(2018-04-03) Fly Me To Santorini
Fly Me To Santorini
Summary: It's Spring Break; stuck at Winbarry, Constantine teaches a punchy Grace how to dance.
Date: 2018-04-03
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Ballroom, Winbarry Estate
Tue Apr 03, 2018

This is a huge room, quite easily the size of the gym in the previous school. The honey coloredparquet floor is worn in spots and showing its years, but it is clean and where it isn't worn shines. Doublewide fireplaces face each other on opposing walls. The walls themselves are a rich mahogany paneling with wainscoting that matches the floor color. Cloudy windows flank the fireplace on the outer wall, and show a view of the front lawn and driveway, that is when they aren't covered with heavy velvet drapes. A large chandelier hangs from the vaulted ceiling and Victorian style sconces evenly spaced along the walls provide enough light for the room.

(OOC: Mood music - "Fly Me To The Moon" © Frank Sinatra, covered by Piano de Bossa)


<FS3> Grace rolls Physical: Success.

Once upon a time this room was brimming with moneyed couples sweeping across the floor in dance; the fireplaces, perhaps, crackled merrily and infused the room with warmth and style. That was a long time ago and now, instead of beautiful women decked out in all the colors of the rainbow and stately men… there's… gym equipment?

Looks like the estate being repurposed for schooling, for a time, is cramping the ballroom style a bit. Gone are the fancy partygoers and all that remains on this particular evening, in 2018…. is Grace Halleson. It's spring break and many students have either left the grounds or some, whose loved ones are away, travelled to see them. The werewolf girl hasn't the funds or ability to travel to the West Coast.. so she has remained. This is the perfect place in which to take her frustration. Sometimes, despite the newly positive things in her life, she yet wonders why she was sent away so easily. Blast her parents!

Her breath and thrown punches can easily be heard beyond the 'ballroom' and especially upon stepping inside. The spritely girl is clad in a tight black jogging top and matching, tight pants. Bare feet, lightly wrapped fists… she's going to town on a punching bag, just getting warmed up. Isn't she precious?

Constantine had the funds to go to the West Coast, but he didn't have enough for two people. He could always just -fly- there, sure…given that he can go over 100mph in flight. However, he decided that he wanted to see Grace, since he had no family who actually wanted to see him…see the walking W.M.D that is their son. So what does he do? he looks for his beautiful girlfriend. Only to not find her in their usual spots…

Until he hears her taking out her frustration. Entering the ballroom, he sees Grace throwing punches galore until the sun goes down, watching her. He notices what she's wearing and yes, he checks her out. What? He's a guy -and- he's her boyfriend. Doesn't he have the right to check her out now without being punched in the mouth? That said, he walks up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist, not caring if she was sweaty or not.

He wears a longsleeve loose grey shirt, accentuating his muscles while also remaining incredibly comfortable. black jeans, and tennis-shoes as he rests his chin on her shoulder. "Hey." he whispers to her, not afraid of her punching or kicking him.

She was his sweetheart, after all.

Needless to say, Grace would have never — never — expected anyone to pay her way back 'home'. Uncles Vee and Gee surely will have offered — and they did — but the girl just has too much pride. Any coin she flies on, outside of an emergency, she'll do it on her own! Her own, damnit! They sent her here to figure herself out and make her own way so she's going to do just that—-

My oh my, she's touchy today. Here's the reason: hormones, both normal and Super. A full moon recently came to pass on April 1st of all days so there's the nugget of it all! EVERYTHING is felt strongly! The girl hauls back with one fist and slugs the hapless bag, seeming hardly fazed by the sensation of her knuckles pounding into the firm padding. The chain trembles and clinks as the bag is sent swinging under the girl's onslaught.

To check Grace out is to see that she boasts little in the curvature department; she is lean as a whipcord, the slightest swells each of bust and hip and a flat belly with the slightest ridges of abdominal muscles. Compact, strong and deft… and angry.

