(2018-04-21) Mug Shot Cafe Cabaret
Mug Shot Cafe Cabaret
Summary: During the Arts Festival, the Mug Shot Cafe hosts a Coral Springs Cabaret/Open Mic for the students to perform.
Date: 2018-04-24
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Posters have been seen in the cafe and in a few of the smaller shops in town that students from one of the local High Schools will be having their first ever Cabaret/Open Mic Night hosted by the Mug Shot Cafe during the Arts Festival. It's not officially affiliated with it (yet) but the timing seemed to work and as there were people in town expecting Art and Performance, it was something that the Cafe was willing to piggy-back upon. It's even staying open a little later than usual to serve any patrons (or students) who want some refreshments.

A little 'stage' has been set up in a corner of the cafe with a couple of microphones and power strips for any amps or instruments that might be used. There are also a couple of three-legged bar stools available; it's not a fancy setup, but it was done on the cheap with what they had or could get donated for the event.

Right after classes, Oliver Blythe, the student liason for the event, made his way to the cafe to help set up and make sure things were set to go once the students arrived. He even had a clipboard and pen so that he could write down who would be performing in what order once they arrived. He also happened to bring his guitar as he figured he could be some filler if students were shy or hesitant. With no arts being offered at the school currently, he, along with others, surely needed some sort of creative, performing outlet and this was the perfect chance.

Around the time things were slated to start, he's testing the microphones with one of the other guys from the cafe who volunteered to help with sound. The place is maybe a little more populated than it might be on a normal later afternoon…and maybe the nice weather will bring in more!'

Miss Fee is a happy, happy girl today. Is she nervous at the thought of performing in front of others with an instrument that she isn't quite so compentant with? Maybe! She has faith in her voice though, so if she falters.. surely that will make up for it. She simply reminds herself that this is for fun, not a talent show; she won't be tarred and feathered if she misses a chord or have an entire vegetable garden whipped at her face. Then there's Oliver, her faith in whom is strong.. not only as a musician but for moral support!

The girl arrived to Mug Shot pretty much immedately after she threw her books into her bunk with a lick and a promise. After getting changed and picking up her ukulele and sheet music, she was off!

As of now, Fionnuala is helping to get tables set up and positioned so as to observe the makeshift stage. She arrived to help Oliver with his duties to hopefully make this event a smash hit! The shifter's hair is pulled back into a series of loose Pagan-style braids, overlaying the rest of her black swath of hair as it is left long and loose down her back. A pretty pale pink tunic-dress with capri-length black tights and sandals with barely-there straps complete her simple ensemble. Pushing a chair in against one of the unoccupied tables, she watches Ollie testing the microphones. "Anything else I can do?"

It was an afternoon of exploring the town along with eating at the local Thai restaurant, due to Rain's suggestion. But as things start to open up for people to start walking in, Lazarus and Rain enter the Mug Shot. It seems like Lazarus is actually -enjoying- himself, a small smile on his face as he looks around the place.

"Oh? It's an open mic night?" he asks curiously to Rain in his heavy Scottish accent, and he sees Oliver testing the microphones and all that…but he sees it. a -guitar-. "Is it like a talent show?" he asks curiously, having never been a part of one before. However, he also sees Fionnuala setting stuff up and asking what she can do.

He shifts immediately to the Gaelic language. "Hello Fionnuala." he calls her to, before he looks to Rain. "We should go out to eat again soon. I had fun."

Sierra shows up. The mystery Ares girl that is so little seen that people may wonder if she's still a student. She is; she just has lots of trips away. Somehow she has even become one of the longer serving students…and she has no idea how that happened. The Latina rocks up in what seems to be gym gear, a laptop shoved under one arm. She makes a quick stop at Oliver to announce her presence and desire to perform before wandering off to see if she can get an alcoholic drink out of someone. She's going to need it.

