(2018-04-12) Advice and Happy Little Trees
Advice and Happy Little Trees
Summary: Besa and Fionnuala talk about matters of the heart, an exhausted Ashton joins them.
Date: 2018-04-12
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Attic Floor, Winbarry Estate
Thu Apr 12, 2018

The attic floor contained more staff quarters, general storage areas. There are boxes there that have been there for decades, not brought in by Unit 23. Who knows what's in them?

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Besa's had a very busy few days, aplogysing to everyone, school work, trying to not have a heart attack. Meeting with people not students. Very, very busy. But now that the day is winding down he's up in his usually hiding place, the attic, with cocoa and his sketch book. Not that he's using it, but it's open and next to the teen. Cocoa is on the outer side of him, a blanket spread out for them both to lounge on. He petting her casually, deep in thought. No school uniform, he's already changed out of that and into sleepy pants.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.

It's been an interesting couple of days for Fionnuala, ever since students have returned from the recent mission. While she hadn't been along for said mission, the girl had been helping to look after those who were affected. Well, in whatever manner she could. While she couldn't see to her peers who were caught up in the madness of it all, she did everything she could 'behind the scenes' to help out. Whether it was working in the kitchens to help with meal preparations, offering to cart around countless cups of tea or bowls of soup or whatever was necessary to help those who were recovering. Because it sounds like things really got hairy!

Fionnuala doesn't have the time to feel guilty for not being there. Somehow, though, she knows Besa will be up here. (maybe she peeked, earlier?)

Tip-tip-tip, the sound of soft-soled slippers ascending the stairs leading up to the space. "Hello~?" Comes the girl's singsong voice, and she raps on a wall for good measure to announce herself. Fee peeks her head through the doorway, her hair piled up high and sprouting out of the harried-looking bun in which no bobby pin can find easy purchase. Her eyes are bright, like citrine gemstones, warmth preceding her. She's carrying sunlight! .. "Mind another?"

Besa and cocoa both turn and look at the direction the rap is coming from, "Oh! Hello Fionnuala. Of course. You are always welcome." He smiles patting the blanket. "Are you doing well?" Cocoa's tail wags and she scoots closer to Fee.

Once bid to approach, Fee's tentative smile pulls into an earnest grin and in she strolls, carrying some sort of a…. wicker basket. Oh God what does she have now? It's not big; more along the lines of a child-sized Easter basket or the like. She, too, is out of uniform and instead snuggled into fleecy black-and-purple plaid pajama pants and a tight black camisole, wings out and trickling sunlight. She is flushed with both that energy and perhaps from another sort of heat, likely from a shower, as she bears the scent of some kinda fruity body lotion. Clean crow is clean.

"I'm just fine… still making sense of everything. But what about you…? Are you doing alright?" She asks kindly, plopping down right alongside the gentle boy on the blanket and setting her things down. Cocoa is given a hearty two-handed scritch on both sides of her doggo face before the girl's arm stretches out in an attempt to draw Besa into one of her easily-dealt hugs.

"It's been a crazy couple of days, from what I've been hearing."

Besa shrugs, his smile fading some, "I did not go, so I was not in any danger." Not really the answer she was probably looking for though. His attention is on the basket. "The piece of my heart was retrieved. And the ritual was…found." So complicated! He gladly hugs her back, "I am thankful, just disappointed I was not able to go and help."

The girl's expression softens some, in understanding. "I wasn't there either… I feel bad, I do. I kinda… feel like I would have been dead weight." She flushes, but handwaves with the hand that isn't involved in hugging the boy. She will let him go when appropriate though, now turning her body to face him better, legs folded lotus-style. Note, too: her tender tootsies are covered up, no more bare soles after that experience with the earring! She watches Besa for a moment, her eyes widening. "I see the people who came back, and feel that I should have been there regardless.. but I don't think it'll be held against either of us. It's good that you were safe, because what would have happened if you were there? Everyone was off fighting that freaky-deaky cult, right?"

Besa explains briefly the acquisition of his piece of heart (no no not like Legend of Zelda) and Fee brightens again. "Oh..! Oh! So it's… everything is where it is supposed to be?" She taps her own chest, right where her own heart is. "What exactly is the 'ritual'?" So complicated! Fee is out of the loop on all of this. She reaches for the basket.. in it are assorted colorful blocks of polymer, wrapped in cellophane… Fee has come up here for a Sculpey session!

