(2018-04-18) Hospital Parkour
Hospital Parkour
Summary: Discovering that there's no hard feelings, Callisto watches Daxton indulge in some parkour in a derelict old building. What could possibly go wrong?
Date: 2018-04-18
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Maple Drive, Shady Cove
Wed Apr 18, 2018

This area of town has fallen into disrepair, there are a few abandoned houses, a large broken down hospital that is no longer in use and an old park. Next to the park there is a skating park in surprisingly good repair, local kids see to the upkeep of their skating playground. The street has several potholes and the grass on the sides of the road is tall and unkempt.

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And so it occurs, Callisto has returned here.. to this charming, delightful section of town. With picturesque abandoned houses, their fences and yards broken and unkempt and vandalized. The sad little buildings create a sort of vista through which one can observe the distant, derelict hulk of an equally empty hospital. There are so many more things to look at in Shady Cove; prettier things, more 'happening' spots… why would one ever wish to loiter here unless they still live here? The kids maintaining their skatepark are perhaps the most industrious presences.

But there's something that keeps bringing Callisto back here. She said it before, she does so love the beauty in dereliction. The shadows, the wistfulness of it all… it's a good place for her to go and be when she doesn't want to face or examine her problems at school. There's also less chance of being seen here.

To walk the length of what was once a main thoroughfare of residential road is to see a small single family home, long emptied, a walkway leading into a jungle of a yard. It is later in the day, long after classes but a couple of hours before true nightfall. Callisto sits upon the lowest step of a stairwell leading up to the porch of this little old house. Her hair trembles loose and whitely in the tepid breeze, head bowed, fingers knit between long legs, folded at the knees. Is she meditating here? It's as quiet as the dead.

Daxton's still grounded from work, but he's done with not running. He's been hopping around the abandoned hospital, resisting some of his old parkour skills from before all this super soldier stuff happened. He has a small scrap on his left wrist and is now limping as he exits the building. But he feels better. Sometimes the best mediation is not thinking at all, just //moving. The graduated Ares is in his blue leather jacket, seems he doesn't take that off much when outside and not on missions. Does he wear t during the summer too? He vibrates, tying to shake off the dust that's on him from when one of the walls gave inside the building.

The girl's lips are moving softly… clearly in another language. She seems to be settled… maybe she is practicing what Sky mentioned to her, or is trying to? Flirting with it? The early spring weather clearly isn't too uncomfortable for this fae of the North because aside from the black maxi dress with dark purple orchid print that fits like a glove, she's wearing a thick woolen cardigan that fits almost like a cape and ties at the neck. It, too, is black. The weather feels just right. She does not carry the scent of the pool with her this time, but instead some sort of subtle night-blooming musk. Callisto basically looks like… well, Callisto.

Though she hears something.. someone. Motion. Her head lifts and tilts slightly, eyes fluttering open as Daxton's emergence from the nearby hospital fills her with a degree of unease. Until she actually stands to tread closer and realize that this is not the arrival of a bum, but instead the speedster.. Callisto relaxes. Somewhat. She isn't sure how he is around her, now, since her last verbal faux pas. Regardless, the fae girl walks the short way to the hospital to investigate, and spots the boy as he shakes off the dust. A brow quirks languidly. "Scavenger hunt?" Callisto asks in her smooth way, looking up at the old building with obvious interest.

Daxton's head swivels quickly as he hears her voice, but doesn't move beyond the shaking off of the dust. "Just clearing my had. There's good walls to bounce off of in there." A glance around, as there's no one else around, and nothing stands out as interesting in the general area that Dax can think of for her to be here, "You?"

Well, he's not storming off or giving her the cold shoulder! A good thing! Callisto watches him for a time, considering. Is it even worth bringing it up to apologize..? The fae girl watches the dust rise slowly, "I am certain… did you have a wall fall on you? For you are filthy." She says gently, not in a cruel way.. maybe with a touch of amusement. He asks of her what she is doing and Callisto's lashes flutter once. ".. similar. Conditioning myself." Said in a level way, then she's.. approaching? Callisto passes through the thinning plume of dust, set off by the speedster's vibrations, causing it to curl and dissipate in her wake. She pauses to look at Daxton again briefly before she steps into the maw of the hospital's main entrance, stopping to look up once more. "I wish to go inside. To look." The girl hesitates, looking rather curious.

