(2018-04-08) Ubi tu Gaius, ego Gaia
Ubi tu Gaius, ego Gaia
Summary: Loukanos is painting and is joined by Lance and Ashton.
Date: IC Date (2018-04-08)
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<FS3> Loukanos rolls Weather Control: Good Success.

When did it get so warm?

The soft early morning sunlight brings the first strong waves of heat to the back lawn of the Winbarry Estate, and for a time, it seems like the brightness of spring is upon it. There's a youthful energy in the air and at its center is Loukanos. The godling sits on a stool with an easel and a medium sized canvas in front of him. Floating beside him is a slab of wood that acts as the palette and a other pots of paint. He appears to be working on an underlayer, the beginnings of a human face can be seen. The golden-haired boy is shirtless and only wearing a pair of linen shorts. The smell of jasmine mingles pleasantly with the scent of linseed oil and other painting solvents.

Despite the early morning light, Lance is already out jogging though his jogging speed is a bit faster than normal. He has removed his school uniform and is wearing a grey tank top with Athenian red vertical stipes on each side. He is also wearing a pair of red mid-thigh shorts. In his right hand, he is hold an eight inch black rod. He notices the young godling painter and decides he should introduce himself to as many students as possible before classs start tomorrow. Jogging towards him, Lance comes to a stop and says, "Morning. Name's Lance." He speaks with a mild southern accent befiting being from South Carolina.

Ashton walks out to where Loukanos is painting. He is wearing a pair of loose fitting jeans that barely hanging on to his hips and a slightly oversized tee shirt. He has a bandage around his left wrist, which shows signs of fresh blood. He has an apple in his hand. He stops and cocks his head at the floating palette. "Just because you have been replenished, doesn't mean that you should waste your power, unless your aunt is going to keep you stocked." At least better stocked than his mother. The smaller and younger looking boy has a somewhat chastizing tone, but concern is much more dominant. He looks over at the new arrival and offers him a smile. "Nice to meet you Lance. I'm Ashton."

Loukanos cranes his neck to look over at the new student and regards him with sapphire eyes. "Greetings. I am called Loukanos," He glances at the brush his hand and chuckles. "I would offer you a handshake, but I'm a bit of a mess at the moment." And it's true, his fingers are caked with paint. "You are a new arrival, yes? How has the school been treating you so far?" It was daunting for him, and he definitely did not make an effort to introduce himself to anybody. His eyes brighten slightly on Ashton's arrival, but the reprimanding has him looking rueful. "As you wish, Talbot," The palette floats into the darker-haired boy's hands. "Stand here." He points directly beside him. The bandage catches his attention, and his head tilts. "Working on a new spell?"

Lance shifts his head as he looks at the approaching Ashton. "Nice to meet ya both." Though he is sweating, he doesn't seem to be out of breath. "I'll take a raincheck on the handshake then," he adds with a chuckle. When asked about his time at the school, he says, "Odd first day. After my first night here, I ended up fighting an alien, probably one from the future. I knew I'd encounter some odd things here, but I wasn't expecting that." His eyebrows shift up some as he asks, "Spell?"

Ashton arches a brow as the palette floats down to his hands. "Oh, so this is how it is now." He has an impish grin as he says it. Clearly he is not offended by being practically suggested of being Louk's servant. The boy seems to be bursting with energy himself, more than what is usual for the boy. He looks at his wrist, "Working on one now… Figured it after your left." He looks over at Lance, "Alien from the future? I should be surprised or shocked by this, but for some rearson, I just can't bring myself to be either." He chuckles, "Yeah, spell… I'm a sorcrer, warlock, wizard.. whatever name you want to give me… " He grins widely, "Just think of me as a competitent Harry Potter."

"Careful not to muck up your clothes with the paint," Loukanos dabs his paintbrush in the palette now in Ashton's hands and grins, lifting the brush and streaking the boy's cheek with cerulean blue. "You know, they say the human body is a work of art. Perhaps next time you'll be my canvas." He looks over at Lance with a brow raised. "Truly?" The gods discovered life outside Earth a while ago, but their existence never was a huge concern. Perhaps it should be? "Are you alright?" He glances at Ashton's wrist. "There is also the Greek shaman. What are the effects of the spell?"

