(2018-04-08) Where To Turn?
Where To Turn?
Summary: Callisto asks for advice on whom to seek for help, regarding her psychic problem. Daxton aides in cleanup efforts.
Date: 2018-04-09
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Kitchen, Winbarry Estate
Sun Apr 08, 2018

The kitchen has gone through quite an update. The walls have been repainted and thewood floor restored. It is now firmly imbedded in the 21st century with a six burner duel fuel stove/oven combo and a separate dual oven on top of that. A large, double wide frenchdoor fridge sits near the stove with a marble top cabinet between them. More marble topped cabinets and matching island with a few stools,give plenty of storage and counter space. More cabinets above are full of various canned goods and other foods, for the preparation of meals for the students. The pantry is equally full, one area of it set aside for between meal snacks of hungry teenagers.


Behold! The last day… night.. of break! A great many students in this school, and the unpowered ones in town, are lamenting this fact. Now, as evening encroaches and uniforms are being ironed and washed and prepared, most at the estate are trying to enjoy what little free time remains before lights out, and the resuming of courses tomorrow. Movies to watch; books to read… and then there's Callisto. Doing what Callisto does.

… the fae girl was meditating in the way she sees fit which, more often than not, is done in privacy. As private as things get here anyway. The attic is a happenin' place but just after supper she had been able to sequester herself up there in a far, dark corner to….. do yoga.


So here Callisto stands in the kitchen of Winbarry, fixing herself a smoothie. She looks woozy, mildly distracted… she may be rocking the yoga tights but that won't save her from what is to come. She's just dropping the last few chunks of pineapple and mango and whatever else she could get her hands on that isn't turning and hah, HAH.. the lid was loose on the blender. She's just slapping it down with an aghast look on her face to prevent a bigger mess, but a line of reddish-orange goop literally slaps her in the face. Somehow this is brilliant when it happens to somebody so elegant. Callisto sighs gently, curses in some archaic language.

Daxton steps in, pizza outfit on. But then there's smoothie everywhere. Lucky for him he's able to dodge it, but not poor Callisto. "What smoothie god did you piss off?" He's over at a drawer pulling out a dishtowel, although he slides some. Speedsters and wet floors don't always mix. A milkshake is set on the counter. The scent of pizza follows him.

Luckily most of the smoothie caught the fae girl in the mug… though a scatter-shot of fruity goodness found it's way to the floor… just enough to very nearly send a speedster wayward. Now Callisto doesn't know what's worse: the fact that she's wearing the goop, that her fancy LuLus are soiled… and that this has been witnessed. She startles briefly, her braid twitching in the motion. Seeing as how she is on the grounds and has no need to really hide them, her tapered ears are visible. One bears a smattering of smoothie.. it stands out in stark reddish relief against the fae girl's cool palette.

Clearing her throat, Callisto much resembles a cat, in how they tend to try looking aloof after doing something stupid, like falling off a counter or the like. She watches Daxton with a vaguely embarrassed look, "Ah… hn…" Dabs her collarbone delicately. "I was distracted… it serves me right. Your were not caught in the flurry of it all?"

She looks him over unabashedly to make sure he, too, isn't wearing her evening snack.

Daxton snorts, "I've been in worse situations." He'll toss her the dishtowel before turning back to get a dishrag. "Don't slip." He'd just have to catch her and then things will get weird again. And he'd rather have his dreams be his own, thank you very much! He's next to the sink suddenly, wetting the rag. Seems his well fitting leather jacket is clear of any smoothie.

Weird? Callisto wishes she could call her talents 'weird' instead of straight up fucked up… though she wouldn't use such a word. Callisto curses, but rarely in English. She has made a pledge to herself to not let things get, ah, weird toward Daxton as they had been because damnit, if he DOES touch her, that damned harridan in her mind will know it, and Callisto will again have to defy her. The boy's nightmares were both delightful to Mother Dear and fodder for making them even worse (ie. more sustaining) .. so yeah… Daxton is wise to take care.

Catching the dishtowel lithely, Callisto kneels to begin wiping up the floor after giving her face a wipe. She is flushed from a great many things, it feels like. Kneeling, extending her lithe upper body outwards, she swats at the mess on the floor in graceful arcs.

Chancing a quick glance his way —- the jacket suits him damnit — she hastily looks back to the floor that she washes diligently. "How fare you, on spring break? Did you get up to anything exciting? Anymore muggers to thwart?"

