(2018-05-03) Dish Pit Blues
Dish Pit Blues
Summary: Detention sucks! Especially on Taco Thursday!
Date: 2018-05-03
Related: Detention resulting from this log.
Scene Runner: NA

Kitchen, Winbarry Estate
Thu May 03, 2018

The kitchen has gone through quite an update. The walls have been repainted and thewood floor restored. It is now firmly imbedded in the 21st century with a six burner duel fuel stove/oven combo and a separate dual oven on top of that. A large, double wide frenchdoor fridge sits near the stove with a marble top cabinet between them. More marble topped cabinets and matching island with a few stools,give plenty of storage and counter space. More cabinets above are full of various canned goods and other foods, for the preparation of meals for the students. The pantry is equally full, one area of it set aside for between meal snacks of hungry teenagers.

NOTE: This was a scene that took place throughout the whole day. People were in and out; Bryce appeared in the first 'portion'. I didn't want to tag alts together in the main character lineup. If this isn't an issue, please edit as needed. Thanks. :)


It was pretty much an uneventful school day, though it seemed there was a lot of talk about the hijacking incident of yesterday evening. It wasn't long before the whole school knew who was involved, especially since detentions were involved. One of those persons was Rain and now that dinner is over it is time for her to start doing her penance, wholly undeserved if you ask her…and she really isn't wrong.

All the dishes have been brought in and are stacked haphazardly in the sink and on the counter. With gloves on she is rinsing the dishes and putting them into the dishwasher totally wrong. Glasses and plates share space on both the top and bottom racks, utensils are put in the tray wrong. It's like she has never filled a dishwasher before. She hasn't. Her usual perpetually stoic expression is slightly scowly as she works. Of course she isn't going to be pleased about doing this. Especially since the other two are doing the easier job of cleaning the dining room. This is what happens when you loose at rock, paper, scissors.

Schuyler is somewhat functional today, especially after nabbing some coffee and taking quite a few OTC painkillers. He managed to get through class, but only barely - woe betide any quizzes or tests that were given. He might need to do some extra credit if there were any meted out today. But he's awake and somewhat alert through a headache that hasn't left him debilitated…this time. He's more aching like he just did exercise on a muscle-group that hadn't really been worked hard before…but in his head.

Knowing Rain got Detention, along with Lazarus and Besa, because of the attack, and maybe to offer some support…or gloat, Sky has come into the kitchen shortly after finishing his own dinner. He still looks a little drawn from his headache, but he manages enough of a smirk before offering, solely to his sister, «You're going to break something if you keep stacking them like that.»

Having changed out of his uniform and into jeans and a t-shirt, Ronan had enjoyed being free for time. He had a nice evening so far and had enjoyed the meal enough. He decided to check out Rain doing dishes. While not normally one to point and laugh, he had to admit he was curious how well she was doing with the task. She didn't seem the dishes kind of person really. He couldn't help but be amused by the whole thing.

More and more since the Vegas mission, Ashton has been acting strange - even, no especially for him. Before there was always a faint underlying severity to the way he acted, a very faint darker side. Perhaps it came from constantly having to cause himself pain in order to perform his magic. Since Vegas when his demonic nature disappeared and he no longer had to cut on himself, Ashton has been acting… well like a normal teenager: mood swing, overly distracted, but the last few days, its been growing significantly more noticeable.

Ashton had all intentions of eating dinner tonight. Unfortunately, he lost track of time and missed it, arriving just after everything was taken back to the kitchen. So he wanders back in the kitchen, knowing that to do might well be walking into the lion's den of Rain's expected bad mood. Normally Ashton is one of the first to shed the school uniform, but today, he's still in it, just sans the blazer. He walks into the kitchen and seeing the mood of Rain, he pauses, "I'm just going to look in the pantry for something.. I won't dirty anything else…"

"Shut up." is Rain's immediate response to her brother's comment. It's both vocalized and mental so that those coming in are victim to the frustrated tone. Those that follow him in get what could be considered a neutral look "Not you guys." she clarifies though at the smirking Ronan she adds to him "Okay, maybe you too." though she gives a non-committal shrug and looks back to the poor dishwasher. So much judgment there.

"Like one more dish id going to make that much of a difference." Rain tells Ashton as he at least tries to assure her that he isn't here to make a mess. She has noticed the difference in him, and knows what it is about. She preferred him the other way, though she is probably in the minority there.

«Leave her alone,» is offered 'aloud', mentally, as Ronan comes in and seems amused to just watch Rain do dishes. -Sky- is allowed to tease her…no one else! The effort for that mental volume has him grimacing with a little throb of the headache even as he watches Ashton's arrival and rummage through the cabinets. He points to the fridge, as if indicating that something can be found there to eat. After all, he did spend quite a few months working in the kitchen, so maybe he knows.

He wasn't smirking! He was smiling! BIG Difference. Ronan doesn't even make a comment about it,"Well that does depend on the amount in the washer already." Ronan does point out. Overloading dishwashers leads to broken dishes. He doesn't sound like he's teasing, just pointing out the issue. "I didnae come to cause trouble." He points out in a very casual manner, his hands in the pockets of his jeans,"Are ye ok Ashton?" He asks sounding a bit concerned for his friend. The change was worrisome to him. He didn't want his friend to break too badly.