Tour guide probably should not be on Rain's list of career choices, but she's lived in the town because of school long enough to at least not get lost and know some good places from eating and shopping. "Yes." the teen girl answers as she comes in with Lazarus "It was set up by Oliver. He goes to school with us. He is in Metis." she points out Oliver in case Lazarus doesn't know him yet. "I guess talent show is close to that, but not a competition, just for entertainment." seeing Fiona she actually smiles, rare for her, but its Fiona, hard not to smile, though it doesn't last to long "Hi Fiona. I can't wait to hear you sing." she looks to Lazarus again "Sure. I go out to eat frequently, especially on pasta night." because Italian food…ewww.

Oliver is wearing what look to be jeans, a button-down shirt with a vest over it, and a tie…both a little formal and a little trendy-casual. He even has a porkpie fedora on his dark hair. After all, it's a special occasion, sort of…and he doesn't perform much either. Maybe if it goes well, they'll have more of these. At Fee's question, he reaches for his guitar and strums a few chords, "How's the balance? I can adjust one of the mics lower for the guitar or other instrument when they're sort of solo…" and as other students come in, he grins and sets the guitar back down in order to get the clipboard. "Hi! Did you guys want to perform?" Sierra is signed up with a smile and he holds the pen, ready to see if anyone else wants to join in. "Fee, want a solo?"

Even wingless, Fionnuala looks excited and radiant. Sierra's arrival warrants a happy fingerwave should the Latina look her way, but it is the arrival of Rain — and Lazarus! — that brightens her eyes especially. Rain's smile is returned with a grin, and a look between the two with slightly widened eyes as if to say 'ok, dish on this later on!' … but it's all friendly. Rain's stating of wanting to hear her sing warrants a brilliant blush. Now Fee really wants to do well!

"I am so glad you're here. I will do my very best!" She reaches to give her friend's hand a light squeeze, knowing better than to hug her outright. She looks next to Lazarus, and drops easily into Scots Gaelic, ~Hi Lazarus, I am going to try my best. I'm not used to a crowd though!~ Said smoothly, giving the boy one more smile before moving to join Ollie again, "It's perfect. I can work with it." She says happily to him, then she doubletakes. "A.. solo?" Oh my.

Lazarus smiles softly to Rain and he gives her a little nod. He does look her in the eyes as he gives a small shrug. "ah…I see. He looks friendly." he murmurs softly to Rain just to be polite to Oliver. Though he tilts his head as it's not so much a competition as it is for the entertainment of those around them. "I see…interestin'." Though he seems to actually smile a bit when Rain agrees to go out more with him to eat.

"Sure. I normally end up bored with nothin' to do, so going out with ya could be fun." he nods a few times before he looks to Oliver as he offers if anyone wants to come up and perform. He takes a deep breath. "It's been a really…really long time. But I can try and put on a wee show." he offers to be signed up, before he looks up to Fionnuala, offering a smile. <I'm sure you'll do good, Fionnuala.> He looks then to Oliver. "If she wants, I can play a guitar well enough to give her a background?" he offers with a neutral expression on his face and a little shrug to follow it.

Fionnuala's wave gets an upnod from Sierra. No scowl? She must be becoming a social butterfly in her old age. The Latina, obstructed in her desire for a drink harder than coffee, gets a double shot Espresso instead and sits on the floor against a wall. There she flips open her laptop and checks on some things that she's going to need to make a fool of herself. Rain seems familiar but maybe that's because they had a common friend in Charlotte once upon a time.

"I spent quite a few months on lock down at the school. I have a lot of getting out to make up for. If the weather is just as nice tomorrow I was thinking of going to the skate park." Rain tells Lazarus, she may or may not be fishing, most likely the not.

"No thanks." Rain shakes her head at the offer from Oliver "My artistic talents don't go so well with open mics, small stages or coffee shops." when Lazarus volunteers himself "You are a musician?"

The Masters girl was never the friendliest person so while she knew Sierra to say they were friends, or even acquintances would be an exagerration, she does give the Ares girl a polite wave though.

<FS3> Oliver rolls Guiitar: Success.
<FS3> Oliver rolls Singing: Good Success.

