(2018-04-02) It's Still Winter
It's Still Winter
Summary: Trevor's still a little grumpy about it still being cold when it's supposed to be spring, and situates himself in the Entryway so he can pout at the outside through the window. Being an Entryway, people come and go.
Date: IC Date (2018-04-02)
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Entry Way - Winbarry Estate

Clean and spacious, the entrance foyer has a large staircase (Leading up) and many doors that lead off to all different directions of the house. The corner behind the door as a large cabinet with hooks for hats and jackets. Most of the jackets hanging are camo with Unit 23 patches on them. There's an oil painting on the wall, Bob Ross style, the frame slightly dinged up. The floors have been cleaned, but the repeated steps from speedsters in the house have spiderwebs cracks all over.

"…Why's it still cold?" Trevor's more speaking to himself than anyone else. He's plunked himself down in the entranceway and he's staring out one of the windows at the outside, pouting. At least the green tinge to his hair and skin isn't brown. But he still looks down in the dumps. He's dressed in his school uniform… mostly. He's not wearing shoes.

The front door opens allowing a brief gust of cold into the house. Shortly thereafter a short teen walks into the room and shuts the door behind him. Bryce shakes his head a bit and seems to be enjoying the warmth of being inside. Seeing Trevor there, he walks upto him and says, "Um, hi, Trevor. Are you okay? You look like, I mean, how are you?" He cuts himself off and changes his sentence right in the middle of it.

Trevor shivers at the gust of cold air. But he doesn't complain. People gotta come in, and if that means a gust of cold, well then. He tilts his head up to look at Bryce from his floor-seated position. "Hello," Trevor offers. He tilts his head at the question. "Look like what?" Yeah, he picked it up. But he does answer, "I'm doing okay. It's cold though." As if this explained all the ills of the world!

Hearing his answer, Bryce quickly responds to his question with, "Uh, cold. Yeah, you look cold." Not the most convincing answer in the world, but it was the best that he could come up with. Bryce isn't wearing a jacket even though it is cold out there. He does ask Trevor. "If you are cold, then why aren't you wearing shoes? Is because of the plants?"

Convincing or not, Trevor takes the comment at face value. The question of shoes gets him looking at his feet. "…I don't like shoes," he responds. "I never have. When it isn't cold, I like talking to the grass, and they don't like shoes either. The sharp edges break them."

Bryce nods his head when the issue of grass not liking shoes comes up. "Well, um, wouldn't it be worse if people dug their toes into the grass? Or if people who are clutsy fall and land in the grass?" He isn't arguing with either Trevor or the grass, but his questions seem like he is actually curious and thought about the information he was given.

"Not really," Trevor replies. "It's more natural. Like… would you rather put food in your mouth, or put a big piece of springy rubber in your mouth? Also it makes it harder for me to talk to the grass if there's something between me and it." That last part probably makes more sense, actually.

Bryce's eyes narrow as he thinks about the question. He reaches up and rubs his chin a bit. "I guess it would depend on both the food and the rubber." He isn't being picky here, but once more is thinking through a question and spending a lot more mental effort than he should. "For example, there are some foods that I probably don't like, and some people are allergic to certain foods which would be bad for that person; however, original chewing gum as made of rubber, tree rubber called chicle." He finally catches himself and stops talking for a moment. He looks at Trevor and says, "Um, sorry, that is probably not what you meant."

"…Shoe rubber," Trevor specifies. He refines the choice a bit, "A food you like and aren't allergic too, or the rubber stripped from the bottom of someone's shoe?" He isn't being condescending. He's actually not really understanding what just happened verbally there!

Bryce nods his head as his brain accepts that new data. "Ah, I did not know that the parameters were confined to those choices. If those were my options, then I would go with food I like." Here he pauses and then looks at Trevor. "Right?" He isn't completely sure he got it right, but his answer seems right. But if the rubber was from the shoe, then does that make his foot like the food for the grass. He then realizes that in a way that people are food because when they die they end up decomposing which feeds the grass.