Besa offers, "I should have been fighting them as well." That's it, no other reason why. It was his fight. He makes a soft, not quite bad face, but, "Noooo…..not where it should be, but we are getting closer. The ritual needs to be deciphered, and then it will need to be cast." He shakes his head, "I do not understand everything yet, but it was on a girl, but now it is in Ashton's head?" Super complicated! The frown disappears when he sees the clay, "Oh! Are you going to make something?"

Despite drawing a few blanks, perhaps even feeling a bit — ok maybe a lot — unnerved at talk of things ending up in peoples' heads.. well, just Ashton's, but it sounds weird. "So I guess… the cult was full of those priests who have been hounding you. Are they gone gone, then, or scattered like cockroaches?" She asks softly, grasping at whatever she does know. And then Fionnuala, true to Fee fashion, asks softer still, "I hope everyone is okay, I've been trying to help out but really those who came out of it in rough shape need to just be left alone to rest." A soft little sigh then, and she looks down into her basket. She follows Besa's gaze to the basket o' color and her lips curl up into an easy smile once more.

"Yeah… this stuff is fun. Not as good as the real earthy stuff, it feels more… plastic'y… but it does the trick in a pinch. I was going to play around with some of it, if you'd like to try too? It's good for something to do with your hands, to turn your mind elsewhere."

She starts laying out the various multi-colored pieces, some larger (multiple packs of the same color merged together and wrapped up), others still in their packaging and juuuust about the size of half a carton of cigarettes. She has a classical rainbow palette of R.O.Y.G.B.I.V happening here…. and don't forget black!

Besa sighs, "I do not know. At least scattered." Hopefully done. "I wanted to be there so they would see I was strong. I was not to be pushed against. Not that I was being rescued by the school." Again. But he can't do anything about it now. "Some people were injured, but I do not believe that anyone was hurt that has not been haled." Again, not that anyone has let him heal. He nods, that perfect hair flopping, "I would like to try it, yes. Thank you." He leans forward, hand resting on his chest as he looks at the colors.

The girl looks sideward to Besa as she lays out the colors, brows quirking before settling over softly glowing eyes. "Well, here's my way of thinking of it, even if those priest jerks don't feel that way. You couldn't be there, but that doesn't mean you're not to be seen as weak for it. I know if I were some bird shit priest," OMG she didn't forget Ariel's term, "I would see all these people stepping forward to fight for you and to help save you and see you as anything but weak because a whole whack of people care." Oh Fionnuala… her spirit animal is a Care Bear. c.c

That said, she begins unwrapping some of the colorful chunks of Sculpey. From the basket, too, she produces a small variety of small knives, a couple of sewing needles.. and a folded-over piece of waxed paper that she unfolds and lays out, roundabouts the size of a magazine.

"It's not quite as intensive as the art room, but you just take the pieces of colors that you like, work them with your fingers, and press it all together." Fee beams, "When you're done we can bake whatever we make downstairs."

Besa nods, he's been doing that a lot lately. But it doesn't change his view on the day. He needed to fight for himself. But Circe took that away from him. He's not sure how to feel towards the baby yet. His lower lip is chewed on as he thinks, trying to decide what to make. Usually he makes useful things, bowls, mugs, but that's not what this is for. After a moment of his fingers twitching he reaches for some red. "May I ask you something?"

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Sculpting: Great Success.

The girl starts to work her chosen colors, squinting regretfully at a palette that is devoid of brown, but then she has all these other colors and she can just make it herself! Plucking a little bit of certain existing colors, she's working to get as functional a brown hue as she can with what she has. Fee's small fingers move deftly; she is used to this medium despite the lack of a dedicated art room and she is happy with whatever she can get. Already she has an image in her head to replicate and she is actually intending to re-create something that was lost to her when the original school was pounded!

She's not so focused so as to not pay attention to Besa, though. She looks to him as he speaks, while selecting the red polymer. "Oh, of course? What's up?" The shifter asks pleasantly as, most satisfactorily, her hodge-podge of colors become brown!

