(2018-05-02) Train Smack Down
Train Smack Down
Summary: Hijackers have nothing on 4 Coral Springs students
Date: 2018-05-02
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Scene Runner: Rain

Shady Cove Station

A small station atop the hill looking down on Shady Cove, this is a simple brick complex built for utility and access to the Northern Line that runs out of Thunder Bay and up towards Main. The platform is outside the station, with a small overhand more of those on the platform than the train itself. Across from the platform is simply trees and grass outside the city.

There are lot of things to be accomplished before the ritual that will fix Besa's heart. There are some ruins that will be needed for the ritual, which means that clay is needed. That means a trip to Thunder Bay. So here they are, after classes, waiting for the train with a few dozen of their "closest" friends, otherwise known as complete strangers who commute to and from Thunder Bay for work.

Rain has changed into more appropriate clothing, with a long concealing andfashionableduster over her stylish emerald dress. This week she has only been social with her closest friends and family, everyone else has got the bare minimum of social interaction from her. "Did you want to stop any where else while we are in Thunder Bay?" she asks of Besa and Sky

Besa shakes his head, he's been very easy going for a dead man walking. In the coat Rain picket out, although it's not zipped up due to the nicer weather. "Where ever you would like to go." They're getting the clay, Amisi and her group are getting the Nile water. Besa's not super excited about the ritual bath, but he's not said anything beyond it's weird to have someone else bathe him. The fasting hasn't started yet, so no need to be grumbling about that. "The weather is very nice, yes?" Both Rain and Sky get smiles. Louk's healing is starting to wear off, he looks tired, but no blue flingers yet.

Schuyler has also changed and isn't terribly thrilled that they're out and about with Besa in his delicate condition…but he also knows that preventing the other from coming along wouldn't be a good idea either. So he's mostly grousing to himself…which might not be anything new. Maybe the fact that he also chickened out of the dance competition has something to do with it because he's also kept somewhat quiet today. There is something signed about shopping if they get the chance, but he's not going to stress it too much. He will, however, offer, 'Maybe you should sit while we wait?' to Besa.

In the distance the sound of the train coming can be heard and people start lining upin the designated area so they can board once the train stops and everyone gets off. It's a calm process, no pushing or shoving, not like there would be in a big city.

"Nice enough for a picnic." Rain replies about the weather. It may or may not be a suggestion. If it is one she doesn't seem thrilled about it, but there is little she has been thrilled with lately. Oh teenage angst, she is soaking in it. "What kind of shopping?" she asks of Sky, not because she doesn't know, but because she isn't up from playing middleman between Besa and Sky.

Besa smiles softly, "But we do not have a basket." So they don't have to do it. He steps closer to Rain, to bump his shoulder into hers while he looks over at Sky. A soft, warm chuckle, "I promise I am not going to fall over, Sky." He knows it's just worry, and he does appreciate it. "Is there something you'd like to get specifically?" About the shopping, but then here comes the train!

He just donated a bunch of clothes…time to get new ones. Besides, he might end up growing out of whatever he got most recently before too long and while he's less fastidious than Rain, he also doesn't like to look sloppy. 'We could always eat outside, sure,' is offered in mention to the picnic. 'Even without the basket or blanket…just 'al fresco',' the Italian is finger-spelled out. While he doesn't hear the rumble of the train, he feels it on the platform and turns to watch it's arrival.

The shoulder bump has Rain reaching to hook and arm with his. He certainly won't fall now, at least he accepts the contact "Stop growing and you wouldn't need to buy new clothes all the time." Rain says to Sky as she picks up the undercurrent of his shopping thoughts. "I think food and good weather is the only requirement for a picnic." She comments, though she is pretty sure that Besa is being deliberately obtuse.

The train comes to a stop, but something isn't right. For one the doors don't slide open, and for two masked figures can be seen through the window…armed masked figures.

