(2018-04-28) Saturday Night Movie
Saturday Night Movie
Summary: Sierra and Lazarus hang out in the pool room and Kaylee drops by.
Date: 2018-04-28
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It was a good day today…just your average Saturday really. The students were all moving about the Estate, either working on homework or spending time with their friends.

Lazarus was doing neither.

Instead? He's sitting down on the couch with his own personal guitar, strumming away at a beautiful-sounding Gaelic hymn. He hums something under his breath, more than likely the lyrics to the song! And he says he's rusty. HAH!

He doesn't really notice if anyone is around him, focused on his craft. It reminded him of his late mother when he played the guitar…and as such, it was an excellent way to relax.

Sierra doesn't have any friends or homework so is just roaming the school looking for something to do. She ends up in the billiards room, but hearing Lazarus play, she slips in as quietly and unobserved as she can do. Finding a wall to lean on, she listens. Gaelic music is not quite the Latina's scene but she can appreciate the playing of Lazarus if nothing else. And it doesn't really sound that bad.

Relaxing to the sounds, her foot accidentally knocks a cue stand and it topples over. The cues clattering over the wooden floor as Sierra wakes from her stupor and does her best to pick them up…which makes even more noise.
Lazarus seems to stop playing when the mother of all loud noises starts to go off in the room because Sierra is apparently a klutz. Rain should be here to see this, he might get to see her smile again. Nonetheless, he offers a fairly friendly look to Sierra, looking at her as he set his guitar aside, and moved to help her pick everything up.
"Allow me to help ya." he says with his strong accent. "I remember your face…you danced at the talent show thing yea? Don't think I ever got your name, I'm afraid."

"Thanks" says a slightly blushes Sierra to the assistance. Only slightly blushing because she has to look cool and detached at all times. "I'm Sierra. Sierra Jiminez. Oliver said it at the show" she points out while trying to get the cues in line and back in their holder. "You're Lazarus, right? You play guitar really well. That was a nice tune. Scottish?"

Lazarus nods then. "Forgive, I know faces, not so much names, lass." he says then with a small smile on his face. "It's nice to meet you Sierra. Yea, me name's Lazarus. Thank you…I'm rusty…started playin' it again…and yes. From Glasgow, Scotland born and raised."

"That was you being rusty?" Sierra snorts in amusement at the idea. "Wow, when I'm rusty I break an ankle" she smirks before offering her hand to shake his. "Nice to meet you. I'm from Mexico City…in case you hadn't guessed. Or thought I was the maid here. And you were hanging out with Rain? That serious? I mean, didn't you just get here?"

Lazarus cannot help but smile as Sierra snorts in amusement that his playing was rusty, when it was actually incredibly good. Though he does shake his head at her slightly. "No no, I'm sure if ya were rusty, Sierra, you'd be dancin' the night away like some flamenco dancer. "a kind smile then, before he tilts his head when she makes an assumption that he might have thought she was the maid. "But you do not look like a maid? and with Rain, I do not know. To my knowledge, we simply enjoy each other's company." a kind smile then. "We go out for dinner often."
Laz may not quite know what dating is….

"I guess I shouldn't tar you with the same brush" Sierra admits. "I doubt there are a lot of Latina maids in Scotland. Are there? Just some of the American students here think I'm the maid when they first meet me. Or one of them. Flamenco?" A little blush. "I wish. So you go out with Rain a lot and enjoy each other's company. Yeah…sounds serious. Umm…just as a warning. I think you're the only straight guy on campus so you might get a few girls who would like to enjoy your company."

Sierra and Lazarus were in the Billiard room…and sadly the former seems to be a bit of a klutz, so Lazarus is helping her clean up a broken object. thankfully, it wasn't of great importance. With that in mind, Lazarus's guitar is on the couch and he looks at Sierra as she questions him about the finer points of apparently having Latina maids in Scotland.

"I mean, we get a few foreigners every now and then that come to work the small jobs like that, but I 'aven't seen any. Sorry."

"Who knows? maybe you could learn? and oh aye."

Then he hears that ladies might pursue him because he's straight. "oh…ehhmm…I'll be sure to keep a look out then…" he was bright red.

Sierra snorts in amusement at Lazarus's blushes. "Don't worry too much" she assures him as the last of the pool cues are back in their holder, "I think most of the girls are gay too. Except Rain…obviously. I don't know her very well but it's nice to see you two hit it off."

Sierra's eyes narrow. "I should learn to become a maid?"

