(2018-04-05) Beauty and the Adorkable
Beauty and the Adorkable
Summary: The interesting interplay of the socially awkward with the socially accepting.
Date: 2018-04-05
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There are lots of things people can love in this world. Music, movies, video games, food, other people …. One of Kaylee's loves? Basketball! … but, it's still cold outside and there's not a gym on the estate, so there's really not a good place for her to fulfill that love at the moment. Which is why she's currently turned to another thing she loves: Painting! At one of the tables in the library, Kaylee has a decent sized canvas out and several pots of paint, as well as a palette board where she mixes them. She's currently painting what looks kind of like an underwater colony. She's also singing quietly to herself, but happily, and bobbing her head back and forth. And, for the viewers at home, they might notice that she's got her eyes closed while she's doing it, even though the painting is coming along alright.

The door starts to open but only a couple inches and then closes again. After a couple seconds, the door opens once more about halfway and stops. Finally, it opens completely allowing a young short freshman to enter the room carring three rather large books. One is a medical encyclopedia while the other two are history books. He steps inside the library and uses his rear end to shut the door behind him. He then walks to the return book area. He places them down with a slight thud and turns his head upon hearing the music. Oh, there is someone singing and painting…with eyes closed? That's neat. He doesn't want to interrupt her as the music sounds pretty so he just stands off to the side some. He doesn't want to stare either so he tries to look at her art projects. So many.

Perking up when the door opens, Kaylee opens her eyes and cants her head sideways. Her eyebrows go up as she takes in the books Bryce is carrying, but since he's obviously trying not to bother her, she keeps on singing for a little bit. ~~Sleep and I shall soothe you, calm you and annoint you, Myrrh for your hot forehead, ooo …." When Bryce doesn't turn around and head out, but instead seems to take an interest in what she's doing, a faint smile quirks the corners of her lips. Without turning to look at him, she beckons with a headnod, "You aren't gonna bug me. If you wanna see, come look."

Bryce actually seems a bit startled when she addresses him. Even though she says that he isn't going to bug her, he apologizes anyway. "I'm sorry. I was just, well, this is the library and I borrow books, um, a lot. I was trying to return them…." He then remembers that she said that he could come look. He starts to walk over towards her so he can take a better look at her art work. The underwater scene really gets his attention. He shifts his eyes from the art work to look at her. Wow, she is tall! "That is, that is pretty. I was hoping to take, um, never mind. Sorry." Suddenly he realizes that he hasn't introduced himself. "I'm, I'm Bryce."

Kaylee shifts in her seat at the table so that she can kinda face him a little better, switching the brush out of her right hand so she can offer it to him. "You don't have to apologize, Bryce. I'm Kaylee. You wanted to take are, too?" she asks, smiling easily. "I know they're not offering it as an official class, but there are a bunch of students who get together and take lessons from one of the teachers at the community college- she comes in once a week for the art club. So, you could do that if you'd like?"

"Nice, nice to meet you, Kaylee." Bryce says. He normally has a difficult time talking to people, especially new people, but a new pretty person? That is even harder. He nods his head and says, "I, I was going to take art, um, art class because, well, I thought it would help." His voice starts to fade off at the end as it sounds kinda selfish now. "Well, help with my powers. I would like to join if that would be okay. I wouldn't want to annoy anyone." He looks down at her hand and wonders why she is holding her hand out to him. His eyebrows go up. Oh. He goes to shake her hand in greeting, but stops himself. Rubbing his hand first on his pants in case his palm is sweaty, he then reaches out and hesitantly takes her hand. He is clearly nervous, and his hand is thin.

Kaylee just smirks when he makes her wait to shake his hand. But, hers is warm, and the shake friendly and firm. "Oh, it's not up to me if you can join or not. … in fact … I don't even really think there's a 'join' option- you just kinda show up! So, if you wanna go, then go! And if anybody tries to stop you, well. You just tell them Kaylee said it was okay." Then, she giggles and wrinkles her nose with her smile. "Which probably won't matter to anybody, but you can at least tell them!"

Bryce nods his head when she says to just tell them that Kaylee said to show up. "I will," he says in a way that sounds quite sincere. "When does the class or group, um, meet? And where?" He then realizes that he is still shaking hands with her. "Oh." He lets go of her hand and says, "Thank you." Glancing down at her art work, he say, "I could never do something like that though. How, how do you do it?"

