(2018-05-06) The Letter
The Letter
Summary: Constantine receives some terrible news. Care comes from a soggy, sweaty wolf girl.
Date: 2018-05-06
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Winbarry Estate
Sun May 06, 2018

This old Georgian/Colonial mansion is in a current state of repair. Being structurally sound, it's not at it's former prettiness….yet.. New paint helps, but anyone that knows houses can see it's still in desperate need of a new roof.

The grounds have recently been serviced. Nothing fancy, but the grass is cut, weeds have been pulled and the trees are not growing wild any longer., Large trees are sprinkled around the 13 acre estate. The back yard is expansive, an over grown garden with paths that have been long covered up and statues that have claimed by vines. Seems the gardener has not gotten to the backyard just yet. The entire estate is surrounded by a wrought iron fence. A pea-gravel driveway leads to a newer garage building.


<FS3> Constantine rolls Electromagnetism: Success.
<FS3> Constantine rolls Magnetokinesis: Good Success.

Sunday. The sixth day of May. about 4:00pm.

It was a gorgeous day…key word, -was-. But it turns out that it decided to thunderstorm as well! Pity. wouldn't exactly be a fantastic day for a run, but who knows! Grace could do it anyway. In other news, Constantine started off the day as happy go lucky, devil -might- care attitude that he normally rolls with. But…everything took a sour turn eventually.

…He got a letter.

The contents of that letter? Once read…….whatever what was in te contents of that letter, Constantine's powers go almost haywire.

Wherever Grace was….she would notice the effects. Metal in the Manor was shifting and starting to float, shaking rapidly, or even flying across the room suddenly. Dirt and stone on the outside of the manor seemed to shift and shake as well as Magnetic forces and electromagnetic forces showed signs of the preamble of going absolutely berserk.

<FS3> Grace rolls Jogging: Good Success.

Yup, how true that is! Rain or shine, Grace runs… it doesn't matter to her; thunder and lightning never scared her anyway. The only thing that scares her the most is herself! But at least today partway through her run, when she began to feel the first hints of being 'too' warm.. the heavens opened up and dumped some rain onto her! IT's like they knew!

Endurance is Grace's schtick, and she jogged from a measure of town, back to the estate.. and by the time she's entering through the large main doors, she's soaked through by the spring downpour. She's just closing the door on a snarl of thunder — soon to be followed by a flash. Grace is considerate… she pulls a towel off of a hook, close to many of the coats and such, and goes about dabbing herself dry so as to not dribble all over the floor. She pants, lightly… muscles thrum.

Then there's the signs: things like trembling door knockers and the like. There are no other metalbenders that Grace knows of, here, so with a worried set to her features she sets forth into the estate to seek out Constantine. "Con?" She calls into the halls, catching glances from other students.

<FS3> Constantine rolls Magnetokinesis: Success.

Constantine had tears running down his eyes as his hand gripped that letter -tightly-. Certain objects made out of metal shake a little less…they floated a little lower, and they weren't crushed as badly when he heard the sound of Grace's voice. He's actually physically -shaking- as he lowered his head, the silent sobs getting to him as whatever was in that letter just -broke him-.

He takes a deep breath, or tries to…but nothing comes out. He can't even say Grace's name as the sadness that came upon him was almost absolutely overwhelming.

Slightly louder sobs emerge then…just his breath being shaky as the letter drops from his hands and only his arms frozen as it appears that the overall shock of what he just read shook him to the core.

<FS3> Grace rolls Enhanced Senses: Good Success.

It doesn't take Grace long to seek out the boy, especially with sound guiding her. At the sound of that very first sob she is running, her rain-soaked ponytail slapping between her shoulderblades like a dead snake. When Con's sobs become audible, that's all it takes for the wolf girl to close in. Her first instinct is protectiveness; did somebody harm him, have words with him? Firstly, who would? Constantine is just so gregarious, moreso than her. Second, he can hold his own. Did he get word from home?

Assuming Constantine is standing or sitting somewhere in the commons of the estate, before stairwells and hallways branch off into dorm wings and/or classrooms, Grace will make her way over to him. Scarlet eyes note the fluttering of a paper from his hand and swiftly she catches it up, though doesn't look at it. Bad marks wouldn't rock him like this either, would they?!

Grace is the less-affectionate of the two but here, that means nothing. Her arms seek to encircle him if he will allow it, though carefully in case he is too troubled to accept touch. "C-Con? What's going on?"

Almost immediately when Grace enters and she sees him, the way her arms zoom around him to hold him tight, all of his powers effects immediately stop. Metal objects that floated fell back to the ground or whatever surface it was taken from. does it leave more than a few small messes? Most probably. Alas, it all seems to have happened because of Grace's direct intervention.

He wraps his strong arms around Grace and.. for possibly the first time in his life, he just -weeps- in her arms. His head nuzzling right into the area between Grace's neck and shoulder, holding her tightly as he openly wept in her arms.

"I…I…" he can't even get words out…but if Grace were to read the letter, it says:

"Mr. Ashford, we regret to inform you that your parents were involved in a terrible car accident. Your sister was not in the vehicle, but your father and mother were both killed as a result. Your father died on impact…but your mother died from blood loss in the hospital at 3:54 in the morning. We are so sorry for your loss."

It appears that the werewolf has prevented a Terrible Situation! Deep down she knows that she helped to prevent Constantine's powers from boiling over and causing damage, but all Grace can focus on is the now. He folds into her hug and weeps and the girl simply holds him, her brows furrowed and lips pressed into a tense, scared line. Of course Constantine's upset affects the girl on a profoundly human level.. her boyfriend is sobbing. But the upset causes something to thrum in her subconscious, alerting the beast within, pushing her into high alert. Her eyes rove the room where they stand, holding one another: in a hallway, just beyond the grand entry foyer. The rain continues to sluice against the windows; thunder grumbles on occasion. How befitting a storm on the afternoon of Constantine's terrible upset.