"If you want…you can play for yourself or I can," if he knows the song. Oliver gives what he hopes is an encouraging smile but he then turns to the new, Scottish student. The pen is stuck in a pocket so that he can offer a hand, "Oliver…you must be new, huh? And sure, right now it's one piece each but we'll probably have room for a second," unless more folks show up. "We'll just mix it up some. I'm sorry, what's your name?" So he can write it down on the list, of course…and be a good emcee. Fee is then given a glance when the new guy also offers to play for her. "That's up to her, sure. I don't want to force anyone." Rain gets a grin then, "No worries."

Moving to the microphone, Oliver sets the clipboard down and takes up the guitar before clearing his throat. "Good afternoon, everyone. Thank you for coming out to the Coral Springs High School Cabaret/Open Mic. I'd like to thank the Mug Shot Cafe for allowing us to be here. I'm Oliver Blythe and I'm a Senior and I'll get us started." Taking up his guitar he settles on the stool and starts to play. His chosen song: Daydream Believer.

<OOC> Oliver says, "If anyone needs it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvqeSJlgaNk"

Of everyone assembled here, even the newest student Lazarus, Sierra happen to be one of the least known to Fionnuala. She is a girl whose attendance has been peppered with absences 'away' but Fee won't hold it against her. She watches the girl settle with her laptop and sees fit not to disturb her, though the shifter is heartened to see that she and Rain know of one another. Meanwhile, the girl looks quite proud of Oliver at his taking the whole event into hand and managing it to the best of his ability. Before her boyfriend takes the stage to open up, Fee smiles openly to Lazarus, offering in Gaelic as that seems to reassure him some, help him settle: ~We can Mickey Mouse something. Do you have a song that you're comfortable playing? Maybe I'll know the lyrics, or even just improvise and croon along.~ Said eloquently with a wink. Fee's flitting from English to Scots Gaelic can be a neat thing.

Silencing to allow the Scottish boy to ruminate, Fee watches and listens to Ollie with obvious mooky eyes.

Lazarus smiles softly to Rain then as she expresses the interest in not only spending time with him further, but going out and about to go skateboarding too. "If ya like, I'd like to come with ya." he smiles to her then before he looks to Oliver, expressing a small smile for the fellow. "Yea. The name's Lazarus, Lazarus Pentecost. Nice to meet ya." he says politely, even though his tone and all that is all really neutral. Either way, he turns his head to Rain.

"Aye. I played the Guitar a great deal when I was younger, before.." he pauses then, taking a moment to recall everything thath ad happened. Kidnapped, trained to be a weapon..forced to be a weapon, so he shakes his head then. "…before I just lost the taste in practicin'. I can still carry a tune as well, vaguely." he used to sing in Gaelic a great deal.

Though his eyes fall upon Fionnuala then as she speaks with him about working together for this performance, speaking in Gaelic. ~If you wish. Hm…there's that touch the sky song, but I think that's mostly Disney. Do you know the Foggy Dew?" he asks her curiously.

You can't dislike anyone who sings a Monkees song. At least Sierra can't. She watches Oliver play and sing and there could even be a faint smile at his efforts. Thank goodness this is not a competition. Satisfied that her laptop is good to go, she drains her strong coffee before clambering to her feet to order another before she goes on.

Bryce stands outside the door for a few minutes before deciding to enter. He takes a step away from the door but then freezes like he is a deer caught in the headlights. It is clear to tell what he is thinking without telepathy: it is written all over his face. What am I doing here? I shouldn't be here. The longer that he stands there, the more he starts to think he is out of his element. He saw the poster for the event at the school so he thought he should at least show up.

"I have an extra board if you want to give it a try." Rain offers since he seems to like the idea of going to the skate park. "I took piano lessons when I was much younger." she admits "I just wasn't a piano lessons kind of child." she seems to understand the whole loosing taste in practicing "So I took up other things instead."

As Oliver starts the show Rain moves to take a sit at a table where she can watch everyone perform…as up front as she can get.

