday, lemonade sounds lovely. Thank you."

Schuyler smiles back at Fee but then winces and lets out an, "Ow!" as Rain smacks him in the head. He reaches out to give her shoulder a retaliating shove but he does actually put the cigarette out. «It's not like I was sitting right there and holding the end near the tubes!» He's not -that- stupid! «Maybe I'm just trying to blow -you- up…» is mentally muttered before he goes to pour Besa…or himself…or both a glass of that lemonade. «You have to fast all weekend? That seems awfully unfair.»

Damnit Besa you will get all the lemonade. Even as mention of fasting tweaks Fee's bleeding heart just that bit more, she checks the mechanism of the chair to make sure it doesn't collapse or fling poor Besa — tank and Cocoa and all — sideward. Satisfied, she adjusts a cushion and gestures to it with a flourish. "Here you are—-"

A pause as she watches, eyes rounded behind her ugly shades, the bickering between the twins. Rain smacks Sky upside the head and Sky shoves the girl's shoulder. To watch Fee's expression is to see her lips twitching at their corners.. she's trying not to laugh. Oh, siblings!

As they sort themselves out, culminating in Sky pouring some lemonade, Fee moves back to her chair and flops down in her swath of sunlight. To keep Rain's mind at ease she grabs up the pretty-smelling sunscreen and goes about rubbing it into her skin, even if there is truth in the sun not being a threat to her whatsoever. She just wants to smell like coconuts!

"The other side of the mansion is to close." Rain tells Sky. Besa nor his oxygen tank shouldn't be around flames or smoke for that matter. She doesn't prevent the shove, just braces herself so it isn't effective as her brother would like. Sticking her tongue out at him and then turning to Besa a smile on her face as if she didn't just bicker with her brother "Will you be up for a trip to the children's hospice? I scheduled a visit for us there before you head to Sabinson's." No need to explain why. She knows how he likes his deaths to mean something. If Sky doesn't pour Besa a lemonade, she will do it. "I thought you could have clear liquids while fasting?"

Besa smiles and lowers himself slowing into the chair. "Thank you. This is nice." He arranges the tubes so poor Cocoa doesn't get caught up in them when she inevitably crawls up onto the chair with hi. Instead go his head, he may die from cuddle smothering. Sky's getting the lemonade has his head tilt, but he smiles and responds back with a small chuckle, "Well…my life has not been filled with much fairness, yes?" Bit then he explains, It' is to clear the body of everything, to give the ritual a better chance of working properly." There's a chance it won't?!?! The nice smelling lotion is glanced to, but he focuses back to Rain's question. His expression is odd, not quiet bothered, but…. "The priests have worked out something for me. I will not need to go to the hospital…" He smiles at Rain, "I will help more this way." A small shorter lift, "I have been told just water." Rituals are weird.

Schuyler most certainly does pour Besa a lemonade and even brings it to him. He sticks his tongue back out at his twin before moving to lean against one of the other chairs. «Sure, it may clear your body of everything, but it won't make you sicker or weaker without nourishment for three days?» He doesn't look too convinced. His nose wrinkles at the scent of the sunscreen but then gives Besa an odd look. He never really trusts those vague little statements that he gives. «Elaborate please.»

The shifter, typically so intent on helping kids, does not interject to ask if she can come along. Something tells her that this is beyond typical goodwill. Next year however, when community service hours become mandatory for graduation, you can just bet that Fee will be in those hospitals with bells on. Poor Rain having to be seen with her.

She DID see Besa looking at the sunscreen, however. It appears Rain's lotion is making the rounds! If Besa meets her gaze, Fee will hold it up and give the tube a wiggle. "Would you like a bit? I doubt you burn easily but it smells really pretty~" She offers to the Egyptian boy. Fee is too pure for this world.

She caught Sky's glance at the sunscreen too.. she's about to offer but instead follows his gaze to Besa, instead electing to listen. Sunlight sparkles and dances lazily in her feathers as the sound of students on the lawn provides a sort of background white noise. They're having fun.