Besa says, "You are dating Oliver, yes?" Unless something has changed! "If…if the two of you broke up, but the ne wished to get back together…is that weird? Is the fair to the other person?" His own fingers are moving, but he's watching. Her, not really paying attention to what he's doing. Fingers have their own mind! "I…I told Whitley I missed him, and he said it was complicated. And it has gotten very …strained. I fear I have done something wrong in how I handle him now… Should we be trying to be friends?""

She nods affirmative to her dating the alien boy, "Sure am," So luckily, no changes there! Fionnuala is rolling her brown chunk into a sort of oval but the whole while, she is watching Besa. She's so used to this polymer and her mental blueprint is so intuitive that she really doesn't have to look at her product much. She's going by touch. Her expression becomes truly curious now as they move into speculation territory with the intention to seek advice, and the girl listens without judgement.

"I guess it.. depends on how we broke up in the first place. Ollie is actually my very first boyfriend." Is admitted, "But we can't really help how we feel. I need a refresher though… was it Whitley who broke things off originally, or did you have to because of complications with the sacrifice and the like?" The girl waits patiently for the answer before she continues with her thought.

Besa's head shakes, "No…it was me. He does not trust me now." He's said as much. "He said…he needed to be sure before he would consider dating me again, but…I do not know if anyone could ever be completely certain? Am I just… waiting for something that will not happen?" His nose wrinkles nd he finally looks down at the clay in his hands, "I would understand if he just said no, but …I am waiting nd it hurts my chest and I do not know what to do. I asked Rain some, but I do not think she wishes to help with it." Besa's so blind, sometimes. "I do not wish for you to speak to him though, please. I am just looking for someone to ….talk to about it."

The girl listens, nods slowly. "I guess it's kinda tricky because we're all living here and seeing one another daily. If he really wanted to avoid you, it'd be hard, but not impossible. And wasn't he along for that mission?" She tilts her head questioningly, "Maybe he's a bit hung up on things too if he's not telling you a straight yes or no." Fionnuala considers, rubbing her chin gently in thought, smearing it with a brown streak from the warm material that she is working with. Ew, that sounds kinda gross.

"I don't think it's fair if a person keeps wanting from another who already said no.. but he hasn't, right? It's okay to miss him." She's trying to be as unbiased as possible.. she doesn't know Whitley as well and clearly she is much closer to Besa. Fionnuala is gifted with a degree of… well, she thinks things through. "I don't think it's fair that you're left waiting either. I won't say a word to anyone, Besa," Fee pledges, setting down her chunk and reaching out to, if Besa will let her, cup his clay-working hands with both of her own. It's a rather Rain-like gesture actually.

"I get that he wants to be certain but you can't be strung along either. Waiting is painful."

Besa frowns, "What mission?" He wets his lips, "No, h has not said no. He said he needed time, but….I do not know what amount of time I should wait?" Not that Besa wants to go find someone else, but… He sighs, but then immediately flips his hand to hold Fee's. It is very Rain like, and Besa doesn't mind. "Thank you for listening to me. I will probably do nothing, but it is good to be able to say these things and know I am not being crazy." He smirks, making him look like a normal teenager for a movement, but that's ruined by his words, "I do know pain. I think, maybe it's one of my good qualities." He ignores the smear for now.

The girl speaks nothing more on the 'mission'; done for that extra credit to find the piece of the boy's heart. Instead Fee is rapt on the topic at hand, searching for clues in Besa's words, tone, body language. "It's very respectful of you to wait but… haven't you been waiting for so long?" The girl asks softly, her hand warm as she holds his. "You broke up with him to protect him, didn't you? Some really bad things were about to happen and you were just wanting to be safe. It's just.. it's really sad that he doesn't trust you.." That much she cannot help with or speculate on. Still, she feels bad for them both.

"You're not crazy Besa, not at all. It's not an easy situation to be in. I would go crazy.." She says with big rounded eyes, brows still knitted over said eyes. "You guys have been broken up since… when, was it last summer? It's been awhile, hasn't it? Sure you know pain and you handle it well, but any way to lessen it is a good thing. Why doesn't Rain want to talk about this too? I have a feeling she really does not like Whitley."