Kaylee just snickers again when the handshake goes on for too long. "Um … I'm actually not sure? I don't attend, but I can definitely find out for you! Or, if you see Besa or Schuyler- have you met either of them? You will. But I'm sure they both attend every week, so they could definitely tell you." When Bryce comments on her artwork, Kaylee smiles again, shaking her head. "Oh it's not even that great. But, I tend to see things pretty differently from everybody else, and this is … well, it's SUPPOSED to be based on how the school used to look before it went boom. I mean, like, if it had expanded and stuff. I dunno. It's just kinda how I imagined it would look if the school were bigger?" she offers.

Bryce nods when she asks if he knows Besa or Schuyler. "I met them both. Schuyler," he says his name sounding a bit excited and then becomes reserved again, "Well, Schuyler knows sign language." He was surprised to meet someone else who knows it but it makes sense consdering Schuyler is deaf. "I heard something about the school being damaged, but I don't know much about it. Too bad there isn't a book about it." He then glaces down at the painting once more. "How do you, well, see something in your mind and then make it, make it show up they way you want it?"

"Yeah, well, it was supposed to be kind of a secret facility, so … having a book about it would be pretty counterproductive, ya know?" Kaylee explains, still smiling. Going back to painting, while she still has her face turned somewhat in Bryce's direction, Kaylee shrugs her shoulders. "I've praciced. A lot. And there are lots of techniques of doing this, that, or the other thing to make it look such and such a way. For me, the thing that I've had a hard time doing is trying to convey the colors and shapes of things the way that /I/ see them now, as opposed to how people see them with their eyes. Especially since I can't SEE what I'm doing, while I'm doing it most of the time."

Bryce nods his head when she brings up the secretative facility. "I guess that does make sense. I just, well, I remember things better when I see them." His eyes open wider as she mentions that she cannot see. "You can't see? But you are painting. How can you…?" He catches himself and says, "Oh, I'm sorry. It sounds like I'm interrogating you. I didn't mean to. I was just, um, surprised. I guess it is your power?"

Kaylee laughs again and shakes her head, turning towards Bryce now and fishing her glasses out of her pocket. "I CAN see. Sort of," she says as she slides the glasses on and up her nose. Her eyes blink several times and then the pupils tighten in and she actually looks at Bryce, the smile never wavering. "I'm a light sponge. My body just absorbs photons like, alla time. So, as long as there's light in the room, I can basically make out most of the stuff around me. Colors, shapes, like, pretty much everything. Except it's really hard to pick up any details, just cuz there's SO MUCH. So, if I wanna actually see anything super clearly, I gotta put my glasses on. Which kinda sucks, because I look like a total goober with glasses on, especially with such thick lenses." And the lenses ARE pretty thick! "But, so like, when I'm painting without my glasses on, I can get colors pretty much just how I want them, but sometimes, when I put my glasses on and look at it … it's just a bunch of swirly puddles. This one's not turning out too bad, though!" And she grins as she admires her own painting for the first time.

Bryce watches as she gets her glasses out and explains her powers. "That's incredible." He then pauses and says, "You, you make stuff out of the light?" He reaches up and rubs his chin and asks, "Like what type of stuff?" He then holds his hand out in front of him and adds, "I ask because I make stuff, though I'm not too good at it yet, but I use my mind to do it from, um, psychic energy, sort of."

"I can, yeah," Kaylee says with a shrug. When he asks what she can make, though, Kaylee grimaces a little, shrugging. "I dunno. I can make like … simple stuff? Balls or discs or poles or stuff like that? Nothing fancy. Oh! But I can make like, armor for myself and stuff. … I could make it for someone else, too, but as soon as I'm not touching it and providing it power, it starts to fade. Longest I've ever made anything stick around was a couple hours, and that was without it suffering any kind of damage or anything," she says with a shrug. "Mostly what I can do is light tricks and beams. … and I glow like, alla time when I'm not paying attention. Happy, embarrassed, angry … pretty much any time something happens and I'm not thinking about it. It's like, super annoying when it gives away how I'm feeling about stuff," she says, making a sour face. "And yeah, I store up photons, too. If I store too many- which used to be like, alla time back at the old building- I kinda like … I dunno. … leak? Like, I can't turn OFF my glow because I'm too charged up."

