(2018-04-28) No Crying Over Spilt Salsa
No Crying Over Spilt Salsa
Summary: As always it's a mixed bag with Daxton and Callisto, but then things go sideways.
Date: 2018-04-28
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Downtown Shady Cove
Sat Apr 28, 2018

Businesses line both sides of the street, anything from the Chamber of Commerce, the Police and Fire Stations, a newspaper office and Post Office. Several others create the down town area, stone benches lining the sidewalks on each side of the street. A small movie theater only hosting a single movie every two weeks. Further down is a teen only club, somewhat nearby a bar and grill.


It's as if a whole world has opened up for Callisto, since the acquisition of the amulet. Maybe she's trying to experience as much as she can, too, to keep her mind off of 'darker' things. There exists in her mind, now, a deep concern as to what would happen to her were Malachite to get back into her head. Surely then she would be doomed. So maybe that is context behind why Callisto — whom in her past life must have been a cat given her love of being comfortable and restful — is downtown on Saturday night. It is a tepid spring evening, not quite too cool and certainly not too warm but rather… comfortable. It brings the kids out, both powered and unpowered, for a little bit of fun.

Beach bonfires, dinners out, the roller rink and any shopping establishment that is open late… all fair game. Music from the youth nightclub, 'Downtown Funk', can be heard bleeding out into the street. The skies above are clear, veering toward a beaut of a sunset.. how can people not be out enjoying themselves?

Callisto stands a block or so away from the nightclub, watching the comings and goings of teenagers.. wondering if she should poke her head into the place where the only pounding in her head will be from the music.

Up the road a familiar blur can be seen, although it doesn't come with the scent of pizza. In fact it doesn't stop, zipping across the road and disappearing into an alley. There's then a very loud sound of something crashing into garbage cans.

What and who would it hurt, to look—-

Callisto startles, hearing the loud sound of a.. collision?! Anyone else closeby, especially near the club, look up and around like meerkats only to dissolve into guffaws and noncommittal shrugs. Talk of the sound being maybe an alley cat (that's a damned big cat) or a drunken bum… stuff like that. Not worth the deviation from heightened hormonal glee and the prospect of catching the eyes of one or another in the loud, busy confines of Downtown Funk.

But Callisto does not move from her spot, her eyes narrowing, silver-white hair trembling in the breeze. She almost always wears it loose while in town, to hide her ears… mostly. It makes for a very dramatic look when paired with dark clothing: a black and white flowy dress. Thoughts of the club are abandoned as the fae girl makes her way toward the alleyway, slooooowly peering into the mouth of the lane before.. like any curious cat.. padding into the shadowy space to see what the commotion is about.

The scene in the alley is a strange one. There's Daxton in his blue leather racing jacket with his pizza tee shirt and jeans underneath. And under his knee, pinned to the ground is. middle aged man, balding and bleeding. The man struggles and Dax clearly puts pressure on him, making him cry out in pain. Dax just growls, "Don't." There's tipped over trash cans around them and old fast food containers are starting to twitch in the wind.



The look of curiousity fades from Callisto's elegant features, her lips pressing into a tense line as she abandons her tentative gait and strolls into the alleyway purposefully, her footfalls making pert little tic-tic-tics.. seeing as how she's wearing a moderate heel. The man's cry of pain, followed by Daxton's uttering of 'don't', warrants the fae girl to speak up when she's in earshot. A fast food container, freed from it's can prison, tumbleweeds it's way past her form.

"Do you require aide?" Asks the girl in her smooth way, eyes riveted to the duo on the filthy ground. Somehow she suspects Daxton won't need it, but Callisto holds herself taut and ready. The fading sun of the imminent twilight catches upon something sterling, winking just in front of her bosom.

Daxton looks up, expression hard to read, but it's the man who answers, "Yes! Get this freak off of me!" He tries to struggle move, but Dax just presses harder with his knee. Middle aged dude is so going to have bruises. Instead of responding to the taunt he raises a hand to his ear, "Tell the cops I'm in an alley near the dance club with the perp."