Daxton steps closer to actually wipe down and clean the mess with the wet rag. "I don't really get a spring break anymore." Not in school, remember? "I helped stop a car jacking a few days ago." That didn't even make the news! "And I think we're gearing up for whatever is happening in Vegas. Not much besides slinging pies besides that." He does smell a mix of young man and pizza, a strangling complimentary smell. His poor shake is on the counter being ignored, "You know you can get these at the store already blended. Might cause less of a mess."

Human (even powered ones) boys smell a lot more 'interesting' than fae ones. Far more… well.. enjoyable. Not to say that male members of Callisto's race smell obnoxious but they're just not… not… earthy. Not—okay that is just creepy. Stop with the creepy tangent, Callisto. She hasn't much track record with experiencing human males since her last poignant encounter (which Malachite also ruined.)

But here, Daxton is indeed not smelling too shabby, and Callisto notices. Blast this school and how it's blasting growing on her. Making her notice things. Callisto clears her throat and swats up the remainder of some of the slop, listening instead to the boy's activities. She has no right to be noticing these things about anyone. She tilts her head then, braid over a shoulder, "Vegas…? Whatever is happening in Vegas?" She can't help but ask, her voice pleasant in it's inquiry. She turns to glance at him and notices him so near, erk! Callisto sniffs the air once and scrubs at one stubborn (or at least she's making it out to be stubborn) streak of smoothie.

"Ah.. yes, I do believe I've seen them.. in bottles. I was feeling a bit restless, and thought this would be a good idea." She says with a sniff, brows furrowed. Okay, she's totally going to be buying many, many smoothies.

Daxton raises an eyebrow, ringing the rag again, "There's some cultist that are trying to kill a student. Pull a Temple of Doom or something." Another snort, "Restless? How's that working out for ya?" More wiping of the counter. "There's better ways of wasting time, you know."

"Temple of…" It's enough to catch Callisto off-guard, she lifts her head to watch the speedster again. The word 'cult' seems to send a shudder through the entire willowy frame of Callisto, enough to result in disgust marring her features briefly. She was alive, in the world, when some of the worst cults and communes of the times were in action. Mind you, up until 1970, she could only 'hear' about the nastiness. Especially when her mother reveled in it.

Callisto looks worried. "T'is unnerving to know of this. Do be careful." She offers, "You and those who are involved in dealing with it." She faces forward again. "Cults disgust me." Said lowly, as if her expression and body language hadn't spoke loud enough.

Better switch tangents, "What, now, do you consider as being a 'better way'? For I am open to suggestions. I have not been sleeping well." Said gently.

Daxton blinks those very bright blue eyes at her, "Hey…I don't think it's mandatory to go." Unit 23 is, but that's different. He finishes the counter that he can reach without pushing her out of the way, "Careful? Where's the fun in that?" He's not going to argue about cults, they seem kinda crappy. He looks at her, unsure if she's joking, but then it's just too easy, so he doesn't go with the obvious sexual comment. Instead, "Sure. Video games, movies. Hell….even books if you like to read." From his expression that's not on the top of his list. "Eating."

"Naps are nice too. You need to find a way to sleep without your mom mucking around. You need like…a cloaking device."

The fae girl looks back to the speedster, meeting very blue eyes with her own glacial gaze, more along the lines of cerulean. She reaches up to rub at a spot of moisture alongside her nose to remove an errant droplet of smoothie. The jibe at her bidding of him to be 'careful' results in a delicate snort. Yeah, how's that for an oxymoron? Callisto somehow pulls that off, nose wrinkling. "Hn.. boys. T'is not my place to deliver warning.. cults can be twisted, unpredictable things.." She says firmly, then pauses. He's looking at her again, trying to discern if something went over her head or if she's having him on, and Callisto looks at Daxton again. "What?" She starts, wondering about that look. Did she miss something?

Standing slowly, she balls up the rag and—ooooh. She caught on now.

"Out of the gutter with you. T'is one way of doing it, but I.. haven't been at liberty to.. I am not allowed to. Not anymore." Blush. Books and eating are good though, and Callisto is quick to agree until Daxton gets right to the nugget of the matter..

Her face falls as she brings the rag to the sink. "I wish it were that easy. She is hard to be rid of. T'is the same for my siblings. Those who have tried have… it hasn't gone well." She even looks sad for a brief second there.

