(2018-04-17) Playing Hero
Playing Hero
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All that school stuff was done hours ago, and while it wasn't particularly warm the weather was relatively nice, so why not spend it off campus. And while of campus, why not do some walking around, shopping and of course get food. All that takes time of course and now the sun has set and it is growing dark, which means it won't be long until that awful thing called curfew. The shuttle that goes back to the school does its pick up on Main Street and the shortcut to the pick up spot is through the parking lot of Evergreen Square. The shops and restaurants in the square don't close for at least another hour, so there are still plenty of cars parked around the place.

Besa had to be pulled away from the newest project he's started up. But he's using this opportunity to try to clear his head as he explains t Rain, "Callisto basically needs o learn to shield herself, but we're hoping that we can help with Loukanos's tailisman." He'd have explained to Louk that he spoke with Calli, and she would like help.'

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Singing: Success.

Fionnuala Reid had designs on being at this particular shopping destination for completely innocuous reasons. She's here to find a gift for her mother's upcoming birthday so with her homework given a lick and a promise, the shifter was off! No shuttle needed! THe magic that embraces Fionnuala sees to it that she passes over the town like a black bullet in the skies, so swiftly the little crow flies! She lands just out of view to the other shoppers; this same magic reverses and there stands the girl.. purse and all. Now isn't that handy?!

Fionnuala Reid is a technicolor picture, turned out in her retro finest consisting of black tights, high top black sneakers with neon laces and a big floppy knit sweater that is worn over a tight blouse to stave off the chill. Her black hair is piled up on high with a complimentary ribbon and unbeknownst to her friends, she has been trailing them with a happy, albeit mischievous look in her eyes. Fee's sweet, trilling singing voice precedes her as she announces herself: "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts, do do dee doo~ .. there they are a'standing in a row!" It's a foolish tune, but she makes it sound good.

Where Loukanos goes, spring(er) weather follows! The golden-haired boy is excited to be off school grounds and is all but skipping around Besa and Rain. The sun just brightens his mood like that. Currently, he wears cuffed khaki pants and a baby blue button down with the sleeves rolled near his elbows. There's also a recently bought hip-looking pink baseball cap worn backwards on his head. It sorta looks silly on him, but he's a bit of a spendthirft. "Yeah, definitely," He nods a few times at what Besa says. "Just have to say a few prayers over it, maybe make an offering or two." He glances back at the singing girl and blinks. He'd sing along, recognizing the girl from school, but he doesn't know the song.

Well that is a bit confusing to Rain, "She is a mentalist of a sort…why doesn't she already know how to do that?" that seems like it would of been the first thing to learn. It's the first thing they were taught (they being Sky and her.) "And what does this talisman do?" beleive it or not she didn't buy anything for herself…unless you count the food…but that she probably took care of for anyone that was with her at the time. "Wouldn't that just make her dependant on something she should know how to do anyways?" the familiar singing voice has her looking toward Fionn and the other girl is given a finger wiggle wave "I was looking for you earlier…"

<FS3> Rain rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Alertness: Good Success.

<FS3> Loukanos rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Besa rolls Alertness: Good Success.

It's a parking lot, so its mostly cars and not so many people. There are a few here and there, either going to thier car or heading to Main Street or the Square, but most seem to have a noticable destination. There is a trio that looks to be loitering though. Two are dressed in typical teenage fashion, male and female, the third though wears an oversize hoodie with the hood pulled over there head, hands stuffed into the kangeroo pouch in the front.

Besa quips back, "Sky is as well, and he does not have good shields. That is not something everyone learns, Rain." Hearing Fee he turns and smiles, waving her over. "The talisman will help shield her." Hopefully. "I am going to try to find some runes to help as well….Rain, she is in pain. We are helping her. That is what we do." Besa doesn't think anything of the loitering kids/

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.

The girl looks so random but it's just so endearingly perfect, color upon color. The heavy sweater is a kaleidoscope! Her hair is some bastardization of a bun that eats the bobby pins and pats it's stomach looking for seconds. If she heard the trio speaking of this other girl with mentalist issues, she doesn't let on because.. y'know, alt-fu. c.c

Returning the finger wave with an open-palmed, merry wave Fionnuala gives Rain, Besa and Lou a big sunny grin. She's also carrying sunlight, though it's not quite as obvious given that her wings are hidden. It's all in the eyes, and a certain radiance. Loukanos is given a definite look of approval at his attire, and what appears to be an equally ebullient demeanor. "Hello, hello~!" The shifter sings out, her floppy purse slapping against her hip. To Rain, "And here I am! Sorry I couldn't be found so easily.. I had to stay after class to help a Freshman with their English homework." Truth. "Is everything alright?"

