(2018-04-14) Happy to Be Alive
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Summary: Loukanos visits a recovering Grayson. The latter is…happy.
Date: IC Date (2018-04-14)
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Grayson's room is relatively sparse and undecorated. There is a small amplifier in the corner and an accoustic and electric guitar on stands beside it. There's a bookcase, and it's filled with books. Any inspection would quickly net that they are all poetry books. There is also a shelf with about a dozen moleskine notebooks on it. A plastic bag filled with granny smith apples is laying on the night stand, open. Laying in bed is Grayson. He is shirtless, his muscular chest shaved in patches to make clean spaces for the electrodes that are taped to him monitoring his heart. A machine is beside his bed showing the rhythm of his heartbeat and making recordings of whatever such things those machines track. He's awake, and he's got a half-eaten green apple in his hand as he chews loudly with his mouth open. The speaker by his bed charging his iPhone is playing the old album Girlfriend by Matthew Sweet.

Knock knock. Grayson has a visitor. Who could it be? Well, a melodic, nervous-sounding voice calls out after the soft knocks. "It's Loukanos."

Grayson smiles widely, "Loukanos? Wow, I didn't expect you to visit. Please, come on in!" He laughs a little, "Sorry, they won't let me out. They're watching my heart. It was stopped for about 90 seconds, they said. How are you?"

The door pushed open, and Loukanos comes with his back forcing the door open. A moment later, and it becomes obvious why he didn't use his hands. They're occupied! Yes, he came bearing gifts. The brightest of which is the most beautiful bouquet of flowers, colors ranging from deep blues, astonishing reds, and warm yellows. The very best of what Louk could create. There's a basket too (which is probably where the good stuff is). "Hello, Grayson," He looks a bit tense, but the wide smile has him relaxing already. No hard feelings. Awesome. "It's fine. You need your rest," 90 seconds? That's close. "Shaken." He answers honestly. "I think I will be better after this." He's hoping.

Grayson tilts his head a bit. "Flowers?" He grins once more, "Wow. I guess I must really rate, huh?" He watches as Loukanos carries everything into the room. "That's… That's really not necessary, man. It ain't your fault the water power guy's vulnerability is electricity." He laughs, "I mean, I like them. They're nice, but… They aren't necessary." He nods, "Shaken is a good word. I think none of us thought things would go the way they did. But, we did get it, I'm told. I mean, even if they still have to figure out how to get it out of Ashton, we still got it."

"Maybe an 8," Loukanos matches the grin with one of his own, though it's fainter and fades a little with what Grayson says next. "I was told get well gifts generally include this?" He places the flowers on the next stand next to the bag of apples. "It isn't much. I admit I don't know that much about you," Maybe that can change. "Or the food you like." There's greek yogurt to a 41-ounce bag of Skittles to Oreo Cookies and everything in between. He even - distastefully, mind you - pulls out a hot bag of McDonald's fries. "So I got a bit of everything. Will your heart be fine or do I need to keep some of this away from you?" He smiles sheepishly. "I also got movies and a deck of cards." He doesn't know any games, though.

As for the mission, "I shouldn't have made myself so open. You saved my life," He might be overexaggerating, but it certainly felt that way. "I want you to know that I'm grateful. When your heart stopped beating…" He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. When he opens them again, he's smiling. "It's unimportant. You're alive." That amazes him still. "I am already helping Ashton search through the knowledge. We will find it."

Grayson laughs, "Yeah, cards and flowers. That's the get well thing." He smiles widely, "Oh!" And he sits up a bit, "You have fries." He waves his fingers to indicate Loukanos should give them to him. "When I was a kid, whenever I was sick, my um…" There's a quick pause, like he's deciding on the word, then, "…my mom would buy me a cheeseburger happy meal at McDonalds. It's stupid, but, when I'm feeling sick, I still crave it." With that large smile, he adds, "Thank you!"

"My eyes were on the mission. You were doing your part. I did mine. It all worked out, so," he gives Lou a reassuring grin. "Don't be too hard on yourself." He sniffs, and shrugs a little, "They think my heart is gonna be fine, but they aren't taking chances. My hydrokinesis came with a cost. I'm particularly vulnerable to electrical attacks, so that's why I think it was so rough. Mostly, I'm stuck here in bed because of the psych test." He shrugs once more, "You want an apple?"

"When you were speaking to Theodore," Loukanos recalls. The other boy was sick. "You gave him fries. I figured it may have been of some sentimental value or that it, too, was typical of get-well packages. I am glad it was the former." He catches the pause and briefly ponders on its meaning. He has had the same quandary with his own mother and what to call her now that she has left him to fend for himself.

"When I was young, I fractured my ankle while climbing a tree. The pain was unbearable, but…Demeter promised me it would heal within a few hours and played music for me while it did." He smirks. "She's not very good, but she does not usually pay so much attention to me." So he enjoyed it. Wanting to know more about Grayson's situation, he subtly asks, "Do you have any siblings?"

