(2018-05-01) Bug? Gnat!
Bug? Gnat!
Summary: Somehow there are John Candy references in here. Because he was and still is the best.. ahem, I mean: students meet at a local thrift store and get talking!
Date: 2018-05-01
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Finder's Keepers, Shady Cove
Tue May 01, 2018

Unlike huge bargain basements, what this location lacks in size it makes up for in quality of goods. Encompassing two storeys in one of the oldest buildings in town, patrons are easily able to find a variety of meticulously priced clothing and accessories on the ground level. Moving downstairs, one can find dishes, housewares, art pieces and a small assortment of vintage electronics. Washrooms and a receiving room for donations are accessible at the back of the building.

The store boasts variety and cleanliness, despite its close quarters. Thievery and vandalism are highly discouraged, due to rumors of the proprietor being a crackshot with a shotgun.


As the school year carries on into spring, with the 'promised land' of summer finally being sighted on the horizon.. things are ramping up some as they are wont to do, this time of year. Sometimes, at least how Fionnuala sees it, it feels as if one is just dipping their head down over the books and in the blink of an eye, classes are over. There's just been so much to do! This is a good thing though; when the last class concluded for the day, the crow shifter glanced out the window at what had become a beaut of a Tuesday afternoon! So the best thing for overworked brains? Fresh air! Plus, the girl needs to stop by at her work to drop off a few 'donations', supplied by other students. Cripes, Ruthie Sawyer not only got a good employee in Fee, but an 'inside girl'! When Fee's peers decide to downsize their clothing assortment some, they know who to pass some of the articles on to! By the time Fee was out of uniform and into a flouncy yellow sundress with a fluffy cream-colored cardigan, she saw fit to invite her bestie to join her for the excursion downtown, and anyone else whom Rain will have saw fit to ask along. Fee is very inclusive!

Backstory aside, we are now at the present, and Fionnuala pushes open the door leading into Finders Keepers, the bell jangling. It is not the token mustiness of most thrift stores that greets them, but a clean smell! Fee smiles over at her friend, "Thanks for coming out with me. I just had to drop this off… and get some sunshine!"

Rain has no problems going anywhere with Fiona, but about the only people she would invite along on the trip is her brothers (including Besa). Sure she is friendly with others she just hasn't been overly social lately. Being the introvert she is, she does that. So Sky is most likely with them. She doesn't have any donations currently, having given a few dresses two weekends ago as a bribery so Fiona could get a weekend day off. Pottery must happen!

"It's Italian for dinner at school, do you mind if he stick around and get Chinese? My treat." Rain asks of Fiona as she looks at the trinkets being sold in the glass jewelry case.

Lazarus hasn't been doing a whole lot today, so what did he decide to do? Go on down to Shady Cove and explore a little bit. Truthfully, he needed the fresh air from his studies and dealing with powers classes that he sort of found to be fairly annoying. Unless a bean-bag throwing contest is being held. All the fun. Nonetheless, while not having as good a reason for being there as the others, maybe, Lazarus arrives at the thrift store.

and who does he see inside? Why, it's none other than fellow Scot, Fionnuala! and a lady who Lazarus has become rather fond of over the past few days in Rain.

He approaches the two and offers a small little wave. "Hello."

Schuyler always seems to have clothes to get rid of; he seems to be outgrowing them almost as fast as he's buying them. Besa always gets first pick, but their styles aren't entirely similar so he has a couple of large, handled, reusable shopping bags full of clothes to bring in. If it helps Rain help her friend, he's more than happy to do his share. Ruthie will definitely have a larger selection of black and Goth-type clothes for the next few years at this rate.

The bags are delivered and he can get them back from Fee later…or not. He then turns to join Rain at the jewelry case but glances over with a frown once he senses a now-familiar mental presence. There's a brief narrowing of his eyes as he watches the other greet the girls.

The trinkets in the jewelry case aren't just costume jewelry barfed up by the bower of Great Aunt Gertrude, but quality stuff! It seems that whomever runs this joint, they are actually kinda picky as to what is to be sold here! The content as eclectic and pretty as one might expect. Fionnuala brings to bear a duffel, stuffed with an assortment of clothing sent down from the estate.

She turns her dark-haired head to Rain as her friend looks into the small case, "Oh, sure! I kinda want to stay downtown for awhile, it's just so nice out. You don't have to twist my arm! Are you okay with that too, Sky?" She asks the Masters boy as he joins his sister. Fee assembles the bags of donations in front of the register, cloistered around one of those counters with a door that swings open to admit staff and is generally kept locked. The other part-timer, manning the register, waves to Fee from a small room tucked away behind the counter. The door admitting another causes Fee to instinctively look 'round to greet, and she smiles openly at Lazarus, "Hi, Lazarus!" She calls out, in English however. The narrowing of Sky's eyes is lost upon the shifter for a moment as she turns to ask of her co-worker the whereabouts of their boss.