Daxton would be able to take her seriously if she still didn't have smoothie everywhere. More smirking and then shaking his head, "Well…I'm not planning on stopping them with talking. I'll just break all their knee caps." Hard to kneel with those broken. He just laughs, "ouch. Okay then." Not allowed to. What a terrible fate! Things get more serious, "Well, it's either try like your siblings and learn from where they failed. Or never sleep or be allowed to do fun things again." He shrugs, turning and tossing the rag into the sink. His milkshake is picked up, and when he sucks on the straw, he looks almost boyish as he watches her.

The faucet runs and Callisto rinses out the pinkish rag, silver lashes fluttering briefly over her hooded gaze. "The day you caught me, on the stairs, and her interest piqued.. was the day I vowed not to lie down and let her take over." She says simply, giving the counter a onceover and looking touched at the work Daxton had done, to help. She looks to him, thanks writ across her patrician features. "I shall admit to you that my coming here, my enrolling here, I had once taken lightly. But now I do believe that I shall… or can.. learn of a way, a means, to fight her. To be rid of her."

She watches him levelly, eyes shiny.. just briefly, before she looks away. She looks back and is met with his rather boyish look as he burbles the straw, feeds his metabolism, "I yet wonder if there is someone here.. a teacher… whom I can learn from. Those siblings, she killed them." There it is, she's out with it. Callisto draws a deep breath, and watches Dax again. "I shall have you know that I want to live.. beyond the parameters of my race, and what is expected of me. I want to do those things and everything I do now, it is to slight her and to go against her. Right down to having a job that I do not need." She hastily rubs her eyes and moves to pick up the soiled blender. "Is there anyone..? A teacher? Even someone in your Unit who can.. who knows how to fortify one's mind…"

Daxton figured that about the siblings. He nods, "Then do it. Talk to people and start." Like it's that easy. "Good. That's how you're gonna survive. Wanting to." He sounds like that's important. So many smirks, "You'll get to do all the things, Callisto. We'll figure it out." He doesn't mean that, but it's funny. As for people, "AfterThought is pretty kick as in the brain pan. I think there's a few students who are brainy like that. Sky, maybe. He's an Ares."

She could stand to take a few pages from Daxton's book, though Callisto couldn't… well, her smirk looks more like constipation or eating a pickled pig snout. It doesn't suit her features. Still, there is an air of 'come what may' to the speedster that is admirable and Callisto wishes she could just emulate that. Is that a speedster thing? Putting a dollop of soap into the blender jar, she sudses it up and cleans it out.. soon the kitchen is as pristine as she had initially found it before she decided to make said blender do an impression of a backyard sprinkler… with fruit puree. c.c

She does appear to note the names offered though, AfterThought quirking one brow and Sky quirking the other. Callisto looks surprised. "The Ares boy, I believe, has his own tribulations to face… but I shall ask." At least she's not haughty about it. "Thank you for.. speaking with me on this. And for helping me clean up my mishap."

A pregnant pause.. Callisto considers, her features reddening. "There is yet one thing that is almost better than certain things, for easing restlessness." She cants her chin in that haughty fae way, gaze hooded, nostrils flaring once. She looks like a Valkyrie in yoga pants, ruminating battle. What is this thing? The one thing that Malachite couldn't touch?!

"T'is Mario." …. oh Callisto. c.c

Daxton waves his hand, "Everyone here has their own tribulations. Don't let that stop you. If you worried about that, no one would talk to anyone here." An all silent school! He stills, a rare occurrence, and he waits for her response. And then he laughs, loud and warm, "Shit. Remind me at some point to find you Mario Kart." His head shakes and he takes another long sip of shake, whatever flavor he has this day.

Shit, Callisto can't help herself.. between the way the jacket looks, the earthy boy scent, and the laugh that her proclamation elicits… she blushes. She blushes deeper when she catches onto the fact that she is blushing and how it's NOT a good idea. She has baggage; he does too. Stahp, Callisto, stahp.

But blast it all the laugh is such a warm, good thing on the coat tails of honest, simple advice. How can she help herself? She had better or she will be in trouble. Callisto assembles her dishes to dry, pulls open the fridge to grab, instead, an individually-sized carton of orange juice and a pear. She eyes the milkshake, wondering what the flavor is today… chocolate, perhaps? Though.. oh, what is this…?

Callisto, still a bit blushy, widens her eyes. "What is this Mario… Kart…?" Holy crap, all talks of emotional vampire murder!mothers and dead siblings and faerie dynamics aside… she looks powerfully interested.

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