A pause, though; Fee's brilliant, citrine-colored eyes observe the loitering trio for all of five seconds or so before returning her attention to her friends.

"Mayhaps she is still in the process of learning how to shield her mind?" The school is for learning, after all. Loukanos shrugs. His mental barriers are natural to him, not something he has had to work on but simply just how his mind works. "It is an apotropaic talisman that would cloak her from malevolent creatures and entities and offer some protection should she be found by them. Traditionally, it was used to protect against the evil eye. With minor adaptions, it should be capable of protecting Callisto from…whatever her mother is," He may need more details on the exact species, but that can be put aside for later! Fionnuala gets a radiant smile. "Freshman struggling with English? If I was not here already, I would think you were assisting me." Because Louk's handle on the language is not the greatest. Catching the teenagers in the corner of his eye, he doesn't seem to think anything of it.

<FS3> Rain rolls Magic Knowledge: Good Success.

"He shields better than he says he does…he just refuses to because then he is cut off from everyone. He just hasn't learned how to filter yet. It's either off or on, there is not in between." Rain isn't quippy, just stating what she thinks is a fact…and to her it is, even if other people disagree.

There is a nod to Louk, Rain seems to follow all the magic talk he is speaking "So a two prong approach? So help her learn how to sheild the normal way and use the talisman until she is able to handle it on her own?"

"It's okay Fiona. You're here now..maybe we can get some ice cream before our ride gets here."

The trio of teens are quite fine with being unnoticed, though that isn't going to be the case for much longer. The trio are sticking to the less well lit areas of the parking lot and for a few moments seem to duck out of sight…though since no one is paying attention, no one notices that bit.

A POP! POP! POP! noise breaks the over all silence of the parking lot. It isn't firecracker loud, but noticable to thos close enough. Kind of like those little bang pops that you throw to make them explode.

Besa nods to everyone, "Yes, we will protect her while she learns to shield." In theory, anyway. He chews his lower lip, ice cream sounds good. But unfortunately that's interrupted by the popping noise. Not loud enough to be gunshots, but the teen has PTSD and has been shot before, he tenses, jerking his head around to see what is going on.

Fionnuala frowns inwardly, briefly grateful to have what she considers as being a… well, she is a mystic to the core. Mind you, there are some things that she needs to overcome.. but at least HER mother is a beautiful, loving soul!

She smiles kindly to Loukanos, "I would have helped you all the same, though you seem to be perfectly well-spoken! Unless you mean written word? If you ever need some help, I'd love to be of service. I write better than I dress myself." Said without hesitation.. that's just how Fee rolls. THen a whisper, "I love your hat, and your outfit. You look very spring'y!"

To Rain next, "Oh, I would love to! Would you like to share a banana split?! I saw someone else eating one while I was walking around and it was about the size of a lapdog—-"

POP! POP! POP! Fionnuala's eyes widen, fill her face. A little flare of solar energy skitters nervously across her upper body, shoulder-to-shoulder. "—did you hear that?! It was out in the lot!" She cries. She also saw Besa tense, and she reaches out to gently touch his harm reassuringly before she begins to set off toward the sounds. "I'm going to see what's wrong! Maybe a car backfiring?"

"I can speak most languages. It is the written language that always stumps me," Ask him to write in Greek and Loukanos will do just fine. "I feel like spring." He beams at the praise. "The hat is new. I am glad to know that I don't look like a total fool wearing it." He begins to form opinions on what type of ice cream they should get, but his thought process is interrupted by the sound of poppers. He halts and glances over to the direction of the noise. "Or…" Well, he doesn't really know what else it could be. While he thinks on it, the godling follows behind Fionnuala. "Maybe somebody is hurt." His fingertips are already glowing.

Rain isn't sure about Callisto and what exactly the issues are but she isn't going to stand in the way of the girl getting help. She eventually may even offer or can be talked into lending a hand, in helping the girl learn to sheild her mind from unwanted intrusion. "Sure Fiona." she gives a breif smile to her one and only female friend "I'm still to full from dinner to eat a whole one."

At the popping noises Rain starts in surprise, moving toward Besa in her surprise "Sounds like someone is starting fourth of July way to early." there is a dubious look at Fiona and Louk "Really?" but she sighs and trails behind them.

