(2018-04-25) Trip the Light Fantastic
Trip the Light Fantastic
Summary: Theo's practicing wih something easy, RJ and Grayson have a conversation about being a hero.
Date: IC Date (2018-04-25)
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After classes on a Wednesday, and Theo's down in the basement. Why? He's practicing. He's got an MP3 player clipped to the waistband of his leggings and a pair of earbuds in; he's dressed in aforementioned leggings, a t-shirt, and soft-soled shoes. It looks like he's about got the dance that he's practicing down well, at least. Though one might ask WHY he's want to do this sort of dance. It looks… very feminine. Like. REALLY feminine. But it doesn't seem to bother him…

RJ doesn't have many clothes, but unfortunately that means the ones that he does has to get washed more frequently. The blond from another dimension was heading towards the laundry room, but he stops in his tracks and watches the dancer. The bag of clothing is set on the floor, as he crosses his arms in front ofhis chest. He leans against the wall and watches with a great amount of interest. He is wearing a pair of sweat pants and a very form fitting tee shirt. His feet are shoeless. The only other thing he is wearing is a dark blue metal bracer with a large gold oval stone.

Apparently Theo is aware of RJ's presence fairly early on. Not because he stops his dancing. But because he turns a look in RJ's direction and offers, "Hello!" He's probably speaking a bit louder than usual, since he's got those ear buds in. But he continues. He was most of the way through the dance in the first place, having just stood up from a part that required him to get on the floor. So it doesn't take long before he's on the last step. Then he looks up from that final pose, and smiles, pulling the ear buds out. "Hello there," he offers, a tiny bit more quietly. "Sorry about that, I didn't want to ruin the groove." A chuckle. "I don't believe we've met before, have we?" he inquires. He offers a polite bow. "My name is Theodore, but feel free to call me 'Theo' if you prefer." He straightens, then looks at the nearby foosball table. He nods, but doesn't say anything… but then he looks in RJ's direction inquisitively.

RJ watches Theo dance almsot without blinking until the boy comes to a stop. Upon the second greeting, the ashen-haired boy smiles a slightly dorkly grin, "Greetings and well met Theodore. It is not to whether or not I perfer, but wich would you prefer, Theodore or Theo." He shakes his head just slightly, "I am RJ-148963, but you may call me RJ, if you prefer, though in truth everyone else insists on calling me RJ, so you might as well do so as well." His eyes move to the odd table with all of the handles, not sure was to what the thing is. "Why dance down in the service areas, instead of the large physical activity room?

"'Theo' is faster," he points out. A chuckle. A look again to the foosball table, and his smile falls a little. But there's that question to answer, and also the introduction! "Pleased to meet you, RJ." As for why he's down here? "Oh, this is merely practice. 'Hibikase' is a fairly simple dance, and I was brushing up on it. Besides that, there was a time that the room of which you speak was locked, so I feel a bit strange going there."

RJ is standing next to a wall, wearing sweat pants and a form-fitted tee shirt. The only thing else he is wearing is the strange dark blue metal bracer. He is talking with a Theo by the foosball table. "Hibikase, is what that is called? While it does look fairly simplistic, it does necessarily look simple. I suspect there should be precision, yes?" His eyes follows Theo's to the table, but there is a look of confusion at the device.

And Theo's in his dancing outfit, too — loose t-shirt, leggings, and soft-soled shoes. He's got an MP3 player clipped onto the band of his leggings. "Hibikase is the name of the song I was listening to." He holds up the ear buds, then unclips the MP3 player and displays it. He figures it was just too small to see at first. Then he looks back to the foosball table. "Oh that? It's… table soccer? Something like that." Apparently Theo doesn't play it. He hasn't quite figured out that RJ's not working with a typical human knowledge base.

Grayson makes his way into the basement from the kitchen. He's carrying a green apple in his hand. As he reaches the bottom of the stairs, he smiles, "Oh, hey guys." He gestures back up the stairs and offers genially, "I'm sorry, I don't mean to interrupt. I can head back up if I am…?" He takes a loud, crunchy bite of that apple, still grinning.

