(2018-04-05) The Boy Who Fell to Earth
The Boy Who Fell to Earth
Summary: Lance, Whitley, and Koga investigate a meteor crash to find a hostile alien and an unconscious teenager.
Date: IC Date (2018-04-05)
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NPCs: Faroshi Overlord 28 (Pojri)
Scene Runner: RJ

Forest - Shady Cove

An old train station used to be here before it was abandoned and the forest has slowly taken it over. There are several decrepit train cars, the building itself is a safety hazard though mostly only locals even know it exists and know better than to venture inside it. The surrounding forest is thick, no obvious paths through the thicket and the canopy above blocks out a lot of the light.

It is late afternoon, and as sunset starts to approach the sunlight plays on the large clouds that stretch across most of the spring sky. Except it isn't quite late enough for the sunlight to be playing off the clouds. Then for a moment it is like the clouds over Shady Grove are instantly sucked away by a giant vacuum cleaner, and there is a dazzling light display in the center of that atmospheric disturbance. A vortex of colored lights, not completely unlike the northern lights, appears but for a few seconds, as four small projectiles are shot from it. One of them crashes into the forest right outside of Shady Cove. The impact is enough that the vibrations could be felt for a few miles around. A small trail of whispy smoke can be seen from a distance. A combination of the episode was so very brief and that the majority of Coral Springs is gone for Spring Break, there are fewer people available to investigate.

A new arrival to Coral Springs has been running through the woods for quite some time before the impact of the object. Lance reacts instinctively to the impact and picks up his pace running towards the area; however, he doesn't run into the area of impact just yet. He takes up a spot behind a tree on a small hill so he can observe hopefully without being seen.

Curiosity killed the cat, and it might end up being the downfall of a snow-haired student of Coral Springs. What prompted Whitley to investigate these strange (well, stranger than usual) circumstances? Who can say! He's lurking amidst the trees though, arriving just in time to witness the events after the crash (?). He's curious but not stupid, so the young man stays up hanging onto the trunk of a tree as he surveys the situation from afar. With his mind!

A small cluster of trees have been completely shattered and blown outward like Coral Springs own mini-Tunguska event, extending to a sixty foot diameter. In the center of the crater is what appears to be two humanoid forms. One of which, seems to be either dead or unconscious, has the boot of a humanoid figure on its chest. The second figure is wearing some sort of armor. It's skin seems to be somewhat chitinous and is dark brown in coloration. The figure points one of its fists at the figure at his feet. An orb of energy appears around that fists.

Lance isn't sure what to do here. He has no intel. The one figure clearly isn't human, and based on the impact, he doubts the other is. He has no idea their intentions, and he isn't about to assume that the more alien looking one is evil. Appearances can be deceiving. However, without intel, he needs time so he tries to think of a delay tactic. He reaches down and picks up loose rock about the size of his hand. He throws it so that it's impact will be off to the side so the alien will be looking at least 45 degrees from his current location.

"Oh shit," Whitley muttered upon seeing the damage done. Luckily, his psychic detection is not necessary to spot the two figures. What the hell is going on here? Aliens are new, but in the past year or so, he's faced down magic priests and Big Bads from alternate dimension. He isn't shaken by the discovery of what seems to be extraterrestrial life nearly as much as he probably should be. But then there's that rock! His eyes glow as he phases through the tree he's settled in and shifts through the Earth. Having relied on his mental radar and picking up nothing, he doesn't notice anything other than what he sees, including Lance.

The orb around the "alien's" hand, until it almost looks solid. The figure's expression is one of disgust and rage, as it slams the energy encased fist into the other figure's face. A field of energy flickers around the figure on the ground, but not enough to keep the assault at bay. The creature is either unaware or unconcerned with anything but the figure it is pounding upon.

So much for distractionary techniques. Well, with the right materials, he could probably make a nice distraction, but he doesn't have time. Even though he doesn't have any intel, he has to act. He cannot allow a defenseless target to receive damage. Since the "alien" alien is too focused to notice what is going on around him, Lance decides to circle the target and approach from behind. He withdraws his Smith & Wesson 21" Collapsible Baton from his concealed location and flicks it out to its full length. Standing close enough to strike the opponent from behind with the baton, he says, "You must be quite terrified to attack a defenseless opponent."

Either the rock came from the creature or the rock got ignored. Whatever the case, Whitley wrinkles his currently ethereal nose. This isn't something he should sit back and watch, is it? Good thing he doesn't have to. While he doesn't recognize the another person, but by his age and bravery, he's guessing it's a new student. One he has yet to meet. Ugh. Okay, he has to act now. A cyan blue bubble of force encases the prone figure.

