(2018-04-19) Frankencocoa
Summary: No, nothing bad happened to Besa's dog.. it's just Fionnuala being weird. A cluster of students make the most out of a break between classes.
Date: 2018-04-19
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Kitchen, Winbarry Estate
Thu Apr 19, 2018

The kitchen has gone through quite an update. The walls have been repainted and thewood floor restored. It is now firmly imbedded in the 21st century with a six burner duel fuel stove/oven combo and a separate dual oven on top of that. A large, double wide frenchdoor fridge sits near the stove with a marble top cabinet between them. More marble topped cabinets and matching island with a few stools,give plenty of storage and counter space. More cabinets above are full of various canned goods and other foods, for the preparation of meals for the students. The pantry is equally full, one area of it set aside for between meal snacks of hungry teenagers.


It's morning break. Approximately half-way between breakfast and lunch. Fifteen minutes for the students to grab a snack, be social or catch-up on last minute homework. Rain's first stop is the kitchen, a couple of lidded travel mugs in hand, hers and Besa's most likely. Setting the mugs down she gets the kettle and starts the necessary steps to make tea. "Did you want some hot chocolate Fiona?" she glances to her friend, moving to get another mug and the hot cocoa from the cabinet before there is even an answer.

It's amazing how much these kids can pack into fifteen minutes.. time management CAN be a thing if it's allowed to be! Eating is important and so is hot chocolate, and Fionnuala beams as Rain picks up exactly on what she wants. She needn't even answer! The girl, who can dress like an eccentric with the best of them, sure cleans up well and by inverse, makes sure her uniform is prim, proper and presentable. Whooda thunk it?!

"That would be fantastic." Fee chimes, and as her friend grabs the hot cocoa and a mug the crow girl is rifling into yet another cupboard for her 'secret stash'! She pulls out a vial of orange extract/flavor and a small pouch of cinnamon. "This is the greatest thing ever, Ollie had shown me.." She explains, and when the cocoa is brewed she will add both of these things in careful measures. Orange hot chocolate! Fee's newest obsession!

Time management is certainly a thing Rain gets behind. Knowing her she probably has the next 10 years planned out. Well as much as one can plan that far ahead. As the water gets hot she drops tea bags into the other two mugs and a spoonful of honey in each "That's just gross." she isn't a fan of orange flavored hot chocolate. It just doesn't taste good to her. "I can handle the cinnamon though." as the kettle whistles she pours, first for Fiona. "Besa, Sky and I are going into Thunder Bay this weekend. did you want to go?"

Another difference between the two girls that lends further charm to their friendship: Fionnuala manages her time where it definitely counts.. ie. school, her job, obligations to friends and family… but everything else in between? She wings it. There is just something so carefree about the shifter at-a-glance but deep down, she is a steadfast soul. But this strange, strange frankencocoa that she doctors up.. yeah, poor Rain. Their tastes differ too, obviously! Fionnuala has the 'fixings' ready with the cocoa powder and once the kettle bleats, the girl holds her mug o' gross out appreciatively to receive the water. Her lips curl into an amused smile, biting back a giggle. "Oh hey, it's great.. but not for everyone. It reminds me kinda-sorta of those chocolate oranges that you get at Christmas that you WHACK."

Speaking of winging it… wings are out! Though Fionnuala keeps the things tight to her back so as to not up-end anything on counters. She sips her drink, eyes rounded over the rim of the mug, "Hey, sure! Was it the Saturday or Sunday? I can make mooky eyes at Ruthie to let me have either day. What were you thinking of looking for?"

"I always preferred the ferro-rocher chocolates." Rain tells Fiona. Because anything wrapped in gold foil has to be great, right? As her tea steeps she leans against the corner, stretching her arms out on front of her and then across her chest, loosening tight muscles.

"Besa and I are going to the pottery studio to makes mugs. Sky is going to the large art store in that same neighborhood." Rain explains "If it helps I have some clothes dresses to take to her. If it helps you can take them instead…get on her good side." of course since they were Rain's they are designer and she most likely only worn them a few times.

Ferro-rocher? Noted! Always good for that random bestie gift because Fionnuala can be like that. Sure, she's budgeting for Something Beyond School, but there's a bit of that play money too that she reserves for fun. "Those are great too. My Da loves them.. can eat a whole flat of them if left unattended. Enough of those little foil wrappers to paper a car and turn it to gold." Is she joking? Maybe not, given the way her family is. Laughter, and sunlight, makes Fee's eyes brighter as she works at her hot chocolate.. this mug needs to be drained before classes resume!

