(2018-04-30) Oh Those Dude-Bros
Oh Those Dude-Bros
Summary: Constantine and Grace help a nervous girl deal with an overbearing jerk.
Date: 2018-04-30
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Shady Cove Beach, Shady Cove
Mon Apr 30, 2018

The beach forms a semi-circle around the outer edge of the mainland edged with sand that turns lighter as it reaches the water. A swimming area is cordoned off with buoys and orange rope, clearly designating it for visiting tourists and the sea craft further out. Off down near the rocky area further along the beach is a lighthouse that remains lit up despite it serving as a restaurant.


With the approach of summertime — okay it's still spring, but when there's a flirtation with warmth in the air.. how can one not be so optimistic — there are more occurrences of soirees on the beach. Teenagers from all walks of life in the town of Shady Cove, powered and unpowered, see fit to take their revelry to any manner of beach or secluded area in and around the town to celebrate the approach of this wonderful, wonderful expanse of 'free' time. Think of it as an appetizer to summer holidays!

Gossip is a permeating thing in teenage lifestyle, and it reaches even the 'peculiar' youth of Coral Springs. Grace, somehow, ended up on the invite list to a decidedly innocuous bonfire down on the beaches beyond the town. It was most likely through word of mouth through some of her female peers, but in her departure for this 'do' on this Saturday evening she had asked her boyfriend to join her if she was so inclined.

So there they all are, a group of about thirty teenagers from varying backgrounds, orbiting around a well-maintained bonfire down on the stretch of Shady Cove beach. Grace has settled closed to this fire, and has set herself to trying to spear a marshmallow onto a stick. It's a surprisingly relaxing evening… nothing could go wrong. Right..?

Constantine was literally just napping in his room when Grace had made her request for him to join her at this bonfire if he felt like it. Since they were close to the ocean and swimming was likely a possibility, Constantine morphs his silver ball into a ring to slip around his finger, puts on some swim trunks, and he makes headway down to the beach! and wow…kids were really…REALLY happy that it was just about summer time and freedom to ring.

With a small smile on his face, Constantine spots his lovely girlfriend, looking as beautiful as ever as he approached Grace, sitting down next to her and wrapping his strong arms around her shoulders to hold her close while managing to not mess up her marshmallow game. "Hey Grace." he smiles softly to her.

Then he leans in for a kiss. Because he's definitely not ashamed of PDA. He was the more publically affectionate of the two, sure, but hey.

"Are you enjoying yourself so far? Hope I ain't too late.."

The girl seems to have recovered some of her peace-of-mind with Constantine's decision to join her. Of course so lovey-dovey a duo serves to pique the interest of a select few as the form a comfortable duo alongside the bonfire, though they aren't exclusive. Anyone to join them is met amicably, though Grace puts off much more of an aloof aura in the face of so many energetic, inquisitive youth. Then there's Constantine, so blue-eyed and blonde and capable of attracting the attention of some roving eyes. Grace herself isn't too bad, in her comfortable tight black denims and flowy ivory peasantry blouse. No swimming for this werewolf! Though she does look rather timeless in this outfit, complete with cute sandals and her hair pulled up and back into a classical braid.

Still… she's nestled there in the band of Con's arm and Grace seems to relax some. "I am doing okay…" She admits, admiring her handiwork and holding it out to roast over the flames. The sun, meanwhile, is a reddish-dun orb in the skies, setting the surface of the water ablaze. She receives his kiss happily, evidently the more reserved of the two… it seems their actions are being watched. "How about you? I-I'm sorry for the short notice."

Constantine rested his head on hers, though his eyes did traverse to notice that they were being watched. Though he wasn't bothered by it, he shifts just a little bit into a more protective stance over Grace, like saying 'this one's mine. I'm hers. Don't tread this ground' kind of way. But he smiles at those he locks eyes with before his attention is entirely on Grace, his hand moving up and down her back as they cuddled lightly.

"I'm glad to hear it." and oh yes, they did have their romantic kiss under the sunset. Will the romantic wonders ever cease? With Constantine, maybe not…until Grace ends up getting sick of it anyway. "I'm doing better now that I see you actually. Today was boorrringg. But I'm happy that summer is rolling back around." a happy little sigh then. "and no worries at all Grace. I missed you, and I didn't even know there was a party tonight. I'm more than happy to eat s'mores with you and sit with you by the fire."

<FS3> Grace rolls Enhanced Senses: Good Success.