Speaking of ladies! Coming in from the entry way, Kaylee is actually carrying a movie box back towards one of the entertainment centers, humming quietly to herself as she bops along- she's ALMOST skipping, but not quite. When she notices Lazarus and Sierra across the room and offers them a floppy, frenetic wave and smile. "Hey guys! How's it going?" she calls over as she returns the movie to its original home.

Lazarus then looks at Sierra and he shakes his head softly. "Oh my…am I one of the few? Huh.." of course, he doesn't really care, but eh.

He shakes his head fervently then. "No no no, that's not what I said. I just said that I don't see too many there. You still don't look like a maid."

Then he turns his head to Kaylee, that really nice lady who welcomed him to the school and even gave him a tour! "Oh, hello."

Sierra is still glaring at Lazarus but…eventually…she decides he wasn't insulting her. The bouncy arrival of Kaylee helping with that. "Hey, Kaylee" she waves in return. At least Kaylee hasn't disappeared like most of that first year. "How's the girlfriend? Lazarus was playing guitar, have you heard him?"

The Ares girl making her way over to the entertainment center too. "What movies you got? You met Kaylee, Lazarus?" Sierra doubts anyone has not met the bundle of energy.

Blink. Blinkblinkblink. "… what girlfriend?" Kaylee asks, looking very puzzled for a moment. Then, she blinks again as she realizes who Sierra is probably talking about. "You mean Violet? Oh gosh, I don't even know. I haven't heard from her since she left back in December. And she made it pretty clear that we were broken up before she left, so she hasn't really been my girlfriend in a while, either, so …," she trails off, grimacing as she puts The Greatest Showman back on the shelf.

But, then she smiles and straightens back up, shaking her head. "No! I didn't know you played guitar, Lazarus. That's really cool, though! I would love to hear it sometime! And yes, Sierra, I actually gave Lazarus his welcome tour, so we've met." She wrinkles her nose at him in a friendly smile. Then, she adds, "And we have like, alla movies, Sierra."

Lazarus seems to smile a moment when it seems that Sierra isn't about to toss him through the window. Not like he would be permanently hurt, but…scary Sierra was scary. He looks then to Kaylee and Sierra as apparently the latter was introducing him to the former…even when they had already met!

C'est la vie. Oh well.

Though Lazarus didn't apparently know that Kaylee had a love interest. Either way, he gives her a more sympathetic look as he stands up straight to pat her on the shoulder…then she's speaking to him very excitedly!
"O-oh, yeah, I play a wee bit. Though I'd love to play for ya, I'm rusty." he moves now to get his guitar….

"Don't believe him about the rust. He's as rusty as a brand new Ferrari" notes Sierra before she flops down on the couch. "Yeah, you told me Violet left but for some reason I thought you'd found another. Are you going to stick with girls?" Sierra has always been forthright with her conversations…years ago it used to get Kaylee blushing. But now they're all grown up…ish.

Sierra nods to the claims of having all the movies before she starts looking through the titles on offer. "We could have a singalong with Lazarus" she suggests with a smile. "Do our own version of 'The Greatest Showman'. How come you didn't come down to the cabaret, Kaylee?"

Yup. Kaylee still blushes when Sierra asks if she's sticking with girls. It's pretty immediate, and she also ducks her head slightly and tucks a few strands of hair behind her ears, nervously, before she shrugs her shoulders way up. "Iono? I … haven't really even thought about it that much, really," she offers. "But, I'm not really even like, worried about it or anything. I'm a Junior, this year, so I don't have to have a date to go to prom. … if we even have a prom, which I'm kinda getting the feeling like we probably won't but I don't know and it's not really up to me." Yup, definitely nervous Kaylee. And thankfully, a subject change is readily available.

"Oh, I'm sure you're probably totally fine, Lazarus! I mean, even if you ARE rusty or anything, it's still really cool that you can play and everything. What kind of music do you play? But you don't really HAVE to play if you don't want to, but I would love to hear it sometime if you did want to!" And the last question gets more confused blinking from Kaylee. "… cabaret? I'm sorry, I have been like, soooo busy lately with getting ready for summer basketball and making sure I'm registered for training camps and everything. I haven't really done ANYTHING else, lately."

Lazarus's eyes widen then just a moment as he looks between Kaylee and Sierra, as if a little confused on to why Sierra asked such a blatant question. Either way, he remains silent…until it's apparently going to be sing along with Lazarus.