Ashton leans his head back from the pantry, giving Sky a puzzled look, as he had not heard anyone say anything to Rain, except his remark about not dirtying anything else. "Sorry?" It is not an apology, but a question. He looks around curious, surely Ronan would not be so crass as to be an opportunist like that. He shrugs and goes back to looking for something to eat that appeals to him. The dark haired sorcerer starts mostly talking to himself, rattling off a few options, except while he was learning Coptic to decipher the ritual for Besa, he really should be at the point to be comfortable enough to be idly talking to himself over common food items in the ancient language. He stops and sticks his head out of the pantry yet again, "Yeah, why do you ask? Doin' great."

Bryce walks into the kitchen with exactly three books in his hand. The two other books are rather thick and feigns languages: Spanish and Japanese respectively. The middle book is thinner and pushed inwards some as though he is trying to hide what it is. He is clearly not expecting to see so many people and almost drops his books. "Oh, uh, hi," he says in his normal semi-nervous demeanor. He then starts to head towards the refrigerator as well.

The only response to Sky's defense of her is an eyeroll. She has noticed he has upped his protective brother game, but if she has realized why she hasn't called him on it. Rain continues to rinse the dinner dishes and put them in the dishwasher haphazardly. If she keeps that up there will be some broken dishes.

"But does the trouble know that?" she asks Ronan. Detentions make her snarky, or maybe that's Legion talking. Sometimes it is harder to tell than others.

"The word for milk is said with a harder a sound Ashton." Rain tells him, she says it with a harder a sound to demonstrate "And there is no real word for pasta. Pasta didn't reach Egypt until centuries later." lots of centuries. Bryce's entrance gets a vague wave "Okay, once I have this full what do I do to make it run?" she is hopeless when it comes to cleaning devices…she had the same issue with the washing machine. She still sends her laundry to the dry cleaners for washing.

«Then why did you come in here and just start watching her with that smile? If you're trying to hit on her, you can stop that too.» Ugh, Sky is going to have an even worse headache after this! There's a brief grimace before he pushes himself off of the counter that he was leaning on and goes over to the dishwasher. He makes sure he catches his sister's attention before he begins to rearrange the dishes in the dishwasher so that one, they won't come out broken, and two, there is room for more dishes. 'You also have to add the detergent,' is signed for her (and Bryce if he's looking).

"I was smilin' before I came in." Ronan points out to Sky. "Well… I cannae say that trouble won't find me. Merely I was not looking to cause any." He says to Rain, ignoring the rest of what Sky said to him. There was no point on rising to it. He just looks at Ashton rather intently, "Because ye aren't bein' yerself lately." He points out to his friend. He did notice and he was the exact kind of person to be worried about it. "If ye have anything ye want ta talk about, ye know I'm always willing ta listen."

Ashton shakes his head, "Thanks, Ronan, but I'm fine really… especially since I managed to get the ritual for Besa out of my head." Well, not out of his head, just transcribed from his head. "But if I need to talk about something, you'll be one of the first people I'll find. I promise." The smile on his lips fades into confusion as he looks at Rain. "What?" He looks like he has no clue what she is talking about. He shakes his head and finally settles on just making a pb&j sandwich. Okay, so he lied, he will end up dirtying a butter knife.

Bryce returns Rain's wave though he seems a bit curious about the odd way it was done. Since she was looking in his general direction when she asked about the dishwasher, he heads over towards her. He closes his eyes and sounds like he is reading when he says, "Press the opening catch on the detergent dispenser. The flap will spring open. Add the required amount of detergent and close the flap." He then blinks his eyes open and explains verbally and in sign: "I never had to use any of these things, wasn't allowed. So I read the manuals."

Rain looks at Sky, definite communication going on there as he comes to help her load the dishwasher correctly. The suggestion that Ronan would be hitting her gets a curled lip expression, nothing against Ronan, she would give the same look to him if he suggested that anyone was hitting on her.

"And you seem to be speaking Coptic without realizing it." she says to Ashton, following up on what Ronan's comment to him. That's how she interpreted his confusion to her correction of his pronunciation.

Rain gets distracted when Bryce comes over and begins to speak gibberish if her puzzled expression is any indication "What now?" she asks, looking puzzled "I've never used a dishwasher in my life." They have that in common at least.

Schuyler nods at Rain and just glances at the others for a moment before he reaches for where the detergent is kept. It's handed to Rain and he points out what Bryce did for filling the little receptacle. He'll then show her what buttons to push. As for the rest of the conversation regarding Ashton, he'll just sort of observe for know. He thinks he knows what the other has been going through.

"Ye seem ta be doin' just fine." Ronan says trying to be actually encouraging towards Rain before he shrugs a bit,"I should be goin' I have ta be doin' an assignment for me ma anyway. Slan agaibh!" He says before waving to folks, and heading out again. There was work to be done and as amusing as this was, he didn't much feel like a solid hour of scolding for not having the work done promptly.

