(2018-04-05) An Invitation
An Invitation
Summary: Rain tries to give Fionnuala some skateboarding pointers, only to attract more attention.
Date: 2018-04-05
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Area 51, Shady Cove
Thu Apr 05, 2018

In good repair, tended to not by the city, but those youngsters who frequent the park, there are a whole array of things to here. Above the stone pillar entry way, there is a sign, hand painted graffiti style, with an alien and a ufo and large green letters declaring the park to be, Area 51 Skate Park. It's a sea of fenced in concrete. Well not a sea really, but it is concrete and a large amount of it. A large part of it is sunken in to create a deep bowl. Around the sunken park are the various other obstacles that are commonly found here. Each one lined up so the skater can hit each one right after another as they skate around the park. Rails line another area. There are a few concrete benches set up at a safe distance inside the fence and a few more on the outside of the fence for those that want to watch.


<FS3> Rain rolls Skateboarding: Success.

Spring break…no classes. Rain isn't a fan. Especially when she is supposedly 'grounded' to the school. While classes are in session that isn't a big deal, but with nothing to do all day restlessness and cabin fever sets in. With Besa breaking the 'grounding' too by going camping, Rain feels justified in getting out of the mansion. She grabbed her board and Fiona…she isn't stupid to go out alone. The buddy system is real! Thankfully it isn't to cold, its sunny and all the snow is gone so skateboarding is possible.

They aren't the only ones to have the same thought. There are quite a few boarders at the skate park, mostly teen boys. Out of practice from the heavy winter she starts slow, just pushing herself around for now, not trying any of the few tricks she knows. Even though she is skateboarding she still doesn't wear pants. it's a green skater dress with leggings and skater shoes. A matching beanie covers her hair, which for once is actually worn free of constraint. Scarf and light jacket complete her fashionable look. If her brother were here he would probably scold her for not wearing safety gear.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.

Outdoor activity, sun, Rain.. Fee is happy to go where the Masters girl wishes to on this fine afternoon, even if she knows nothing about skateboarding. Absolutely, ridiculously nothing! She knows it's a board with wheels and if you step too hard on one end, you could knock out some teeth! Seeing as how Fee is still on a strong tangent re: keeping people safe and comfortable (ie. her cause to learn how to heal) … she will try to be the voice of reason for Rain whom she saw leaving the grounds without safety gear. She saw, she did! So having stuffed some bandages and Polysporin and wet wipes into her purse, the shifter went along on this adventure!

… to a place that she.. heh, never had much to do with prior to meeting Rain. c.c

So while Rain warms up and gets reacquainted with her skill level, Fee is closeby and watching both her and the other teenagers who have taken to the park. Where Rain is skater!chic, Fee looks like something that the 80s barfed up: a tight black camisole over which she has thrown pink bomber jacket; black tights with… leg warmers. Pink, yellow, bright orange leg-warmers with a matching ribbon fluffed into her high ponytail. High top sneakers.. big sloppy over-the-shoulder purse. She's a vision (no wings).

"Don't fall!" Mother Crow calls out, as Rain so dangerously and crazily… pushes herself around to start. c.c

In her pre-Coral Springs day would Rain has associated with anyone like Fiona? Absolutely not; girls like Fiona did not survive long in the environments that she was part of. Rain is not part of that world anymore, she got out right on time. Before the mean girls of rich people private school ripped the kind heart from her and stomped it. It was only her last name that let her survive in that environment as long as she did. Fiona and Rain are a study of opposites and a prime example of the introvert/extrovert friend adoption meme.

In the skatepark, the Masters girl feels comfortable enough to be herself The concerned order from Fee has the girl looking toward her…as does some of the other skaters, who are less aghast by the bright outfit than Rain was, and giving a warm smile and finger-wiggle to the crow. As she completes the circuit she pauses in front of Fiona "Do you want to give it a try?" she steps off and stomps on the end of the board, catching it in her hands before offering it to the other girl.

It's funny how things work, huh? Rain, had she not escaped the pull, will have swam in the world of the affluent while Fionnuala would have…. done as Fionnuala does! She'd had friends earlier on; a small circle of artsy fartsies who were just as eccentric. Most of these kids were left behind in her old hometown, the unpowered public schools… save for maybe the one or two on her Facebook and other social platforms, Fee kept in touch with very few. Moving onwards to Coral Springs, still Fee kept her circle small. She became one of the school eccentrics, marching to that beat without hesitation even up until now. Oh, how opposites attract!