It's not a terribly long song and Oliver encourages others to sing the final chorus with him before he finishes and gives a little bow. "Next up we have Sierra Jiminez," as they go in order of who signed up when. As he has a bit of a break, he makes sure to grab some waters for the students and brings them over to the table where they sit. "I figured we'd do our duet after Lazarus here…so that we can mix some things up? Or do you two want to do something together first?" is asked quietly before he turns to watch the next performance.

Whispered sideward to Lazarus, ~I don't know Foggy Dew, but I can manage Disney. I love Brave.~ Fionnuala does not giggle outright, but it shows in her face. ~We'll have fun and it's a way to get yourself settled and know whose who.~ Added afterward, still keeping herself fairly hush-hush as she mentally clambers for the lyrics to this well-known, well loved song. Who doesn't know Disney? Okay there are some, but Fee at least has a handle on these popular tunes. She draws the line at 'Let It Go' however. Applauding heartily once Ollie finishes up, Fee will press a kiss to his cheek when he joins them after announcing the next performer.

Accepting the water, Fee draws deep to wet her whistle, and considers regarding their duet, "I would love that… at some point.. but I don't want to seem a stage hog. I'd like to help Lazarus show off his talent some. Even offer a background vocal." Said smilingly to Ollie, before she looks toward Rain and the other Scottish student.

"We'll work something out." She says quickly as her eyes watch Sierra prepare, but not without giving Ollie one more sweet smile before silencing.

Lazarus seems to nod in easy agreement with Rain. "I'd be grateful if you could teach me how to use it. It'll be fun." he nods softly to her, easily happy with it. "Oh? ya played the Piano? Well, if you want, maybe I can hear you play sometime? We can both be rusty together." a softness and warmth in his voice as his beautiful smile shines free once more.

Then he watches her head to the table, his eyes falling on Fionnuala. ~Then we can do brave. I can help provide background with subtle Gaelic, but don't expect my singin' to be good." he smiles softly to her then, feeling more comfortable with this group of individuals. "Thank you." he says at Fee wanting to work with Lazarus.

Then he actually moves to the table that Rain is at, sitting next to her as he watches the performance to come.

She's on! Sierra gulps down some more coffee before rushing up onto the stage. So far not tripping. She plugs in her laptop before making her way to the microphone. "Hi" she almost whispers before clearing her throat. "I'm Sierra. Junior…I think. I'm away from class a lot. Long story. I'm…going to try and dance for you." A deep breath before she hits a button on her laptop and a mixture of techno and flamenco booms out of the speakers. Clad in her gym/yoga gear, Sierra proceeds to gyrate, contort and flip to the music as best she can with her nerves. At least she doesn't fall over but it's not the best she has done either. No use of her powers in such a place either. Once the music stops, Sierra skips back over to the microphone, skin glistening with perspiration and breathing heavy. "Thank you." Exit, stage left.

Bryce was just about to turn back to the door when Sierra starts to introduce herself. As she starts dancing, he decides that he should stay. He probably doesn't have to preform. Right? He can just sit back quietly. Deciding to head to an unoccupied table, he ends up half-tripping over a chair before he finally sits down. When Sierra finishes dancing, he claps his hands.

"You must be a real big fan of chopsticks." Rain tells Lazarus as he joins her "I don't remember much of it. I was six and I just didn't want to sit still for lessons." so typcial child in that regard.

As Oliver leaves she claps for him and will accept the water when he brings it over after introducing Sierra.

Dancing? That's surprising, Rain wasn't expecting that, she watches the teen girl move across the stage and when she is done gives her applause to. The tripping Bryce is noticed in her peripheal vision and she gives him a polite wave as well.

Oliver watches the dance, his smile widening as it's a dance! Yay! He reaches under the table to take one of Fee's hands to hold but he'll slip free so that he can applaud once the dance is complete and make his way to the microphone to announce the next act. "Feel free to do another later…I think we'll have time. If you want," is offered to Sierra. Bryce is given a wave as he comes into the cafe before he goes up to the microphone again. "Next we have a song from Lazarus…" he has to check the clipboard briefly, "Pentecost and Fionnuala Reid." He'll bring over the second microphone and second bar stool for the duet as well. It's fun being the Emcee and Stage Manager!

