(2018-04-10) The Hotel
The Hotel
Summary: Unit 23 and students help in the securing of the Mandalay Bay Hotel while the other two teams get the mission goals
Date: 2018-04-10
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The volunteers gathered early in the morning before breakfast on the back patio as instructed. Already waiting was the Headmaster, wearing the staff mission uniform, only on his were slotted glowing orbs, three on one arm, two on the other, and the tall White Witch, with sleepy eyed toddler in her arms. Most of Unit 23 has gathered, and one teen girl who does not attend the school. Unit 23 is in there Fatigue Uniforms, the girl is in What appears to be a body suite, but not that of the school uniforms. All students going are required to wear their team uniforms.

Once all the student volunteers were assembled the Headmaster gave a short speech about the goals of the mission. There would be three groups. One group would go after the piece of Besa's heart. The second group would find the resurrection ritual, Intel says it's books, but be aware it could also be scrolls. The third group, if it is necessary, would be crowd control, blocking off the stairs and elevators to the hotel floor to prevent staff and backup from sneaking up on the other two groups. He goes on to suggest that each group is a team and should act as such, watch each others backs and don't take any unnecessary risks.

As he is talking the White Witch set about to casting, some magical incantations and touching the door leading into the mansion, there is a surge of magic as the spell goes off. Where the door once was is now just the view of a well lit stair well. On the wall in large letters is painted '32nd Floor', stairs lead both up and down. The tall woman then begins guiding the volunteer students through, the toddler, now fully awake and watching the students pass with curiosity, until Besa, the last one to go through passes by. Seeing the nervous looking Besa, the young girl flails an arm out at him and shouts an adamant 'No go Bass-ah! Nappie time!' in her baby voice, those sensing magic would feel another powerful surge just as a surprised Besa's eyes roll back and he collapses to the ground at the school and the magical wormhole slams closed.

As then enter the hotel, Unit 23 immediately goes into mission mode. For this enot familiar with the unit, it consists of two speedsters, (Daxton and Pulse), an Androgynous goth named Afterthought who manipulates shadows and floats, Inferno the leader and man made of magma when he wants to, and the two new comers Moritz and Felica. Inferno motions for everyone to head down, while the other two teams go up. Their job is to evacuate the hotel and keep any help from getting up to the other two objectives, the heart and books. The speedsters go through the levels , so the students main job is to protect the front doors. The side and back doors are covered by the other members of Unit 23.

Whitley begrudgingly complied to the uniform standard even if he feels like a dork in it. Otherwise, he carries no gear to speak of and is energized with his senses heightened and blood rushing. The last time he was on a mission like this, he was sent to CS. Protecting the doors sounds like a simple task, but he's careful not to underestimate the enemy. A blue force field is already set against the front doors, hindering those who seek to enter.

Lance has been assigned to work with Unit 23. The reasons are beyond him, but having been taught to follow orders, Lance didn't worry about reasons. He has adjusted his uniform to carry his concealed equipment and some of his gear. He has his baton in his right hand though it is currently collapsed.

There's a ton of people leaving the Mandalay Bay Hotel, mostly confused as they're hurried out by staff. They're dressed in Vegas finest to still in their PJs, but everyone can hear the fire alarm that's been pulled. One of the men, a dark skinned Egyptian looking person steps out of the front door and Whit's force field but the blinks seeing the students uniforms and turns around and tries to gt back in. "I have to go in, My…my grandfather is still inside!"

Whitley eyes the Egyptian man and sighs. "Okay, this is going to sound terribly racist, but I can't let you go back in there," He all but scowls and a blue blade expands from his wrist over his fist and four feet out. "Follow the others out."

Lance watches as the Egyptian walks up to the field. Since Whitley is already talking to him, Lance keeps a step back so that they are not all gathered together in one place. He glances down the other wallway to make sure it is clear and no one is behind the field.

<FS3> Man rolls Shapeshifting +6: Good Success.