Fionnuala can be seen plotting, precisely how to make the old badger happy… enough to spare her on a day at such short notice. Ruthie has few employees not because people don't want to work in the cool little shop.. just…

.. she scares employees away. Fee stuck it out though.

Fionnuala's eyes widen again. "Would you? Cripes, Rain, you just have to donate a hair scrunchie or a hankie and she'll be thrilled. If you have anything extra, please do.. it'll spring me and make her happy for days. And someone else, too." Ah Fee, always thinking about those in need. "I can go talk to her tomorrow after class and get the day. I would love to go. If I don't get my hands on some real clay and tools I just might lost my marbles."

"Sounds like my sister. If I get some over the breaks at home I have to hide them so Izzie. Gold wrappers every where." At nearly 8 Izzie isn't at an age where cleaning up after yourself isn't thing. "It doesn't matter if she got some too, she will eat hers and then try for mine."

There is a roll of eyes at Fiona "Let's not get carried away." One, Rain wouldn't be caught dead wearing a scrunchie, and two, who carries hankies around anymore. "It's not that big a deal. There is a nod as she removes tea bags and pushes the lids onto the travel mugs. As long as the cups have lids the teacher's don't care if beverages are brought to class. "I've reserved time on both days. Not sure if we will go both days, depends on how much we can get done." her tea is sipped "Besa has finally decided to let me run an online store to sell his pottery." which is a relief to her since he refuses to take money from the twins.

There is a look of amused wistfulness of Fee's face right then and there. She laughs outright at the talk of ferro-marauding little sisters. "Kids though, huh? It's what they do. They find all the hiding spots too." She laments, though something in her expression states that she would have loved to have a younger kid to war over candy with. Why, oh why hadn't her parents been able to have more kids?

The girl's giggle shifts into another brief belly laugh before she moves to sip her drink again. She's already halfway through and will likely have it down the hatch before they must return to classes. "I can go at least one of the days, if it turns out to be a whole weekend thing." Unless Rain donates something especially glam! Bargaining for time off with designer clothes! Fionnuala listens to Rain's words as she leans against one of the counters, wings twitching and wanting to spread out but still being kept in check so as to not cause a mess. Her brows lift with surprise at the mention of Besa's newest venture.

"Oh! Is he going to be on Etsy?" Fee chimes out, looking and sounding excited. "How wonderful! A bigger audience… I bet he'll clean up, once he's established." And with Rain's know-how and online savvy… that's a huge plus. "You'll have to let me know when he's up and running."

"You sure you don't want to have one of my siblings? I'll even give you Circe." Rain has expanded her offer, previous one didn't include the baby. Guess there has been a change of heart. Though Sky and Besa may have something to say about that…but they aren't here.

She makes a face at Fiona "Etsy?" there is a shake of head "No. We are doing this the right way. A proper business, LLC and everything. I talked to my dad and he is having our attorney get all the paperwork filed. Until we are of age, dad has to be on the paperwork, but having his name on there can't hurt. I'm going to start just selling them on my blog and then expand to its own website."

The shifter is just draining her mug and making to wash it in the sink when Rain makes her 'offer'. Is she serious?! Fionnuala's look says this not because it's just the offering of a sibling, but the baby. THE baby, previously unoffered. Fee remembers this. One slim brow quirks over a topaz-colored eye; Fee is good at that quizzical look. "Hey, I'll take one… the last time you offered though, there wasn't a baby. She getting to a rough age?" Fee asks with a smile, suspecting as much. Maybe that's an understatement when said baby is a daughter of reckoning, being the 'third' and all. It's all beyond Fee, still.

Etsy is shot down, replaced by something that much better. "Oh, WOW!" Fee cries, drying her mug after sudsing it and going to replace it, because mother taught her best… not to be a slob. She looks over a shoulder, past a dark arching wing to watch Rain with further interest. "That is so kind of you.. all of you. Do you have a business name, yet? OH, I'm so excited for you all. For Besa! How is he feeling about it all?" She asks, closing the cupboard… offering a fond smile. "Humble, I bet."

Admittedly Rain isn't the baby type, but she shakes her head at what would be a logical reason "Not really. Circe has stopped acknowledging my existence. If she is forced to she freaks out." the teen is on the fence about how she feels about it, but there must be a part of her that doesn't like it if she has added Circe to the give away list.

