(2018-04-26) A Tired Heart
A Tired Heart
Summary: Besa rests in the library, and other students (current and former) join him.
Date: 2018-04-26
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Library, Winbarry Estate
Thu Apr 26, 2018

The Library is a large room with bookcases lining the walls which are full of books. Most of the textbooks have been salvaged from the school. Only the books that are referenced most are here. Histories and Sciences mostly with a scattering of other subjects. None of the books on magic have made it to this room. None of the books are in any kind of order just yet.

A few computer workstations have been set up so web surfing and hopefully school work can be done.

There are rectangular tables and chairs in here, all salvaged from the school library.


Besa's in his uniform, despite the teachers now telling him he can stay in his sleepy pants. That's…bothersome for the teen. He knows he's being watched, everything ready for him to fall over, but it's annoying. So he and Cocoa have snuck into the Library and are curled up on the couch with a note book resting on the arm. Luckily they've only got him on the oxygen at night, and that's taken away the blue tint to his fingers…for now. He's working on some thing in Coptic, it appears to be a list. Cocoa has her head in his lap, eyes up worriedly looking at him.

It's amazing what proper, solid sleep can do. Since her acquisition of the amulet a few nights ago, Callisto thrived. All it took was being able to rest and exist without threat of being 'attacked'; without the ever-present thrum of pain in her head. It really pushed home to the fae girl how much Mommy Dearest had been targeting her. Likely still is. Callisto could dread what would become of her if this talisman were to be misplaced or fail… but she just cannot think about it. Not after the things that HAVE happened, but for the better.

She, too, has preparations to see to. Classes have ended for the day, just now, and most students are filing back to their rooms. Not Callisto! She strides into the library, somehow managing to make even the uniform look resplendent! A well-rested Callisto is a formidable thing, and she is toting along a few slim classroom texts along with a.. folder of sorts. She arrives to see Besa and the ever-loyal Cocoa, her pale bluish-green eyes taking the two of them in as they settle on a couch. The boy looks almost as drawn and worn as she did last week.

Callisto stands there now, looking well and oddly at-peace. "Good afternoon Besa," Said smoothly. "Am I intruding?"

Besa looks up from his list, and while he does look tired (Lack of oxygen will do that!) he smiles warmly, "Oh…no. Of course not. Good afternoon. I hope you are well?" She looks well! He straightens some, although not enough to be sitting completely upright. " Did you need the couch? I can move…" Cocoa's attention shifts from Besa to Calli, if dogs could glare she would be. Don't you dare make her Besa move!

The taller girl's eyes seem to be picking up on some… physical signs, here, of the boy not being well. Not well at all. Callisto DOES recall Besa touching the portion of his chest where his heart was located, the last time they met. Could it be that the boy has a weak heart? She would have to be as cruel as her lineage tries to dictate to even CONSIDER making Besa move. She looks next to his vigilant companion, indeed discerning a doggo-glare! Callisto's lips curve oh-so-slightly at their corners into a ghost of a smile. If one is to really look closely, there's the occasional glint of something sterling within the collar of her blouse, as some sort of jewelry catches the light.

"I am well." Callisto dips her head as she dips her upper body into a half-bow. Somehow she knows Besa won't judge her for so archaic a greeting. "Better, now.. I fear that I've not thanked you proper for our meeting here just over a week ago. But that can wait." Said smoothly before she holds a hand up, sways the slender digits of her fingers in a negatory gesture. "Stay where you are. I am content with a chair." She bids him, moving to set her books down upon a table closest to this cough.

Callisto eyes Besa again, "Are you well? You look… drawn."

Besa sighs, looking down at the list, feeling guilty, "I did nothing, I am sorry.' His own head dips and he doesn't make eye contact. "The rune is almost done, if you should ever need it." But he has faith that Louk's amulet will do it's job. Dark eyes flicker up, he knows he's not a good liar, and there's no hiding that there's something wrong anymore, "My heart has gotten worse. I am not getting enough oxygen now." He glances down at his hands, but thankfully his complexion is dark enough to hide the beginning tinges of blue. "I am to sleep at night in the infirmary with a mask on." But then he shrugs and offers a smile, "At first they did not with Cocoa in there, but she snuck in last night."