RJ is now even more comfused. He cocks his head to the side, "The song? I did not hear any music." As far as the explaination of the foosball table. He just nods sagely. Yeah because table soccer makes so much more sense to him. RJ looks over to Grayson and smiles. He nods his head, "Greetings, Grayson. If you are interrupting anything, then so am I." He looks over to Theo, "Are we interrupting your practice?"

Theo looks up at the sound of Grayson's voice. He smiles. "Not at all," he replies to Grayson's question. "Though you did miss me dancing." He winks playfully. RJ's mention of not hearing music gets a nod. "Oh, I know. That was the idea. I didn't want to disturb anyone else." He shakes the earbuds again. "I had these in." As for interrupting? "Not at all. I was taking it easy, just dancing a simple dance for some stretching, so I didn't fall completely out of practice, that's all." He chuckles.

Grayson swallows his fruit bite and meanders further into the room then. "Cool. You were dancing? Sorry I missed it." He looks at RJ, and notes with a smile, "He's really very talented."

RJ leans forward a touch, emerald eyes widening slightly. "Those little things plays music, like the large vid screens do? How does one earn the privaleges to obtain one? Surely such a luxury must take a year or more's worth of labor." With a smile on his lips, RJ nods to Grayson, "From what little I saw, it indeeded looked as if he was enjoying himself. If that was the payoff, I am sure more than just me would not mind being disturbed."

"There will be a next time," Theo promises. At Grayson's praise he grins — and is he blushing a little? Looks like it. "Thank you. It's all the practice." Though RJ's question about the MP3 player gets a blink. "Ah… n-no, you can find them for twenty dollars or so, though the better ones might be more expensive. But a decent one isn't all that pricy." He's starting to think there miiiight be something not connecting for RJ. Or maybe he's 'from France'. He'll instead turn his attention to the mention of 'payoff'. "One rather has to love the results despite the exhaustion. That was an easy one, and even that one I put months into learning."

Grayson gently lays a hand on RJ's shoulder, and offers to Theo, "RJ is from another planet. Or are you the other dimension kid?" He seems serious when he asks that, noting, "Sorry, I don't mean to confuse you but you both arrived at the same time." He looks back at Theo, "A lot of things are different here for him." He smiles warmly at RJ, "No worries, brosef. We'll get you caught up or at least help you figure it all out."

RJ grins over at Grayson and nods. "I am from Earth in another dimension. You might have misunderstood me being from another planet, as my Earth was conquered and enslaved by a race from another planet. I was not aware that there was another traveller such as myself." He brushes the hair from his eyes, "I am slowly adjusting to this world, but I do apologize that my ignorance is the source of confusion."

Theo blinks a little at Grayson's explanation. "Oh! Oh, that would explain it," he notes. Sheepishly, he offers to RJ, "I apologize, I didn't realize." He smiles at RJ. "No need to worry. We have all sorts here. None of us are really 'normal', so you're in good company."

Grayson laughs, "That's it! Yeah, the other dimension WITH the aliens." He shakes his head, "It gets hard to keep track of all of us sometimes." He sniffs, and then takes another bite of his apple. He extends his hand to Theo, offering him a bite. He swallows, "We do the best we can, though. I mean," and he laughs, "normal is kind of relative in these parts, I guess."

RJ offers Theo a grin, "There is no call for apologies, Theo. How could you have realized? It is not like meeting someone from a parallel Earth happens frequently enough that it is something that it is something that you should have realized it." He looks to Grayson, "It is not, is it? If it is, I'm not sure that I want to know."

Theo nods to Grayson's words of 'normal'. "It really is. 'Normal' is… well, definitely not 'normal' here," he confirms. Though he hasn't really displayed any weirdness himself. He looks at the apple, with a blink. "Thank you." Though… he does accept it! To take a bite out of an unbitten area, then hand the apple back. No cooties! He chuckels a bit at RJ's question, but after he finishes that bite of apple, he notes, "Weird things happen here quite often. I think some of the students are in training to be heroes." Pause, and then, "To note, I am most definitely not one of those students. I wish them well, but a life of 'derring-do' isn't for everyone."

Grayson laughs at RJ, "Don't worry. You're gonna be fine here." He smiles widely, taking the apple back from Theo. "The hero thing is interesting. I mean, I never really thought about doing it much until recently." He shrugs, glancing away almost shyly, smirking, "Who knows? Maybe I could be a hero." He smiles, "I dunnow."