Behind the force field the speedsters can be seed, two cameo blurts tuning people to the front lobby. Until one stops, spraled out on the floor with a dagger in their leg. A woman dress in normal clothing is snarling and then there's. Flurry of movement, knives, and yells as the remainder of folks tried to take cover. The fight has started inside.

The man is snarling, a matching look to the woman inside, "You have no right!" The appearance of the blade has his eyes widening, but instead of stepping back, he chants something in Coptic. The man tilts his head, cracking his next and then his while body ripples as bones snap and shift. Where once stood a medium sized man is now a very large crocodile. Bigger than a normal croc, it's teeth are terrifingly sharp and it lunges at Whitley.

"I won't ask aga-" Whitley begins to say, but then the man is no longer a man but a crocodile. He lets out a chuckle and sneers, "So this is what was meant by temple crocodiles killing Priest Sabni?" The white-haired teen does not wait for an answer, though. No, his hand is alright out and the blade morphs into a knife. And he launches the psychic dagger straight at the monster.

With a flick of his wrist, Lance extends his baton to its full 21 inches. He moves a bit closer to Whitney impressed with the dagger he throws. "Will your barrier hold," he asks wondering if he should remain her or head inside where he hears the sounds of battle.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Whit=Psychic Vs WereCroc=6
< Whit: Good Success WereCroc: Good Success
< Net Result: Whit wins - Marginal Victory

The beast was not expecting the dagger thrown, so it doesn't try to dodge till its too late. Unfortunately, the thick letter like skin isn't damaged much, although Werecroc dude does make a very angry nose. He whips around, his tail moving to knock down both students.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Croc=6 Vs Lance=Physical
< Croc: Success Lance: Good Success
< Net Result: Lance wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Croc=6 Vs Whitley=Physical
< Croc: Failure Whitley: Good Success
< Net Result: Whitley wins - Solid Victory

Whitley doesn't move out of the way of the tail at all. Instead, it passes through his semitransparent torso, and he slips into the crocodile's defenses, another blade already forming his hand. Engaging the beast in melee, he brings it down on the creature, this time aiming for its head. It's purposeful strike, though it does not physical damage. "Not as well now that I'm focusing on other constructs!" And the field does appear to be fading.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Whitley=6 Vs Croc=3
< Whitley: Success Croc: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lance=physical Vs Croc=6
< Lance: Good Success Croc: Failure
< Net Result: Lance wins - Solid Victory

When the tail comes towards him, Lance jumps up in the air and does a backflip over it. He lands easily and uses the force of the impact to create a springing effect in his legs as a gymnast does on their floor exercise. He lunges forward with the baton swinging with the added movement. He times it so that he stricks the head of the croc shortly after Whitley's knife hits hoping to use it as a distraction for his blow. It lands with a satisfying blow.

From inside the lobby there's a lot of yelling in Coptic as the speedsters do their thing. Some breaks are the sound of bones, some are the sound of furniture getting run over. You know, normal speedster fighting.

Outside the smell of something burning fills the air as out of eyesight Inferno and the rest of the Unit fifth other priests trying to get in the side and back doors. Down the way fire engines can be heard wailing on the busy streets of Vegas.

The croc's yes flash, catching the neon lights that surround the opening of the hotel. It makes angry crocodile noises, although that's cut off briefly by the strike to it's head. He didn't like that and makes to snap it's sharp dagger teeth at Lance.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Croc=6 Vs Lance=Physical
< Croc: Success Lance: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Whitley=physical Vs Croc=6
< Whitley: Good Success Croc: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Seeing the crocodile bite at Lance, the white-haired teen puts a telekinetic force in that opening and expands it. He wants to keep its mouth open so it cannot close its jaws on Lance again and perhaps give Lance an easier target, but there is resistance. Enough that there are wrinkles in his forehead from concentrating on this and the force field.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lance=physical Vs Croc=6
< Lance: Good Success Croc: Good Success
< Net Result: Lance wins - Marginal Victory

Almost instantly upon landing a successful blow, Lance has to lean back as the teeth come at him. Those teeth snag and tear against his uniform. Another blow from Whitney is probably why those teeth only got a taste of fabric. With the head so close, Lance swings the baton upwards striking the beast in the jaw with another thud though not as satisfactory as the first.

