(2018-05-01) Look After Them
Look After Them
Summary: As he prepares for the ritual, Besa asks of Fionnuala a couple of favors.
Date: 2018-05-01
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Beach, Winbarry Estates
Tue May 01, 2018

The greensward of the estate lawn slowly gives way to the sea grass and sand that is prevalent to beachs on the New England coast. Sea gulls and other small sea birds nest in the tall grasses and can be seen moving along the waterline at all times of the day.

(OOC: Mood music - "Beautiful Boy" © John Lennon, cover by Piano Tribute Players)


Everyone seemed to go out to the dance competition this evening, but Besa just doesn't understand modern dance. And he just finished up talking with Amisi about some things that they needed to do for the ritual. Ugh, fasting. He's got a small bonfire started and is trying to finish his list. Cocoa is laying at his feed, enjoying the warmth of the fire.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Great Success.

Interestingly enough, Fionnuala hadn't an interest in the dance competition. Having spent much of the day out and about after classes, the girl eventually returned to the estate fairly brimming with sunlight. As soon as she set foot onto the grounds the wings sprouted, and this payload of solar energy became a lot easier to bear. Knowing that she would be safe to do so here, Fionnuala took wing in the later hours of the afternoon, veering into the evening… she flew, as a girl, over the roof of the estate, perching upon 'safe' points for a time… absorbing even the dwindling rays of sunlight as quickly as she could expel it. What an awful problem, huh?

Clad in a pair of tight indigo jeans and a crop top of purple and navy blue — it reveals a cute little innie belly button~ — the shifter drifts over the beach, big black wings flapping, brilliant energy following in her wake. Spotting a familiar figure on the beach below with a fire crackling, Fee bats the air with her wings to stop her trajectory… and very, very carefully she glides toward the ground below to join Besa.

"Hullo down there!" Fee calls to the Egyptian boy, her hair whipping around her head and upper body in a frenzy. She is careful to land a ways away so as to not blow apart his bonfire!

Besa looks up from his notebook, smile forming, "Hello Fionnuala. How are you this evening?" This close, she can see he's in a loose fitting beach shirt, and his feet are bare. Cocoa looks up, tail thumping into the sand. "Why are you not at the dance show?" He kinda figured that would be something she would like.

Landing gracefully, the girl's wings tremble once, an involuntary motion. This casts forth dozens upon dozens of light specks, most of them skittering over and across beach rocks, some making it as far as the lapping waves. Is she chilly in nothing more than pants, flats and this short top? Doesn't appear so… it's the beauty of solarkinesis! Her smile is wide and happy as she walks the rest of the way, her hair a mass of windswept black tangles. Eyes? Yup, glowing a brilliant citrine yellow. Fionnuala has had a good day.

"Not my style of dance… and it's a bit too late. I don't like showing up to things like that late… so I just wanted to come home." Said simply as she kneels to rub Cocoa's face and ears with both hands. She looks up at the boy thoughtfully, "What about you? Not big on that kinda thing either?" Fionnuala asks, watching him. As usual, warmth emanates from her, joining that of the fire.

Besa nods, agreeing with that. "I miss waltzes." Cocoa makes happy noises at the pets and then closes her eyes to go back to snoozing. He smiles shrugging before offering her a place to sit on the log he's using as a seat. "I am not good at modern dances." He instinctively moves a little closer, enjoying her warmth. He looks tired though, the healing from Louk is starting to fade.

Invited to sit, Fee does just that, pulling her wings back and up in a practiced motion so they rest behind the two teens as they perch on the log. In the curve of those wings, the heat is the most concentrated. Between Fee and the fire, Besa will hopefully be kept comfy! There's just something about how tired Besa looks, though, that strikes her. Fee studies him closely, "You look wiped out… are you doing okay, Besa?" She asks, clearly not knowing the full situation on his heart failing as he awaits the deciphering of the ritual. Being a healer at heart, the girl looks from his tired face, right down to his toes… trying to see if something is up.

"Waltzes sure are pretty.. I wish people danced like that more. All of this jumping and flailing…" Ironically that's how Fee dances. c.c

As always she collects the boy into a sidehug, "What's up? You're not exactly relaxing down here, are you?" Asked as she eyes the notepad.

Besa is comfy! Comfy and warm! "I am tired. My heart is hurting, if that is what you mean." He smiles softly, head tilting at Fion. His toes have dug into the sand, enjoying the feeling. "I do as well. It makes me feel less disconnected when the dances are the same." Yes, so much flailing and jumping. Leaning into the hug, "The ritual will happen this month, were trying to figure out everything needed for it. It is more complex than we first thought it would be." The notebook though, He smiles, "I am making myself a note, for when I unwrap. To explain everything. I am hoping it will make things easier for me…and everyone else as well. I know it upsets people when I do not remember them."