The statement isn't alarming to Rain, she knows what is really going on. She has gotten to the point where she isn't sure if she wants this to be over with or not. She is just a big bundle of conflicting emotions and confusion. No wonder she has been irritable and not sleeping well. And now no last healing fling…"Alright," her tone is a bit dubious "These are the good priests? The ones with Sabinson?" She would like elaboration to but she isn't going to be as blatant about it as Sky.

Besa doesn't want to say he'll be dead on Monday, so what does it matter. He really doesn't. So instead, "Being weak is preferable to the ritual not working, Sky." After a long moment of contemplation on Sky's request, he'll take the lotion and put some on his hands (Just to smell nice), "I will give blood right before the ritual, so they can take more to distribute." It's kind akin being an organ donor…but not. O.o He shifts his head, tubes swaying slightly with the motion, to smile at Rain, "I appreciate that you thought of that Rain, thank you. And yes, This is Sabinson's and Amisi's group." So many priests! Speaking of, "I…I do need a favor…."

Schuyler didn't quite get the elaboration he was looking for, but it's something. He may not like it, but it's something. «It smells like coconuts,» is offered in regard to the lotion before he moves on. «Will the priests control how it's being used?» Because he doesn't want Besa to wake up and suddenly be shoved in a lab for his blood to be extracted and experimented upon. The question about the priests gets a 'Come on…' look at Rain. Of course it's the good ones! Would Besa be consorting with the bad ones? The question of a favor gets a lifted eyebrow and there's a glance to Cocoa. He thought they already figured that out?

The shifter girl is caught up in briefly observing the going-ons out on the lawn… one buffoon is trying to juggle two bocce balls and he very nearly tenderizes a foot. She has to look away, and immerses herself back into the conversation at hand. 'Good priests' …? It's all so beyond Fee but she wants so desperately to know and understand. She looks firstly to Rain as she poses a question, then back to Besa as he rubs the lotion into his hands and speaks onwards.

Besa's request, though, piques Fee's attention. "A favor? Anything. What's up?"

"Come on…" Rain echoes Sky's words to her, same tone and everything. »> Of course they aren't going to shove him in a lab, these are the good priests right?«< She sends to him privately. It's the same thing. They have the same worry, just different ways of asking a similar question.

Besa's asking of a favor has her setting the book down and looking at him "of course, what do you need?"

Besa just nods, "Yes, they will make sure it gets to people in need." He's so trusting! His mouth quirks, shaking his head briefly, it's not bout Cocoa. "Ashton has requested to come to the Ritual. He feels…because it was in his head, that he needs to see it through. To make sure it is preformed correctly. I…do not wish this. None of you need to see it." He'd rather not be more night mare fader. Sorry Rain! "I told him as such, but I believe he is going to keep asking. If you could…kindly support me in this, I would appreciate it." Was that Kindly directed at the twins? Yes, ye it was. They are kind to him, bit not always to others.

«If he requested and you said 'no', we'll support you in that,» Sky offers, feeling fairly confident that Rain would agree with him. «If you don't tell us -where- the ritual is taking place, then he also won't be able to wheedle it out of us.» Just a little hint there. «But we'll support your request.»

The crow shifter looks mildly concerned, then. She does not know Ashton all that well, and worries that her opinion may not carry as much weight in comparison to that of the twins'. It shows in her expression, too. Nonetheless, it is what Besa asks.. and how can Fionnuala not support it, even in spirit?

Fionnuala realizes then that she is still holding the tube of sunscreen! Gingerly she reaches across and sets it down, back beside Rain's seat. The winged girl looks both troubled and resigned… she wants this ritual to be completed, but that means Besa's death happens with it! But the question remains: where is it taking place, afterall? Not like Fee is going to outright ask. One can just see the concern blazing behind her tacky shades. Q_Q

Rain is with Sky on this one "If you don't want him to be there, he will /not/ be there." she assures Besa. She may have to resort to being physical with Ashton, but sacrifices an all. "We know where Sabinson lives, but his house isn't exactly the place for the ritual. What we don't know…" and she doesn't even seem curious about the location…and she isn't. Perhaps she doesn't want to go.