"That was an opinion," Trevor replies. "If you'd like rubber instead of food, that's your choice. I'm sure there's people going to school here that can eat non-food things. Maybe some that have to. If you want, or need, to eat something non-food, I'm not going to judge you."

Bryce honestly says, "I don't think I like eating rubber though to be honest, I've never tried it before, but from what I've read, it doesn't sound appetizing. I wasn't sure I'd like cookies until I got a chance to try some the other day. They were good. Have you had cookies before?"

Trevor nods, a smile pulling the corners of his mouth up now. "Yeah. They're good. Unless they're sugar-free cookies. Those have a funny aftertaste when they leave your mouth." He doesn't seem to find it odd that Bryce only just recently tried cookies. Then again… Trevor is kind of not a typical case of kid himself. But he does note, "Rubber doesn't taste good. I ate a pencil eraser once, when I was in grade school. It wasn't tasty."

Bryce furrows his brow a bit when Trevor talks about sugar-free cookies. "I remember the recipe that Grace used, and there was cleary sugar in the ingrediates. Plus they were chocolate chip cookes. Since the purpose of cookies is the enjoyment of the taste, I'm not sure why someone would want sugar-free cookies." He then decides to ask Trevor, "Do they plants know when spring is coming?"

There is a slightly odd grinding sound, just seconds before Ashton comes sliding down the banister, both legs to the outside of the banister. Right before he gets to the end, he hops off. He is wearing a pair of faded jeans, a white teeshirt, under a navy blue buttoned up shirt, which is unbuttoned, and pair of black canvas high tops. He does it with a practiced grace. It is obviously not the first time he's done such. There is a smile on his face. "Hey, guess."

"Some people can't have sugar because their bodies don't process it right," Trevor explains. He shifts, to sit tailor-style. There's a tilt of his head then, at the question of plants knowing if spring is coming. "They do. But it's kind of… like how you know it's time to wake up, does that make sense? It's not really like they're checking a calendar. They feel when it's the right time." He pauses at hearing the grinding sound, and looks up. Then he quickly gets out of the way, scooting back to the wall. Then he blinks at Ashton. "Guess? What are we guessing?" he inquires.

Bryce listens as Trevor explains both the sugar and the spring issues. As he goes to answer, he too hears the grinding sound. Looking up to see Ashton sliding down the rail, he takes a step to the side. "Um, is that, well, - never mind." He is surprised to see Ashton smiling but seems a bit timid around him when he had been opening up around him and some of the others recently. Looking down at his hands, he asks, "How are you?"

Ashton chuckles as Trevor scoots back. "Don't worry, Dude. I promise I'm not going to land on you." He grins, "Your guess what brilliant idea I had. " To Bryce, he chuckles. "I'm as good as I can be considering the shit storm that is my life. So I decided to say screw it and have a good time."

Trevor smiles at Ashton. "I wasn't worried about you landing on me. I was worried my feet might trip you and you'd fall and hurt yourself," he notes. The mention of having a good time gets a nod. "Might as well. It's not going to make things better if you're miserable, right?" He looks to Bryce, as if for confirmation.

Meanwhile, Bryce is trying to literally think of how a 'shit storm' would be possible. After a time, he says, "I don't think that is meteorologically -" Again he interrupts himself. "Oh, you mean it as a non-literal expression. If woodwork would help you feel better, than I think you should do it." He took 'screw' it literally as using screws. He nods at Trevor though he doesn't feel like he is really undertanding what is going on.

Ashton just blinks at Bryce for a second. He goes to open his mouth to speak, but he just has no words. He looks to Trevor, with an expression of 'wtf?'. He turns back to Bryce, "Um what?" He shakes his head, "Um… I have decided after I get back from going camping with Louk, I am going to throw a party. DJ, food, drink.. non-alcoholic drinks… the works."

Trevor headtilts at Bryce. "…Woodworking?" He doesn't get it at all. He meets Ashton's 'wtf' expression with a 'wtf' expression of his own. Nope, he don't get it. The mention of a party gets a smile though. "Is it going to be open to everybody?" he asks.