The girl stops just alongside the two as they grapple, closer to the man's foot. She watches said foot spasm and twitch as the pain bites into his knee from the pressure. The middle-aged man's words are lost on the willowy mentalist, pale eyes flitting from the dude's straining, pleading face to flit over to observe Daxton's expression as he radios the cops. Callisto looks back to the 'perp' and says airily, "I was not referring to you." Said with all of the ice of the North and the centuries of fae ancestry.


To Daxton next, "Is there anything I can do to help you, or shall I make sure nobody else tries to come into this alley?" Asked casually; she is so looking him over to make sure he's not injured. c_c

Daxton doesn't appear to be hurt. Although he does seem annoyed. A quick head nod, "That would help, thanks. Cops should be here in a few minutes." And true to his work, they show up in about 5, hustling for adult humans to come and take the man from Daxton. Seems the guy held up a store near by with a. Gun, scared some folks. The police seem to have Daxton's job schedule on notice, and call him in for favors when needed. Inferno says to do it to keep good relations with them, so Dax pulls double duty when delivering pizzas. Once the guy is taken from Dax he wipes his hands and walks over to Calli, "Thanks."

She does as she is bid, not floundering or fluttering or insisting that she stay there. Her footfalls carry her back to the mouth of the alleyway and it is there that Callisto waits, watchful and unflappable and indeed deterring a couple of kids who want to gawk. Before long the cops show up, and the girl steps aside to let them pass and deal with the troublemaker. She waits there, still, as it's no use crowding the alleyway in case the dude tries something. Callisto tilts her head to listen, though, her smooth profile backlit briefly by the low sun and the headlights of passing cars.

Daxton appears and the girl bows her head once. To look at her is to see her looking phenomenally well-rested and alert, though the Gorgon head amulet clashes terribly with her dress. She watches the speedster levelly, "Of course." She doesn't ask much, as she perhaps overheard some of the talk as to what the perp was being nabbed for. "The town is fortunate to have you." Said easily, though one side of her mouth curls up. "Breaktime from work?"

Daxton just grunts straightening the sleeve of his jacket. "I guess." While she looks rested, he does not. Not that eh remembers the nightmares, thank you AfterThought. "I'm pretty sure they're just alternating what I'm running for. Pizza or perps." If only the criminals would just order pizza so he could make one trip! "Yeah, I can take a break." Screw it, he needs to refuel.

"What would a break be without taking down a criminal?" Callisto asks again, the tiny little upturn of her lips widening into an earnest smile. It's not overt though, and the subtlety of the expression suits her just fine. Though, she is perceptive, and she notes a certain look to the boy's features. Having been the victim of bad sleep for the longest time, Callisto recognizes that look. There is a considerable silence as she observes him while he sets himself to rights after the tousle.

"I pray you see the end of your shift soon so you can rest. For you look tired." Callisto observes, perhaps fishing a little… she figures it's tactless of her to be saying outright: 'you look off, have you been sleeping' …

But the fact remains, she's noticing something. "I was taking in the night life." There's a smirk.. Callisto shakes her head slowly. "Would you like some company?"

Daxton's bright blue eyes scan the area, looking for a place to grab food. He snorts, not really mad or amused, just…yeah, "Thanks." Oh well, he'd not trying to impress anyone with his looks. He hand raises to rub his face before he shrugs, "If you want. I'm not going anywhere exciting." Thankfully he's got about $25 from tips, so… That's a lot of tacos if that's the route he goes. "You see any street venders out yet?" He knows there's food at the art festival, but he'd rather not go too near that unless he had to.