Besa's eyes narrow, "I do no wish for you to be mean to him, he is very upset by all of this." There is a soft nod and he offers, "I do not know where it will be, besides somewhere safe." Or so he's told. Amisi knows. What he does know is this, "I will leave Monday morning, so we have the weekend to spend together." If they want. Or he is just as happy to hang out with Cocoa. Weekends are important for teens, he understands.

«We're not going to attack him, Besa, unless he attacks first. But he should also understand that what he wants isn't the point here. Going there isn't going to make him feel less guilty and it's also not his fault.» It's the guys' fault who took the piece of heart last year's fault! «He's the one who isn't being kind if he's wanting to go against your wishes. All we'll do is reinforce what you've asked of us. And if no one knows, how is he going to get there?» They won't let him try and follow Besa, that's for certain.

The weekend. Fionnuala perks; she is filled with this powerfully bittersweet sense of upset and adoration. She hasn't much to supply to the topic at hand regarding the ritual and keeping Ashton apart from it.. but she is examining the prospect of this pre-ritual weekend as she would a curious find. "So…" A pause, her wings twitch, she's glowing. Beyond her at a safe distance, a girl hollers and does a victory lap after besting her friends at this antiquated game of bocce ball. Why the hell are teenagers playing this?

'So' …? Is she going to supply a nugget, a suggestion, as to what to do about Ashton?! Fionnuala takes a deep breath, inhaling the scent of sun and coconuts.

"I think we need to consider some important, lovely things to do this weekend. Before everything happens. What do you like best, Besa? I can't suggest meals," Because fasting, "But there's other things. Do you want me to bring more Sculpey? Or what about music? Or… whatever you want." Seems she's already on board with making the most out of the weekend.

"It's not being mean, it's called tough love." Rain won't be mean about it, unless she is driven to it. She can't be blamed if that happens. When Fiona starts to bring up ideas for the weekend "We can do whatever you want Besa. Stay in, go out. It's your weekend, we are at your beck and call."

Besa's lips press together, this isn't what he wanted! The aggression! He should have just spoken to Louk! "Ashton isn't going to attack anyone, Schuyler!" There's a nod though, he won't ask where then, just so no one knows! He's thankful Fee has latched onto the weekend, "I would not be opposed to doing so clay work." There's no way he could do a kick wheel, but sculpy could be fun. "I like listening to music." No dancing for him though! He smiles, servants! It's amusing, but not something he'll take advantage of. "We can watch a movie?"

«Exactly. He won't be attacking so I don't think we'll need to turn to being unkind in order to keep him away. What Rain said,» about 'tough love'. «If anything, because he's you're friend, he should realize that you're not requesting this to be mean to him, but the opposite. But you also aren't responsible for his sense of guilt.» He'll try to talk to Ashton about that some time soon. «We'll do whatever you'd like to do. Probably not a bonfire…» if Besa is going to be hooked up to the Oxygen tank.

"Anything you want, anything." Fee's smile is slow, slow to spark; soon it's a grin. She takes her shades, slips them up and props them upon her forehead. Her black hair is tousled slightly in the action, rising up over the sunglasses like antennae. "Beck and call is right. You want clay work? We'll get it. Music? It's yours, name the type. And movies? We have tons, tons! We'll have ourselves a big ol' binge!" Now she's excited, true to Fee fashion. "We don't have to do much and at the same time, we can do everything. Make every minute count." She says, meaning it. This, Fee can help with.

Oh, how she wishes he could eat, though! But that's a certain price to pay for things to hopefully work out.

"What about a singalong? We can have people down at the beach here.. maybe the weather will be nice and we can enjoy the water some." Even just to put their feet in. Fee is off on a tangent!

