(2018-04-17) Differing Opinions
Differing Opinions
Summary: Besa and Schuyler have very differing thoughts on the moral dilemma surrounding Callisto's circumstance.
Date: 2018-04-17
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Billiard Room, Winbarry Estate
Tue Apr 17, 2018

The Billiard Room has no pool tables. Although someone has made some efforts and there's a few board games and a deck of cards with some books on a shelf along the wall. A half finished puzzle with basset hound puppies takes up one of the tables.

A few small sofas and wingback chairs make conversational areas, throw rugs decorating those little areas. An entertainment center with a TV, Blu-Ray player and a gaming console system has been set up. A pair of French doors lead to the back patio.


Needless to say, Callisto hadn't had the best day. There was reason for her hasty getaway from the library the night prior, and it was not the fault of anyone but herself. The mere thought of kindness, of salvation, attracted that damnable mother of hers faster than any jolt of fear or upset could. The night was spent in a restless sleep, so restless that she saw fit to depart the girls' wing so as to not disrupt others and find a quiet, empty room in which to rest. Try to meditate. Try to keep her mind safe.

That went well. So fast-forward through a day of classes, with Callisto fudging her way as best she could.. which is admirable. Auto pilot is a good, good thing though anyone really looking at her could have told something was off. Her lovely countenance was thoroughly dazed, eyes distant and tired.. even speech was odd as she occasionally lapsed into her 'first' language (if you don't count Unseelie): being Danish.

But time passes, the fae girl made it through, and she has found her way to a surprising quiet billiard room where a couch awaited her. Another sign of her frazzled manner: Callisto hadn't even changed out of her uniform as she does almost religiously at the end of each day. She rests upon her side on a sofa, head nestled onto the arm, hair sluicing around her face and hanging over the sides. Is she napping? Not quite.

The sophomores walk in together, Besa changed out of his uniform, but that's for reasons. "I think I am going to go into town, would you like to come with, Schyuler?" Rain has him worried that he needs more mugs! No sketchbook with him today, "I know the weather isn't particularly nice…"

Schuyler tends to change out of his school uniform as soon as he's able, so he's back in his black, punk/goth style clothes as he walks into the Billiard Room with Besa. «Maybe,» is offered mentally and signed. «What were you planning on doing there?» He notices Callisto on one of the sofas and watches her a moment before asking, «You ok?» Not that he knows her that well, but her body language isn't such that he'd expect from the aloof student.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Telepathy: Good Success.

Sounds precede the new arrivals, both aurally and telepathically. Callisto, being Callisto, reacts out of propriety and indeed, a need to not be seen as particularly vulnerable. Her legs move forth in a sweeping motion, hands pressing into the cushions to push herself up into a seated position. Her hair is loose and a bit tousled, but for the most part she's mostly put together. Pale cerulean eyes flit toward Besa and Schuyler, her brow furrowing briefly before she rubs her temple. «Pardon, I grew tired.. I should have gone to my room.» She casts her voice outwards to the two boys, easily able to be heard within their minds is what is very much her cool, fluting voice… that is, if either are receptive to her.

Catching herself, remembering that Sky can lip read as well, the fae girl drops into spoken word for Besa's benefit. "How are things? Forgiveness for having had to flee last night, for I was not well." Understatement.

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Lip Reading: Great Success.

Besa looks over at Callisto and frowns worriedly. He answers Sky first, "I was going to go to the clay studio…" He steps closer to her, "Callisto…was it something that Loukanos and I said? If so, we will not speak it again…But if it is something we can assist you with, please let us." Normally he'd reach out to try to comfort her, or offer healing, but he's thinking that would somehow make this worse for her.

A pale eyebrow arches at Callisto's explanation but Sky shrugs, not worried about her reasons for being there. «It's a free country,» is offered before he glances between her and Besa. He doesn't answer yet about the clay studio but he asks, nosily, «What happened?» Seems he was able to lip-read just fine.

She can see Besa's intent, and somehow Callisto knew as well that the nature of her departure will have made the boys wonder if it was something they said. The dark faerie shakes her head slowly, "No. T'was nothing.. not at all.. for you were both kind. I am not accustomed to anyone worrying about me. When I admitted to some things, it attracted my.. my mother. She might as well be a demon in her own right. We've a connection, she and I; I've a great many siblings are we are all connected. And…" Callisto is saying too much, she suddenly looks fearful for a heartbeat or two. But then she continues tentatively. "She hurt me. She does not wish for me to help myself, to accept help.. for it makes her life harder."