The figure is surprised by seeing another human. This is obviously not Terra. It looks at Lance, swivelling its head in a very reptilian motion. It opens its mouth a few times, before it says something in its native language. Quickly enough it realizes the lack of understanding of the patheic humans, it snarls and says in a hissing, scratching voice, it speaks English, "Submit slave or be exterminated. This one is ours." Before the blue bubble of force forms over, you might notice that the form on the ground appears to be a teenage human. Once the bubble appears, the "alien" snarls. A bracer on his wrist produces what looks like a blade of energy extending over his opened hand. "Last chance, slave."

Lance stands there in front of the creature as he notices the energy appear around the human-looking figure. He has a partner. He doesn't know anything about the abilities or talents of the other individual, but perhaps he can be the distraction in question. "Slave?" he speaks in slightly southern accent. "Sorry. Not a slave. I was a falcon once but that was as the member of a football team. Now, I don't rightly know who you are, but this is America. Home of the brave and the free. You know, free, as in non-slave. So frankly, buster, you are trespassing so get."

"He does not belong to you," Whitley suddenly phases in front of the teenage boy, kneeling near him and poking. "This one doesn't either." Taking the thin teenager into his arms, they both become semitransparent and deep into the Earth. He'll be back. He may not be the most heroic, but he genuinely likes Coral Springs and won't abandon one of its newer students.

Koga was just wandering the forest, and then he well… heard the "boom" so to speak. He had been searching for a bit. For a city kid, Koga got around pretty well. He was hopping trees pretty easily by doing small vaults over, walking on top of them with balancing acts… and then he sees well, this. He doesn't know either of the others, but in this case…

Yeah, Koga's not going to exactly stand around while there's trouble. Not with someone in armor pointing energy orbs around. Bringing his hand up, he swings it around overhead as he makes a gesture with it. A glowing circle forms in the air trailing his hand before it suddenly drops over him and changes him into something else entirely. Rearing his head back and arching his back, he gives off a loud, intimidating roar that has an echo to it before leaping down to nearer the trio. Even more unnerving, whatever he turned into's mouth opens. And that looked like it was armor at first.

The "alien" blinks its slitted eyes as it looks at Lance. In its strange version of English, "America…" It cocks its head. "Ooossaah?" An expression that cannot be anything but recognition and then a grin - a most unsettling grin. It glances around, "More primitive than other… Conquest probability certain." Then Whitley appears and snatches his prey away, then phases out. Large reptilian eyes blinks, "Anomaly? Fallah will enjoy experimentation before extinction." It's ire turns to Lance. The energy blade flares, and it snarls, "Return slave RJ-148963 now." His eyes turn to the newest arrival, "Another anomaly. Threat to be evaluated. Another time." It seems to be talking to itself. It then speaks to itself but this time in its own alien language. "We will return for our slave." The alien's entire body starts to glow as it begins to rise into the air. Right now it is only about a foot off the ground.

Lance shakes his head. If this creature get away now, it will most likely return with reinforcements. That is not a good plan or strategy for going forward. He doesn't like that he is floating upward. He is glad that his unknown partner has gotten the unconscious individual away. When the roar comes, he assumes that the alien has brought reinforcements now too. "Primitive? Let me introduce you to primitive." In a penny - Lance suddenly moves with incredible agility and strength to jump into the air as he goes to tackle the floating alien and drive him into the ground.

The slave does not return and nor does the white-haired teen who stole him.

Koga looks at the thing as it starts to float, starting to slide into a more martial stance as his hand went to drawing symbols behind him. At least until he sees Lance take a leap and he calls, "No!" There is an odd echoing tone to his voice like the roar, but it is obvious that Koga is a bit more careful as he quickly switches symbols, preparing just in case and aiming not at the odd guy in armor, but rather at Lance himself just in case.

Koga moves forward, preparing to intercept either the creature or Lance himself just in case that leap turns badly. The surprise of it is that the armored form looks to be pretty decently fast. Not superhuman fast, but definitely up there in speed despite the odd look to it.

Lance flies through the air, making contact with the floating alien who is by this point about a meter above the ground. When Lance slams into the creature, the energy around him seems to absorb the kinetic energy from the contact. The bracer on the creatures arm flares, then there is a burst of energy expelling the teenager away from him. "Interesting. This requires further observation." Then the alien flies into the air with a sudden burst of speed.

Lance goes flying back from the burst of energy. He does a flip in the air though the flip seems more controlled allowing him to land on his feet. He crouches down to a fighting stance and looks up as the being flies off. He shakes his head and narrows his eyes. He then glances back to the other beast (Koga) that is approaching and making other symbols. He keeps a hold of his baton. "One flew off. Let's see what you are." He didn't see Koga change and has never met him so all he knows is the roar.

Koga skids a bit as he stops upon seeing Lance land safely. His hand was swinging around with the mass of odd glowing symbols. Then they fade as he looks up towards where the other creature is leaving. "I would say much smarter than you." His echoing voice says towards Lance. A glowing circle appears around Koga's feet before raising up over him and taking the odd… whatever he was wearing with it as he turns back to a human form.