"Is it safe for me?" Asked smoothly as she peers over a shoulder.. one more hesitation.

"I am sorry for aggravating you, the last time we met. The kitten found a home." Callisto turns her gaze back to the entrance, brow furrowed slightly.

Daxton snorts, "I got out of the way." Mostly. Dax dusts his jeans off, watching her approach and then bypass him to the entrance, "It's…it's filthy in there." Using her own words, "But going into the first room should be safe. Just don't kick anything." He ignores the apology, instead, "Good. I'm glad they had room to take it." Was that a possibility that wouldn't?

The fae girl does not yet move, looking at him again. She does not push the apology, instead taking it as 'accepted'. Callisto just has to know, now, not to push again… to mind her words. What right has she to be asking such personal things? Regarding the little furball that she carried across town… "I.. paid for it to be fixed, as they called it. And.. it's.. vaccinations." IT sounds as if she is trying to find the right words, in English. "There were other kittens. I paid for those too. For I wished to see them get homes. I went back a few days later and they were all taken…" Callisto dips her head, tresses flitting in the clashing cooler air with the warm, musty breath easing out of the old building. "I suspect it made it easier for their adoption."

Why did she explain this to a boy who really doesn't care for cats? She really doesn't quite know if it means much, maybe the reflection of it just feels nice. Then Callisto wants to go into this filthy, shadowy place. A clearing of her throat.

"I am going in, filth can be washed, no? What is this bouncing off of walls..? Is there a name for it?" Callisto asks, clearly needing a couple of English blanks filled in for this 'parkour' business. Then this strange girl makes to go in, dressed to the nines, looking to have all the time in the world.

Daxton hopes they are adopted, but he nods, "That was nice of you." He doesn't hate cats, he just doesn't want to live with one! And now, just like with the kitten, Dax feels obligated to follow her in, maybe in case one of the walls falls on her. "I do parkour. I guess it is bouncing off of walls." He shrugs, blue eyes scanning the room he just left. "It's about always moving. It allows a person to do more than what they could from a still start."

"I am learning to be kinder." The girl admits, "T'is not what I was conditioned for by birthright, but I believe I'm figuring it out." It was easy to practice with kittens. Did she expect Daxton to go with her, back into the building that he was apparently done with? Perhaps not, but she isn't about to deny him. He's a friend that she thought she lost but then he seems alright again.

People confuse Callisto sometimes. But maybe she is the confusing one.

The willowy girl passes through the doorway and into the room that the speedster previously bounced around in. Perhaps she can see the portion of wall that gave way on him. Callisto pauses then, sniffs the musty air delicately. "Show me." She bids, her curiosity stoked by such a prospect, and by this poor old building in general. She wonders to herself how long it has sat empty.


Abandoned Hospital,
Shady Cove

Huge old abandoned hospital with different rooms here and there, the doors either off their hinges or open. Or missing all together. The floor is concrete, dirty from years of being unused as well as exposure to the elements, the ceiling high with a few gaping holes. Staircases, some leading to upper floors, some leading.. nowhere, are located near an old elevator shaft that leads to.. certain death.


Daxton thinks that's weird, how does a person learn to be kinder? But whatever, if it makes her happy, who's he to judge? He hooks a thumb around his belt loop, keeping in the doorway. "So you…parkour?" So weird! He shrugs and then moves more into the building, "Let's go further in then…"

A comical look passes through Callisto's face, briefly. What… does she—wait wut. He's already moving onwards and luckily, the girl wears flats… she's not about to tread into this place with heels on. Curiosity wins out and she trails along after Daxton, eyes roving along the walls and doorways in various states of wreckage. She eyes a set of hinges that appear to have had the door ripped — maybe kicked or beaten by vandals — clean off before she watches the speedster's back. "I do not.. I've never.. I was looking for an example. I know naught on how to do this 'parkour'." Callisto admits sheepishly.

The fae girl attempting parkour at this stage would be sad and hysterical. But she really wants to see how it's done!

<FS3> Daxton rolls Parkour: Good Success.