Callisto slumps then, looking between Sky and Besa before she turns to face the former, hoping that he can yet follow her lips. "I was accosted last night by my matriarch, her psychic influence is wide and strong and she can easily do this to me." Sky cannot hear the bitterness but perhaps her expression says it all. "I need desperately to… figure out how to shield myself better."

Besa stiffens at the word demon, his face going from worried to slightly angry. Not at Calli. "I have killed demons before. Let us help you. Let us protect you." Can they protect her? The ancient teen seems to think so. "We have many magics here, we have powerful psychics… We can help if you will allow us to."
Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

«She's -like- a demon,» Sky gently corrects Besa. «And do you really want to kill her mother?» Because that can't go well, because…mother. He looks back to Callisto and considers her words and her expression for a long moment, «You and me both. I got some help from some of the teachers here with exercises and stuff, but Rain is better than me.» Even though he's the one with the powers. «Would shielding keep her out, do you think?»

Maybe it's Besa's reaction, because the slight anger infusing his countenance startles the girl after seeing him so sad, so desperate to heal just the night prior. But then there is an intensity there, sparked by the word 'demon', that catches Callisto's attention. Help? Protect? Oh, how long has it been since Callisto has heard those words, outside of her thinking them desperately to herself, trying to get by, to do for herself. Her features soften; her brow furrows and finally she just lets her expression fall. "I.." She starts, unsure of how to continue. This is beyond the aloof girl's usual arena of experience.

Her eyes are shiny and she blinks hard, tuned into Sky's mental words as well. She turns her sleek-haired head to the Masters boy next, held tears only make her gaze more beseeching. «She is no mother. She is but a vessel, a hive mind… we are not children borne of love. She uses us and when we choose not to do as she asks, she slaughters us.» Callisto leans forth to watch Sky a bit steadily. «Shielding.. could help.. I have great difficulty keeping her at bay for she is powerful. I was directed to ask you for input, if you know much on the skill. T'would be easier to see her gone.. or her powers lost. We would all be freed, then.» She cannot know, though, that to speak of her mother being killed is perhaps not palatable to Schuyler, to whom the words 'Family Above All' means so very much. Callisto rubs her eyes fiercely as if the emotion scalds her.

Besa ignores Sky, the twin has never understood where Besa comes from when he says things like this, and starting an argument now would not help Callisto. "We will help you then." Just like that. Poof, she's helped. "I will see if there are any magic protections we can cast as well. Loukanos said he may have an amulet." Seems this has already been discussed in some detail. He folds his arms over his chest, partially to make himself and his words seem stronger, the other part to touch his chest where his heart is. It's not been beating wrong, but it's also not beating right anymore. It's now a race, who finds a solution first, for Callisto or Besa. Or does his heart beat (ha) them all out and he dies?

Schuyler would certainly never kill a family member, good or evil. It is, indeed, part of their family crest and moral code. There's another glance at Besa as he offers to help, even though he'd not sure how. There's a moment where he stays quiet before offering, «Sometimes it can start as easily as just humming a song or reciting the alphabet or multiplication tables.» Because those are apparently easy. «It's a sort of distraction and something to focus on. For me, the shielding is tough because if I shield too much, then I can't catch what people are thinking and I'm stuck lip-reading,» which is fine, but not so easy in classes. «And it also means I can only communicate through my phone or tablet or sign.» Because apparently he's still not yet ready to be speaking. «But I also sort of think of it as a wall. Like you're building a wall in your head.»

The fae girl slips from telepathy to spoken word seamlessly, seeming to favor one or the other depending upon to whom she speaks, though she keeps the telepathic flow open to Sky and Besa both. She doesn't quite know the nature and depth of Besa and Sky's friendship but looking between the two she can tell that something is.. simmering. Were they just talking about going into town before finding her moping? Maybe she should try to get them back onto that tangent, for she would hate to see them quarrel. Besa concedes to help and Callisto looks at him suddenly, looking a bit surprised herself. "Y-you.. would.. do this for me?" See, she stammered. Callisto rarely stammers and when she does, she's feeling things bigtime. Talk of an amulet piques her interest again. "So a talisman… paired with some manner of mental conditioning, a shield… m-might that be a means to be safe? At least from her, even if she yet lives?" Callisto both asks and things out loud.