Lance makes a face to show that he is interested by the idea of magic. "Intriguing. And you create your own spells?" Looking back to Loukanos, he says, "And you seem to have some magic as well." He then goes back to talking about the alien, "There was a teen whom the alien thing was hunting. Me and some others got the teen away and ended up bringing him to the estate. Both the youth and the alien have these bracelets that stop and redirect all kinetic attacks. It promised to return so I'm working on defeating it."

Ashton gives a mock scolding expression, "Really?" Before the burst into a bit of laughter. "Okay, then." He looks down at his wrist and shrugs, "It's just keeping me for worrying too much about my father situation. Nothing major." He looks over at Lance, "They just form in my head when I need them generally. He waits for Loukanos to turn his attention to Lance and he reaches over and puts a stripe of red down the godling's cheek.

"I am able to bend the natural flow of the world," Loukanos explains to Lance. "I also have sight beyond vision. My gifts are called 'magic' by most people's accounts simply because they defy the laws of science, but it is simply who I am." His laugh is airy and light, and he grins at Ashton. "I feel a paint fight coming up…" Back to Lance, "Do you have a timeline on its return?"

Lance listens to all this with some comfusion on his face though he is clearly trying to understand. "Bend the flow? I'm not sure what that means, but I assume it is hard to explain to a non-mage-type." When Ashton looks at his wrist, Lance asks, "Your magic has something to doo with your wrist?" As the two mention a paint fight, Lance takes a step back and adjusts his stance. "Timeline? No. I just know there are 3 of them, they want to kil the guy named RJsomething, and can fly. I assume the flight is them repelling the force of gravity."

Ashton raises an amused eybebrow at Loukanos. "I can neither confirm not deny that." He chuckles at that. Looking over at Lance, the boy is obviously in a very good mood. "I wouldn't worry about not understanding it. We mage-types don't necessarily understand it either. The difference is that I use magic, Loukanos is a god and can warp the world to his whim." He glances down at his wrist. "My magic calls for sacrifice. Most often it is a sacrifice of my own blood." He founds "So there are these three powered aliens hunting this guy down to kill him?" He frowns slightly, "Do you know where this guy is? Do we need to track him down?"

"Yes," Loukanos nods at Lance and vines start twisting along the legs of his stool. "Occasionally, I can even break it, but that is a great deal more difficult." He frowns over at Ashton, a thought coming to him. "How often have you been using magic to improve your mood?" He looks worried now. The alien thing is worrying as well. "Is the young man okay for the time being? Does he need to be healed?"

"A sacrifice?" There is a bit of horror in his voice as his mind starts thinking of sacrificing other things than just Ashton's blood. "Sounds like a dangerous cost." His eyes shift down to the vines as he sees them grow. "A god? Isn't that just another way of saying alien, non-humanoid?" He doesn't make that sound bad per se, but believing in deities might be beyond him now. "The guy is in the estate. He was getting medical care though I'm not sure how well that is going. I have some basic first aid but not enough medical training to evaluate his ongoing condition. As for healing," Lance ends the question with a shrug.

If Lance is bothered by the fact that Ashton has to cut himself and bleed for his magic, he sure isn't going to like the fact that he is hhalf demon. Ashton frown slightly at Louk's question and answeres with a shrugs, "I don't know… a couple times… " he mumbles something after that "a day".. Ooh, handy distraction. "Well huh… I'm not sure if that left anyone who could heal readily without you and Besa. I think everyone else might have left for Spring Break. How badly was he injured?"

"Not really. I am not an outsider to this plane. I just received blessings from Demeter Thesmophoros," Loukanos is used to the disbelief, and it does not seem to bother him any longer. "That…that does not sound healthy…using magic as a crutch like that." Could it be that the things said the other day were just a result of a magic-induced manic episode? He nibbles on his lower lip. "Are you not worried about a crash?" If Louk sees the newcomer, he'll make an effort to heal him.

"I meant no offense," Lance says to Loukanos. "I'm just not sure about dieties in general. Is it just a term to describe a lifeform the rest of cannot understand?" He pauses for a moment and the answers his own question. "I don't know." When he hears about Ashton needing a magical boost, he says, "The best way that I have found to feel better is a good hard exercise like a nice run, weight lighting, or even better sparring."

Ashton looks at Louk and strokes his cheek affectionately, with paint tipped fingers, "It is just giving me energy." He looks at Louk, "I didn't want to sleep, especially all alone." He smiles, "And now, I have another reason to not sleep." He turns and looks at Lance, "Seriously. Look, I have been exercising… Maybe not what you would think of exercising…" He glances at Louk, "Though some Greco-Roman wrestling could be fun, if that counts as sparring."