Another person appears, yelling something in Coptic to the croc and tries to rush past Whitley to try and get through the force field. She herself seems to be dress casual, but underneath her sleeves are what look to be very shiny metal bracers.

Crocodile dude is not having a happy day, he just wanted to get up to see his grandpa! His evil cult grandpa, what's wrong with that? There's a weird pressure with his jaw, so as he bares down trying to close his mouth, he swipes at Lance with his claws. Long, scaly clawed hands.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Whitley=physical-2 Vs Egyptian Lady=5
< Whitley: Good Success Egyptian Lady: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

It looks like Lance has the crocodile taken care of. Whitley focuses his attention on the woman rushing inside, holding out a hand to reinforce the barrier with his psychic energy and focus. For now, the crocodile remains in his peripheral vision, but his attention is on the woman trying to pass through his force field. "Hey! If you know what's good for you, you'll turn around and leave!"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lance=physical Vs Croc=6
< Lance: Good Success Croc: Success
< Net Result: Lance wins - Marginal Victory

Lance bends his body once more as the claws barely miss again. With the differences in their bodies, Lance tries to keep his body mobile so he is a harder target. The baton flashes once more focusing on the top of the head aiming for a spot between his eyes. Even as that blow lands, Lance slips his combat knife from its hiding spot and into his left hand.

The woman turns and yells again in Coptic. Looking at Whitley her face twists in rage, "You have no right, it is Sobek's turn to reign!" She lifts both hands, bracers glowing before she clashes them together. A loud ringing rolls off of them, but it grows instead of diminishes. The air feels strange now, the vibrations almost visible like heat waves. It makes things harder to do.

The croc bellows, although it's hard to say if it's from the hit or the fact he keeps missing Lance. He makes another attempt.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lady=5 Vs Whit=psychic
< Lady: Success Whit: Success
< Net Result: DRAW
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lady=5 Vs Lance=physical
< Lady: Success Lance: Success
< Net Result: DRAW
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lady=5 Vs Croc=physical
< Lady: Failure Croc: Success
< Net Result: Croc wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lance=physical Vs Croc=physical
< Lance: Success Croc: Good Success
< Net Result: Croc wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Whitley=physical Vs Lady=5
< Whitley: Success Lady: Good Success
< Net Result: Lady wins - Solid Victory

Clenching his teeth as the vibrations roll off him, Whitley stumbles back and clutches his ears. "You're mad. Your whole priesthood is. Leave now. I won't warn you again…" His bravado is faltering, though, as is his shield. At this point, it is so thin that it is about as solid as Whitley in his ghost form. Which means not at all.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lance=physical Vs Croc=6
< Lance: Great Success Croc: Good Success
< Net Result: Lance wins - Solid Victory

The waves coming off of the Lady do affect the area and Lance. Thankfully, the years of training comes in handy as he is able to focus through it. But there is a momentary delay in his next dodge. This time, instead of the teeth getting his uniform, this time they get into Lance's chest drawing some blood. But that commits the croc to a motion that Lance capitalizes on. Once again he strikes with the baton at the head of the beast, but that was just a feint. The hidden dagger comes thrusting up at the soft underside of the Crocs jaw.

The fanatical woman screams back at Whitley, "You are nothing to give orders. The Undying One will die! Sobek will rise and the world will be made anew!" And then she clacks her bracers together again, the vibrations increasing and rolling into the old ones. Everyone's ears are starting to hurt, even the crocodile's.