The rune? Callisto tilts her head some, "I shan't say no to added protection. I trust in the godling's skill with this amulet, but I know that with each day of my being.. unreachable… Mother grows angrier. She would see me dead the first chance she gets. No more toying around. I would implore that the rune be completed at your convenience. There is no rush." She stresses the latter few words.. now she looks concerned. Yes, concern; Besa had been kind to Callisto, and there is so much inherent goodness to the boy. Her own plight is pushed aside completely as she pulls out her seat, but standing closer now her eyes dip to the boy's hands in his lap.

If she sees any hints of blue in his fingertips, even just that darkening of already dark skin, Callisto does not let on. However, her lips press together into a tense line. Besa explains to her the nature of his condition and Callisto, not knowing how the true reason behind his situation… can only jump to conclusions.

"You've a failing heart?" Asked smoothly, her worry evident. Since taking on the amulet it is easier for the girl to reveal her emotions a bit more, though she is still very much composed. Is the boy not immortal..? How…? Then, softer still, "Have you need of anything? I can get it for you." For Besa was kind to her; Callisto cannot help but reciprocate.

Besa's snuggles Cocoa on the couch, a note book with a list of something in Coptic. "It is…failing, yes. I had a piece of it stolen. We have it back, but now must decipher the ritual to replace it." He smiles, like what he said is completely normal. "I am fine, thank you. I do not require anything." He glances to the table where he set her own books and things, "Did you need something from here?"

The fae girl looks pained. Rituals and such are not in her arena of expertise. She kneels beside the couch at a proper proximity, holding the boy's eyes with her own but not getting all up in their business. It's a sign of deference, for Besa played a part too in her bit of salvation. "Were I versed in such things, I would do my best by you to help ease this. But t'is beyond my skill. I truly am sorry." She tilts her head some, brows furrowing. Callisto isn't one for massive displays of emotions but there's indications there in her tone and set of her brow. "Whose agenda was it to steal your heart? Have they been destroyed?" She starts to ask.. pauses.

There was the kerfuffle with dealing with a cult, just recently.. could that have been…?

The girl stands then and turns toward her things as Besa poses his question, "I fear that the recent unfoldings in my life, helpful as they are, shall result in my having to work more. I am fashioning an availability request for Silver Fable, to see if they could give me more work." A wistful little half-smile then, "I am truly on my own now. No more familial funds. But it is truly alright."

You're in luck! Felicia isn't crashing through the ceiling today, nope. She arrives like a normal person, through the door…she even opens it! Not being a student anymore she doesn't wear a uniform, thank the powers that be, just normal clothes.

As she wanders in she takes in the few occupants, she recognizes them and might even know there names! "Heya!" she greets with cheerfulness "Don't mind me, have to use a computer to watch something." she uses both index fingers to poke in the direction the PCs lay.

Besa smiles , a touch of humor flashing across his face. His hand reaches out to Callisto's. "I do not base my friendships on what people can do for me, Callisto. Do not feel bad about not being magically inclined." His other hand pets Cocoa, who seems content if Calli isn't making Besa move. "It was th priests od Sobek. And I believe they have all been taken care of." He doesn't actually know if that means dead or what, but he's been assured that they are no longer. Threat. He smiles as she explains, "That is wonderful. Earning your own way is always more satisfying." Says the boy who the twins buy everything for. A head tilt but Besa smiles tiredly at Fel as well, "Hello. Please let us know if we are too loud for your viewing."

