(2018-04-07) Interview with the Headmaster
Interview with the Headmaster
Summary: RJ meets with the Headmaster to see what is to become of him
Date: 2018-04-07
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NPCs: Headmaster
Scene Runner: Isis

It is the Saturday before Spring Break ends, and the staff has to goes back to work as well. Except for some, their break has already ended. This is the case for the Headmaster. Beyond just the normal preparatory work for the administrator, someone from Unit 23 informed him that there was a situation that required his attention - a special case, new student.

After Daxton convinced RP that the work uniform from his Earth was unacceptable, he was given a CSH tee shirt, a CSH hoodie, and a pair of sweat pants to wear for the time being. This is what the whipcord thin teenager is now dressed in. To finish the look off, his feet are covered in black work boots, which look like a cross between work boots and space age combat boots. Having been told to head on in, Rj opens the door. "Excuse me. I was directed to present myself to you. Do I have privileges to enter this area?" It is an administrative office and may very well be restricted.

Nicely appointed office at that…one of the few rooms in the mansion that is being used for its original purpose even. The man sitting behind a large mahaghony desk looks to be in his 40s and even for a weekend he is dressed in a suit that seems tailored to fit him, color though is lacking, it's all black, contrast to the white silk button up underneath it. He is lacking a tie today though, so I guess that is his weekend concession.

Seemingly the paperwork never ends and he is scanning a large sheet of paper, blueprints by the look of it. "You may enter." he speaks in a crisp British accent but doesn't look up, his focus on the plans in his hands.

The boy appears to be in his mid to late teens. The left side of his face is badely bruised. He walks still holding on to his side a bit. Stopping a few feet away from the desk. He was told to enter, permission to sit was not given. "I am designation RJ-148963. I was told that I must report my presence to you, in order for you to determine my fate, in regards to this place at least." He stands almost at attention, waiting for a response.

The headmaster doesn't look up immediately, instead he rolls up the blue print and sets it aside before finally looking up to focus on the teenager in front of him. His look is on the creepy side, and the undertaker suit doesn't help with the matter. He rests his elbow on his desk, folding his arms across each other as he notes the bruises and the posture. He gives the impression that despite the fact he is sitting and RJ is standing he is the one in control. "Yes. I heard you made quite an entrance and did some damage to the grounds in the process." he sounds more inquisitive about it than upset.

RJ assumes that the Headmaster's zone of influence includes where ever he crashed. Of course, he does not know where he is at the moment either. The boy frowns, "Yes, Sir, I seemed to have done a fair amount of damage to the forest where I landed. Then, when I work up, in this place, I was unsure of where I was and confused, especially with the needled hose embedded in my arm." He does not seem familiar with an IV. "I do apologize for the damage, and I apologize if my arrival has brought the attention of the Faroshi Empire to your world."

The headmaster raises a hand and makes a gesture with a hand, something that could possibly be interuppted as down, but his words clear it up "At ease." he tells the teen, recognizing why he is standing in such a upright posture. "It cannot be helped. The damage was minimal and its has been handled already." he gets to his feet, the chair rolling back and bumping into the windowed cabinet behind him. It has various things in it, books, pictures, an award or two and a few perfectly round orbs of different colors that seem to glow in the right light.

"I am unaware of who the Faroshi are," he moves around the desk, leaning slightly against it, arms crossed over his chest as he talks "for the moment they are not my main concern. What is most concerning is what to do with you." it is both a statement and a question at the same time.

RJ seems to have an almost naturally submissive demeanor. It is obvious that RJ views the Headmaster as the authority figure, as his eyes lowers not to meet the man's gaze directly. He goes to explain the Faroshi, but silences himself. "The one designated Whitley-King" said as if it were one word, "and the one designated Daxton both said that I would be a student here, despite that my apprenticeship ended when I was thirteen years of age. I was assigned to Repair and Maintenance." He says this as if this is normal and that this should mean something.

"Would be or could be?" for him there is a difference, "Either way King and Jones over step their boundaries." his tone is a perfect British neutral, not giving anything anyway. "I am told that you are from another dimensional plane…" he hasn't decided whether to beleive that yet or not "If this is true, you have no indentity here, no records, certainly no assets or money. Something everyone in this school has to a certain degree." that doesn't sound hopeful "Did either King or Jones tell you what type of school this is?"

RJ looks up a bit, "I assume that Daxton's fully designation is Daxton Jones?" It is more of a rhetorical question. He shakes his head, "No, Sir. Neither explained it. I gather though it is a training center for geentic anomalies, which I am not." He nods to the Headmaster, "I understand so. I will gather my own clothings and depart your territory at once."

There is a nod at the assumption "That is his name or in your terms designation, yes." in the headmasters opinion there is little difference in the terms. "You are partially right." he pushes off the desk with his hip and moves around his desk again "It is a school. Yes we do train those with abilities beyond the normal with their abilities, but we also teach the standard school curriculum." there is a brief pause as he pulls a CS folder from a desk drawer "History, Math, English, Science and a variety of other subjects." he tells the teen since there is doubt he would know.