Besa shrugs, unsure how long a long time is. "I know I hurt him." He nods, "But he doesn't believe it was for the best. And now he does not trust me. I think he believes I will go sacrifice myself again." Which, if it was needed, to be fair, he might. "Yes, before the last sacrifice. I am willing to wait, if I know. But I fear that he…" He stops, not even sure what to do with that statement, so he switches, giving Fee some more details. "Do you remember on Valentines day, when I gave everyone candy?"

The girl nods gently, listening to every word. She's not about to tell Besa to just 'not sacrifice himself again' because that's just not cool. That and Fee isn't that callous. Granted she never wants to see another perfect hair harmed on Besa's head but much of what the Egyptian boy experiences is beyond Fee's scope. "If you feel strong enough to wait longer, even just a bit longer before maybe talking to him again.. then do it, if it won't hurt you too much in the process." A pause, Besa starts talking about something that he 'fears' and Fionnuala leans forward, watching his face. "Are you worried that he will find someone else?" She starts to ask, about to continue.. before Besa poses another question.

"Oh yes, I remember! It was great candy, too. It was so sweet of you." The girl says sweetly, waiting for what he's veering toward.

Besa says, "No. I worry that he has very little friends, actually." Besa sighs, explaining further, "If…if he founds some else, and it made him happy, I would concede and be happy for him." He would, honestly. But back to chocolate, "I gave a piece to Taka. And apparently chocolate has a very strong affect on his people. He kissed, and we have not spoken since." Besa's cheeks are pink, "And then this camping trip there were Dryads, and…they were very pretty." He looks almost embarrassed."

The girl nods slowly, and breathes an inward sigh of relief. So Besa would be okay if… oh, what a guy. She feels a great rush of love for the selfless boy and if he yet allows her to hold his hand she will give his fingers a squeeze. "I really don't think any more or less of him.. we've all been in the same school for so long and really, I don't… know of Whitley that well. Maybe next time I see him I'll make him another hot chocolate." She says simply, no frills. Simple as that. But then she's listening to talk of… oh! Fee's eyes widen, "Taka.. oh, Taka! With those very lovely wings! Okay, go on—" Then it gets a bit spicier. Fionnuala blushes for Besa, grins in her cute silly way. "Oh wow!! Well I'd say that kind of reaction can go either way! How did you like that though?!" She looks really, REALLY interested!

Fee's wings, previously still for a very impressive amount of time, quiver once. Things are making a bit more sense, "Besa, you're allowed to look and enjoy, you know. If anything it's good for you, if you're not attached! And it's not bad I promise. Look at all the fun stuff coming up, the art show, the cabaret… the summer time…! What's stopping you from maybe asking someone like, say, Taka.. to go check out some of those things? To just have fun?"

Besa makes a face, "Well…they were Dryads, Fionnuala. Of course I liked them. They were //very pretty, and kept braiding my hair." He listens to her words, agreeing, mostly. "I know there is much happening this summer….I just…I feel…..sad." Because of it, or because of Whitley? Or because he liked looking at Dryads? Or kissing Taka? So many possibilities! He looks down at her hands on his, "I have not even thought of anything like that. I have been groundedfrom anything fun for a while now…"

"Yes yes Dryads are pretty, for sure…" Fionnuala squees along, but kicks herself mentally for not being more specific. She shakes his hand like an excited child. "I mean kissing Taka, you silly duck! How did you like that?!?" She leans in closer for a moment, peering at him, before leaning back again with a sweet smile. She looks down at their hands as he does, and slowly flits her gaze back up to the boy's face as he admits to…. nuuuuuu… being… grounded?

"Oh Besa, I'm so sorry… you can't be expected to just hang back and not be.. there's some much out there to live for and to enjoy, to experience and get to know. So tell me." She leans forward again, wings quivering again. "Say if you liked kissing a winged boy and you found him, stuffed some chocolate into his gob… and it happened again… who would know? Would you be struck down right then and there?" She asks of him gently, looking earnestly worried and caring for him. "There's so much sadness in the world.. even right here in this school. I saw this Metis girl come in last night looking utterly miserable.. and just some other students having trouble. I hate seeing you so sad."