She's about to deliver a haymaker when the hug from behind stops her on a dime… indeed, she is sweaty. Her ponytail is damp with it… gross. Scarlet eyes widen briefly then soften.. they look vivid this evening. The bag continues to swing and buckle in front of Constantine and Grace. "Hi Con," She offers, fists lowering. "I-I'm kinda gross.."

Constantine smiles to Grace Warmly as he saw -every- inch of her curves, but his true attention was directly on her facial features. He could tell she was upset, and the way his fingers grazed over her muscular stomach, his eyes looked right into hers. "Hey Grace….and I don't care." If a boy says he doesn't care if you're sweaty and gross and loves on you anyway?


Anyway, Constantine does actually lean in to kiss Grace on the lips softly, looking into her eyes. "Are you alright? You look frustrated." He notices that this at least -was- a ballroom. "Come on, let's calm your brain." he smiles to her, reaching for her wrapped hands.

<FS3> Grace rolls Physical: Good Success.

Cripes… did Grace hit the jackpot? Well, yes. Constantine is a huge part of her adjustment to this formerly terrifying change. Then he goes and finds her attractive even when she looks like a sweat-soaked ball of anger, beating the shit out of a hapless sack of grain, or rags, or whatever the sams' heck this particular punching bag contains! She's not so wrapped up in her punchy punchy behavior that she is impervious to this sort of touch though. The girl at the heart of her softens then, causing the beastly aspect to relent some. She can be felt, head-to-toe, settling…

Constantine shall feel every single lean muscle in her midsection tensing and, in a beat, her fist hauls back — careful to not clip him as he holds her — and Grace SLUGS the bag with all her might. The power in her form is insane, despite her small size… and then… it seems something has been removed from her countenance. She will turn to face the blonde boy as he holds her and accept his kiss in a mildly self-conscious way, as she is still sweaty and huffy-puffy… "I'll be okay.. just a bit frustrated with my family. You know how it goes. Are you sure you're okay not seeing your family? Even just your sister?" She asks worriedly, hands moving to clasp Constantine's own as he reaches for them. She looks puzzled.

Constantine watched as she literally PUNCHED the literally HELL out of that bag. Constantine was actually intimidated by Grace's raw power. She could probably literally punch his heart out of his chest. That said, remind him not to bother her when she's ripping angry at him…-if- she's ever angry with him. But Constantine will argue that he was the one who got the jackpot, not so much the other way around.

But as she tells him what she's frustrated with, he nods softly. "Yeah…I get that." he was going through the exact same thing. Though he did sigh sadly, he looked right at her. "Yeah…I'll be alright." suggesting that he wasn't, he was just handling this really well. "It is what it is…but I'll be okay. I promise." he squeezes her hands then, looking directly into her eyes as she held his hands, and he held hers, fingers happily intertwining.

"You're the only person in the world who understands me, you know that right? I mean…truly…understands." he lifts your hand to feel over where his heart is, letting you feel his heartbeat.

That final whallop to the bag took the edge off of whatever irked Grace.. which was… almost exactly similar to what in-turn irks Con! Stupid mean families! Just look at how she watches him: there's no way, no way at all that she could EVER harm a hair on this boy's head. She has asked him, perhaps almost begged him to use his power to contain her if she ever so much as looked at him wrong, in those times that she 'loses track'.

Grace much prefers Constantine's very kind heart to remain in his chest, thank you very much.

"Are you sure?" She asks… Grace may be a physical being but she's aware of body language. That and she knows Con so well, now, that any nuance in his voice or little hitch to his expression 'speaks' to her. "They're missing out, you know. T-they really are. It's really too bad what your family is missing out on." Is said softly, brow furrowing. She does not like seeing Con troubled and being unable to do anything about the root cause.

Grace watches him as the punching bag sways to a stop, the chain still vibrating, her eyes trained upon his face. "I-I'm glad. I'm glad to help somehow. We're not the only ones stuck here on break, anyway.. if you want we can go do something in town tomorrow to take our minds off of everything." She blinks, feeling his heart thrum as she looks around the room. "Look at how fancy this place still is, even with.. uhm… all of that… do you think a lot of richie riches were entertained here, long ago?"