"Well…Ah don't know 'bout any o' that Sierra, but I'll try ta impress yea?" he says with a smile, before he mutters something under his breath, probably reciting the lines of some folk song he heard all the time in Scotland. He takes a deep breath, before he starts to play.

It was like an angel was on the harp that kissed Lazarus as a baby, because that is maybe one of the most beautiful sounds of Scottish melody either of them may ever hear. Truly spectacular. He starts to hum…before he just smiles, and he starts to sing a little bit with it.

"Gafflwn Dihenydd, o'r fuddugol yn wiriol sydd…….Ni fydd neb yn ein Drechu, Falch ydy ni i drochu, Traed o flaen i'r Annwn, mewn y gwybodaeth fe godwn ni." he smiles then, to the point where it's likely he's singing badly on purpose.

Otherwise? spectacular performance if one just wants to have fun.

"I think I'm a Junior this year too" Sierra shrugs to Kaylee. "Not sure, with all the classes I miss. It really sucks when you can't pay the bills" she sighs. "You're playing basketball? I might come and watch you in your shorts" Sierra teases, hoping to get another blush out of Kaylee before it is time to listen to Lazarus.

The boy has magical fingers - can guitar playing be his superpower? - and Sierra settles into another dreamy state. Until the singing starts. Whether it is the language or the playful voice Lazarus is using, it is not very nice.

Thankfully, there is guitar playing to listen to instead and that is damn good. "Isn't this the last week before Summer break?"

"Oh gosh, Sierra," Kaylee says, rolling her eyes and shaking her head as the girl teases her. "They're not actually short or anything," she points out ever so helpfully. Definitely not anything blush-inducing! When Lazarus starts playing the guitar, Kaylee oohs and quickly flops down onto the ground, leaning against the couch while he plays. When he turns out to be good at it? She squees a little and claps for him happily. … and then he starts singing. Kaylee blinks a lot, then looks thoroughly confused. Is he making words up? Is he making the tune up? Or is he really just an awful singer or something? She can't tell and then she looks very much bemused about it. Of course she's not going to make any disparaging remarks about his singing! But, it's also not like it's super enjoyable or anything while he's doing it, either.

Eventually, for the first time since he's arrived, Lazarus actually laughs. "I don't know any good English songs. I tend to sing in Gaelic." he offers with a small smile. "Besides…I can't sing to save me arse." a small chuckle then as he sees their faces when they hear him 'sing'.

"I can see it in your eyes, ya know. Relax, I'm just teasin'." he smiles then. "I can try playin' something for real if ya like?"

"He sang much better at the cabaret" Sierra assures Kaylee, moving on the couch so she can reach the blonde's hair and gently stroke it. The blushing basketballer the closest thing to a friend she has left in this school. If she's not careful, braiding may start to happen. "Oh…it was a joke?" she says to Lazarus. "Yeah…pretty funny. Sing something properly then or Kaylee will never believe a thing I say again."

When her hair is stroked, Kaylee smiles happily up at Sierra for a second before turning her attention back to Lazarus. "Ohhhhhhhh. Okay," she says, smiling now as if it makes total sense and she totally got the joke. Or something. And then, Kaylee realizes that he's 'British,' and so she grins and helpfully offers, "Play some Ed Sheerhan!" Because obviously he has to be able to do that since he's from the exact same place and probably grew up with and learned how to play music together with Ed. Or, at least, that's how Kaylee's mind works.

Lazarus chuckles faintly then, looking at Sierra as she makes testament that he sung far better at the cabaret. "Why thankya." though he does tilt his head at her before Kaylee happens to want to get his attention. Though when he hears the name Ed Sheeran, he seems to look a little confused, but he starts to do Ed Sheeran's version of 'I see fire', though he seems uncertain.

"bah, forgive…I am not too familiar with this guy.." but he has the guitar playing absolutely on fleek.

"Ed Sheerhan?" Sierra rolls her eyes - there are way too many white girls at this school. Still, she continues playing with Kaylee's hair as Lazarus once more proves what a good guitar player he is…and how opposite is his singing. Is this the same guy from the cabaret? "Maybe you should help him with the words, Kaylee? Sing along to his playing?" Or maybe they should find a dog to howl along with him.

Kaylee grimaces and shrugs her shoulders up to her ears. "I don't really know that song," she offers apologetically. "And really, I was just gonna return the movie I borrowed before I went to bed, so I should probably get headed back that way, too," she offers. Then, she starts rounding her things up as well. "Sorry? Maybe some other night, we can get everybody to come participate?"