Still standing, Callisto feels the boy's hand grasp hers. A deep, swift, instinctive jolt in her guts warns her to not touch, to not allow touch.. but luckily it doesn't show through in her bearing. Now it's different. She can feel the slight weight of the amulet against her skin, beneath her blouse, and Callisto is aware of two things: the lack of pain in her head, and the feeling of someone holding her hand. Her features soften some and her lips twitch, wanting to smile but she yet remains composed and patient-looking. "I've savings but… I need to get into the habit of working longer. I may have to look beyond the bookstore for something else if they cannot help me…"

Aware, too, of the comings and goings of others, Callisto's head turns to observe the arrival of Felicia. Of course she would recognize the other girl, even if not a student, because it is the Unit that is housing everyone! Therefore Felicia receives an earnest greeting from the fae girl; cheerfulness intrigues Callisto. "Good afternoon." Offered smoothly as she watches Fel's trajectory. "Do as you wish. You are…. Felicia, am I correct?" She hazards the guess. Hey, they're all in close-ish quarters, surely the name has been dropped. She watches with curiosity to see what the other girl is intent on watching.

While Felicia would of loved to have been in on some priest smashing, unfortunately she elsewhere, probably earning money in more traditional ways. She was at the de-brief though so knows what happened before, during and after "Don't worry about those priests, Unit and your headmaster took care of the issue. They are as good as dead." or could actually be dead…but she will just leave it at that.

"Oh don't worry about being noisy. I have headphones." she pats a pocket "Ah! Who told?!" she questions in mock alarm, then immediately laughs "Seriously.." something she has a hard time with "That is who I am." she drops into a chair in front of the computer, which protests a bit, and she taps the keyboard to wake it up.

Besa chuckles, "Perhaps we can find work together, yes? You can help me with my pottery shop." He's joking…mostly. All the immortals can end up working together. That's a sitcom just waiting to happen. Felicia is nodded at, "Thank you." He'd prefer dead, but not everyone feels that way.

The pale-haired girl is silent as she hears out Felicia's summary of the debriefing, one brow quirking and soon followed by the other, a surprised look. So that must have been it, then! She turns to watch Besa next for his reaction to this statement, observes his gratitude before turning again to watch Felicia briefly. Always watching. At least she's not creepy about it! Silvery lashes flutter once as she finally supplies input, "Now then, I should like to hope they shall never be an issue again, though 'as good as dead' is heartening." A nod, then to Besa. "Have you aide in the deciphering of this ritual? I suspect Loukanos is helping you?" Asked gently as she lowers herself down to sit down, finally, into the chair that she picked.

Though, talk of finding work together makes her smile a bit. "The more the merrier, I suspect.. are you truly thinking to sell your pottery? T'would be best to keep me apart from any and all ceramics.. I've not the touch for it." She admits, turning to watch Felicia again. The sight of PCs don't scare her as much, anymore, as they used to. She's no whiz, but she's not as pitiful as she once was! Her head tilts in an oddly endearing way as the screen awakens.

"It's what we do." Felicia says to Besa with a shrug "Though they could do it with more style, but ya know…Inferno." who is far as from stylish as New York is from San Francisco. Earbuds are pulled out and plugged into the PC, but she uses one of them for the moment. There is a bit of mouse clicking, google to gmail to youtube, where a choreography video pops up, but she quickly pauses it "I thought you already were selling your pottery." Felicia is confused "Aren't those your mugs being sold at the Mugshot?"

Besa nods, "I do. My priests are working on what we have." He has priests?!?! "We are waiting for Ashton to remember the rest of it." He's mostly over being used about that. "He is doing the best he can." He'd rather talk pottery than his heart, he confirms what Fel says, "Oh yes. I sell some of it now at the coffee shop, but Rain says the online store will be better. I will be able to do more than just mugs." Which can get boring after a while. He smiles at the joke about Inferno. "I suppose it is difficult to find fore proof clothing that is stylish."