Constantine smiles softly to Grace as she looks at him in a snap-turn kind of manner, he could see it in her eyes…that she would never willingly harm a single hair on his beautiful form, and he would never harm a single hair on hers. He'd restrain her, but it wouldn't hurt her one bit. Never has he ever even resolved to do that, even if she were to come at him with the intent to kill him. Which would likely never happen.

He looks at her then with the biggest smile as she watches him, tells him how much she knows his family is missing out because he's not there. Tears almost form at his eyes, but he shoves those tears back down. Her words warmed his very soul. His eyes watching her as he gave her the warmest…biggest smile he could. "You really are my sunshine." he leans to rest his forehead against her own. "Your folks are missing out to you know. If I were them, I wouldn't give you up for anything." he smiles warmly then.

Though as they both start to look around the room, he smiles to her. "I would love that. Could go shopping, just enjoy each other. You and me against the world right?" Constantine is smiley today. She had that affect on him.

Man he was proud to be her boyfriend. Lucky sod.

"How about we dance?" he smiles to Grace then, looking her in the eyes as he held her hands.

Here, the girl can see the effect that she has on him. Suddenly the fact that Grace is there in sweat-soaked exercise tights, her hair a horror and with eyes still looking a bit wild.. that doesn't matter quite as much. Her hands, wrapped in a sort of semi-elastic band to help protect joints and moveable bones, feel cool and clammy due to the sweat drying. Yet Constantine seeks to hold them… it's a good thing his happy smile is so intoxicating because Grace would fret, next, about disgusting damp hand wraps! But those, too, escape her as he presses his forehead to hers. Contrary to her hands, her forehead is warm… feverish in a human but normal for her. Grace blinks quickly, her cheekbones darkening in a blush.

Sunshine..? Her? Nobody has ever really called her that.. not even uncle Vee, who had and still has other endearments. Her smile falters just barely at the talk of her folks.. but it's past her in an instant. "They deserve to miss out. They can just keep missing out and if they have any decency, they'll realize it." The girl whispers.. ouch. Ma and Pa Halleson REALLY did her a bad turn. But then that doesn't matter either. "Against the world." Grace echoes, giving Con's hands a light squeeze. She freezes though, comically albeit cutely. "I—I.. umn.. I've never, uh…" Cripes, she's smooth. "Never danced before." Grace whispers, looking down at their feet.

Constantine never did care about her appearance. Her heart and her personality were all that really mattered to him. He was in love! Either way, when he sees her return the squeezes to his hand, and the way her forehead presses against his. It's like this was going to be a special moment. However way you look at it, he's completely calm where she might be nervous. Though when he hears her words about his folks at how they deserve to miss out and all that fun jazz, he simply smiles to her.

"I cannot believe all I had to do was do a few hours of a drive to find the perfect gal." he smiles then, though as she agrees that it's the two of them against the world, he looks to be..-at peace-. He does chuckle when she whispers that she doesn't know how to dance. "…never? well, I guess I get to be the one to teach you…just put your hand hear…and your other hand here." he wraps her arms around his neck, his own arms wrapped around her waist. "then it's just…one two, one.. and two." he walks her through slow dancing first since it's the simplest really. "It's okay if you step on my feet. I'm sorry if I end up stepping on yours.." ironically enough, music -was- playing.

It's a good thing he doesn't care about appearances, because Grace straight-up looks like a wirey rangy drudge while standing in the arms of someone like Constantine. As for personality, Grace has had to rediscover her new one, forged in trauma and new beginnings. She's still smarting a bit to think about her parents and what they gave up, and still give up on.. but it's easier to bear now. Between her uncles, this school, her peers and this boy.. Grace really does feel that things will be okay. A breath, a slow exhalation. It will all be okay.