The crow shifter is transfixed in watching Sierra's dance. Fionnuala is a notoriously bad dancer… she's that goofball doing the 'bird is the word' dance on any floor and likely be kicked out. So when someone else comes along with a clear idea on what they are doing, Fionnuala is rapt. Oliver's seeking of her hand is met with her keen reception and she will give his fingers a squeeze as they watch Sierra's performance. The time comes to applaud and Fee will do so happily. When Ollie heads up to announce the next bit, Fionnuala realizes: Lazarus didn't arrive with a guitar…! She looks from Ollie to the shapeshifter's instrument… and furrows her brow softly. On her way up to the stage — without her own instrument as she intends only to sing — Fee leans into whisper to Ollie: "I'm really sorry to ask this… can he borrow your guitar? I'll make sure it's treated gently… I'm certain he will be considerate."

She moves to settle herself onto a stool, giving the group a shy but excited smile. Fee waits to see if Ollie will concede to lending something that is so precious to him! The reluctant OK is given.. and she will wait until Lazarus takes up the instrument and prepares to play. (dundndun~)

… she sure hopes she remembers the lyrics….

Assuming Oliver is accepting of Lazarus borrowing a guitar, he offers Rain a happy smile. "Oh, it appears that I'm up. We will continue this conversation when I get back, alright?" he asks for permission before he stands up and leaves like a gentleman to perform on stage. Taking the guitar, he looks at Fee with a small smile for her as he takes a breath…and he looks ath er, telling her it's okay to be nervous silently.

Then he starts to strum that guitar….and it's -beautiful- the music that those fingers of his plucks from those strings. One would think him an expert.

"Sure" Sierra replies to Oliver's request for an encore. She may even be blushing a little at people applauding. It's hard to be stoic and indifferent when a whole group of people are being nice and appreciative. "I should be able to program something up" she adds before making her way over to a table near Bryce. The young student getting a nod of greeting from the Latina.

As Sierra works on her next performance, she does take time out to listen to the next performers. A duet even? Is that what it's like to have friends? Lazarus seems to be good plucker and Fionnnuala looks like she can sing so this should be another enjoyable piece.

Bryce sees first Rain and Oluver wave at him. Apparently he wasn't as stealthy as he thought he was. He offers a wave back though he clearly has a hard time looking at Rain. He seems to have a guilty face when he catches her eye. His eyes shift towards the stage as Fionnuala and Lazarus start to head up to the stage, and in doing so, he notices that Sierra nodded to him from a nearby table. He swallows hard and leans a bit towards her. "You, you, um, that was very nice," he whispers. Hopefully she has good hearing.

Rain has no idea what that look is about from Bryce so for the moment she doesn't wonder. Either it will be forgotten or he will tell her, she isn't going to worry about it now. Not when her best friend (though she is still in denial about it) is about to sing for them.

"Good luck." Rain tells Lazarus as he is called to the stage with Fiona. The smile returns to her face, she is almost a different person for a moment (just a moment, maybe two), brighter, cheerier…maybe she is…as she applauds as the pair get on stage to perform. As soon as the music starts she quiets down to her usual calm and collected self.

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Shit.. shit and shinola. Fionnuala doesn't. Remember. The Lyrics.

Is that a note of panic in her face as she hears Lazarus starting? It lasts all of a second or two… yes Fee knows the song but the actual WORDS become mumbo-jumbo in her head! The good thing here is that the briefly nervous girl recovers with some grace. Rain is right there, too, enjoying and supporting what is to come!

So when her Gaelic peer carries the tune, Fee shoots him a briefly sheepish, apologetic glance and opens her mouth to…. croon! No words; she carries the melody just fine, but it's her way of making up for blanking out! THAT and inwardly she marvels at the boy's ability with the guitar! Fionnuala, having not wanted to be in the forefront to begin with, adjusts her volume so that her voice may serve as an accompaniment to Lazarus! Her lashes flutter closed and her composure is hastily regained. She may have flubbed the lyrics but the soft, pleasant trill of her crooning serves to accentuate the guitar melody. She sways becomingly upon her perch, coasting on the music.