Attracting the looks following her warning, Fee grins openly, quite content in her bright digs. She has her hands in her pockets as the Masters girl comes to join her, though there is a surprised — perhaps nervous — glimmer in her sun-infused gaze. "Oh… uhm… I can… all I ever did with a skateboard was ride around on my belly as a kid." She won't let on that she nearly slammed facefirst into a wall. Fee grins then, "Kinda cool to see you in action here, though. Thanks for inviting me along." A pause, a glance around at some of the other kids… most of whom seem interested in watching this neon hot mess give it a go. Fee holds out her hands for the skateboard. "Aw, why not! You only live once!"

Taking it, Fee clears her throat and sets it down, testing it with the tip of a foot. Buckle your seatbelts kids.

Rain looks perplexed for a moment "Your belly?" she had never thought about doing that. "I didn't have any access to skateboarding before coming to Shady Cove." which isn't quite true, with her family's wealth she has access to anything…she had just never had any interest prior, probably due to her environment and the necessity to conform in the materialistic world she used to live in. "You'll do fine." she assures the other girl "I'll walk beside you and catch you if you start to fall." she gestures to put the board down "Just put your right foot," assuming Fee is right handed, just above center on the board and push off lightly with your other foot." nothing complicated about that.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Reaction: Good Success.

"Yeah! Only time I ever tried it! I was about… dunno, eight? Used to do it in our driveway back East!" Fionnuala admits with a grin… um, wut? Dangerous much? How the hell has she not ripped her face apart from the bails that she surely took? Maybe there's a healing Super somewhere in Fee's lineage, because her skin is pristine. "No access? Was it just not allowed, or were your other friends kinda not into it?" Fee asks, genuinely curious.. she doesn't know very much about pre-Coral Rain, but she can surmise a bit. She lifts one sneakered right foot and sets it down on to the board. Surprisingly she doesn't wobble! One arm is held out cautiously for balance… damnit, if only she could use her wings. Not only are they damage control if she's going too fast, but they're excellent for balance!

Then her foolish outfit would be the least of her problems.

Sunlight skitters across her wrists and fingers as the excess energy is held in check.. she can't hide that very well, unfortunately. Fee carefully kicks off with her left foot, sways.. but doesn't fall as the board creeps along. She glances to Rain here-and-there while paying heed to what she's doing.

"Sounds like a good way to get road rash on your face." From Fiona's brain to Rain's mouth. Maybe she does have a touch of mindreading like Sky? Nah, she is just familiar with skateboards and what can happen. "I had a lot of scrapes, bruises and sprains when I started." she tells her as she walks along at a similar pace "You are doing great."

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Reaction: Failure.
<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Fee Can't Even: Success.

"It's proof that there's a certain kind of God that looks after idiots." Fee giggles wildly, she looks to be getting some confidence after not toppling immediately. She will go on to 'cruise' along a level portion of the expansive park, still just keeping one foot on the board and kicking carefully with her opposite foot. Between that and feeling safe with Rain having offered to catch her, Fee now feels ready to give it a proper try. "All the times I could have ripped my face apart but I didn't. Probably a good thing that my skating days were brief. Maybe I shouldn't tell you about the time cousin Bal and I made our own catapult—"

She looks up, notes that now is a good a time as any.. Fee moves to lift the kick-off foot and have it join the other on the board. Yay! She's doing it! She—-

… overcompensates, pushes the board too hard with both feet, and it goes to shoot out from beneath her. Oh snap, there she goes! Fee's arms windmill and she looks ready to flop!

<FS3> Rain rolls Reaction: Good Success.

"I Suppose that is true." Rain and Fee have never talked about religious beliefs, but when your mother is a sorceress and your best friend* has been sacrificed to demons there really is no reason too.

When Fiona gains her confidence she starts to slow down and fall back a bit to give the girl room. "Catapult? Maybe you should." because that sounds like it could be funny. She is watching carefully so when the board goes and Fiona doesn't she hurries forward to grab the other girl around the waist so prevent her from falling.

*She only admitted Besa was her best friend once, when she was a boy. That hardly counts. So it isn't only Fiona she is in denial with. Though admittedly she has claimed Besa is family repeatedly…that's different too.