The girl is aware of things on many levels, especially where her senses are concerned. Scent play a big part in things: the acrid scent of smoke, the burning sugar of the marshmallows, the various intermingling colognes and perfumes and body sprays covering the base scents of their peers. Their pheromones. Sometimes this level of awareness can overwhelm Grace but having Constantine there provides her a sort of.. benchmark to return to. For when it gets too intense.

She pulls back from the kiss, finally, so as to not get too wrapped up. Sometimes that alienates others and for diminutive Grace to heft up Constantine and potato-sack carry him off to a secluded space… that would look odd. Instead she will nuzzle her cheek to his and slide her head down so that her temple can rest upon his shoulder. The warmth, the smell of the beach… and him.. is nice.

"The summers here are far… they're different.. but not in a bad way." She admits as she watches her noms broil at the end of her stick. But then sensitive hearing… it is as much of a blessing as it is a curse:

"What's she doing with him? I bet I could—-" Here is where Grace chooses not to listen to what the nearby vapid girl goes on about. The downside is this will set off a chain reaction.

"Would you like me to roast you one?" Grace asks, indicating the marshmallows.

Constantine is aware of things, sure…but Grace defeats him.. no, -trounces- him soundly when it comes to the senses. But alas, when you're sharing a kiss with the love of your life, everything else pretty much just fades to black. Though it's a good thing that Grace seems to be the more reserved of the two…because if she did carry him off to a private place where they could submit to their whims? He wouldn't exactly complain.

Alas, he does hear inklings of people apparently being jealous of Grace. Nonetheless, he rubs his cheek against hers as she nuzzles into him and he smiles happily, holding her close. "Yeah…it really is. I've missed the beach. Maybe one of these days I'll learn how to surf." he teases her softly. "Imagine how other beaches are, if this is just a random island." he does look at her then.

"I've never cooked a marshmallow before, so I'd actually really appreciate that. You look like you're the master at it." a playful little chuckle before his eyes fall back on her own. "How was your day?"

Choosing not to lend too much thought to the jealous ramblings of a couple of unpowered girls, Grace spears a couple more white balls of fluff onto another stick. She's just gonna roast with two sticks like a boss! She clearly enjoys being held close; her inner monster likes contact. "I can see you as a surfer." She giggles gently, watching the flames and the two sticks that she holds into it. She pulls the first stick out, winces as the well-done marshmallow sluices off and plops into the cool sand. "Oh, bugger." She says, setting that stick down and focusing upon the one that bears two marshmallows.

"I really can. You have that way about you. What are surfboards made out of? Wood, I guess? No such thing as a metal surfboard?" She asks with a wink.. though she's still a bit shy given the surroundings. Music pulses from some nearby, rather potent bluetooth speaker, packed full of some random teen's playlist.

"You're being checked out." Grace finally acknowledges the gawkers with a shy smile.

Constantine smiles as his girlfriend spears two marshmallows! "Woah! got a badass over here…" he murmurs softly to her with a little bit of a laugh. Though when he's apparently easily able to be seen as a surfer, he just loses it, actually holding his ribs. "Oh man, really? I never even considered it. Maybe it's the way I do my hair, yeah?" he ruffles it up with his hand but alas, he's pretty chill enough to be a surfer.

"Heh..I can always make one. and I can see you being a dancer. Ballet, I think." he winks at her before she tells him that he was being checked out. So what does he do? He turns his head, sees who's giving him ooglie eyes, before he looks back to Grace.

"Who cares? There's only one lady here who has my undivided attention." and he gives her hand a squeeze.

Sorry ladies! he was off the market.

"Lean, mean marshmallow roasting machine…" Grace tries to play along, because Con's manner is infectious. This time she lanced the marshmallows just right and they're cooking evenly. His laughter makes the girl look his way, surprised at her words warranting such amusement. It's definitely genuine and Grace's shy little smile strengthens some. "I-I mean it… it's true. You even have the blonde hair. You look at any television show on one of those boob tube channels and you'll see someone blonde running up the beach to rescue someone drowning.. or riding a huge wave. You look every bit the part." Grace eggs on the notion.

A small cluster of teens seem to orbit closer, closer… drawn by the fire. Most are happy and innocuous, but a couple have other intentions. Another girl plops down to settle close to Grace, apart on another piece of drift wood. "What a nice night!" She chimes with earnest enjoyment, reaching for Grace's previously-used stick. "Can I join in?"

