(2018-04-03) Day One
Day One
Summary: Loukanos and Besa find their campsite.
Date: IC Date (2018-04-03)
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Did Loukanos call and reserve a spot before dragging Besa with him to their camping spot? He has a phone, but as another sentient soul has not been spotted during their hike so far, it is possible he opted for dispersed camping. Not that Besa would know the difference…

Luckily, there is a faint trail that Loukanos seems to be sticking to, although he handed the map off to Besa after struggling with reading it. The godling is dressed semi-appropriately for the early spring weather. For whatever reason. He's wearing dark jeans and an open flannel over a white t-shirt. Hiking boots, too. It's almost like the weather is actually bothering him. That said, it is a good deal warmer than it has been in the recent weeks, quickly thawing the frost on the tree benches around them. The woodlands are quiet. There are twigs snapping, owls hooting, and the distant splash of water. Sounds of nature. Louk has taken it upon himself to bear the grunt of the camping equipment, but even that seems to be more of a workout than it should be.

Besa is just happy to be hiking. His backpack is filled with the things he needs, drum over one shoulder, the bow and quiver over the other. He's dressed in jeans and a sturdy jacket, Rain wasn't going to allow him to go otherwise. The map in hand, he's following what he can. A few glances to Louk though and he frowns, "I can help carry things….You looks tired." Another glance to see how far they have to go before camp site, that is if Besa even knows where that is on the map.
"I am fine," And Loukanos even offers a strained smile along with that assurance as he adjusts the heavy backpack stuffed with camping gear over his young shoulders. "We should be upon the camping spot soon enough," He says, changing the subject. "When it manifested in my mind, it was near a small river." They are being guided by Louk's faltering magic? "Once we get there, I'll rest."

Oh boy. Besa frowns, but doesn't push the subject. Although he does move a little closer to Louk, incase the boy collapses. "I can set up camp while you rest, yes?" Maybe he should have insisted that Ashton come… "This is very pretty so far. It feels s if no one has been here in a long time." Relatively speaking, at least. "Would you prefer I try fishing instead for dinner?" It's definitely too cold to go swimming!

"You said it yourself, Besa. I am born of an earth goddess. That means I am like the Earth in certain aspects. A tent, food, and the rest of our supplies are nothing," Loukanos smiles confidently, succeeding in convincing himself, if not Besa. He straightens as the Egyptian moves closer. He is so not going to collapse! "Well, there's a trail, so we are not walking on new frontier. Just a road less traveled. Hm. That brings to mind a certain Robert Frost poem, doesn't it?" He looks up at the sunlight penetrating through the tree leaves. "It is beautiful, yes." He gives Besa a curious look. "With what?" He certainly did not bring a fishing pole. "If you want, I can try to heat the water." That seems bold though, even for Besa.

Besa raises an eyebrow at the brag, but then he smiles and shakes his head. "Alright." He sticks close though, just in case. "No, but it is overgrown." He likes that, nodding more as he watches his step, "It is a good poem." He's been seen many times around the school with poetry books. "I am not good at writing it, but I like reading poetry a lot." A soft chuckle, "We did not use fishing poles." How boring! "I would fashion a spear." The fish in the area are probably not big enough for that, but Besa doesn't know that. "Heating the water?" Perfect hair sways as he shakes his head, "No…that would certainly not be good for the fish and land." But then his brow furrows a moment, he didn't say anything about swimming, if that's what Louk meant. Ugh, psychics! "I am sure we will have plenty to keep us occupied." It's a good thing he doesn't have a dirty mind. "I will play the drum, hunt for us. Build a fire." Will Louk have to do anything besides carry things?

"It reminds me of spring BCS," Loukanos grins and explains the acronym a moment later. "Before Coral Springs. It lacks the ancient feel of the forest of Greece," He says, a fair bit of patriotism carrying his words. A strange sort of patriotism as he isn't all that impressed with the modernity of the country. "I could get used to it." A thought comes to him, and suddenly he looks excited. "Maybe we will see a Dryad!" His fingers brush against a tree as he walks. "Or maybe they are among us as we speak, residing in the trees…" How mysterious. "Granted, they're probably pissed at me." He looks at Besa. "Drum? Oh, you mean the one Ashton bought you? I did not think you would receive it so soon." He smiles. "I can play my lyre if you'd like. I am out of practice."