It's not typical for Fee, really, to speak on such things. But the question stands: what denomination is she, anyway? She's from a big ol' Scottish family so one can assume! She does not wear anything to really point toward an answer; there's also the macabre reality of any sort of gold jewelry, like a cross, burning itself into her skin. c_c


"It is true! Or it's just straight-up luck." Fee will have offered before she took flight! Before she can cash in on the bumps, bruises and lacerations owed to her that she avoided as a nutty little kid, Rain catches her! She can be felt relaxing immediately as a relieved sigh leaves her chest. "Oooog!" Fee blinks once, twice… at least she handles stuff like this gracefully… ie. she laughs. "See? I won't be going pro anytime soon. But we'd better catch your board because it's running away! Maybe you should take over." Said as she gives the Masters girl a thankful side-hug. A few of the other teens present jeer (albeit not maliciously) and clap.

"Yah! Catapult! It wasn't fancy… our old house backed onto a beauty of a treeline. We tied one of Ma's dish racks onto the end of a long, thin branch and it.. kinda worked." She didn't miss a beat, describing the mechanics of the juvenile.. uh, project.. as the board rolls along. Minus a Fionnuala.

There is an oof when Fiona relaxes against Rain "I love you Fiona," awwwws and here comes the but, "but you are heavy!" she gently pushes the other girl away, but not before she is wrapped in a side hug. The Masters girl still is getting used to the spontaneous displays of affection and there is a slight tensing "Who would want to go pro.." there is a glance around "Except about half the boys here." she corrects herself.

There is a few moments of pondering as the thinks about this makeshift 'catapult' "I think that would be more of a trebuchet, Fiona." what is she reading that she knows this about siege engines. That said she begins to go after the board, only have it brought to her by a teen boy about their age "If you need any pointers on skating…" the boy tells her as he hands the board over giving her a look at any straight teenage boy would give a teenage girl he finds cute and worth talking too.

Awwwww~! Fionnuala says things and means them, no matter what, to most others in her life whom she cares about. It's nothing to tell close friends that she loves them. So when Rain says it she puffs up happily—-only to flop her shoulders comically. "Wut!" Yeah she said it, "How can I be heavy? I'm a-" Pause. She can't go announcing that she is a bird shifter lest she look even nuttier. Instead she giggles, clearly not taking any offense at all, happy to be hugged back. It's so much nicer than eating pavement. Much as she had done with prior random hugs, Fee does not let it linger, and she releases the other girl as soon as she feels Rain's brief tense. She kneels to adjust her shoes as some laces had been pulled by the board.

"Trebuchet! Hey, I like the sound of that better!" Fee's eyes round as she stands proper. "It sounds like the last name of a love interest in a cheesy soap opera, though—-" The girl pauses again, watches the boy return with the board. Fee recognizes the look, is appreciative, but knows when not to lead anyone on.

"Aw, it's ok.. I have a great teacher here. I'd only slow you down! Thanks though!" She chimes politely, eyes bright… does she wear weird contact lenses?! Fee remains alongside Rain, considering, "Go try like a quadruple flip or a lollie or whatever the term is for cool board tricks. Give us a show!" She bids the boy happily, she's not even condescending about it.

Yeah she better stick to art.

There are many times when Rain really doesn't know how to respond to Fiona and either her comments or her actions. This is one of those times "I guess?" she doesn't watch cheesy soaps "If you say so." she smilse and nods, like anyone would do in this situation.

When the teen boy approaches she goes all detached and cool, taking the board from him "Thanks." then she shakes her head "We're good." bets are she is oblivious to his true intentions, she isn't the best at reading strangers. People she knows, that's a different story.

"She's not bad." the teen boy will admit that much "You skated here last year too…I remember…hard not to when there aren't many girls that come here." Rain is given the same look and interest as Fiona. He is a teenager, two girls are better than one in his mind.

"Yes." she tells him "I was around last year." and the summer before, but she doesn't point that out "Ollie, Fiona, just like your boyfriend's name." she sets the board down and planting a foot, pushes off with the other to take another circuit.

<FS3> Rain rolls Skateboarding: Success.

Smile and nod.. best thing to do with Fee and her silly wiles. When the boy approaches and gives the girls the onceover, though now focuses upon Rain, Fee grins openly and kindly. Hey, her bestie is a hottie, of course she's gonna feel a flare of pride when the boy both recognizes her from previous appearances, shows interest in her skills… hey, isn't he just being a teenaged boy? Fionnuala shoulders her purse as Rain sets the board back down, brilliant eyes flitting from the Masters girl, back to the boy. Fionnuala, meanwhile, is fairly good at reading people; sure he's interested!

