(2018-04-21) Practice Makes Near-Perfect
Practice Makes Near-Perfect
Summary: Oliver and Fionnuala practice for the upcoming cabaret at Mug Shot.
Date: 2018-04-21
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Cedar Beach, Coral Springs
Sat Apr 21, 2018

The beach here is soft sand, with yellow reed like grasses adorning the bank which leads to the main part of the island itself. Some drift wood washes up from the woods of New England and the other islands themselves. A popular place for turns and gulls to visit, the light cry of seabirds can be heard from here on most days. Like the rest of the area, its small area of beach where most of the island has a rocky rough face for the sea itself. The prefect location for the nearby cabin and campsite.

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<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Failure.

It's one of those split-personality days, regarding weather, that comprises this rather nondescript Saturday. It started off heavy, rainy, perhaps even a bit miserable … and this dreary weather held throughout the day, perhaps making one grateful to be stuck indoors working, doing homework, or whatever else one is saddled into dealing with on a weekend. Fionnuala Reid spent much of the day working at the local thrift store to ensure that she got the Sunday off, with intent to join Rain in Thunder Bay the following Sunday. After putting in what had nearly been nine hours, the shifter girl needed to decompress.

Then, like a sign from the Gods, the broody weather broke and there… this early evening.. a tremulous stretch of clear sky across the horizon, the day's final regard before it gives itself over completely to darkness. The girl hastened to Mug Shot where surely, her boyfriend was working, and upon the end of his shift Oliver will have been invited along to an impromptu beach party for two! It's one of those sporadic spur-of-the-moment things that makes dating Fee worthwhile!

Citing 'cabaret practice', Fionnuala has since seated herself onto a large, overturned chunk of driftwood… apart from the low tide… with a meager albeit effective campfire burning just in front of her. Producing her ukulele, the girl works painstakingly to tune it. Nonetheless, with the sun about an hour and a bit away from setting proper, it paints the horizon red and gold. Fee looks thrilled to be here.

Oliver asked to stop by the estate to retrieve his guitar before heading to the beach with Fee. He was more than happy to help set up the little fire and to spend time with her wherever and whenever. He brought some snacks from the coffee shop in case they got hungry and some more water in case they got thirsty. Seated next to her on the log, Ollie tunes his own guitar and plucks a few strings to help Fee tune hers to it. "So, did you have thoughts about the songs? I mean, if we really want to be cheesy, there's 'A Kiss At The End of the Rainbow'."

"I love cheese as much as the next person," Fee says smilingly as she adjusts her newfound instrument with a newbie's tentativeness… yet, no shortage of interest. She is grateful for the snacks brought from the coffee joint, be it a pastry or some manner of granola or that which is generally enjoyed in a popular, hipster'ish kinda place such as Mug Shot. The girl, confident in the seclusion of their chosen spot on the beach, is winged.. though the feathers are devoid of glistening sunlight. Given the weather earlier on, Fionnuala was hard-pressed to extract much solar energy from the skies. It doesn't seem to bother her however, because time with Ollie is all the sunshine she could hope for.

".. but y'know, I was thinking along the lines of rainbows with a little less cheese. I'm still kinda hung up on Brother Iz.. 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'… there's some easy chords in there." She smiles down at the boy, features nonetheless radiant and happy. She's wearing a pale pink peasantry dress, over which she has thrown a very thick woolen cardigan. Her hair is pulled back into a high ponytail, accented by a matching bow.

Oliver still smells a bit like coffee since he hasn't had time to change or shower, and he's wearing what he wore to work, complete with a jacket against the slight chill in the air. There seems to be a mix of snacks…mostly pastries that are 'day old' and weren't going to sell. "That works. Do you know the version that also adds in 'Wonderful World'? We could easily do that and I think I know harmonies if you want to do the melody. What key do you have it in?" It's taking some focus for him to stick to talk of music and practice when he's alone with her.

Poor Ollie… after their really getting to know one another during his birthday dinner, can one blame him? Fionnuala blushes, perhaps flirting with where the boy's mind may veer on occasion.. but music is a very provocative topic too. For now.

As for the pastries, Fionnuala picks at them politely, not gorging herself but clearly enjoying the assortment, regardless of them being day olds! Food is food and this food is good! The girl perks however, "Oh! Yes, I know the one… it's in just lovely?" Fionnuala beams, one leg folding over the other, uke resting in her lap as she considers. "I think it's in a 'C' key..?" She hazards the guess, a little anxious in her lack of knowing. She has kinda looked things up ahead of time though. Leaning over, with her necklaces jangling in front of her collarbones, Fee rifles through her big sloppy purse to pull out pages, clearly printed from an online source. (OOC: https://www.e-chords.com/chords/israel-kamakawiwoole/somewhere-over-the-rainbow )

"Does this help?" The girl asks, head tilting, black hair wisping in the breeze.