Ashton blinks, "I was?" So Rain's guess was correct. He shakes his head, "That doesn't really make any sense.. I barely have a grasp of Coptic… " At Rain's acknowledgement that she had never used a dishwasher, Ashton raises an eyebrow. He doesn't say anything, but even with his pampered upbringing he had used a dishwasher.

<FS3> Bryce rolls Omniglot: Success.

Bryce is thankful that Sky can 'translate' his verbal directions into tangible actions. He smiles a bit glad he might have been of help. He heads to the fridge and grabs a sandwich he made the night before. Grabbing it, he says to the departing Ronan, "Sln leat." He then says to everyone else, "Have a good day. I'm going to eat really quickly before heading to class."

Fee Reid wasn't served detention, but word got around and it WAS her intention to creep into the kitchen to help Rain deal. See how good Fee is to her friends? She willingly submits herself to the purgatory of dishes! She promised Besa that she would help look after people and damnit she will start with scraping plates.

… that was the intent. As Fionnuala was clearing her dishes, another student tripped with their own, and the mystic suddenly found herself wearing the entrails of tacos: ground beef grease, sour cream and a liberal smattering of salsa! Go figure she had just changed into a super-pretty tunic dress and capris before dining.

So now at present, the kitchen crew is joined by Fionnuala. She's carrying her dishes, her entire front covered in the aforementioned ingredients.. complete with shreds of cheese in her slippers. Even in some of the inky black feathers of her wings. Bless her heart… she's red-faced, but smiling.

"Opa!" Cries the happy hot mess in greeting as she pads toward the sinks.

Rain truly has no desire to learn how to use to dishwasher so just sorta pays attention to the instructions she is being given by Sky. Next time she is going to make sure she doesn't have dish duty…or any time after that either. Ronan gets a nod at his departure but she is mostly focused on Ashton "Do I seem like someone who would joke about that?" Nope. "Well you do have all those rituals in your head…" and then she sounds concerned "The language seems to be slipping into your subconscious."

Fiona's entrance in is enough to pull her attention, especially considering her state. She looks alarmed and horrified "Fiona!? What in the world?"

'That might be sort of my fault,' Sky signs. 'I pushed Coptic to the front of his mind to see if it would help with the ritual.' He isn't sure if he should put it back until it's been completed, if at all. Is it a bad thing? But then he catches sight of Fee and his eyebrows lift, «Lose a fight with a Taco Truck?» is offered through his headache.

Rain gets an audible sigh even as he goes to add the detergent and turn the dishwasher on for her once Fee's dishes are added.

Ashton decides to just grab a bag of chips to eat with his sandwich. He cocks his head as Fee comes in. "Hey Fee… " He licks his lips trying to decide exactly what smart aleck remark to make. So many come to mind, but in the end, he chooses to take the high road, "You okay?" His azure-green gaze turns to Rain. "I guess that might depend on which of you I would be talking to… But I believe you, I just didn't realize it." He looks over at Sky, "Actually I was hoping to talk to you when you were not obviously in agony to do it again, so that I might get the rest of them written down now that I'm done with Besa's."

Yup. Sad thing, too: it's a beautiful top. Likely purchased over the weekend when she went to Thunder Bay with her pals, or unearthed from her closet at the family home. Soft, subdued colors of blues and pale purples, paired perfectly with mauve pants. Fee loves purple and all varieties of it. Of course her arrival catches notice and the girl smiles openly to each pair of eyes as if it's perfectly natural to be slathered in dinner. Rain's question is fielded first: "Somebody tripped. I caught their supper with my chest." Said easily… she's far too cheerful to have done such a thing but it's Fee. She smiles at her bestie with affection, distracted from her own plight. "Do you want some help? I might as well change afterwards."

She pauses to giggle, though, at Sky's remark. Her dishes are added to the load and she smiles at the male Masters twin next, "Appears so. I can't even call it a snack for later."

Then finally, to Ashton. Knowing of what is afoot with Besa, the shifter girl extends to the boy a degree of concern. It shows in her manner and is heard in her tone, a kind note: "I'm totally fine. I feel worse for the person who bumped into me. But see, even if this is stained… maybe I can tie-dye it into something better!"

"Thanks for the help Sky." Rain tells her brother as more dishes are added and he starts it up for her. She watches the signing from Sky and translates for those that don't know sign language "That's probably it. Once the rituals are pulled out…if they can be, you will probably stop doing that." dishes done she starts on her next task, cleaning the rest of the kitchen "Touché." she says to Ashton. He does have a point and eventually its going to get worse.

"Oh, Fiona." Rain sighs eying the food covered tunic "Rinse it off and give it to me later. I will send it with my things to the dry cleaners. They are amazing."

Schuyler nods to Ashton, «Ask me tomorrow, if that's ok.» He's making it through the day on a lot of OTC painkillers, but that's about it. He's also trying not to do too much mental communication that's 'aloud' for that same reason. He may even be in bed before curfew to try and sleep it off. Too bad he can't have his prescription pills. Fee gets a little 'tsk' and a shake of his head as she admits to losing the fight. He'll offer her one of the dishtowels if she wants to try and wipe some of the food off…or not. Hard to say with grease and salsa stains. Rain gets a nod in reply to her thanks before he settles back to mostly observing Rain as she serves her detention in the kitchen.

