(2018-05-05) Gods and Aliens
Gods and Aliens
Summary: New boy Alistair meets Sierra and RJ. Sierra gets asked out on a date…by a boy!
Date: 2018-05-05
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Sierra has been spending a lot of time in the Billiards Room lately. It's a place she can relax, work on her music, even study sometimes…while also wondering why it doesn't have any pool tables in it. She is in her now seemingly standard outfit of sneakers, yoga pants and an off the shoulder crop top sweatshirt that reaches down to just above her belly button. At the moment she sits on the couch, open laptop on her lap, and earphones in as she types away.

Alistair Wolfhart, a new student to the school, arrives into the Billiard Room, a place he always liked to spend time in since he arrived really for the same reasons as Sierra. He can relax there…and he can meet new people! When he enters this time? He sees the beautiful Sierra simply doing her thing. "Hello." he greets, though she might not hear him, and so he approaches closer, but not so much as to be uncomfortable. He waves where she can see him so as to not scare her.

Sierra starts at the sudden waving in her eyeline before offering the faintest of smiles while pulling out an earphone. "Hi. Sorry, didn't hear you come in." A blush to her cheeks at being 'frightened' by his appearance. She glances around to make sure he is alone before an upnod in greeting. "You new?" she asks in her usual surly way - nothing personal. Then, remembering she is trying to be more civil these days, she adds, "I'm Sierra. Not a maid."

Alistair smiles warmly to her then as he bows his head, speaking in a fairly strong African accent. "It's no problem, no problem at all. I just saw someone in here and decided to try and make a friend." he'll sit next to her, assuming she has no problem with it. Though he tilts his head at Sierra before he smiles. "Nice to meet you, Sierra: not a maid." he winks at her then. "My name is Alistair. I am new, yes. Are you?"

"Nah. I've been here close on two years. Just not every day" Sierra explains, poorly, with a shrug. "The Mexican government funds me being here so sometimes they need me for something and sometimes…they don't have the money to pay the bills so I take an extended vacation. And then, other times, people start talking about walls and I get caught in the crossfire. Where you from? You don't look or sound like you're from around here." Sierra's Mexican accent is also still strong.

Alistair 'ahhhs' a moment as she speaks. "It seems to be a rather interesting situation, no? Though it sounds like you rather like the position you happen to be in." a big and warm smile then for his new friend. "I am from South Africa. The Zulu tribelands." a kindness to his features. "I am certainly not from around here, no no no." he chuckles then happily.

"Wow, you came even further than me" Sierra smirks. "How did you end up here?" A shrug about liking the situation she's in. "I can fly over the wall if I need to. But whenever I come back, the new students think I am the maid. They might think you are the slave" she deadpans. "Hey, can I tell you a really bad joke about Zulus? One guy says to another, 'I went to Africa to play cards with the natives'. The other guys asks, 'Zulus?'. 'No I usually won.'" A long pause. "I told you it was bad but that's my uncle Javier."

Alistair nods happily then. "That I did. Though I'm always happy to meet another friend, no?" he smiles. "Oh…see, I left my tribe when I was fourteen years old. Because of my powers, they falsely believed me to be a guardian deity, a powerful spirit. So I left because this was wrong, and they relied too much on me. I went to Cape Town, where I was found by rich white woman. Gave me the name Alistair Wolfhart, even though I had a name before that. Perhaps it rolls off the tongue better." he chuckles then. "Oh? I love jokes."

He leans forward a little bit, seemingly very interested in hearing what Sierra has to say. Once her joke delivers its punchline? He just -laughs-. "Hah! It is a funny joke. I like it. If I have a joke, I will share with you, Sierra."

"You thought that was funny? Oh…okay. Must be the way I tell them" Sierra replies and there is almost a smile there. "A rich white woman found you?" That gets a look. "Uh-huh. No need to say anymore. But, hey, at least your people thought you were a guardian god. Mine thought I was a witch yet I /was/ a guardian god. They couldn't wait to burn me at the stake." She doesn't seem to mind he has sat down near her.

Alistair nods then at her with that smile. "Of course I thought it was funny. You tell stories well." he nods then. Though he looks horrified when apparently people tried to burn Sierra at the stake, and he reaches for her hand to squeeze it. "I am so sorry this had happened to you. If I can help in -any- way, I will." he looked really sympathetic towards her plight.

The two of them are sitting on the couch. Sierra has her laptop open and one earphone in while chatting with Alistair. She is dressed in yoga pants and t-shirt. And Alistair has just taken her hand in a compassionate move that has the Mexican girl staring at the contact. "That's…umm…sweet of you. Thanks. They're smarter now. They don't mind pagan gods when they help out."