RJ shrugs, "I suppose what you mean by hero. Some of the greatest things that I have ever seen is were small acts of kindness. Sometimes those who do these ittle things are true heroes in the eyes of those they help. Not everyone is meant to be superheroes, but that does not mean that they can't be a hero… And sometimes you may not know that you have it in you, until a defining moment, when everything falls apart around you."

Theo actually winces when Grayson mentions possibly being a hero. Thankfully Grayson's looking away, and neither he nor RJ appear to be able to see the only OTHER indication of Theo's opinion. Quickly Theo composes himself. "It would be dangerous," he notes. "You would be going up against people who honestly wanted you dead, and probably had the power to make that happen." RJ's words get a tilt of Theo's head. "That's true. Though I believe Grayson means in the 'superhero' sense. That, I mean, is what I don't have what it takes to be. Which I'm perfectly fine with — as you say, not every one is 'superhero material'."

Grayson nods, "Well, here's the thing. My mom is always gonna be out there. She's always gonna be doing shit and wanting me dead." He shrugs, "I can either go work at Staples the rest of my life and have her gack me in aisle three, or," he smiles, "Maybe I can make a difference before she gets to me."

RJ shrugs, "Anything can be dangerous… Having your friends convince you to go out and dance on your birthday can be dangerous." He smirks, "And that is experience speaking. That ended up with six buildings blowing up and me being hunted down by an entire race, thirty-five of which are almost inkillable, living weapons. So, don't worry about what may or may not be dangerous, because anything can. The important thing is life your life in such a way that you can look back on it and tell yourself that you have no regrets… but then again, I come from a place that" he looks at Grayson and tries to mimic his cadence of speech, "fuckin' sucks."

Yeah, Theo doesn't look pleased about THAT either, regarding Grayson and his mother being so… hostile towards him. Though he's at least polite enough not to say anything about it. It's really not his business, is it? And he doesn't know the situation. "Here's hoping she misses," he offers, with a chuckle. RJ's words get a thoughtful look though. But he snickers at the imitating of Grayson at the end. "Well… true, but there are generally things one can do to minimize such risks. Generally, mind. Sometimes disasters do happen and there's nothing to be done."

Grayson laughs at RJ's cursing. "Hey, there you go!" He smiles widely, "You're already fitting in here!" Looking at Theo, Grayson nods, "Sometimes bad things happen and there's nothing you can do about it. Right on. But," and again, he smiles, "if you CAN do something, maybe you should?" He takes another bite of that apple, chewing loudly, with his mouth open.

"Pardon my going back to the earlier topic briefly." RJ says, "But if I wished to dance, I would need to come down here or is the large room where phsycial training occured the other day acceptable?"

"This is true," Theo replies, regarding doing something when possible. "Though I'm quite certain I'm one of those who can't." He gives a half-smile. Then he addresses the cursing. "Oh, please don't corrupt the newcomers," he teases, shaking his head sharply in mock disapproval. Though Theo actually appreciates the change of topic; the other one was getting kind of morbid! "Actually that's a good question," he agrees. "It's been locked until recently, so I don't know if the staff really wants us in there."

Grayson shakes his head, "I'm not sure, either. I haven't heard anything about if it's open for good or not." He smiles, shrugging, "Anyway. I have homework. I should get to it." He takes his last bite of the apple, chewing as he talks, "Shee ya lateh. Night, fellash." He tosses the apple core into the garbage can by the table, and then turns to head upstairs.

RJ smirks "If they don't want me in there, tey can throw me out… what's the worse they will do? I can't imagine them giving more then ten to fifteen lashes across the back… Still think it might be worth it." He looks over at Grayson and smiles, "Pleasant journey and quiet return, Grayson."

Theo nods to Grayson. "Take care," he offers. And he smirks, as Grayson tosses the apple away. And once Grayson's out of earshot, he notes, "At least he threw his own apple core away this time…" Though he's got a smile on his face. And he tilts his head at RJ's observation. "That's true too, I suppose. Though… I doubt you'll get any 'lashes' for it."

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