Constantine chuckles then a moment, smiling at how she can just roll with his humor. They really were perfect together. Either way, he starts goin' 'nahhh' as she claims that he's that stereotypical surfer dude bro who always shows up at the last minute to take his shirt off and rescue someone drowning. Or riding a huge wave. "Heh, maybe I can be an actor if I spot an opening for the role." a playful wink before he notices the orbit get smaller.

Constantine holds grace just a little bit closer until a random girl plops down next to Grace, tilting his head at her with a soft smile. "Oh hey. Sure, I don't mind if you join us. Be careful with the mellows though, they seem to want to burn easy and fast tonight."

A loving smile for Grace then.

"I can see that. You also have the movie star good looks." Grace offers with a smile.. she did not quite respond to the ballet topic quite so readily. She knows that Con meant well and couldn't have known: long ago, her mother tried to push the girl into ballet classes. Really pushed, as in: 'you need culture and this is the way to do it'. Of course Grace balked and that began the real fracture between mother and daughter. From Constantine's mouth, though, it was a compliment.. and Grace acknowledges it as such. "Heh.. maybe a few years ago. Since everything, I don't know how I would do—" This is when the other girl interjects herself into their cozy little bubble. Grace watches her briefly, and discovers that this girl IS genuinely nice, wanting to roast with them. Con shall feel Grace's shoulders relax and finally, a slight smile. "Maybe you'll have better luck with that stick." She says to the girl, which may as well be a 'yes, knock yourself out'.

The trio is being watched by a trio of boys, one looking a bit put off at the sight of the girl he's been tracking all night joining those two. That's not fair!

The simplest compliments from Grace could make Constantine blush. so when she -really- calls him handsome, he smiles a beautiful smile to her. "you know…you could probably be an actress. you have the looks and the charisma." he had no idea about her previous ballet experiences,but that is likely a conversation for another time.

"well how about I take dance classes with you? could be an interesting date night. " He feels her relax and she'll feel his lips against her temple for a moment. "that stick's been being a pain. if you have trouble with it we can find you another one."

He notices the boys watching them, but he assumes they are just checking out Grace or this new gal. he's not alarmed…but he is watching.

<FS3> Grace rolls Sense Fear: Good Success.

Constantine's smile always makes Grace blush. She looks up to see this other girl — let's call her Rachel — looking up at the two of them with a sort of curiosity. Her glances at Constantine are innocuous as well, though the boy's blondeness is not lost on her either. It never hurts to look, even if he is attached! Rachel's pretty hazel eyes flit from the two young lovers to the knot of teenagers set up just around the cozy fire. Something about that cluster, maybe one or two individuals in there feigning disinterest, seems to unnerve the unpoweredgirl some.

… this is not lost on the powered one, sitting aways beside her, in the arc of Con's arm. Grace watches Rachel watching the group and—-oh crap. Grace hasn't a huge spectrum of psychic ability or anything approaching true empathy, but there is one emotion that calls out to her… or part of her: fear. Nervousness. Trepidation. Call it what you will and all of it's degrees, but she can SENSE that. Now this is a good and bad thing because the werewolf can both discern that Rachel is bothered by something and help… but fear eggs on the monster in her soul. Grace shifts and squirms slightly, and can be felt tensing despite her expression trying it's damndest to look kind.

"Are you okay?" She asks suddenly of the other girl, her tone strained.

Cozy as the lovers may be, while Grace may be able to detect even the smallest emotions with extreme ease, all Constantine can do is read body language and on a more advanced note, the subtle shifts in each persons Electromagnetic field. But alas…even -still-, Constantine can't pinpoint that stuff out. So he doesn't notice anything, sadly.

Though what he -does- notice are those three boys just -watching- the trio, even if they feign disinterest….he knows this game. It's been played on him before…though it was usually just to kick the crap out of him later. Either way, he feels Grace tense up in his arms and he holds her that much closer.

But Grace can also feel something…like how protective Constantine is.

The grip on her shoulder tightens only -slightly-. Not even close enough to hurt, but as a subtle thing for Grace to know that he's watching over her.

"Oh, um.. no, I'm okay. I'm having a bit of a fight with someone." Rachel offers mildly, roasting a marshmallow with Grace's former stick and having an easy go of it. Speaking of marshmallows, Grace forgot herself in her sensing of the other girl's unrest and she pulls her own stick out, two lumps of flaming drippy sugar napalm joining failed brethren in the sand. "Oh, blast!" Grace exclaims, but there is a… roughness to her tone there. She clears her throat, feigning a frog to be found in there, but her brow knits with worry. Rachel is rife with anxiety and Grace needs to keep herself under control. Constantine's presence, reassured by his knowing touch, helps her.

