(2018-04-04) Woodland Frolicking
Woodland Frolicking
Summary: Loukanos introduces Besa to nymphs!
Date: IC Date (2018-04-04)
Related: Day One
NPCs: Nymphs
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Besa was up as soon as the birds were, while he slept, it wasn't peaceful. There was no screaming or even loud noses, but Louk probably heard a few whimpers coming form Besa's sleeping bag. Halfway through the night Besa curled up, trying to make himself appear smaller, or maybe not as noticeable. But beyond that, a noneventful night. He went out to do his morning business. When he returns he's not got any foraged or hunted food, but does have more firewood. He took a few minutes to stretch and try to wake up fully. Maybe that's why he couldn't find anything. He'll do better after breakfast when he hunts for lunch and dinner. "Goodmorning Loukanos. I hope you rested well." He doesn't know if the godling slept or just rested.

The godling did sleep. And for the most part, his beauty sleep went undisturbed by nightmares or anything of the sort. Without being awoken or prodded, though, he sleeps until close to noon. Finally, Loukanos crawls out of the tent, peeking out into the world and breathing in the fragrance of leaves. And Besa! "Good morning, Besa," He yawns and runs a hand through his golden hair. It's not as perfect as Besa's, but Louk seems to not care in the slightest. He looks paler than usual, but it's hardly noticeable. "What is for breakfast?"

Besa offers a smile, "I was unable to catch anything , but I thought we could have granola before I went off to get us lunch and dinner?" Dark eyes study the other a moment before ehe steps closer, "Would you like me to get what was packed and set it up? I can start the fire back up, if you would like?" He's got thought s on what's going on with Louk, but doesn't voice them yet.

It's likely better that way. Loukanos gives a small shrug, "You may," He looks to the sky, frowning slightly. It is colder than it was yesterday and that may be due to his lack of divine intervention. Furrowing his brows, he considers changing that, but his attempts are met with a pang of pain as he squeezes his eyes shut. It lasts for a moment, then he's shaking his head. "Anything I can do for hunting?"

Besa pauses and the takes a step towards the other Guardian, "Loukanos…please. Something it wrong….Please tell me." His hand raises to touch Louk's arm, "Come..let me help you sit." He's wondering again if this trip was wise. "You should eat. Let me help you." First Louk into a safe sitting position, then fire, then food.

Loukanos gives Besa a hesitant look but is otherwise receptive to being guided into a sitting position. He rubs his hands on his thigh. "I am fine, Besa. Why do you think something is wrong?" Nothing's wrong! He sighs and looks away, explaining, "It has just been some time since I have consumed the food of gods."

Besa gently raises his hand and then pokes Louk in the shoulder, "You. Are. Not. Fine." He studies him, but then nods, "Do you not have any with?" Should he have made sure to have Luk pack some? Once Louk is settled, he scurries over to the backpack with the food and gets some jerky and granola out. "There's also some dried fruit, if that sounds better…"

Loukanos chuckles slightly when he is prodded and admits, "I have one vial. It's my last one. I am saving it until I absolutely need it. This is the longest I have ever gone without it, and I believe that it might cost me my life should I continue." He looks over Besa's backpack. "Don't worry about me. I'm easy." Once you've tasted ambrosia, nothing measures up.

Besa frowns, "Well….we must get you more then." Like it's just that easy? "I know it is at your home. Is there anywhere else? Or someone else you could ask for help in getting it?" He gets all the food out, offering it to Louk one ta a time. "Would the Dryads have any?" He doesn't know if that's just a god thing or not.

"I wish it were that simple. My mother has always been my supplier, but we have not spoken in some time," Loukanos shrugs. "The nymphs may have some. I don't know that they would be willing to share. It must be shipped to Olympus, so I have thought about hijacking one of the carriers. I don't know that that would go too well." He accepts the jerky first and tears a piece with his teeth.

Besa tilts his head, "No…stealing from gods never ends well." He glances around, choosing to sit in front of Louk incase he needs anything else. "Then let us offer something to the Dryads in exchange. What would they like?" He's assuming they're around. He presses his lips together, "Do they like music?"