Besa smiles softly, "No bon fire. Or I will just ditch the tank." He can go without for a few hours. He just nods, anything really, he's not hard to please. He just wants to be around the people he loves. He starts to say something else, but the out for. The kitchen comes Amisi. She smiles warmly, waving at Sky briefly before getting a. Little more serious and asking Besa, "Can we talk a moment? I want to work poem things out before Monday.." He nods, slowly gets up, and walks with her out into the yard, away from the sport thing. She helps drag the tank along.

Rain has said all she can and/or will about dealing with Ashton. "We can do all of the above. Maybe marathon some Disney movies." talk of what could be his last weekend has her tearing up. Good thing she has dark sunglasses on. No one can see it. She watches Besa wander off with Amisi. Instead of saying anything else about the subject she buries her face in her book.. but she isn't doing any reading.


<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Ukulele: Success.
<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Singing: Good Success.

It appears a certain shifter girl has returned to the back patio a few hours after departing it, following a gathering with friends. Rain, Besa and Sky have all moved on to see to something or other and Fionnuala, well, she is content to just settle her buns back onto the very same lounge chair that she occupied earlier on. The sun was high in the sky then, and as it is now the early evening — after supper, roundabouts 7pm — the sun has dipped low and the skies are a dark orange-ochre over the sighing expanse of the sea. It really is pretty! The grounds, devoid of the students who were horsing around earlier, are mostly silent.

But Fionnuala is making noise. Nice noise!

She's strumming a few simple chords on the ukulele.. said chords don't have much to do with the actual lyrics she is pulling forth, but she's improvising. "I have a picture, pinned to my wall~" The girl's pretty singing voice carries across the patio, it's a peaceful time. Just Fee and the fireflies. "An image of you and of me and we're laughing and loving it all~" Ah, Thompson Twins.

<FS3> Lazarus rolls Superhuman Senses: Great Success.

As Fionnuala strummed and sang, Lazarus had just finished the homework for the day. Lately he's become…uncertain of himself. Especially with the Rain situation. He knows what's coming, and maybe he should not grow attached. Seeking to free his mind from that, He decided to just walk about the campus…..but then his -very- sensitive ears heard Fionnuala's beautiful playing and singing, Lazarus decided to go and pay her a visit.

He finally remembered to wear his uniform! Dressed in the full suit and blazer with the blue trim as per the Ares faction, He pauses at the doorstep and he smiles softly to Fionnuala, speaking in Gaelic. ~beautiful music~. He walks over to her and turns to face her. It's clear he's been doing a great deal of thinking.. and he's possibly been under a great deal of stress, as well.

~mind if I join you?~ he asks her curiously, not even moving for a seat until or unless she says it's okay to join her.

This song is not meant to be accompanied by a ukulele. Really the notes are just meant to help Fee keep pace, though the words come to her easily. She coasts through the lyrics of 'Hold Me Now' by the Thompson Twins, not missing a beat.. she has nothing in mind, really, as she sings this particular tune. She's just in an 80's mood. "Let loving start, let loving start~!" And with that, she concludes, looking rapt and happy as she always does after singing a tune. What timing, too! She's just there languishing in her loose floppy peasantry top and black tights, hair piled up high and wild, when she finds herself with company.

As she lays down the little guitar, Fee looks up with a brilliant gaze (full of sunlight) to spy Lazarus's arrival. Seamlessly she drops into Scots Gaelic, the words lyrical in their own right. ~Hello, Lazarus!~ The inflection in her tone speaks of contentment at seeing the boy.. though something about him seems off.

~Are you alright? Of course you can join me.~

Lazarus smiles softly to Fionnuala, a kind smile on his features as she agrees to let him join her. ~Many thanks, Fionnuala.~ Now that it comes up….he's never once called Fee by one of her nicknames. Like using Fee insteadof her full first name. It's probably out of politeness and not knowing the barriers that he does so.

