(2018-05-01) Burgers With a Side Of Riot Act
Burgers With a Side Of Riot Act
Summary: Callisto catches up with Daxton after the strangeness over the weekend, Pulse lays down some ground rules.
Date: 2018-05-01
Related: A few days after this scene.
NPCs: Pulse
Scene Runner: NA

Kitchen, Winbarry Estate
Tue May 01, 2018

The kitchen has gone through quite an update. The walls have been repainted and thewood floor restored. It is now firmly imbedded in the 21st century with a six burner duel fuel stove/oven combo and a separate dual oven on top of that. A large, double wide frenchdoor fridge sits near the stove with a marble top cabinet between them. More marble topped cabinets and matching island with a few stools,give plenty of storage and counter space. More cabinets above are full of various canned goods and other foods, for the preparation of meals for the students. The pantry is equally full, one area of it set aside for between meal snacks of hungry teenagers.


Classes have concluded for this day on this decidedly sunny Tuesday afternoon, and a well-rested Callisto is again keeping to her own devices in the kitchen… making — you guessed it — smoothies. She found a recipe book at the Silver Fable bookstore during her shift on Sunday. It was for an altogether different reason why she couldn't focus well at work; for once, not her own inner turmoil and pain but the result of someone else's. Could she truly, truly be veering toward the Light that much more, in worrying about others? It seems that way. More and more she is becoming akin to her doomed, long-dead elder brother… compassion was what killed Aumrauth. Had Callisto not gained her talisman, it would have killed her too.

But now Callisto is free to be compassionate in her subtle, reserved way… she bought this recipe book and she's going to make some smoothies. She's making a big batch, it seems… surely too much to have on her own. There's yogurt, plenty of strawberries, a pinch of cane sugar and… all manner of things. Milk, ice, a touch of vanilla. She pushes the button on a properly sealed blender and gazes past the machine as it works noisily. She is outfitted in her yoga gear, with intention to meditate after delivering a sizeable strawberry smoothie to a certain someone whom she hopes isn't in a bad way.

Callisto.. looks worried.

Voices can be heard coming towards the kitchen form outside. Two. One is the familiar timber of Daxton's, the other belongs to the other speedster , Pulse. It's mostly her talking, "I'm tellin' ya, Tempo, we can just go check it out. You'll feel better." She still carries her Hispanic accent. Both speedsters are drenched in sweat from their run, both looking exhausted. Tempo just shakes his head, "We can't drop everything every time one of us sees-" He stops when he realizes their not alone in the kitchen. The fact he got so far into that statement is a testament to how distracted he is. Pulse just shakes her head, pony tail whipping around, "I'm right. You know I'm right." She then moves over to the sink to get a glass of water.

Surely Callisto has seen the other speedster around the estate, given how the Unit houses the school here and intermingle freely. She can hear the conversation but tries not to hear it, as Callisto isn't one to eavesdrop. The other recognizable voice, Daxton, was what caught her attention. Callisto knows a curtailed, secretive conversation when she hears one and she simply pretends that she hadn't heard a thing! This must be Unit talk. c.c

"Good afternoon." Callisto says smoothly to the two as they arrive, looking fresh and clean and ready to go contort into complicated, sometimes risqué poses! Hopefully the attic isn't too cramped today with other students trying to hide.

The blender stops and Callisto leans forward to sniff the lid, her hair pearlescent in a sheath of sunlight. She, clearly, has not been running. She watches Pulse at the sink, then turns to observe Daxton. "How are you feeling?" Asked with obvious concern.

With Calli's back turned, Pulse bats her eyes , tilting her head mockingly at Daxton. It's hard to tell if she's making fun of Calli, Dax, or both. Daxton manages to not completely glare, but he does make a rude gesture, clearly around Calli at Pulse before looking to the fey girl. "I'm fine." He's tired so it's hard to tell if that's a complete truth or not. "Back to smoothies again? Feeling lucky today?"

The fey girl is completely oblivious to the speedsters' exchange, though were she to catch Pulse's expression she will have frankly asked the other girl — without an ounce of snark — if there was something the matter. Unflappable, is Miss Callisto. The rude gesture was noticed and Callisto humms softly in her throat, wondering. She knew it was not meant for her, so she cranes her neck to observe Pulse once more in her languid, pensive way. These two seem to have a camaraderie. But then——


Wait wait. That nightmare. The injections. There was another girl being subjected to the injections and the experimentation and… well. Okay, this is beyond camaraderie. Callisto's gaze softens some. She looks from the Latina, back to Daxton. "Hush now. I have learned how not to paint a kitchen with puree." Said haughtily as she opens up the lid to the glass jar, revealing the vibrant red drink. A flush to her features; this means there will be less for Daxton but… the two of them look warm. "I have made extra. Would you both like some?"