Besa smirks, liking the acronym. He may use it at some point himself. "Every place has it's own soul." The ancient teen is just happy to be able to (mostly) breath without walls around him. The idea of a dryad isn't as exciting to him, "I…perhaps?" He just wants camping, not dryads. "Would they require anything special if we meet any?" He's trying to remember, but for some reason he keeps thinking they lure men to their deaths….or is that mermaids? He look to the nearest tree, "Is it impolite to touch the trees then?" He doesn't want to fondle some poor dryad by accident! "Why would they be pissed at you?" Hair bounces, sunlight catching it as it peeks through the leaves on the maybe dryad trees. "I would very much like to play with you." And then, "It was very kind, but Ashton did not have to buy me anything. I am worried that he is upset with me."

"Yes. To the people who once inhabited these forests, I suppose it does have a soul. I am more susceptible to the primeval feeling of home," Loukanos says, breathing in and out. Because he has to do that now. "It's nice here, though." He smiles. "No. I usually don't give them anything." In his perspective, he is the superior deity. "Just don't destroy their trees. If you do, then we'll have trouble and probably won't be able to leave until we find a way to appease them. And that could take ages. Literally." He shrugs. "Mother makes them mourn with her and deprives them of their leaves. I have always thought that they resent her for it." Looking at Besa, he snorts. "Do you often give gifts to people you are upset with? That sounds as passive-aggressive as some of my family members, and Ashton doesn't seem like the type."

Besa looks around the trees, his own earth scent blending him in. Perhaps th dryads would think him a cousin? "I would only cut down a tree if it were nessicary." And they're just camping, why would they need that? He gently touches one, "I always assumed they liked winter. Without winter there would not be the beauty of spring." He always liked coming back to life, once the shock wore off. He 'll admit, "When I can, I do." Besa's not got the best social skills sometimes. "Before the last sacrifice, I left notes and presents for everyone I could." Thinking back he's not sure that anyone besides Rain and Fionnuala liked them though. He points ahead, "Is that the clearing?"

"Perhaps," Loukanos has never thought of it that way. Fall and winter have always translated to sorrow and misery in that golden head of his. "But some of them remember a time when there was no winter. I recall stories of an eternal, perpetual season of sunshine and abundant growth." He pauses. "I suppose winter would make them appreciate the more pleasant bloom." He frowns. "Why were you upset with everyone?" He could see giving gifts to people who are upset with you, but the other way around just seems strange. Looking up, he closes his eyes slightly. The sound of water rushing over stones and the unhindered sun shining into the spot are pretty much giveaways, but Louk still 'checks'. "I think so."

Besa understands balance though. To appreciate joy, you must know sorrow. "I know I appreciate it more after winter." Not that Besa counts as tree feelings. Maybe they should ask Trevor? "I was not upset with them, just…everything." He shrugs, "I worried that I would be forgotten." Some people it feels like they did. Maybe out of self survival, he's not got the emotions to be able to tackle that anymore. The Guardian stills, letting Louk check before he starts in the direction, "I will set up camp while you rest, yes?"

"I do not think we'll encounter them. If you see beautiful women trying to claw at our throats while we sleep, you will know that we've upset them. Otherwise just enjoy yourself," Loukanos smirks slightly and drops his backpack in the center of the clearing with a thud. Rolling his shoulders, he looks around, listening for the chirping of unseen birds. How idyllic. "I can help you with the tent." While not overly advance, it's modern and so Besa may struggle?

Besa chuckles softly, not minding the beautiful women part, just the clawing their throats out. He shrugs out of his backpack, drum, and bow and quiver as well. "We will get it down fast and then you can rest, yes?" He's already looking to see where they should set up, what's the flattest area, where the fire pit should be.

"I'm not that tired, Besa," Loukanos grins. "I feel better now already." He shrugs his shoulders. "Imagine how Atlas must feel." He kneels down and begins to remove the components to a tent out of the backpack. Poles, the rolled up top, the fasteners…everything a budding camper could want in a tent.

Besa was just trying to be nice! But as it turns out, it's good that Louk helps. This tent is noting like what Besa is used to. The ancient teen gets flustered, finally allowing Louk to just tell him what to do. Camping shouldn't be different! He does seem to be glancing around a bit though as he does as instructed. Maybe the talk of Dryads got to him a little bit.