Ashton smiles to Sky. "I'll check to see how you are doing tomorrow. It does not have to be any particular time, just when you're up to it." He nods to Rain, "Yeah, I'm sure…" He pauses for a moment, "Fee, talk to Ronan. He is the master of getting things out of fabric. He cheats and uses his powers. He cleaned up probably over a quart of blood one night for me without there being even the slightest trace of it." He chews on his lower lip, "Any way.. I'll talk to you all later… " He pauses, "I think I'm going to take a bit of a walk and get some fresh air before it gets to late."

The memory of her discussion with Besa, on the beach, comes back to the shifter girl too strongly as she looks around the kitchen at each and every one of them. All of these people here, she pledged to 'look out for' to the Egyptian boy after she wipes her eyes. Loukanos is missing but he, too, was mentioned. Why must life be so hard? Why do people have to be killed to live?

Fionnuala watches Rain for a time, considering her suggestion. She moves to join the other girl at the counter and will offer to help clean up in and around the sink. She offers a silly smile at the suggestion, "I can do that. If they can work that miracle, I'll appreciate it. There was so much salsa." Said earnestly, her eyes rounded… but then she watches Rain's face briefly. "How are you doing? This is the pits." She indicates the sink with brief flexing of a wing.

Ashton's words draw her next… what's this about a quart of blood? She lifts a hand in farewell, but watches the boy depart with a look of marked concern upon her face. "Is he alright?" Asked softly to nobody in particular.

Rain takes a small break from wiping down the counters to pour Sky a glass of juice, which she brings over to where she leans against the island counter. There is a shrug at Ashton and she gives him a vague waves as he departs.

"Doesn't hurt to try it Fiona." she tells the crow but looks puzzled at the question with the unusual emphasis "Fine?" confused has been her constant state lately, just about at least. "Define alright?"

Schuyler offers a 'Thanks' to Rain and then shrugs at her. 'I'll be ok. It's not as bad as last time.' Indeed, he got through the day mostly upright. Ashton gets a wave from him as he heads out before looking to Fee and giving -her- a shrug. He hasn't noticed anything untoward about the other kid…but he has pretty much only seen him in his manic states.

Lazarus had been serving the first of a few detentions just like Besa and Rain were. Though Lazarus returns to the kitchen in uniform to help Rain do dishes and otherwise help clean everything out. He has a neutral expression on his face, though judging from the occasional smirk on his face, he might enjoy cleaning! Either way, when he sees the people in the kitchen, he gives a friendly little smile to everyone. "Hello."

"What's this about a quart of blood?" Fee asks with a touch of alarm regarding Ashton's spoken words, just prior to his leaving. She looks at Sky and Rain with those big, bright eyes, "Just before he left. Ashton spoke about Ronan cleaning up all that blood? Does he mean HIS blood?" Now she looks properly alarmed.. why is Ashton covered in blood? Poor Fee; poor sweet, feeling, worriful Fee. She does not fret too much though and she soon goes to the fridge afterwards, seeking out some milk to pour into a glass for herself so soon after Rain got some juice for Sky. She'll clean this dish on her own, promise. She looks from Rain to Sky, next.

She sees the shrug and judging by her peers' responses, maybe she's overthinking. She smiles softly and sips her milk. "I'm just an old lady at heart, then, fretting and worrying—"

Then there's a Lazarus! Here to slog away in the dish trenches! She turns to observe the boy's arrival, and offers to him in deft Scots Gaelic: "Guid forenicht!" (Good evening) .. worry not, Fee-player won't abuse the translator. She just wanted to be fancy. Fee sounds pretty when she drops into her second language. "How are you, Laz?" Asked next in English.

<FS3> Rain rolls Magic Knowledge: Failure.

Rain doesn't have the powers to help her brother's headache or else she would of done so already. Instead she just gives him a one armed hug around the shoulders and gets back to cleaning.

"His magic only works if he spills is own blood. Kind of like Besa can only heal if he spills his own blood." spoken like someone who has lived with magic all their life…because she has. "That's how some magic works. There is a name for that kind of magic…" she thinks for a moment before shaking her head "Sorry, it's not coming to me."

Unlike Lazarus and possibly Besa Rain is not amused about detention. She didn't do anything. And loosing rock, paper, scissors and having to do the dishes…the worst. "Did you bring the broom back with you Lazarus?" she asks him since the kitchen floor will need sweeping after the counters are done.

Schuyler gives Rain's arm a little pat at the hug. It's definitely appreciated. He looks between Fee and the entering Lazarus before noting his sister's response about the blood magic. 'Do you have to mop the floor too?' is asked of his sister before he also comments aloud, «I'm guessing that more blood will be spilled before this ritual is done. I just hope that it's the last of it.» He'll sip on the juice then in the hopes that it will help his headache.

Lazarus enters the room and immediately Fionnuala greets him in Gaelic! <Good Evenin'> Lazarus replies in beautiful Gaelic to Fionnuala. "I'm well enough. Shoulder is a little sore, but I'll manage." he offers a small smile for her. "How are you?" In his offhand was the broom, so when Rain asks if he has it? He simply rests it against a nearby chair. "Yes." he says seriously and neutrally.