"There is a certain degree of nigh impossible power one must attain to be considered a god," Loukanos considers. "After that, all that is necessary is a following of worshippers. Demeter came into existence thousands of years ago, give or take, to utter darkness. When she escaped, she was tasked with the Seasons and domain over land." Even if she is negligent in that responsibility. "Please don't use me as a reason not to take care of yourself." He grins faintly at Ashton. "Think you could take me? You know, they do that naked."

Lance listens to the explanation from Loukanos. "Thousands of years? Not to be annoying or rude, but that seems hard to believe. I have a feeling there will be a lot of difficult things to believe here." Taking a breath, he holds his hands up in front of his chest. "Woah, I wasn't criticizing anyone. I was just trying to help. What type of exercise do you do?"

Ashton looks at Loukanos, "I am taking care of myself. I have been eating, more than what I normally eat, which is generally too little. And it is not an excuse, it is a reason, a secondary and bonus reason actually. I don't want to sleep, and if it means I get to spend more time with you all the better." He looks at Lance, "Mostly skateboarding… if you are doing it right, you use a lot of muscles, some you aren't even aware of until they start burning. And I have been doing my soccer drills.. its a shame that the school doesn't have a division team." He grins back at Louk, "And oiled if the book I read was right." There is a playful, impish grin on his lips and in his eyes.

Loukanos gives an indifferent shrug. "I know it is," And he does not expect anyone to believe it. "I'd offer you a larger demonstration, but I only have a sample of her power and attempting anything grand would ruin my painting." He glances at the canvas. "And it is still in need of a lot of work." Running a hand through his golden hair, he tilts his head and looks at Ashton, growing serious. "Are you having nightmares? And maybe when the school is rebuilt, you could request a team be made."

Lance listens to Ashton and says, "Skatboarding, hmm? Never tried that before. Do you do any of the tricks people do?" He then raises a single eyebtow when Loukanos says that he could take him, but then he realizes that he was talking to Ashton about naked wrestling. "Thank you," he says to Loukanos, "But I do not require a demonstration." His thanks does sound sincere. "What are you making?"

Ashton nods to Lance, "Oh yeah, quite a few of them." He suddenly has a wide smile, "Oh yeah.. You are never going to beliee this, Louk. I was at the skate park in town all by myself, enjoying it, and I wiped out totally, when Rain came up. So we were talking, like all peaceful like and everything. She then made a friendly bet about who would crash first. I thought what the hell and agreed. And you know what, I totally won the bet. it was aweseome." He pauses, "But better yet, I think the two of us are finally starting to see eye to eye."

"There is a woman who lingered in my dreams for a time. I am attempting to paint her," Loukanos says but does not go into further detail. Lance already seems skeptical about his origins, better to not bother him with facts he's unlikely to believe. There is a faint smile at Ashton's story. "Are you sure it was Rain and not her clone? Either way, it is progress as they appear to be different aspects of the same person."

Lance smiles a bit looking at the painting. "Looks like it was an interesting dream. Do you dream of her often?" He then glances at Ashton again. "Rain? That is another student at the school?" His eyes open a bit as he says, "That reminds me. Anything I need to know about classes starting tomorrow?"

Ashton nods with a very proud smile on his lips. "Yes, it was Rain, and yes, Rain is a student here." Hisinteres is now switched to this woman in Louk's dreams. "What about these dreams? Do you think that they might be portents or something?" He then Winks at Louk, "Or are you tired of me and are now dreaming of another woman?

For now, Loukanos has not added a lot of paint, and the canvas contains just an underpainting made by an earthy, burnt umber. "I am working on the basic shapes and values for now. Once it dries, I'll move onto to next layer," He looks at the unfinished painting. The beginnings of a face can be seen. Eyes, lips, and the structure of a heart-shaped face. "I do not know. She is not a person I recognize, but she is always shrouded in darkness. And no, they're not those type of dreams." He grins at Ashton before shaking his head at Lance. "Not often. There was a week where the dreams were pretty consistent." But he doesn't sleep anymore.

Lance shrugs a bit and listens as they talk about the woman who is the subject of the painting. "Do you think you will recognize her when you finish the painting?" He then asks, "So, Rain has clones? I guess everyone has some power or something?"