"She's good at a great many things, I'll have you know. It's the best thing to be multi-faceted." Fee observes in her sweet, nerdish way. She digs into her purse for her smartphone, wanting to snap some action shots.

Standing beside the boy, Fee fumbles for the camera app. "H'okay Rain! Rock an ollie so I can show Ollie!" Oh she's just so funny. At least she thinks so. But at least she's (hopefully) loveable! Hey, Rain SAID so before she poked playful fun!

"Multi-what?" okay so the boy isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he has dimples, so there is that. "What kind of things?" he got that part at least. The word play has the teen boy sniggering in amusement.

Rain can hear the yelling of Fiona, but not the spoken conversation. At the request she does a few of the ollies in a row so pictures can be taken.

Huh… well, Fee won't judge. She looks sideward to the boy who wanted to be helpful but most likely.. mostly wanted to flirt. Dimples make up for a lot… skaters are often cast as the bad boys and when you stick some dimples on such a face, you have a strong recipe for… well… it didn't quite work on Rain. Fee caught the cool detachment and not too long ago, she was on the other end of that! She just kept at her!

Best not mention anything that could allude to their schooling, and Fee isn't quite so open to blathering on about Rain's kickass skills in the vein of swordplay and battle. She opts for the cool everyday things that she has come to discover about the other girl, "How often do you come across someone who can shred a skateboard, ace school, is an artist and one of the best fashionistas ever?" Fionnuala brags easily; she has always been one to sing others' praises without guile. She snaps some pictures, and looks to the boy.

"What about you? What's your name? What do you like aside from skateboarding?"

<FS3> Rain rolls Skateboarding: Success.

That makes one of them. Or if dimple dude caught it he is more like Fiona and not letting it discourage him. "Art. Art is cool. I like to draw myself." Jokes on him, the only way Rain is an artist is that the word art is in martial arts…so she is half right. "Nolan." He gives her a cheeky grin "And what is your friend's name…and yours' too?" He divides his attention between Fiona and the skateboarding Rain. "You two tourists? I haven't seen you at school." A local boy than. "There is an end of break party tomorrow night at the beach. You two should come."

Now that she is warmed up a bit, Rain skates over to the half pipe and drops into it, and remains on her board, going up the other side, she turns on the lip and drops down again.

Awww dimple dude. Fionnuala is indeed the more welcoming of the pair; regarding 'art' she's going by the times she saw Rain in the old arts room of the now-defunct school! Mind you working the pottery wheel was perhaps mostly in solidarity to Besa. Or was it? Fionnuala gives 'Nolan' another quick glance before she turns back to watch the other girl work the half pipe. "WOO! Go, go!" She exclaims, thrusting out her phone —- it's full of pictures and videos, some of which are for a project of her own — to record a brief video. As Rain drops back into the half pipe, the shifter turns her gaze back to the boy.

She looks refresh, excited…. sunny. "It's nice to meet you, Nolan," Fee says earnestly, sliding her phone back into her bag. She won't be that kind of conversationalist. "I finished up my elementary school here in Shady Cove, then moved on to a private school." She offers, hoping it doesn't lump her in as 'snooty'. "We both grew up outside of this town, though.. so we're kinda local now." A cheeky grin of her own, though talk of a party intrigues her.

"Hey, that could be fun! I can run it by Rain over there when she's done." She drops the other girl's name too, turning to watch her again. A party could do Rain good.. get her mind off of everything.

The pottery thing is most likely just a way to bond with Besa. Rain only does the pottery with Besa, never by herself and she isn't particularly good at it either. The teen now known as Nolan whistles through his fingers as Rain takes the half pipe. The calling of her friend and the stranger as her glancing over and giving a hesitant wave.

"I went to elementary in Providence. I didn't move up here until middle school." he tells her. He gives her a questioning look "Oh you mean Coral Springs?" the fact that there is a private school nearby is no secret, its only speculated to be a school for powered teens…there are rumours but nothing definitive. "Rain?" he finds the name unusual, but not in a bad way "Is that nickname or her real name?"

One last run through the halfpipe for the Masters girl and than she is skating her way back to the pair.

"It would be awesome if you two show up. There will be a bonfire and music."

Rain gets to them just in time to hear that last bit from the teen "Show up where?" she glances between Fiona and the boy, clearly curious about where they are going, when and for god's sake, why?!

