(2018-04-14) A Perfectly Normal Flight
A Perfectly Normal Flight
Summary: Two black-winged students find the same out-of-the-way place.
Date: 2018-04-14
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Typically… Fionnuala Reid works every Saturday. But! It appears Finder's Keepers is closed for the day… which is a rarity. It takes an act of God or something decidedly crazy for old Ruthie to close up shop and lose business but it turns out the old badger shifter was sick as a dog with an early spring flu! Ruthie hadn't wanted Fee to man the shop alone, not without her there seeing as how the girl is still a minor… so that means… Fee got the day off!!
It is later in the morning when most of the town is getting a slow start, and the sky is bright and blue with barely a cloud in sight to obstruct the sun as it creeps toward its zenith. One of the very best days…. for flying…!
Rather than keep to the school grounds, Fionnuala has made her way as-the-crow-flies—literally—to this old favorite spot. THe old lighthouse has always been a favorite point of speculation for the girl; a place around which to wrap her imagination and come up with all sorts of stories about what this place once saw in the 'olden days'. That… and it's quiet, uninterrupted… and ideal for flying as a humanoid. She is seated upon an outcrop of rock just outside of the old lighthouse, flexing in stretching her wings in preparation for flight. She looks chipper, as always; refreshed. Fee lifts her chin to look into the sunshine, eyes closed reverently as she listens to the water.

Speaking of as the crow flies… Taká soars high on black wings, exulting in the return of reasonable weather. He was seriously starting to think winter would never end, and he's not entirely convinced it isn't lurking around the corner somewhere… but for the time being, he's going to enjoy the sunlight, and the warm wind and he's long been curious about that lighthouse anyway.
He's not really paying any attention to it as such, other than to note its location as he glides silently in its direction.
Taká slowly spirals downward towards the roof of the lighthouse and perches lightly on the roof, spreading and folding his wings and… what's that down below?
He peers over the edge. "Kié? Er, hello?"

The shifter hadn't expected anyone else to be here, except for the brash, noisy seagulls and other assorted bits of sea life. And ghosts, plenty of ghosts because there are ALWAYS ghosts in abandoned places. Especially lighthouses.
Fee is there, finishing her stretches, loving the sun and wind on and amidst the feathers of her own black wings wings. Points of light—absorbed solar energy—wink in the darkness of her plumage… even just sitting there, her body is gobbling up the sunlight voraciously. It shows through in her eyes, which have begun to glow softly with a topaz-colored light as opposed to their natural baby-blue hue. She is wearing a pair of black tights and a simple red-and-black plaid tunic-style coat… not too thick, but perfect for Spring. Her hair, as always before light, has been braided prettily.
But then someone else is here, and Fee twists to look upwards toward the voice. She sees a boy with a black halo of wings…! Oh! She lifts a hand in greeting and calls out in her sing-song way. "Oh, hi! I'm not interrupting anything am I?"

Taká dives gracefully off the roof, and spirals his way down the lighthouse, touching down lightly on the beach a few meters away from Fee. "I think we have met? At the school?" he asks a little uncertainly. You're not related to Carmichael, are you?" His wings flex and fold slowly; he doesn't seem to be doing the movement consciously. He also is not wearing anything remotely resembling the school uniform: a gray kilt and black sleeveless shirt, and sandals—desperate enough for summer that he's already dressing for it, just because it's not obscenely cold anymore.

The girl watches Taká's descent, unable to help but smile a bit at the deft grace of his technique. Now that he is closer, without the corona of the solar glare behind his head, he's indeed easier to recognize. "Oh..!" Fee pipes up again, moving to stand and hold her hands politely clasped at her abdomen, her own wings pulled back and lifted slightly. "We have met! You're…. you're Taká, aren't you?" Of course she would remember him from classes at least. Her smile is earnest and happy as she pushes a thick hank of black hair behind one ear. "No relation to Carmichael, though I know him well enough," is offered next.
As for Taká's attire? Fee doesn't judge, not at all. She works in a thrift store for heavens' sake and gets most of her wardrobe there… and well, it's Fee. Kilts aren't a strange concept to her either, given her family. She gestures to the skies. "It's a fine day, isn't it? I was thinking of going for a flight if you wanted some company?" A pause. "I'm Fionnuala, if you needed a refresher… but just call me Fee."