Her knuckles continue to tingle as Constantine rearranges her hands and arms to properly hold him. This of course has Grace's heart beating a touch faster, her cheeks flushing as she is in closer quarters and the boy's heavenly scent is that much more prominent! The girl is not quite so lost as to be fully distracted though, and she looks up at his face at his words. "I had to fly here. I-I hate planes." Grace whispers as her heart and belly flipflop. One, two, one, two… she's watching their feet and making sure her clumsy ass doesn't stop Constantine's. Ironic thing is before she went ape and slaughtered a kid, Grace was poised to be sent to some manner of fancy finishing school or ritzy secondary institution where social graces like this would have been typical.

"You're very good."

Constantine keeps swaying with her, using his magnetic powers to turn on a nearby radio that plays Frank Sinatra's 'Fly Me to the Moon'. Clearly Constantine loves the classics! He holds her close to him, letting the romance fill the air as they dance with one another.

Then she compliments his dancing! "Thank you.." his cheeks flush pink. "Maybe I can fly with you next time, that way you're not nervous?" The dancing continues.

"you're doing really good…I would think you did dancing in the past." He grins softly, his eyes never leaving her own.

The girl's eyes round themselves in her face.. she looks surprised, but pleasantly so. "This song-" She starts, pauses.. listens as she sways. Instinctively she hugs Constantine but for just a few seconds she is paying the most attention to the room-at-large and the music that now fills it. "My uncles love this song." Said with another hint of pleasure.. what luck! A song that makes Grace feel good! She blushes and turns her gaze and attention back to Constantine as Frankie fills the ballroom with his well-known, well loved pipes. The scene is both romantic and comforting to her. Two good things.

"I.. don't really know when I will fly again. I know that I don't… I don't think I'm ready to go back to where everything happened, so home is out. I-I do know my uncles would sooner come out here… unless you meant somewhere else…?" Asked softly, puzzled. Grace feels silly, "Wouldn't that just be nice.. to just go away somewhere. Anywhere. But this place is now, too, this town…" Silence as she moves, finally beginning to take more initiative with her steps.

"Maybe I did dance in a past life .. I guess I'm not quite as hopeless." Grace ponders. "Where would you go, if given the chance….? Where would you most like to fly to, someday?"

Constantine smiles when he sees that look in her eye…that special look that seems to make all other things just fade away into the background. Yeah…Frankie has a habit of doing that to people. Just soothe their spirits with his music. It's why he's Constantine's favorite musical performer. but he shows her that smile as she displays that pleasure in her voice and in her eyes. He was always happy to make her feel good. "It's a beautiful song…my favorite, actually." is Con perfect? No, but he just might be for her.

He feels her hug him just a little bit tighter as they sway with the song, and he hums the lyrics with a surprisingly beautiful singing voice…or at least, better than suspected. Though as she speaks of flying.. it's almost ironic given that the song is called 'fly me to the moon'. All jokes aside, he hmms a moment as she speaks. "Well…I mean, I think it'd be cool to see your folks in person, certainly. they seemed to like me well enough." he laughs a little bit after his words, but at her question? he hums softly. "I don't know….but…I think I'd like to go to Santorini…it's supposedly a -beautiful- Greek island. I'd love to go someday…to just stay there and live a dream." he smiles happily then to her. "Maybe…if I do go one day, you'd come with me?" he looks into her eyes.

Though, as she dances with him and admits she may have been a dancer in a past life, he smiles a little bit. "I wonder if you were a famous one…dancing the night away full of confidence and pride." he winks at her then, being a tease.

The wolf girl can just see Vee and Gee bopping along to this song, jabbering like magpies and just being happy. Now there is a new layer of contentment to be found in this song, knowing it to be a favorite of her boyfriend. She is held raptly by Constantine's arms and voice as he humms along; by now the two of them are making their way with abandon around the perimeter of the repurpose ballroom… dodging those oh-so-romantic props of exercise equipment and weights. c.c;;

If Grace really focuses, she can just.. pretend that the room hasn't the trappings of school phys ed. props but… could be as it once was. A charming, expansive, beautiful space in which couples danced, and danced…

Grace's expression softens into a mirthful one at the thought of her uncles being here, "I miss then… I know they would devour you. I would have to pry you out of their clutches, so taken they'd be with you being as you are.." A sigh then. It's truth. Con's heavenly blondeness would send the uncles into a merry tangent. Grace listens to the boy's thoughts on the ideal destination, "Oh.. I'm heard of that place… the only thing I can owe to my mother is her travel savvy. She used to show me pictures of places like that… Santorini is beautiful… maybe we can make that our goal, if we learn how to control our abilities and for when we're all grown up." Said with a mischievous little grin.