Bryce looks from Ashton to Trevor and then back. He sighs. He messed up something again. "I thought, you said screws." He then takes a deep breath. "A party sounds…nice." He says the word 'nice' as though that is what he thinks he should say though he doesn't have any direct experience. He then mentions, "Well, I should get moving. I have to finish up somethings in my room." He waves as he steps past Ashton and starts to head up the stairs. He pauses and looks back at Trevor. "I'll be careful with my shoes."

Ashton chucklees, "Screw it, as in, to hell with it… to disregard something because of a level of contempt." He grins, "Well, then have a good night, Bryce." He looks down at Trevor, "So how are you doing, Trevor?"

Besa's been busy today packing what he could for the trip. Rain found out, and after being upset, same day delivered some central stuff she thought he needed (despite his saying he didn't. Now he's got a sleeping bag, way more snacks than needed and some cooking gear up in his room. Besa's walking from the kitchen though, having just brewed himself another cup of tea (Does he do anything else?). In the crook of his arm he's cradling a very pretty wooden bow, although there's no quiver of arrows on his back. "Hello, Trevor, Ashton. I hope you're both having a pleasant evening?"

Trevor smiles as Bryce starts up the stairs. "Night-night, Bryce!" he says warmly. And then to Ashton, "I'm doing okay. It's cold, though." Because this is a horrible thing! He's seated on the floor next to one of the windows. He blinks as he notes Besa and what he's carrying. "Hi there," he greets. Pause. "Why are you armed?" He might not have thought about the lack of a quiver.

Ashton grins, "Hey, Besa. I am doing pretty good." His azure-green eyes flicker at the golden wood bow. "So, have you put that thing down yet?" He is teasing. He seems to be in an unusually good mood. He reaches up and brushes the hair from his eyes. There is a small cut at his left wrist, disappearing into the sleeve of the long sleeved buttoned up shirt.

Besa's smile widens, he seems very pleased and proud of the weapon, "It is a gift from Loukanos! Isn't it beautiful?" He moves closer and then offers, "Would you like to see it, Trevor?' The bow is very beautiful, very well made, if one cares of such things. The wood is rather unique. Looking to Ashton,"I did…" When he slept! Besa's very aware of cuts on arms, so he notices, but doesn't comment beyond his smile slips some from his face. He thought Ashton's powers allowed him to heal. "I am almost done packing."

Trevor tilts his head at the bow. He nods to Besa's statement. "It is pretty, yes." The offer to see the bow gets a nod, but he doesn't touch it. He just stands up, taking a few steps closer to Besa, where he can see the bow better. Seems he missed the cut on Ashton's arm. Or if he didn't, he's not commenting on it either.

Ashton's biology does allow him to heal much quicker than normal, which would suggest that the cut is very, very recent. The dark haired boy seems to be exceptionally energetic tonight. "Ooh, Besa, what are you doing, like right now? Are you going to be right here for like ten, fifteen minutes? Or rather can you be?"

Besa nods, turning the bow slightly for Trevor to get a better look, "I can not wait to go hunting, it has been a long time." The plant boy gets a soft smile, "Are you having a nice break?" The near bouncing Ashton gets a surprised blink, "I…yes? I can be? Is everyhting alright?" Maybe he needs to get healed?

"Hunting?" Trevor asks. "Like… animals?" Notably he doesn't sound upset at the notion. Just surprised. Then again he hasn't had the benefit of having lived several lives, and Trevor himself has probably never hunted in his life. He blinks, looks between Ashton and Besa at the questions. He doesn't poke his nose into it though, it's not really his business.

"Excellent!" Without anything else, Ashton bounds up the stairs, taking two and three at a time.

Besa nods, "Yes. I used to be allowed to go hunted all the time before. It has been several life times, I wish to again." He blinks more, moth open a moment as Ashton rushes off, so he turns back to Trevor, "Are you cold? Would you like be to Cast a warmth rune for you?"