Oliver leans a little closer and over to look at the sheet music and he gives a nod, "It's in C, yes. And ok, let's set this up so we can both see it?" He's here to practice. Right. "Want to play through the chords first before singing through it?" He doesn't know how far Fee is in her ukulele practice and doesn't want to push. There's a long glance at her profile, his eyes softening some as he waits, his fingers gently resting on his guitar.

The girl leans forward to hold the paper between the two of them, so they can both give it a proper onceover. Fionnuala appears to color with pleasure at having gotten something right! Singing is no problem; translating into an instrument is a whole new ballgame. "I think that'd be best. Once I kinda know what to do with a couple of run-throughs, I can practice leading up to the main event." Said with a wink. She doesn't seem too anxious at giving the chords a go. She continues to give the chords a onceover; a second; a third. Her profile is studied by Oliver and at one point she looks to him, meeting his eyes. "Let's give it a whirl." Said happily, and she skitters forward to prop up the sheet just in front of the both of them.. against another worn length of driftwood with a beach rock set down at the bottom of the paper to keep it from blowing off.

Giving Oliver a quick kiss, she settles back upon her perch and takes up her ukulele. "Better now than never! I'm excited!" She means it.

<FS3> Oliver rolls Guitar: Good Success.

Oliver returns that kiss a little more slowly but then he nods. "Right. Chords." He can do that. Adjusting his fingers on the neck of the guitar, he then glances to the piece and starts the first chord going. He'll shift his gaze between the chords and Fee, making sure to play along with her at her pace; he's been doing this for a while and has probably even played one or both of these songs before. There might be some fancier playing later, but first he's going to help make sure both of them are used to playing together before changing things up.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Ukulele: Failure.

She could chalk it up to being pleasantly distracted by Ollie's prowess with the guitar, seeing as how she's always transported by the boy's skill. There's something about watching his fingers dance across the strings, even when he is playing 'carefully' for her to keep up.. that… oh, yeah. Okay Fionnuala, focus. She got maybe the first couple of strums right but then she's fumbling. Blush!

Fee isn't on to skulk when she' performing badly.. she giggles softly, will pause and not see fit to sabotage the song. She leans back some, lashes fluttering closed as she listens to Oliver carry the melody, and will try to hop back in at the beginning of the chorus. Her eyes flit along the propped-up page, seeking out the point into which she can try easing back in. She handles mistakes gracefully.. but that's because she's comfortable.

Too comfortable. Focus on music, Fee!

Oliver pauses as Fee seems to struggle, "You ok? Want to go back?" He's more than happy to start over to see if that will help. He could continue playing through the whole song but would that help with the practicing? "You want to come in on the chorus for now?" At least she's laughing and relaxed about it and not stressed.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Ukulele: Good Success.

By some act of the music Gods, focusing upon the familiar chorus and seeing fit to segue back in that way helps Fionnuala tons. So, too, does Oliver's patient, sweet nature. She gives the alien boy a fond look, perhaps reassuringly, as she tries this tact. Then… then.. eureka… she gets it! She's no Brother (er Sister?) Iz, but she's saved herself and manages to follow competently. Perhaps a touch more than competent.. there's promise, if she polishes. Fionnuala does not need stored sunlight to appear radiant, for she is quite proud of herself. "That worked!" She exclaims merrily, as piping up with her voice to speak doesn't break her stride. It's not intricate, and she may blunder a chord or two.. but she follows!

Smiling into the reddish-dun sunset, Fee strums along, her flat-clad foot tapping gently in the sand.

Oliver grins widely as Fee picks up the chorus and he relaxes a little more as she plays along. "It did! Want to try it again?" He doesn't want to presume to help her with any of the chords but if she asks, he can certainly try. Chords are chords although the instruments might have some differences. "We can go through it until you're comfortable playing before we add in the singing?" Especially since he's going to try some harmonies…which may or may not work.

There is hope yet!! Fionnuala nods her head quickly, clearly excited at the prospect of trying again from scratch. "Absolutely. If you hear anything that sounds twangy or bad, I won't hold it against you if you correct me." Said with a wry little giggle… and she wouldn't either. She has stopped the strumming and pauses to reach over, pick up a piece of one of the day old pastries.. some sort of croissant, it seems. She takes a bite, sighs with pleasure at the taste, and sets it down so she can wipe her hands.