Loukanos gives Besa a wry grin, "Just yesterday you seemed wary at the notion of meeting them, and now you want to lure them out?" He nods though. "They do like music. Who doesn't? Mortals tend to frighten them, though…but you don't appear to be all that frightening." He grins a little and snacks on a granola bar.

Besa's eyes widen just a. Touch, but then he defends himself, "If it will help you then yes!" Brow furrowing, "I am frightening!" No, not really. "Well….I can be. What kind of music would they like? Do they like granola?" He glances down at his hand briefly, but he doesn't offer what he's thinking of just yet.

"Does it matter if you're frightening or not?" Loukanos gives Besa a quizzical grin. "I like to think of myself as extremely unfrightening. And that makes all the difference when trying to find nymphs." He chuckles. "I don't think so? If they have ambrosia, I doubt it." He blinks and follows Besa's gaze down to his hand. "Blood may just scare them off."

Besa sighs, "I suppose not. It is just been better, in my opinion, to be able to be frightening if needed." He's been to Hell, it was prolly useful there. Ut he then nods, "But perhaps it is better for talking to Dryads though." He smiles, not very intimidating at all. Nods, but says, "Not for them." He was wondering if he could heal some of Louk's issues. He doesn't know. His fingers wiggle, and then he reaches for more granola, "I can play my drum for them. Perhaps you can play the lute?"

"When you aren't frightening, people underestimate you. I cannot tell you how many times that other people's perception of me has ended worse for them than for me," What exactly was Loukanos up to BSC? A lyre appears in his hands in a golden flash. "Hm. For me, then? Unless your blood can feed an immortal's soul…" He nods and corrects gently. "My lyre, yes."

Besa makes a thinking face, "Perhaps that is how I was able to defeat Alraxmargoth'ha." He shrugs, moving to get his own instrument as he chews his mouthful of granola. "I do not know, I have never tried to feed an immortal's soul before." It feeds demons though. "Lyre, yes. Sorry."

"Well, what exactly did the demons want your blood for?" Loukanos suspects they wanted it for more than just its taste. The thought of ingesting Besa's blood makes him wrinkle his nose in a distinct 'ew' face. Regardless, that train of thought is swiftly abandoned, and Louk plucks a string, waggling his brows over at Besa.

Besa frowns, nose wrinkling, "I did not ask." He meant healing, not ingesting, but he drops the idea for now. A swirl back at Louk and he joins in with his drumming.

That's fair. Loukanos probably would not have asked either. So he nods and plays something rather impressive, though keeps on beat with Besa to enhance both their music. In the heart of the clearing, the sunlight seems to brighten on the two boys, dancing across the green grass and drawing out the bright colors of the flowers. An hour passes, inconsequential to the great forest, and magic can be felt at work. Loukanos notices this, sapphire eyes narrow, but from his sprawled-out position near the campfire, he says nothing.

Besa plays, quickly falling into the rhythm of the music they're playing. He's smiling, head tilted down, pretty hair in his eyes. He doesn't notice the lightning until he realizes it's warmer. Comfortable. He glances around, the color of the flowers and the feeling of magic like a comfortable blanket over the two. Loukanos is watched so Besa can take his cues from the more experienced boy.

Loukanos frowns, but it is thoughtful, not angry or upset. He did not expect this to work. Not really, anyway. He just enjoyed playing with Besa. Magic is flowing, however, and that is impossible to ignore.

Soon after, a figure leaning against an enormous oak tree can be seen on the edges of the clearing. Obviously feminine and mostly bare at that, save for strategically placed leaves to keep her modest. She is unnaturally beautiful with spring green skin and vibrant hair that is not entirely unlike blossoms and petals. She yawns as if pleasantly awoken from a peaceful slumber, long limbs stretching.

Besa sees movement so he looks and sees the beautiful creature against the tree. He can't help but stare, she's beautiful, but then he averts his eyes back to Louk, unsure if it's proper to look at her. Even if he wants to, cause she's a naked beautiful woman and Besa's in a teenager's body. He tries to focus on the drumming.