Ashton shakes his head, "Well, I wouldn't say that she has a clone. It's more like she has a split personality that.. well actually splits off and is a second person but has to remerge with Rain every so often. And as for classes. Make sure to wear the uniform and properly, don't be late, don't be disruptive, otherwise you get detention which is crap jobs around the estate generally. Other than that just listen and do the work."

"I don't think so," Loukanos mumbles, answering Lance's question. "From what I understand, she can make copies of herself. Only one right now, but she has a different personality from Rain. She goes by Legion." He nods at Ashton's explanation, but he lets the other handle the rundown on the school's expectations. He's been here longer, but Ashton was enrolled in a school before this so might be able to explain better.

Lance looks from one to another as they talk about Rain. "Fascinating. That could present an interesting tactical advantage." After hearing about the school's expectation, Lance says, "I got the uniform already with a red tie. It sure is weird transferring to a new school at this time of year, but my dad pulled some strings and viola. Here I am."

Ashton smiles, "Maybe weird for the student moving in, but think that the teachers are used to it, because so many kitds come here because of an accidental use of their power." Ashton looks back at Loukanos and lightly punches him in the shoulder. He grins and says jokingly, "And they better not be those kidn of dreams."

<FS3> Loukanos rolls Artistry: Good Success.

"Plenty of tactical potential, I'm sure," Especially considering she could be bait. Loukanos smiles. "And what is it you do, Lance?" Looking the new student up and down, he shrugs. "Many circumstances involving powers can force young people out of their hometowns, and the staff are equipped to handle that." He looks back at the painting. "Have you heard about the upcoming Art Festival? If this painting turns out alright," Which it looks to be. "I think I'll submit it in the concert."

"Accidental use of powers," Lance repeats understanding now how that could be a problem. "Me?" He asks sounding a bit surprised. "I don't have a specific power or ability. Not that I'm aware of." Remembering something that Loukanos said earlier, he adds, "I'm just me. I'm physically superior to most people I guess. I don't mean that in a pride way, but I am stronger, faster, agile…that sort of thing. My dad always said that I'll make the perfect soldier." It is more complicated than that, but Lance doesn't go into everything.

Ashton cocks his head as he listens. While the two other boys are talking, he idly unwraps his wrist. He wipes as the dried blood off with the bandage, before tucking the bandage into his pocket. He rubs his thumb over the spot where there should be a cut. "Not that we're not happy to have you, but what are you doing here then? Sounds like you already have it pretty good."

"There are students like that as well," Loukanos says. "Are your powers increasing or anything? Or are you having trouble controlling your strength?" He asks, figuring those could potentially be one of the reasons why Lance needs to be here.

Lance shakes his head no. "No problems with them." Looking back to Ashton, he shrugs, "When your dad, who is a marine major, orders you to change schools, you obey. He seemed concerned that I wasn't being challenged enough." He pauses and says, "Well I should get back to my running. Nice meeting yall." He gives a little salute and goes jogging off quickly.

Ashton watches Lance continue his run. "I have never really understood running… Yeah, if there is something after you, sure… " He looks at Louk, "So what's up with these dreams of your's?" And no he never did answer about whether or not he was having nightmares.

"Well, there's the obvious…maintaining health and such, but I don't really ever have to worry about that," Loukanos says. Apparently, he sometimes runs too! The Greeks turned it into a competitive sport. "It feels good. Freedom. And it can even serve as a form of meditation." He pulls his gaze away from his painting long enough to study Ashton. Dipping his brush into the palette, he slashes Ashton's chin with forest green. "You tell me." Yeah, he noticed that the other failed to answer his question and figured it was maybe Lance's presence.

Ashton looks at Loukanos and smirks, "You know there's a reason why gym teachers universally use running laps as a punishment." He smiles, this time being serious, "I get that, I think… That's how I am when I'm on my board." He looks at Louk down his nose, almost like he's trying to see what color Louk just painted his chin. "Brat." He looks at Loukanos totally confused. "How can I tell you about your dreams?"

"Oh, it can't be that bad," Loukanos smirks. His endurance is enhanced enough that running laps in gym class will never be a real obstacle. He chuckles, "Hey, don't be like that. Green looks good on you." He tilts his head. "I mean your dreams. You did not answer me when I asked you if you were having nightmares. If you don't sleep, you'll eventually crash." Louk learned that the hard way.