Isn't it lucky that this 'new-fangled' tent came with owner's tent? Loukanos doesn't really know how this thing works either, but he can follow instructions pretty well and that's all he really needs to figure this out. "No no," He scratches his golden head and holds his hand out for Besa to pass him a pole. "It can get bigger if you push that button. Lemme see it…" As he constructs the tent fully, he looks up at Besa and tilts his head. "What's wrong? You seem distracted."

A button? Why are there buttons on this tent?!?! The ancient boy frowns, passing the pole over. "It is nothing. I like the birds singing." Then why the frown? He shakes it off and looks back to Louk with a soft smile, "It is good I did not come here alone, I would be sleeping without a tent otherwise!" Hopefully, he'll be better at the hunting and cooking! Or they'll be eating granola bars!

"They add to the melodious chorus of nature. I love it," Loukanos takes Besa's words at face value, even if it's clear the other is more than a little frustrated. "This is the first time I've slept under a tent. Then again, I used to not sleep with clothes either." New experiences all around! "Do you want me to make the second tent?" He packed two, but this one looks big enough to fit both of sleeping bags.

Besa snorts, but nods, "This society is very…weird about nudity. They wear special clothing to swim in!" So strange! He glances upwards, not that he can really tell what th weather is going to be. "It will not bother me to be in the same tent as you. It will be easier for me to warm one tent than two."

"It can be cumbersome, but like you said, it's too cold to go swimming this time of year, anyway," Loukanos sighs and looks over at Besa. "Well, I went once with Ashton, but that wasn't…here." Pause. "We were clothed." Just in case Besa was getting any ideas. "Alright." He frowns at his backpack. He lugged around an extra tent for nothing!

Besa's nose wrinkles, "The twins have a yacht. I went swimming my first year at the school with them. A giant mechanical octopus attacked us." Not the best memories of swimming, unfortunately. "It was one of the only times my curse has come into play as a good thing." He nods, not really caring if the boys were naked or not. They are dating. Seeing the frown, "Or….we can set it up. I sometimes have nightmares, I might keep you up." He smiles, "I can cast two warmth runes easy enough."

"You have nightmares?" That one time Loukanos slept near Besa, it was a restful night. He tilts his head then. Are giant mechanical octopi similar to sea demons? "I am sorry I was not there to help." Because he helped kill a sea demon, maybe he would have been effective against a robot sea creature too.

Besa looks down at the tent pieces he's been wrestling with and nods, "Yes, sometimes. Cocoa helps me a lot." That night was very restful, how could it not be? Safe between two people he knew would protect him and Cocoa on top. He latches onto the mechanical monster topic as he gives up and hands the pole to Louk, "It is complicated, but there was an alternate demention version of Sky who was trying to kidnap Rain…he created the Octopus to try to take her." Pretty hair covers his eyes as eh looks down to pick up another pole, "He has been captured and will not bother her anymore, but it was very…tramatic for her. And our Sky." And Besa. He huffs, cheeks puffing out, "I think I will go gather firewood. I am not being helpful with this."

"I'm sorry you couldn't bring her with you," Now, Loukanos has to share a tent with Besa. "If you ever want to talk about it, you'll be stuck with me for the next few days." He accepts the pole and extends it, and the final touches are placed on his tent. "Captured?" He quirks a brow. "Where does one keep a dimensional intruder?" He nods. "Just don't stray too far, okay?"

Besa smirks, head shaking, "I do not even always remember them, to be honest." Sometimes he does, but not always. "They are sometimes about Hell, sometimes about… Alraxmargoth'ha. Sometimes about losing the twins…or others." A soft sigh and he wipes his hands on his jeans. "His own Circe and Besa took him back. He had been driven mad after his Rain died…" Not that that makes it ok, "I think that is why our Sky is so closed off now, he fears that one day he could become like that." A glance around, maybe to pick. Direction to go off in, but then the ancient boy grins warmly, "I will not go beyond yelling, yes? I will not stray." He did not see any signs of predators when they were walking, so hopefully no bears or lions. Or tigers. And definitely no signs of priests!