Loukanos is openly watching the creature, but his look isn't one of lust or even appreciation of beauty. He seems genuinely surprised that she's here. The nymph takes a moment to brush verdant leaves from her hair before gazing upon the two people gracing her with music. Large eyes, greener than the forest leaves, widen. "Loukanos!"

Now, he smirks and stops playing. "Hey."

"Do not stop!" And she turns. "Sisters! The Mother's child has joined us!" More Dryads poke their heads through the tree line, curious, and even the Anthoussai leave their primroses and daffodils to see the commotion. All of them look surprised, though some are more annoyed than others. For the most part, Louk appears popular among nature spirits.

They know Louk's name! That's good, right? He smiles, his drumming slowing when Louk stops, but then picks back up as she says for them to keep playing. He sneaks a few peeks, this is something he never thought he'd see. It's kinda amazing. He offers a soft smile, eyes bright before he looks back to Louk.

"You know better than to command me to do anything," Loukanos says, though his half grin suggests he's teasing, and he does indeed continue to play. The ringleader giggles at what Louk says and grabs her fellow nymphs, bringing them into the clearing. Around the pair, the beautiful creatures dance and play and laugh melodiously, chipper voices enchanting the forest. A few are reserved still and glance warily at Besa.

Part of Besa wants to shoot Louk a WTF look, but then there's giggling, so it must be ok. He tries to keep his eyes down, but there's dancing now, and giggles, and he can't help to look up through his bangs at them all. Maybe he should have laid out an offering? He honestly wasn't actually expecting anything to come of the music playing either. He has to change the beat slightly to roll his wrist, but then picks it back up. He's only had th drum a few days, his fingers aren't calloused yet and are beginning to throb.

A younger (though they all look deceptively youthful) one's dance takes her near Besa, and she brushes his hair with her light hands. She gasps, "Oh that is just wonderful," Another laughs and creates delicate flowers before tossing the petals into Besa's hair. They are so going to braid it. Meanwhile, a nymph has settled near Loukanos, whispering softly.

"Is he a god? He feels so…old."

"Why don't you go ask him yourself," Loukanos grins, ttenand she goes off to do just that.

Besa can't help it, he shivers at the touch. Dark eyes lift now, if they're going to touch him, he figures it's only polite to look at them. In whatever language they're speaking, Besa knows it, he answers back softly, "I am human." As far as he knows, anyway. "But I have seen many lifetimes…but never anything like this." A few different lines of poetry come to mind, but none of it comes even close. A few petals drift from his hair to the drum, the rhythm slowing, his poor fingers are going to be swollen after this. There's not an ounce of complaint though in his head (or heart - what he has of it, anyway), he's decided he really likes camping.

Something about what Besa says must be amusing because the nymphs giggle, batting long eyelashes at him and throwing their thick manes of mahogany hair over their shoulders. If allowed, they braid and weave bright petals into Besa's hair, adorning him with a crown of flowers.

Loukanos isn't struck with the same awe as Besa. This is home for him, and it brings a warm fuzzy feeling even if he starts to feel a little homesick. Eventually, his fingers are tired and a conversation can be heard between him and the first Dryad that came out. "It is good to see you! Winter isn't the same without you. She is sorrowful now."

He frowns. "That may be, but I would bet that has to do more with Persephone than me. I don't suppose you have seen her?" The matter of ambrosia is momentarily forgotten.

It's hard to keep playing when someone is playing with your hair, so eventually, Besa's rhythm tappers off, and he sits allowing the Dryads to play hair dresser. He tries to take in everything without staring, but it's hard not to! They're so pretty! And naked! And pretty! He knows there's a mission, but it's also momentarily forgotten as he smiles back at the tree ladies. "I am happy it was not too cold for you to come out…" That they were not still sleeping. Or maybe their playing woke them up? He flexes his hands, but keeps them on his thighs.

"We have not," says the nymph and a few others echo her words with tiny nods of their own. "Hades' hounds search restlessly, and the Lampades leave the underworld at night and call out for her."

Loukanos blinks. "Wait, what? She is not with her husband or Mother?"