"Yes, but it's going to be a surprise. I haven't gone live with it yet. It's still in the teasing stages until Besa has enough stock." she is thoughtful for a moment "He has no idea that I have taken it this far. He really doesn't understand the internet or business."

You can tell just by looking at Fee that she is the baby type. Though she looks a tad crestfallen at this talk of the child not being warm toward her big sister anymore. "Maybe it's just a phase.. how old is she now? Just over a year, right?" Fionnuala asks, having surely been told of the littlest one's birthday at some point in their friendship. "They're getting all sorts of notions in their heads, even at that age.. she'll warm up again, I hope? Is she treating any of the others that way?" She thinks to ask. She doesn't really want to take the youngest Masters away from the fold, much as Rain surely wouldn't see her be given up. Still, Fee feels for her friend in this rather tricky time with the baby.

Her features soften as the plans for Besa are expanded upon. "You are such a wonderful friend.. good and kind. Besa is truly, truly fortunate to have you in his corner." Fionnuala says earnestly, not even gushing about it or getting all sappy. It's a firm, honest fact and she can't help but smile about it. "I just know he's going to appreciate it so much, after maybe flipping out on you a little for going so far. But he'll be super excited once he understands what it means." Said with a quick little wink. "Is there anything I can do to help you out?"

As she listens to Fiona, Rain has grabbed a small bag of chips from the cabinet, but she doesn't open them. "Thirteen months. I suppose it could be a phase." there is a shrug "But no, I'm the only one she does that too." even if Fiona really did want to take her, she would have to go through all the other Masters first. No way to win there.

"He's family, its how we roll. We take care of each other. I don't think Besa has really grasped the concept." at least not when it comes to her family. They take it to extremes. "Yes, it is something he can do for as long as he wants."

Lazarus Pentecost, a new student, heard the commotion in the kitchen from quite a distance away, so he decided to go and check it out. The young Scot entered the kitchen wearing his leather jacket, some fingerless gloves, black jeans, and combat boots. He doesn't smile, but he does greet.

"Ello. Can I ask what's goin' on ova 'ere?" He asks with a small tilt of his head and a -strong-Scottish accent.

"Did I walk into a more private discussion?"

Taking a cue from Rain, Fionnuala too decides that a snack could be in order… something to chase down that ridiculous hot cocoa. She's just pulling out a small bag of Rold Gold pretzels when the blonde Masters girl expands a little more onto the topic of Besa going live. "You're quite an amazing family, then. He's very lucky, but then again.. so, too, are all of you." Fionnuala says kindly, though really she has only met Sky and Rain out of the whole brood. She's just going to assume that they're all just as rad! She opens up the baggie of pretzel twists and pops one into her gob, chewing happily.

She's just about to stuff a couple more into her gob when a boy arrives, speaking in a manner that is too familiar to Fionnuala. A bright gaze flits in the direction of Lazarus, indeed pegging him as new and… hey, he's a Scot! Fee may not have quite as heavy an accent herself, having been born stateside, but there are mild indications of that accent in certain inflections of her voice. This boy sounds just like her parents. Huh!

"Hello!" Fee chimes happily enough; she is a girl of average height with dark hair and big black feathered wings. "Not private at all. We're talking about ferro-rocher candies and babies." A giggle, "Welcome to the school."

Rain just gives Fiona a pointed look at the lucky comment "No, not really…not lucky at all." there is a dark side to her family, that she has spoken a bit about, but she keeps most of it to herself.

It's mid-morning break and the kitchen is one of the places where students tend to hang out. At the moment there are the two teen girls, looking all proper in their school uniforms and Lazarus, not in uniform.

Unlike Fiona's cheery greeting, Rain looks to the new face all stoic detachment "Hello." her tone is polite but cool "It's a bit dysfunctional at the moment, but you get used to it."

Lazarus appears to be just as serious and stoic as Rain is. Though he does offer a small bow of the head in greeting. "Ello." He says in response to her before he shrugs in a cool fashion. "Fair 'nuff. I'll try ta keep it in mind."

Then Fionnuala greets him in a far more excited and cheerful way, and she actually gets a small smile from him. She has cool wings. "Hey. And thank ya for the warm welcome. Appreciated, lass."

"…..interestin' choice for a conversation." He shrugs then a moment. "I'm Lazarus. Nice ta meet ya both."