As the group heads in the direction that the noise came from they can see one of the trio leaning against the back of the car, arms folded over thier chest. It is the one with the hoodie pulled up over thier head. Not much can be seen of the person's face but for a second it seems like there was a bit of glowing red where the right eye would be.

"Rita, I told you not to charge it so much. You could of blown the door off." its a whisper…but a loud, frustrated one, spoken by a make.

"Well next time you can just bite the door open." is the response, this one is female.

Seeing as how he has no extra holes where he shouldn't Besa relaxes a bit, patting the hand that Fi puts on his arm before pretty much doing the same with Rain, a steadying hand for her at her surprise "What was that?" he doesn't know what a car backfiring means or what it sounds like, but it doesn't sound pleasant. "If someone could be hurt…" he doesn't need to finish the sentance as he moves along with the others, frowning as they get to where the three are, mostly at the thuggish looking figure.

Ice cream forgotten, Fionnuala is perhaps a bit too inquisitive for her own good. Luckily Loukanos is picking up what she's putting down, wanting to investigate and make sure nobody has come to harm. That is truly Fee's first thought, too, for she is a healer at heart! She just needs to find the right incantations and 'mixture' of magic! Her light footsteps carry her toward the dark expanse of the lot and upon entering an area with less light, the girl's skin can be seen just barely glowing. Enough to be deemed a trick of the light by the unpowered, but those who know Fee well can be certain that it is her stored sunlight.

There's a boon go having a hawk shifter for a mother… Fee may be a crow, but she has that gloriously acute vision. "Red.. someone over there, thuggish hoodie head, has something glowing in their face." She whispers quickly to the other teens she's approaching with. "Not a bloody backfire, they're trying to loot the car." A husky, anxious whisper. She's not about to hollar and blow their cover, though surely their approach may very well be noted.

A brow lifts, and Loukanos surveys the scene with confusion at first before understanding sinks in. "Oh." To Fionnuala and the others, he stages whispers, "Are they attempting to steal the car?" More importantly, should they stop them? The golden light in his hands subsides as Fionnuala confirms his suspicions. "Hm. The red glow is not magic," Beat. "It would not be right to let them leave."

"The contents, the car…does it matter which it is?" not from her point of view. Rain has caught up to the others by now so is standing behind them sorta in the middle so she can see past Fi and Louk "The right thing to do is to call the cops and let them take care of them." she realizes she may be speaking to a pair of brick walls so glances at Besa for some back up.

While Fiona, Louk and the others have been whispering, the car door has swung open, passenger side, so probably not stealing the car, and she smaller girl seems to crawl in. Not much more is seen of that because the hooded figure is suddenly right there and looks larger up close than he did from a distance "This isn't a movie for watching and unless you want to pay admission how about you go away." yes, his right eye is definitly glowly red, and it is a him, at least the voice sounds masculine and strangely synthesized, it has an digital/electric quality to it at least.

What a… disturbing voice. Fionnuala startles, just barely, then presses her lips together in a tense line. They've been noticed.. no use whispering, now. She pulls something out of her purse, a cellphone. "I'm thinking you're making a very, very dreadful mistake." The girl calls out.. hey, she's not one for snarky one-liners or sassy threats. Nor is she dumb; Fee isn't about to run into the thick of anything, not yet.

Though somehow as the words leave her lips, Fee suspects that threatening to call the authorities won't be given a sniff of regard from this motley crew. The shifter's shoulders tense once, as if she were winged and arching the great black appendages backwards and up behind herself. Alas, there are no wings at this moment.

"I think you should stop.. right now!" Fionnuala calls out again, looking a bit anxious but damnit.. standing her ground!

A glance back at Rain with a little smirk, Loukanos says, "That doesn't sound very heroic," Annnnd when he turns to look at the car, there's a cyborg (?) obscuring his view. He slowly looks up. No fear in his sapphire eyes, none at all. There's only curiosity. "Fascinating…" If not magic, then he assumes technology, and while his interest in that isn't as strong, he looks intrigued. Back to the point, "You cannot steal whatever is in that car. It is not yours. If you continue, we will have to stop you."

"I've never claimed to be a hero." Rain says dryly to Louk. Being a hero is not in her future…she has better ways of trying to save the world, stopping some delinquent teens from looting cars wasn't going to be one of them. When Louk seems to stand up to the strange talking guy she waves them forward "Fine you play hero and I'll call the police." she says under her breath as she takes a few steps back and pulls out her cell phone.