The shifter lifts a hand to wave back, her smile kind. She then turns to Nolan and lends an ear, head tilting thoughtfully. "Providence? Oh wow.. what a leap from there to here.. different paces." Fee observes, looking genuinely intrigued. She has no qualms with asking for peoples' backstories, and her dark-haired head nods gently in confirmation to Nolan's naming of the school. "The very same. It was quite a shift from what I'm used to." Understatement, and a smile; a flicker in her eyes. "That is her name! I think it's really neat, honestly." Then a blush… names! Oh snap.

"Look at me, I got all distracted… my name is Fionnuala! Pronounced Fin - oo - lah.. takes a bit. It's easier to just go by Fee." The girl hastens to add… she was so caught up in asking questions and photographing her friend that she didn't offer her own name! Her little faux pas seen to, Fee turns to watch her friend's return and question, right on the tail of Nolan's insistence. "Hey! We've been invited to an end-of-break beach party, tomorrow… Nolan here just brought it up. Would you be interested in checking it out?" She asks of Rain with a demure tilting of her head.

Nolan shrugs "Apparently it was for my own good. Wrong crowd, that sorta thing." another cheeky grin "Good thing I like the beach." and the way he looks at Rain as she approaches it is easy to tell that the reason he likes the beach are all the bikini clad girls there. "That's a mouthful. I'll stick with Fee." he isn't even going to try.

Of course Rain looks dubious at being invited to a party by a strange boy…to her that whiffs of trouble. The look doesn't last but a few seconds and then it happens. The shift. The shoulders ease into a more relaxed stance and the girl begins to roll her skateboard back and forth, her bearing becomes more relaxed and casual then the usual tense and aloof. Fiona knows what's up, or she should at least suspect. The boy on the other hand doesn't know Rain well enough to realize or notice the difference "A party!?" she beams, her eyes lighting up and the smile brightening her expression. "Where do I sign up?" the cadence of her voice has even changed. And lets not forget she gives Nolan and equally appraising look. Oh Legion…you are going to cause so much trouble "Nolan…cute name." on my did she just give him a wink!? "I'm Rain." no…no that isn't. Rain would never wink, voluntarily go to a party and certainly doesn't do introductions. She digs into her pocket, unlocks it and hands it to Nolan "Put in your number. I'll text you so you will have mine." what is Fiona to do!?

"This place is just… it's great." Fionnuala offers, glancing sidewards to the boy again, head still tilted, black ponytail fluttering in the breeze. She watches him watching Rain and though Fee isn't detecting any creep vibes, she feels the tiniest bit protective. Oh, Rain can hold her own… but Fee won't have no truck with boys being all gawky and focusing just on the physical aspects of a girl! Worry not though, she still looks incredibly kind..

"WE don't have to stay too late," She offers, not pushing. Honestly Fee can take parties of leave them… she's watching Rain and indeed she sees it. IT. No not a killer clown but the shift as Legion takes the stage and performs a drastic personality about-face!

Oh, Fee knows alright. She looks between the two as Rain/Legion actually encourages Nolan to… GASP. Exchange numbers?! The wink very nearly causes the shifter to double-take, her smile twitching vaguely but still rather optimistic. IT couldn't hurt, could it? Legion IS part of Rain, she is Rain… it's not like someone else is forcing her to…

All Fionnuala can do, for now, is be supportive and vigilant! Nolan seems alright… a bit mooky in checking her friend out, but he seems harmless and sociable. "Looks like all systems are go." The shifter says cheerfully.

Nolan might not notice that Rain is different, but he does notice that she seems receptive to at least going to the party and exchanging numbers. It's a start "Sure." he drawls and takes her phone to quickly but in his name and number before handing it back.

"Not stay to late…what's the point of going to a party if you aren't going to shut it down…right." she texts the number she was just given by Nolan and there is a buzzing from his pocket.

"You said it." and he pulls the phone out and glances at it "I'll be sure to call you and let you know when."

Rain/Legion briefly fazes out and then looks to Fiona "My brother is probably waiting at the coffee shop for us." which means he is waiting for them and the coffee shop is also where Ollie works. She links arms with Fiona "It was great meeting you Nolan. We have to head out, I promised my brother I would buy him lunch if he covered for me at school." she gives another wink and arm in arm with Fiona heads out of the skatepark…and boy is Fiona going to hear about it when Rain comes back out.

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