Daxton nods, bright blue eyes scanning the room before taking off. It's not the fastest he's gone, in fact it's almost a normal person fast (Almost). But he's suddenly using the corner of the walls to run up and hang from a door free. Lucky for him, it hold. For now. "I can do more on staircases. The more corners something has, or ledges, the better." Muscles flex, holding him up in the air.

… yeah no, Callisto doesn't do parkour. She folds her hands in front of herself politely as she waits, anticipating this demonstration… and Daxton, well, demonstrates! His 'normal person' fast is still, to the girl, quite speedy and her head pivots and turns on her neck to watch the boy move. One hand lifts to rest at her collarbone as she looks, very briefly, startled. Maybe she's watching that door frame, indeed wondering if the compromised plaster will hold. Daxton goes on to hang from that portion of the door frame and Callisto does look suitably impressed. Maybe she won't chalk parkour up as a method of 'meditating'… this is unlike what she could have imagined for the activity.

Granted physical activity is a fantastic way to avoid thinking. Still, Callisto would likely split her skull open. c.c

"Why for do you practice in places such as this, where the floors and ceilings are not to be trusted? Is parkour frowned upon in the town?" Calliso asks innocently, without guile. IT looks fun, though.. she looks around the room again, one foot twitching.

Daxton snorts, dropping from the frame as bits of plaster rain down on him into his hair. He's gonna need a shower after this. "Yeah, it's not always smiled upon. I think it also gives new life to places, like…why else would someone come in here?" There's plenty of reason, but this is on elf them. "Come on, the basement stairs are gone, but we can use the ones going up." That sounds rather dangerous. Dax seems to like dangerous, if the corner of his upturned mouth indicates.

Oh God, what's with that expression. Callisto is kinda gathering that the speedster likes a spot of danger in his life. Still, she is wanting to know more. She winces as plaster once again rains down into his hair and he truly doesn't seem to care. Granted, the hem of her dress is sifting through dust and grime and Callisto doesn't seem to mind either. There are far more interesting things afoot. So along she goes, this time the one intent on following, hair swaying at her waist and, despite herself, catching up some dust as well. "To seek shelter, perhaps?" That's all Callisto can reckon, "To…" She looks around quickly, spies a tag of graffiti here and there. "To produce this? It appears to be as much of a canvass as it is a.. parkour course." Yeah, that's it.

If Callisto is a bit anxious about scaling stairs that have been left to rot for years upon years, she keeps that to herself behind her poker face. "I would try but… t'is easier just to watch you." And not die trying.

Daxton just laughs, "Yeah…I guess they could use it to crash." He's slept in worse. That though has him blink , not sure where that came from . A vibration , like he's shaking something off (Dust in fact!) ad he's moving deeper into the building. "Taggers have it rough, not too many trains around here." A glance over his shoulder and he'll casually say, "I've never seen you move fast, Parkour might be a spectator sport for you." Maybe she swims fast?

Those vibrations.. Callisto sees yet another one, casting another plume of dust. Any and all questions Callisto has regarding Daxton's abilities, however, are to remain firmly upon the back burner for now. She comes from a rather shitty family but she hasn't quite heard much on people doing this to one another. Augmenting teenagers and kids… training them so intensively. It's just beyond the girl, really. Granted, Callisto isn't all that normal herself… but needles and procedures and the like just give her the heebie-jeebies.

She is just ruminating Daxton's words when he looks to her, speaking of her own, uh… not so quick speed. "I can run." Said with a sniff, one brow quirking smoothly. "I just cannot.. do… that." She gestures around herself, to the many surfaces that could indeed entice one practicing parkour. She slows briefly, glancing in one of the rooms that has the skeletal remains of what appears to be an oldschool hospital bed, stripped and beaten up a bit. Euuugh.

"I like to swim. I can do so rather fast." Will there you have it. Not as cool to watch as parkour alas.

More laughter, 'running'. He nods though, "Sure…I didn't mean you couldn't run." Just that she doesn't. Trying to be fair, "Did you get to swim in the ocean when you got here? Or was it already too cold?" Look, he's listening! Getting to the stairs he pauses a movement to rub his leg, it's still a little sore, but it also feels so good to be moving.