The shifter's features fall somewhat as she listens, "Hurting as in.." She looks down.. now that he's so close, and considers. "Oh nooo.." Fee exhales, brow furrowing. It's so much more than just pain. She has heard bits and pieces surrounding this ritual, though not the exact process. They were still trying to translate it. "I wish there were more I could do." The girl says softly, though she isn't given over to upset just yet. Her mind does not run away with assumptions because a certain term gives her pause. Fionnuala looks up again and back to her friend, eyes widening.

"Unwrapping.. so this ritual involves wrapping you? In what?" She asks, trepidation making her own strong heart throb in her chest. Oh, just think of where her mind is going! What has to happen to her poor Besa?! Fionnuala feels a pang of dread because she really knows so little. "Do you know more about what's going to happen, judging by what you've figured out so far for this ritual?" So many questions. She just hates feeling so powerless, to help him!

Besa smiles softly, reaching his hand out to take hers, "It's alright. Do not be upset. You are my friend. That helps me, knowing that I have friends." He squeezes her hand, "The unwrapping is when I resurrect." He's not going to explain more, because then she really will get upset. "I know I am going to have to fast, 3 days. And there's a ritual bath in Nile water." Hs nose wrinkles, "Having someone bathe me is always weird." He's had people bath him before?!?!

Sorry Besa, she's not really going to settle. Because Fionnuala is an artist, with a very very fertile imagination. Even the taking up of her hand, always a kind gesture that settles and reassures her, causes the girl to simply look down at their hands and back to his face. "So you need to die again, for this ritual to work?" She asks, voice a soft whisper. Oh God, where her mind goes! Fionnuala is picturing another sacrifice; Besa having to be bathed in Nile water… Nile?! And then die again! And wrapping… is he to be wrapped like a mummy?! The questions can be seen in her expression as her eyes grow a bit shiny with.. uh oh. No she's not crying but her wandering mind is putting a bit of moisture there.

Besa may not explain more, but Fee is already creating her own story. She hugs his hand to her chest… nowhere dicey, but then again it's Besa. Any other teenage boy and this would be the jackpot, but there is something pure in how Besa simply… is. He may feel her own heart pounding away as she scares herself. "W-why do you have to fast?" It's just all sounding so awful!

Besa's not going to lie, "…yes, I do. The piece of my heart is not going to just dissolve and appear in my chest." It's going to be messy, he figures. Lucky for him he'll be dead by then. Poor Amisi. He doesn't know the rest of the questions so he can only tilt his head, thumb rubbing against her knuckles until it's pressed into her chest. He's not unaware she's a girl, his hand stops moving to not accidentally stroke her inappropriately. "To cleanse the body. It is not so bad, I have fasted before."

A sniffle.. Fionnuala takes a deep breath and exhales slowly. At least she's not messy or sloppy about it, though she lets the tears fall in earnest. They just slip silently down her cheeks and alongside her nose, dripping off the end of her chin and onto her knees, or the sand further on. IT seems the energy that imbues her body 'reacts' to her moods and the ebullient 'sparking' of solar energy seems to…. slow down. Weird as that sounds, but true: the sparking, dancing flecks of light move much as tears would, sluicing down along every feather to 'drip' into the sand. The pulsing light softens, becomes more ambient as opposed to starkly glowing.

She will not keep Besa's hand in a place that could be compromising for very long, and she lowers it back down to rest between the two of them as they sit there, though she still does not release his fingers. Not yet. To Fionnuala, the fasting isn't quite so scary as…. as..

"Will it be quick?" She can't help it, she needs to ask. Perhaps she asked of the boy this very same question the last time he had to die, when they first met. But now this is so much harder. "When you have to.. d-" Hoo, whew.. okay. You can say this Fee. "Die." The word is a squeak, a mewl. "It'll be quick? You won't have to hurt for long?"

Besa wiggles his fingers, but it's to lace into hers. If he can make her feel better, he will. "I'm sure it will be quick." He doesn't know if it will be, but he doesn't think anyone will prolong it. "And when I unwrap, I will have no pain." His free hand raises and he touches his chest. "I will be able to breath again." Again, he doesn't touch on the possibility he won't resurrect. No reason to upset her more. "And when I come back, I will have the letter to myself, so I will not be as confused."

She's just going to have to trust Besa.. and that is easy. Fionnuala listens to his words and is kept grounded by the fingers intertwined with her own. Her gaze has dropped downwards toward the sand, she's listening to his words and the ocean beyond. She prays it will be quick; she just can't bear to ask how he will be kille—-will die. She just prays and pray and hopes that it will be fast and painless and everything will proceed as intended. Fee looks up to watch him gesture to his chest, above his heart and there, she manages a sad little smile. "T-that.. okay… that's good." Okay, that feels optimistic.. still scary but there's hope.

"So your heart will be perfect? Repaired? You can enjoy your next life as you deserve to?" She asks gently, hair twitching in a tepid ocean breeze. She's watching him now, waiting hopefully for Besa to say that.. 'yes, he will'. Doesn't he deserve to, at this point?!