Then, fluidly, she slips back into telepathy and affixes her clear gaze upon Schuyler. It appears that she is open to both methods of protection. «I.. do so love poetry. Might it extend to pulling forth passages and repeating them? Or… to start simple. Alphabet, then?» Her head tilts.. she is intrigued. «So you, Schuyler, have had to block yourself off against nefarious presences, intruders.. and this has aided you?» Her very tone can be felt, especially by an Empath. Deep sadness, frustration.. but a sprinkle of fear and determination.

Besa lets Sky explain, any shielding Besa does is subconscious. He isn't aware he does it, so how could he explain it? His head tilts, bangs flopping in his eyes before he brushes them away, "Of course I would. Why would I not?" That seems a strange question to the ancient boy. "You are in need. That is what we do, we help those in need." Who is we? The school? Whatever Besa is? The Masters? "I think layering the protection will not hurt." He nods then, his bangs moving again, "We will find the right combination of things."

Schuyler's and Besa's relationship is 'complicated'…but Sky is trying very hard to not impose his own ideas of what should or shouldn't be onto Besa so he lets the other boy speak and offer what help he can. «Poetry might help and if it's something you're particularly fond of, maybe it'll be stronger. Have you ever seen 'Labyrinth'? It's a movie from the 80's.» As if that may have something to do with things. As for him blocking out his own intruders, there's a slight shifting of his weight, «I haven't met too many others trying to get in my head. Like I said, my shields for that sort of thing aren't that great.»

The fae girl looks touched. "I thank you. I can.. hold her off as best I can. Tell your friend Loukanos of my utmost thanks, if I do not see him again before you do." She hadn't forgotten the godling's concern either. Callisto takes a slow, deep breath… she knows how to breathe deeply. Comes from her meditative practices, with the yoga. Her lashes flutter once, "I.." She tries again… it's not that she is unsure of how to voice gratitude, she's just not used to being shown concern. 'Concern' always came with strings, in her family… in her experiences. "I should like, very much, to simply be free.. to do as I must to understand life and perhaps enjoy it a little more. Her strings are everywhere.. fine and plentiful, like tripwires. Always there." Callisto looks down into her lap, then clears her throat. "This needn't be about my woes.. were you both going into town? Do not let me stop you."

To Sky, next, the fae girl 'speaks', «What is this Labyrinth…? T'is a movie, you say?» Asked softly, her piercing stare intensifying. «The 80s…? I thought the 80s to be so very… so strange. So much color. So much hair.» She may have forgotten that Sky doesn't know that she is immortal. c.c

«If we both have work to be done on strengthening our minds' defenses.. perhaps we can work together? IF that is something you wish to pursue?»

Besa can understand wanting to be free, very much so. So he just nods, "Then you will be." He'll set Louk on it, even if Besa ends up not being able to. He's not seen this labyrinth either, "Is there a minotaur?" Would Nevada like it? He stays quiet, always thinking that Sky working with someone is a good thing.

«It's a movie with David Bowie. A girl uses a poem to break free from someone's grasp. It's very 80's.» Sky blinks a couple of times at Callisto before turning to Besa, «No, there's no minotaur. It's not about the Greek story of the Labyrinth. It's a fantasy movie by the guy who does the Muppets. It has David Bowie in it.» And back to Callisto, «I'm happy to help, sure. I just don't know if I can build up my shields too much without sacrificing communication.»

Okay, Callisto doesn't catch most pop culture references.. at least she's in good company with Besa! Both sets of curious eyes now watch Sky, each asking something along the lines of a similar question. "David… Bowie?" She asks tentatively, though the plotline of this 'Labyrinth' intrigues Callisto highly. «.. muppets? Oh! The.. the puppets, no? One of them is a frog.. Kevin the Frog.» She cants her chin high, looks both innocent and haughty at the same time. At least she's close! Her lashes flutter. «… maybe I was wrong. I should like to see this Labyrinth. Perhaps I shall come to know more, what I can do..»

Yes, learn how to fight off her mother with passages from a movie!

She looks to Sky again, «We can discuss it more, and something… we can figure something out. I believe I must rest.. please, do not allow me to hold you both up for any longer. I am most grateful for the help… any help…»

Besa doesn't try to understand much about movies anymore, He can understand the poem part, but has no idea who David Bowie is, or what Muppets are. So he just nods. Callisto gets a soft , hopefully encouraging smile before Besa sighs and looks back at Sky.