The laughter and movements are heartening to Callisto; she likes to see the boy having fun. "T'is alright, I am not one to run so I do understand what you were getting at." Said easily, no offense of any manner taken. She needs to take a moment to consider when she arrived to Coral Springs… not too long before the original school got wrecked. "I came to the original school this November past," She offers, pausing beside and just a little bit behind Daxton as they reach the stairs. She looks at their rise, then back to the boy and finally to his leg. As he rubs it. Hn.

"T'was too cold. I can handle some low temperature, but not quite like that." Her eyes widen a touch, expressively. "I shall have you know that this January past, there were people going forth to swim in the ocean. In the snow. They called it a polar bear swim. Why must people do that to themselves?!" She looks aghast, clears her throat. "I shall enjoy these waters when the weather warms up a touch." Said wistfully. It'll be even better when her damned Mother gets what's coming to her and she can do so with abandon.

"Will you be alright?" She asks suddenly, indicating Dax's leg.

Daxton straightens as soon as he realizes she noticed, "Yeah. I'm fine. No pain no gain, right?" His eyes dart over the staircase, making in what ledges and what walls are where. "Polar Bear swims are packed." And then he's off moving faster than humanly possible up and around the walls.

<FS3> Daxton rolls Parkour: Good Success.

"No pain, no gain…" Callisto echoes, liking the term. She, too, cases out the staircase.. looking for any indication of a buckled stair or something that could hinder or hurt the speedster. It looks okay. "Polar bear swims are strange," Says this strange girl, "Are people trying to give themselves episodes of the heart? Have you tried it before?" Maybe he just means 'packed' by watching them, not by partaking… but being an apparent thrill-seeker, Callisto wouldn't put it past Daxton.

And off he goes!! The girl startles again, as she often does, when one moves so quickly and deftly. It's not a fear reaction just… Callisto is not used to seeing such things. Up, up, up and around he goes and the girl manages an earnest laugh before pressing her fingers to her mouth. "You are most good that that." Said in compliment to the left—no the right, he's over there now. Callisto freezes, looks straight up and follows Daxton as he flies overhead. She's like some feline following a red dot!

Callisto makes to ascend the stairwell at a much more sedate, casual pace… she wonders where it might lead. To a roof?

Daxton lets out a quick laugh, "No. I'm not crazy." Despite what some people think. Up, around, up more, he doesn't stop moving once he starts. Seems he likes motion to much, despite the twinge in his leg. He'll ice it when he gets home and hopes Afterthought doesn't notice. "I should be, I did this before, on the bases. We had a whole group of us that parkoured."

Callisto slows in her ascent, hand on a railing though that would be a moot point if the steps decided to crumble. She breaks out in a staccato of laughter when Dax deems himself not 'crazy'. "Says the one bounding off of the walls in a building that looks ready to give up the ghost." Says the girl walking into said building in clothing that she should be wearing at a mall or engagement, not here. Everyone is bloody crazy.

She is clearly saying it all in jest though. Callisto goes between watching the leaping and bounding speedster to actually watching her step. "Though I've not the mettle for parkour, I am yet on the lookout for that which is fun to try, because I may hav——" Callisto's build-up to an Important Thought to share is broken off by her walking face-first into a low-hanging sheet of spiderwebs! EW!

Stark revulsion and a brief spat of fear lapses the fae girl back into what had been her typical dialect before learning English. "Brutto! Brutto! Fa det af!!" Callisto wails in Danish, swiping at the mess, bidding it to get off of her! Now she is filthy. Aw, Strawberry hates spiders!

Screaming girl? Nothing ruins the moment like screaming girls! Daton is next to her in an instant, tense and scanning the area for the attack, "What?! What is it?" Is it her mother again? Dax doesn't know if he can punch a dream, but he'll try. He's actually urn away from Calli, almost protectively covering her flank until he realizes she wiping somethingoff of her. Straightening, "Seriously?"

Poor poor Daxton. Yeah it's an unsettling thing to hear a girl scream, especially one who does her best to stay composed. A Mommy Dearest 'attack' is actually quieter than this, more inward, resulting in her buckling and holding her head. Pain. No no, this is pure reaction and Callisto is swatting and brushing at her cardigan as if it were ablaze. Good thing there's no spider on her (that she knows of) or she would bring the whole place down.