Pulse just laughs, head throw back slightly. It's loud and warm. She doesn't seem to take any offense at the gesture from Dax, infant it seems to amuse her. She drinks the tap water, leaning against the sink. Dax just ignores her. "Yeah, thanks. That was kinda gross." The painting the kitchen part. His brow furrows slightly, eyeing the amount she made when she offers, "Don't you need that for the Yoda whatever it is you're doing?"

The faerie is not stupid. She recognizes ribbing when she sees it, she does. If she outright says to Daxton that she was going to bring him a dedicated half of this strawberry smoothie the guy will be raked over the coals. She could be cruel but…. seeing as how her knowing of him invited her bitch mother into his nightmares (she needs to deal with this) … subjecting him to Pulse after such an admission may be too much. But the fact stands: why did she have to make so much when clearly Callisto needs only a portion of this drink. Her lashes flutter once as she reaches into a cupboard for three glasses.

"T'was a learning curve." Callisto says airily of her previous mishap, pouring near-equal portions of drink into each glass… did she just give Daxton more than herself and Pulse? Don't look, nothing to see here. She holds out the glasses to both speedsters, "I need only a bit, lest I be plagued by the need to make water when I should be standing still." She remarks gracefully of not wanting to be holding her bladder while posing. "… yoda…?" Blink…?

She watches Pulse for a moment, "I've not caught your name."

Pulse eyes the offered cups moment before shrugging and taking it, "Thanks." If she notices the amount difference, she'll tease Dax about it later. Dax doesn't notice, cause food. He just shrugs, "Yeah, thanks." And drinks it. Although he snickers when she talks about making water. He's such a teenage boy, sometimes. "Yeah…the bendy stuff." Pulse rolls her eyes and offers, "I'm Pulse." No sharing of the real names, it seems for her.

Such a boy. Though the prospect of being caught in an upward-facing-two-foot-staff pose (long story short something ridiculously bendy) while trying not to piss oneself can be amusing. Callisto takes her own share and sips it gently, taking her time with it. "The bendy stuff." She echoes, lowering her glass.. she took all of three careful, savoring sips. "T'is yoga." Is supplied helpfully, her eyes watching Daxton for a moment or two.. really trying to make sure he is okay beyond the sweat and effluvia of a hard run. That evening scared her… the episode in the taco joint, the drive back. She wonders if it's her place to be asking about this in the kitchen, but Pulse is his trusted friend, right?

Speaking of, Pulse offers her name.. or that which is used here. "T'is a pleasure, Pulse," Callisto replies smoothly, clearly no judgement. 'Callisto' isn't her real name, either. "How was your run? I suspect you shall need more than strawberry smoothies to get those calories back." She observes.. seems she's learning a lot more about speedsters!

Bendy stuff is a better description though. Dax takes a long slow sip of the smoothie, licking his lips to get all fo it. He just ignores the worried look. Pulse does not though, rolling her eyes, "He's fine." There's a hint of amusement in her voice though, she does care about him (More than she wishes sometimes). "Yeah we do. I'm gonna shower, cause we're gross." She pushes off the sink, finishing the smoothie, "You wanna start frying some burgers and I'll tag you out so you can clean up, Tempo?" He just nods, moving to get food out of the fridge.

Oh, if Callisto were an empath, it would be a whole different story to pick up on were she to keep her focus upon Pulse. Granted, all it would take for her to be capable of such is to focus her mind 'elsewhere'… but Callisto has too much else to deal with for it all to be complicated by that ability. Pulse's reassurances of the boy being fine catch Callisto off-guard, and she… flushes. Cripes, not to generalize.. but girls are so much more attuned to this sort of thing. Was she that obvious?! Callisto clears her throat and half-smiles appreciatively, "I.. thank you. T'was a frightening thing to see." She says to Pulse before she sees fit to depart and get cleaned up. If 'Tempo' hadn't spoken much of his 'episode' on Saturday to his teammate, Callisto may have outed him.

Off she goes, and Callisto observes Daxton gathering the necessary things for burgers! Yum! She finishes her smoothie, "You both have known one another long and well," She remarks of the speedsters' rapport.