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Telepathy/empathy: Great Success

Besa allows the arm hook, as always. He smiles at Rain. "If he keeps growing I will not be able to wear any of his hand me downs." Not that Besa has many anymore. After the ritual, he's going to be back to smaller clothes again. "I am happy to have al fresco picnic if you both wish it." He's easy going! Looking between the twins, the ancient boy only catches the masked men out of the corner of his eye. His hand immediately dives into his pocket, where his runes are.

'I can't help it. I hope some day I'll stop…' but not any time soon. Besa gets a smirk, 'I thought that they weren't your style?' is asked before he turns to his sister and nods. His attention is then pulled by the train as it comes to a stop and his smirk turns into a frown. There's a quick sign of 'Hide' as he tries to gently push the two out of the way. Grey eyes are fixed firmly on the masked men inside the train as he tries to somehow make them invisible. Or, at least, not-seen.

"That won't be a bad thing. They aren't your style anyway." Goth does not suit Besa. As the train pulls in and the doors don't open to let the passengers off and on, Rain's expression goes all frowny. "If anyone should be hiding its you Sky." she tells her brother, not letting herself be pushed by him. She isn't jumping forward to find out what is going either. For now she just stays where she is, watching through the train windows.

It's after classes and Besa and the twins have some things to take care of so here they are at the train station with about two dozen other commuters waiting for the train. The train is there, but the doors aren't opening and through the windows can be seen commuters sitting along the inside and a group of masked, armed individuals.

<FS3> Lazarus rolls Superhuman Senses: Good Success

Lazarus had managed to get in line for the train at the last minute, though he didn't know that Besa, Rain, and Sky were also on the platform with him. He wears his usual clothing. Leather jacket, blue jeans, the like. hood over his head. He sees Besa and the twins finally now though, but before he can even say anything to them, he can hear the heartbeats of the armed men..their subtle whispers about what they were going to do…the clicks and clinks of the weapons they have.
Lazarus doesn't hesitate.

He starts pushing through the line, his eyes forward. Is he going to try to be a hero? Not really, but he is going to try and help.

Well, Besa would have followed Sky, but with Rain standing there, he's not going anywhere. Besides, she has his arm. The ancient boy crushes something in his pocket, the clay piece crumbling easily in his hand. "I will touch the train." He'll try to slip his arm free to get to the car. If he can touch it, they can keep it at the station. Hopefully someone with a phone has alerted the authorities!

Schuyler can't exactly call and texting 911 doesn't seem to be a 'thing'…so Sky will just have to let someone else be that hero. Rain gets a frown as she tells him to leave her and Besa out in the open and hide…not bloody likely! Wasn't he the one who mind-blasted people in Vegas? Hmph! There's a moment as he glances around, looking from his twin to Besa and then to all those bystanders. There's only a moment of hesitation before he takes in a breath and calls out, simply, "Get back! There are guns!"

Rain may be the second best fighter at the train station, /maybe/ but she has no desire to be a hero or even act like one. She's brave sure, but not stupid and heroing gets people hurt. "Go." she urges Besa as she pulls out her phone. She has no problem being that person. In a matter of moments she is on the phone with 911. Normally she is all thrilled when Sky actually talks, now is not one of those times.

As the train sits there the doors still don't open and the gunmen inside are glancing out to check to see what is happening on the platform.

At Sky's warning about the guns the commuters on the train, who have also started to take out cellphones, to either call police or more likely, get video start to lowkey panic, moving away from the train in rapid controlled chaos.

<FS3> Besa rolls Mystic: Good Success

<FS3> Lazarus rolls Superhuman Strength: Good Success

Lazarus starts to move towards the train, eventually putting a hand on Rain's shoulder as he walked past. Regardless, he'll use the more physical aspects of his powers to try and get into the train itself. Rather, he tries to actually power leap on top of the train! someone's hasty to get inside.