"Street vendors…?" Callisto starts, considers.. then something dawns upon her. "Oh! Those who push the carts.. there were some at the art festivities." She recalls, though she does not look to be pushing the letter on that one. Callisto loves art, but not crowds, and she glances sideward to the speedster. "T'is busy and full of long lines. Even this evening." She easily shoots the idea down before Daxton can even scoff at it. "Closer to that mall, a couple of these…. vendors… were there. One was selling tubesteaks. What in the world is a tube steak?" She asks with a wrinkle to her nose. She then looks to be digging for recollection, "There was another… selling grilled cheese…"

She still looks puzzled. This trajectory that they're on, though, might take them toward the taco promised land.

Callisto watches him, "Does that help any?"

Daxton nods, "Yeah, the ones that push the carts." His nose wrinkles and then he just starts walking, he'll find a restaurant or something then. He just shakes his head, "No one really knows…" Is he tasing her? Maybe. "Grilled cheese sounds good." But he'll need like 5 for them. "Yeah, I'll find something." And a soda, he's thirsty.

"Are you one for art?" Callisto suspects the answer but cannot help but ask. He didn't seem to bite on the food wonderland that has been set up in conjunction with the art show. She looks content enough to be ambling along with the tired speedster; she isn't hungry in the least. Their trajectory takes them past the busy youth club and what sounds like a wolf whistle is sent in their direction. Callisto perks, narrows her eyes in the direction of the raucous sound. For whom was it meant?! She ignores it, shaking her head slowly. People puzzle her sometimes.

"I considered producing some pieces for the show, but hadn't the time." She was too busy being half-dead with tiredness and playing in abandoned hospitals. "I yet wonder… sometimes those who do not readily admit it are the ones who can produce art. Have you a skill?"

My, she's chatty since getting a talisman… not overbearingly so, but there appears to be a bit more vigor to Callisto this evening.

Daxton snorts, he's awful snorty today, "No, definitely not." The speedster tenses at the whistle , head turning in it's direction to see f he can pin point who did it. He's just not in the mood for disrespect today it seems. "No. No skill." That's a lie, but he never thinks of his photography as art. It's just photos.

Nor is the fae girl's manner of art — calligraphy — to be considered traditional… but it's all creativity, it is! She narrows her eyes at him as he snorts again, wondering why that is. Whistling, snorting… what a strange evening for emotive sounds. He's tense as well, and Callisto follows his gaze toward the shuffling group of happy youth as the whistler cannot quite be picked out quite so easily. "T'is okay.. pay them no mind." She tries to ease Daxton some, wondering at his manner.. though he did just take a guy down. Nerves must be rattled… but there's something.

Hell, may as well go for gold.

"Have you been sleeping? You seem rather tense." Callisto chances again, something doesn't seem right.

Daxton's a dude. He makes dude noises. A glower at the group, but he'll keep walking. Beating on a criminal he can get away with. Breaking some stupid teens arm, prolly not so much. The glower turns towards her, "Sleeping? Yeah, why?" He hasn't had any dreams lately (that he can remember), so he assumed her mother has moved on.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic: Good Success.

"There's something." Callisto says gently, peering at him again in that way that can either intrigue some, or make them feel uneasy. It's almost like a way of looking in. Her powerful mind works, 'leaning' in Daxton's direction and surveying his mind in a sort of brief 'swoop'. No no, she's not mind-reading or discerning thoughts.. that's not Callisto's bag. This is a deeper glance, a sort of…. temperature-reading. To a non-Psychic there may be just the barest tingling feeling at the base of their skulls, it could simply be from a chill in the air or static or whatever. No no, it can't be Callisto scanning their subconscious…!

.. but it is.

Something she finds there, a sort of unrest… it causes her to slow down some, seeming to miss a step. Callisto's brow furrows.. it can't be.


That wolf-whistle again: "Yeewwww! I like 'em Nordic!" Hollers a rusty teenage boy's voice. Ugh, how generic. Callisto doesn't even turn to face the foolish kid, she simply observes Daxton with an evident look of worry.