Daxton makes a face, he's right here! But he also knows he scared Calli, so he juts turns and focuses on getting the burgers and stuff out of the fridge. "Yup." That's so very helpful. "You wanna burger?" At least he's generous in his obliviousness.

Bah. Callisto takes the glasses and moves to wash them, as they are all so often told to do. No messes! She is lean and limber and she moves near-silently, the only real noise being made is that of the water running and glasses clinking softly. They're alone here, and she will stop on a dime if needed. "What happened?" She asks of him gently, looking to him. "I knew naught what to do, if I could do anything to help you.. but if it happens again, and I am there, is there anything I can do?" Callisto can't help herself, she was worried! It shows! And damnit she can't be worrying so much, because that means she's caring for a mortal more than she ought to. c.c

"I.." Burgers?! But, but.. yoga. Bah, you only live once.. even if it's forever. ".. of course. I can help, if needed."

Daxton doesn't answer at first, although he's clearly thinking as he sets up the food to begin preparing it. "My powers are all time based. It's not so much I move fast as I can move…around time. Sometimes there…negative stuff." Does that help. "It's like I get caught up in a echo from the past…" Is the a shiver? Or is he vibrating again? Or is he vibrating to cover up the shiver? "There's nothing to be done, really. It just happens sometimes." He echoes Pulse, "I'm fine." And then as if this will help, "Pulse gets them too." He'll motion for her to get the frying pan.

The fae girl is preparing to be rebuffed by some manner of a grunt or single-word answer. But here, Daxton… explains to her? What happened? Callisto watches him outright after having put the glasses away, eyes widening slightly. "That…" Wow. It's not as simple as moving super-fast. Callisto is a quick study; she remembers precisely what part of their conversation at that time preceded — okay, set off — the 'echo'. "So what we spoke of that night, that sparked a memory and that… pushed you into such a fit?" She tries to understand, at the same time looking grateful to at least be told. "Do you have any way of knowing which topics could set you off or…" She considers, bowing her sleek head in thought.

"Are they like mental mines? You know naught of what could trigger it, you know naught of which topics to avoid?" Is asked gently as she pulls the pan out from beneath the counter, offering it to him.

"Oh!" She exclaims abruptly, moving toward the fridge. She has remembered something!

Daxton frowns, head shaking, "No…I think it's area based…It's not a memory, it's like…looking into the past, at a moment." Or moments. "I don't see anything to do with me , it was from like decade ago." He's not looking at her, getting the patties out and laying them in the pan when he gets it, "It's more like I'm just picking up on random stuff. There's not any reason behind it." At least not yet. He's not realized he can control it. Which will be hella useful in recon missions. He fits as many patties as he can into the pan, he'd tilting slightly to see what she's forgotten. "Grab an onion while you're in there. Pulse likes them cooked."

The girl listens, filing everything away. She has questions; some of which are removed by way of process of elimination as Daxton speaks onwards. "That confounds me." Said in her graceful way. She grabs something that clearly belongs to her - she wrote her name in calligraphy c.c - and the onion. Callisto returns to Daxton, setting the onion down and seeking out a cutting board. "So your reaction to this happening… it reminded me of a machine falling out of synch." Ohh.. big metaphor from a technophobe, "T'is like how a watch mustn't operate out of synch. How time must always march on, for to inhibit it is an act against nature. T'is like you were… stymied briefly." She's thinking out loud now, all these words, but she will drop it soon.

Finally she sets a huge styrofoam takeout container beside Daxton, looking at him gravely. IT's one bigass container too, covered by a plastic lid… the biggest option from some manner of takeout joint. IT's like beyond even a soup bowl! Callisto clears her throat pertly.. "Will this work on burgers?"

Oh dear god, what's in it…

Daxton quiets, letting her talk, he doesn't really understand what happens to him either. His life has become one big confusing time mess, really. The onion is peeled in a. Blink of an eye and he's getting ready to chop it super speed when the container is set down, "I don't know…what is it?" He's a little wary, the girl didn't even know what tacos were.

The faerie girl watches Daxton as he preps to speedster-slap-chop an onion, but her gaze is yet riveted to his face as if she is about to deliver a eulogy. Or, some manner of tidbit of sage advice. But holy shit, it's a large, square Styrofoam container upon which she has penned her name beautifully. She opens it carefully and clears her throat.

…. it's an effing take-out container, the likes of which are usually used to pack up sandwich and fry combos. THAT size. It's filled to the brim…. with salsa.