"Why else would he be searching for her?" The creature looks puzzled by Louk's question, and the godling, in turn, looks puzzled by hers. "You look weak and pale. Have you been consumed by the same grief that ails your mother?" Brought to light, Loukanos does look even paler than before, but it is warmer than it should be. The nymphs around Besa find him curious and seem very willing to pay him attention.

Besa tries to listen to Louk's conversation as well as pay attention to the lovely ladies in front of him. He frowns softly, turning to glance at Louk, but then is drawn back to the Dryad playing with his hair. He'll give Louk a bit more time to address the problem before Besa blurts it out. "May I ask what kind of tree you all are?" Is that improper? He doesn't know tree ettiquite! He looks to see if their hair or skin has any marks to indicate it. Without thinking he raises his hand to rub his chest, this is all very…exciting, his heart isn't pounding in feel, but it is elevated!

"I am one of the Daphnaie." The nymph who originally touched Besa's hair speaks up and points over to a thick laurel tree. The rest give their origins as well, but they are made unclear by their tittering and cheery voices. "We are not supposed to leave our homes, but Edothise says Louk is safe and you are his friend, right? Where did you grow?" The tree spirit beside her gives a shrill laugh. Because mortals do not grow in the same manner as they do. Despite their apparent youth, the one that speaks to Besa gives off an especially youthful vibe.

"More like I have -not- consumed anything of immortal substance in quite some time," Loukanos frowns and remembers his original inquiry. "That reminds me. Do you have ambrosia? Or know how I could procure some?"

She goes silent suddenly and so does the rest of the nymphs as if their eternal peace has been disturbed. They look nervous and afraid, some of them already drifting towards the tree line again and into their flowers. The golden-haired boy blinks. "Was that a dumb question?"

"He's here." Is all that is said before the creatures of the forest flee back into their homes.

Besa turns his head to look at each of their homes with a soft smile. "Very lovely." And it is. If he were to live in a glade, this would be ideal! "I am Lukanos's friend." He chuckles as well, but answers the younger one, "I am from Egypt. There is much sand there, the trees and flora that grow there are very different than here." When they suddenly start to flee he frowns, "Who's here?" The teen starts to scramble up, looking at Louk. He's pretty sure they didn't do anything, the fear of the spirits has his hand already at his thigh, ready to draw the rune to summon his khophesh.

Besa steals the words right out of Loukanos's mouth, but the nymphs are gone in an instant, and the forest returns to its original state. The afternoon sun is still up, but when its light is compared to the brightness of the woodland creatures, it seems as if the life was sucked out of the clearing. "That is…weird. I feel nothing." He looks around. "Do you?"

Besa glances around, trying to listen or feel for anything but he shakes his head, "No, I do not." He wets his lips, "Perhaps it is a predator of some type?" Could it be a bear or cougar? His gaze gos back to Louk, "Do they scare easily?"

"I know humans tend to scare them. Maybe someone else is here," Loukanos ponders. They said he as if they were familiar with this person, though. That is what worries him. "Did you manage to ask about ambrosia?" He waggles his eyebrows. "I saw you chatting a few of them up."

Besa shakes his head, "No…I felt it would be better for you to ask. For me to ask seemed…forward?" But then he smiles, suddenly very much a teenager, "They were very nice." Nice meaning very pretty. And naked. He still has the petals and braids in his hair. "Should we scout around to make sure it's not anything dangerous?"

Loukanos grins, "I think they thought you were nice as wel. It's a shame they disappeared so quickly, you looked like you were enjoying yourself." He nods about it being forward. A mortal asking for ambrosia? They would probably laugh and not in a nice way. "If you'd like. I am feeling drained again." And now Besa knows why.

Besa's not going to deny it. He grins briefly and nods, a few more petals drift from his head towards the ground. "Then you stay here, I will go scout." And maybe the Dryads will come back to Louk if Besa leaves and bring him some Ambrosia. He considers a moment and then grabs the bow and arrows. A ranged weapon seems smarter. "I will come back shortly."

"Stay alive and bring back lunch. Or is it dinner, now?" Loukanoos shrugs, yawning, and returns to his tent. Nap time!

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