(2018-04-28) Star-Gazing
Summary: RJ is star-gazing when he sees Carmichael. The two talk.
Date: IC Date (2018-04-29)
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Being so far from town, the night sky over the school is spectacular this evening. There are hardly any clouds in the sky, so it gives a spectacular view. It is not long after dinner had wrapped up, and being Saturday, curfew is a little later than normal. The stars is not something that RJ ever really got to see in his highly poluted world, especially in the factory laiden version of New York City. Before tonight, they were either obscured by clouds or it was just too cold for the teenager to really enjoy. Tonight, however, RJ is stargazing. He has gotten as close to the stars as possible, and that being on top of the roof of the estate. He is wearing a pair of slightly baggy blue jeans and a long-sleeved dark grey and white striped shirt. He is laying on his back, with his hands behind his head and his right knee pulled up to an angle.

A shadow sort of blocks out the stars a bit, just for a moment. It's a vaguely human-shaped figure, but with a large pair of wings. And it's not too far overhead either. Perhaps close enough to make out some features. And very much close enough to be able to hear the laughter and the muffled 'whoo!' Yeah, that's Carmichael. He's dressed probably a little more warmly than he needs to be, to protect him against the wind and high altitude. There's a pair of yellow-tinted safety goggles over his eyes, and a scarf wrapped around the lower part of his face.

Honestly, a humanoid figure with giant wings do not necessarily identify one person in particular at this school. But the laughter gives it away. RJ recognizes the voice well enough. He doesn't really say anything as the other teenager is obviously enjoying himself without anyone else getting in his way.

His is an aerial 'dance' of someone who has learned well the limits of his wings. He loops and twirls in the air, lazily at times, and at times more acrobatic. But eventually he does calm down with the zipping around, and comes to land on the roof. "Whew…" he sighs. Pulling the scarf from around his face, he offers, "Sorry about that. I don't often get the chance to do that." Then he adds, "Also I was showing off for you." A grin.

RJ stands up, stretching almost cat-like in his movement. "Why would you have to apologize for that? There was no harm done." He walks across the roof over to where Carmichael landed. He cocks his head slightly as he looks at the winged boy, "Showing off… why were you showing off for me?" He smiles, "Now granted, I can say that I have never seen anything like it before. It is quite amazing."

"Thank you," Carmichael replies, bowing humbly. "I was apologizing because I didn't want you to think I was ignoring you up there." As for showing off? The grin turns mischievous. "Why wouldn't I show off for you? Just looking at you, it feels like a great show," he teases. Ooh boy, there he goes. It's only been recently that he's started flirting with the male students, and only those he knows won't punch him in the face for it.

RJ shrugs slightly, "Well, you could have. I mean I wasn't up here for the purpose of trying to get anyone's attention. That would be rather conceited of me, considering… well apparently other than you of course… the only one to see me is the moon and any of the stars that might have been looking down this way." He blows upward, sending a little puff of air to move his silken fine hair up a little bit from his eyes. He raises his eyebrows slightly. He blinks then smiles, "Really? Hmm…"

"Oh, I haven't interrupted you in anything, have I?" Carmichael inquires. Because it only just then occured to him that someone on the roof might not want companionship. He often forgets that roofs are supposed to be places of solitude. He does chuckle a bit at the reaction to the tease. "I really shouldn't tease you, if you haven't become accustomed to the culture yet," he notes. "Given that whole 'mate' misunderstanding… which I'm truly sorry over, I really am."

RJ grins and shakes his head, "Nah. I was just appreciating the stars. The atmosphere is too badly polluted to be able to see stars like this back on my Earth… Well that and all of the ambient light from the Settlement that I live in." He frowns just slightly, "Were you teaing me?" He shrugs with a little bit of a flirtatious grin. "Pity… " He shakes his head, "Misunderstandings happen, even when you are from the same culture."

"That's a shame," Carmichael notes, regarding the pollution. He tilts his head back to look up. "I often wonder if my dad sat on clouds looking DOWN at the stars…" He chuckles, despite himself, because he knows how ridiculous that is. The question of teasing? That gets a sheepish look. "I'm sorry. Like I said, I really shouldn't do that. But at least I'm honest about the teasing. There's others who wouldn't be."

RJ cocks his head, "Clouds must be different here than on my Earth. My clouds are insubstantial in nature. " He cocks his head, "Is the teasing done with maliciousness?" He smiles, "If it is not, then that is a gesture exchanged by friends. I don't think that we are friends, but I would not object in being so."

Carmichael chuckles. "They are here too. I was being ridiculous," he assures. Though he blinks at the question. "N-no, I wasn't intending anything malicious in the teasing," he replies, a little confused. As for being friends? "I have no objections to that, either. One can always use more friends, am I right?"

RJ smiles, "Sorry… I still don't get your humor all that well… I imagine it is probably because it is based on references that I would get if I was from here… " The smile widens and brightens anymore. "Well, if you weren't meaning anything malicious, then the teasing was done in friendly play, which makes it okay." He pauses, "Just remember if I give you a blank look… I just don't understand it… Not that I don't necessarily appreciate it."

Carmichael nods. "There's a history in animation of angels sleeping on clouds," he explains. "Sometimes they're depicted as little naked babies, sometimes people in long white robes. It's a bit silly either way." Though he does breathe a sigh of relief when RJ seems fine with the teasing. And then he nods. "Blank look means 'what the bloody hell', right-o." He chuckles.

