(2018-03-29) iTunes Tutorial
iTunes Tutorial
Summary: Felicia is watching Korean dramas. Loukanos is playing Fortnite. They end up talking music.
Date: IC Date (2018-03-29)
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The Billiard Room has no pool tables. Although someone has made some efforts and there's a few board games and a deck of cards with some books on a shelf along the wall. A half finished puzzle with basset hound puppies takes up one of the tables.

A few small sofas and wingback chairs make conversational areas, throw rugs decorating those little areas. An entertainment center with a TV, Blu-Ray player and a gaming console system has been set up. A pair of French doors lead to the back patio.

Class in session for the students, which means that certain areas of the mansion are free of students. Thankfully the billiards room is one of the few that aren't used as a classroom. Lucky Felicia, that means she can catchup on some of her shows. Break time is soon approaching though and soon her idyllic tv watching is going to interrupted, at least for a short time.

The teen titan is taking up part of the sofa that has the best view of the television and on it is some foreign show, Asian if the actors on the screen is a clue. A guy in a long fur coat is fighting with shadowy ghost like figures. It's not in English, but there areEnglish subs.The SFX is a bit cheesy, but sometime that is to be expected in show imports. Several plastic ramen containers, empty, are stacked nearby, evidence of how long she has been watching.

Break time! Poor Felicia, the Billiard Room is about to be flooded with Coral Springs students. The first of which is a golden-haired boy in a Prometheus With a yellow tie hanging loosely around his neck and earbuds shoved in his ears, his thumbs are being put to work on an iPhone X. By the looks of it, he is an ordinary teenager that places an unhealthy amount of attention on a cellular device. He doesn't look up when he enters the room or when he plops down on the couch on the other side of Felicia.

Felicia is pretty focused on her show so is oblivious of the time or that break time is upon them. It doesn't help that the mansion doesn't have the bells for class change like the school does. That obliviousness only goes so far though. Hard to ignore someone dropping onto the couch with you. As the credits roll by on the screen, Felicia looks over at her new sofa companion, she recognizes him from the previous years when she was a student. She may of even talked to him once or twice, she is the friendly time. Not being a student anymore no uniform for her, just bright blue tartan pants and a black hoodie with a large X on the front. Sipping from her tall can of Monster she leans over to look at the screen…noisy much, and then glances up into Louk's face "Listening to anything good?"

"Malaka," Loukanos effectively drops an f-bomb in Greek, almost growling under his breath. He's playing the mobile version of Fortnite…yeah he's one of those kids apparently. A glance at the screen would reveal that he has just died, hence the cursing, and placed at 75 to boot. He practically scowls at the screen, and it looks like he could throw it if not for Felicia speaking up right next to him. "Huh?" He tugs on an earbud. "Oh, not music," He explains, assuming that's what she expected. "I still haven't figured that part out." With a wry smile, he adds, "Just the sound of defeat." Curse Nike for his incompetence. Curse her.

Malaka…that's a word she hasn't heard before, the tone makes it obvious that it is some kind of swear word, though Felicia doesn't recognize the language. it will be stuck in her brain forever now though as a word to use when frustrated…one more to add to the long list of similar words. Not being a gamer she is only familiar with the game through word of mouth, but has never played it. "Sorry dude." she drawls in sympathy as the character on the screen died "You fought well and with honor." a hand is put on his shoulder and her tone is serious. She can only hold the serious face for a few seconds before she is winking and giving a laugh. "New to iphones then?" she seems unfazed by that, just curious "I can show you if you want. What kind of music do you like?" she scotches over on the couch so she is closer without having to lean.

"Greek," Loukanos offers, sensing Felicia's confusion. The meaning is clear. Gamers develop all sorts of ways to express their frustrations, but they fulfill the same purpose: either cursing the person who killed him or just cursing the unfortunate turn of events that lead to his demise. "Somehow, I doubt Ares would be proud." Is he talking about the god or the team? God, probably. He revealed his knowledge of the Greek language after all.

The gamer rage seems to have subsided quickly. That pleasant boy is back, even if his speech is a bit dry at the moment. "Yeah, it was a gift from my boyfriend's grandmother. I only read bits of the owner's manual. It came in several languages, but my native tongue was not one of them." He nods. "That'd be nice. Gimme a second to change the language…" He finds his way to settings…barely and switches the phone's language back to English. He doesn't know Felicia knows others; English is always a safe bet. Screen goes black as it reboots. "Folk music, mostly." No surprises there. "I have been trying to expand my horizons recently." Pause. "How'd you get here so quickly?" He peers at the older girl. "You're one of the alumni, aren't you?"

Felicia grins "My first Greek swear word." what a strange thing to be happy about, but the former Ares is a strange girl. There is a glance to his uniform, Prometheus and he mentioned Nike previously so she has to assume he means the god. "I doubt Ares has the free time to worry about your life to death ratio in a game." she assures Louk as if it was a true concern. She is supportive that way.

"Oh nice!" Felicia grins wider "His gramma much really like you for that kinda present. Of course, that probably means you don't have an I-tunes account yet?" she arches brows at him. Boyfriend, girlfriend, makes no difference to her what the relationship so that bit passes as if he was talking about the weather. "That's the first thing I throw away…the manual." he doesn't know that she can't read either so it really doesn't matter what language it is in really, the icons are the same no matter what.

The question about being here fast has her puzzled "I don't understand…I have always been here…sure I've been in an out lately, auditions, work and missions, but I've been around." there is a gesture indicating the building "I am part of Unit 23 that owns this mansion…and yes I graduated from CS last year, Felicia, former Ares and over all delinquent."