Coming in from outside, RJ's cheeks are a bit flushed, and his breathing is a bit heavy. He is wearing a pair of baggy jeans and a long-sleeved shirt with horizontal white and grey stripes. He walks with a bit of a bounce in his step and a pleased grin on his lips. As he enters into the room, he plants his hands on one of the tables and pivots and swings himself over it, with little effort. As his feet touch the ground in landing, he notices that there are people in the room, and he stops abruptly, almost tripping as he does. He reaches up and rubs the hair on the back of his neck with a sheepish grin, "Um… Greetings… "

Alistair smiles to Selena then as he remains holding her hand compassionately, and he gives it another squeeze before he lets it go…unless she steals it right back. Nevertheless, he does nod. "I know the feeling…so.." he leans forward a bit as if in confidential conversation. "You are a guardian god? What can you do?" he asks her curiously. Though then RJ comes in looking tired, a tilt of his head for the fellow. "Oh, hello. Also, I believe it's the Cinco de Mayo holiday. Happy holidays to you both." a kindness on his features.

"Wow…didn't you just get a gold star for knowing that holiday" Sierra smiles to Alistair. "Si, it is when the glorious Mexican nationalists defeated the French imperialists to take back our country. I don't think I was there but maybe I was?" She turns to see RJ leaping around the furniture and offers him a wave and a smile. "Hey, RJ, come and meet another god. This is Alistair from South Africa. And this is RJ from an alternative Earth. He came even further than both of us."

Sierra shrugs to Alistair's question on divinity. "I fused with an Aztec fire god. So I can do lots of things with fire and heat but sometimes he remembers another spell and suddenly I can do something else. I guess he was a guardian of his people but…how many Aztecs are there now?"

RJ cocks his head, "I don't know what that is." Well, the boy from another dimension doesn't get a gold star for the day. "But it sounds as if it is good thing, so happy holidays to you as well." The smile widens a touch, "Greetings, Sierra. How do you fare this day?" He blinks, "A god? I thought god was a mythical construct to instill in a population certain moral and social ideals, by either benevolence or fear and oppression."

Alistair smiles warmly to Sierra. "I do like gold stars." and he keeps next to her, crossing his legs to sit comfortably beside her. Though he looks mighty interested as Sierra appears to be bonded to a fire deity. "Oh? very interesting indeed." He looks to RJ then as Sierra calls him a god. "Oh I know not if I am any kind of divinity. But I was blessed with a mighty gift, though I seek not to rule others with it."

"I can control the weather. Thunderstorms at my request, rain at my beckoning, a clear day at my whim." he smiles softly then.

"A wonderful holiday indeed." though he looks to RJ. "No matter what you were told, gods and spirits are very real."

"This god seems pretty real" Sierra shrugs about the one inside her. "But you're probably right…in a way." She nods towards Alistair's alternative position. "I mean, whatever they are, we called them gods because that was what they were to us. You know, so far advanced. But did they call themselves gods before we called them that? Hey…" she smiles to AJ. "Maybe it's a transdimensional alien? Though if you got your idea about gods from your alien conquerors, I don't think they're a good source of information. I mean, /I/ don't think I'm a god, but that's what Xiuhtecuhtli said he was and I wasn't going to argue."

RJ shakes his head, "I meant no offense. There is no religion on my Earth. The Farosh do not worship anything. They do not believe that there is a power greater than them, and for the humans to have religion is to have faith that there is something better. That faith begets hope, and hope begets rebellion."

Alistair nods softly then to Sierra. "Maybe someday I might meet him. He seems relatively friendly." he says with a happy look on his face. he smiles softly to her then, before he turns his head to RJ. "Oh, no offense is given, my friend." and he smiles. It appears that Alistair is quite happy…

…and strangely enough, it's a sunny day outside all of a sudden? Not a cloud in sight.

Sierra nods to RJ's explanation. "I thought it might be that. Religion does give people hope. It also gives people megalomania and genocidal impulses. So there is good and bad. Your people should rise up because they are humans. And humans aren't slaves. No offence taken" she assures him. "And I'm good. Yourself?"

"You can control the weather? Cool. You'll be popular around here in winter" Sierra smirks. "You don't want to meet my god. Aztec remember. He likes…well…blood sacrifice." She can't help but notice the sun outside. "You do that? Sweet. Umm…if either of you are cold I could start a fire."

RJ frowns slightly and shakes his head, "After two hundred years, we would not know how to rebel. And we are slaves. Even me. " He shrugs slightly, "Be a slave running for his life because he has thirty-five beings that are fairly godlike in their own regards that want nothing more than to see me dead because while I was crawling through the wreckage of a building that collapse while I happened to be within it I stuck my hand through this thing." He holds up his right hand, letting the sleeve fall enough to show part of the strange blue metal bracer. He sees the sun and his eyes widen. "How?" His attention then goes back to Sierra as he chuckles, "I don't think I have not been cold since I arrived here." He cocks his head for a moment. "My apologies. I failed to recognize that you were doing, what they call, a date. I will depart and be no further interruption."

Alistair certainly did make the weather a sunny day. His power is perhaps seen on the surface as just 'eh, interesting', but he has a great deal of experience using it…and this vital part of nature is at his command and control. Though as he hears that the room is likely a little cold, he takes a deep breath…and suddenly, the room is a bit warmer. "I hope that helps?" He does nod at the religion part though, looking at RJ even as he denies the fact that he is not a slave.