Oh, no. No one seems hurt. So Besa tries a different approach, hands up, as to not accidentally touch the cyborg, "If you are in need of food or clothing, we can help you. There is no need to steal those things…" He does step conveniently in front of Rain, in case there's a lunge for her.

"No one asked what you think." he says down to Fiona, he doesn't seem intimidated by the crow "What's fascinating is your ability to butt into things that in none or your damn business." his arms come down, his hands have a shiny metallic sheen to them. He either doesn't notice or care about any call to the police

"Rill come on. There wasn't anything worth," the other male comes up to Rill and stops talking as he sees that there are other there. He doesn't look much older than

"I'm hungry, let's just go get some pizza and head home." the girl seems to be younger, 14ish maybe and is right behind the other one, tugging at his arm "Who are they?" she sounds more curious and certainly less hostile than the other two.

The shifter is of a mind to take a similar tact. She does not.. not .. wish to engage violently. It is just not her way. She remains closer to Loukanos in this instance, watching the trio close to the car, apprehensive for any sort of attack but not wanting to do anything to prompt it. "There's better ways. You don't have to do this." The girl follows up the overall plea being made to the disruptive teens. Best case scenario they either get stymied by their beaking off at them long enough for authorities to converge or … in the case of a miracle: listen.

Something about the cyborg, though, worries Fionnuala especially. Her jewel eyes do not leave the three, brow knit with concern and sympathy. Damn that bigger boy is worrisome. Still, Fionnuala doesn't move away, fists clenching at her sides, little will o'wisps of soft light stirring around her slight self as a result of her anxiety.

"You're hungry?" Fionnuala implores of the girl now, "Do you need help?" She asks again, maybe the girl will listen.. even if to buy time.

"I am called Loukanos," The godling gives his name easily. It seems the other two have decided to try a gentler approach, and he relaxes as they do. Still, he's careful to position himself where the trio, especially the cyborg, would have a difficult time reaching the rest of the group. He has decided what is happening here is wrong and is acting accordingly.

None of these three look like they have missed a meal, nor do thier clothes look worn or even second hand. They look and are dressed like your typical middle class teenager. The 'cyborg's' brow furrows up at both the insinuation from Fiona and the strange teen, with the equally strange name "What makes you think we need help from you?"

The other teen boy seems be a little less offended but not by much "Why don't you all back off and let us do our thing. We ain't hurting you any." he steps forward puffing up a bit.

The girl giggles at Fiona a bit oblivious to the two boys with her "Of course I am hungry. I haven't had dinner yet." she tugs on the teen's arm "Come on, you promised you would buy me pizza tonight."

Besa frowns, confused, "But…" He looks past the trio to the cr they were just breaking into. "I do not understand." He glances to Louk, and the realizes what the godling is doing and steps up next to him.

The trio actually laugh, not taking the group as nay real threat. The teen that's not. A cyborb smirks, "Look…this is very cute and all. I'm sure your girls friends are all impressed, but we're gonna book. We got pizza to eat." He jerks his head to the other two. The Cyborg just glares at the students, but the girl makes an extremely happy noise. Pizza!

"You are disrespecting somebody's property for the sake of being cruel, then!" Fionnuala hollars (rare sound), even if to attract attention. A mall cop! Anyone! If they're not acting in desperation, then it has to be assholery. Don't let the Reids' carefree, kind ways fool you. When Fionnuala was a little shit back in the day — there were times, there were! — she was punished. It's this exact sense of right and wrong that gets the girl's goat when they're bid to back off and let them 'do their thing'.

Fee stands her ground, but her gaze is glowing and troubled. She can't help it. Even as he's puffing up like that, the shifter stubbornly stays put. They're not listening, going on about pizza, and Fionnuala simply stares right on back at the cyborg, her heart pounding away. Why, why?

The Cyborg and Fee square off in a. Glaring contest. Loukanos is very forthright and acting just, trying to keep the trio there until the police show up. No punches are thrown, but the girl, who's refers to as Boomie, is clearly annoyed because she's hungry. The leader, the teen that keeps smirking at the students, stays cool until the cops show up. Then he takes a deep breath and when he speaks, it's like every word that rolls off his tongue is golden. The adults believe the story of a dog being in the car and the teens were just trying to help the poor thing! After everything is said and done, the adults tell everyone to get going home, that it's getting late. No one seems to be in any trouble, although everyone is told next time to not both the police with something they could have worked out on their own by just talking and listening to each other. More smirks from the vandals, but they go their separate ways after giving the Coral Springs kids the one finger salute.

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