Loukanos watches Besa, considering. "When I do sleep," Which is now become a frequent thing. "I usually have dreams about Mother's gardens…but about a week or so ago, I dreamt of the garden splitting open and from it, I saw darkness." He swallows. "It wasn't quite Hell, I don't think, but close. Too close." He nods slightly when Besa explains the Alt-Sky situation. "Let's be sure Rain doesn't die, then." Smiling, he says, "Sounds like a plan."

Besa's smile falters, but he nods, "Dreams can very much be weighty. I am sorry. Perhaps this is your worry over Persephone?" His lower lip is chewed on, "That is…why I am so worried about these priests. They are the ones that killed her in that reality. It would be my fault, not only her dying, but Sky going mad." No wonder he has nightmares! He nods again and then heads off to start looking for firewood that's not too wet. Or alive, he'd rather not have dryads wanting him dead.

Loukanos furrows his brows. There's worry around the Persephone situation but about the young (comparatively) goddess herself? Close to none. He gives a brief nod though and watches Besa wander off. Time to get the sleeping bags out.

Besa may not have remembered how to set up a tent, but apparently, firewood is firewood, no matter the era! He makes several trips back and forth carry way more firewood than his skinny body should be able to. Strength runes aren't just for fighting, it seems! He's humming to himself, any uspetness about the talk of nightmares has dissipated with the quiet beauty of the woods. The pile they have is impressive, good for the day and part of tomorrow, "Do you think I should get more? Or wait and start the fire?"

Loukanos is sitting near the tent, legs crossed over each other, watching Besa come back and forth with the wood. Should he help? Maybe, but it might be good for Besa to feel like he's accomplished something on his own. Plus, he seems like he's got firewood taken care of. At some point, the hiking boots and socks were abandoned and are now sitting beside him. "We should be fine for the night."

Again he wipes his hands on his jeans as he nods, "I will start the fire then, yes?" He kneels and starts to stack it. He seems to known what he's doing at least. "I can hunt if you would like meat to eat tonight, or we can see what's been packed. I brought my sketch book as well, if we get tired of other things." And a deck of cards. Rain thought of everything! Besa shifts, moving to the other side of the fire pit to set it up. "I should find a few rocks…" But then he looks up at Louk and stills, "Are you alright? You seem…melancholy." Maybe Besa shouldn't have drug him out here…or sucked it up and said that having Ashton here would be fine. It might have been. "I can go hunt if you'd like to call AShotn…"

"No, that's fine. I'm just…thinking," Besa may not have been affected by talk of dreams, but Loukanos seems to have been. He shakes his head and chuckles slightly, "I brought granola bars and jerky." He stands. "A sketchbook?" He tilts his head and smiles, bright eyes suddenly moving up and down Besa. "Can I borrow it?"

Besa stays where he is, head tilting. "Thinking about what, Loukanos?" The angle of the head changes, but that's it as he looks up at the taller boy, "Of course you may. I have only used a few of the pages, you may draw as much as you'd like." He blinks a few times, dark eyes slightly wide in confusion over Louk's sudden interest. "I can get it for you now, if you wish?"

"You mentioned that my dreams could be related to Persephone. I am just wondering if it is a…sign somehow. Or even a premonition. I sometimes get those," Loukanos gives a nod. "That would be nice, yeah. I didn't bring one. Is it alright if I sketch you?" He should ask, shouldn't he? "Unless you have decided to go hunting." That's fine too. They need to eat.

Besa nods softly, "It may be. What would be our course of action then?" Besides saving her, which Besa's unsure if that's possible. "Would you like to meditate on it?" Oh, that makes sense, he nods, "Of course. Let me get the book for you and you can tell me what you would like me to do." Apparently he'll hold a position for Louk? "I can hunt later." He stands and gives over to the tent where his backpack is, crawling in, his butt stays out of the tent as he opts around until he pulls out a sketchbook and a set of drawing pencils. Thanks Sky! "Here it is!"

"I know I promised that I would," Loukanos sighs and admits, "But I am not even sure if I want to. Or could." He takes the sketchbook and pencils. "These are nice. Don't feel obligated to pose. Be natural." He tilts his head as he lifts his knee to prop up the sketchpad and flips to a blank page. "I have tried scrying for her." And that is sorta like mediating.