"This!" She exclaims, looking quickly to the ceiling and around herself before looking down at the silvery threads that continue to cling to her upper arm, full of dust and other fine matter that often suspends itself in cobwebs. She then realizes that she set the poor boy on red alert.

"I loathe spiders!" Callisto exclaims, face flushing. Too bad she walked into the mother of all cobwebs! She looks right back at him, "Seriously!" How dare this abandoned building be filled with webs?! Still, Callisto knows she did startle Dax, and she is quick to offer an apology, "Pardon. It had taken me by surprise. It feels as if I am now crawling with them."

"It's abandoned, Strawberry. Abandoned from people, not bugs!" And then the speedster starts to laugh, hand going up to brush some of the dust off his face. And then to be mean (He's such a mean boy!) Dax says, "Hold still…" And reaches over. There's no spider, but the implication is there as he tries to push a piece of plaster from her hair.

The girl is still jittering from feeling of that stringy, dusty crud finding it's way to her face. Her face. Dax tells her to hold still and Callisto freezes "Is there—" She starts, pauses. Blinks a few times and looks over a shoulder, then back to him with a degree of intensity in her gaze. "Is there one on-" Because when people tell you to 'hold still' after walking into a Godzilla-sized (not really) spider web that means one of the little eight legged bastards is on you. She is now working to control this fear that she felt briefly and strongly. It's too late though, even the touch to her hair to remove the plaster is enough to pique some interest. Her interest. Malachite, sensing fear in any of her children, does not 'investigate' out of maternal care… no, it's more like an opportunity. The fae girl feels the 'exhale' in her subconscious (oh shit), gaze dropping to watch the piece of plaster fall to the stairwell the moment Daxton loosens it.

What was she saying before she had her stumble there? Callisto looks back up at Daxton, "I spoke to the boy, whom you mentioned… there are a few, now, whom I think are going to try helping me deal with this." She says softly, points to her temple to indicate what she means. "Maybe then, I can try this parkour in earnest." A sad little smile then.

Daxton blinks, not sure what just happened, but clearly something did. His hand drops, letting the piece of plaster fall to the ground. He's not going to apologize for teasing her, but he'll let it drop. "That's good. Sky's a good dude, mostly." He nods, taking a half step back, maybe he's crowding her? "Told you people would help."

Thing is, Callisto doesn't mind being crowded, persay! She misses touch, be it from the rare pleasantries with strangers such as handshakes or the like.. or beyond that, experienced a long time ago. She noted the step back, and she is quick to reassure.. or try to. "It's alright, please do not worry. I need to figure out eventually how to keep her away… I was told of a few things to try. But there may be some magic involved as well… I've yet to talk to another couple of students who might… could… come up with something to keep her out of my mind, indefinitely. Or at least until I can get stronger." She reaches out to flick a piece of plaster from Daxton's shoulder, and with a quick little nod she makes to ascend the rest of the way.

"T'would be nice to know where I shall stand before I graduate next year, and get unleashed upon the world." Again. She considers, then, looking to the speedster. "May I call you friend, then, Daxton? I've not put you off too deeply with my situation?" Now that's a random question. She's going somewhere with this, honest.

Dear lord, this girl is weird. Blue eyes follow the flicking of the plaster and then she's suddenly walking down and away, so he has to follower her. "I can't do much but punch things if they get while in distance, sorry." With her walking ahead he can stop a moment and rub his calf before speeding back up behind her. "Sure?" He shrugs, "We've all got weird situations."

The fae girl is relieved to know of this, that she can call him such. She continues to climb the stairwell, even if just to get a glimpse of what is up above or beyond, even if it's another boring derelict hallway and/or wing that may or may not be accessible. What this means to Callisto is that she can be honest with 'friends', even those who think her odd. She slows as she hears the boy rubbing his calf, only to swiftly catch up, and she glances sideward as she mounts to top of the staircase. Another set of rickety double doors.. pah, it's just another unremarkable floor.

"Some people are put off by those who live long, do not age." Callisto ponders aloud, trying to think about how best to explain. This needn't be a dramatic thing. "I am of the dark court, a dark faerie, as humans and tales like to coin us. Many of my kith and kin are cruel; they like to cause trouble. They like to hurt. I am not like that." She heaves a gentle sigh. "Long story short, I shall never age beyond what you see here. A young adult. I pray that it does not discomfort you. For t'is what friends do then, correct? To be honest?" She asks in her odd way, she even speaks in an archaic way sometimes.