While Daxton was coming back into himself and the all-you-can-eat salsa bar was yet available to them, Callisto remembered his excitement over such a thing and went back and hoarded salsa. Because he liked it. Salsa keeps well, compered to other taco ingredients, and the contents of the container that look up at the speedster is yet vibrant in color and tasty. But Callisto loaded up. Just think of how it looked to see what was an elegant, soft-spoken woman ladling this into the container… c.c

"You enjoyed this, right? Shall it suffice or not?" Asked with a sniff, face red.

In a rare moment of smarts, Daxton blinks, speed thinking (He can do that!). He does some of the math, although who knows if it's even the right problem , before he smirks, "Not on the burger, but we have corn chips that could go awesome as a side." And then there's a small rush of air as he moves to the pantry and back, a large bag of salsa chips in hand, "Here, open these up while I do the onion."

Damnit Daxton! Callisto did a deed! For you!

See, she's known as the 'Strawberry Tipper' over Lighthouse Pizza way. Now in Tiki Taco, after that display of taking only salsa (and lots of it) …. who knows what she's been coined as. She's building a series of reputations in these eateries because she's trying to be nice to you! It goes riiiight over his head, too. Callisto clears her throat, thinking it to have been a good idea at the time. Wait, it still is, because literally in the blink of an eye Daxton produces corn chips. "Did this make you happy, then?" She asks nonchalantly, cutting her gaze over at him as she makes to open the bag and grab a large enough bowl to hold them all. The rush of crunchies being poured, she pushes it and—-okay no. This salsa will not be served from the styrofoam container. Callisto is looking for a bowl for that too, but she turns to look at the boy, awaiting his answer.

Though when he starts cutting the onion… Callisto's nose will wrinkle, and she's blinking a bit fast. Oh hell.

While she's turned to get the bowl Dax stuffs quite a few salsa dipped chips into his mouth, so when she looks back he's chopping onions, but clearly chewing, and the salsa level in the contain is less. "Yeah." He's talking with his mouth full, what manners, "Salsa always makes me happy. Doesn't it you?" Has she even tried any yet?

Onions… cutting onions does not agree with Callisto. The enzymes released as the onion is chopped reach the girl's face and her eyes are watering. Ugh!

Good thing she didn't opt to cut the bloody thing. Then—-wait. Holy crap he put a dent in that salsa already!? Callisto gawks, flinches.. ugh ugh onions. He's responding to her with his gob full and Callisto doesn't know whether to be startled by the lessening of salsa or how he's talking with his mouth full.

"I know naught," She says quickly, rubbing her eyes.. they're itchy now but the onion haze will clear soon. "I hadn't tried any. I left it all for you." Said simply, and she doesn't even reprimand him.. at this rate he'll eat the whole thing, she suspects. Callisto will let him. Though she takes her pinkie finger and touches the rim of the bowl, tastes a bit of the salsa. Callisto looks pleased, though she doesn't dig in. She mustn't be a huge eater.

All for him, he does pause a second, he'd turned to study her. But no, maybe she just wanted to have someone with when she tried it? Fairies are weird like that, right? "Well?" He asks after the pinky taste. The chopped onion is split in half, some left raw, the rest dumped into the pan on the side. By her reaction, Dax is going to assume she'd rather her burger not touch the onions. "Look…" He's ironically not looking at her, fiddling with the stove, "I'm sorry I scared you. I don't know what that's gonna happen. But I'll…try not to when you're around, okay?" Surprise salsa is nice, but he doesn't want Calli to feel like she has to keep bringing him stuff, or trying to make him feel better. It's just how it is.

The mentalist looks up briefly because you know how it feels when someone is looking at you, right? She catches Daxton studying her and she clears her throat, returning the look briefly before seeing to what she has taken on. She was into the fridge, found some lettuce and a tomato, and went about preparing those. See? See?! She can help! But 'well'..? Well what? Oh, the salsa. Callisto smiles a bit, "T'is good." Is offered, meaningfully. The speedster looks away to deal with the stove and Callisto watches him again, curious about what he's getting at. The silver Gorgon amulet winks in the lighting of the kitchen; she has become used to wearing the strange thing. Then he's apologizing for… oh snap. Oh no.

Callisto can be heard drawing a little breath, and exhaling softer still. "T'is not something for you to apologize for. T'would be cruel of me to expect you to hold off on something that is so trying for you, so unexpected. T'is not too unlike my saying I would not let the pain of my mother show through, in your presence. Sometimes it is impossible. Friends do not do that to one another."