Something about this moment feels too familiar.

"Do you want either of us to tell somebody off?" She asks, the question bearing uncharacteristic connotations of aggression. Grace is not a fighter at heart; she does not often look for reasons to tousle. What she has sensed is pushing that other part of her, where fists solve a great many things.

The other girl pulls out her perfectly roasted marshmallow and sets to eating it somberly. Grace outright glares over a shoulder at the group shuffling around behind their fire, and her eyes are red. One of the boys, a lanky good-looking youth with close-cut hair and the look of some manner of jock, glowers back. "Hey, Rachel, let's go." He calls over impatiently.

Constantine watches Rachel and Grace as the two seem to speak with one another about the formers problems. With that in mind, Constantine actually looks….worried, about the new gal. Being with a crappy partner is one of the worst experiences known to man, and he's seen it happen with others. It's something he likes to attempt to avoid, when he can. but alas…he sees Grace as she pulls out the stick and he chuckles a little bit. "Hey hey, it's alright. Let's try again. Worse case scenario is we just run out of marshmallows." and he whispers something in Grace's ear. "and then we can walk along the beach." and he kisses her cheek before he looks at Rachel as she explains her situation just a little bit better.

At Grace's offer, he squeezes her shoulder. "If you need help, we will. I can do the telling off." because he knows Grace as an ultra-violent temper, which she asked him to help restrain if she showed cracks in her usually iron resolve. Either way, he smiles as the girl pulls out her perfectly done marshmallow. "Woooaaahhh we got a badass over here. Nice job." he compliments Rachel while rubbing Grace's shoulder. "Come, let's try again Grace. I know we can do a better job. It's a competition now." he's just being playful of course, trying to get smiles to come back.

Then a voice of the dude-bro jock erupts from that group of boys, and he looks over at him. "Hey, give her a minute, she's beasting at making marshmallows." oh yes, because Constantine has her back now. Hers and Grace's. clearly one is -far- more important than the other to Constantine (cough cough Grace cough cough).

The blonde boy is a balm to the wolf girl's temper… it's a temper that has become alarmingly set, sadly. IT's a temper that Grace has not experienced before; since the incident, obviously. Now it's since moved into her head like a roommate that won't go away, will never go away. It's like getting to know a prickly stranger. Dude-bro pipes up to egg poor Rachel on and Grace snarls softly in her throat… looks alarmed. Covers it up again with the white lie of a cough. "O-oh.. sure, just let me scrape this off." She smiles up at her boyfriend, but there's a quivering at the corners of her lips. Every smooth, lean muscle in her tiny frame… taut, ready. If she could get closer to Con she would, but it's harder still.. she's already practically burrowed into his side.

Picking up the bag of marshmallows, the girl seems to shake a bit as she spears two of them. Funny thing, she's watching dude-bro as she makes a great point of stabbing the pair of squishy white bits onto the sharp stick. Why, they almost resemble something…! Is Grace sending a silent threat?

Constantine's words seem to incense dude-bro more. "She came here with us, it's time to go Rachel." He grates out, stepping a bit closer. "Keep out of it, dude."

Constantine and Grace were each other's foils. It's likely one of the many reasons as to why they feel as strongly as they do to each other. Either way, he looks at Grace with a warm smile. "Of course." Though of course, when Dude bro rears his ugly head? Constantine simply takes a small breath before he kisses Grace on the lips and he stands up, brushing the sand off of his knees as he looks at the incensed dude bro.

"I can see that, though look at her for a second. Does she look like she wants to? As it stands, I'm not too much of a fan of jocks trying to force ladies to do anything." he looks at him then right in the eyes. Comparatively, Constantine, in terms of muscle, was a huge dude. His eyes locking on him. "So how about, you take your pals, you grab some fishing rods, and you go sod off. Let her enjoy her mellows, yeah?"

There was a bit of a challenge in Constantine's voice. He doesn't like bullies.

"I can go-" Rachel starts, not wanting to wreck the time these two were having together. Honestly she picked them as her 'shield' but now she's just feeling badly about it. "Eric, just leave them be-" She tries again. Too late. He's not 'Eric', he's going to stay as Dude-bro. This is the way.

"We can talk about this later," Dude-bro grates out at 'his' girl who isn't really his girl at all. This is when Constantine gets up to confront him and this is like, instant kindling for the fires of douchebaggery. Immediately dude-bro puffs up; he is perhaps taller but Constantine is carrying more muscle. "I said to get the hell out of my face. Rachel, let's go!" He barks out, trying to bump past Constantine with one shoulder angled just so. Keen on seeing someone mix it up, even at the expense of their own friend, a pair of dude-bro's underlings shuffle and come to the fore a little bit, even if to egg things on.