Moving over to sit in a chair next to her, Lazarus shakes his head softly. ~I don't know. Many things are happening, and I'm uncertain how to go about any of them.~ A small sigh as he looks forward at the beautiful setting sun.

~What of you. You look happy.~

<FS3> RJ rolls Parkour: Great Success.

There is a noise from up above. It is the sound of sneakers on brick. A break in the sound before the sound of a soft grunt, followed by a sliding noise. From the ledge of the second floor, a form launches itself in a springed jump over the patio itself, hitting the ground in a mostly practiced roll. The slender form of the blond boy from another Earth that recently arrived at the school and well, this dimension, ends up flat on his back, spread eagle. There is but a brief moment before he makes any sounds. That sound is none other than laughter, soft at first but building rapidly into a full belly laugh. He lifts his head and looks up at the two students on the patio through the mop of ashen blond hair, "Um… Greetings… " He has a wide goofy grin on his face. "My apologies. I did not mean to interrupt." He then flops his head back, seemingly uninjured.

Interestingly enough, Lazarus is part of the ranks of a few who prefer to call her by her proper name of Fionnuala — ( Fin - oo - lah ) — … she doesn't mind it either way. She studies the boy for a moment, intrigued to see that he is still in uniform so late in the day. ~Things? What kind of things? Are you settling in okay? Lessons going well?~ She asks the simple questions first, though surely she will ask of Rain too and how that friendship is going. She has a feeling that it's not quite so simple, but Fee isn't one to bulldoze ahead with questions. Her wings are out, too, to note; still glistening with the day's accumulated sunshine. She allows it to trickle out and around herself rather harmlessly, hanging like gold dust before fading. She is also putting put a degree of warmth. It's any wonder she doesn't have moths going after her light!


Ermahgerd it's raining RJs! The shifter tenses instinctively at the sound and indication of a body sailing overhead, only to roll forth and flop onto the patio! Fee blinks, looking comically startled… then he laughs. She presses a hand to her mouth, for laughter is contagious. "Goodness, are you okay?" Fee asks in English, wanting to go help him up but he seems kinda… content there. "RJ, right?"

Lazarus had a feeling he would be bombarded with questions by the sweetheart that is Fee. She actually already had her own special little place with him that he was still trying to decipher, whether it was between acquaintance and friend? who knows. Regardless of that fact, he answers a few questions. ~Studies are inevitably irrelevant. I know most if not all of what they teach me.~ he says with an almost cold tone to his voice. ~I settle in well enough. Rain and Schuyler have seen to that. Besa as well.~

A wild RJ appears! out of apparently nowhere. Lazarus knows this guy's fine, because he can still hear his heartbeat and he didn't hear any bones break.

"Hi." is all he says to the fellow.

RJ continues to lay there for a moment, before he sits up. He brushes his hair back from his eyes. "Well, that did not work like I planned." He nods, "Yes, I am fine. I probably would have been fine even if I didn't jump over the ground stones. And yes, I am called RJ." Slowly, he stands and stretches, most catlike. He cocks his head as he looks at Fee's wings. "Are you… " his brow furrows as he thinks, "what is the term…. related.. yes related to Carmichael. He has wings too." He smiles, "Greetings Lazarus Pentecost."

Well, if Fee has managed to provide Lazarus a sort of oasis amidst the newness of the town and school — due to mutual Scottish heritage — … she will be heartened to know this. ~Well that's good,~ Right back to Gaelic, as her eyes flit back to Lazarus. Maybe this next bit is best asked in Gaelic so as to ensure Lazarus's privacy, though she does not wish to alienate RJ by vaulting between languages. ~Everything else okay, though, with them? You're still hanging out with Rain?~ She tests the waters, but does not ask on… while she likes to think it her business to know roughly of how her bestie is holding up with the boy, it's still not ENTIRELY Fionnuala's business. What is their association? So much has been going on though, with Besa and such… Fee hasn't had much time for a proper girl talk.