She tilts her head then, "You are allowed to enjoy anything in this life, really. It's a tragedy to think otherwise."

Besa looks back down to the clay, "Taka was…nice. It felt nice, Very nice, but….it was not Whitley." He blinks, looking up, "Oh…no, I meant because of the priests." He frowns, "I would not force Taka to eat chocolate. That would be…wrong of me." Isn't that like a date rape drug, kinda? But then he shakes his head, "No…Kissing Taka again would not result in lightning." He forces a soft smile, although it's hard to tell if he understand and agrees with everything she just said, "Thank you, Fionnuala." And then he adds, maybe breaking the moment some, "You have some clay on your chin."

"I know it'd be wrong, I'm just poking fun." Fee smiles fondly, giving his hand one more squeeze before she reaches for the Sculpey pieces again. "I'm just glad it felt nice, that you had the chance to enjoy something that nice. It doesn't mean Taka has to be anything beyond a kiss, beyond a friend.. I'm just glad you got to experience something so soft." A pause, before things get too soppy. Fionnuala's shoulders and wings shake with a light giggle. "We winged folk are great kissers afterall." Said matter-of-factly, as she tries to keep the mood light. She looks down at the 'body' of what she is sculpting, considering… though she pauses again and gives Besa the fondest of smiles. "Of course.. thanks for trusting me to talk about it. I hope it helped you some, at least to give your heart a little bit more peace."

Blink? Clay? Fionnuala grins sheepishly, and rubs her chin.

Besa doesn't think Taka wanted it to be anything more than a kiss. He chuckles, "Oh? Should I get wings then?" Maybe then Whit will want him back. It's after dinner, everyone is in their PJs and they two students are paying with clay while sitting on the floor with Cocoa. He's got some red clay in hand and just seems to be working it, not into anything particular just yet. "Thank you for listening to me, it does help."

His roommate made it pretty much impossible to concentrate, so Ashton decided to go up to the attic. Unlike his normal sleep attire of shorts and a tee shirt, Ashton is wearing a pair of forest green sweat pants and a matching sweat shirt. He has a drawing pad and an ink pen, clipped to cover. He still looks extremely tired.

Besa adds some different colors to whatever he's working on, but looks up as he hears someone else coming up. "Hello Ashton." Besa looks rested (He should be), but maybe bothered by something. "Would you care to join us?" Cocoa seems to be dozing.

Ashton startles just a bit, as he is still recovering from going a week without sleep. He looks over at the three (Cocoa is no longer /the dog/). He chews on his lower lip, "Are you sure I would not be intruding? If I am, then I can go find somewhere else to be."

Besa shakes his head, "WE are just….hanging out. You would not be intruding." Now that Besa's done talking about his not-boyfriend troubles, that is. "You look to still be tired, Ashton." He doesn't seem to be paying attention to whatever his fingers are creating.

Ashton moves over to the little gathering. He quietly sits down. His eyes first fixate on Cocoa, with a light smile. His blue eyes move to the Egyptian boy. He nods, "I am… but I did it to myself, considering that I went for about a week and a half without sleep." He pauses, "You know the first thing Louk said to me when we went back to my room after you left for class. I told you so. Can you believe it? I could have smacked him."

Besa sighs, pretty locks of hair sway as he shakes his head. He doesn't approve! "He told you what?" Besa doesn't follow. An eyebrow raises though in worry, he doesn't want them smacking each other! Cocoa sighs in her sleep, rolling some to lean against Besa. Seems she also likes to be touching when she sleeps. Maybe she and Besa are more co-dependant than just he dependent on her. He uses the moment to lift his hand and rub his chest with the back of his hand. His heat isn't getting any better with the stress of the mission done, unfortunately.

The crow shifter has been quiet, focused upon her own work. Her greeting of Ashton had been kind and open before she dipped her dakr-haired head down into concentration. She has absorbed sunlight through the day, even if the day had been cloudy, and it is in the attic that she lets the warm, ambient energy —- harmless in this usage — 'trickle' into the attic space. It's not necessarily a bad thing to be close to, unless one loathes heat and light. Her fingers work meticulously at something that is brown and… a few shades of green. Then, she surfaces, smiling between the other three: Besa, Ashton and Cocoa. "Sorry, I get a bit transfixed.." She admits, turning to note how tired Ashton looks. She sets down her one sculpture… a rather lovely miniature oak tree. "One happy little tree down… one more to go…"

Yup, she found Bob Ross on Netflix recently.