Trevor blinks at Ashton's sudden departure. And then looks at Besa. "…Where'd he go?" Besa's words of having been several lifetimes gets a nod. "Ooh, that IS a long time, isn't it? I guess I'd want to go if it had been that long." A shake of his head at the warmth rune. "That's okay. It's not that it's cold in here, it's just cold." He means outside, that the weather hasn't ACTUALLY become spring yet, even if the calendar says it is.

A few minutes later, Ashton comes bounding down the stairs. He has a small package in his hands, and a black strap crossing his chest. And yes, by now the cut on his wrist has started healing. "I have gifts." He offers the package to Besa, "This is for Cocoa.. I actually have something else for her, but I'd like to give it to her in person." Ashton then pulls off the strap and the attached tapered barrel shaped cloth case. "And this is for you." In the package, is a dog callar, harness, and leash in an Egyptian motiff. In the case for Besa is a doumbek drum.

"Up?" Besa the smiles at his own joke. Pretty hair bounces as he nods in agreement, it is a long time. "I am excited for it." He understands about the cold, offering, "If you change your mind, just ask. I do not mind casting it for you. Thankfully it is slowly getting warmer, yes? Soon there will be flowers!" He'll turn back as he hears Ashton bouncing down the stairs. He sounds very surprised, "Oh! That is…very kind of you, thank you…" And maybe little confused about the gift for Cocoa, but he nods. "Would you like me to go get her?" He shuffles the mug and bow to one hand and elbow nook to be able to accept the package. But then he gets the same look he did when Louk gave him the bow, "I…how…" he looks up, surprised and excited, "How did you know?" His hands are full so he steps closer to look down at the drum. "That is lovely, Ashton." But then his brow furrows, "Why?" Why is everyone giving him gifts? He usually only gets gifts liked this before sacrifices… Or a holiday with the Masters.

Trevor lets out a little 'hee!' at Besa's joke. And he nods about the mention of flowers. "I'm looking forward to seeing them. I haven't talked with the flowers in this area; I want to know what they have to say." Before he can comment further, Ashton's returning with his gifts. Noticing Besa's having trouble holding all the limes (read: presents), Trevor offers, "Want me to help you hold something so you can look at the drum?" He isn't sure what kind of drum it is, just that it's a drum.

Ashton shakes his head, "Nah, there's no need to disturb her if she is sleeping or whatever." He smiles at the reaction of the drum. "A few weeks back, you mentioned how in past lives you played the drum and that you missed it. So, I asked Louk what type of drum you would have played. He told me, so I ordered one and had it rushed, so you could take it on your trip with Louk." He shrugs slightly, "It and the leash set is just me trying to say sorry for everything early on. I know some of it wasn't my fault, but I still feel bad about the way my presence made you feel. " He chews on his lower lip, "I know it's probably not the ideal way to say your sorry, but it's the way that was the way my Grandparents would make things up to me."

<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Good Success.

Besa offers over the bow and mug of tea to Trev, "Yes, please. Thank you." The package for Cocoa is shoved under his arm so he's relative hands free. "You did not need to give me gifts…" Oh, he's torn, not liking that Ashton felt he needed to gift he, but it's a very nice drum. Mayeb this is kinda like Christmas for the ancient boy, a bow and now a drum! He looks up, he himself chewing on his bottom lip as well They probably look like some strange mirror), "I know you did not wish to make me uncomfortable, Ashton." He repeats what he told Louk, "I do not hate you. I am trying." And while he doesn't like Ash's grandparents, the drum is very nice. Thin fingers trace the edge, feeling the tension in the drum. His dark eyes unfocus some and when he speaks again, his accent is a lot thicker, "I used to play for the servants of the temple. They would dance and sing…"

Trevor takes the mug and the bow to hold for Besa. "You're welcome." Though he goes quiet as Besa starts to reminisce. He isn't sure if it's a happy memory or a sad memory, so he's not sure if he's supposed to offer comfort or be happy!