"I can. I can make Winter arrive early, if you like." he smiles softly to her, but then he hears about hte nature of Aztec deities. "oh my…does that mean you want to cut me open for a blood sacrifice?" he says with a hint of concern in his voice.

But as RJ thinks that Alistair and Sierra are on a date, Alistair turns -bright red-. "O-Oh, I don't think that…not that I-I wouldn't b-but…" he coughs into his hand a moment. "If you wish to leave, my friend, I won't stop you."

"A date?" Now it is Sierra's turn to go bright red…which also contributes to the warming up of the room. "No. Not a date. Alistair only met me twenty minutes before you walked in. We were just chatting but if you need to go then you need to go. But no spreading rumors about dates, okay? Hotter on your Earth?"

A shake of Sierra's head to Alistair. "Nah, I have no need to eat your heart or anything. Just don't cut yourself in front of me. I go…weird." A little wiggle of her eyebrows. "I'm kidding! Sheesh." A pause. "Is it warm in here now?"

RJ blinks, "Oh, but he was holding your hand and looking at you like on the vids." He nods, "Yes, my Earth is much warmer than this one." He pauses, "I am sorry if I misunderstood. I am not yet familiar with social interaction here. But yes, I do need to be elsewhere. It was nice to meet you. Good journey and quiet returns." With that he heads on out the doorway heading upstairs.

Alistair looks to Sierra as she reveals that they are not on a date, but rather they just met like…not even 30 minutes ago. Either way, it's certainly an interesting thing. His eyes fall upon Sierra as she warns him not to cut himself in front of her, and he gulps a little bit. "oh…" then she's waggling her eyebrows at him and she's telling him she's just playin'. "Oh…" he laughs a little bit then.

He then looks to RJ, and he tilts his head. "Oh, I was attempting to be compassionate." he smiles softly to him and gives him a little wave as he leaves. Before his attention falls on Sierra…and he's -still- blushing bright red.

As RJ leaves, Sierra looks at the hand that Alistair was holding and then to the blushing boy himself. "Looking at me like in the vids? What did he mean by that?" Her brow furrows at his blushing. "We did just meet, right?" Then a little giggle. "Ah, you a womaniser back in South Africa? Got a lot of digits in your phone? Yeah…I think you'd be the smooth type. How old are you again?"

Alistair looks at Sierra then with a light shrug. "I don't know. Was he watching inappropriate videos online?" he questions with a small shrug. "We did, we did…" then she accuses him of being a womanizer. "Oh, no no nonononono, actually, not many people were able to be close to me because of my abilities. I was worshipped as a god…and gods don't have goddesses..if you understand my meaning." he looks at her then. "I do not think I am smooth…and I am almost 17 years old."

"I would have thought there'd be lots of girls wanting to bear the child of a god" Sierra smirks. "Sounds like you missed your chance. I mean. you're a good looking guy and all…oh…are you gay? That's cool if you are. Most of the guys here are. I think the list of straight guys is shorter" she laughs. "Inappropriate? No such thing." With a wicked smile she brings up a website she shouldn’t on her laptop. "You mean like these? Don't tell anyone" she winks before moving to another page. "Do you burn people up if they touch you or something?"

Alistair smiles at Sierra's sense of humor. It's actually something he finds to be extremely attractive. "Oh? no, I'm not homosexual." he tells her then with a little bit of a shrug. Though as she shows him the site, he doesn't look away, instead tilting his head, for he's never seen it before. "Oh. I suppose that qualifies, yes." he smiles to her softly. Though as she winks and questions him about if someone touches him, they'll burn.

"No, rather, if someone touches me…they'll just feel…me." he shrugs then, before he gives her a bit of a shy look. "are you…ehm…interested in guys?" he asks her with a light blush. Seems he was crushin' already.

"Depends on the guy" Sierra shrugs in her 'woman of the world' way. She's /totally/ mature. "I've had a lot of girlfriends here. I mean, like, we were /girlfriends/ but they all seem to disappear on me. I guess I'm not the catch I think I am. But, I've, you know, some boys too." She smiles and brushes some hair back behind her ear. "Wow, how did we get onto this?"

Alistair was expecting that answer really…he was really hoping that was the answer, truth be told. As she speaks about having many girlfriends, he nods softly to her. "I don't know…I'd think you were. You're very beautiful and your personality is very attractive.." and he watches the small signs, like her moving a hair behind her ear. "I…don't really know, actually. I blame the fellow who came and went." he smiles then…before he has a moment to be bold.
20 seconds of courage!

"…would you like to go out on a date with me?" he asks her then, looking her right in the eyes.

"A date? Umm…" Sierra sucks on her lower lip, her eyes quickly dropping from his. "I dunno. I sort of have a reputation as a grumpy lesbian" she snorts. "Ummm…but since you knew it was Cinco de Mayo…umm…okay. You have to use your star up for it though" she teases, her eyes looking back at his now. "Attractive personality? Hmm…I think you need your head checked."

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