"Fee, yes, I remember," Taká says, bowing and spreading his wings slightly by way of greeting. "Forgive me, you'd think I of all people would remmeber… and yes, I'd love a flight. That's why I came out here, it's so peaceful. Almost like home."

"Nothing to forgive… it's really okay!" Fee chimes, and really doesn't seem bothered by formally introducing herself to a boy that she has seen in passing. Plus she knows him as a friend of Besa's! Go figure that she had spoken of him to the Egyptian boy a couple of days ago and lo and behold…
"It's actually been awhile for me… flying like this." She gestures to her slight self, indicating a humanoid form… more often than not it's been as a crow. An entirely different experience. Flying as a girl is…. it feels different. A bit more empyreal. "I kinda like this lighthouse, too… actually, I really do. Lots of spots to perch and have a look around," Fee reflects, moving down a couple of steps to keep herself clear of the crumbling structure's cylindrical wall.
Wings quivering, they arch wide, 'dripping' sunshine. Fee takes a deep breath, looking skyward, before flitting her gaze back to Taká. "What's home? Where do you come from?" she asks kindly as she prepares to take off.

"Another planet," Taká says with a shrug. "I don't know where it is from here, so I'm kind of stuck here. But if I ever find it, and if I find a way to get there and back, I should have you and Carmichael both come visit. We all have wings there; you'd fit right in."
And then, Taká kicks lightly into the air, with no more effort than climbing a short flight of steps. One moment he's there, then with a beat of his wings, he's already circling the top of the lighthouse tower.

Another planet! Fionnuala tilts her head thoughtfully… then she remembers a couple of other things! It's not quite her place to bring it up here and now, though, given the fact that she doesn't know Taká personally. She just knows what chocolate can do!
"Well that's quite the invitation… what was the name of your planet? Do you remember how you ended up here?" Fee asks easily, pure curiousity… but then by now, Taká takes to the air. He does so with such ease! It doesn't take Fee long to concur that flight is as natural to him as breathing. "I'm happy to know that I wouldn't have to come up with a disguise." Said with a giggle… she'd better catch up!
Fee meanwhile has to manage a hop combined with a bit of proper balance, and with a whoosh her own wings carry her skyward. It takes seconds to reach the same altitude, before levelling out and joining Taká in his circular flight path. It's one thing to fly with another, but it's wonderful indeed to join another who is winged.

Taká banks into a hover, hanging there nearly effortlessly. "Kyshán. That's the name of my world. I was going to the homeworld to have my special powers studied and… I don't know. Whatever my powers are, they don't like transitioning to the other side of the speed of light, I guess. All I really remember is a flash of… I guess it was light? I don't really know." He touches down on the railing circling the tower-top, balancing there on two flexible feet. "And next thing I knew, I was falling from the sky, in the dark. I was able to get control before I hit the water, and the nearest lights I saw were on the old school. I've been here ever since."
He flits up off the rail and onto the edge of the roof, then dives off again, circling it lazily. "How about you?"

The shifter is no slouch in the air, though her movements aren't quite as smooth as those of the birdman's. Though Fionnuala has been flying since she was a preteen, compared to one who is of a suspected avian race, she's not as… 'polished'. Still, there is grace to be had, especially as she determines the upward drafts as the sea breeze cuts against the crumbling old lighthouse. Her shoes aren't quite as conducive to balancing on railings so she doesn't even attempt it, lest she embarrass herself! She circles overhead a couple more loop-de-loops, and lowers to hover as Taká stands upon the railing. How neat! All the while she is listening, finding it easy to focus.. there's just something about this that makes it easier.
"Oh wow… how have you been adjusting? I noticed you… did you have another word for hello? I guess it was your native language?" Fee guesses, eyes wide with intrigue. Taká kicks off again to move to the roof and dive, Fee continues to hover and watch him. "I was born here… in a place called Orono, Maine. Nowhere near as… well, drastic. Did you have a big family?"