"Thank you," He takes an apple and shines it with his sleeve. He's wearing a loose white hoodie and jeans. Biting into it, he approves. "Good apple. Wars were started over these things back in the day," Back in the day? "I feel bad. I shouldn't have been so careless. And you shouldn't have jumped in the way of freaking electricity if you knew you're weak to it." Tilting his head, "They mentally evaluated you?"

Grayson nods, "I've broke my left arm twice and my right wrist. Two ribs. Never broke anything on my legs. Does it hurt?" He shoves a handful of those French fries into his mouth, chewing them up with his mouth open, talking as he does so. "Applesh are muh favorut. Jusht thuh greensh, though." He chews and then swallows. "No. I'm an only child. I mean, far as I know, anyway. I was adopted." He eats another handful of fries. "Back in the day, I would have fought for the last apple, too." He smiles, "I did what I had to do," he says of jumping in the way of the electricity. "I don't understand all that mystical shit. My job was get you two there to do it. We all have roles, Louk." He shrugs at the last question, "Yeah. Not sure why. I feel awesome." He laughs.

"Hurts like hell, but I am used to pain now. I doubt it was as painful as broken ribs. How did that happen?" Loukanos asks with a raised brow. Then Grayson's eating with his mouth full. How impolite! The godling may find it charming, in a boyish way, if the amused grin that tugs at the corner of his lips is to be believed. "Oh. I am…well, I suppose I am adopted as well." He has never really thought about it like that, though.

"You would have to fight a few jealous goddesses for the apple, and all of them think they're the fairest. Alas, it was a golden one, but you might make the cut," There's a wider grin, and Louk glances at the bookshelf of poetry books, "Have you ever read any of Homer's work?" He nods. "I just wish yours wasn't sacrificing yourself for me. It was close. Too close." He frowns. "Awesome?" How can someone feel awesome confined to bed?

Grayson laughs about Loukanos being adopted, "Yeah? My real mom's a criminal. Real evil bitch. I was very lucky and had great adopted folks." He laughs once more, "I'm pretty fair." He glances down at his chest, which is, honestly, pretty pale and white. The sun is not a place he spends much time. "Homer? Like the Odyssey and Iliad? Yeah. Preferred the Iliad, but honestly, who knows which is better. Poetry kind of works best in its native, and I don't read Greek. I'm really a fan of Whitman. He's prolly my fav." Grayson shovels the last of the fries into his mouth, doing that chewing with his mouth open thing. "Rock climbing," he answers about how he broke things. "Grew up in Utah, so I was always climbing. Well… Except the time I fell. The ribs were broken by my real mom when she came lookin' for me." He shrugs, "We all have baggage." With another wide smile, he nods. "Yeah, awesome! I mean, I can't remember feeling better, to be honest."

"I do not know my biological parents. I was taken by Demeter and anointed as her son before I knew my first week," Loukanos pauses, then admits, "I like to imagine my biological parents were terrible people. It makes it easier to think about them bereft of a newborn son. Maybe they didn't deserve a child…" He nods…he read it Greek naturally and never considered how it might've read in English. "I have not read much American poetry. I will give him a shot." He gives a wince when Grayson's wounds are described. "Why would she do that? Will she come back?" He tilts his head. Now, he's starting to look a little concerned. "Seriously? Your heart stops for ninety seconds, you almost die, and have to stay in bed…do you hate homework that much?"

Grayson points to the shelf, "The red binding one. Drum-Taps. It's my favorite. It's a collection of stuff he wrote during the Civil War." He smiles, "Take it. You can bring it back when you're done if you like." About his mother, "I don't know. She might? She attacked me to make my powers manifest. I think if they hadn't, she would have just killed me like she did my adopted parents." He smirks and shrugs, "Like I said. Evil." He scratches the back of his head, "Well, I mean, I kind of DID die. For like, 90 seconds, right?" Again, he laughs, "I dunnow. I just feel pretty cheery I guess." With another shrug, he leans back a bit onto his pillow. "Happy to be alive, right?" Grin.

Following Grayson's finger to the shelf, Loukanos gives a little nod. "I'll check it out. Thank you," If Grayson likes it, Louk wants to like too. Sapphire eyes widen, "That is awful. How could-" He shakes his head. Evil. Right. Got it. "I'm very sorry to hear that, Grayson." He studies the other boy. A little too cheery, he thinks…but no good would come out of giving him another mental evaluation. Instead, he smiles warmly. "I am happy you are alive, too," Very happy. "I'll let you rest, but I hope it is alright if I check back in later." Hopefully, he asks, "Would it be okay if I hugged you?"

Grayson shrugs about his mother, "It was a few years ago, right before I came here. It's okay. Honest." At the offer of the hug, he smiles, "Sure," and he extends his arms out welcomingly. He'll hug Loukanos, a good, strong hug, and then add, "Thanks for the McDonalds, man. That was really kind. I'll see ya later, then."

Hugs! Yay. Loukanos lingers for a few seconds longer than perhaps appropriate before releasing Grayson and stepping away. "It is the least I can do," The basket is placed with the flowers, and the golden-haired boy moves over to the bookshelf to pull out the one with the red binding. "Take it easy, and get well."

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