"I think one more playthrough, and I'll be ready to sing." Said in earnest, as confidently as possible. No need to be anxious; this is a time for preparation! She wants so badly to perform with Oliver! She leans forward to readjust the paper and gives the uke a gentle pat. "Ready?" She asks, eyes bright and watchful.

"I'm not worried but ok, if I hear something off, I'll mention it." Maybe. Because he doesn't want to be nit-picky or start any sort of fight. Just because he's been doing this longer. "One more playthrough." Oliver stretches his fingers for a moment before glancing again at the chords. "The almond croissant is supposed to be amazing," is offered as he sees her enjoying one of the croissants. He's really quite happy that she revels in the simple pleasures. "Ok, ready." He watches her for a moment and then gives a nod for an upbeat.

"This is awesome," Fionnuala gushes, though she is not crow-like in her eating of the snack. She eats it bit by bit; catching up pieces of the croissant with little pinches of her fingers. But now that she is poised to play again, she's leaving it be for a few minutes. She turns to watch Oliver and smiles knowingly… he is so not going to pick on her for any missed notes. Does she know him that well? She leans forward, giving him a fond little nudge with her knee. "I promise I won't be mad. Like, it doesn't have to be every misstep.. more like if I end up playing Led Zeppelin instead of Brother Iz." Laughter then, and she starts into the tune all over again. This time… she starts off right.

Oliver will add a little more than just the chords then as the song starts again, a little easier this time. He grins right back at Fee…she so called it. If she doesn't get flummoxed by a couple of missed chords or wrong chords, he's not going to say anything at all. After all, they're teenagers…they should be allowed some leeway, right? "No Led Zepplin so far, although now I want to hear that on the ukelele."

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Singing: Great Success.
<FS3> Oliver rolls Singing: Good Success.

She's still strumming along idly, but there's a… distinct glimmer of mischief in those pretty baby blue eyes (no sun)… her lips curl into a smile then as she seems to consider. Challenge accepted.

No, she does not manage to pull off any semblance of Led Zeppelin on a ukulele, but suddenly her hand stops on the strings and she cocks her head back, takes a deep breath—-

Incredibly, impressively, with near-perfect pitch.. the girl unleashes the opening caterwaul (Ahhh-ahh-aaaaaaahhh-AHH!) of Led Zeppelin's 'Immigrant Song' …!

It actually sounded great!

Still, Fionnuala doesn't give up the cause. She starts Brother Iz over again, still bright red and biting back the giggles… with this repetition she manages the chords even easier than before. Then, with perfect sweetness and just the right amount of strength, she sings in earnest (though she sounded fierce with that previous tact): "Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high." Strum, strum, "There's a land that I've heard of, once in a lullaby~"

Oliver has to stop his playing as Fee bursts into Zeppelin and he doubles over laughing for a little bit. "All right…all right…I have been schooled." It takes him a couple of moments to get back into the playing as she starts over again, but he actually joins in when she starts singing…only he picks up some harmony and adds a little more into his guitar part.

Aren't they a pair~? Zeppelin aside, Fee does this song justice. Though she is a fledgling with the uke, she knows her own voice and it's capabilities well and a keen mind for marking lyrics makes for nary a misstep in singing along with the chords. A distinct heightening of color in her features at Oliver's joining in speaks of huge enjoyment of this peaceful, beachside jam session. It appears that each of their individual talents and strengths, musically, work hand-in-hand to make the two teens sound rather wonderful together! Fionnuala will work to make it through the entirety of the song, and upon ending with a flourish she trills with glee, her wings quivering and spreading slightly. "I think we got it!" The girl exclaims, looking positively tickled.

"I think we do, but I think we should probably practice a few more times so that we can start off as well as finish strong," Oliver admits once they're done. He never really sang and played in previous relationships…Grayson played the guitar as well, but they never really played -together- much less sang. There's something intimate about that as well. "We don't need to do it all now, but maybe a few days leading up to it?" So that they're comfortable enough that nerves won't cause them too many slip ups.

"Here's a good place to stop, let it all sink in." Fionnuala says in agreement, leaning sideward to pick up her funky case for her equally funky ukulele. Lovingly she slides the instrument into it's cover and sets the whole thing side. At that point she sides over to sit a little closer to Ollie, feeding more desiccated pieces of wood into the small, contained fire. "Never good to rush good art, especially the musical kind." Said in earnest as she snakes one arm around the back of Oliver's waist, taking care not to bump his guitar.

Now, one can see that Fee's mind has begun to veer towards the other undertone of time spend on a beach, with a merry little fire and setting sun. How could it not after something as successful as a shared song…?

And, of course, because it's Ollie~

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