A gentle clearing of the throat and she looks to RJ again, making sure he's really okay. He stands, stretches, looks and sounds okay. Fionnuala smiles at him outright; the smile widens into a grin at the mention of the half-angel. "Hah! I get asked that all the time," Said with a twinkle in her eye. "We do look alike, don't we? I will say that I would love to have Carmichael as a brother or even a cousin, but we're not related at all. I can see how you'd think that though." A twitch of a wing. "What.. were you doing, anyway? I didn't even see or hear a thing til' you came rolling in!"

Lazarus looks to RJ as he speaks mainly to Fionnuala, with that in mind, he returns his full attention back to Fee herself.

~I spend time with them still, yes. I…occasionally spend time with Rain nowadays.~ He looks a little saddened at that. Though regardless, he does look to Fionnuala. ~I do wish to say that I appreciate you Fionnuala. I do not have many friends….actually…I do not have any friends. So thank you for not only being my first friend, but for also showing concern for my circumstances.~ He tells her as he sits up straight, a small breath exhuded.

Looking between Fee and RJ, he tilts his head. "I do not know this Carmichael." a look to RJ. "Would you tell me more of him?"

Brushing his clothes off, RJ frowns as the tear on the knees of the blue jeans. He moves up to the patio. He nods to Fionnuala. "My apologies. I am still uncertain how this related thing works." He smiles to Lazarus, "Carmichael is another student here with wings." He smiles, "I consider him a friend." He cants his head slightly to the side, "He said once that his father was an angle, but that did not mean anything to me, and I did not wish to appear anymore ignorant than I had already done so that night." He pauses, "You are a new arrival to this place too, are you not? Have you found enjoyment here?" While RJ speaks English, there is an accent to his speak that sounds like absolutely no accent heard before.

He looks up at the sky. He shakes his head for a moment, mumbling something under his breath in a distinctly not English language. He pulls his right sleeve back, revealing a strange blue metal bracer with an oval cabachon yellow stone. "Supposedly, this thing should allow me to fly. I was trying to figure out how, so I got up on the roof and jumped off. Then as I was coming down, I saw that there was someone below me."

Lazarus awaits whatever response may come from Fionnuala, but he turns his head to RJ as he speaks. "I see. Then the comparison is logical…makes sense." he says in his strong Scottish accent. looking at RJ as he addresses him more specifically. "I am. and so far, I have found some enjoyment, yes." he's blunt and straight to the point. He's clearly not one to mince or otherwise 'waste' words.

Glancing curiously at the arm attachment that RJ happens to have, Lazarus narrows his eyes, "Curious. Though try not to be foolish in proving what you can do. Start on the ground. That way you do not risk a suicide." he warns him, not trying to be mean, but being blunt.

The girl was quiet for a time… why did she drop into such quiet?! Surely there is a good reason as it is not Fee's way to leave questions unanswered. Someone else appeared and was asking questions of her! While discussion turned to Carmichael for a brief moment, Fee — who appears to be a magnet for questions and favors — was talking to a harried-looking freshman who needed directions. This went on quietly and once the poor kid is off on her way, Fee turns back to the boys with whom she was trying to converse! She watches Lazarus briefly, wanting to know more on why he has 'no' friends. Weren't the others…?

Strange. Perhaps not the best place, here, to ask onwards. ~It's my pleasure. I'm happy to be of help. We can talk again soon, if that helps?~ She offers to the Scottish boy, meaning it. Fee is puzzled though.

A nod to the bracer as RJ explains it, "Well that is pretty awesome! I'd have to say it was quite the way to land." A giggle then as she pushes up from her chair, squints in the direction of the kitchen door. "Oh, man.. I told her to…" She trails off as the student she directed goes in the… wrong direction. "I have to go help this kid out, guys. Please excuse me! She's going to end up in the wine cellar instead of the girls' wing!" Fee picks up her things, and makes to prevent such a wrong turn. Poor confused freshmen.

(NOTE: I had to leave here, RL clouted me. If anything else happened after feel free to paste it in here. - Fee-player)

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