Suddenly feeling chafed, Callisto grabs the loose end of her tie (which had already been partially undone at the end of class) and pulls the whole thing out. A button or two undone makes the uniform feel not quite as stuffy. One can tell by looking at her that she is not a fan of the dress code, but she tolerates it to be respectful. Carefully she folds the Metis-green tie and sets it down upon the table. A quick swish and her hair is pulled out from behind her and left to fall over the back of her chair. Now she's ready to see to what she came here to do… only she doesn't.

These two are far more interesting.

Her eyes, riveted to the computer screen and what appears to be a paused video on dancing, turn back to Besa when he answers her question. "I do so love handmade things. Once you're underway, I should like to buy something." Because Callisto needs a mug of her own. Needs. A sparkle in her eyes as she leans forth, "Will you take requests? Commissions?"

Not that Felicia is really one to talk about style, she wears tartan skinny jeans in as bold and bright a color as she can find them. The ones she is currently wearing are purple and green. She's a big fan of color. "Online stores are the thing now. All the cool kids are doing it." she can't say that with a straight face.

The notices Calli's interest in the video on the computer screen and she points to it. "Did you want to watch it to? It's the choreography for my next audition."

Besa and Cocoa are curls up on the couch, an ignored notepad with a. List in Coptic in front of his as he talks t the girls. The ancient boy looks tired, but the blue tint to his hands hasn't returned just yet. Oxygen at night is helping! "Oh course I will make you something." He waves his hand, he's not goin g to charge his friends! "What would you like?" Shifting a little to look at Fel and her video, "That is what Rain says. That I will be able to see to many people on the computers."

Somewhere there is a crow shifter sensing a disturbance of AWESOME in the forces of OMGCOLORSYAASSS-

Permit Callisto-player to break out the wiffle bat of 'alt begone!'

Anyway, Felicia's choice of style and color collaboration is not lost upon Callisto. Some people can just get away with this manner of dress; can actually make it look quite good. They suit the colors as much as the colors suit them! Felicia is one of those people. Were Callisto to take a crack at wearing these pants, she would… well. Let's just Nope that. She sits poised with a pen in her left hand, having looked back to her work briefly after asking about Besa's work. Felicia notices her occasional glances and Callisto taps her pen gently upon a pad of paper. "I would be lying if I said I were not curious. I can see it from here, if you would like to resume it." The girl responds with earnest interest.

Besa's words catch her off-guard, though, "I insist on paying but shall not push.. I would love a new flower vase. It needn't be large." Well now!

"She isn't wrong. You will be able to sell to people all over the world instead of the small part of the world that happens to visit the Mug Shot." Felicia pretends to count on her fingers "That's at least two of three more people, eh?" she is amused at herself.

"Huh." Felicia responds to Callisto, sizing up the distance between her and the screen. To help more she puts the video in full screen mode. "You won't be able to hear it." which could be a good thing.

A flower vase! Besa can do that! He smiles, pretty hair flopping as he nods and then looks back over at the video of the modern dance, he assumes. "I will hope for that many more, yes." See? He's funny back!

"Thank you." Callisto smiles… ermahgerd she smiles. She knows precisely which flowers she would put in such a vase, at that! It is just about the season for them, with summer's sunlight and warmth mere months away. Her fingers drum the top of the table she is seated at before her head turns to observe Felicia's setup, especially when the screen is toggled to full. And well! What a vivacious dance… so much… motion. Callisto's head tilts slightly to the left, then she leans forward to rest her chin upon her palm, elbow to the table as she tries to grasp what sort of choreography this happens to be!

Definitely unlike what she is used to. As she leans an appearance of something silvery glints just below her collarbones; not much more can be seen beyond that. She may have loosened a couple off buttons but she is decent!

"Whereabouts do you audition?" She asks of Felicia. Callisto has begun to truly enjoy asking others of themselves and what they do.

Still sporting his school uniform, Loukanos enters the library to see the gathering of students watching an internet video. The person he seeks is among them, so he makes for the group and stands on the edge of their circle until the video is finished. Once it is complete, the two girls are given slight smiles in greeting. "Hello Felicia. How are you, today?" The same question is asked of Callisto, but there is a more to that particular inquiry than just pleasantries. Finally to Besa, he frowns, "I heard you were moved into an infirmary for the night. Has it gotten that bad?"