Daxton's brow furrows, he can't feel her doing anything, but that look! "What are you doing?" When she's interrupted though he stops walking. Nope. Not putting up with it tonight. He takes a moment to zip up his coat before turning towards the group, "Well that's just rude. I'm clearly not Nordic. At least yell the right term at me, you jack offs."

The raucous cluster plays dumb. In a strangely penguin-like defense, the most obnoxious of the bunch has sequestered himself away into the knot of his friends once he saw that the leggy girl hadn't responded. Instead the guy in the coat with the gaze that could kill is facing them! The 'Nordic' girl goes on watching Daxton with a worried, troubled expression. Callisto could really care less about being catcalled, they are not worth her regard. While Daxton's response to the group could be amusing to a degree, even that doesn't quite register.

The boys don't respond much beyond the awkward guffawing, moving to admit themselves into Downtown Funk to both hide their butthurt and avoid mixing it up with the speedster. Callisto, all the while, waits and watches… but she looks somewhat upset. Surely this didn't bother Callisto? Of all things? Really?!

Daxton nose wrinkles as he takes a few steps closer, "Yeah…that's what I thought." No response, run away. He'll stay facing them as they shuffle away. His arms fold impressively , leather making soft squeaking noises as it bends.

Damnit, stop looking impressive. This isn't helping Callisto's cause much. She is startled as Daxton watches the foolish kids — because they are kids afterall — scramble off. They may not look it but damnit they ARE scrambling. If they knew that Daxton kinda tackled and subdued a dude who wielded a gun in an alleyway closeby, they would probably move even faster.

They are hardly a threat. Annoying, but harmless. Despite herself, Callisto finds herself studying the boy's profile for a time (damnit damnit) until he either turns to face her or moves in general. Her hand reaches up to touch the amulet; how could she have been so foolish? That hand lifts to touch a cheek, pinkened slightly by all of these revelations (and sights, poor Callisto).

"Waste no more time upon those hyenas. You must eat, no?" She asks in a strange tone, brow furrowed. There was no mistaking what she picked up in Daxton's mind: her mother was there, and she needs to get her to stay away. Regardless of how well the speedster seems to be handling it.

Daxton's annoyed, but he's also hungry. Food wins and he snorts before nodding, "Yeah, food." A sigh and turn and he'll turn back to head the way they were going. He runs fingers though his short hair but then hooks a thumb into a look of his jean belt. "People can be dicks. Sorry about that."

The fae girl will be ready to set off pretty much the moment Daxton turns his back to the club. She looks to him when he apologizes in some manner and she shakes her head slowly, "They do not concern me." Huh? Why does she look troubled? Callisto gazes straight ahead, hands sliding into the barely-there pockets of the gauzy, flowy cardigan that she wears this evening. "I am no more troubled by their voices than I would be a noisy, foolish bird on the wing." Ah, always with her odd manner of speech. Her heels tic-tic-tic along in her gait as she keeps pace with Daxton, her brows furrowed. "I feel as if I am one to owe an apology." Said softly, meant only for him as she walks alongside.

"My mother has been… she has intruded upon your mind. I sensed her there." Now she looks very bothered.

Daxton cocks an eyebrow, but lets Cali say weird things. It's what she does. But then he frowns, "You don't have anything to apologize for. They were the ones being dickholes-" But then she's talking about her mom…what? "No one's been in my head."

"You would not know." Callisto says softly, watching him. Though this mention of… 'dickhole'..

"Dick.. hole?" She asks suddenly. Her cultured tone and her accent make the term sound oddly comedic. She clears her throat and looks from his eyes, back to the sidewalk and slowly up, observing the street ahead. Focus, girl. Don't be asking about dickholes now that she's lobbed something rather.. uh, concerning. Like, her bitch mother's interference.

"Your dreams, Daxton. You seem to have little recollection of them… you must have a powerful will. Nightmares. I regret that my.. presence in your life has attracted her. To punish me." What, how? How would ramping up Daxton's nightmares punish Callisto?