Daxton's eyes immediately go to her back for some reason. Huh. "Brenna had wings. Do you?" No questions about the fairy part beyond a shrug, "Why would that discomfort me?" He's met so many strange people, not much shocks him in people's histories.

What was Callisto expecting? The guy to be scared off? To denounce dark faeries as a no-go, untrustworthy, seeya later? Callisto blinks once, twice as his eyes move to her back and her lips press together into a tense line. Is there a spider, afterall? Then the question… she knows nothing of this 'Brenna' but somehow, the manner in which Daxton asks this and his physical reaction… Callisto could sigh with relief. She almost does in fact, it shows in how her gaze softens and her lips part somewhat to exhale. She shakes her head in the negative, regarding wings.

"T'was just a fear… the moment one hears the word 'dark' before a name, t'is commonplace to associate with evil without questions. But the.. immortality…" Her fingers knit together in front of her abdomen, her head tilting before she turns to look into the empty hallway yawning up ahead of them. ".. sometimes it just feels so dishonest, is all. But I thank you." Said in pure truth. Hell, why the heck did it bother her so much?!

"My mother is dark, and evil, and wished to hurt you. To feed off of your hurt. I shan't let that happen again, for I appreciate you." Offered casually, before she deigns to step out into this next unexplored floor.

Daxton Rolls his eyes, "If I think your evil, it will ahem nothing to do with your ancestry, promise." As for her mortality, "It doesn't affect me, why should I care? Good for you, you get to live forever and can always shop at Rue 21." He frowns slightly, not liking that she's having to protect him, but he lets her have her say and follows her inside the hallway.

The girl looks as if she has said her bit, while ruminating what Daxton gives her. "Rue 21…?" Said seconds after the click-click-click of her soles cease on the worn floor. She peers upwards at the ceiling and here, there's just the barest bend in the material. Going up higher may be problematic, but maybe it's just a portion of the floor. She turns to look at him, looking perplexed. "What is this Rue 21? It sounds like a restaurant." Yup, no bloody idea. She's just relieved that she's not being seen as a cruel, sinister oddity! The breeze beyond the walls moans through some of the broken windows in the ward, sending plumes of dust and tumbleweeds of worn bits of paper and debris skittering across the floor ahead of them.

Callisto looks for him for elaboration on this 'Rue' place. "I wish not to spend a lifetime shopping, but rather, doing something useful." She says with a wrinkle in her nose.

Daxton says, "It's a clothing sore." That's all Dax will say, cause…boring. He's not into clothes shopping. He nods though, "I get that. It was just a joke. Maybe you can save kittens for eternity?" That would make her happy, right? The speedster moves closer, just in case anything breaks or collapses."

Ironically enough, Callisto doesn't look too curious about the prospect of a trendy clothing joint. Sure, she's typically dressed-to-the-nines beyond the school uniform (HATE) … wherever she is getting her clothing, it is not at this particular place. "A.. clothing store." She repeats, wrinkling her nose again. "T'would be a boring existence to wile away in places such as that forevermore." Said with a shrug. "Places like these are far more fascinating." Said quietly as she peers into room after room, mostly at the same empty setting… spaces that likely held two beds, bisected by a curtain, each with patients and staff. She can't help herself, she laughs then, "Now there is a prospect. I shall save each kitten and have it sent to you." Is tried as a quip.. see? Callisto can be funny, or try to be! Or just THINK she is! She has a lot of money and time, she could save a lot of kittens for him.

Maybe it's a threat.

"What of you? What shall happen when the school departs the estate? Will your Unit remain there, or move on?" Callisto asks casually, pausing at the open maw of what was once a patient room. Something has caught her interest in there; it looks to be an overturned trolley. There's a tiny bit of moisture on the floor, no big right? What could possibly go wrong?!

Noted. Strawberry prefers creepy place, just not spiders. Dax's nose wrinkles, "Shit. N thank you." Lucky for him he isn't immortal (hopefully), he can't be saddled with cats for all eternity. "Well, yeah. It's our base. Why would we leave?" Instead of looking in the room, he glances behind them, and then down the hall.