The shifter has yet to hear more about the Masters family in that respect; the dark, gritty stuff. She knows that it is there but to which degree? Fee hasn't a clue, and she knows not to push. It appears that the warm, chipper girl is a sort of cheerful foil to Rain's apparently stoic mannerisms, though Fee recognizes in the new boy a similar personality trait. Granted quite a few new folks arrive here all withdrawn and aloof.. it can be intimidating! Though it's rare to find another with so strong an accent! Despite the strength of Lazarus' Scots accent, Fionnuala appears to have absolutely no trouble in keeping up.

"No sweat. When did you arrive? Rain and I are just having a bite before we're back in the classroom." Fionnuala offers, introducing her friend indirectly before offering up her own name. "My name is Fionnuala," Is chimed out…. a Scottish girl with an Irish name? Yeah there's a story there. Fee grins, wings twitching again, "Do you need anything?"

Yeah she's a bit of a Girl Scout.. sometimes.

RJ has gotten more accustomed to this idea of communal living. It is still strange for him, coming from his former desolate existence. Strange or not, the idea of being able get something to eat that is not protein paste is amazing, especially when it's something as truly awesome as fresh fruit or vegetables. For the most part, RJ-148963 is getting used to being this 'teenager' thing. What he doesn't get is this murder device that the staff here insist on the trainees wearing. This tie thing surely must be some kind of cruel disciplinary tool. Seeing that there are fellow trainees present, RJ stops nodding in acknowledgement. The seriousness of his greeting is set aside by the wide, carefree smile that seems to perpetually rest on his lips. "Greetings." Once the proper behavior is shown, the ashen-hair boy moves over to the fridge.

"Well not just any babies…my youngest sister…we were talking about her." Rain explains. It makes much more sense that way." she doesn't have so much an accent as a formal way of speaking. "So not so interesting." her way of killing that conversation.

The stoic Rain sips her tea, setting the bag of chips down next to the other lidded travel mug. Must be for someone else. For the moment she is silent looking from the crow Fiona to Lazarus a moment before her attention is pulled to RJ when he comes in. Him she has seen around, though as is normal for her she hasn't introduced herself. He gets a similar polite detached greeting that everyone gets at first "Hello."

Lazarus watches Rain as she effectively kills that part of the conversation. Though given, this is one of Laz's first human interactions in quite some time that wasn't with his father.

Either way, he shrugs lightly before Fee as she asks her questions and introduces herself. "Ah see…so why do you 'ave a more Irish name? Ya don't have ta answer, just curious. But I have been 'ere for about a few days now. It's an experience." He bows his head softly then to Fee.

Then RJ arrives! "'Ey."

Coming in from the outside, Loukanos is dressed in the sweater variant of his school uniform. The only real hint of his time outdoors is slightly rosier-than-usual cheeks. Today, he wears a distinct piece of jewelry. An old cord leather necklace with a pendant hanging from it. Carved into the amulet is a monstrous face with serpents about its head. Despite its grim depiction, the boy appears rather cheery…perhaps too cheery given its morning. "Greetings!" The golden-haired smiles at the room's occupants as he gives a tug on his yellow tie. He recognizes most of them…RJ looks new. So is Lazarus, but he met the Scottish boy last night. As for accents, he's got one too, but it's faint and hard to place.

The shifter girl remains alongside her tea-sipping friend, big glowing eyes surveying the new arrivals with earnest interest. RJ arrives and may or may not be nudging at that despicable tie that is most often a bane for the students here. Two new boys, or at least new enough that Fionnuala hasn't spied 'em before. This one seems pretty happy though as she observes the boy moving toward the fridge. "Hello!" She sings in greeting to RJ next, much in the same fashion she had displayed to Lazarus. "Wow.. another new face. What's your name?" She asks outright of RJ, her curiousity working doubletime as she nibbles on some pretzels. She holds the bag out to Rain, to see if she would like a few.

Lazarus's question loosens a bright, unabashed laugh from Fionnuala's lungs. "I don't mind… Ma and Da got confused, is all. I was almost called Fionnaghal.. then there was Fionnlagan… but they decided that the Irish got it right and bent the rules a little." Said with a glimmer in her eyes before she turns to regard another arrival! This one she recognizes immediately. "Oh, hello Loukanos!" Said happily, though his pendant gives her pause. Duuuude..

RJ most definitely has an accent, but it is not one from this world, so it does come off quite unusual. Still digging in the fridge, he pulls himself out with a handful of cool, crisp green grapes. He offers Fionnuala the hand with grapes out, he arches his eyes in a silent offering of the sweet little fruit. He sighs slightly, "RJ-148963, but everyone calls me RJ, so I am trying to do so as well." He listens to the bit of conversation about siblings or rather Rain's youngest sibling. It is not something that he can really comprehend. "Well, met."