The teasing infuses Grace's face with another ready blush, "I wouldn't go that far. That's asking a miracle." Regarding the dancing.

Constantine seems to be pretty amused as she hums along to the song, holding her close to him as they both appear to thankfully ignore the lifting equipment stored about the room. Instead? It's just Grace and himself, all the world fades to black as his only focus turns upon her. The most beautiful girl in the world. Thankfully, he does actually show amusement and even chuckles when he hears that her uncles would probably want to keep him all to themselves.

"I feel as though I should be concerned." a small laughter then as he holds her close. "I'd still love to meet them. they were so friendly when we did that video chat with them." he smiles warmly to her, his hands gliding up and down her back, before he seems to be overjoyed that Grace seems -very- interested in doing this with Constantine.

"Definitely. we'll make our home there…when we grow up fully and master our powers. We can stay as long as you want." he does laugh at her dancing belief, before his eyes lock with her own, and he leans in to kiss her!

Big plans for a pair of teenagers.. but it's always nice to have something to hold onto, right…? Even at their ages. Trauma ages a mind swiftly and it's easy for Grace to imagine what such a life would be like. To be at peace with whatever she is, to be free and happy and indulging in the new experiences. She is pulled closer and Grace's mind flies in the very best way. "The Greek have some really neat recipes, too… apple cake… ladopsomo bread…" She's even speculating on what can be learned there! To make a home there, so far away, someday? Grace, already uprooted once… does not find that quite so scary.

Especially trusting Constantine now, more than she ever thought possible since their first meeting. Hope and dreams keep the girl strong, even in the face of that brooding, vicious, restless thing that sometimes arises in her. "I-if I ever feel angry.. I'll think of Santorini." Grace whispers, "But you're a far better thought."

How's that for agreement to what could be a pact? She lifts her chin to receive and return his kiss, and somehow Grace doesn't even care anymore that she sorely needs a shower. c.c

Constantine has a new hope to hold onto…given that Grace already holds a -very- special place in Constantine's heart, much like he has a place in her own. He holds her even closer to him, the body heat that they exchange just bringing to the forefront of his mind that he doesn't have to be alone anymore. it makes him smile such a beautiful smile that it could be compared to the very sun that shines in the sky.

He trusts her completely..wholly. If she had a gun pointed at her, he'd take the bullet. But as she thinks of Santorini and how she could learn so many recipes, he smiles to her. "I'd love to try your Greek cooking when we're there…" then she tells him that he's a far better thing to think of when she's angry then Santorini, even as he leant in. His heart was beating faster, nobody had ever said anything like that to him before, and it sets his soul on fire for her.

Anything regarding smell or taste is completely ignored by Constantine as his lips touch hers, kissing her lovingly…passionately as strong arms hold her, lips parting in silent invitation.

Invitation accepted. Grace, once more, receives the full brunt of the metalbender's amorous attentions, set into motion by her heartfelt words. Surely the music wanes on, be it more Frank Sinatra or more of those classics, if it's that sort of station. Grace ain't hearing it though… she's only hearing the blonde boy's breath, his words, perhaps even his heartbeat if she eventually moves to rest her head to his chest. Not right away though, not yet

Dancing, too, becomes moot.. there is another type of dance afoot here. Woe be to whomever comes in here with their gym bag and an intent to work out! Grace and Constantine, surely, will be considerate to move off and away. For despite their ability to make it so, a makeshift gym isn't the most romantic of spots. c.c

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