Grace doesn't go 'shhh' or 'it's ok' because she knows it's not, she just holds him. She peers down at the letter to provide to her an answer that the boy cannot give; she can be felt tensing, eyes wide. "Oh no."

"I'm so sorry. Oh, Con…" She has no words, she squeezes him tight. His parents…

Constantine just seems to weep harder when she tells him how sorry she is, his strong arms don't look like they are going to let go anytime soon. "Sometimes.. s-sometimes I hated them…for leaving me just like that b-but….all I ever wanted was their approval…I didn't even get to say goodbye." he cries, and he's not ashamed of it. His heart is broken. All he has now is his little sister and Grace.

He holds his girlfriend close, he feels her tense up from the shock of what she read. He knew she read the letter. anyone who saw him likely would have read the letter..

He holds her tight, muttering the same words. "I never had the chance.."

The weeping breaks the girl's heart soundly. Now that she knows the precise cause, the wolf is at bay and Grace is just… Grace. Her tense expression softens into earnest grief, and though she isn't one to sob she lets her tears flow; they skitter past either side of her nose, dropping onto Constantine in her arms. What can she say? She doesn't fill the pained silence with crap like 'they didn't suffer' or 'it had to have been fast' or the like. All she knows now is Constantine's loss, a great whistling void left in the wake of his parents' passing. She takes a deep breath and exhales slowly, trying to keep her breathing and bearing calm and resilient for the boy who needs her now.

What can she say, in the face of this loss and what can't be said?

"I'm sorry.." She whispers, looking around hastily for a place to sit. With her strength she does not pick Constantine up, but will support him and lead him toward a settee or any one particular piece of furniture that is present to make the foyer more welcoming to students. There she will coax Constantine to sit with her, though her jogging tights are damp.

"Do you need to go back? Do you need help getting home?" Asked before she presses her face into his hair.

Constantine is helped up and set into a seat, a tired look on his face as he looks to Grace as she checks him over. He does in fact sit next to and with Grace, his arms holding her close in a public cuddling, which I mean…it's not like they -don't- already publicly cuddle, but hey, it will be what it will be.

He looks her in the eyes. "It wasn't your fault….it was nobody's fault. My sister's living with our grandparents…who are more accepting of having powers." he sighs a bit. he covers his face.

"..should I go home?" he asks her. "Funeral arrangements are probably going to be set up…"

The girl listens quietly, very obviously affected and upset but much as Constantine had been a safe presence for her in times of anger, so too does she keep calm and supportive in this very shocking moment. A.. car accident. No matter how awful they were to their son, regarding his power, they were his parents. It's not a good way to die, if there's ever truly good ways. To look at Grace is to see a girl keeping it together, though her eyes are wide and wet… but there's a great many thoughts rioting around in her mind. Her heart, already of a naturally swift pace, is pounding triple-time as she tries to understand what is to come next.

"I'm just sorry that this happened.. that you're hurting." She clarifies, voice a whisper. She's about to ask about his sister, and he answers before she even has to find the words. Grace can be felt nodding, her hair slowly drying in the warmth of the room.

"Only if you want too… I-I mean… if you need to see your sister. She's hurting too… even if this are being put into place, I know you missed her tons even before…" She trails off, voice tremendously saddened. Grace squeezes him again in a hug.

Constantine takes a deep breath then as he looks her in the eyes, the way her face digs into his hair, how calm and supportive she is despite this awful tragedy. He takes a deep breath then, before he just sighs, wiping away his tears as he tries with partial success to recompose himself. Here he told her never to cry, and here he is, crying feverishly.

Eventually his tears dry, and he takes a few solid deep breaths. and with a small sigh, he looks her in the eyes, caressing her cheeks as she hugs him tight. "I love you Grace." he says in a 'please never die on me' kind of way. She's one of the only people he has left.

Something in the boy's body language catches Grace's attention, and she eases back just enough to look into his eyes. IF he's not looking at her directly she will gently touch his cheek to direct his eyes to her own. "You're allowed to cry, Con." She whispers, noting his deep breaths. "If you want to. It's n-not good to hold it all in." Says Miss Hypocrite. He touches her cheek and she simply holds him tight and strong, resting her head stop his if he is yet leaning into her. He says that he loves her and Grace, well… often anything alluding to this emotion she answered with physical actions. Not often did she say it easily.. not just to Constantine, but anyone.

But here she says without hesitation, pure truth: "I love you too, Con. It's not going to be okay, not for a couple of days. But eventually it will be. Someday." Hey, she's truthful. IT's ignorant to bleat 'it will all be okay' over someone who is fresh in the shock and grief. A little sigh signifies that she's not happy saying this truth.

"If you need help getting back to see your sister, if that's what you want to do, I'm sure my Uncles will help too. You j-just let me know. You wait here so I can get changed, and I'll come back with some tea, okay? I-I'll sit out here with you however long you want me to." Even if it's all night, right here. She cannot go to the boys' dorms. Surely staff will understand, as long as they keep it decent out here.

Constantine looks at her then, nodding a bit. "Easy for you to say…" he tells her then, but he rests his head in her loving embrace. But it's when she tells him that she loves him too that he seems to come out of his stupor if only for a moment. His heart warms for those brief moments before sadness returns, and he nods to her as she tells him that there will be a way, not now, not in a few days, but soon. Mourning and grief is hard.

"Okay…I'll…stay strong." he nods then softly, as she tells him that she's going to go and get changed, and bring him down some tea and they can spend time together, he nods softly to her. "Of course….I love you." and he'll kiss her lips softly, before he squeezes her hand and lets her go to do her thing.

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