Ashton grins, "Oh, I understand that you're trying. Now that I understand what…" his words falters, "why you have problems with me.. I do understand. This is just kind of a peace offering… The other thing I have for Cocoa is kind of an attempt of a bribe, to hopefully get her to not be as bothered by me… I know it's probably not going to help, but…" Now for something that he does actually understand and knows. "It's not going to sound quite right, because it has a synthetic drum head. They jokingly call it an indestructible drum. That is not a challenge."

Besa rubs the head of the drum (Get your mind out of the gutters!), "Yes…this is not animal skin…" He doesn't sound displeased, just making a note of it. He taps it lightly, to feel the vibrations and hear the echoing tone. He smiles more, "That is lovely." He glances up, past Ashton to the stairs like he' trying to gage something. Is it too late to play soemthing? Will eh wake people up? "Cocoa will just take time." And maybe bribes. "She has not snapped at you lately, has she?"

Ashton shakes his head, "No, just growled a little. Mostly she just gives me the stink eye." He looks over at Besa and smiles, "I am glad you like it. There is a replacement head and the wrench to change it out." The young sorcerer fidgets slightly with excessive energy, almost like someone with ADHD. "Oh, is there something that I might be able to get Rain to say I'm sorry? Cause I'm pretty sure that she does in fact hate me, which that's fine… I definitely didn't help that out any… In fact, I made it worse…"

Besa nods, "she is a good dog, I am sorry." Cocoa stink eye is the worst. He's still folding the instrument, a soft gentle smile staying on his face. But at mention of Rain he looks up, an eyebrow raised, "For Rain?" He doesn't have to think long, "Space." That's probably not helpful, "Be respectful of her. She will respond best to you being honest, to not minimizing her or what she believes in." That's not really something Ashton can buy though. "I think her view of you will be better in her eyes after Vegas." Trevor gets a glance and smile, and then Besa gently taps the drum head again.

Besa nods, "she is a good dog, I am sorry." Cocoa stink eye is the worst. He's still folding the instrument, a soft gentle smile staying on his face. But at mention of Rain he looks up, an eyebrow raised, "For Rain?" He doesn't have to think long, "Space." That's probably not helpful, "Be respectful of her. She will respond best to you being honest, to not minimizing her or what she believes in." That's not really something Ashton can buy though. "I think her view of you will be better in her eyes after Vegas." Trevor gets a glance and smile, and then Besa gently taps the drum head again.

Trevor has actually been looking at the bow. He's not about to try and pull the string, because he don't know the front end of a bow from the back, and he doesn't want to mess something up by messing with it. He is, however, looking at the weapon itself — the curve, etc. He gives Besa a smile when he glances over.

Ashton chuckles, "Oh trust me, I have been trying to give her all the space I can muster. And I will try to be respectful, but sometimes it's really hard… she's kind of frustrating. I won't ever tell her this, and I will deny it if you tell her that I said this, but I think she pushes my buttons so easily because I think we're a lot alike in some ways, maybe too much alike for our own good." He arches an eyebrow, "So any word when the Masters are going to let us know when we can make a play? Cause I'll be honest, part of me wants to just book a flight to Vegas and find out what I can." His eyes move to Trevor. He smiles, "Yeah I know.. it looks like a piece of art as much as a weapon, huh?"

Besa bounces slightly when he makes eye contact with Trevor. A bow and a drum! He's in heaven (Which he can tell you from experience, is much nicer than Hell). "It is very pretty, yes?" He looks back to study Ashton, letting him talk about Rain. "I know very little. I do not know if there is a plan yet, but if I do not hear from them soon, I may do just that.' Go to Vegas. Which will be a comedy of errors just getting there. Besa doesn't do real well on airplanes, one bad touch and they'll plummet to their deaths! "Rain is very protective of me," he rolls his eyes briefly looking like the teenage his body is, "too much, sometimes. I think she forgets I am older than her. If she can see you are willing to help me, it will be good." He looks to the bow again in Trevor's hands, but says, "I know that there will have to be at least two teams, as we have two goals to accomplish."