With people moving, Besa can slip away from Rain easily enough. Heading towards the train car is a little more obvious, but maybe he's just a dumb teenager that wants to see what's going on? Either way, he gets close to the line and reaches over to touch the train. Nothing happens for a moment and then the lights flicker and go out. The train is not going anywhere. The doors will open, but they will have to be manually opened now. The train is a victim of Besa's curse.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sky=Mind Control Vs Gunman=3
<Sky: Success Gunman: Failure
<Net Result: Sky wins - Marginal Victory

With most of the people moving out of the way…even if they have their cell phones out, Sky looks back to the train. He notes Besa moving to disarm it and then…Lazarus? Coming out of nowhere? There's a frown as he really needs to have words with the kid. His attention turns back to the gunmen on the train and he focuses on one in particular. He might find that he absolutely needs to go pee. Like. RIGHT NOW!

The unexpected shoulder touch has Rain giving a start of surprise. Lucky for Lazarus she didn't automatically think he was attacking, that could of been painful for one of them. She looks puzzled as he passes her, but she is still talking to 911 so says nothing to him, just wonders where he appeared from. With her free hand she pulls on of the truncheons from concealment, yay dusters, and snaps it open, standing protectively in front of Sky while he does his thing.

The safety lights that light the train inside and out flicker and go out and the engine that runs it dies as Besa touches it. There is a click as the emergency system unlocks the doors for manual operation.

A brief commotion starts in the train between two of the gunman, which results in one smacking the other upside the head and the smacked one running into the corner of the train.

<FS3> Lazarus rolls Shapeshifting: Great Success

Lazarus turns his hooded head to see Besa able to stop the train. Nice.

Though now Laz wasted time jumping on top of the train. He walks over until he feels he's directly on top of where the gunmen are…and proceeds to make a rather visible use of his powers. Lifting an arm over his head, that arm seems to morph itself into a large bladed bio-weapon sort of thing, incredibly sharp and lethal-looking, to be certain. With one motion, he attempts to slice through the top of the train and land in front of all the gunmen.

Dumb move? Probably. They do have guns.

Besa's other hand comes out of his pocket, the clay dust drifting off his fingers. How many runes did he crush? He doesn't move from his place, waiting to see what the gunmen are doing. Rushing them could endanger the people on the train. His eyes widen and he swears in Coptic, something about a camel, when Laz is suddenly cutting into the train. That's not waiting! He starts to move towards the door, realizing that waiting isn't an option anymore.

Schuyler may have too much of a headache to go shopping after this…and the train system might be shut down for quite a while, so he might as well try it again! He aims for another gunman's mind, trying to pass on the feeling of that last 3-day migraine that he had. If he can take any out or debilitate them in any way it might help, right?

Rain continues to be on her phone, must be a well trained 911 dispatcher, since that is what they are supposed to do. Keep you on the phone. As she stands there, in front of Sky she watches what both Besa and Lazarus are doing and the reaction of the gunmen inside.

The gunmen in the train can see Besa though at the moment they are more concerned with the hole being ripped through the roof of the train. As Lazarus lands in the midst of the gunmen he will find himself having guns pointed at him from the six of the seven gunmen on the train. the seventh as grabbed a passenger to use as a human shield, with gun at the passenger's temple "How about you go right back up into the hold you came out of." he tells Lazarus. The dozen or so other passengers are cowering in the seats that line each side of the train.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lazarus=physical Vs Gunmen=5
<Lazarus: Good Success Gunmen: Good Success
<Net Result: Lazarus wins - Marginal Victory

Lazarus looks at the gunmen who are now suddenly aiming at him. Understandable and all that fun jazz. I mean if a guy was sliced through the roof of the train and was standing in front of you, and you had an armory with you, I'd aim at him too.

Though as he's threatened, he doesn't show any fear. Instead, he looks at the man who tells him to get back out of the hole, and he sighs, his arm seeming to turn into some kind of bio mallet, and he shakes his head. "No."

and in an instant, he bum rushes forward, attempting to knock the gunman who threatened him into the back wall.