Grace peers over a shoulder again, sees and smells the body language, and sets her stick down. Her lips are pressed together into an angry line. Seeing her, dude-bro's pals guffaw, "Got the little woman wanting to join in! Oh shit!" They outright laugh.

Dude-bro sees fit to try shoving Constantine bodily, now. "Just sit your ass down, we're leaving."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Constantine=Physical Vs DudeBro=3
< Constantine: Good Success DudeBro: Success
< Net Result: Constantine wins - Solid Victory

Constantine looks at this Dudebro, AKA not Eric and he just stands there without even budging for the man as he seems to go into full auto douchebag. "I think I know now why she apparently really doesn't want to be around ya." he says then, before the man barks out at his 'girl' but when he tries to bump past Constantine? good luck with that. The man might as well bounce off of him, before Constantine is apparently shoved!

He doesn't move an inch.

Staring at the guy, he cracks his neck and shoves him right back, probably with enough force to knock him back more than a few feet. "How about -you- sit your ass down. I don't like bullies." he cracks his neck, looking at his pals. "Look at her again and your next." he says with a fierceness to his look. This was the same guy who wrecked an entire town because he was -mad-. This was just a physical confrontation, sure, but now he stands protectively in front of both Grace and Rachel.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Grace=Physical Vs Poser=3
< Grace: Good Success Poser: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Something in the blonde boy's expression does something to Dudebro, though it is on the wisps of bravado that the Dudebro gets back up to further the confrontation. He stumbles back from the fierce shove, very nearly plants himself assfirst, but stays upright. "What the fuck!" He hollers, glaring outright at Constantine. He's ruffling his own feathers again, wanting to save face… meanwhile a pal of his, not liking to see Eric getting bested, jeers and tries to feint his own intrusion into the scuffle. Bad idea. Grace just has to see the forward motion of that spindly body and she's up and over the log like a shot. Her turn to play the shoving game! Two-against-one is not fair! Her hands fan out, and she shoves Dudebro's friend back and very nearly knocks him on his ass.

He's bigger than Grace and does not go down or otherwise sustain injury, but he gawks at this smaller girl who should NOT have been able to make him double back. Grace watches him, her expression sneering. There's a snarl rising up in her chest, but it could be chalked up to her clearing her throat. "Back. Off." Is grated out at Dudebro's friend.

Dudebro meanwhile sees Rachel trying to get away, just past Constantine, and he charges in her direction! What a coward! Can Constantine intercept him?!

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Constantine=Physical Vs DudeBro=2 (-1, disorientated)
< Constantine: Great Success DudeBro: Good Success
< Net Result: Constantine wins - Solid Victory

Constantine watches as the dudebro falls right on his ass and shouts his curses at him, before he stands right up. Constantine is standing right in the man's flight path before he sees another one of the dudes posse coming to try and join this fray…until Constantine sees his Girlfriend leap over the log and shove this dude almost on his ass. Constantine smiles then a moment in a 'man I love you' kind of way before his attention is forward.

Dudebro's gonna run when he knows he won't win? Coward. Either way, he's sprinting after his girl, but suddenly? He will find Constantine's fist going straight into his head! hooollyyy DAMN. that punch would make Mike Tyson proud.

It was likely strong enough to send him end over end with Constantine standing over him. He looks to the other two. "Next?"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Grace=Physical Vs Poser=3
< Grace: Good Success Poser: Failure
< Net Result: Grace wins - Solid Victory

It's sad, Grace missed that beautiful hit to Dudebro's knockout button. She heard it though and there is a goatish strumming of satisfaction in her wolf soul. Her lips pull back from her white teeth in a sneer of anger.. mixed with pleasure. She knows that Constantine took Dudebro out of the equation; that her boyfriend kept that asshole from pursuing poor Rachel, who now hangs back and stares outright at the confrontation like a startled doe. Dudebro getting pounded in the head and dropping to the sand, straight-up out cold, does not cause the girl to come close. She has no pity for that jerk! But she suddenly cries out, "Look out…!!"