"I doubt he even knows I exist. I saw him once at a council meeting, but I got the feeling that my fate was inconsequential to him," Loukanos says nonchalantly. His patron deities do not include Ares, and it is unlikely their paths will cross again now that he's on Earth, so he is unconcerned. "I sure hope she likes me," He smiles. "For a while, I thought she didn't 'cause I'm a boy, but it looks like she's accepted that?" Mortals are strange about that. He doesn't quite understand it, but the phone's a good sign!

Brows furrow slightly, Louk is puzzled by that answer until he realizes that he was unclear. "Oh no, I mean, how did you get to the Billiard Room so quickly…classes just ended and it looks like you've been here for a while." He nods over at the ramen containers. "Oh. There are good people on that team," Including his boyfriend. "If you do not mind me asking, what is the function of the Unit? Are there 22 others?" The question is utterly serious.

"Huh. Probably for the best really." the comment is an idle one since she isn't privy to the whims of gods, she might even thing Louk is just yanking her chain, but at least the seems to believe him.

This mortal isn't bothered by such things either "Well congrats on finding a good one." she says sincerely "Hope she really isn't bothered and doesn't think this is just a phase and you will be tossed like leftover meatloaf." yes she is blunt and tells it like it is…or how she sees it at least.

She gestures for the phone now that it is rebooted so she can show him the music stuff. "I've been sitting here for," she thinks for a moment and glances at the TV which seems to be on a show selection screen, but it is not the usual Netflix one…it is some other streaming service, all the shows seem to be Asian. "about three episodes, so a little over three hours, you just didn't notice me because you were focused on this." she taps theiphone in his hands "And I am a graduate…no classes." lucky her!

"Unit 23 is a group of mercenaries, more of less. So named because they were the 23rd unit of people that were experimented on by the government..unsanctioned experiments at that. So yes there were 22 other units, we don't know what happened to them."there is a beat "I wasn't one of the experiments…I joined after graduation…though I did help them escape from where the government held them."

"Indeed," Loukanos nods about the god of frickin' war ignoring him being for the best. It is. Any attention he could attract would be unwanted one unless he planned on going to battle…and he does not.

"I think she still believes he is going through a phase. She hinted at such when I was thanking her for the phone. That's not how people work, though. She was cordial and appeared accepting, though it would not surprise me if it was a guise." He shrugs. "She'll learn to grow accustomed to it. Or not. Her approval means much to me, but I cannot help my gender." Well, he can. But unlike a few of the shapeshifters in the school, Loukanos only feels comfortable in the male form. Girls have cooties.

He hands the phone over, "It's quite the invention. Before Ash, I never had the chance to toy with one up close. There is an iTunes account, and it is attached to a one thousand dollar debit card she gave me as well. That has to be enough for music. right?" His handle on modern currency is not where it should be. Having a rich boyfriend doesn't help.

Listening intently as she describes her involvement with the unit, he nods slightly, "Mercenaries. Intriguing. How did they come to work with the school? I understand they own the estate, but that is where my knowledge on the matter ends."

"At least not when it comes to relationship preferences. Style sure, but not with dating, unless you are female…than it can sometimes be a phase…experimentation and the like." Felicia has ideas, but she is non-judgmental in them.

"$1,000..huh, that was nice of her." she hits the icon for I-tunes "Plenty for music." when iTunes loads she hits the search and the mic icon and speaks into the phone 'folk music' "Voice search is great on these things." it is how she gets by who needs to read or write when you can just tell Siri what you want to do and she will do it for you. "Any of these look good." there is a list of artists and albums on the screen "Just tap this little icon," she points to the download one "to download it to your phone, it will ask you for your thumbprint and than start downloading it." she grins at him "Easy. Once you have some songs on there I will show you how to play them."

"Daxton…he was part of the Unit 23 experiments. After we rescued them he came to school here, therewere some conflicts with the rest of the team,but eventually it all worked out. Once the new school is built we will be handling security."

Loukanos clicks on the first icon, a playlist, and listens to it. After a few moments, he wrinkles his nose, "Too modern," And clicks on the voice icon just like Felicia did. He learns fast! "Ancient Greek music". Despite his faint accent, the recorder picks up on what he wants immediately and suddenly the selection changes. Blue eyes widen. "Oh, wow. Ingenious, absolutely ingenious," He shakes his head, picks out a song titled 'Hymn to Athena', and gives it a listen. He'll let Fel listen if she wants, though he suspects she doesn't listen to this kind of music. Old is probably one's first impression. It's melody is constructed out of instruments most have never heard of (auloi and phorminxes). The godling, however, seems to fancy it and hits the download button. Using his thumb, the download begins.

"Daxton," That name is familiar. "The one who goes by Tempo?"

There is a laugh at his reaction to the modern fold music "Folk is a very big genre, with various sub-genres, like filk," Felicia shakes her head "Filk is hit or miss. I doubt you will like it." or get a lot of the references.

She watches attentively as he Louk tries his own hand at searching for what he wants. "You learn quick." no it isn't her type of music, but as a dancer there really isn't a type of music she hates. If she can dance to it she will probably listen to it. She does have preferences though.

Felicia nods at his guess. "That's the dude. He graduated last year too, also was an Ares, one of my BFFs."

"He is very fast," Loukanos tries to recall the boy. "He arrived at the beach after we draugs and helped Koga back to the estate." He looks down at his phone and probably surprises Felicia with a quick hug. "Thanks for the help. I thought I was going to have to bug Ashton to help me again, and that has to be getting old for him." The godling stands, then. "Break time is almost over, I think. I'll see you around."

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