WereCroc bellows, in pain this time. The hurt from Lance added to he hurt in his ears now is a lot. In an almost frenzy he snaps his jaws again, wanting to get a hold of Lance. The primordial urge to roll with this puny human in his jaws is almost overpowering!

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lady=5 Vs Lance=physical
< Lady: Good Success Lance: Success
< Net Result: Lady wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lady=5 Vs Whitely=physical
< Lady: Success Whitely: Success
< Net Result: DRAW
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lady=5 Vs Croc=physical
< Lady: Good Success Croc: Failure
< Net Result: Lady wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lance=physical Vs Croc=physical-1
< Lance: Good Success Croc: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Whitley=physical Vs Lady=5
< Whitley: Good Success Lady: Success
< Net Result: Whitley wins - Solid Victory

The vibrations rattle his bones, but Whitley's eyes glare intensifies with a blue light as psychic energy overflows from his impressive form. Eyes widening, he pushes his hand forward and in doing so sends a wave of telekinetic force pummeling into the woman. The powerful force takes out the door from its hinges.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lance=physical-2 Vs Croc=6-2
< Lance: Good Success Croc: Failure
< Net Result: Lance wins - Solid Victory

Lance's ears hurt as the volume from that woman attack. It is getting harder to focus though thankfully the croc sems effected too for his teeth once more tears at his uniform. Lance ignores that and brings his dagger up again into that soft underjaw. He doesn't keep the dagger in but rips it out to increase the bleeding.

The woman is blasted backwards, threw the shield, threw the broken doors into the lobby. The lobby is wrecked, and whatever fighting is there is happening at a very quick pace. There are several presets all slumped over in a pile. The two speedsters seem to be working together against another were-crocodile.

The fanatical Wonder Woman grimaces from her broken ribs, but manages to roll enough to bring her arms together again. But this time when she bangs the bracers together, it's something different. The vibrations stop. Almost jarringly fast and then they seem to start to rush towards her. She whispers again, "For Sobek."

Poor Grandson Croc, the knife must have hit something vital, blood starts to spray everywhere. Poor Lance is covered in it, making his scratch from earlier look so much worse. He thrashes around, attacking blindly before falling over in the street. Once still, his body reverts back to that of the man.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Croc=death Roll+3 Vs Lance=Physical
< Croc: Good Success Lance: Amazing Success
< Net Result: Lance wins - Crushing Victory

There's a crowd gathered outside, but they're not getting too close. Crying and screams mix into the air, along with the smell of burning getting stronger.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Whitley=psychic Vs Lady=5
< Whitley: Good Success Lady: Failure
< Net Result: Whitley wins - Solid Victory

"Everyone stay back!" Whitley calls out to the growing crowd and summons another blade of psychic energy. He hurriedly gains on the fanatical woman, and once he is upon her, he lifts his weapon above him and downwards into her skull. The blade is purely psychic, meant to trigger pain receptors and render victims unconscious. He can use it to kill, but prisoners are more useful from a tactical perspective.

Lance is covered with the beast's blood as it starts to die. As its body starts to flail, Lance does a backwards summersalt to get clear off that tail. Once he is sure the croc is of no further threat, Lance looks back at Whitley as he does his attack. He moves towards the crowd and collapses the baton. Though he is covered in blood, thankfully more from his enemy than from him, he stills speaks in that nice southern accent of his. "Step back folks. We are here to keep ya safe. Trusy us. We are the good guys." He starts shooing the crowd backwards.

There's a loud bang as one of the speedsters slams into a wall, the croc man their fighting howling as the other lands on it's back and rams a dagger into it's neck. Seems that's a popular tactic to use.

The woman screams, although it's gurgled from the broken ribs as Whit's dagger enters her mind, sending searing pain down her body. It makes it harder, but not impossible for her to try again to hit the bracers together a final time. She whimpers out again, "Only for Sobek!"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — WW=4 Vs Whitley=Physical
< WW: Good Success Whitley: Amazing Success
< Net Result: Whitley wins - Crushing Victory

As the woman makes to clang her bracers together, Whitley grabs them and leans in close. "This is for Besa," And he smashes his forehead against hers, knocking her unconscious.