She watches him as they stride along, "I do not want any harm to come to you. Her way.. it can wear on one's mind. She cannot harm you physically but she can toy with your sleeping mind."

Daxton makes an annoyed face. "I don't have nightmares." He knows he does, but it helps to pretend he doesn't. He shrugs, blue eyes searching for a place to eat, "Are you going to eat too, or just me?"

Yeah no, she does not believe him. It is by some grace of God — or her own poker face — that Callisto does not betray her own thoughts on the matter. To push and prod will only chase him away and she does not want him to take his leave of her, onwards into the mental hell that she knows her mother can inflict upon him. Callisto cannot, in good conscience, allow Daxton to deal with this on his own.. no matter how much he shrugs it off.

But how.. how can she protect him? She can't exactly set up camp in his room because… because… well, just no.

"I am.. hungry." Callisto admits. "I can dine elsewhere, if you are pressed for time or wish to do so alone." Because surely her weird ways serve to chase him off! Nevermind her, she's just plotting on how to intercept Mommy Dearest. c.c

Daxton rolls his eyes, glad to change the topic, "I was asking to know what you wanted to eat." Yhesh. "I can do tacos or Chinese." His phone vibrates and he pulls it out, thumb moving faster than visible possible as he responds to a txt.

The fae girl is not so immersed in dread that she cannot surface out of her thought processes at the prospect of… "Tacos…? I have not eaten a taco…" She trails off, looking charmingly puzzled. It's true! Callisto, in her decades on this earth, has eaten all manner of things: daisy petals, elegant spreads of whitefish and sauces derived from expensive wines, effervescent desserts that could float off of a plate… but tacos…?

The question can be seen upon her face, eyes roving to fasten upon the speedster's face. She looks away quickly, "I shall try these tacos. Whereever shall we find such things?" Oh, she's just precious.

Daxton stops walking, staring at Cali like she's just grown a second head, "You….you've never had a taco?" Well…that's not right. His phone is shoved back into his pocket. "Well this needs to be rectified." And he starts heading in a. Very specific direction, back towards his work.

Blink? Callisto freezes, looking momentarily startled. "What?" She asks softly, asks again in a firm tone as Daxton goes on looking at her as if she's crazy. "What?" She pulls back her shoulders, looks to be bolstering herself for… whatever. Then the boy goes and asks her a question and the girl flusters, "I have not. Are they—are they a common delicacy?" Okay, anyone calling a taco a bloody delicacy has to be bent in the head or out from under a rock. Callisto stares right back, hands dropping to her sides, head tilting in that inquisitive way. "I-" Then he's off. It's her turn to snort.. somehow Callisto makes even that sound elegant. "T'is not a bad thing, surely?

She can't help but follow.. he looked startled! Is he ok? Is her not having eaten Mexican food surely such an awful thing?

"… are they good?" She asks after him, imploringly. Poor Callisto.

"They are the greatest delicacy." Word. Dax doesn't run, but his pace is faster now. This is an emergency! "They're the best. You'll thank me."

His urgency is catching and Callisto is so naive, she will feed into it. "Ooh," She exhales, lifting fingers to her mouth briefly in an aghast gesture before following suit. This is Important. Daxton's pace is marked and Callisto needs to hasten to keep up.. cripes, she looks worried. "I shall trust you." She says easily, though the change in Daxton's behavior on the topic of tacos is notable. "I have had a great many delicacies, Daxton. There is an immense amount of faith to be placed in these… 'tacos'… being the greatest. I shall have to see then." Said haughtily. Thoughts of Malachite are forgotten; Callisto is suddenly enjoying this prospect, very much, of trying something new. It doesn't have anything to do with it jazzing Dax up.


Trusting a speedster about food is usually a good idea. He leads her towards the lighthouse pizza. Next to it is the taco place, which knows him well. "We'll get a couple dozen. There's a salsa bar. It's great, you'll love it. They know me, so they just give me extra chips and sour cream." The real reason to be a hero, chips and sour cream.