The Masters girl has plenty of quality jewelry, even more quality that what is in the case here. She doesn't wear any of it on a daily basis. Her only pieces of jewelry are a copper band with 'Family Forever' engraved on it, silver stud earrings and the necklace that the Crow gave her at Christmas. That's it, nothing extravagant at all. She gives Fiona a nod at being agreeable to Chinese, but there are no smiles…nothing really new there. She looks to Sky for a moment "Or would you prefer burgers?" she asks him, giving him another option if the first isn't to his liking.

Not seeing anything she likes in the case Rain moves over to Fiona to hook and arm through her besties. "The dancing competition is tonight. After dinner we need to go watch that." she reminds her friend. "You are still competing Sky?" she figures he is. She can feel the mental presence of Lazarus via her twin and glances at him as he comes in "Hello Lazarus." she greets looking a bit puzzled which seems to echo in her tone.

Lazarus gives a friendly, lighthearted smile to Fionnuala as she calls out to him. "Hey Fionnuala." he looks Then to Schuyler, a tilt of his head as he comes bearing gifts for the shop, apparently.

Either way, he is most surprised by Rain, who seems puzzled by him. "Hello Rain." and he moves over next to her, but not close. "everything alright?" he noticed her puzzled and confused tone.

Schuyler gives a nod to Fee before glancing over to Rain and signing, 'Unless I chicken out, yes. Maybe I shouldn't eat before it? Definitely not burgers.' He's signed up to compete, but he's never really done anything like that before so nerves might get the better of him. His hands lower as he watches his sister greet Lazarus, obviously torn as to whether he should encourage this or dissuade it. There a look then to Fee almost as if to say, 'What do I do?' Noting Lazarus' question and his sister's puzzlement, he hesitates only a moment before pulling out his phone and gesturing for Lazarus to come join him a corner of the store so the two can 'talk'.

"Oi, she'll be up in a bit!" Co-worker says amicably to Fee. Said co-worker is a portly young man with an earnest face and hamfists… ah, the hired muscle! Fionnuala grins happily, "Can you snag these and put them in the office?" She asks over the counter, not letting herself in as she isn't on the clock. It's just courtesy. The bear (no no, not a shifter.. he's unpowered, just strong) in the 'office' hoists himself up, accepts the bags and sets them down for Ruthie's perusal later on.

This is done just in time for Rain to move over to join Fee, arm hooking through hers. This seems to cheer the shifter girl significantly and she gives Rain a glowing smile, only to have it shine next upon Sky. "You're competing?!" Eyes wide and bright, "Oh, please tell me you're considering it. Because we will go and cheer you on." Said earnestly, though the girl is aware next of a…. response… between the twins, from Lazarus, and how it all co-mingles. Oh wait… Rain DID go for lunch with the Scot! Did they go anywhere else?

She catches Sky's look and her head tilts… she is about to covertly supply her take on the matter when—-oh. Sky is asking Lazarus to join him… Fee's eyes flit next to Rain and her expression is powerfully curious. "I think I need to be caught up on some things." She hugs Rain's arm encouragingly, eyes alight with mirth.

Rain shakes of her confusion but outwardly it just looks like she is shaking her head no "Nothing." She says smoothly to Lazarus "Exploring again?"

Sky's concern about eating draws her attention back "Maybe just soup?" She nods along with what Fi says "You can't chicken out. You'll do great." She asides to Fi "He is better than be thinks he is.

And then Sky is trying to pull Lazarus away…that's a red flag and she looks again to her twin. Yep, there is definitely communication going on there, subvocal twinspeak. It's a thing. "Me too Fiona." She doesn't know either.

Lazarus looks between Rain and Fee, curious as to their words. "dancing contest?" he asks curiously. though as Rain seems to completely ward off whatever was puzzling her, Lazarus nods softly, not going to push. "Alright then. yes, I had never been in this store before.. though I wonder why we keep running into each other. coincidence, I think."

Theeenn Sky is stealing him away. "oh? ok." and he calmly follows Sky with a neutral expression on his face.

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Lip Reading: Failure.

They don't go too far and Sky mentally shields from Rain as he quickly types something into the phone. Sometimes he has his phone speak, but not this time. This time, he shows the screen to Lazarus to read. It's just a brief little thing, but he felt that it needed to be said, for some reason or another.