One of Dudebro's two pals — obviously the smarter of the three — does not engage. He moves to see to the toppled and VERY unconscious Dudebro. This other jokester, not liking the KO of his bestie and being shoved by a girl, puffs up and hollers obscenities. He's making to accost Constantine, not Grace, and the latter isn't keen on this. The girl hauls back with her dominant hand, her left, and straight-up PLOWS it into underling's jaw in a quick and merciless haymaker. Down he goes too, minus a bicuspid tooth or two, and he's joining Dudebro in unconsciousness. Other teenagers respond in varying degrees: some are upset, others are jeering and amused, some just try to ignore the squabble lest too much noise attract cops.

Constantine scoffs a moment at the dudebro knocked out on the ground. But at Grace's cry towards him, he turns just in time to see Grace knock a dude flat on his ass. he looks between her and him for a moment before he looks at Grace, checking her. "You okay? Thank you." he hugs her close then before he starts walking backwards. "Come on…lets head back to the bonfire." he takes her hand in his, watching the last poser like a -hawk-. as if daring him to even -try- to fight.

He looks to Rachel then as they make their way back. "Are you okay? I'd suggest a restraining order on that jerk." he smiles softly to her, squeezing Grace's hand as he knows she's probably shivering right now to fight foe control.

Oh, how well Constantine knows Grace. When he hugs her, he can perhaps feel her shivering with anger. Perhaps fear, because wresting control back is hard. She looks fine; not even a redness to her knuckles. "I-I'm ok.. just.." A deep breath. "We need to get out of here. Seeing them doesn't make it easier to calm down." Whispered quickly to the metalbender as she indicates the two downed bodies. What if someone else wants to defend their honor?! Grace does not want to fight more. Con takes her hand and the fine trembles can still be felt, her skin hot, her upper lip slightly shiny with a scrim of light sweat. She turns to watch Rachel next whose fear is, thankfully, abating. "Y-you have to get the other friends you arrived with and leave." She indicates a cluster of other startled girls.

Rachel looks between the two with thanks, and hastens to do just that.

Grace takes another deep, deep breath inwards. "You were amazing." Whispered hoarsely to Constantine. She seeks his eyes to hold them with her own, to pull herself further back from the brink. She wants to pick up either of those unconscious jocks, throw them. To grab even their third harmless friend and sock him one too. Grace hates it, hates it so much.

Constantine nods to Grace and without second thought he picked up two marshmallows and he squeezed her hand. "alright.. lets do it." he nods to Rachel as she hurries off and Constantine starts walking with Grace to their special spot.

he holds Grace's gaze and he holds her close to him. "you were amazing too." d'aaawwww. "I'll always be there to help protect you." he will then try to kiss her as they walk.

The girl's stance softens in relief as Constantine gets behind leaving the beach. He even has the presence of mind to grab the baggie of remaining marshmallows because damnit, these people are not keeping what Grace brought! Not after that miniature royal rumble. Holding Con's hand like a lifeline, Grace needn't be told twice to walk away from this portion of beach; if the two choose to carry on with their beach walk, eventually it will take them closer to where they like to settle together. There are a few spots… the one by Winbarry is a bit too far off.

But a beach is a beach, and this one is calming. Even at full tide, there's plenty of give to the shore for them to walk along safely. Jeering teenage voices are replaced by the waves. After returning the kiss, Grace colors again with a resigned look. "I wanted to keep hurting them." A troubled whisper. "I truly did not want to."

Constantine remains near Grace as they walk away, bag of mellows in his hand to certainly share with Grace later, but they walk…and they try to calm themselves. Constantine's lips touch her own as they kiss.. and when they pull away, Grace shares her heart.

He looks at her as he slows in his step, the two long alone as he caresses her cheek. "I know…that's why we needed to leave. I know that rage is hard…blinding, even. but I'll always be there to bring you back."

they arrive at their spot…and it's clear they come there often.

"I need to forget doing that." Grace says softly, barely a whisper. The anger is still too close to the surface. Had they been followed, if Dude-bro saw fit to somehow spring back to consciousness and pursue them, she wouldn't waste a moment. It's awful… Grace does not want to walk in anger. She watches Constantine after her admittance, her voicing of this fear and discomfort. He's just.. just so lovely.

Everything about him eases her. He needn't even touch her; looking is wonderful enough. But for Con to engage her physically, it soothes the monster. Oh, why couldn't she have met him back then, before everything? But then, that wouldn't have been possible. He's the one good thing about her having done something so bad; bad enough to send her across the country.

"Thank you." Grace whispers, leaning up to kiss his lips with her own. A tug to his hand to bid him to follow her… this is the perfect place for an interlude. A bonfire isn't needed, now, to keep warm.

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