"Salsa…." Callisto echoes, their walk taking them to this place in which Daxton is king. King! The staff seem to know him well at least and though she knows naught of the dimensions of a taco and how big they are… a 'couple dozen' piques her attention. She is dead silent the whole time the speedster places his order at this eatery, adjacent to where he actually works.. her eye are wide and curious and devouring the interior of this… 'Tiki Taco'. She will admit: it smells good.

It still doesn't help that she's really keying into how stoked Daxton is to be here, with all the extra chips and sour cream that he can eat. Callisto's lips curl up at their corners into a slight smile. "Salsa bar..?" She follows up her earlier thought by completing it, "What is this salsa bar?" She asks with honest-to-goodness innocence, still not quite comprehending what a 'couple dozen' tacos consists of.

The order does not phase the people there, not from Daxton. Although one of the girls frowns when she realizes Callisto is //with Dax. He doesn't seem to notice, instead taking their drink cups, but instead walking over to the salsa bar to show Calli. "All the Salsa you could ever want." And it is a lot of Salsa. After admiring the bar he goes over and fills up his cup with Mountain Dew.

The frowning girl catches Callisto's attention and in true Callisto style, she turns her head upon that elegant length of neck and simply looks straight at said girl as if in question. No no, she's not challenging her! Okay so maybe so direct a glance could warrant assumptions but the fae girl yet wonders. The precise moment in which she realized why this girl is frowning, it occurs as Daxton moves to show her this… 'salsa bar'. Callisto follows him with her eyes briefly, looks back to this girl thoughtfully, and glides off in his wake without a second thought.

As Daxton speaks of this glorious prospect of endless salsa, Callisto looks the prospects over with an earnest, intrigued cast to her features. "This is…." She trails off, finding the words. "A monumental expanse of… salsa." Oh dear God she said that. She can't help it. So this goes on tacos? She watches Daxton as he fills his cup, "Are we to return here to heap this salsa onto the tacos? Is this how you eat them?" She asks as she, taking a cup, sets it beneath a stream of Mountain Dew.

… ruh roh.

Daxton takes a very long sip of his soda, waiting to refill his after Calli's, "You can. Or you can eat it plain. Or with sour cream. Or hot sauce, depending on what you like. Tacos are diverse." And then he ads with a chuckle, "Or we can just use it with chips."

Pulling back the cup, Callisto looks down into the florescent, winking depths of soda. Here's how dedicated she is to the cause: she's trying Mountain Dew. Sweet holy mother monkey on a hotdog bun this 200-year-old teenaged fae girl is about to sip this nectar of adolescence. She sniffs the top of the cup, sniffles as the fizz tickles the tip of her nose, and leans forward to sip the drink after pushing back a long hank of pale hair. Eyes widen, she looks down at it again. This is….. is….


Callisto just goes on staring into her Mountain Dew for about ten seconds until Daxton describes further the way of the taco dine-in. She looks up over the rim of her drink, gazes softening slightly with amusement. "Alright, then. You prepare a taco for me, much as you see fit… how you tend to eat them.. and I shall try it." The girl bids him. This is a bit dangerous.

Slather on the hot sauce!

Daxton smirks, finishing refilling his. He's got no idea he's exposing her to soda as well. "They'll be done in a sec. That's the other amazing thing about tacos, they don't really take that long to make." He moves over to sit down at a table, conveniently near the bar. A boot raises and rests not he bar underneath the chair next to his, "You'd had many delicacies though, huh? Like what? Snail?" Why does he think she's had escargot before?

The girl sips the soda like some sort of fine wine.. she can't down it, not yet. Sweetness — sugar — is something that Callisto does not indulge in too heavily. Not out of lack of enjoyment, just…. anything too sweet tends to overwhelm her. So when a seat is chosen and she deigns to follow along, she lowers herself to sit gracefully. Straight-backed, one leg folded over the other; Callisto looks every bit the sort who is used to fine dining. No wayward resting of her feet upon other surfaces, here! She sets the cup down, considers the question, "I have," She nods once, "Snail tastes rather like clams, I shall have you know." Callisto pauses, considers, "T'is rubbery, though.. the texture may not appeal to you."