Oliver is a bit reluctant to let anyone else, much less pretty much a stranger use his guitar, but he agrees, knowing that Fee won't let anything happen to it. He nods, recognizing the song once it starts and making a mental note to learn that one as well as it has a good guitar part. Maybe he'll have to sing it himself…in another form. There's a little startle as Fee suddenly looks a little panicked but he relaxes some once she starts singing…or vocalizing, rather, to the song. Tilting his head, it takes a moment for him to pick out the melody without the words but as long as she's into it, he can be too.

When the song ends, he's applauding as loudly as anyone, smiling brightly at the way Fee could just adapt after that moment of fear. Amazing! Woo! And the guitar was pretty good as well! As the applause fades, he moves over to Sierra, "Want to do another now or want a couple more minutes?" He's trying to mix things up some.

Lazarus plays that guitar like it was the lute of the most beautiful melody. It's very Scottish…very foreign. More than likely he'll come up again for a more solo act. Either way, When it's clear that Fionnuala ends up forgetting the lines, and he chuckles softly, before hte song ends, and Lazarus stands, to bow his head softly to the crowd. He steps off the stage while being a gentleman and helping Fionnuala down as well, setting the guitar aside where he found it, before he returns to his spot by Rain.

"I was more..rusty than I thought I'd be."

"Thanks" Sierra replies to Bryce's whisper in her ear. "It was meant to be sexy but nice will do." Fionnuala's save makes the Latina smile a little though Oliver's question while she's applauding the pair catches her off guard. "Ummm…I guess so" she shrugs, quickly checking if she's done enough on her instrument - the laptop - to justify another routine. "It might be a bit rougher than the last one" she warns.

Bryce stammers as he tries to say, "Se- Se…" He can't repeat the word sexy. "I don't, um - " He seems unable to start the though much less to finish it. When Fionnuala and Lazarus finish their song. He claps for them and says, "She can sing even without words." He sounds as amazed as he is. He doesn't know that she messed up. When he sees Olive come over towards Sierra, he gets worried that he may get asked to do something up there. "Um, I, I should head out. Excuse me."

Helped down easily from the stage, Fionnuala smiles sideward at Lazarus before they move to take their seats, ~Sorry for flubbing. I knew the melody but damned if I could get a word to come to mind. You were fantastic.~ She compliments in Gaelic before she makes her way back to their table. She didn't miss Rain's thumbs-up and she gives her bestie the brightest of smiles and a quick wink. She leaves Lazarus to join Rain, and after giving the two an amused and curious little look she makes to press a kiss to Oliver's temple. The flubbing on the lyrics didn't dissuade her in the least. Before she settles to enjoy another hopeful performance by Sierra, the shifter whispers into Ollie's ear: "Ready when you are, if you still want to go through with it."

Seating herself for a bit, she pulls out her ukulele case and unzips it.

"I think it'll be just fine, but it's up to you," Oliver grins before moving to the mic. "We're going to take a brief break if you all want to order anything from the cafe and we'll be back with a few more performances. Thank you, everyone, for coming out and for showing your support so far!" At the 'Intermission', he goes over to Fee, "Amazing. If I didn't see your face there at the start, I would have guessed you planned it that way." To Lazarus he offers, "It sounded really good. I need to learn that song." Bryce gets a surprised little look as he sort of runs away but then he nods to Sierra. "You're up then." He turns back to Lazarus, "Did you want to do something else after Sierra? Fee and I can do our duet after that, I think to close us out." He smiles as Fee gives a kiss to his forehead and he reaches to give her a brief hug before announcing Sierra's second performance. Rain gets an eyebrow lift as he makes his way back to join her at the table to watch. "You sure you don't want to do anything?"