<FS3> Besa rolls Physical: Great Success

Besa's eyes widen, another curse in coptic, perhaps more akin to a camel's mother comes out as he rushes to the door and pulls it open with out any resistance. Ignoring the fight with Lazarus and the 6 other men, Besa focuses on the bad gun with the gun to the civilians head, "Please…you do not need to do this…" And then he hopes his plan will work and he rushes he man, intent on grappling the gun away from being pointed at the passenger at the very least.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Besa=Physical Vs Baddie=4
<Besa: Good Success Baddie: Good Success
<Net Result: [1;33mDRAW [0m

Several things happen at once, the Gunman with the hostage starts to double over, pain all over his face, only to get bum rushed by both Lazarus and Besa at the same time. The hostage is able to shove themselves away as soon as the Gunman's grip loosens. His hand swings wide as its shoved away by the fleeing hostage and BANG! it goes off hitting the charging Lazarus in front of him.

The gun going off triggers a panic in the passengers and the rest of the gunmen kinda freeze, not sure what to do. This was not part of the plan. The passengers all flee the train out the door forced open by Besa. Besa, Laz and the gunmen they are attacking get pushed and shoved around in the chaotic mass exodus of the fleeing passengers.

Hern the platform the sound of the gun going off sends those still watching fleeing the immediate area. Rain on the other hand looks horrified "Besa!" he /is family/ so naturally he is going to be her first concern. The phone drops from her hand and she rushes toward the train, trying to push and shove past those rushing to get off.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lazarus=physical Vs Gunmen=5
<Lazarus: Great Success Gunmen: Failure
<Net Result: Lazarus wins - Crushing Victory

Lazarus knocks the guy back, only to turn around and immediately get shot right in his shoulder. His body jerks with the impact, but even still he shows no fear on his features. But it's clear he's in quite a bit of pain. He growls then before he grabs one of the gunmen by the neck and tries to use his superhuman strength and throw him right through the window of the train!

Get him out of there!

After the fact, Lazarus turns around, his arms becoming like bladed claws…this might get bloody.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Besa=physical Vs Baddie=4
<Besa: Success Baddie: Success
<Net Result: DRAW

Besa continues to wrestle with his baddie, the gun pointed dangerously at Laz…or Best…or maybe the gunman himself. It's shifting. Besa briefly wonders if he's this out of shape, or if it's his heart (which is pounding rather hard in his chest), or if this man may be super as well. The rest of the men aren't attacking though, "Give up!" Is that to his grappled man, or the rest? "Do not kill them!" Oh! That's definitely at Laz, who's now got sword hands?

FS3> Opposed Roll — Rain=physical Vs Gunman=4
<Rain: Good Success Gunman: Failure
<Net Result: Rain wins - Solid Victory

Listen, its sirens and they are very close, and then the screech of tires as police cars come to a sudden stop and uniformed and armed officers bail out of cars to rush to the platform.

Yes, one could say that hijacking a train is not the most intelligent thing to do, but maybe desperate times called for desperate measures. Whatever the reason was for this tremendous act of stupidity, in the face of person throwing, clawy dude, and smaller, grappling guy, it doesn't seem so big of a deal anymore. The remaining gunmen gain an immediate intelligence boost run for it while Lazarus and Besa are busy with there compatriots in crime…and right into the arms of the waiting policeman.

She's fought her way through fleeing passengers and now its fleeing badguys…just what the hell…SMASH! bad guy goes flying through the window of the train…oh that's what…that only gives Rain a moments pause before she is rushing in to smack the guy Besa is fighting in the back of her head with the thick end of her titanium truncheon. His eyes roll back as he keels over, unconscious.

<FS3> Lazarus rolls Regeneration: Failure

Lazarus watches the men run after they get the hint that if they fight Lazarus and Besa, they will probably die. Especially form the rage of the former. Regardless, once they leave and straight into the arms of the police? Lazarus's arms go back to normal human shape…and he growls softly, the pain of getting shot right in the shoulder getting to him as of now.

He leans against one of the train's walls, and he waits for his healing to help push out a bullet that cut -deep-. Well, at least Besa and Rain were probably cool.

Besa blinks surprised when the man suddenly goes limp, but not so surprised when he sees why, "Thank you Rain." His hand raises to get help standing up. But then as soon as he sees Laz bleeding he hurries over. There's a weird hitch in his step though, "You are hurt…may I heal you?"