"It does," Trevor replies to Ashton's question about the bow. "The curve is really amazing… it almost looks like a branch grew that way instead of having to be shaped." And he grins at Besa's seeming happy. Of late that's been rare, so he's glad to see that. However, he tilts his head at the mention of 'goals to accomplish'. "Anything I can help with? I can be really big and strong if I need to." It seems unlikely, since he's actually a little bit shorter than Besa…

Ashton looks over at Besa, "I know it must be frustrating.. well I can imagine.. but be thankful that you have someone that cares that much for you." There is a slightly wistful tone to his voice. But that doesn't change his uncharacteristic good mood. "Maybe after you get back from camping, we can play play together… I'll do some research on ancient Egyptian music. I don't remember where but I found some ancient Greek music that I played for Louk." Or he power gave him the music to play. "You know we have a lot of musicians in this school…. " His eyes suddenly brightens up again, "Speaking of music, Besa. I plan on hosting a party after you and Louk get back and before break ends."

Besa is thankful, truly. "She is my sister. The first one I have every had." Does he have more now? How does that work? He smirks, but then nods, "Yes. We will play together." That will be…interesting. His head tilts, confused about what the music has to do with a party, "That sounds nice." He glances to Trevor, "Will you be going?" He doubts Rain will, and Louk will be rightfully busy with Ashton. "I have been to formal affairs and balls? Is this like those, or more a festival?" Oh Besa.

Trevor blinks. "I don't know," he answers to Besa's question. "If you need some help and want me along, I can." He's not really sure where they're going, what's going on, what's supposed to be accomplished, any of that. But he's still willing to offer help.

Ashton looks over at Trevor, "You are certainly invited to the party." He grins over at Besa, "Oh, no, this isn't anything formal. This is more like a rave just without the drugs." He pauses, realizing that probably means nothing to Besa. "Oh.. um.. music, dancing… not even necessarily with anyone in particular. There isn't even any defined dances that you need to know how to do, just move to the music. Just teenagers enjoying being teenagers…"

Besa seems happy with that, "I will let you know Trevor. I am worried about people getting hurt, so making sure the other people in the hotel get out safely is the most important thing." That's a relatively important but safe job, right? No, Besa has no idea what rave is, but then surprisingly, "Like Theodore music?' It's hard to tell if Besa thinks that's good or not. " I went to a …dance party on New Years it was…loud." Along with Theo's outfit. But he nods, "I will try again." He tried to dance modern before? Again he glances to the stairs and then to all the things he must carry. He arranges th strap for the drum over his shoulder and then takes the tea and bow back from Trevor with a soft thank you, "I need to get these to my room, Tahk you both." And then he heads on up to finish packing.

Trevor blinks at Ashton's words. "Oh, you're talking about two different trips, aren't you?" Three, actually, including Besa's hunting trip. Trevor's a bit slow on the uptake here. He'll assist Besa in getting everything situated to take it upstairs, putting straps on place, et cetera. Then he nods. "Good night," he offers Besa, with a smile.

Ashton nods, "Yeah, sorry… I don't think that I'm being completely clear." He reaches up and rubs the back of his neck. "So what about you, Trevor. What's your story? Got any siblings?"

Trevor shakes his head. "No, it's okay. I'm kind of… dumb sometimes, I know that." This seems to be something he's come to believe. Though the second question gets a tilt of his head. "I don't know. I was adopted. My adopted family didn't have any other kids. She couldn't have kids of her own."

Ashton frowns and shakes his head, "Dude, you are not dumb all the time or sometimes. Look, the rest of the world is going to try to tear you down. There is no reason for you to do so, yourself." He nods, "So what's your weird, as they say around here?" He grins and winks, "You know.. generally getting to know you conversations are more effective when it's more fluid exchange on both sides."

Trevor tilts his head. "I'm not tearing myself down," he replies. "I spent a lot more time outside talking to plants than talking to people." Which also probably answers Ashton's question about his 'weird'. But nonetheless, he replies, "You mean what I'm in for?" Sounds like a jail now! "I talk to plants."