Though he turns his head to Sky as he speaks, looking at him and simply nodding in greeting…as well as nodding in confirmation about sweeping the floors.

Lazarus is someone of few words today.

Gah.. it's the sort of magic that gives Fee the heebie-jeebies, nevermind she's been healed by it twice. She hasn't the name for it either, as she knows little of the lore, but Fee can yet fill in some blanks. It's a sacrificial magic. Since coming to know of Besa, Fee has sadly come to understand sacrifice a bit more, as well. "It's okay." She smiles to Rain as the Masters girl falters on the name of such magic. Rain then goes to speak to Lazarus and Fee turns to look upon Sky next. She is, at present, scrubbing out the glass of milk that she has since drained. The boy's voice resonates in her mind, though she cannot respond in a like fashion. Her expression falls at talk of this ritual; it seems to affect Fee greatly. "I do, too. I just want everyone to be okay… and to be able to enjoy life." Said softly, lips easily read. Yup, Fee knows more of everything as well, these days.

"I'm okay," Offered to the Scottish boy. "Wearing somebody else's supper." A grin. Yup, another student spilled ground beef, salsa and sour cream onto her lovely shirt at some point during dinner.

There is a nod at the signing, Rain isn't going to attempt signing back, not with the thick gloves on. She moves to grab the broom and looks at it for a moment. She has seen this done before, but has never had to sweep herself. "Thanks." she offers to Lazarus. "Was the dining room a lot of work?" She isn't taking her frustration of being in detention on him or Besa, so her tone is its usual stoic one. The one she uses with everyone in mixed company, from complete strangers to family like her brothers.

"That's what we all want Fiona. And hopefully that will happen…and soon. These detentions are not going to help though."

Schuyler remains quiet, mostly just watching as Rain tries to wrestle with the broom. He -could- help again, but he also doesn't want to end up doing the job for her. He might give her a few silent, mental hints, however. Lazarus gets a once-over when mentions his shoulder, but then again, he can't really get on the boy's case too much at the moment. So for now he stays the observer.

Lazarus looks at Fee's shirt as she explains that she's perfectly fine, but someone's spilled things on her. He looks sympathetic. "If you like, I can retrieve one of my shirts that you can borrow? So that you are not walking around with stains if it pleases?" he asks because he knows full well he'd want someone to give him a scapegoat if he was wearing a stained shirt. Up to her though.

His eyes shift back to Rain as she thanks him for the broom and he starts cleaning off the tables and such. "Not really. It took alot of time, but it was a simple effort to accomplish." He smiles warmly to her then before he turns his head to Sky as he looks at him, tilting his head at him. Though…when he sees Rain struggle with the broom, he moves over to help her and show her how to do it if needed. "Grab here and here…and simple brush movements. Like that." He'll try to give her a hands on instruction unless she tells him to beat it.

"Naw, I'm alright." Fee says with a glowing smile. "Once I'm done here, I'll go change. Rain offered to send it off with her wash for proper dry cleaning. Even if, I could still make something of it. Thank you though." Said kindly, though she looks sideward to Sky and his… glancing. Oh, what a circumstance this is! Meanwhile Fee is considering this talk of what 'everyone' wants. Somehow Fionnuala knows not to expand upon this very tense, touchy subject of what is to happen to Besa. Plus if she thinks too much on it, she //will/ cry! Just you see if she doesn't!

Though, Fee is distracted briefly by Lazarus trying to help Rain out. She watches this with interest… not in a foreboding way, but curious. She trust Rain to know what is right and how she wants to handle things! This calls for another glass of milk!

There are a few looks exchanged between Sky and her, again more of that silent communication that is so familiar to those that know them. It's a little weird until you get used to it. When her twin leaves though there is no parting words, at least none said outloud. Even with the adjustments suggested by Sky, Rain's use of the broom is subpar, but not totally ineffectual "Uhm.." she vocalizes when Lazarus shows her how to sweep in a more hands on way. He is trying to help her, she realizes this so she there is no telling him to bugger off. Though she seems more uncomfortable with the actual cleaning than the hands own teaching method of proper broom use. "I suck at cleaning." understatement "I have never really been in a situation where I have had to." she is raised quite a bit different that a lot of the students here apparently.

Lazarus can tell that Rain isn't too comfortable with cleaning. It's okay to be awful at it! "It's alright Rain. I know it's not very fun. But it will certainly be helpful." he offers her the kindest smile then, before he lets her use the broom for herself, putting a brief hand on her shoulder before he turns away. He offers a kind smile to Fee as she politely denies his offer.

"Certainly." he smiles to her before he gets to cleaning the counters just to go over it again.

One person here is used to the Rain-Sky mojo. That is Fionnuala, who seems to be unable to get her fill of milk. She watches the twins take their leave of one another with Sky departing, and brilliant eyes flit to once again watch the interaction between bestie and Scottish boy. She watches Rain's negotiation of the broom with absolutely no judgement as frankly, despite knowing Rain to be of an affluent upbringing.. Fee knows that the girl's behavior is anything but. There is so much more beyond being unused to cleaning, and not liking it quite so much.