«I hope you feel better soon and sure, we can talk about it any time.» Sky seems unfazed and willing to help as best as he can. Besa's sigh and glance has him blinking over, «What? Did I say something wrong?» He thought he was being has helpful as he could be!

"No. I am just worried." On several levels. "I think I will not go into town after all. I will meditate on what runes I can for protection for Callisto." He forces a smile, "I am sorry for inviting you along and then cancelling." Another glance to the door, "She was in pain last night. I do not feel right worrying about mugs when she is in such distress.." Absently Besa reaches up and rubs his chest again.

Schuyler takes in a breath, almost as if he's about to actually -say- something, but then he nods. «It's ok, I get it.» He's not even going to tell Besa to make sure he still looks after himself and his own health and mental well-being. Not this time. «We can go into town anytime, right? I'll see if I made any notes from when I worked on shielding before. Maybe they'll help her too.» He's not quite as altruistic as Besa, but she did seem upset. «Let me know if there's anything more I can do.»

Besa's brow furrows, when Sky inhales, now he's worried that Sky's upset. "We will go soon, though, yes? And perhaps I can give the mugs tot eh coffee shop and we can get something to drink?" Besa's treat! A smile replaces the worried look, "Yes, I think that would help her very much. Notes and the movie." Because why not, she seems excited for it.

«The movie may help,» Sky agrees. «It's good to think of different ways to do things that people don't always expect. It at least buys some time.» He gives a nod then, «Whenever you want and I'm sure the coffee shop will take the mugs. You seem to be doing well there. There's the craft show in town coming soon…it might be too late to get a table, but maybe next year you can sell them there too.»

"Rain wished me to, but I only have the three mugs that are at the studio now waiting to be fired." He smirks, a little sadly, "I had gotten spoiled at the old school." They could fire whenever Besa had enough to fill the kiln! "Rain is going to set up an internet store. Hopefully during the summer I will be able to make more and get some coin for things." Yes, he know the Masters will give him money, but to earn hw own? How good would that feel?

Schuyler smiles some at the mention of the internet store, «Like on Etsy? That's a good idea! You know, we can set up a bank account for you too…and the money can go directly into there and then you can go to the bank and take it out as you want.» Since using card readers might not work for him. «We can see if they can get a kiln set up at home if you want. I've been bugging them about using one of the outer buildings for an art studio for a while now. Maybe if we add that, they'll work on it.»

Besa frowns, but it's in thought, "Would they allow me to?" He has an international ID, but he's not aware of how much that will help him. It's not like Egypt actually claims him (That he knows of-That's a whole other plot, for some other time). He chews his lower lip, "Would you use it as well? I would hate to set something like hat up just for me…"

«You're a student. Surely they can give you some sort of Student ID if you need. And my parents can cosign if you need something like that. Otherwise I guess it could go in another account and someone can cash it for you when you need, but it might be easier for you if you had control over it.» Sky then tilts his head, «Use what? The studio? Of course. I've been asking them for one before I even met you…I want something with more light than my room has and with the baby now, it's not like I can keep things laying around elsewhere in the house.»

Besa doesn't know how any of that works, so he just shrugs and then nods. "No, I mean a kiln. They are expensive…" He could always do it old school and just literally fire them, he vaguely remembers doing that at some point. "Yes, Circe does not need to eat art supplies." While he's still upset at the baby, he doesn't want any harm to come to her.

Schuyler just shrugs at the mention of 'expensive'. It's relative. «We can ask. They can always say 'yes' or 'no'.» A fire of that magnitude might be a bit hard to manage in this day and age. Maybe on the beach. «Exactly. So if there's a place she can't get into…and one of the outer buildings is better, especially if we put a kiln in it. It won't heat up the rest of the place.»

Besa's not sure that they'll go for that reasoning, but finally he nods, "It would be…helpful." To have one at home. "Rain says she thinks the mugs will sell for double on the web store." He rubs his chest, but seems to brighten, "And that I can make other things as well."

«Well, considering you're sort of wholesaling them to the coffee shop, that makes sense. You sell it to them and they mark it up and sell it to others. And you can totally make other things. Too bad we can't have an art show/sale at the school. Maybe when we move back into the permanent school buildings we can look into that.»