Taká laughs. "Yes, that's one of the few pieces of my language I just can't give up. And I don't really know what 'hello' actually *means*, so it's awkward to me. Now, 'kié' means 'peace' in our language. And even after all this time, it still feels more natural to me to say that, than 'hello'."
He rolls to the right, then back to the left again, as if loosening up. "I don't know how you define a big family. I was the youngest of three; most families have only two children, but it's not like it was a rule or anything. The estate was big enough to handle it anyway."

"Kié," Fee repeats, liking the sound and especially the meaning. Her wings flutter once, causing her to spin slightly, only to drop into roll precisely at the same time that Taká veers to the right, then left. It's a fun little aerial dance that Fionnuala, once warmed up, is keen to follow. A couple of strong flaps carry her higher still, higher higher, the spire of the lighthouse catching the sunlight. "I think it sounds really nice, actually. What are some other words?" she asks without guile, clearly interested in knowing more.
"My family speaks another language too, but it's pretty common in another part of this world. I also come from a big family, myself… lots of relatives. But I don't have any siblings." Fionnuala's smile is wistful. "I would have liked one at least. For a time I kinda thought of Carmichael as the ideal brother… he even looks the part!" she exclaims, twirling in mid-air, her braid bannering behind her small body.

"He doesn't look anything like my brother, or you my sister," Taká muses. "You're both impossibly tall, especially him."
There's a longish pause, broken when Taká finally can't help but laugh. "You know, I can't think what to say in my language… the only use I get out of it any more is writing in my journal, or speaking into my audio diary. Maybe that's where I should start. My people are called Akiár, and our language is Akiár'shak. I'm not sure what we'd call English… probably Amérika'shak for the version spoken here, and Én'lis'shak for the general language itself. I guess. I mean, we all speak the same language at home, on both worlds. There are regional accents, but we all speak Akiár'shak."
He shrugs—yes, it is possible to shrug even while hanging from your upper back from a pair of black feathered wings—and then casually banks from side to side. "I don't know. What would you like to know in our language?"

Impossibly tall..?! Fee? She blushes with a giggle, "Well there's something I've never been called before!" says this girl of roundabouts 5'5"… though looking closer at Taká she can tell that she has a few inches on him. Somehow she thinks it too personal and brash to ask of him the general 'height' of his race… perhaps they're shorter in stature? Yeah it might be rude to ask about anything on those lines. His laughter brings Fee out of her reverie and she smiles in return, wings flapping once, casting forth multiple will o'wisps of solar energy in her wake. "Now isn't that neat! For what it's worth your English is really good for having arrived the way you did," is offered in compliment, next. It is now her turn to flutter downwards and perch atop the roof of the lighthouse for a minute or two. Something has caught her interest!
It is an old bird nest, filled with long-broken eggshells. Nestled as it is beneath some shingles, the elements haven't disturbed it too much. Fee kneels, wind trickling through her feathers, looking at the pale blue shells.
"Peace, in my other language, sounds like this: 'Sìth'," She calls out the singular word in Scots Gaelic. She then considers. "How about… what is the word for 'pig' in your language?" Fionnuala asks with a giggle. "The animal. I would love to say the word to my Da, as it's his favorite animal ever… and see his reaction."

Taká hovers, watching with interest. Of course, if there were any sign the nest were still in use, he'd have to stop her, but it's clearly an old and abandoned one. And the tenantless eggshells are a pretty shade of blue. "I have had some very patient teachers. You shoul' haf hear' my En'lis when I fir's lear'n," he says, grinning, slipping back into his old sing-song and sibilant way of speaking, adjacent consonants separated by the tiniest of pauses.
Her question, simple as it is, seems to have Taká stumped. "I… am not sure I know what a pig is."