The fae girl's laughter chimes after her as she steps into the room. Nothing sounds off.. the floor seems sound. There is the distinct discoloration of water damage in the ceiling and there, at the center of the stains, is a single tedious drip that continuously hits the floor, bounces off of the overturned cart, and pools on the floor. Callisto is, by nature, a deeply curious girl. What wouldn't be intriguing about a cart containing relics of this hospital's life as a lifesaving zenith. Just a cart, catching the dwindling streaks of sunlight through an intact window.

Aware of Daxton casing out the hallway behind her and the room in which she wanders, Callisto kneels beside the cart and pulls open some of the drawers, resulting in rusty squeaks. There is a groan however… subtle. The brackish water that Callisto avoids stepping in quivers slightly. This is the most weight that has been on this part of the floor in quite some time: the girl and the cart.

"I do not know, I was just curious. I thought that the mansion was temporary for everybody involved." Callisto offers, not paying much mind to that slow, subtle sound.

Daxton doesn't hear the grown, but the squeaks have him turning back to look at her, "Be careful. Everything in the is prolly rusty." And do fey get tetanus shots? "Nope. Estates are ours. We're just being all friendly like."

The last thing Daxton may see before shit hits the fan is Callisto's head peering up from behind the cart, sunlight forming a corona on the back of her moonpale head, elfin ears red at the tips where the skin is thinner. Her eyes are clear and watchful, pale pale blue as she considers. "I see. Who knows were we might had ended up were you not 'friendly like'." She totally misreads the slang. Her lips curl up slightly at their corners and all it takes is the motion of closing the drawer to offset the weight. Junk shifts in the cart. Callisto doesn't even look down to see the discolored, bloated tiles beneath the contraption.

The groan becomes a shriek, and suddenly… a great WHUMP!!

Callisto's amused look drops into something horrified. The floor beneath the trolley, rotten and flimsy, opens up in a yawn — about five feet by six — and gulps the cart down into the floor below it. Slimey, chunky pieces of old wood, plaster and metal debris fall with the cart and the sickly THUD can be heard following the breaking apart of the compromised floor. Callisto didn't even have the time to scream.. did she go with it?!

<FS3> Daxton rolls Super Speed: Great Success.

It feels like Dax reacts on instant, and maybe some of it is, but everything blurs and goes so slow, he usually has time to think and plan out things. Like now, the floor groans and caves and as poor Strawberry's eyes widen in a comically slow motion. The Unit 23 member is already moving speeding towards her to grab her not by the hand, but around the waist (Hands is how people get dropped). She's slung around and up into his arms, this moment is mostly lost on Callisto. She's just one moment falling, the next moment in Dax's arms. She didn't think she could do parkour? Well, she is now, just in the speedster's arms. He's barreling to fast to just stop or turns so he runs up and around the walls till he's back at the doorway. Only there does he stop, although he doesn't put her down, and those vibrations can be felt echoing through his body. "You okay?"

All Callisto knows is that there's nothing beneath her feet, that they're swinging, one flat falling from a foot to the floor below. She has forever ahead of her, but this could kill her as easily as any mortal. Sure, she heals quickly.. but even dark fae cannot heal from broken necks. Time flows too quickly for Callisto as she feels that sudden rush of her body dropping, her stomach leaping to her throat. The horror is stark and piercing and she isn't even aware of the pain of her forearms as her muscles are strained, her palms gripping whatever she can find purchase on in the splintered floor. It's rebar; slimey, gnarled rebar that bent as the floor sluiced away. Callisto hasn't too much strength in her upper body, she is so lean and willowy.. she avoided the fall initially but she won't be able to hold on for long.

Then, suddenly, Callisto is doing her first-ever bit of parkour.. only not. It's over in seconds. Her hands are curled inwards against her abdomen, paining somewhat, but she's rigid as a board with terror. The vibrations in the boy's body bring her out of the shock somewhat and despite herself, she nestles closer, unable to look at the hole in the floor. Malachite be damned. Her eyes are wide, her lips move nigh-soundlessly in some old, inhuman language. Then the shaking begins.. she could have suffered the same fate as the cart.