Yeah, Rain's pretty good at last minute saves like that, the gratitude gets a grim looking smile as she looks him over. Nope he wasn't the one who got shot, that's a relief. She does go to help Besa up but he is already moving and she is quickly following as she to notices that Laz has been shot. "You. Sit." she tells Lazarus in a tone that suggests that she is used to ordering people around, with as many siblings as she has…well that and other things. "Let us see it." she moves to take the uninjured arm and help him sit down. Besa will be glad to know that she didn't say anything about him healing, or even give him a look that would suggest she is against it.

<FS3>Lazarus rolls Regeneration: Failure

For some reason, Lazarus's healing factor really doesn't want to cooperate with him today. He starts to move his hand towards his shoulder as if he was going to use his fingers to dig out the bullet, but nay, Rain tells him to sit and he looks at her curiously, before he simply slides down the wall until he sits, leaving a blood trail as he does so.

"I don't…" then he's also demanded, and he sighs. "Fine." and he'll shrug off a shoulder of his jacket where the wound is quite clearly seen.

<FS3> Besa rolls Blood Healing: Success

Besa's shrugging off his jacket and rolling up his sleeve. What is he doing? "This will not hurt you, I promise." A small ivory knife comes out of a pocket and suddenly he's knocking his own forearm, the left one, with it. There's a few scars already , this is just one more. As soon as there's blood he's pressing it into Laz's wound. Gross? Maybe. But it's effective. A warmth travels from Besa's cut into Laz's gun shot wound, the bullet fallout out of his shoulder as the wound heals up. Any other minor bruising or cuts will be healed as well.

Rain has a bossy side, who knew?! Besides of course her family (inc Besa), Fiona, her teachers, her classmates…okay so its no big secret, but usually its something that only comes out under certain circumstances. She nods in satisfaction as her order is obeyed and then gets her first aid kit from her pack. Girls like her are always prepared, especially when they have Besas in thier lives. A alcohol swab and bandaid are taken out and readified for when the healing is done. She has seen this enough times where it no longer bothers her, not that it did all that much in the first place.

Lazarus eyes Besa as he pulls out that knife, but he seems to trust him when he tells him with earnest that this won't hurt him. Though he seems alarmed when Besa cuts himself open and presses that blood into Laz's wound. He shows a hint of discomfort, but it's not from the pain.

He looks at Rain, hoping that first aid kit isn't for him…experimentation has left some pretty big fractures hin his mind.

"…thank you. I've suffered worse than this. I can heal from here." he tries to wave off any more help towards him.

Besa mutters a few soft prayers in coptic as he heals Laz. When it's done he pulls away and offers his arm silently to Rain. He didn't lose enough blood to look that pale though. His right hand raises to rub his chest. Seems stopping bad guys isn't good when one has a bad ticker. "I…I think I would just like to go home and not go shopping now."

As Rain bandages Besa's cut she glances to Lazarus "It doesn't do much for blood loss but at least the wound should be healed up and pain free." she speaks from experience. "Yeah." she says to Besa "That last mental attack knocked Sky out we need to get him back." back to Lazarus "I don't suppose you would help carry him?" Sky is to big from either Besa or her to carry.

With the badguys taken into custody the police begin to enter the train to deal with the students, strangely though the Headmaster in is creepy, creepiness is suddenly there…oi, where did he come from?! He waves a hand toward the police officers who immediately stiffen up, turn smartly and leave the train. "Well," he says, hands clasping behind his back as he surveys the damage to the train. "Hole in the roof, smashed window, electrical system fried." he looks at each of the teens in turn as he lists out the damages. "Maybe I should have basic tactics added to the sophomore curriculum and not save it for the juniors and seniors." the Headmaster motions for them to follow "I guess Ms. Annalee is in luck. She will have three new helpers with kitchen duty for the rest of this week and all of next week. Please try not to break any dishes." he then turns to leave, fully expecting to be followed. Saving the day and detentions. No one said being a teen superhero would be easy!

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