"I am looking forward to being able to throw and get many things ready." Besa stops, licking his lips, "I…think I should wait of selling any until after everything is settled with me." What a nice what of saying the ritual is done. "I do not know how long it will take…" Besa seems to be juggling more now than he was when he was going to be sacrificed!

Schuyler looks at Besa for a long moment before he nods, «You do what you think is best, Besa. Is there anything I can help with in terms or preparations or anything? I want this to be all over and you healed up and back together too.» Even if he doesn't always express it.

Another soft sigh, "Unfortunately, there is much waiting until Ashton gets the ritual out of his head." How's that for irony? Besa doesn't seems upset anymore about that, but boy was he at first! "Once the ritual is written down, the myself and Amisi will figure out what we need to actually cast it." He smiles softy, "I too wish for it to be done. I am tired of my chest hurting. I wish to be able to do things."

«Me too,» Sky almost reaches out to pat the other boy's shoulder, but he seems a little hesitant. «I'm not magical or anything, but if you need me to do something, please don't hesitate to ask. I'm sure Mom could help too, with the ritual…» although maybe Circe can be left at home or away from the ritual.

Besa's head tilts, almost like he sensed Sky wanted something, but isn't sure what. "I know. If there is something, I will let you know." AS for their mother, Besa's head shakes softly, "It is a different kind of magic. I do not know what she will be as such help as just keeping Circe busy." He's already had Rain make mention of Circe doing more magic, and it's got him on edge about it. No Toddler Besa please!

Schuyler is fairly certain that Circe isn't doing anything out of malice. «She might be able to help some, but…it's up to you. She's just had a lot of experience in this sort of stuff, but in the end, it's your decision.» Frankly, he'd want to at least get input from a practiced magic-user before going just on student magic. «Even if it's just to walk Cocoa, I'm happy to help.» Surely Circe wouldn't turn Besa into a toddler! Not unless she wanted a playmate!

Besa thinks that maybe Sky forgets that Besa's magic isn't student level. He thinks everyone forgets that. "That would be good. I think she can sense something is coming…" Probably because Besa's stressing about it. "I would like her to not be near when the ritual happens. Perhaps we can send her home?" The younger kids seem to really enjoy the dog. "Maybe she will keep Circe calm."

Schuyler gives another nod, «If you want Cocoa at home, we can make that happen…» or Sky or Rain can dog-sit while the ritual is being done. «Dogs are pretty intuitive like that. Pretty crazy, isn't it? She can probably pick up on your anxiety about it as well though, since that's kind of her job.»

Besa knows! And that make shim feel guilty, which just adds to the stress he picks up! A nod, "She is amazing. I do not think I would be worth anything if she were not helping me."

Schuyler gives another little smile in response to Besa's praise of the dog. «You know we'll take good care of her if she needs to be away for a bit…» as they did over the summer. «But she does care for you a lot.» He pushes some hair back behind his ears, «I don't want to stop you from doing stuff you need to do. I mean, we can go into town another time.»

Besa does know, I appreciate that very much. I can not tell you the amount of worry I had for her when I was wrapped. They…used to wrap my pest as well…" He shivers, rubbing his chest again. He smirks softly, "It seems as if I have a lot that needs to be done. And very little time." Too bad he can't just skip school.

Schuyler takes a step back as if to get out of Besa's way, «Don't let me stop you then. Want me to remind you when it's time for dinner?» Because it wouldn't help if he passes out from low blood sugar. «They won't wrap Cocoa…and this is all going to work out.» He hopes.

Besa thinks and then nods. Not that he couldn't go without dinner, but he's defiantly not gaining any weight recently. "I know you would never let anyone do that to her. I is more a sadness I think for my other pets." Poor dogs, poor monkey! He hopes it works out too, "If…I told Rain this, If the ritual does not work, it will be upsetting, but it will be ok. I can live with my heart like this." He'll just most likely die very young, a lot. "I have endured worse." Is that supposed to help? Judging by the smile he gives Sky, Besa's trying!

Schuyler gives another nod, «I understand,» about the other pets. «Well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the ritual works. I know that you -can- live with your heart like that, but you shouldn't have to…especially since it was done to you without your permission.» Not like he would ask for it. «Just because you -have- doesn't mean you need to endure it now.» With that, Sky moves to the door, «I'll let you do what you need to do and come find you around dinner-time.»

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