Ashton cocks his head, "So are plants good conversationalists?" Believe it or not, he does not sound sarcastic when he asks, but legitimately sincere. "You also said something about getting big and strong, right?"

"It depends on what your idea of a 'good conversationalist' is," Trevor replies. "They're not going to give scintillating conversation about Shakespeare's final work. Talking with them is more feelings and impressions, since most can't see or hear. They can only feel." As for being big and strong? Trevor nods. "I can be, for a little while. It's part of the reason I don't like shoes."

Ashton cocks his head, "So like what kind of feelings and impressions do plants get?" He blinks for a second, "Because they get thrashed when you change?" He squats down, balancing on the balls of his feet.

Trevor also tilts his head, as if trying to explain it. "They know whether it's day or night, what season it is — well, if it's time for them to wake up — some plants know if they've been hurt or injured… they do roughly feel 'pain', but it's less 'ow ow ow ow ow' and more 'alert, alert, damage detected in sector five'." Then the mention of the shoes. "Sometimes they do. Sometimes they're made better and then they hurt because they're suddenly and very abruptly too small and don't break."

Ashton nods, "I can see where that would suck… the shoes bit…" He ponders for a second, "That's kind of cool. I mean it's something that most people would never even consider." A smile eases across his lips. "You know they say that plants grow better if you play music. Do they actually like music? How do they perceive it?"

Trevor nods at the mention of the shoes being a problem. "It's why I wear slip-off shoes whenever I can." He looks a little confused at 'something most people wouldn't consider'. "What is?" he inquires. The question about the plants and music? "Vibrations. They can feel it, especially if it's close by. Some plants like soft vibrations, some like them a little faster. Same as some like different soil qualities and consistencies, some like more or less water…"

Ashton blinks, "What?" He then chuckles softly to himself, "Guess I'm having a blond moment.. Just that a plant might have something useful to contribute beyond food or material. For the most part, people take for granted everything that is not part their daily lives. Myself included in that. But on the other hand, there is a near infinite number of possibilities in life and one can hardly expect to consider them all."

Trevor replies, "I just like talking to them, because I like the way it makes me feel. They like it when people talk to them too, even if the people can't hear them reply. Like people listening to a bird sing. People don't usually know what the bird's saying, but it's pretty."

Ashton nods slowly, "Now I'm going to think in the back of my head, is that rose bush listening to me? Is that tree outside of my window watching when I wank off?" He grins impishly, laughing softly. "Please don't take it that I'm making fun of you… the idea just popped into my head and I found it funny. But it does make me want to play Soret out in the gardens more."

Trevor lets out a little 'hee!' at this. "If they are, they don't mind. Think about it — lots of plants need a third party when they reproduce. Or they just sort of spray pollen everywhere." THAT probably puts things into a weird perspective, doesn't it?

Ashton smirks, "So does that mean when the trees are produce pollen that they are masturbating over the world. No wonder I feel so sticky after playing soccer in the spring." He waggles his eyebrows.

One side of the joke seems to miss Trevor. However, he does note, "Well… kind of, I guess. But trees aren't very selective about where it gets released. I'd compare it to having to pee really, really, REAAAAAAALLLLLY bad. When you gotta go REALLY bad, you don't care where."

Ashton starts laughing. "Oh man.. that's even better.. gives a whole new meanting to a golden shower…" He smiles over at Trevor, "You're alright, Trevor. " His expression grows a little more serious, as does his tone. "On a more serious note… " He grins and shrugs, "It would probably be difficult to have a less serious one, "but thank you for being there for Besa… He's going through some major shit and is too stubborn to really let people know."

"Well, it's more the feeling. Pollen isn't pee…" Trevor begins. Though he… thinks better of comparing the pollen itself to a bodily function because… well, it's kinda gross. Instead he turns his attention to the second subject. He nods. "I know. I don't know that I can help very much, since I don't really understand it, but I can do what I can."