Besa won't press it. A soft smile and he'll get his drum after handing over the drawing things. "They are. Sky got them for me." Seems Besa gets given a lot of things. There's several pages of runes, so good, some scratched out in frustration. And then there's. Decent sketch of a dog and monkey. The dog is not Cocoa. It's more like a grey hound. He nods, hair flopping into his eyes as he settles and messes with tightening the head of the drum to tune it. "Perhaps you should take a page from Ashton. Instead of Scrying for her, perhaps scrying for something connected to her might work better?"

"Hm," Loukanos considers that before beginning his sketch. "Ultimately, I know too little about her to find that connection. Ashton offered to help, but I fear searching for a hidden goddess may drain him dry. I don't think I could live with myself if that happened." And healing him might be difficult.

Besa understands, "Well…if there is something I can do, please let me know." He knows very little of the legends of her either. Maybe he should study up. "I can work on all a rune, if you would like." He settles in a. Seated position, one leg extended , drum balanced on his thigh. "I wonder if I could adapt some of his spells…" Since Besa can read the books, but that's a whole other level of drama.

Loukanos blinks, glancing up and tilting his head slightly. "Why would you want to? Do you want to make them into runes or use your own blood as a source?" Is that even possible? Wouldn't that mean Besa is casting demonic magic?

Besa's brow furrows, but it's because he's trying to find the right words, "All magic has some connections. That is why while we can not all cast the same types, it can be felt by other's…" Does that make sense? "I just thought another set of eyes…perhaps I could understand the spells differently. Ashton may have missed something." Or not. Besa was just offering. He taps on the drum, listening, "No, I would not recommend doing any magic with my blood. It is magic already. I would worry about not being able to control what it and the spell would do together." He looks up finally and smiles, "Would you like me to play?"

It does make sense. That's not what has Loukanos puzzled. Besa's willingness to try is what is strange. "I was going to consider asking Ashton to teach me how to speak the language in his book, but I am not sure he knows it himself. What would you be looking for that Ashton might have missed?" He gives a little grin. "Go for it."

Besa shudders, not wanting anyone to be able to speak that horrible language. "Magic always has…work arounds. Sometimes it changes the spell, or diminishes it…But I have seen Alraxmargoth'ha cast without blood letting." But then again, he was a full demon. It's nothing concrete, Besa was just kinda letting it roll around in his head. "Ashton keeps saying things like he will bleed out to help me. I do not like that, so I was hoping to find a loophole or a …other way for him to cast. At least some things." He starts a soft slow rhythm, mostly just warming up. While he's only had the drum for a day, it's clear he's played one before. It lays naturally as he holds it, he doesn't watch his hands, instead he looks up as the birds all go silent to listen.

"His sorcery calls for sacrifice or so he believes. My blood may have made a powerful component for a spell, but I do not think it would anymore," Loukanos returns to the sketch and the soft scratching sound of pencil on paper can be heard. "He said that?" Ashton is so…good at times. It makes Louk feel like he's falling short. The godling stills and goes silent as Besa finds a steady beat.

"It may, but sacrifice does not always have to be blood." Besa has some ideas, but he'll need to see the books and then have an honest chat with Ashton. Which he doesn't know if either of them are ready for that just yet. He stops a moment to rub his chest, while his heart is better than it was, it still aches, he can still feel it not whole. "He did. I do not think he realizes how upsetting that is to hear." Besa wins the most ironic thing said ever award. "If someone were to die trying to heal my heart, I…" He shakes his head and starts playing again. "I do not wish for that. At all. I would rather have my heart broken and torn for all time." Because he's fearful it will be all time.

"Yes. He mentioned killing animals and people too, but that's not really his modus operandi," Thank god for that, Loukanos knows how much damage Ashton could do if he ever decided to go rogue. He isn't looking at Besa but feels the wheels turning in the other's head. "Did you have another way?" Licking his lips, he gives a small smile but says seriously, "I won't let Ashton go that easily. Even if I have to pluck him from the depths of Haides myself. I've got connections, you know."

Besa shakes his head, "Not yet…" He knows, which is something else he's been thinking on, but he'll talk to Louk later about his connections to the after life and if he could get a ticket there…eventually. He'll keep playing as Louk plays, until his fingers are tired and he then needs to hurry and hunt for dinner. Hopefully, rabbit roasted over the fire will do!

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