<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Good Success.

Felicia likes it when people are funny back and she responds accordingly, her laughter as cheerful as she is "And then add a whole bunch more. right?" she nods knowing she is

"New York and Boston mostly. I occasionally will go out to San Fran, but I prefer to stay local." she tells Callisto "There are a number of big concerts coming up this summer and fall in New York and New Jersey. I am auditioning to be backup dancers for those, maybe do the US leg of those concert tours." as Loukanos comes in she takes her eyes off the screen and looks toward him "Great as always Loukanos. You?"

Dark eyes study the dance, then they unfocus as he remembers so past dancing experience. Besa rubs an eye, turning to smile at Louk as he enters. "Hello Loukanos. Are you well today?" Not wish to alarm people, but also not wishing to lie, he lifts a shoulder in a small shrug, "I am not getting enough oxygen. I knew this was coming." He had just hoped he had a few more days.

It is upon Loukanos that Callisto's second bonefide smile glows. She seems to bear the look of one who has finally found peace and rest after many days otherwise. Rambling aside, Callisto looks healthy, her gaze clear and vivid. The godling just has to see this whole semblance of change to know that his talisman has worked and is working. "Hello Loukanos," She says amicably, "I am better. This," A lithe hand upon her breastbone. "Has worked." A pause, the look of gratitude is in her expression, where words aren't needed… though those eyes slide to peer upon Besa again, brow furrowed gently. It appears she, too, has noticed his condition and feels powerless to help it.

Felicia's response pulls her back, stokes her curiosity further. "New York? Boston? Oh, I do so love Bost—-" Suddenly another girl appears at the entryway to the library, trying to meet eyes with Callisto. "U-um.. Calli.. I'm really really sorry, but I spilled…" And she goes on to describe how she was sneaking a snack back to their dorm and ended up unpending a bowl of cereal all over Callisto's mattress. c.c

A credit to Callisto's good spirits: she doesn't get angry! An apologetic look to her peers, "Please pardon me. I must see to this, I'll be back—"

"U-um.. it went all over the novel that you had by your pillow." The girl whispers.

She actually twitches. Callisto walks faster.

"I am happy to hear it," Loukanos nods, truly pleased to hear that his method to helping Callisto actually worked. A wild unnamed student appears, and he visibly winces as the story is described. "Good luck." The dancing in the screen draw Louk's eyes…he is starting to really appreciate technology, so whenever he sees any type of technology. "I am fine," He says to both Felicia and Besa. "I am more concerned with your wellbeing, Besa."

With Fel occupied and Calli called away Besa slumps into the couch some. Cocoa nuzzles him, but beyond that doesn't move away from the tired teen. "It is not so bad. Cocoa sneaks in at night. The air mask does not seem to deter her…"

Loukanos glances at the dog momentarily before his sapphire eyes return to Besa. "You're dying," He whispers. The gravity of the situation is clear. He has to help! Of course, he does. He always feels a tug of responsibility for the people around him, especially when they are in a state of such obvious pain. "Let me heal you."

Bryce walks into the library with a bunch of little squares of paper that he has been seen with the last two days though no one knows what he is doing with them. Up to this point he has been rather secretive. He walks towards a table and pauses seeing Loukanos and Besa with Cocoa. "Um, hi." He looks like he isn't sure if he should hide the papers or not.

Besa can't help it, he smiles warmly at the godling. "Yes. I am. This is different than what I am used to though. Usually it is much fast than this." He doesn't mean to be flippant, its just…Besa sighs, perfect hair even as he's dying, "I am not opposed." To being healed. "But I know you are low on your ambrosia. I do not wish for you to suffer because of me." He starts to say something else, but then looks over as Bryce enters, "Hello Bryce." A glance to the papers, but the Egyptian is too tired to be nosey.

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