The dark haired boy grins, "I know it isn't pee… once again, the image was just funny, not literal." Ashton nods, "Comfort can be more powerful help than you realize… Sometimes it makes the difference from sadness and dispair, anger and fury, hurt and misery. And the fact that you are willing to try to help make people feel better for no other reason than you don't want to see them hurting speaks volumes about the kind of person you are."

Trevor nods. "I dunno. It gives me sad vibes, and I don't like those," he says straightforwardly. "So I think I'm just being selfish. But if it makes him feel better, I guess it's okay, even if I'm only being selfish, right?"

Ashton frowns, "I doubt that is the only reason you did it, Trevor. You may try to rationalize it for whatever reason, but I saw the look in your eyes, even when you were insisting on hugging me. You wanted to comfort. That wasn't the look of you trying to just satiate your own need."

"Yeah, but you didn't like it," Trevor points out. "I should have asked first." Amazing he had to figure this out, and it wasn't something he just knew. The 'personal space' rule seems pretty universal amongst people.

Ashton sighs softly, "Don't take it personally, Trevor.. I'm not really used to being touched. Grandmother generally doesn't want her clothes messed up by a sweaty teenager, and Grandfather…" He pauses, "generally only touches me is when I've done something wrong and require punishment." He looks down, then shrugs, "There are times when I still flinch when my boyfriend puts his arms around me."

Trevor shakes his head. "Oh, I'm not mad about it. Not at you, anyway. Those are all reasons I should have asked first," he replies. "Because I don't know people's individual situations, so I can't just go running up to people and hugging them." He tilts his head. "Mom said I used to do that a lot when I was little. I'd see somebody I thought looked interesting for some reason — a shirt I liked, something they were eating, something like that — and just go grab hold of their leg."

Ashton chuckles at the idea. "I bet you were a handful then. But yeah, you need to be a little more careful.. hugging the wrong girl or guy, for that matter, can get you beat up pretty badly, or worse, have charges filed for sexual misbehavior, which can follow you around for the rest of your life. Not only does Ashton start to show signs of him getting tired, but the smile and energy seem to start to fade, almost instantly. A slight frown forms on his lips. He bites his lower li, "Um… I think maybe it's time that I get to bed… Don't be so hard on yourself, Trevor. Remember no one is perfect."

Trevor nods. "Okay. I'm sorry." But he smiles anyway. "Good night, Ashton," he offers. "I hope you're still feeling happy tomorrow." Since he's seen Ashton not feeling happy and it makes him sad!

Ashton cocks his head, as bright blue eyes look at Trevor. "Why are you sorry? You haven't done anything to be sorry about? Other than maybe keeping me distracted by talking to you and letting the time slip by."

"I dunno. 'Don't be so hard on yourself' sounded like a reprimand," Trevor replies, tilting his head. He isn't cowed by it in the slightest, if that's Ashton's concern.

Ashton chuckles, "Dude, you are older than me… It's not like I have the authority to reprimand anyone. I'm just a bossy, little shit. I just don't like seeing people beat themselves up when it isn't deserved… " He smiles, "So no reprimand, just someone concerned about someone else. So no worries, okay?"

Trevor draws a breath in as if to say something… and then pauses. Instead… he just nods. And what he says is, "Okay." And he gives a smile. "I'll try to remember," he promises.

Ashton smiles, "Trying is all any of us can ever do… So off to bed, take 3." He then pauses, "You're okay, right? Honestly, no bullshit, no nothing,. " Yeah, the younger boy seems genuinely concerned.

Trevor tilts his head. "Well… I honestly don't like that it's still winter even when it's supposed to be spring," he admits. "It's making me tired a lot, and I haven't wanted to get up for classes. So I'm glad we got the break; I can get some rest. But I think I'll be okay until it warms up for real."

Ashton looks at Trevor for a long minute, like he is thinking something. Whatever it is, he doesn't say anything. He nods finally, "I can imagine that would be a bit disconcerting. Well, Trevor, have a good night. I think that it's time that I hit the hay so to speak."

Trevor looks solemn. "Okay. Have a good night. Don't hit the hay too hard." Straight face. For a moment. Then he grins. Yes, he was kidding.

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