She may notice he's wearing her necklace, not the ankh one that Whitley bought him. Whatever that must mean. "Yes, it should be perfect." He smiles, tired, but smiles at her, "Yes, I will be able to run and swim and not get tired."

Oh hey… she remembers that necklace! Oh jeez, Fee's eyes brim anew and she sputters once, reaching with her other hand to wipe and swab at her face. "Oh my God look at you, you're still wearing this…" Fionnuala reaches with that hand now, fingers still shiny with the tears that she wiped away. Lord knows they're replaced hastily with more! She touches the pretty piece of sea glass, then leans forward just so that she can press the pendant to her cheek briefly. "You keep this with you, or for safe keeping… when you come back I will make you another one, okay? It's going to be a happy rebirthday necklace." Fee pledges, then something else occurs to her: the project she started, after the original school was destroyed! It began as a coping tool… but…

"A-and.. hey," She leans back, looks at the boy with widened wet eyes. "I started a scrapbook back in November.. I've been working on it here and there while we're staying here. Remember when I took you with me to photograph stuff? Just… pictures and bits about everything that's happened here at the estate. How about I give that to you when you come back so you can catch up on things that way, too." Suddenly it all makes sense!

<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Great Success.

Besa looks down at his own chest, smiling, "Of course I wear it. You gave it to me." And he certainly can't wear his other necklace, not with he and Whit's relationship in the grave. His head uses though, giving her room to hug him…or the necklace. A soft chuckle at the promise, "I will wear it, I promise." He knows better than to tell her to not make him another one, instead, "Promise me you will be kind to Rain?" That's who he's worried bout now. "Rain and Sky?" That perfect hair nods, he remembers. "Yes?" But then she's explaining more and he smiles, "I think showing me that will help a lot, yes. Thank you."

The girl leans back again, not wanting to crowd the boy. Did she just ask Besa to keep that necklace on for what is to come? Throughout? After? Will he be wrapped with it? Fionnuala cannot think that far ahead or she'll get all soppy and weepy again and she knows that troubled Besa. He needs to be focusing on preparing for what is to come, to prime his mind and whatever else needs to be honed. Not trying to calm Fionnuala down! But it's just so hard. How she wishes she could heal, to do something to help.. but somehow Fee knows that this manner of healing surpasses some of the most well-meaning, potent mystical energies.

All she can do is have some faith.

"I promise, promise promise." Fionnuala says without hesitation, "It's kinda been my cause all along.. they're going to need that support, the twins." Especially Rain, "I'll be here. You don't have to worry at all about that. I'll do my best." The girl's truth is so strong, one can place their life upon it. Even whatever measure of one's life that remains.

The promise makes him smile and nod. That will help him more than she can ever realize. "Yes, thank you. I know your best will be enough." Besa looks down at th sleeping Cocoa, "I know he Masters will care for Cocoa, but I worry about them themselves. Sky seems to be more accepting this time of what is to happen, but I worry for Rain…She has been….off lately. Legion is…" He frowns, shaking his head. Either he doesn't know, or doesn't want to say. "If you can, Loukanos and Ashton too. I do not know that they will deal with it well." Actually that's so many it could be for Fee to take care of, but Besa's thinking the more he gives her, the better she'll feel.

The girl listens, taking a mental tally of the people whom she is to keep an eye on. Look out for. Not coddle, especially as she is still getting to know Loukanos some, and Ashton is still a new face to her as well. That still does not make her care for them any less. She was just about to ask about Cocoa but then Besa answers her… though the talk of Rain causes the girl to once again look worried. "What have you been noticing? What's this about Legion..?" Fionnuala leans forward some, watching Besa's face. Hey, any and all information is useful.. she could ask Rain herself, which she will… but she is sure that her bestie will try to take the aloof route. Or at least to start… Rain can still be quite guarded.

"Anything I should keep an eye out for?"

Besa doesn't elaborate, not want to betray Rain. Instead, "Just…keep an eye on her. She needs friends." He smiles, fingers squeezing hers. "I think my situation is stressing her out." Which he feels bad about.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Singing: Great Success.

The girl does not push, she just… understands. "Okay, I will, I swear." She offers, and that should hopefully be reassuring enough. Especially when it comes to Rain, Fee's word is as good as gold—-wait. Okay, gold sucks for Fee but you get the picture. She takes a deep breath and looks toward the water, eyelashes fluttering closed as she considers. There is yet one thing that helps Fee cope with heavy, heavy feelings. She begins by humming a melody to herself, what is clearly a song not of her own making but by her own standby: John Lennon!

With the ease of an old pro, even at her young age, Fionnuala drifts off into song. The lyrics come to her easily and the whimsical, nostalgic tune adapts beautifully to her singing voice. To help her cope, and because it's just right, the shifter girl sings her rendition of Lennon's 'Beautiful Boy' to Besa, Cocoa and the sea.

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