Now what to do with her still vibrating bracers? It can't be a good sign, can it? He swallows. Nope. Not taking any chances. Lifting her arms up, he summons a disk of deadly sharp telekinetic energy (Destructo Disk, anyone?) and sends it clean through the woman's elbow. It's morbid, and Whitley clearly doesn't enjoy what he's doing and encases the arms in a bubble. "Tempo!" He glances around for the speedster he's mildly familar with. "I think this thing is gonna blow." Severed arms in a force bubble? "No time to explain, just take it far from here."

Tempo's head snaps up as he hops off the croc who seems to be transforming back into a large man. He has blood running down his leg from the stab earlier and a few cuts and bruises forming over the exposed skin that's visible. "Are you fucking kidding me?" And then he's snatched up the forearms and is out the door. Pulse is pulling herself up from the floor where she landed when the croc slammed her into the wall, "What, Tempo, Wa-" She stops, grimacing as she puts weight on her ankle. The hazards of moving that fast.

Daxton spends 1 luck points on running arm bombs to the nearest safe place and getting far enough away to not be exploded himself.
Whitley spends 1 luck points on fixing the mess he made.
<FS3> Whitley rolls First Aid+50: Amazing Success.

Damn. Whitley did not expect so much…blood? Most of his kills have been pretty clean until this. This one isn't quite a kill yet, but it very well could be if he doesn't act fast. He thinks back on his health classes. Stop bleeding? Find a way to cauterize the room? Maybe Inferno wants to come in here and help him out. He's gonna need a shitload of luck to pull this off…

The woman is clearly going into shock. She's pale and has stopped moving beyond twitching. Pulse sees this, raises an eyebrow along with her hand to touch her ear piece, "Afterthought, Inferno. We have a prisoner, but we're going to lose her. Bleed profusely from limb loss. Can one of you-" Even as she asks, the thin form of AfterThought comes floating in. Even in the cameo it's hard to the AT's gender, perhaps that's on purpose. Either way, thin tendicals of shadow seems to stretch along the floor onto the dying woman's body. AT's voice is gently, but hollow, "You did well, Ghost. I will stop the blood flow, get something to keep her warm." And then the tentacles seem to sneak into the stubs of the woman, creating tiny turnakits. The blood seems to slow down immediately. AT offers Whitley a gently smile, it's a creepy image as AT also has blood and soot all over their face as well from some other encounter outside.

Thank god for backup! Whitley was starting to get pale himself. Paler than usual. His bloody hands go on his knees, and he takes deep breaths. "Thanks," He whews and straightens. "Something to keep her warm? Got it." This is a hotel. There's gotta be blankets somewhere…

Any bystanders or hotel workers that are still in the hotel have definitely fled the lobby area. Whit will need to look, but there's a closet near the front desk with some towels, blankets and all the tiny bottles of shampoo a person could ever want. There's still some noises from outside, some crashing and yelling, but nothing too drastic. Neither of the Unit 23ers seem concerned, and they have ear pieces in. In fact Pulse has hobbled to a chair that's on it's side and is trying to check on her ankle while AT is humming softly to the armless cult woman.

It's a few minutes And Daxton's not back yet. But the other members of Unit 23 are all chatting over their ear pieces, coordinating with the fire department and police outside.Blankets are found and Whitley is told to rejoin the other students. It seems that the White Witch is watching everyone and opens a portal for the students when they're done. When they all return to the school, Besa is still magically asleep on a couch with baby Circe on his chest. She smiles and waves to everyone as they pass. Besa looks unaware of anything wrong. The White Witch tells everyone to go wash up before they have to debrief. This was an extra credit mission, reports will need to be written.

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