Lazarus smiles a little bit to Fionnuala then with a bit of a friendliness breaking through his hardened, stoic composure. "I see, I see. No worries lass, it's a fine name nonetheless." Then he looks around before switching into the Gaelic language. "Do ya speak Gaelic?"

His eyes fall on RJ then, tilting his head at the fellow as he learns his name. "Curious." He says mainly to himself but clearly it wasn't out of hostility.

Eyes fall in Rain then, as if somewhat intrigued. Not too many people even kind of similar to him personality wise that he's met here.

"I, for one, think it's a lovely name," Loukanos chimes in earnestly. "Very unique, I've never heard it before." Granted, he lived as a recluse in Greece and on an entirely different dimension for most of his life prior to Coral Springs. "Well, one of the Irish gods had a daughter by that name, I think…" His knowledge of ancient myths and folklore tends to deteriorate the further one gets from the Mediterranean. "Nice to meet you, RJ." No, he doesn't offer a hand, thinking the boy with numbers for a full name wouldn't understand it.

Following Fionnuala's gaze to his chest, the boy smiles ruefully, "My apologies…it is not as horrid as it looks, I swear. It is meant to ward off evil spirits and negative influences…I am working on it for a friend." Friend? Yes, friend. Smiling mischievously at the others, he quips, "So if any of you know any malevolent entities, tell them to stop by and we can see if this thing actually works."

When RJ introduces himself, Rain's brow quirks upward slightly. An expression, she does have them occasionally, subtle as they are though it is "You are the one from an alternate dimension?" She has heard of him at least. If she is intrigued by anyone it doesn't show, poker face here.

The entrance of Louk has her nodding a greeting and the mention of the pendant gets another subtle look "For Callisto? Do brothers count?" Is she joking? And which brother?

So many accents! Some known all too well; others new.. others really new as in out-of-this-world (unbeknownst to Fee.)

With a grin she accepts the offered grapes, popping a few into her mouth. "Thanks, RJ. Are you feeling at home, yet?" She asks, trying to segue into as friendly a topic as possible. Fee likes for new people to feel welcome. The winged one turns to answer Lazarus next.. should he ease into Scots Gaelic with his query, Fionnuala will nod quickly with a shy grin. "Aye!" Need she say more? Very, very rarely does the girl turn to Scots Gaelic while at school; even her closest friends haven't had cause to hear it. Usually it's just with family… but here, a fellow student!

Loukanos' words excite her even more.. there's something about the kind boy calling her name 'lovely' that gets her all innocuously aflutter.. especially when there's mythology stirred in. "Oh! Wouldn't you know, I heard of that. I asked Da about where the name came from.. turns out that daughter was cursed and turned into a swan! Not too far off the mark.. only I'm a crow, and my folks are actually pretty nice." Said with a wink before she silences to hear about the amulet, Fee considers. "I don't know about malevolent activities.. but that is pretty fascinating!" Declares the girl in admiration as she remains alongside Rain, listening to her friend's query to the godling.

RJ ponders exactly how to respond. "As well as I think I might be able to. Considering the circumstances that brought me here, there is little to no point dwelling on it, so I am adapting as necessary." He pauses, "My apologies, but I do not know any of your designations."

Lazarus?s actually -smiles- as Fionnuala actually knows Gaelic! It brings a certain joy into his heart. he sticks with Gaelic as he speaks with Fee. "It's good then, for you now remind me of Home. Thank you for that." He bows his head softly to her. Then he looks to RJ.

"Anotha Dimension?" Weird stuff that he knows jack shit about.

he turns his head to Lou as he returns. "Hello again."

He then leans against the wall, hands in his pocket.

"Yes. And maybe," Loukanos answers Rain first with a faint grin. "Depends on who - or what - your brother is." Is she referring to Conner or the twin? He's assuming the latter. "I don't think I would want Schuyler poking inside my head, though…even with protection. It would not go well for him." And not for the reasons one might guess.

Fionnuala's insight on the myth he was referring to elicits an even brighter smile from Louk. "Yes, that's the one. I personally don't think being a swan or a crow is much of curse. It's a peaceful existence compared to our team's 'mascot'." He is, of course, referring to Prometheus who endures eternal punishment via an eagle devouring his liver, only for it to grow back the next day. Shrugging, he adds, "I can turn into both. Maybe we can get together one day and do what crows do. You know, everything besides eating corpses."