The girl looks up from her squatting position, listening to Taká's seguing into his 'earlier' method of speech. Fionnuala colors prettily. "Oh, that sounds so… wow, you've come such a long way!" she exclaims, fingering one of the pale blue shells with the lightest of touches. It shows, too, in how she examines the actual nest with it's somewhat weathered, dry twigs. Even the tiniest pieces of birdfluff are bleached and old-looking. It is indeed an abandoned nest, and something about it strikes Fionnuala. "This is the prettiest blue… I bet when it was fresh it was even more vivid," she says gently, considers. She can think of someone who would possibly like this.
Fionnuala will remember to come back for it later on… or at the very least she can put it on the windowsill closest to her bunk, back home. Not at the estate, her home home.
Then Taká's question stumps her… she looks up, grin widening. "Oh! Pigs are cute… they're about this big, some of them… some as long as I am tall! While some are small and chubby, like little dogs. You usually see them on farms… I'll show you a picture sometime. They have these curly tails and snouts and they make a… a sound. It's like a grunt, kinda like a fart." Fee giggles. "And… people… tend to like eating them." Blush.

"Thank you. I really needed to learn it anyway… most humans are disconcerted by telepathic contact. Oh, don't worry, I need physical contact with humans to make mental contact," Taká adds, remembering that telepathy is considered an invasion by many Earth people, "so I can't touch your mind from here."
He tries to connect Fee's description to any animal he's seen, obviously without success. "I haven't looked up any of the food animals I can eat here. I would rather not know. The only thing I need to know about meat is that it didn't come from anything with wings."
Silence a moment.
"And I have not encountered the word… fard? Fart?" he asks, with perfect innocence.

The girl listens happily to Taká, though inwardly she is grateful for the lack of mental 'touching', as it's called. She isn't anti-Psychic, but Fionnuala is more along the lines of mystical and the idea of hearing a 'voice' in her head and being unable to reply in such a fashion just… boggles her. As for the pig… "I'll show you a picture back at the school, so y—"
Oh snap. Taká continues, asks with perfect innocence indeed… she should have seen this coming but she didn't! Her wings rise to beat the air again but… don't. Fionnuala continues to stand atop the roof and her face blushes. "A-ah… hah!" She can't help it, she laughs. "Yea! Uhm… fart. Fart." She can't believe she is saying this… but she's trying to be helpful! It's all in the name of learning…!
"Passing gas? That's what a fart is! When you have a sore stomach from something you ate and you let it out from your…" She gestures to her arse, face red as a beet, lips curled up into a tremulous smile as she tries not to laugh. Toilet humor is a guilty pleasure. "It sounds a bit like this."
She presses the heels of both of her palms to her lips and blows, producing a fabulous reproduction of breaking wind.
Once done, she repeats: "Fart!"

"Oh… oh!" Taká says as understanding comes, and laughs merrily. "Well, then, I'm glad you've heard other words from my language first, because I'd hate for your first taste of Akiár'shak to be za'rhái. It literally means 'old wind'. And I definitely don't know of any animals that make that noise. I'd still be giggling if I did."

The girl has since taken wing again, but very nearly drops out of the sky, the laughter takes her so suddenly and deeply. "Old wind…!" she cries out, and can't handle it any longer. Fionnuala very nearly shrieks with laughter, wings beating the air in merriment as she makes to circle the lighthouse one more time, before indicating that she would like to finally do the entire perimeter of the small island. Heaven help her to stop laughing!
"What a pretty pair of terms for a fart!" The shifter cackles, and with one deft motion, banks to the right and clears the lighthouse, making for the rocky shore beyond! Fionnuala is still giggling, all-the-while, and grateful for the company.

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