Turning to look at Lance, he looks at the baton, then Lance's stance before rolling his eyes. "I take it you must be a new student. Attacking an unknown as you did was the same as suicide nearly." The Asian teen runs a hand through his hair, "I am Koga Yamamoto."

It does not take long before the creature is high in the air. As it flies off, it is joined by two more figures that are dressed in armor matching his.

Whitley finds a place to hide RJ away from crash site amongst the trees and phases into the area once again, a blade of vibrant psychic energy extending from his wrist and covering his entire fist. He blinks, glancing at Lance…and then Koga! "Um… where'd our alien friend go?" He glances at Koga again. Is that him? But he hears part of Koga's introduction, and the blade fades away. "While I'm sure figuring out which one of you is the intellectual superior is very relevant and important, there's a kid that needs help. I'm more suited to taking people apart, not putting them together." Pause. "Either of you know first aid?"

Lance simply says with a bit of that southern accent, "I knew it was a foolish choice though the consequences of inaction was worse than action." He points up as others join the alien. "Reinforcements. It is already planning on returning, and now we don't know when or with how many." He stands up normally and compresses the baton back to its closed state. He slips it back into its concealed location in his clothing and says, "Lance." Shifting his head to look at Whitley, he says, "He left. Up there somewhere. Hopefully the unconscious guy can give us some information." As for the first aid, he answers, "I know some, though not a great deal. Where is he?"

Koga looks considerate, then sighs, "We should contact the school and report what happened." He states, but otherwise continues looking in the direction of the odd… well, mystery 'men' of some sort. Considering, he pulls out a cellphone as he starts scrolling through numbers before finding one and hitting the call button. Looking around, he looks to the two. "I do not suppose you know where we are in relation to a road so they can come get us?"

At the edge of the clearing, the mystery teen has managed to get to his feet. He stumbles a few feet, until he falls to his knees. He looks completely human. The grey uniform he is wearing, looks like something from a cheesy sci-fi movie. Pale blond hair is matted to his skull from a head injury - probably not that bad. His face is fairly well busted and bruised. He looks around wide eyed. He almost strokes the trunk of the tree next to him.

Whitley shakes his head at Koga's question. "I can just fly as back, but I' guessing this isn't your 'true' form?" He would've -definitely- recognized that around the estate. "We should also bring that kid back. There are healers at the school that will help him." Said boy is walking already. The white-haired teen runs a hand through his snowy locks and glances over at him. "Sleeping beauty walks."

Lance looks up briefly at the sky and then back at Koga, "The road is about 300 yards north of our position." He then starts to move over towards the mystery teen although everyone is a mystery to him right now. "Do we know he wants to go back? Or should?" Lance is concerned about a foothold situation. He holds his hands up as he approaches the injured teen. "I'm Lance. Can you understand me?"

Koga shrugs, "I am human, if that is what you are asking. My other form is… complicated. It worked to scare off the ugly one." He says in reply, moving over towards the new teen as he turns his attention to the cellphone. He explains the situation to whoever is on the other end, pausing for a moment to look to Whitley. "He said his name, what is yours so I can at least make sure they do not come in firing first?"

RJ looks at the three other boys. "Name? You mean designation? I am RJ-148963, Repair and Maintenance Assignment." He seems to be completely marveled by the trees around him. "What sector are we in? Are you the rebels of the Amay Zone?" He is speaking English, but the accent is nothing anyone has ever heard before. "Where is the Overlord?"

"Whitley King," The white-haired teen gives a hasty introduction to Koga and Lance. Looking at RJ, he lifts a dark brow. "If you mean the alien creature that was pounding on you, he went that way." And he points up. "And we're on…Earth?" Is that helpful? Probably not.

Lance listens as the injured tean gives his 'designation.' "We have names, not designations." He then narrows his eyes a bit and says, "Well, I don't think we are quite the place you are thinking we are. I don't know our sector, what the Amay Zone is, or what is the Overlord?" He then thinks back to the response of the creature and says, "The other being seemed surprised when I mentioned America. Do you need assistance?"

Koga moves off towards the road. "I'll go flag down whoever is our transport. Get over to the road when you can in case those guys come back, please?"

RJ is holding his left side, "Oossah? But there are no trees in Oossah?" His shoulders sag, "My privileges have been revoked. I no longer have privileges to use rejuvenation chambers." He gets to his feet. He blinks. "I apologize and give gratitude for your assistance. You probably should have let the Overlord exterminate me and not interfere. Your entire batches will now be put up for extermination." He winces as his chest starts rising and falling more quickly, as if he is having difficulty breathing. He goes to take a step towards, "Thank you Lance. Thank you Whitley King. I cannot repay your.." His starts coughing, then panting, and he collapses unconscious. Luckily his weighs practically nothing. It is obvious that he has a punctured lung from broken ribs. Thankfully, Koga manages to get a ride, as Lance and Whitley get him to much needed medical assistance.

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