Lazarus seems to still be trying to get that tune of voice right. He's not used to singing in English, so words come out as half-Gaelic sometimes. "hmm…I don't know this song too well…Besides, I'm not much of a singer." he laughs then ironically. though when it's offered to sing along, he shakes his head. "Oh noooo you'd be a much finer singer than I."

Then Kaylee must depart.

With a friendly wave and a small smile, he nods to her. "Course. See you soon, Kaylee."

Sierra actually looks disappointed that Kaylee is leaving. Giving a last stroke of her hair before offering a finger wave. "Take care, Kay. Maybe we can hang again soon?" She watches the blonde leave before a playful scowl at Lazarus. "What happened to your voice?" A shrug to show that it doesn't matter before she nods towards the television. "Want to watch something?"

Lazarus looks to Sierra as she gives him a playful scowl. "I dunno." he shrugs then. "I never could sing good…" he chuckles then softly, before he looks at her, shrugging a moment with a nod. "Sure…I haven't seen a movie in quite a long time…we can watch whatever you like."

"Let's see what they have then" Sierra says, getting off the couch to look through the titles. "We get a lot of the movies while they're still at the cinema. Sometimes they don't like us going out into public. Especially where there's a lot of people. Do you like horror movies?" She picks up a title. "'A Quiet Place'?"

Lazarus smiles softly then to Sierra as he removes his Guitar and simply sits down in full relaxation, his eyes forward and his face gaining a neutral expression. When asked about horror flicks? He shrugs. "I'm indifferent…though it sounds interesting."

Sierra puts on the film and then goes back to the couch, patting the seat next to her. "It's about people having to stay quiet. If they make a noise, monsters come and kill them. Come sit with me. And don't worry, no one is going to say anything or think anything about us. I'm pretty sure everyone in school knows I'm a lesbian. But I'm gonna need someone to grab in the scary parts."

Lazarus tilts his head at her. "I'm not sure why your orientation would matter in this particular instance?" he does look confused, but he supposes she's going to use him as a blanket or something to hide behind…least he thinks that's a stereotype. "I don't mind." he smiles softly then, before his eyes look forward to watch the movie.

Sierra will definitely be using Lazarus as a blanket and shield. "Because I'm going to be lying all over you and I want you to know that Rain won't think anything of it. Sometimes you sound like a robot" she smiles warmly, resting her head on his lap as the movie starts. "We should have got popcorn. And soda." A pause. "Too late now. Do you like Rain?"

Lazarus really doesn't mind that Sierra is using him as a pillow, along with being a blanket and shield. He'll notice when she's scared, and he'll actually caress her hair a little bit, making sure that she knows that if she sticks with him, she'll be safe.

Though as she asks her question, he looks forward. "I do. She's a friendly person, and one I can relate too on more than a few matters." Though as he watches the movie, he's reminded of the things he would do to others as a live experiment…a weapon. The guy didn't have a life because it was stolen from him. He's silent then for a while. "Do you mean that in a romantic sense?"

"Yeah…I guess so" Sierra replies softly. "It's been a long time since I had anything romantic in my life. They all leave. There was one…we were soulmates. We were so good with each other. So happy. And then one day she was gone. Probably back in the test tube they made her from…but she was more than that. She still had a soul." A pause. "Sorry, Lazarus. You don't need to hear this and I'm just being nosy. You don't have to tell me how you feel about Rain. I just hope you're happy and treat each day like it is your last."

Lazarus looks at Sierra and he sets his hand on her head. "Do not worry. This….is the first time I've had free will for the past 14 years." He looks absolutely broken because of that. Makes sense as to why he misses certain social cues. Either way, he looks at her. "I thank you for carin'…I try to live every minute like it might be my last with thoughts…and memories…and independence." a sigh.

"You sound like Mabel sometimes" Sierra sighs. "They didn't think she would have free will. That she'd just be their creature. It never even occurred to them that she could fall in love. I guess you were treated the same." Her eyes are on the television though she's not really watching the movie, so she misses most of the expressions of Lazarus. "Make sure this place doesn't take away your freedom. They took away my Mabel."

Lazarus looks at her then, before he simply nods once. "alright." and that was the end of that. Lazarus did watch the movie, but he paid close attention to Sierra as well. Either way, he watches onward…he was just happy he could -live-.

Sierra stared at the movie but she was lost in her memories for the most part. Thankfully, there is a warm Lazarus to be with her as those memories make her happy and sad in equal measure. When the movie is over her head is still laying on his lap, fast asleep.

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