A nod to him, to herself, and she clears her throat. "I did not happen upon that salsa bar out of fear over what happened. I wished to make you happy for t'was you who seemed scared. I wished to make it right, even for just a little bit. Because," Cough. "Because I care, yes? You've done much to help me."

Daxton frowns again, "I wasn't scared." Yes, yes he was. It always scares him. "It just.. unsettles me is all." But he'll nods, as long as she 's not freaked out by it. He again turns to look at her, unsuccessfully picking up on clues. He's just bad at this. "We're friends. It's what friends do." Becca had to basically beat him over the head to get a response. "You're sleeping alright now? No visits?"

And of course in comes Pulse. She's a speedster after all, shower takes very little time if she wants it to. Her hair is wet, hanging loose and making her tee shirt wet, "I'm all done. You're up, Tempo."

Guh. Well, Callisto has to wonder, too. Surely this 'Becca' had a solid intention in mind when it came to getting Daxton to figure it out. Callisto, though? Hadn't she learned the hard way what it was like to 'mingle' with a mortal? Didn't Daxton speak of not wanting anything to do with dating and students? Is it dating? What is it, exactly? And yes there is the matter of the girl in the nightmare, the one whose neck was broken. Who was she? Is? It's all so complicated.

Callisto watches him, looking as if she wants to press on, but the confirmation of friendship is a good point to let it drop… for now.

Callisto opens her mouth to speak, then nods once.. slowly. "Indeed." Yes, Callisto will take that… even though it's so complicated. A slight smile then, "I have been resting well. Loukanos fashioned this for me," She indicates the amulet with a lithe hand. "T'is a ward against bad spirits, things that mean me harm. It blocks her out from my mind." She explains. "It must be with me, always, otherwise…" She can't continue. Pulse is back and she doesn't want to ruin the casual moment for the speedsters. She nods to Pulse's words, "I can help here, go cleanse yourself."

Daxton remarks about the necklace, "Fancy." He nods, glancing down at the watch that he always has on, but won't comment on it. Weirdly, Pulse also wears a wind up watch as well. "Go on Daxy, you need a shower." Pulse laughs, moving to take his place. He sticks his tongue out at her and heads for the door.

She caught that glance, and her awareness of the wind-up watch transfers over to the notion of seeing Pulse wearing the very same. Callisto glances sideward as the boy ambles off to get cleaned up, and her clear gaze flits back to Pulse. She gives the other speedster time to settle into the groove at the stove before speaking again, "There was salsa, but I fear much of it has been devoured." She indicates the bowl into which the salsa was poured and a rather harried-looking, bigger bowl of chips.

Callisto looks around, figuring she has done her part.. or as much as she can, outside of frying the patties. Buns are ready, fixings prepped.. she watches Pulse now.

"Is there anything else I can do? I do believe everything is ready." The fae girl observes. This speedster is a lot more outgoing, it seems, than her male counterpart.

Outgoing isn't the right term. Older maybe? She looks about 20. "You can grab some sodas, I guess." Pulse flips the frying burgers, smirking when she realizes Dax put onion sin for her. What a good Team mate! "So….What's your deal?" Pulse is also not afraid to just ask, it seems.

Well now! Callisto is just about to grab a random assortment of cans — by the looks of them, it's Pepsi and 7-up — when Pulse gets right to the kernel of it all. The girl blinks, expression unseen as she gazes into the fridge, and turns to bring the cans to the counter. Of course the female speedster would want to know more, as to why Callisto is in Daxton's company. They're not just teammates, but friends; two important associations. "I like to think myself a friend." She offers, watching Pulse as she supplies an answer. "We've, by chance, been through a few happenings. I've come to appreciate the company of your teammate." Said next, treading carefully. Hopefully Pulse isn't onto something that even Callisto is trying to understand!

Pulse raises an eyebrow and then snorts, "No. I mean, what's your deal? Why are you here, at the school?" BUT since she bright it up, "Dax's been through a lot, don't be pushy with him." Is there something underlying that? Maybe. Pulse turns back to check on the burgers.