Lazarus smiles softly to Rain as she welcomes him back. "It's been years since I've Played. I thought I'd be a wee bit worse." he teases softly before he smiles a little bit. "It's very possible…though I hope I entertained." Then his attention falls upon Fionnuala.

~Flubbin'? You did great. Even if you didn't know the words, your vocal skill is quite impressive.~ he compliments her in return.

Then he's chatting with Ollie. "Yea…yea I can do something. I'll play a guitar and sing, I guess." he smiles then.

With Bryce running for the hills, Sierra does get back up on stage. Dancing to a new piece of music and even humming a little with it. Much more freeform than the one earlier she had choreographed for weeks, it proves that she is a natural dancer if not much more. But, again, she doesn't make a fool of herself. This school could be a Fame School judging by the performances tonight. Once done, a little wave to the world. "That was for Mabel, wherever she is." Some sadness in her face at her words before she summons up a smile. "Thanks."

"No one wants to hear me sing and Sky got all the rhythm so no dancing either." Rain tells Ollie, though neither of those may not be entirely true, but its her story and she is sticking too it.

"The only way that could have been worse is if a string broke and you had to play with one less." and even than Rain isn't sure. "Very entertaining.

She watches with apparent interest as Sierra takes the stage again and begins dancing. Maybe she is more familiar with physical movement as an art form than music…well Fiona knows there aren't any maybes there, she is.

"He did?" Ollie asks with surprise at Rain's comment about singing and her brother getting the 'rhythm'. Huh. There's a little blink of surprise at the assumption that his guitar can be used again but there's a glance to Fee and to Rain before he offers, "Ok, just…please be careful with the guitar." Oliver turns to watch Sierra's new dance and he applauds her once again, "Thank you for doing this, Sierra. You were awesome." He'll then let Lazarus go back to the microphone while he quietly speaks with Fee in order to get their little duet together.

Lazarus smiles as Sierra gets on that stage, clapping as she finishes her more casually done dance. With a bright smile, he ends up standing up again and taking the guitar with a silent look to Ollie as if to ask for permission.

With that done, Laz moves to the stand, and he takes a breath, playing the guitar with that gorgeous Scottish slide of the string, each finger picking like a harp. It's gloripus. Then he sings the Foggy Dew, a song that both Scots and Irishmen share. His voice isn't as angelic as his playing, but it's no less beautiful, especially with that Scottish twang in his voice. At times it's smooth and serene…and other times it's fast paced and meant to be a foot stomper. A majority of it is in Gaelic..and parts may make people laugh and others cry.

But then he finishes his song. "Of the tatters…of the foggy….deeeeeewww." Then he finishes. "Thank ya." And tgat's tgat! He returns to his seat by Rain.

Sierra heads to the counter to get herself some water this time. Obvious to see why she was wearing gym gear tonight - not just to help dancing but because she has got herself rather sweaty. She also gets a towel from the staff to help dry out a little before sitting to watch Lazarus and the duet that follows. Sitting away from people until she can hit the bathroom and clean up a bit.

Thankfully you don't need to be skilled in singing or playing to enjoy them both, and Rain certainly enjoyed it. She isn't all smiles or anything, but she shows it in more subtle ways. She does clap enthusiastically though. "I see you aren't claiming to be rusty anymore." she tells Lazarus as he sits down.

Oliver reaches to take Fee's hand again as he sits with them to listen to Lazarus' playing. He doesn't understand Gaelic, but he can appreciate the music for what it is even without the words. At the applause, he looks over to Fee and grins, "Ready?"

He goes back up to the microphone and brings the second one closer again before giving his final spiel, "Thank you, everyone, for attending Coral Springs High School's first Open Mic night and thank you again to Mug Shot for hosting us. We're currently without an Arts program so what you've seen here is all art that we've worked up on our own, without benefit of classes or dedicated rehearsal space. To close us out, Fionnuala and I would like to perform a piece that I think you'll probably recognize." Fee is there with her ukelele and he has his guitar once again. He watches Fee until they're ready and he gives a little nod — and they launch into the duet version of 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' to end the Cabaret, him singing harmony to her melody.


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