Ashton raises that right eyebrow of his with that amused look of his. "You are really begging me to cover you in paint. Maybe even write some rude things in Latin. " He sighs softly, "Yeah, I have been having nightmares. I'll sleep after we're done with Vegas. When it doesn't matter if I have demons whispering in my ear while I try to sleep, even if they are my own imagination."

"The paint is for the artist, Ashton," Loukanos says with mock scolding. "But if you do, make sure it's dirty." There is a little wink before he focuses on the more important matter at hand. There might be a herbal tea to help with the nightmares. "Why wouldn't it matter?" Are they Ashton's imagination? Louk looks worried…very worried.

"When it won't matter as much, I meant… " Ashton clarifies. "I just don't want to be distracted then…" He grins, "Well, I could always write 'vidi vinci venit' (translates to I saw, I conquered, I came - a play off of Julius Caesar's quote of veni, vidi, vinci - I came, I saw, I conqured)." He grins cheekily.

"I will do what I can to ease the nightmares once we get back," Loukanos assures. He used to do it for his mama! He glances over at Ashton with a lifted brow. Beat. "Alright, you won me over with the sexy wordplay," He turns on his stool and takes Ashton's face into his paint-coated hands. "Vandalise me however you wish." And the demon boy gets a kiss because hot wordplay is hawt.

Ashton smiles, "Anyway I want? hmmm that could be dangerous…" He takes the brush and writes something across Louk's chest, grinning widely once he is done. What is written on his chest is 'Ubi tu Gaius, ego Gaia.' which translates to literally 'Where you are Gaius, I am Gaia' or metaphorically, 'you are my other half'. "And after Vegas, you can help me. I promise."

"What's life without a little bit of danger?" Loukanos smirks and then struggles to read what Ashton wrote. He gets there, though, with a little effort and some mental intervention as he gently combs through Ashton's thoughts. That's sweet! So sweet Louk appears completely oblivious to the fact that Ashton just called himself a girl! "Love it. We should do something fun while we're there."

Ashton grins, "We'll definitely have to find something to do. You have any idea what you might want to do?" He then leans in for a brief kiss, hardly a quick, little peck. "I didn't know you painted… " He grins, "What other secrets are you hiding?"

"No idea. I wonder if we're staying overnight," Loukanos muses. With the teleporters in the school, it might be possible to go in and come back within a day, but that's not as fun. "If we have to stay in a hotel, you won't mind us sharing the same room, would you?" It's not like Louk would use it very much. "M-Demeter used to like it whenever I made paintings of her groves." Hopefully, his slip up wasn't terribly noticeable. He recovers well. "I do a great many things, Ashton. I know my way around a potter's wheel and a weaving loom." Grinning, he admits, "I also may or may not know how to play football. Or what you heathens call soccer."

Ashton perks up. "Really? You play football? I used to watch every Manchester U games on satelite. We will have to play sometime, even if it is just the two of us. " He chews on his lower lip. "I think that I might be upset if we didn't share room… Um… even if they all went back, will be required to come back? I mean you could just bring us back before classes, right?"

"I'm down," Loukanos grins. "I have only really played at a street level though…not with the more sophisticated, professional rules. I'm sure I could learn, though." He considers the possibility of staying longer, brows coming together. "I believe so. We might not have much time before classes start up again, depending on how long it takes to deal with the priests."

Ashton smiles deeply. Yes, he can only guess some of the things that Louk must be thinking because has already thought about them himself. Like he said, all of this has made him do some serious thinking about his feelings for the godling. "I'll handle the hotel room. I'm sure that Grandmother won't mind paying for us to have a good evening… And if not, well, Then.." He chuckles, "She gave me instructions for when and how the card was to be used.

"Did the instructions include dirty weekends with Greek boys?" Loukanos grins and takes Ashton's hand in his own. So much paint all over their hands and faces. "You spend too much for me. I know money is nothing to you and your family, but I feel like I ought to do more. Even these painting supplies were bought with your Grandmother's money." Not to mention camping.

Ashton chuckles and shakes his head, "I do believe that would be overstepping her boundaries.." He shakes his head, "It's not that money means nothing to me… It means a lot… And to see you happy, makes it all worthwhile. I am sure she'd agree." He leans and kisses the godling. "Okay, I am going to stop pestering you and let you paint."

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