Ashton smirks, and is obviously not really upset about it. "Louk knew about the spell and how long I had gone without sleep, and I'm seriously not looking forward to going to sleep now that I'm not going to sleep the sleep of the dead." He doesn't say why. "And he told me that I was going to crash… so he commented about how I didn't even make it up to my room before I fell asleep. And then he said something like.." and he makes air quotes with his fingers, "'how do I put it without saying 'I told you so' but I told you so'". His eyes watches Besa. A frown forms on his lips. "I'm trying to find the particular ritual for you… "

Besa seems to be happy with Fee and her warmth, they're sitting right next to each other. He's kind of shameless when it comes to keeping warm. He leans forward to eyes the Happy Tree, "It does look happy." He has no reference to the joke. He looks up, guessing, "Nightmares? I get them. Cocoa helps…" He chews his lower lip and then offers, "Would you like for her to stay with you tonight?" Besa can go a night without her. Oh, that kind of I told you so. He nods, but then quickly frowns, "No. This is a no work area. Take some clay. It will be better for you to clear your mind and then work on it tomorrow." He motions with whatever he's doing at the multi colored clay Aah can pick from.

This talk of going without sleep is not good… Fionnuala peeks up from beneath her thick fringe of black eyelashes as she listens to the two talk. Somehow the notion of offering up her favorite sleepytime tea may not cut it, given the nature of the situation. It can't be easy deciphering rituals after what must have been a highly stressful mission! Besa's comment on the first 'happy tree' earns a silly little smile. "Thanks. Now I'm making another, because it needs a friend." Oh Besa, to not know to whom she is referencing. What a tragedy. Maybe she will introduce him to the lovely painter's television series someday.

She pauses in her sculpting of a douglas fir, fingers moving deftly with a plastic butterknife to score the needles, and looks between the two.. then at Cocoa. "Now that is an idea. Doggo cuddles are wonderful," Observed casually, before she gestures to the rainbow of Sculpey chunks. "You're welcome to have as much of this as you'd like.. it's good to sink your mind into." A smile to Ashton before she returns to her little project. Such a simple pleasure.

Ashton frowns and nods slightly. "They have just been getting worse and worse since the scrying fiasco… The only times I have been able to sleep without them was when Louk was there." He shakes his head, "I couldn't do that… besides I doubt she would want to sleep with me… " Petting the dog today was great, but having her in his bed is perhaps more than he can really handle as a second step." He looks at the clay, "No thank you.. I wouldn't know what to do with it… " Taking Besa's advice to heart though, he sets the pad of paper to the side, and leans back to watch the two work with the clay.

<FS3> Besa rolls Ceramics: Good Success.

Besa can understand that, the last real night of sleep without any nightmares (Besides baby induced) was when he fell asleep with Louk, Trevor, and Cocoa. He doesn't push it beyond, "If you change your mind come knock on my door, she is a good snuggle." Although eh warns, "She snores." Whatever is in his hand is starting to take form. Some kind of beast. As if to prove Besa right Cocoa lets out a snore and startles herself awake. She sits up, looking surprised at the room.

Fee's good at what she does; one can see what her main focus had been when Coral Springs had all of the appointed teaching facilities. Two Happy Little Trees become three with a monkey tree… in this decidedly short amount of time the girl's fingers have been working deftly, swiftly; the tiniest pieces of different colors picked from a chunk here, one there… rolled, scored, sliced, pressed. Fee won't force the polymer on Ashton, but simply smile indulgently as her lashes flutter and her wings quiver, dusting the floor with innocuous specks of sunlight. She looks perfectly, busily content.

She finishes up with what appears to be a stump. Because even Happy Little Trees with bad haircuts need friends too.

Weird, sweet artsy-fartsy crow. When all is said and done, she will offer to go get a pan upon which to place all of these little polymer sculptures, to be baked tomorrow.

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