"My.. oh. Hn," Callisto takes a deep breath, exhales. No use being all subdued and secretive about it now, not like she had been in the beginning. She touches the amulet, draws that strength from it. "I am here to better myself, to… master my mind." She admits, thinking Pulse to be deserving of her truth. She moves to grab some napkins, sets those down too. "I do not hail from a good family. I feel that I am in good company, as a great many students here have experienced similar. My circumstance is not special." Said simply… she looks down at the counter, at her hands, then back up in surprise at Pulse's latter statement.

Here is a chance to maybe learn more.. but she must be careful.

"Whatever do you mean? I know that he has not had an easy go of it… but t'is not my intention to push him into anything, truly. Has he been hurt terribly?" She tilts her head, looking deeply, truly curious. "You are his longtime friend, no? To harm him is to harm you, and I should not wish to do that." Hopefully that suffices.

Pulse just laughs, "Yeah…I guess there's not many from the Brady bunch here." Dark eyes turn to just stare at Calli, she's got the way of looking at someone sharply. "Yeah, you could say he's been terribly hurt. So don't hurt him.It won't hurt me. But you'll end up in pain." Is that a threat? Did Pulse just threaten a student? Yes, yes she did. She then smiles, "But we don't have to worry about that, right? You being such good friends with him, you'd never hurt him….right?" Ugh, older sister types are the worst. At least it's not AfterThought. Who knows what creepy things AT would say?

Blink? Callisto looks up from her preparation, meets dark eyes with her own. Here, the faerie girl does not look away or demur. She goes right on watching Pulse, holding her gaze… oh, that was a threat. But somehow the mentalist seems all-the-more authentic in raising her hackles as opposed to cowering. She holds her head up, nostrils flaring as she holds the speedster's gaze fpr however long, until one looks away. "What manner of whinging frippery do you take me for, lady Pulse?" She asks sternly, brow knitting. "Of course we needn't worry about such. T'is not my intention to hurt anyone. Especially him. So let us halt that thought right where it is."

She's not mad, just firm, still not looking away. "Those of my ilk favor those who have been kind to us. Daxton has been kind, and I am not of a mind to reward his kindness with anything but loyalty. For yes, he is my friend." So there! Callisto does not smile, but her look does not falter either.

Hey, at least she's honest!

Pulse isn't impressed, maybe she should be, but the speedster isn't. She does laugh though, "Lady Pulse. Oh shit, don't say that. It makes me sound like a weirdo." She leans forward, "Good. Then neither of us have to worry about it. Cause I sure hate to worry…don't you?" She inhales, but then blurs, vibrating and then is flipping a burger as Dax comes back. He too super speed showered, although it's cause he's hungry. "They done yet?" His own shirt is sticking to his damp chest, dramatically, as he reaches to shove more chips into the never full belly of his.

Deep down, Callisto does appreciate this. Everyone needs steadfast, protective friends… those older sibling sorts are a blessing, if done right. This here is done right, and a searching of the lady speedster tells her such. No use posturing further, for what good would that be? The point is taken on both sides, even though Callisto is still wrestling with… well, what her association is, here. Of course he's her friend; of course she enjoys his company, right down to the last grunt or one-word-answer. The boy is just so human, right down to his bones — augmentation aside — and it appeals to Callisto. And he-

Damnit Daxton, damnit clinging damp shirt. Callisto is aware suddenly of his arrival; Pulse's hasty return to the burgers was the first hint. She clears her throat, settles her mind. The girl talk mustn't be made known to Daxton.. even if she's still trying to understand why.

Dax launches his next assault onto the chips and Callisto's lips curl up into a half-smile. "Pretty close, I suspect. They certainly smell good."

Why are the tips of her elf-like ears red?

"Yours are done, you vampire." Apparently Dax likes his rare? Pulse starts to put patties onto buns for Dax, who bounces in anticipation. Food. He makes gimme hands at his plate and then is dressing his burgers in a flash (ha). Pulse asks innocently, "How do you like yours, Callisto?" Dax doesn't notice Calli's ears, and Pulse thankfully doesn't mention them.

Regardless, Callisto appreciates the gesture of food. Though if she sees Pulse pressing laxatives into the meat she will have to find a way to gracefully decline. "Cooked for just another couple of minutes, please," She nonetheless requests and as expected, has just one bun readied with some lettuce, tomato and a lick and a promise of mayonnaise. "I may look the part, but I am no vampire." Said casually, though the previous conversation seems to have stuck with her. She will have to partake in a lot of the 'bendy stuff' to come to terms with what just transpired. Who hurt Daxton so much as to put this other speedster on red alert? What? Whhhyyy?!

Why does Callisto care so much? Gah!!

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