Bryce listens carefully as she explains her powers. He seems most interested in the fact that she can make stuff though when she starts talking about the glow he says, "That seems, well, um, pretty." He gets softer at the last word. He tries to go back and change topics back to the power. "I can make armor but that is almost reflexively, instinctively. It comes almost like a defense mechanism. I can make a sword, and I recently learned how to make some scissors." A thin cyan beam of light emerges from his forehead and starts to turn into an object floating in the air about a foot in front of him. After a few more seconds, it starts to turn into a katana.

When Bryce says her powers sound pretty, Kaylee smirks a little. "Well, it's fine, until you have to sleep in the same room as me and I start glowing at 5 AM because my body's absorbed as much light as it can take," she demures. "But thank you. Everything else I can do is pretty much just tricks of the light. Light absorbption, light bending, chameleon kinda stuff …. But no weapons or anything. I've been working on making my beams powerful enough to hurt or otherwise damage the bad guys, but so far no luck." She watches the sword form with interest, canting her head to the side as she watches it come to form.

The sword fully forms and just hovers there in the air in front of him without anyone needing to hold it or wield it. When she mentions what happens with the glow in the early morning, he blinks and looks at her. The sword fades and disperses into the air. "Well, um, that doesn't sound bad. Someone could just, well, wear a sleeping mask or something. You seem very nice so if that is the most, well, annoying thing…" He shrugs as though it's not really that bad. "Did you need help with, um, well, making the beams powerful enough?"

Kaylee laughs so hard she actually snorts at that, and then she has to cover her mouth and try and hold in all further heinous noises as she continues giggling. "Oh, trust me, that's not the most annoying thing. It's a lot better, here, since I'm not under such intense artificial light alla time. But, back in the old school, when everything was neon or halogen? I was like, energy on 11 CONSTANTLY. So I was pretty much always ready to bounce off the walls at any given moment. Some people loved it, some people hated it. It's a lot more mellow, here," she explains when she's finished laughing. "And I don't really think there's anything that someone can DO to make my beams stronger. The fact that I'm able to pack photons into tight enough bunches to make an impact is taking enough work, as it is. And since I can't do anything outside of the visible spectrum, I can't create heat or anything to do lasers. So, it's pretty much just like basketball- I've got my shot, I've just gotta keep working on it!"

Bryce feels pretty good at making her laugh. When she snorts, he laughs a but though he quickly covers his mouth and stops laughing. He doesn't want to seem like he is laughing at her. "Have you thought about doing research into your absorption ability? Perhaps there is, well, something you can do to control or modulate it. As for having the impact," he stops talking and closes his eyes. He then starts talking again though he sounds like he is reading. "Photons are traditionally said to be massless. This is a figure of speech that physicists use." His eyes flick back and forth as he keeps 'reading' though his eyes are still shut. "Oh," his eyes open and he says, "There are difference types of mass for particles like rest mass and relative mass. Do you mind if, well, if I do some research for you on it? I, I remember stuff."

Kaylee doesn't seem at all bothered by Bryce's laughter, a soft but warm golden shimmer surrounding her for a few seconds while the mirth subsides. See? Glowy. But, then he's back to business and Kaylee shrugs. "They've poked at me a bunch. I've worked on how much light I can store and stuff- it's a LOT better now than it was when I first got here. But … I really kinda don't think I'd wanna start absorbing other types of light, you know? That's like, radiation and stuff. And besides, if I just absorbed UV or something? I would never be able to tan!" Which is absolutely a paramount concern and thus not to be trifled with. When Bryce closes his eyes and then starts reciting stuff, Kaylee's eyebrows go up. "Do you have a photographic memory or something? Like, you can just remember anything you read?" she asks.

Bryce watches as she glows. "That's amazing," he admits without meaning too. When she starts talking about absorbing other types of light, he waves his hand and says, "No, no. I was meaning like if different colors are absorbed differently. If if there was a way to create a method of siphoning it off." He then nods a bit when she asks about his memory. "I do remember everything I read, well, see, sort of. I don't always understand it, but I remember it. I'm working on my memory with my other senses, but vision is my best."