She does not interrupt the exchanges as she once again washes her glass. Wings ruffle once and flutter, casting specks of sunlight across the floor and counters. It fizzles away harmlessly, though it's kinda pretty to look at. She remembers the talk with Besa the evening prior, has another look at Rain, and considers her next thought.

"Oh, hey! When I go home this weekend, we're celebrating my mother's birthday. It's not a big do, just a family dinner… the weather is turning and Da puts on an amazing BBQ. Would you like to come over?" She asks of the other girl.. maybe this home'y change of scenery will help Rain, as things begin to get harder to handle re: Besa's upcoming tribulations.

"Helpful?" she looks at Lazarus in puzzlement "You mean to know how?" rain sounds skeptical. It's not often that she finds problems she can't throw money at, and when she does they confound her and stress her out. Hence how anxious and stressed she has been lately. "Where is the thing you sweep all the debris in?" she points down at the small pile of dirt and kitchen debris on the floor "The dustpan." she remembers the name.

Yeah those counters do need another cleaning. Rain gave them a wipe down, but they are not going to meet Ms. Annalee's stringent standards of cleanliness. The invitation out of the blue from Fiona has her blinking in surprise at the other girl. At the moment she is the perfect example of that meme about introverts and how they find friends…by having an extrovert find them and adopt them. "Your mom won't mind me coming over on her birthday?"

Lazarus gives Rain a warm smile as she speaks to him. "Of course. To know how to clean affectively is extremely helpful. For example…" he gestures to the counter. "instead of just going over it very lightly like once or twice with the rag or whatever your using, you got to go over it multiple times. Like this." and he very efficiently starts to wipe down the counter.

His smile for Rain was very apparent, looking at her to see how she's doing.

Though at Fee's offer for Rain to go with her to home to have amazing barbecue for a family dinner, he smiles softly.

Strangely enough, he was craving milk too….

That's not exactly what she was asking Lazarus, but Rain lets it go since it really isn't important, and really has no plans to do any cleaning like this after their detentions are over. Instead she just changes the subject all together "Fiona and I are going to Scotland over the summer." she tells him "Any suggestions on where to go and what to do?" he is the resident expert so why not ask him. She is about to ask Fiona something else but it seems the Crow is searching for the dustpan at the moment.

Seems the search for a dustpan took Fee to deep, dark spaces. Why can't people put things back where they belong? She is indeed the extrovert who has adopted an introvert and despite her being busy for a few minutes, not much gets past her. "Of course she wouldn't—" Calls Fionnuala from somewhere in the kitchen… wings and all, she can't be seen. Where did she go?! Oh God, with Fee, who knows…

"You're just like family!" Calls the disembodied Fee voice again. There is a silence then, signifying that the shifter girl is listening to the following questions. Talk of Scotland over the summer excites her, and it can be noticed even in her tone. "Ma and Da are from Stirling, Scotland!" Is supplied from.. is that coming from a broom closet?

Out she prances, wielding the long-lost dustpan. Don't. Even. Ask. Where she found it. She eyes Lazarus raptly.

Lazarus looks to Rain then as she asks him what it is they could do and where to go. Lazarus seems to think for a moment. "I don't know too much, When I was five I was-" then he cuts himself off, and it's clear that he must have suffered some kind of trauma, for he closes his eyes and he takes a deep breath. Hard breaths.

"I would suggest visiting some of the old castles and going through Edinburgh. City is full of 'em. Also, while you're there, you can learn how to do some classic archery and maybe even see someone do a Caber toss. (log throwing)." he seems to somewhat retreat into himself then, cleaning as he does so.

"That's all I can suggest…maybe even see Glasgow." where he's from.

With Fiona's reemergence from the dark depths of the broom closest Rain goes ahead as asks her the question now "Are you inviting Oliver too?" she asks. Perhaps because it will be less awkward for her that way.

The pause from Lazarus and the apparent bit of emotion he has causes Rain to head tilt at him. Being the private person she is, Rain tends not to delve into personal questions, especially in public settings. She'll leave that for Fiona. "Archery…" she hmmms that she knows about "Caber toss. Like Highland Games sort of thing?" she glances at Fiona "How close is Stirling to Edinborougn and Glasgow?" she then gestures to the pile of dirt under her broom "Could someone hold the dustpan for me?"

"Oh, Glasgow!" Fionnuala exclaims, pretty black wings ruffling around her small form. Funny thing, too: she's since donned an apron to hide the disaster that her shirt has become. At least she kept the shirt on else things would have become awkward. Silly bird.

"Ma and Da know far more than I do. They've been to Glasgow." Said with the sweetest smile. "When they were teens, our age," Said with a coquettish smile, "They went there. They were on about the River Clyde and how important it was for shipbuilding and trade. There's also a super-romantic bridge built over the river." She recollects, It's all second-hand memory; forged from her parents' experiences.

Talk of Caber tosses REALLY push the girl into another height of excitement. "LOG TOSSING!" Exclaimed, she turns to watch Rain. "THAT is fun. You'll see these dudes in kilts… big brawny guys like walking talking thumbs. Throwing logs." Is remarked as she crouches down close to Rain, dustpan at ready. She looks up at her bestie with a sweet smile. "We can invite Ollie, for sure."