Yup she's been there.. and now she's in Tiki Taco.

<FS3> Daxton rolls Time Echoes: Success.

Daxton knew it! Ha! He smirks, another long drink while his leg starts to bounce. "Yeah. I've not yet had clams yet." That probably goes for oysters as well. Leaning forward, "I did once have to dig up and eat-" and suddenly he goes still. Eerily still. Blue eyes are unfocused and there's no bouncing of his leg. It seems he's not even breathing he's so still.

This is.. enjoyable. Callisto sees fit to just leave the nightmare and Mommy Dearest talk at the door. Daxton seems happy to be here, talking about food that he enjoys and asking about other types of fare that are… well.. snails are snails. Callisto actually looks amused. "T'is the best way. To dig them up, and…"

Wait, what's going on? Daxton sitting still and silent is very… very concerning. It's straight up odd to Callisto who, at this point, is coming to know some of his ways. It's the eyes, though… her eyes find his, gazing distantly, and the fae girl asks gently, "Daxton? Are you alright?" She waits for a response. Nothing.

"Dax?" She tries a more familiar form of his name, addressing him as a proper peer would. Nothing.

So still, so still. This scares her a little. She stands some, leans over the table, reaches to touch his forearm… she can now, she can! The talisman allows it. "Daxton?" Callisto asks with… egads.. a hint of growing alarm.

It's a long 30 seconds before Dax sways. His eyes focus, but there's confusion, and after a movement he's no longer in seat. He's against the wall in a blink of an eye, plastered against it. The teens muscular chest is heaving. He's clearly freaked out slightly. Lucky for them, the staff is busy making the bizzillion tacos.

Longest 30 seconds ever. Callisto sees the focus return to his eyes for all of a second or two before the speedster is off, out of her sight and——oh.. there he is. Callisto sees the portion of wall against which Daxton presses himself, indeed looking terribly rattled, and she's already standing but not approaching so close as to crowd him. She holds up one hand, a supplicating gesture, eyes seeking his. "Are you alright? Do you need to step outside?" She asks of him in the calmest voice.. it's amazing how calm Callisto can sound. Were she to deviate slightly in the usage of that voice, it would borderline on hypnotic. But not here.

"Breathe now." Callisto bids.

"They…there…" He sounds younger, not nearly as confident as he did when he was talking about food. Daxton is vibrating, eyes darting around. Finally at the order to breathe, he does, hand coming up to rub his face. "Shit. Shit." His other hand, a blur from the vibrating pulls out his phone.

There is a look to Callisto, now, that speaks of stability. It's more prevalent now that she can think clearly. Seeing Daxton's reactions, and hearing him… well, frankly, it scares her somewhat. "Okay," She exhales, mirroring his breath. He's reaching for his phone and the fae girl furrows her brow. "I can ask for the tacos to be packed up.. if you need to step out, we can." She does not say 'you'.. but if he needs a moment alone she will concede to this. But she is worried. "If any bill must be settled I shall do that, too. Keep breathing, focus on the breath." Her voice is still low and meant only for him, and in doing so her Northern accent is a bit heavier. She looks around herself, notes the activity in the space and how people seem to have not noticed.

Back to Daxton, "Are you alright? Is there anything that I can do?" A near-whisper.

Daxton licks his lips, looking down at his hone, He seems to be vibrating to fast to text, "I….text my work…yell them I'm…having an episode…" Cause that doesn't sound terrifying. There's a jerky nod as he hands his phone over to her about getting the food to go. He seems to keep glancing ta a specific place , a corner, of the room. He won't talk about it though, and half way home a car pulls up with After Thought inside to drive them home. The telepath doesn't speak much, but will tell Dax that Pulse is safe, whatever that means.

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