(2018-05-04) Art for Art's Sake
Art for Art's Sake
Summary: RJ and SIerra discuss art and alien invasions.
Date: 2018-05-04
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While most teenagers would be finding something fun to do on a Friday night, RJ is sitting on one of the couches. His back is to the arm of the sofa, with his bare feet pulled up, so that he can use his legs as an impromptu easel for a small sketch pad. The ashen haired teen is wearing a pair of black sweat pants with a very form-fitting, sleeveless shirt, of a strange quasi-metallic grey material. On his right wrist is a bracer made of a strange dark blue metal with a singular, large cabochon of a dark yellow. The television is on to some random history documentary. RJ seems to be only halfway paying attention to the show. There is a couple of text books on the seat beside him, both of which are heavily tabbed with little sticky notes.

Sierra hasn't found anything fun to do either. She arrives at the billiards room…which has no pool tables!…with a laptop under her arm and headphones in her ears. She wears yoga pants and a loose t-shirt that only goes to just above her bellybutton. Spotting RJ, she offers him an upnod in greeting…then realises he probably still doesn't know she's there. "Hey" she calls out before moving somewhere he can see her. "Mind if I change the channel?"

No, he had not been aware of her presence before Sierra spoke. RJ looks up, not completely surprised, but just enough to almost drop the pencil that he was drawing with. "Greetings." He offers with a lopsided grin. "What?" His eyes flicker to the television. "Oh. I would not object it, if you wished to find something else to watch."

"Cool, thanks" Sierra smiles before picking up the remote and…turning off the TV completely. "I like the quiet channel when I'm working" she smirks before nodding to his pad. "What ya drawing? Oh…I don't think we've met, have we? Sierra. Ares. Chip on both shoulders to keep me balanced."

RJ blinks a couple times. "Then I shall endeavor to offer no noise to distract you." He chews on his lower lip slightly, as he closes the sketch pad, "Different things." What those things are, he does not offer to share. He looks up and smiles to the girl. "You are correct. We have not been introduced. My designation is RJ-148963, but you may call me RJ. Everyone else does. I am a member of the Guardians of Prometheus."

"Ah…a construct?" Sierra asks as delicately as she can…which is not very delicate. "And don't worry about the noise. Drawing isn't very noisy…and we can talk for a bit." A shrug before she settles on the arm of the couch that RJ is not leaning on. "You keep your art to yourself, huh? That's not what it's for but you'll find the right time to reveal it one day. I used to hide everything away too. Now…" Another shrug. "I don't care if anyone likes it or not, it means something to me."

RJ swallows slightly, "One might call me a construct. It is an apt description of the human body." He smirks slightly before shaking his head, "No. I come from another Earth. All humans are… " He purses his lips slightly, "humans are property of the Farosh. The alien race that nearly exterminated life on the planet until there was hardly any left. " He looks down at the sketch pad. "No one has ever seen it before. I am not good with words, so I apologize if I am unclear, but my… " He pauses and mimics her words. "my art is metaphorically part of what that is bared uncovered and personal on the deepest of thoughts." He shrugs, "Plus I am not trained to do so, so it is not good."

"Real art doesn't need training…it needs a soul with something to say. And it sounds you've got a lot to say" Sierra replies with the faintest of smiles. "I don't suppose I was on this other earth? Though it doesn't sound like it if these Farosh killed most people. So how did you get here? And everyone on this other earth has super powers?" She must be interested as she's taken her earphones out.

RJ cocks his head, "Everything requires training to perform the task adequately. What makes some real art? We do not have anything that I would know as art." He pauses, "It is highly unlikely that there was a version of you on my Earth. Humans are engineered by Farosh genetic engineers to insure the best qualities are possessed and any undesirable traits are omitted. And I can guarantee that there are no genetic anomalies that cause any type of powers. " He sighs for a second, "Honestly, I do not know exactly how it is that I came to be on your Earth. He taps the bracer. "This belongs to the Farosh. Never before has one of the Symbiote Bracers bonded with a non-Farosh. The Overlords were determined to take it back so that their number could once again be whole. I was attacked by three of the Overlords. The next thing I know, I am waking up while falling from the sky. I know that at least one of the Overlords was brought to this Earth as well."

"Art is about emotion, not training. Craft is about training. You could draw stick people but if there is feeling and emotion in that drawing. If it says something that people can feel in their hearts. Then it is art. If I just want an accurate picture of something, I'll take a photo" Sierra tries to explain before her eyes narrow a little. "I wouldn't be there because I have too many undesirable traits? Hmm…I'll let that one slide since you're new. I'm not genetic. I'm 'don't bother to read signs that say keep out'." Sierra peers at the bracer. "Pretty. So you've bonded with one of these Overlords or something? Maybe it teleports?"

Blinking in confusion at first, before RJ starts to blush, "I didn't mean you… just humanity in general… eliminate things recessive traits.. health conditions that are dictated by genetics. It is forbidden to procreate naturally." He shrugs, "Not that I could if I wanted to anyway…" He looks at the bracer for a moment, before shaking his head. "I am not sure exactly how it works.. I know that it makes me very difficult to hurt. It also makes me stronger and quicker than a normal human. I can also create an blast of energy, but I'm not really all that good with it." He pauses, "I have been doing some research. I think what happen is that when I and the three Overlords that were attacking me, blasted all at the same time, it created a momentary gateway between the two dimensions. I think it was probably a complete fluke."