Kaylee blinks a few times and then looks confused. "Why would I wanna siphon my own energy?" she asks, as if that's the most peculiar suggestion in the world. "Besides, if I take colors OUT of my beams, its just gonna make them weaker. Honestly, what works best is if I've got like a nice, bright halogen lamp or something with me. I can use that to make some pretty wicked beams. Worked on a whole bunch of sea zombies a couple months ago. Also, when we were abandoning the school, I was able to take all that neon lighting and make walls that the dinosaurs couldn't penetrate. So … I dunno. I mean, I'm not gonna tell you NOT to look into it, if you want to. But definitely don't feel obliged. I'm totally happy being the exit sign when there's danger and just backing up the big guns," she says with a smile. "And that's like, TOTALLY cheating for school and stuff," she adds, indicating the fact that she's teasing by sticking her tongue out at the boy.

Bryce's face looks a bit shocked as she starts talking about taking colors out of her beams. "No, no. I was meaning finding a way to control your, well, absorption in order prevent the glow, uh, thingy." He looks down a bit and says, "I'm sorry. I was just trying to help." When she then says that he is cheating, he looks up mortified. "I don't mean to. I just remember stuff. I mean I have memorized all my text books already, but, but that just comes from reading them…and reading them really fast, but, um - " He is rambling and doesn't show sign of stopping.

Kaylee lets Bryce work himself into a tizzy for a few seconds, and then just reaches over and tries to futz his hair, grinning broadly. "You, young man, are a-dork-able," she says affectionately. "Please tell me you're in Prometheus?"

When she reaches over and messes with his hair, Bryce ducks his head down a bit as though expecting something bad and is a bit surprised when it doesn't come. The circlet around his head flashes a cyan color briefly though nothing seems to happen. He shuts his eyes again and flicks his eyes back and forth. "Adorkable? I don't, I don't know that word." Yes, he has memorized the dictionary too. When she asks about Prometheus, he nods his head and says, "I, I am. I turned in the paper work this week."

"Yay!" Kaylee cheers and claps happily, bouncing in her chair. "You're going to fit in so great. We're like, totally the best team in the whole school because we all get along so well and are always so much fun together and always hanging out and doing stuff for one another. Well, except for Besa, he's kind of a stick in the mud, but he's died like a bunch of times and totally thinks he's the only one in the world that can do anything or be right about anything, but I'm sure he means well and he's getting better and stuff. … but yay!" Excited Kaylee is Excited.

Bryce is amazed. He has never seen anyone so excited in his life. And the fact that she is excited about something he did amazing him even more. Then she starts talking which he tries to take in. "I wasn't, wasn't which to join, but Prometheus seems like the - wait, Besa died? A bunch of time? Interesting. He wanted me to," he reaches up his hand towards his head and says, "What did he call it? Oh, yes, pet his dog. I, I didn't do it." He then smiles which is a rare thing for him. "I'm, I'm glad you are happy. I wanted to talk to people in the team to make sure it was okay with people, but a lot of people left on Spring Break."

"Oh gosh, no, we LOVE new people!" Kaylee says, still animated. "Gosh, see, that's what sucks about this whole setup. Normally? Back in the old school? You'd have a dorm room that I could have decorated and they would have let me have your basic info and stuff so I coulda made sure you were comfortable and welcomed and Nevada woulda baked your favorite desserts because he likes to bake and we would have had a party, well, not like, a REAL party, but we at least would all have been happy to meet you and say hi and get to know you and stuff because we're really the best team and we're all pretty close and we like each other and like hanging out and everything like that so I'm glad you're here." How Kaylee manages to say all of that with one breath is probably some other sort of super power that nobody has been willing to try and catalogue, but she does it. And she smiles the whole time. "So, welcome to Coral Springs! … sort of!"

Bryce listens intently and follows all of that. "Oh, Grace let me try some cookies." The way he says it, it sounds like that was the first time he has cookies which it was. "I think they might be my favorite desserts though to be completely honest, well, they are the only dessert I've tried so far." He then says, "I, I should really find a book on photons. I looks like it might be kind of hard. It was, it was really nice meeting you. I, uh, I like when you glow." He admits and then feels embarrassed for saying so.

Kaylee hops to both feet and glomps Bryce, wrapping both her arms around him in a hug. "It was nice to meet YOU, Bryce! I'm gonna get back to my painting. But definitely don't be a stranger! And if you ever need anything, feel free to ask. And don't you be embarrassed about it, either, we were all new once!" she admonishes before releasing him and settling back down into her seat.

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