Daxton stands there for what feels like an eternity, inhaling to ask her again if she's okay, but then she's shaking. Shit. "Hey…hey…you're okay. I got ya…" His arms tighten a little around her, not even bothering to set her down as he starts to walk carefully out the room and towards the stairs.

"Foolishness." Callisto utters, "I hadn't.. I hadn't heard—" She sighs. No grievous injuries, no signs of having been punctured or scraped by anything rusty. Thank goodness for small miracles. But the splintered wood got her in the wrists and along the tips of her fingers, one splinter having even found it's way up under a nail by a couple of millimeters. How's that for ouch? Callisto is too startled to pay the pain much mind. Yet.

Held easily, Callisto looks up, whispering. "I am so sorry. I meant not to cause this. It seemed sound, it did." It's nearly a plea, she can't seem to get over her foolishness. There is a tingle in her mind that whispers to her.. she is being touched, bodily… the connection is made. She sees it in her mind, a flash of a familiar face, beautiful and terrible, eyes like chips of onyx.

Malachite, teeth bared whitely. «Oh~… him again.» A raspy purr. Then she's gone.

Callisto can be felt crumbling again and leaning in, she can't help it. She needs to find Loukanos. ASAP.

Daxton will agree, if only to calm her down, "It's ok…it was loud." The shift in the girl has him worried, "Are you hurt? Callisto…I need your to focus and tell me." He's eyeing her, trying to make sure he didn't miss any injuries, she wasn't pierced but the metal, was she? As he asks he starts going down the stairs, not quite super speed, but fast. He's thinking fresh air may calm her down.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Mind: Good Success.

At least she doesn't seem faint, just troubled. Embarrassed. Callisto squeezes her eyes shut, and suddenly her lips begins to move. She's whispering to herself as if under a great strain, "All nature has a feeling: woods, fields, brooks.." Fast, fast, intense. She pulls both hands up and goes to curls her fingers in, one hand jolts visibly. The poetry that she recites to herself becomes grittier and huskier as she wills herself to carry on with it. Especially on the visuals. "Are life eternal: and in silence they speak happiness beyond the reach of books; there's nothing mortal in them; their decay—" What manner of 'defense' is this? It's that focal point, encouraged by Schuyler to at least try… and… it works.

Callisto can be felt relaxing, breathing deep, head tilting back. Her mind is her own and she keeps it that way. Somehow the pain helps, too, as well as the physical feeling of being held. She watches his face, brow furrowed. "I shall be okay. But.. this.." She holds up the afflicted hand shakily. Yup, that small shred of wood in her bloody nail bed. ".. hurts.. hurts.. oh.."

(OOC: Poem by John Clare.)

Weird. But if it calms her down, okay. Down the stairs and outside they go. He actually keeps moving, closer to where she was first meditating. A glance around to make sure she didn't have a bag or anything, and then down again to the girl in his arms. Her presented finger gets a grunt, "Yeah…let's get you back to the estate. That needs to come out." The splinter, not the nail! A deep breath and he's smirking again, "Want me to run you home, or you wanna walk it?"

It worked. IT actually worked. She will have to thank Sky, even if to let him know that his technique was beneficial. Callisto is silent for the remainder of the departure from the old hospital, actually content to be carried. She had no bags or anything else, not even left behind at the previous derelict location where she initially sat. She sighs then, she had better be put down to walk before this gets even more difficult. For a few reasons. "I can walk," She says softly, still a bit shakey.. but she'll be okay. A few scrapes … but that nail is pain. Pure pain. Once she feels steady enough she will allow herself to be set down. "I can walk, t'would be better to walk."

It sure felt nice to be carried by someone though, even for a moment. It's been awhile. Somehow Daxton's smirk, too, is helpful in returning to herself. A flush to her features, though it could be chalked up to the pain. Fingertips can hurt bad. But yes, that's a good excuse. "Thank you." Said hastily, brow furrowed. "You need to let that leg settle after s-so much running." Yup, that one little stammer. Callisto is still rattled. But damnit she'll nag just this once.

She makes to walk the whole way back, trying to resist just biting the fingertip clean off. Damned fingernails.

…. she's also wearing only one shoe….

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