It is such a strange concept. "Angels? Oh, yes, you said that you were the interspecies offspring of a human and an angel. So is your father a baby or does he wear long white robes? He offers a somewhat goofy grin, "Since I got here it's been my default expression, I think."

"Neither one," Carmichael replies with a chuckle. "He turned in his wings before he married my mother." It's a bit of a joke, yes. As for the default expression, "What, a blank stare? I wouldn't worry too much about it. The only thing really complicated about us is how bloody RIDICULOUS we are sometimes."

RJ nods slightly, wth that blank expression, "I was not aware that an angel can do that. Of course, I still don't really understand what an angel is exactly. " He smirks, "Oh yeah… I'm pretty sure that half the school must think that I am some kind of simpleton."

"They can, but in the beginning…" Carmichael trails off, snickering at his own wording. "…In the beginning they weren't allowed to. I suppose as human society has 'grown up' just a little, the Powers That Be have gotten more permissive. Though I guess that's why my wings are black. Angels are supposed to have white wings; fallen angels' wings are popularly thought of as being black." As for being a simpleton? "I wouldn't worry about it. You'll figure it out. It'll just take a while. Besides, 'simple' and 'stupid' aren't the same thing."

"They aren't the same, but often people assume that they are." RJ shrugs, "Those of my coeval were not valued highly. The majority of us were assigned to manual labor jobs once we were processed." He grins, "Me, I used to get covered practically head to toe in grease working on various machines. " He looks over the edge of the roof. Once false move and he could be falling to his death. He turns around, still at the edge of the roof. "So were you teasing me or flirting with me?"

"I've known some people that were pretty simple, but still pretty damned clever," Carmichael replies. "So I'm not one of those people." He grins here. Though he wrinkles his nose at the mention of getting all covered with grease. "Ugh. Let me guess, you were the one who they fed to the machine when it wasn't working right and if you got caught in the gears…" He mimicks a Cockney accent here — "'Oops! Well, yer shoulda been quicker 'bout gettin' outta the way!'" Back to his normal inflection, he answers that last question, though he's blushing a little. "I was teasing, mainly. I don't really do the 'romance' thing. Maybe part of me thinks if I'm 'a good boy', my wings'll turn white." He snorts a bit at that. "But I wasn't kidding, you're cute."

RJ looks up, then left, then right, then back to Carmichael. "Um, yeah pretty much. It's one of the reasons why I was designed to be so small, but still strong and agile." He answers in regards to "being fed to the machine". He chuckles. "I wasn't talking about romance. I was just talking about sex." He pauses, "There really isn't much allowance for romance and stuff like that. It's just a matter of feeling good. I don't really know about romance." He grins, "And thanks, so are you." He pauses, "But I guess I can understand…. no I really can't, but I can respect it… so I won't flirt back from now on…. Not that I really flirted all that much before."

"That makes sense," Carmichael admits. Though he shakes his head then. "The number of people that would jump at the chance to be able to DESIGN their offspring… I don't even know if it would be good or bad — would it make parents love their kids more? Or would it mean other kids who weren't 'perfect' would get some kind of stigma attached to them? I'm just glad it's not a decision the masses have to make." A blink then, at the clarification regarding romance. "Oh." Carmichael actually blushes a little. "Well er… ahem. Generally we're supposed to be too young to be thinking about things like that, according to society. We usually regard the two as interconnected." He sighs a bit at the mention of flirting back. "You can if you want, I don't mind. I just… there's a lot of kids here that want to be heroes, and… that is a very short, painful life. It's not really one I'm prepared for, much less one I'm prepared for someone I'd have to care about that deeply to get killed in. So I've been trying to keep a bit of distance."

RJ moves away from the edge, then looks at Carmichael, giving him a shoulder roll. "I wouldn't know about about parents. I never had one. Actually no one on my Earth has parents. The Farosh do not allow uncontrolled genetic reproduction. We are grown in tubes, then moved to processing centers. At the age of thirteen, we are assigned a housing cube and a job and sent on our way. We are steralized so that we can't reproduce on our own. There is no rules for sex, but then again, there is are few rules for human to human relationships. The only laws are dealing with your duty and obedience to the Farosh and the Overlords." He grins, "You sure… I would not wish to tempt you from being a good boy."

Carmichael considers, then looks like he's about to say something… and then seems to think better of it. "I guess it would be difficult to understand," he agrees, no malice in his voice. How did one explain such a thing? He didn't want to be here all night! So instead he chuckles at the latter. "Heh… mainly it's the 'me being a wuss' part, if I'm honest," he admits.

RJ smirks, and points to the bracer on his right wrist, "I'm not much of a fighter or anything like that, if only this damned thing would agree with me. Since the bonding I sometimes do things reflexively." He yawns slightly, "Oh, well, I guess I probably should go to bed." He grins mischieviously, and peels his shirt up over his head, taking it completely off. RJ winks at Carmichael, "Just so you have something to dream about whenever you do go to bed yourself." He tucks the shirt into back of his jeans, before letting himself off the roof by hoping and counter-balancing, alla parkour. From the ground, the ashen-haired boy gives a slight salute and a wave.

The mention of the bracer gets a chuckle. "I know that feeling. My father seems to disagree with me, too," Carmichael replies. He starts to laugh, though not in a malicious way, when RJ peels his shirt off to 'give him something to dream about'. "Much appreciated!" he responds, still chuckling. And yes, he is blushing a little. He nods. "Sleep well," he offers, watching to make sure RJ doesn't hurt himself getting down from the roof. He returns the wave as RJ departs, but doesn't call down. It's late, and he doesn't want to bother anyone else who might be sleeping.

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