"Attention!" he snaps out, his displeasure at the presumption is obvious "You understand very little, RJ-148963." he has no trouble with the designation, his voice his calm and his expression back to normal in an instant. "In your present state and your seeming lack of knowledge of where and when you are, you are possible danger to the public." he returns to his leaning spot, with the folder in his hand "I can't in good conscience allow you to leave until you are no longer a danger. Legally I cannot hold you against your will. This puts me in a position I would rather not be in." he holds the folder out, the front is labeled 'Orientation Package' "You can stay by choice or stay by force." his tone suggests that there is only one good option. The strange orbs in the cabinet behind the desk start to glow, slowing growing brighter.

As the Headmaster snaps out 'Attention', RJ-148963 snaps into a tight upright stance. His arms at his side, and his eyes facing forward. It would seem that whatever version of Earth, he is from, it has something of a military state. Even after the Headmaster's tone return to its previous calm state, the boy remains standing rigidly looking forward. "If I have none of the requirements of your students - identity, records, resources, money." He pauses, "Though I admit that I do not know this term. But as you said, of which I have none. I believe that would mean that I am your prisoner, even if a voluntary one. Which I will be, voluntantary, Sir." His eyes move to the glowing orbs. There is a small, dim glow in response at his right wrist. Though a quick glance downward and a look of concentraton in the boy's eyes, the glow fades.

There doesn't seem to be much that the Headmaster doesn't notice. The sudden obeying of the order, the rigid stance, the tone of voice, even the glowing. Once the teen has complied the orbs stop glowing as well. "Take the folder." he is still holding it out patiently "And lets just stick with the term student." once the folder is taken rest the heels of his palms in his desk "Tomorrow morning at 9:00 sharp," he doesn't use military time, some things might be similar across dimensions, he doubts that one is, "you will report to my office to take a placement and assessment test. After that you will be assigned a room and given a class schedule. If desired or necessary a student can be assigned to you to help you better acclimate to the school and the local environment." he getures to the folder "All the necessary information about the school is in the folder. Classes, teachers, school rules, etc cetera."

"At ease." There is that hand gesture again "In the meantime, I will start the paperwork to get you enrolled in the school and a proper identity, then look into scholarships for tuition." he looks over the teen again "I will have one of the students take you into town to get you some more appropriate clothing, either today or tomorrow after your testing."

RJ relaxes slightly. "Yes, Headmaster." He looks to the man. "I was trained for repair and maintenance. Most of your technology seems to be on par or slightly more primitive to what I am accustomed to. I am more than willing to continue my assignment on this Earth."

"That won't be necessary RJ-148963 for the foreseeable future." the Headmaster tells him. "I respect your desire to want do what you were assigned and trained to do, but right now your priority should be adapting to the situation that you have found yourself in." despite his apparent strictness he can be understanding at times "If in the future you have adapted well and I no longer consider you a risk, arrangement for employment where your training will be useful will be made."

RJ nods, "Yes, Sir." He looks at the Headmaster, for the first time, truly looking at the man - though still avoiding eye contact. "I will endeavor to do my best, as instructed. Thank you for giving me the opportunity." He looks to the man, both eyebrows scrunched together, as he cocks his head slightly to the south, "May I have permission to speak, Headmaster?"

"For once I can honestly say I trust that you will." RJ not being the typical teenager that the Headmaster is used to dealing with. It's a bit of a relief really. The question has him giving a single nod "Speak." he is then tilting his own head, mirroring RJ giving him the appearance of attentiveness wherein it was a seeming inquisitive motion for the teen.

"I must warn you, Sir, that my very presence here may be putting everyone here at risk." RJ says, with all solemn honesty that he can muster. "My Earth was conquered by an alien race, the Farosh. Thirty-six Overlords practically conquered my Earth. Whatever that weird vortex was that brought me here, it also brought at least one of the Overlords, if not more than one. They will stop at nothing to reclaim the Symbiote Bracer that is on my wrist. The only way they can do that is for me to die, which none of them would have a problem doing. I don't want anyone to get hurt because of me."

"Your concern does you justice." the Headmaster says without hesitation "The very nature of this school and its students puts it at risk from outside sources…and from the students themselves. We have had a small number of students that could destroy the school easily if their powers were to get out of control even for a moment." he explains rather frankly "We have measures in place to deal with threats large and small. If more measures are needed to deal with your Faroshi Overlords, they will be taken." he isn't joking. The phone on his desk starts to ring and he glances at the caller id and then to RJ "I need to take this." he reaches for the phone "If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to see me." there is a dismissing gesture made with his other hand "Dismissed."

RJ nods in acknowledgement to the command. The almost waif-like boy straightens himself once again. "Thank you, Sir." And with that the boy turns and head out. He is extremely careful to make sure that the door closes soundly, but not too loudly. Once the door is closed, RJ-148963 sighs, not really sure which is going to be more difficult to handle. - coming to accept that he is on another Earth, that he potentially has the powers of one of the Overlords, or that he is apparently going to have to fit in as a child, even though he has been released from his training, whether he likes it or not. Well, may as well start to know the world that he is in now. With that he heads back into the heart of the school.

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