Whistling can be heard before the whistler can be seen. At first the song is too soft for someone to pick out the tune unless super hearing is in play. Finally, after a few more seconds, the tune to the Marine Hymn can be heard: From the Halls of Montezuma. The door from the dining room swings open allowing the athletic and cheerful looking youth enter. "Afternoon, folks." He speaks with a mild southern accent that is from South Carolina.

Lazarus looks at Rain then as she speaks of Archer yand the Caber toss. "Yea…they happen fairly often. It's entertainin' to watch, for certain. People of various families and clans come together to have a good time." he keeps his back to everyone though. He truly did miss home. But he's not going to impose on Rain, Fee, and likely Ollie's trip. "It's about a 35 minute drive from Glasgow to Edinburgh." he says then. "Really the same for Stirling to Glasgow." he's cleaning, but he looks to Rain and he extends his hand to take the dustpan.

He does look to Fee then as she seems to be extremely excited about everything that Scotland has to offer. He listens to her speak of home and he sighs a small moment. He cracks his neck slightly. He does turn his head to Lance as he arrives, meeting him with only a nod.

Having gone out for a walk earlier after eating only a pb&J sandwich, Ashton returns to the kitchen. He is no longer in his school uniform, but in a pair of black skinny jeans and a deep wine colored hoodie. Stepping in from the breakfast nook, the young sorcerer is surprised to see so many people still in the kitchen. "Hey, everyone… " Ashton grins, to Rain and Fee, "You decided to throw a party after I left?" He walks over to the fridge and sticks his head in to look for left-overs to raid.

"And do these Highland Games happen often? Is there a social media place that they are posted?" Rain seems quite interested in these Highland Games, but who doesn't like to watch men in kilts perform feats of agility and strength.

Taking the dustpan from Fiona she corrects the misunderstanding "I meant did you invite him to your house for the birthday thing…not invite him to Scotland." the dustpan is passed to Lazarus "Ollie is nice and all, but I won't able to get my parents to pay for /your/ boyfriend." and maybe she doesn't want to share Fiona on this trip! A bit of a smile comes out at Lazarus "That's an easy drive."

The arrival of Lance, followed by Ashton has her glancing at them. Has she meet Lance or just seen him around the school? Either way they both get a "Hello." from her and in Ashton's case "Again."

Wow, the kitchen is attracting a small crowd! But don't kitchens often do that where teenagers are involved? Fionnuala, having passed the dustpan over to Lazarus, has contented herself with other matters. She's changing out a garbage bag, filled with all manner of refuse from a day spent catering to the students and staff of Coral Springs. Whistling is heard first, and she turns her dark-haired head to the arrival of Lance, "Hi! There's still some leftovers if you're hungry!" She indicates a pan that still bears the seasoned ground beef for tacos, along with fixings over on an opposite counter. If it means more dishes, so be it; everyone has to eat!

Ashton, returning, is noted too. "Hi, Ashton!" Fee calls over as she hefts a sizeable black bag out of a can. "Yup.. kitchen party. All we need is a fiddle for some tunes and we're set." Said in a giggle… speaking of party.. there's talk of Scotland, To Lazarus, next: "Where did you come from, again?"

And finally, as she wrestles the bag free… Fee remarks to Rain. "Of course, just us. I meant the birthday gig." Said with a big smile. Fee adores Ollie, but she adores Rain too. Girls' trip FTW!

Lance returns the nod to Lazarus and says, "So many people I've not met yet. Nice. I'm Lance." He lifts up a hand to his head as though about to tip his hat or salute. It's hard to tell. He sees the ladies working, and while he is obviously here for food, he asks, "Need some help, ladies?" He nods to Fionnuala and states, "Famished." But when isn't a teenage boy. He grabs a plate and heads over to the food while he waits for the answer about assisting. He starts stacking his plate higher and higher. Rather impressive actually that none falls off and that he clearly plans to eat it all.

Lazarus nods to Rain then. "Of course." he smiles softly to her. "There's probably about more than 100 Highland Game sites, from the official stuff to people just bein' crazy fans." he shrugs lightly. Nonetheless, he offers Fee a small smile as she asks him where she's from.

"I'm from Glasgow. Born and raised." Though then his head turns towards Lance as he introduces himself. "Hello. I'm Lazarus."

Ashton chuckles, "Can't do a fiddle, but I have my violin up in my dorm room." There is a comfortable smile resting on his lips and a mirthful gleam in his eyes. Apparently the walk did wonders for his mood. As he continues to dig in the fridge, "Ooh.. fried chicken…" He steps back from the fridge with a chicken leg in his mouth. As he is chewing on a bite, he pauses, "When did we have fried chicken… That was like last week, wasn't it?" He shrugs, "Well, doesn't smell or taste bad…" Beyond that, he is mostly content to just listen the conversation.

"Could you help me later to determine which is which?" Rain would rather go to an official highland game than one ran by fanboys. For obvious reasons. The comment about fiddles and violins turns her attention that direction "Wait, aren't they the same thing?" The offer to help just gets a shake of her head "We are just finishing up. And this is our detention." there is a gesture between her and Lazarus "You'll just get in trouble if you help." There is a moment where she seems to just not be there mentally and then she's back and shoving the broom at Fiona "I've got to go." and then she is dashing away and out of the kitchen.