"Forgive my manners," Loukanos turns to introduce himself to RJ. "Loukanos." Lazarus gets a wave and a smile and a "Hello!" before he returns his attention to the dimensional outsider. "Where are you from?"

"Well I'm glad you're here." Fionnuala offers easily to RJ; as far as she is concerned the discovery of powers (or arrival into a world) can be traumatic, troubling, frightening. However RJ ended up here, Fionnuala can only surmise… she hasn't met others with numbers in their names before. Is he a construct? Questions upon questions percolate behind her eyes before one wing twitches and she breaks out of the reverie. Lazarus speaking to her catches her attention once more, especially as he continues on in Gaelic. The girl once again understands his words and offers up in the very same language (bracketed in another character because the player doesn't want to accost Google Translate XD ): ~It's no problem. I don't speak it here very often but now I have reason to! What part of Scotland are you from? I was born stateside but know of certain areas.~

Then, smooth as honey and not missing a beat, Fee is back to English. Loukanos once more draws forth laughter from the shifter, she looks highly pleased, "Trust me, it is peaceful.. far more than that, I can agree." A knowing glimmer in her eyes speaks of her knowledge in Promethean lore. Mention of the godling's ability to shapeshift brightens her eyes once again, "I would love that. Flying as a bird is the very best.. though I can do without the garbage diet."

RJ nods his head to Rain, "Yes, so it is believed. I myself make no claims of certainty, but I know that I am not from here. At least not this here. I do come from an Earth that in some ways shares similarities, but is vastly different." He gives a slight shrug, as he continues to answer those who asked of him, "So it is difficult to say where I am from. The place that I live.. well lived.. was once called Newyork… New York… but it had not been called that since my Earth was enslaved by a race from another world." The blond boy goes back to enjoying his grapes. It is the simplest of things, while he listens with much confusion as the others speak. They language may be the same, but there are many, many words and concepts that are alien to him.

Lazarus smiles softly then to Fee. ~Ah, I see. Glad to give you the reason to speak the language of Home. I'm from Glasgow.~ The warmest of smiles then as he does so for the first time since arriving at this strange and curious place.

He tilts his head then at RJ with a small second of curiosity

Though eventually he smiles softly to all. "I'm going to check out the grounds. See ya." He walks off then.

Rain is familiar with other dimensions, but that is a completely different conversation, and one that gives her nightmares. "I'm sure your orange hot chocolate tastes a lot better than most dining choices of crows." there is a bit of a nose wrinkle, clearly of disgust.

"He has had pretty bad luck when poking into other people's brains. He has learned a lesson about that." she tells Louk "I don't have that luxury though." she circles a temple "He is always here." and that's her normal. "Speaking of…" she grabs the chips and tucks them into her blazer pocket and then the other tea "I am going to find my brothers." she then heads out without any goodbyes, since most of the people here she will be seeing in class anyways.

Sapphire eyes follow the conversation between Fionnuala and Lazarus. It is subtle, but Loukanos shows slight signs of understanding what is said between the Scotts. He says nothing of it, though, perhaps storing the information for later use. He certainly won't butt in the natives' convo with his divine-imbued Gaelic. "I presume, then, that you can fly in this form as well?" She has wings, after all. Pretty ones, too. Rain and Lazarus both receive yet another wave as they head out, and RJ gets a tilt of the head. "A race from another world conquered the entire Earth…? Do the gods not exist where you are from?" That is the only way Louk could see something like that happening.

"Oh bollocks… and class resumes…" Fionnuala laments, watching Rain and Lazarus leave, but not rushing just yet without proper goodbyes. She smiles outright to the godling, finding it easy to do so. There was something, too, that the recognized in Loukanos the evening they tried to talk down the thugs causing trouble in the parking lot. She will certainly have to ask the blonde boy about it, after classes! It's nothing too serious… just more curiosity!

With the departure of Lazarus comes Fee's return to good ol' English. "I can! Not as quickly, though.. it's a different type of flight, as a human. It feels… more surreal, I guess. Empyreal. But sadly not as practical in a town where a girl in the sky would blow our cover." Said with a soft giggle. "It's so much easier, and faster, as a bird." Said simply as she balls up her garbage and disposes of it. Fionnuala looks regretfully at her peers, "It's about time to get back to class.. sorry to run! Thanks for the chat," Said with a merry little fingerwave as she plucks an apple from a bowl. Shifters need to eat often, it seems. She's through the door and back out into the halls, leaving a couple of sunlight-imbued feathers in her wake.

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