“Let's hope it was a fluke. I'd hate for there to be an alien invasion here too" Sierra deadpans. RJ is lying on the couch, leaning against one arm, a closed drawing pad on his lap. Sierra is sitting on the opposite arm, a laptop in her lap. "And don't worry, I know you didn't mean me. And you can't procreate naturally?" That gets a curious eyebrow rising. "You'll fit in great around here" she smirks.

The ashen-haired teen is wearing a pair of black sweat pants and a form-fitting sleeveless shirt of a strange silvery grey material. On dark blue metal bracer is on his right wrist. He relaxes slightly. "I am pleased that you did not take offense at my words." RJ brushes the baby fine hair from his eyes. A frown replaces the almost constant smile that had been on his lips the whole time. "I hope as well. I fear that the three Overlords that came with me to this Earth will be bad enough and that they cannot reproduce the incident, so that the other thirty-two Overlords cannot come here as well. The historical records say that Earth was completely subjugated to the Farosh in less than half a year. Granted that was with all thirty-six Overlords and the Farosh ships, fighter crafts, and their foot soldiers."

"Wait…" Sierra holds up a hand before staring over at RJ. "I must have missed that part. Three of these Overlords are already here? Trying desperately to get back to their world or at least make contact with it…so they can then bring more and conquer us. Umm…is anyone doing anything about finding these guys?" The Latina is dressed in yoga pants and a t-shirt that doesn't reach her belly button. "What do the foot soldiers look like? Are they another alien race? Maybe we should go back to your Earth and get them to rebel?"

RJ closes his eyes for a moment, sighing. "My apologies. Obviously my communication skills are lacking. When the wormhole that three me here opened up, it sucked me and at least one of the Overlords through. I saw one of them because he tried to kill me. Those that rescued me said that he flew off and was joined by two others. After I woke up in the infirmary here and interrogated, I was told that the authorities have been notified." He chews on his lower lip slightly. "I do not know if they are in communication or not. I doubt that they are. And yes, the Farosh are aliens that do not look like humans." He frowns and opens up the drawing pad and turns it towards Sierra showing a drawing of an alien that is mildly chitinous with a ridged cranium that is pointed a bit backwards. "This is what the Farosh look like."

Sierra waves a dismissive hand to RJ's apologies. "It's fine. I don't listen well and English is my second language." A pause. "Third actually." She looks over the drawing and frowns. "Lovely. Like they came from a planet where the cockroaches took over. But, and forgive me if I'm slow, these guys are the Overlords. And are the Overlords the same race as their footsoldiers. That's the bit I don't get because then there could be a billion Overlords. Unless the Overlords are like the superhero versions. Umm…we don't have to talk about this if you want."

"Ah!" RJ nods, "I see. The Overlord and footsolders are all the same race, the Farosh. There are thirty-six Overlords." He pauses, "Well, thirty-five thanks to me. The Overlords all wear a Symbiote Bracer. It is what gives them their invincibility, or near-invincibility, and their abilities, like me, but with centuries worth of experience." He shrugs slightly, then looks over at Sierra. "I do not mind talking about it too much. The Farosh look at humans as nothing more than animals trained to do their bidding. If too many die off, then the engineers create a new coeval."

"Ah…got ya. So maybe no revolt from the footsoldiers. That's a shame, I think we could have won that way" Sierra pouts. "So we need to destroy these bracers of theirs and they'll be as useless as their footsoldiers." She eyes off RJ's. "I suppose we shouldn't practice on yours. So, now that you're here in this Earth, I guess you'll be happy to stay? Anyone you care about left where you were?"

RJ nods slowly, "I would very much prefer to stay here. My Earth is nearly dead. The air is almost unbreathable from pollution. For the most part, until I came here, I had only ever eaten the nutritional paste that we are given. The food that we are given here is more than I have ever had. Not to mention the fact that I am given choices. My duties to the Farosh was assigned to me when I turned five cycles old. There is no doing what you want or what is the word… promotion." He looks over at Sierra. "The only way that the bracer can be removed is for me to die. If that leads to a way in which the Overlords can be defeated, my life is a small enough price."

"What were your duties? And don't get too excited, you'll find lots of people think they don't have any choices or means of promotion in this world. Though, I guess, if they had your experience then they'd be a bit less complaining" Sierra notes before shaking her head. "We aren't killing you. One life is too many to lose. It may not be able to be removed, but what about destroyed? Or powerless? What if I put a spell around it that stopped its power entering your body…or their bodies." A laugh. "If that could even work."

RJ pulls his legs up and wraps his arms around his knees. It isn't a display of insecurity. "Repair and maintenance. I fixed things that were broken and I helped clean up where ever I was assigned." He frowns slightly, "I have already agreed to be experimented on. Though if what I learned from the Farosh if it were to be disabled it would completely shut down my nervous system. When the bracer accepted me as its host, it attached itself to me."

"Be careful with the experiments" Sierra offers, some sadness in her face and tone. "I used to know someone who was just an experiment to them. I haven't seen her in years. She wouldn't have left if it was her choice." She leans over to squeeze his knee. "Be careful and look after yourself. I should get going though. Nice to meet you, RJ. I'm sure we'll see each other again." Then she is off.

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