The girl pads over toward Ashton, leans forth to give the chicken a light sniff. "You're fine." Wait. He's eating it already. It's gonna have to be fine. Fionnuala smiles sheepishly. "I'm not against either instrument, and if you're so inclined you're welcome to haul out that violin anytime to play some tunes." She smiles at the boy as he helps himself to… definite leftovers. They don't smell manky so she's simply going to trust his judgement. Waving goodbye to Rain, she observes Lance heaping up. "We're mostly done here… help yourself. If you eat, like, eight of those.. I'll be impressed. And that means there will be less to pack away." Said with a wink and a giggle. She takes the broom that Rain was finished with, and puts it away in a handy-dandy broom closet.

Finally, to Lazarus, the shifter smiles winningly, "Glasgow. I had a feeling. I'll have to mention to my folks that there's a Glasgow boy in our midst. They'll be excited."

Lance begins working on the taco pile on his plate. He has kept the food to mainly the shells, meat, and hot sauce. "Oh, well, wouldn't want to get a detention. My dad would kill me." He doesn't like standing around when people are working, but rules are rules. The talk of games gets his attention. "Games? Here?" There is obvious hope in his voice. As the talk about the chicken, he seems to remember something. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small bottle of medicine. From the sound of it, there are still some pills in it. He tosses it across the room to land perfectly in an open trashcan.

Lazarus first sheds his attention to Ashton as he speaks, raising a brow at the fried chicken before he returns his attention to Rain. "Of course. Just pick a time." Though he does look saddened that Rain ran off without really saying goodbye. Though he just shrugs it off, or tries to.

Eyes falling back upon Fionnuala, he simply nods. "Maybe." is all he says about that, becoming even more withdrawn. Regardless, eventually he picks up his tray and turns and starts to walk. Perhaps he's getting more supplies? "Bye." he says to generally everyone. Probably off to be by himself…something that's become even more apparent as time goes on.

"Technically a fiddle and a violin are the same instrument. The difference lies mainly in the music and how it is played. I play the violin; I don't really play the fiddle." Ashton shrugs with a bit of a smirk, "So, I'm a snob… Oh.. well, later, Rain." He grins over at Fee and gestures slightly with the chicken leg, "What's the worse that could happen? It doubt that it would kill me…" He reaches up and combs his fingers through his hair to get it out of his eyes, "Night, Lazarus." He chuckles over at Lance, Ah, detention isn't that bad.. I've had detention a couple of times." But of course, Ashton is a member of Ares after all.

"When I think of the fiddle, I think of…. a ditty." Fionnuala's grin is still wide. She mirrors the dance involved in enjoying such a piece of music: fast-paced, jogging, fun. Then she slows, sways, wings fluttering. "Whereas the violin is more… I dunno… pensive? Elegant? Restful?" She considers, twirling one dark lock over the slender length of a finger. "Yeah, that covers it. I'm surprised I've never heard you play before." She watches Ashton briefly, pausing to give Lazarus a fingerwave as he departs. Did she notice that drop in his emotional barometer? Maybe, but there isn't much that she can do… at this time.

To Lance the ebullient girl turns, "Games… we were talking about Scottish games." She chimes, and there in some of the inflections of her voice is a mild Scottish accent. "Lazarus there comes from that neck of the woods. We were going on about kilts and throwing trees. Highland games." Fee beams, pouring herself a third glass of milk.

Ashton chews on his lower lip slightly, "Well, I have tried not to bother people too much with my playing and since we have no music program, not much call for it. " He smiles widely, "I'll make a point to play for you sometime And violin music doesn't have to be slow and soothing." He cocks his head slightly, "Yeah, I heard you all speaking about them, the school doing on or is there one near here?" Yeah, he missed the whole conversation about Scotland. He does grin, "All the guys running around in kilts could certainly be fun."

Four down and he is still going strong. "Ah," he sounds sounding a bit disappointed. "I was hoping for something a bit more active. I'm not exactly skilled with inactivity."

Well, Ashton was one of those folks whom Besa mentioned as needing support. Especially with what is to come. She smiles warmly to the boy, "There is no such thing as bothering anyone with music. It's from the soul, it's important. You break that violin out anytime and I'll listen." She promises, she means it too. She cuts her gaze across at Lance as he sinks something into the trashcan… she hadn't quite caught what the projectile was but didn't it just rattle some? As if something was in it? She watches the boy with the Southern accent for a time, she's like a disappointment-seeking missile. "Take heart. I think something will be coming down the pipes soon. We're still kinda.. in transition. I'm hoping either here, or at a new spot, we'll have a better sports program." She offers to Lance.

One final look around the kitchen and Fee, upon cleaning her cup, nods with satisfaction. "I'm going to get some homework done. I'll be relaxing in the billiard room later on and.. like…" A shy look to Ashton. "Music makes braining that much easier." A wink, and the friendly girl with the messy shirt (oh tacos) ambles out of the kitchen.

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