Hey, Fee's bestie is very attractive.. of course she's going to attract some attention! Lazarus is new; he knows nothing of the Masters' gig, unless during their lunch just prior to the cabaret, Rain supplied details. Knowing Rain though? Likely not. So why wouldn't the Scottish boy, who seems decent to Fee, be interested? It's simple to Fionnuala. She cannot tap into anything passed between Rain and Sky via their funky twin mojo, but Fee can read between some lines!

Lazarus concedes to join Sky and Fionnuala blinks quickly, "So y'know…. I think that dude likes you." Whispered hastily into Rain's ear. Straight to the point, Fee doesn't dance around it. Her lips curl into a loopy little grin as she watches the two, but then she leans in again, "I hope Sky doesn't go all Uncle Buck on him.. he seem ok." Wut? But Sky is protective of his sister.

Quickly wanting to break tension, Fionnuala clears her throat with that big smile. "I still think Chinese is the ticket." Said in tandem with her snarling belly.

Rain whispers to Fionnuala: Why? Sky says that too.

And the shields go up. That can't be good, is what Rain is thinking as she stares daggers at Sky for a moment. The temptation to slam through the mental shield is there, but she would never do that unless she /had/ to. She isn't going to risk hurting her brother. She almost misses what Fi tells her and her puzzled expression returns briefly and she asks, "Who is Uncle Buck?"

Laz looks at the phone that sky produced and he nods once. "I see. I hope everything is alright." he whispers softly. "then we will speak later." he agrees easily. regardless, his eyes fall upon Fee then as he can overheat the conversation between her and Rain.

A brow is raised. seems he has the same question.

Maybe it's the whisper or the brogue, but it takes Sky a moment to figure out the gist of what Lazarus is saying. A nod is given before he tucks his phone back into a pocket and turns to rejoin the girls once again. He then looks between the two as if expecting to be filled in…or berated. Or both, knowing his sister,

Fionnuala whispers, "We will talk more, alone, after supper~" to Rain.

The black-haired Fionnuala leans in to whisper something to Rain. Two whispering girls… scary. Conspiratorial. Finders Keepers is not the place for THIS talk! But then… in her pop culture reference, the girl has drawn some inquisitive gazes! Rain has asked, Lazaraus does so with a glance, and Sky returns following this exchange with the Scot. Well now. Fionnuala blushes with a silly little smile, "It's an old movie." Because 1989 is SO OLD. She looks between the three assembled, her free hand lifting to rub at her chin thoughtfully assuming her arm is still hooked with Rain's. "It's a bit low budget but the star was John Candy. One of the greats." She says with reverence, before clearing her throat.

"Uncle Buck was very protective of his family." Fee supplies, not wanting to elaborate upon the 'Bug? Gnat! Do You Want To See My Hatchet' scene.

Rain nods at whatever it was Fiona whispered to her, but there the whispering ends as her question is answered. "I have heard of John Candy." She tells Fiona "He was in that Space Balls movie. For some reason Daniel loves that one." She clearly doesn't get why. That isn't her style of humor.

As Lazarus and Sky return her brother is graced with a 'you will hear about this' later kind of look, but she continues on the Uncle Buck topic "So like all of my family really."

Schuyler merely lifts an eyebrow at his sister at her look and he gives her a smug little smile. He didn't do anything! Yet. He blinks a couple of times and then asks, 'Are we going to eat now or later? And are we hanging out here to shop or going elsewhere?' There's another glance to Lazarus, but he'll leave it to the girls to invite him along.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.

"Space Balls! Correct!" Fionnuala exclaims, looking excited. Oh, for the Great John Candy to be known of! If she wasn't glowing enough today, she really does so now! She holds up one small hand and assigns one movie per digit, "And 'Canadian Bacon'… and 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles' … and 'Home Alone'! Oh oh don't forget 'Cool Run—-'" Pause, blush. "Heh, sorry. He's just so wonderful. I wish he were still around." There, a little wilting of sorrow. Her guts protest again… how can a girl this size make such an awful snarl from her belly?!

"We can go now if you want.. I think Ruthie is busy. We don't have to do anything else with the donations… let's go get shoehorned into a place to eat before it gets too busy." A big grin, "And before the dance contest." She turns to Lazarus, "You can join us if you want." There. Easy-peasy.. Fee's world is a simple one!

Lazarus looks to Rain and Fee, because whispering ladies are terrifying. he looks to Sky as apparently Rain has things to discuss with him. either way, Laz's stomach actually growls and he looks down.

"Guess it's time to eat."

at the invitation, Lazarus smiles. "I'd love to. thank you."


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